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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1486

Chapter 1486 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wolffbrandt, K.H.; Damm Jørgensen, K.; Moody, A.J.; Pedersen, P.C., 1986:
The effects of porcine GIP on insulin secretion and glucose clearance in the pig

Mills, T.; Stopper, V.; Setty, S.; Sorrell, M., 1986:
The effects of porcine follicular fluid inhibin on gonadotropin secretion in the rabbit

Chung, C.S., 1985:
The effects of porcine growth hormone (pGH) administration on growth performance and tissue sensitivity to pGH in swine

Porter, P.A.; Elliot, J.M., 1986:
The effects of post-ruminal infusion of vaccenic and sterculic acid on milk fat production and composition in lactating cows

Bao, L., 1984:
The effects of potassium fertilizer on wetland rice in China

Laureti, D., 1983:
The effects of poultry manure and nitrogen fertilizer on potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Holness, D.H., 1984:
The effects of pre- and post-partum levels of nutrition on fertility in cattle

Scholten, R.L.; McEllhiney, R.R., 1985:
The effects of prebreaking on hammermill particle size reduction

Robertson, L.N.; Zalucki, M.P., 1984:
The effects of predators on soldier fly, Inopus rubriceps (Diptera: Stratiomyidae), in sugarcane

Smith, S.L., 1984:
The effects of preferential sugar market on producer risk and sugar supply

Bae, J.M.; Park, K.W., 1985:
The effects of preheating and soil moisture on sprouting of the whole and cut pieces of sweet potato root

Ueda H.; Ohshima M.; Kamada M., 1986:
The effects of processing methods and cholesterol addition on the nutritive value of leaf protein concentrates in chicks

Meizel, S.; Turner, K.O., 1984:
The effects of products and inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism on the hamster sperm acrosome reaction

Lappia, J.N.L., 1985:
The effects of project management innovations on small farmers in Sierra Leone. The experience of the Eastern Integrated Agricultural Development Project

Slack, G.; Hand, D.W., 1986:
The effects of propagation temperature, CO2 concentration and early post-harvest night temperature on the fruit yield of January-sown cucumbers

Wang, D.Z.; Song, T.F., 1984:
The effects of protein and carbohydrate contents in feeds on the growth of black carp fingerlings

Sinden, J.V.; Becker, W.J.; Shoup, W.D., 1985:
The effects of psychological load and speed on tractor operator error

Allen, W.W., 1985:
The effects of psychrotrophic contamination and the addition of sodium citrate on major chemical components and flavor of buttermilk

Vogt, L.; Ohmayer, G., 1985:
The effects of quota systems on optimum economic efficiency

Hosoyamada, K., 1986:
The effects of rainfall and soil properties on farmland conservation

Hadjipanayiotou, M.; Papachristoforou, C.; Dekker, G.M., 1985:
The effects of rearing system on the performance of male Chios lambs

Osman, N.B.; Wright, V.F.; Mills, R.B., 1984:
The effects of rearing temperatures on certain aspects of the biology of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton), the rice moth

Fox, W.; Smyth, J.R., 1985:
The effects of recessive white and dominant white genotypes on early growth rate

Michelmann, H.W., 1982:
The effects of reciprocal translocations on reproduction in the mouse over four successive generations

Partridge G.G.; Allan S.J.; Findlay M.; Corrigall W., 1984:
The effects of reducing the remating interval after parturition on the reproductive performance of the commercial doe rabbit

Bartolini, G.; Tattini, M.; Fabbri, A., 1986:
The effects of regulators of ethylene synthesis on rooting of Olea europaea L. cuttings

Aziz, Z.A.; Drennan, D.S.H., 1983:
The effects of removing cotyledons and primary leaves on the leaf area and growth of Phaseolus vulgaris (L.)

Karunajeewa, H.; Bartlett, B.E., 1985:
The effects of replacing soyabean meal in broiler starter diets with white lupin seed meal of high manganese content

Berg, R.H., 1985:
The effects of return migration on a highland Peruvian community

Styblo, T.; Martin, S.; Kaminski, D.L., 1984:
The effects of reversal of jejunoileal bypass operations on hepatic triglyceride content and hepatic morphology

Lee, K.W.; Kim, S.K., 1985:
The effects of rice black-streaked dwarf virus on vector (Laodelphax striatellus U.) and host plants

Ehret D.L.; H.L.C., 1986:
The effects of salinity on dry matter partitioning and fruit growth in tomatoes grown in nutrient film culture

Alva Valdes, R.; Wallace, D.H.; Foster, A.G.; Ericsson, G.F.; Wooden, J.W., 1986:
The effects of sarcoptic mange on the productivity of confined pigs

Martinez, M.E.; Salinas, M.; Navarro, M.P.; Catalan, P.; Balaguer, G.; Varela, G., 1986:
The effects of season and stage of pregnancy on 25-hydroxy-vitamin D levels in pregnant women in Madrid

