Section 2
Chapter 1,492

The prospects for export of primal beef cuts to California

Gillis, K.; White, C.; Ulmer, S.; Kerr, W.; Kwaczek, A.

Canadian journal of agricultural economics = Revue Canadienne d'economie rural 33(2): 171-194


DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7976.1985.tb02047.x
Accession: 001491978

The west coast of the United States has been suggested as a large potential market for Alberta beef products. The paper presents a formal investigation of this market for primal beef cuts. Three aspects are covered; the compatability of Canadian and United States grading and cutting specifications, the profitability of such exports using historical data, and the availability of market information to Canadian producers. The results suggest that the Alberta industry could increase profits considerably by entering the United States market but that the process will require considerable flexibility and a commitment to improved market information.

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