The injury and seasonal occurrence of melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett, in central Taiwan (Trypetidae, Diptera)

Fang, M-N.; Chang, C-P.

Plant Protection Bulletin (Taiwan) 26(3): 241-248


ISSN/ISBN: 0577-750X
Accession: 001488556

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Field studies were carried out at various sites in central Taiwan on the injuriousness and seasonal occurrence of Dacus cucurbitae on different fruit and vegetable crops. A 1:1 mixture of cue-lure and methyl eugenol was found to be more attractive to the tephritid than methyl eugenol alone or a 20:1 mixture of cue-lure and DDVP (at Nan-Tou), averaging 39.4%, followed by bottle gourd (at Hsi-Hu), averaging 5.2%. Peak numbers were generally reached in November. Temperature and rainfall were thought to be important factors involved in population regulation.