Montgomery, G.W., 1985:
The effects of season on reproduction in beef cows - a review

Gray, D.; Hulbert, S.; Senior, K.J., 1985:
The effects of seed position, harvest date and drying conditions on seed yield and subsequent performance of cabbage

Trawally, B.B.; Noonan, M.J.; Close, R.C., 1984:
The effects of seed treatment on plant establishment, downy mildew and yield of peas

Westcott, M.P.; Brandon, D.M.; Lindau, C.; Patrick, W.H.J., . :
The effects of seeding method and time of application on fertilizer nitrogen recovery by rice

Buckner, R.E., 1985:
The effects of selected feeding programs on the reproductive performance and specific blood plasma chemistries of caged broiler breeder males and dwarf breeder females

Valentine, J.V., 1985:
The effects of selected recreational activities on level of anxiety and perceptions of environmental quality of male inmates in county jails

Cook, P.; Brien, F.D.; Hill, W.G., 1984:
The effects of selection for components of growth on reproduction in mice

Gifford, D.R., 1984:
The effects of selection intensity on realised heritability

Tang T.P.; Macmillan D.L., 1986:
The effects of sensory manipulation upon interlimb coordination during fast walking in the cockroach

Yao, Y.E.; Lin, X.Q.; Zhu, G.K., 1984:
The effects of series propagating of Autographa californica NPV in the alternative host Plusia agnata (Staudinger)

Tume, R.K.; Thornton, R.F.; Johnson, G.W.; Larsen, T.W., 1985:
The effects of serum on lipoprotein lipase activity of isolated ovine adipocytes

Huang, B., 1984:
The effects of several factors on callus induction in barley anther culture

Evans, S.A.; Hough, M., 1984:
The effects of several husbandry factors on the growth and yield of winter-sown barley at four sites in each of three years

Yoshida, S.; Saito, K., 1983:
The effects of sex-linked bantam gene dwB on economic traits in Sebright bantam crosses

Roberts, M.; Gorski, S.F., 1985:
The effects of shoot tip removal and various levels of defoliation on the growth and yield of cucumbers (Cucumis sativus, L.)

Orstead, K.M., 1985:
The effects of short photoperiod, blinding and the pineal gland on prolactin in the Syrian hamster

Sneath, R.W., 1986:
The effects of sieving and centrifugation on the VFA levels in aerobically treated piggery slurry

Adatia M.H.; Besford R.T., 1986:
The effects of silicon on cucumber plants grown in recirculating nutrient solution

Lane, P.I.; Bell, J.N.B., 1984:
The effects of simulated urban air pollution on grass yield: Part I - Description and simulation of ambient pollution

Marschner, H., 1985:
The effects of site and cultural practices on the nitrate contents of various plant species

Toth, M.; Tozser, J., 1984:
The effects of site and irrigation on the economic efficiency of production

Robertson, S.D.; Wittwer, R.F., 1983:
The effects of slit-applied fertilizer treatments on growth and survival of sycamore and cottonwood planted on minespoil

Janerette, C.A., 1978:
The effects of soak temperature on sugar maple germination

Olumekun, V.O.; Remison, S.U., 1985:
The effects of soaking, heat treatment and growth regulators on the germination of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Mirko, L., 1982:
The effects of soil characteristics and nitrogen on the Ca, Mg, Mn, Zn and Cu uptake of ryegrass in a culture-pot experiment

Ohu, J.O.; Raghavan, G.S.V.; McKyes, E.; Stewart, K.A.; Fanous, M.A., 1984:
The effects of soil compaction and organic matter on the growth of bush beans

Cavallero, A.; Cereti, C.F., 1985:
The effects of soil compaction by harvesting machinery on some multi-species rotational pastures

Rychnovsky, O., 1985:
The effects of soil compression during planting of potatoes on their yield

Chiang, J.K.; Fang, H.S.; Nee, H.H., 1983:
The effects of soil mulching with silver-coloured plastic film on the incidence of aphid-borne virus disease and the yield of spring tobacco

Webster, A.D.; Quinlan, J.D., 1986:
The effects of soil or foliar sprays of paclobutrazol on the shoot growth and yield of European plum (Prunus domestica L.) cultivars

Whinham, W.N.; Beaverstock, D.G., 1985:
The effects of soil pH at high rates of nitrogen fertiliser on grass

Gilmour J.T., 1984:
The effects of soil properties on nitrification and nitrification inhibition

Costigan, P.A., 1986:
The effects of soil type on the early growth of lettuce

Asghar, M., 1984:
The effects of soil, climate, pests and diseases, and some other factors on banana production in Western Samoa

Collier, G.F.; Phelps, K.; Huntington, V.C., 1985:
The effects of soil-applied aluminium sulphate, soil pH and soil potassium on pepper spot development in two winter white cabbage cultivars

Vanl, Y.; James, J.W.; McGuirk, B.J.; Atkins, K.D., 1985:
The effects of some environmental factors and inbreeding on weanling characteristics of Australian Merino lambs

