The influence of filial generation of Sahiwal Hereford steers on live weight, liveweight gain, carcass weight and fat thickness

Laing, A.R.; Taylor, W.J.; Robbins, G.B.; Bushell, J.J.

Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production 15: 416-419


Accession: 001487905

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The performance from weaning to slaughter of 1st and 2nd generation superscript 3/8 Sahiwal-5/8 Hereford steers from 3 calf crops was compared. The 1st-generation steers were from matings of superscript 3/4 Sahiwal-5/8 Hereford bulls with Hereford cows, and the 2nd-generation steers were from inter-se matings of 1st-generation animals. For 84 and 79 first- and second-generation steers, body weight averaged 180 and 210 kg resp. at 207 days of age, 345 and 337 kg at 603 days, and 438 and 418 kg at 705 days. Daily gain averaged 0.53 and 0.41 kg from 207 to 603 days, and 0.91 and 0.79 kg from 603 to 705 days. For 81 and 74 first- and second-generation steers, carcass weight averaged 234 and 220 kg resp., dressing percentage 53.6 and 52.7, and fat thickness 7.1 and 5.5 mm.