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The energy supply of pregnant sows. 3. Effect of reduced energy supply during pregnancy on liveweight changes in the sows and reproductive performance

Ohle, H.O.; Kracht, W.; Domeland, W.

Tierernahrung und Futterung 14: 153-160


Accession: 001485476

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A study was made on a total of 152 crossbred sows of different ages in 3 trials during 2 consecutive reproductive cycles. Mean energy intake during pregnancy was 1419 or 1148 EFs daily. During lactation both groups had concentrate mixture to appetite. Gross gains in the groups during pregnancy were 43.4 and 24.2 and net gains 26.6 and 8.7 kg. Weight losses during lactation were 10 and 0.8 kg and gains over the whole cycle 22.2 and 14.0 kg.

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