Akandr, M., 1983:
The effects of some environmental factors on growth rate of purebred Arab foals

Akachuku, A.E., 1985:
The effects of some intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the proportion of vessels in Gmelina arborea Roxb

Whitham, A.E., 1982:
The effects of some methods of weed control on the growth of young plants

Mahmoud, M.F.; Abdel Aziz, S.A.; E.S.dawi, H.A.; Badry, A.A., 1985:
The effects of some oral hypoglycaemic drugs on blood level of glucagon, cortisol and growth hormone in chickens

Rajam, M.V.; Galston, A.W.; Galston, A.W., 1985:
The effects of some polyamine biosynthetic inhibitors on growth and morphology of phytopathogenic fungi

White, T.A.; Rolfe, G.L.; Bluhm, D.R., 1982:
The effects of some preemergent herbicides on survival and tolerance of various woody biomass species: 1979 herbicide trials

Pasini, C.; Volpi, L.; D.A.uila, F., 1984:
The effects of some substrates on the development of Codiaeum variegatum and Syngonium podophyllum. (Preliminary trial)

Bazzocchi, R.; Baiesi, G.; Giorgioni, M.E.; Negroni, B., 1985:
The effects of some substrates on young Cattleya plants

Crenshaw, J.D.; Peo, E.R.; Lewis, A.J.; Schneider, N.R., 1986:
The effects of sorbic acid in high moisture sorghum grain diets on performance of weanling swine

Dol' nikova, Z.M., 1985:
The effects of sowing dates and methods and fertilizers on the productivity of Trifolium pratense under irrigated conditions in the northern forest steppe of Novosibirsk region

Gore, A.M.; Kornegay, E.T.; Veit, H.P., 1986:
The effects of soybean oil on nursery air quality and performance of weanling pigs

Ozimek, L.; Sauer, W.C.; Ozimek, G.; Conway, D.M., 1985:
The effects of soybean protease inhibitors on ileal and fecal amino acid digestibility and pancreas function

Martin, I.C.A.; Lapwood, K.R.; Kitchell, R.L., 1984:
The effects of specific neurectomies and cremaster muscle sectioning on semen characteristics and scrotal thermoregulatory responses of rams

Harrington, M.G., 1985:
The effects of spring, summer, and fall burning on gambel oak in a southwestern ponderosa pine stand

Scotti, I.A.; Silva, S.; Baffi, C., 1984:
The effects of stable and radioactive cobalt on radiocobalt uptake by tomato plants raised in nutrient solutions

Roche, J.F.; Quirke, J.F., 1986:
The effects of steroid hormones and xenobiotics on growth of farm animals

Cummins, L.J.; Spiker, S.A.; Cook, C.; Cox, R.I., 1984:
The effects of steroid immunization of ewes and their nutrition on the ovulation rate and associated reproductive wastage

Wimpy, T.H.; Estergreen, V.L.; Hillers, J.K., 1986:
The effects of storage on two reagents of an enzyme immunoassay for milk progesterone

Hasegawa, Y.; Iba, Y., 1984:
The effects of storage temperature on the quality of citrus fruit. II. The effects of pretreatment at high temperature

E.T.bey Shehata, A.M.; Messallam, A.S.; E.B.nna, A.A.; Youssef, M.M.; E.R.uby, M.M., 1984:
The effects of storage under different conditions on cooking quality, viability and bruchid infestation of faba beans (Vicia faba L.)

Bagautdinov, F.Y.; Khaziev, F.K.; Mukatanov, A.K., 1985:
The effects of straw and sawdust on some biochemical processes in eroded soils

Foyer, J., 1986:
The effects of structural change in French agriculture over the last 20 years

Alloway, B.J.; Jewell, A.W.; Murray, B.; Tills, A.R., 1983:
The effects of subclinical copper deficiency on pollen formation and yield in cereals

Saigusa, M.; Shoji, S., 1984:
The effects of subsoil acidity of Andosols on the growth and nitrogen uptake of lucerne and cocksfoot

Saigusa, M.; Shoji, S.; Goto, J., 1985 :
The effects of subsoil acidity of andosols on the yield and botanical composition of legume-grass mixture. 1. Growth of lucerne-cocksfoot mixture

Oswald, A.K.; Richardson, W.G.; Flint, C.E., 1985:
The effects of sulphonyl-urea herbicides on Pteridium aquilinum (bracken) in hill pasture

Giorgessi, F.; Leo, F. di, 1985:
The effects of sunlight on the colouring of bunches and on changes in some of the qualitative parameters of yield in a red grape cultivar (Cabernet Franc)

Eng, R.Y.N.; Tsujita, M.J.; Grodzinski, B., 1985:
The effects of supplementary HPS lighting and carbon dioxide enrichment on the vegetative growth, nutritional status and flowering characteristics of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat

Duffy, B.; Pencharz, P., 1986:
The effects of surgery on the nitrogen metabolism of parenterally fed human neonates

