The rational selection of components for a synthetic lucerne variety

Vondracek, J.; Rod, J.; Chloupek, O.

Sbornik UVTIZ, Genetika a Slechteni 20(2): 157-162


Accession: 001492188

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Data recorded on green matter yield in 121 clones and their progenies after polycrossing were used to calculate intraclass correlations and, from them, weights which could be applied to the yield data of the two generations so as to facilitate direct interclonal comparison. The calculations for 6 clones are set out, to illustrate the acceptability of the results of weighting in 3 different classes of material. As a method for the selection of clones as components of synthetics, this procedure is recommended as being less laborious than methods which rely on complete diallel crossing to provide data on combining ability.