Croom, W.J.J.; Leonard, E.S.; Baker, P.K.; Kraft, L.A.; Ricks, C.A., 1984:
The effects of synthetic growth hormone releasing hexapeptide BI 679 on serum growth hormone levels and production in lactating dairy cattle

Coffey P.S.; Scott W.D.; Summers K.J., 1986:
The effects of tailing dam profiles on relative wind erosion rates

Sirag, S.B.; James, E.R., 1982:
The effects of temperature and age on the infectivity of S. mansoni cercariae. Part II

McPherson, H.G.; Warrington, I.J.; Turnbull, H.L., 1985:
The effects of temperature and daylength on the rate of development of pigeonpea

Myers, G.E., 1985:
The effects of temperature and humidity on formaldehyde emission from UF-bonded boards: a literature critique

Krol, M., 1982:
The effects of temperature and mode of application of bentazone and diclofop-methyl on their biological activity

Sivapragasam, A.; Heong, K.L., 1984:
The effects of temperature on adult survival, oviposition and the intrinsic rate of increase of Plutella xylostella (L)

Thomas, R.J.; Sprent, J.I., 1984:
The effects of temperature on vegetative and early reproductive growth of a cold-tolerant and a cold-sensitive line of Phaseolus vulgaris L. 2. Nodular uricase, allantoinase, xylem transport of N and assimilation in shoot tissues

Ingram, L.L.J.; McGinnis, G.D.; Prince, S.E.; Gjovik, L.R.; Webb, D.A., 1984:
The effects of temperature, air flow rates, and coatings systems on the vaporization of creosote components from treated wood

Amoo, A.; Dipeolu, O.O., 1985:
The effects of temperature, relative humidity and host factors on the attachment and survival of Boophilus decoloratus and Boophilus geigyi larvae to skin slices

Robinzon, B.; Nov, Z.; Sayag, N.; Snapir, N., 1983:
The effects of testosterone or diethylstilboestrol administration to newly hatched White Leghorn males on adiposity, gonadal activity and sexual behaviour at maturity

Henrichsmeyer, W., 1986:
The effects of the 'new EEC agricultural policy' on German agriculture

Alston, J.M., 1986:
The effects of the CAP on international trade in poultry meat

Alston, J.M., 1985:
The effects of the European Community's Common Agricultural Policy in international markets for poultry meat

Charyev, A.; Grave, M.K.; Dobrin, L.G., 1983:
The effects of the Karakum Canal on the desert environment

Teal, F.; Ebbott, T.; Dickson, A., 1986:
The effects of the Multifibre Arrangement on the market for wool

Ruprich, J.; Piskac, A., 1985:
The effects of the chemical Kurasan (ethoxyquin) on the toxinogenic characteristics of Aspergillus flavus

Grobler, S.R.; Jenkins, G.N.; Kotze, D., 1985:
The effects of the composition and method of drinking of soft drinks on plaque pH

Dyke, J.M. van; Leslie, A.J.J.; Nall, L.E., 1984:
The effects of the grass carp on the aquatic macrophytes of four Florida lakes

Williams, H.L., 1984:
The effects of the physical and social environments on reproduction in adult sheep and goats

Chairani, M.; Taniputra, B., 1985:
The effects of the pollinating weevil, Elaeidobius kamerunicus, on the bunch components of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)

Rushmer, R.A., 1983:
The effects of the proestrous gonadotropin surge and in vitro gonadotropin treatment on the protein synthesis of follicle enclosed granulosa cells

Takahashi, T.; Oota, S., 1985:
The effects of the ratio of concentrate to roughage and supplements of VFA salts on fattening and fatty acid composition in adipose tissue of sheep

Hoffman, H.; Seebach, M., 1985:
The effects of the regulations relating to guaranteed milk quotas on forage-growing farms. Farm model calculations with particular respect to suckler calf rearing

Cecora, J., 1985:
The effects of the spatial structure of human settlements on the subsistence of private households - with special consideration of the situation in rural areas

Rowbury, R.J., 1985:
The effects of the virulence plasmid ColV, I-K94 on the survival of Escherichia coli in sewage effluent

Kaeberle, M.L.; Roth, J.A., 1984:
The effects of thiabendazole on dexamethasone-induced suppression of lymphocytes and neutrophil function in cattle

Tudor, G.D.; McGuigan, K.R.; Norton, B.W., 1985:
The effects of three protein sources on the growth and feed utilization of cattle fed cassava

Tucker W.G.; Gray D., 1986:
The effects of threshing and conditioning carrot seeds harvested at different times on subsequent seed performance

Doran, J.W.; Power, J.F., 1983:
The effects of tillage on the nitrogen cycle in corn and wheat production

Orfanedes, M.S.; Slife, F.W.; Knake, E.L.; Paul, L.E., 1984:
The effects of tillage on triazine interactions in soybeans

Iken, J.E., 1985:
The effects of time of the day and silk treatment on seed set in maize in Ibadan, Nigeria

Tkocz, J., 1984:
The effects of topographical and demographic patterns on the socialization of farmland in Opole Voivodship

Sexton, W.L.; Erickson, H.H.; DeBowes, R.M.; Sigler, D.H., 1986:
The effects of training on regulation of blood temperature during exercise in the equine species

Anonymous, 1985:
The effects of trenbolone acetate (TBA), zeranol and oestradiol-17 beta (OE2) on growth and reproductive function in heifers

Cline, R.A.; Fisher, K.H.; Bradt, O.A., 1985:
The effects of trickle irrigation and training system on the performance of Concord grapes

Carlson, D.B.; Vigliano, R.R., 1985:
The effects of two different water management regimes on flooding and mosquito production in a salt marsh impoundment

Bruckental, I.; Kaim, M.; Drori, D., 1984:
The effects of two fractions of soybean meal on reproduction in postpartum-bred rats

Picken, A.J.F.; Grimmett, M., 1986:
The effects of two fruit setting agents on the yield and quality of tomato fruit in glasshouses in winter

Takahashi, K.; Yagi, K.; Hattori, K., 1985:
The effects of two insect growth regulators on the biting midges, Culicoides circumscriptus Kieffer (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Nicholson, M.A.; Hutchison, C.F.; McGee, W.H.; Tomlinson, J.E., 1986:
The effects of two physical forms of the same concentrate with and without whole cottonseed on milk production and composition in lactating dairy cows

Jones, S.D.; Newman, J.A.; Tong, A.K.; Martin, A.H.; Robertson, W.M., 1986:
The effects of two shipping treatments on the carcass characteristics of bulls implanted with zeranol and unimplanted steers

Mukai, F.; Kitayama, K.; Fukushima, T., 1984:
The effects of two stage selection based on performance and progeny testing on the genetic gains

Shinkaji, N.; Fujiwara, T.; Amano, H., 1983:
The effects of ultraviolet-absorbing vinyl film on alighting of adult greenhouse whiteflies Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera:Aleyrodidae) on cucumbers in a plastic house

Raymond, L.P., 1984:
The effects of unemployment on the leisure behavior of unemployed steelworkers

Raymond, L.P., 1984:
The effects of unemployment on the leisure behavior of unemployed steelworkers. A paper presented to the World Leisure and Recreation Association Congress, Paris, France, September 1984

Koter, M.; Czapla, J.; Nowak, G., 1982:
The effects of urea and ammonium nitrate conditioned with waste oils from the rubber industry on cocksfoot yields

Sabino, N.P.; Silva, N.M. da, 1984:
The effects of using mixtures of fertilizers with or without sulphur on earliness and boll and fibre characters in cotton

Leatham, D.J.; LaDue, E.L., 1985:
The effects of variable interest rates on agriculture and opportunities for the reintroduction of fixed rate alternatives

Cappellini, P.; Fideghelli, C.; Monastra, F.; Recupero, S., 1985:
The effects of various agronomic factors on the incidence of peach canker caused by Fusicoccum amygdali Oll

Stanya, A.E.; Solt, C.W.; Beck, F.M., 1984:
The effects of various levels of ascorbic acid intake upon growth and organ weights of guinea pigs

Wade, L.; Nollen, P., 1982:
The effects of various naturally-occurring substances on the survival of Schistosoma mansoni miracidia

Schropp, A., 1984:
The effects of various pyrethroids on the population of Panonychus ulmi on grapevine.

Spellmann, H., 1986:
The effects of various thinning techniques and intensities on the development of a widely-spaced Norway spruce stand

Seifert, V.; Seufert, H., 1986:
The effects of various traction units (three-wheels) and tractor tyres on soil structure

Balogun, O.O.; Fetuga, B.L.; Oyenuga, V.A., 1984:
The effects of varying dietary methionine concentration on the growth of individual muscles in weanling Large White X Landrace pigs

Henderson, A.J.; Faulkner, A., 1985:
The effects of vincristine on milk secretion and milk composition in the goat

Oldham, E.R.; Eberhart, R.J.; Muller, L.D., 1986:
The effects of vitamin A or beta -carotene supplementation during the dry period and early lactation on udder health

Spyhalski, E.J.; Shepherd, H.E.; Trammell, C.A.J., 1985:
The effects of volume and pressure variation in the application of lactofen to soybeans

Lun, A.K.; Young, L.G.; Lumsden, J.H., 1985:
The effects of vomitoxin and feed intake on the performance and blood characteristics of young pigs

Sharifi, M.R., 1983:
The effects of water and nitrogen supply on the competition between three perennial meadow grasses

Michurin, B.N.; Kuznetsov, B.A., 1983:
The effects of water film thickness on soil water capillary sorption potential and water conductivity

Venkataramana, S.; Rao, P.N.G. (Gururaja Rao, P.N.; Naidu, K.M., 1986:
The effects of water stress during the formative phase of stomatal resistance and leaf water potential and its relationship with yield in ten sugarcane varieties

Lakso, A.N., 1985:
The effects of water stress on physiological processes in fruit crops

Clark, K.; Leman, A., 1984:
The effects of weaning age on subsequent litter size and farrowing rate in a large US confinement unit

Davies, R.J.; Gardiner, J.B.H., 1985:
The effects of weed competition on broadleaved tree establishment

Croghan, C.F., 1985:
The effects of white spruce stunting on seedling growth

Steen, R.W.J., .:
The effects of wilting and mechanical treatment of grass prior to ensiling on the performanc of beef cattle output per hectare

Salminen, E.; Salminen, S.; Porkka, L.; Koivistoinen, P., 1984:
The effects of xylitol on gastric emptying and secretion of gastric inhibitory polypeptide in the rat

Scott, B.M.; Fisher, A.V.; Cooper, R.A.; Kirk, J.A., 1986:
The effects of zeranol on performance and carcass characteristics of young bulls

Tomsik, P., 1982:
The effects on dairy performance of cows in hill regions

Mestres, G., 1985:
The effects on deltamethrin residues of preparing agricultural produce for consumption

Crowder, B.M.; Young, C.E.; Epp, D.J.; Beierlein, J.G.; Pionke, H.B.; Partenheimer, E.J., 1984:
The effects on farm income of constraining soil and plant nutrient losses. An application of the CREAMS simulation model

Hari, P.; Raunemaa, T.; Hautojarvi, A., 1986:
The effects on forest growth of air pollution from energy production

Williams, P.E.V.; Innes, G.M.; Brewer, A.; Magadi, J.P., 1985:
The effects on growth, food intake and rumen volume of including untreated or ammonia-treated barley straw in a complete diet for weaning calves

Trairatvorakul, P., 1984:
The effects on income distribution and nutrition of alternative rice price policies in Thailand

Leibbrandt, N.B., 1985:
The effects on irrigated ratoon cane of ripping the interrow after harvest in a range of soils in Swaziland

Mayne, C.S.; Woodcock, S.C.F.; Clements, A.J.; Newberry, R.D., 1986:
The effects on milk production of grazing management systems involving preferential treatment of high-yielding dairy cows

Johnson, S.J., 1985:
The effects on pigs and chickens of feeding grain contaminated with seeds of Corchorus olitorius

Werner, R., 1985:
The effects on the private farm of ecological measures introduced in connection with the farmland consolidation schemes

Kentamies, K.; Laine, J., 1984:
The effects on water quality of forest drainage and phosphate fertilization in a peatland area in central Finland

Rodrigues, B.N.; Victoria Filho, R., .:
The effects on weeds and on a bean crop (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) of mixtures of bentazone and paraquat

Grice, W.J.; Malenga, N.E.A., 1985:
The effects on yield of changing nitrogen levels on mature tea

Rooke, J.A.; Overend, M.A.; Armstrong, D.G., 1986:
The effects upon rumen microbial protein synthesis of giving sheep diets of rolled barley and hay supplemented with increasing quantities of soya-bean meal

Klessa, D.A.; Golightly, R.D.; Dixon, J.; Voss, R.C., 1985:
The effects upon soil and herbage Cu and Zn of applying pig slurry to grassland

Rosley, M.; Jusoh, M.M., 1982:
The efficacy and economics of several insecticides against major insect pests of Virginia tobacco

Charmillot, P.J.; Iselin, P., 1985:
The efficacy and persistence of its ovicidal effect of diflubenzuron in control of the codling moth, Cydia pomonella L

Haneke, E., 1985:
The efficacy and safety of ketoconazole in treating dermatomycoses

Efthimiadis, P.; Skorda, E.A., 1985:
The efficacy of AC 222.293 applied post-emergence at various growth stages and rates against wild oat and other weeds in cereals under Greek conditions

Olejnícek, J.; Matha, V.; Weiser, J., 1985:
The efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis against larvae of the blackfly Odagmia ornata (Meig.) (Simuliidae) at low temperatures

Hodges, R.T.; Young, G.W.; Thomson, J.T., 1985:
The efficacy of a leptospirosis vaccine in preventing leptospiruria in pigs

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The efficacy of the use of traps over many years for control of horse-flies (Diptera, Tabanidae) in pastures

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The efficiency of beef production

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The efficiency of different grain harvesting technologies

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The efficiency of fertilizer nitrogen (15N) use by pot-cultured tomato

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The efficiency of field measurement of standing trees marked for cutting

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The efficiency of herbicide treatment in winter rape under North Hesse conditions

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The efficiency of irrigated land in the Tajik SSR

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The efficiency of labour in state farms in Northern Kazakhstan

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The efficiency of land consolidation on a business basis

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The efficiency of supplements to procurement prices

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The efficiency of the agricultural economy

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The efficiency of the use of natural resources of the agroindustrial sector

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The efficiency of two methods of application of animal manure in the Sudanese savannah

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The efficiency of various collection techniques for sampling Culex annulirostris in southeastern Australia

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The efficiency of working capital in collective farms

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The efficient employment of graduates of the agricultural academy

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The efflux from and the metabolism of superscript 3H-norepinephrine in sow Graafian follicles. Variable involvement of some prostaglandins during two different stages of the sex cycle

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The egg processing industry - an examination of Canadian Egg Marketing Agency policies towards breakers regarding pricing and production

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The eggs and oviposition of some Sphingidae

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The ejection of transparent fluid into the vagina of the hen

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The energy production of the adult Schistosoma mansoni is for a large part aerobic

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The energy requirement for milk production in dairying complexes

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The energy value in the dry matter of grasslands in response to fertilizer application

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The energy-sparing effect of Virginiamycin

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The ensilage of round bales in polyethylene sacks

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The enteritis complex of rabbits kept for meat production

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The enterpreneurs and producing units in a cooperative farm

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The entomofauna of the cones of fir (Abies alba Mill.) in Poland

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The entomopoxviruses

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The entrepreneurial undergraduate

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The entry of Spain and Portugal into the EC and the integration of Iberian agriculture into the common agricultural market

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The environment and the social value of tourism

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The environment of infant and child mortality: a case study of Nigerian villages

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The environment of the Ethiopian Rift Valley compared to other areas of Africa

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The environmental envelope for the operation of a biomass fueled, 10 megawatt topping cycle power generation facility

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The environmental impact of CAP reform at farm level

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The environmental impact of underpriced honey imported into the U.S

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The environmental impacts of surface mine development in the Hunter region of New South Wales

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The environmental influences upon the reproduction performance in cattle

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The environmental potential for honey production and prospects for beekeeping in the area of Pineta di Tradate-Appiano Gentile (Varese)

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The enzymatic characteristics of peroxidase of fibre flax seedlings

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The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis japonica

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The enzymes of initial stages of phenylpropanoid biosynthesis and their localization in the endoplasmic reticulum of barley shoot cells

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The enzymes of purine salvage in T. vaginalis

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The enzymic activity of honeybee larval food

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The enzymic estimation of total glucosinolate content of rape (Brassica napus L. var. napus)

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The epizootiology and therapy of sarcocystosis in sheep

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The epizootiology of bovine cysticerciasis in the Alma-Ata region

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The epizootiology of diplostomiasis and prophylaxis of clinical infection in fish in lake fisheries of the Tyumen region

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The epizootiology of the principal helminthiases in sheep in the foothill-steppe zone of the Alma-Ata region

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The erect ivies

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The establishment and reform of China's agricultural trade structure

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The establishment and role of domestic markets in West African agricultural development: the example of the tomato marketing system in the Ivory Coast

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The establishment and yield of paspalum in Northland

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The establishment of an in vitro model for testing the efficacy of drugs against Toxoplasma gondii cysts in heart muscle

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The establishment of black farmers. General principles and a development model

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The estate tax provision of the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act: which farmers benefit?

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The estimate and preservation of gene fund of subtropical fruit culture and nut crops

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The estimation of pig carcass composition from different measurements with special reference to classification and grading

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The estimation of the leaf area index for a mature Pinus radiata stand

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The estimation of trace elements in human lung tissue

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The ethical dilemma of freedom in therapeutic recreation

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The ethics of play, leisure, and recreation in the twentieth century, 1900-1983

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The ethno-historical role of the snowshoe

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The ethnobotany of the neotropical Solanaceae

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The etiology of sports anemia. A physiological adaptation of the oxygen-dissociation curve of hemoglobin to an unphysiological exercise load

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The euonymus scale - a problem in Louisiana landscapes

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The evaluation and development of agrarian research

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The evaluation and use of resources in agriculture

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The evaluation in advance of the effects and costs of land consolidation - projects in the Netherlands

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The evaluation of Leucaena charcoal fuel for its potential to damage diesel engines

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The evaluation of agricultural software for dairy farms

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The evaluation of aid projects and programmes. Proceedings of the Conference organised by the Overseas Development Administration in the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex 7-8 April 1983

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The evaluation of breeding performance of female rabbits

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The evaluation of combining ability tests with particular reference to the BLUP method

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The evaluation of cows of different breeds and their crossbreds at large farms in Nitra

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The evaluation of efficiency by synthetic indices based on a farm production function

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The evaluation of eutrophication impact in public water supply reservoirs in East Anglia

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The evaluation of managerial work

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The evaluation of mass control on primary school children against Ascaris infection

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The evaluation of new fruit cultivars

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The evaluation of selection in a crossing ram breed to improve litter size in sheep

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The evaluation of some food attractants for the detection of Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) and other storage pests

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The evaluation of some simple and practical methods for storing date palm pollen grains

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The evaluation of soybean meal, roasted whole soybeans or whole cottonseed as a concentrate ingredient for lactating dairy cows

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The evaluation of the costs and benefits of a natural park

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The evaluation of the groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) losses during mechanical digging as affected by the soil moisture content on the irrigated heavy clay of Central Sudan

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The evaluation of the magnesium status of Finnish soil types

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The evaluation of the optimum unit size for sampling soil mites

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The evaluation of the performance of farms and cooperatives qualifies for use as a method of state management

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The evaluation of the root system in the breeding and classification of wheat

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The evaluation of urban recreation resources in tourist development regions. In: The impact of tourist development on disadvantaged regions.

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The evalutaion of some laboratory techniques in the detection of enterobiasis in school children in Egypt

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The evolution of French forests

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The evolution of Holocene Reg (gravelly) soils in deserts - an example from the Dead Sea region

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The evolution of Iban land tenure

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The evolution of Latin American agriculture 1950-80: development, modernization and marginalization of the peasants

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The evolution of agriculture in Champagne Ardennes during the last 30 years

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The evolution of different cattle breeds in France since the 1979/80 General Agricultural Census

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The evolution of inservice training in agriculture

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The evolution of international strategies

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The evolution of nutritional physiology in man and animals and present links between basic research into human and animal nutrition

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The evolution of sex chromosomes and their consequences for the evolutionary process

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The evolution of the Ciskeian district magistracy

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The evolution of the art and science of theriogenology

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The evolution of the concept of the village social fund

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The evolution of the market for seaside holidays

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The evolution of the property market on the coast

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The evolution of transhumant grazing in the Punjab Himalaya

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The evolution toward dual application in the provinces

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The evolution, structure and impact of the Chipko movement

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The evolutionary biology and taxonomy of the Australian eucalyptus beetles

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The evolutionary relationships of the seed storage proteins: protein homologies

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The evolutionary significance of sex

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The evolutionary theory of C. Darwin and modern biology

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The examination of desquamated cells from the vagina of dairy cows

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The expanding timber demand and landowner attitudes toward forestry investment

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The expansion of the Arape and Guaviyu spas

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The expediency of controlling the Colorado beetle

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The experience of the Glazunov RAPO in collective contract labour organization

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The experience of the Tolbuchin region in perfecting intra-enterprise economic relations

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The experiment for the improved economic planning of agriculture in the Lithuanian SSR

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The exploitation of resinous products in a lowland Malayan forest

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The export of leisure goods and services in Polish foreign trade

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The export side of the senile/injured industry arguments: case study Bangladesh jute

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The expression of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in developing seedlings of Zea mays

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The extension of inland waterway transport is a worthwhile objective

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The extent and timing of embryonic mortality in the cow

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The extent of Freestate streak and Diuraphis noxia in Mexico

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The external aspect of the anti-crisis policy, the problem of food and real wages

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The factor B and C2 genes

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The factors determining land prices, land price formation and the effects on the land market of government intervention under legislation on sale of plots of land

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The factors determining reproduction efficiency of introduced pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

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The facts about ultra-violet flying insect control

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The failure of crop diversification in the Uda Walawe Settlement Scheme, southern Sri Lanka

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The failure of ethics in practice: cultural and institutional barriers of a research project in Venezuela

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The failure of formal research in semi-arid regions of Africa

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The fall and rise of Braniff

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The false economics of high seeding rates

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The family Mesembryanthemaceae with special reference to Faucaria felina and Glottiphyllum muirii

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The family as a cultural unit - tradition and modernity in cultural activity within the family in Poland

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The family business challenge

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The family farm - deathbed of initiative

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The family farm: a success story with global implications

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The family, leisure and recreation

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The family. Models for providing comprehensive services for family and child welfare

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The farm and experimental units in Senegal

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The farm and field vegetable production: modelling a production system

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The farm computer - possibilities and limitations

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The farm credit crisis: will it hurt the whole economy?

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The farm within the cooperating network

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The farmer and farm accounting

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The farmer and tax arrangements for companies

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The farmer and the agricultural cooperative

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The farmer in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland

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The farmer's working time and leisure

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The farmers' markets

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The farmers' opinions of the income from cattle farming

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The farming base

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The farming herders: irrigation, reciprocity and marriage among the Turkana pastoralists of north-western Kenya

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The farming population's income - what next?

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The farming system and mechanism of income distribution in a FELDA scheme: a study of the block system in the Trolka Utara oil palm scheme

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The farming systems research and its relevance - the Philippine situation

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The fast food phenomenon in Europe

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The fat content of meals provided by catering establishments

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The fate of Przewalski's horses

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The fate of fertilizer nitrogen (15N) applied to oats in the system soil-plant-atmosphere on tilled and untilled grey-brown podzolic soil derived from loess

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The fate of labelled fertilizer nitrogen split-applied to winter wheat on a clay soil

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The fate of mefluidide in relation to the control of tiller development

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The fate of membrane proteins during flower senescence

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The fate of plant pathogens during composting of crop residues

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The fate of the commune

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The fate of women's land rights: gender, matriliny, and capitalism in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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The fattening of Japanese Black breed cattle

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The fatty acid composition of margarines

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