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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Munson, W.W., 1984:
The separate and combined effects of systematic strength training and structured leisure counseling on selected psychological and physical attributes of institutionalized juvenile delinquents

Smith, J.F.B.; Millar, W.T., 1983:
The separation and assay of plasminogen activators in human colostrum

Wendorff, K.M.; Nishita, T.; Jabusch, J.R.; Deutsch, H.F., 1985:
The sequence of equine muscle carbonic anhydrase

Muller Neumann, M.; Yoder, J.; Starlinger, P., 1985:
The sequence of transposable element Ac

Green, G.A.; Weil, J.H.; Steinmetz, A., 1986:
The sequences of two nuclear genes and a pseudogene for tRNA(Pro) from the higher plant Phaseolus vulgaris

Voevodin, A.V.; Aspidova, Z.V.; Galiev, M.S., 1984:
The sequential application of herbicides in cultivation of potatoes

Allcoat, R.W.P., 1985:
The sequential use of triallate and other herbicides for the control of weeds in winter wheat and winter barley

Takahashi, Y.; Kido, Y.; Naoi, M.; Kokue, E., 1985:
The serial biopsy technique for estimation of drug residue in calf kidney using gentamicin as a model drug

Zangheri, S.; Ciampolini, M.; Suss, L., 1984:
The serious injuries caused on maize by Agrotis ipsilon

Rodriguez, O.N.; Dias, M.I.R.T.; Rodriguez, P., 1984:
The seroepidemiology of human babesiosis in Mozambique

Santangelo, F.; Mondola, P.; Belfiore, A.; Capezza, M.; Falconi, C., 1985:
The serum apo E in rats following cholesterol diet and thymus treatment

Lynch, D.F. et al., 1984:
The setting

Montigaud, J.C.; Cibenel, C., 1984:
The setting of an electronic marketing system for fruit and vegetables: problems and consequences

Lifran, R., 1985:
The setting up and handing over of an inheritance, and the extension of a farming system. The case of agriculture in the French Midi

Bagdzinski, S.L., 1984:
The settlement and demographic processes in industrialized regions

Lavergne, M., 1986:
The seven deadly sins of Egypt's Aswan High Dam

Chen, D.W.; Liu, Z.Q.; Wang, Z.F., 1985:
The severity of forest fires

Meeuse, B.; Morris, S., 1984:
The sex life of flowers

McDowell, P.G.; Hassanali, A., 1983 :
The sex-stimulant pheromone of the tsetse Glossina pallidipes (Austen)

Li, T.Y.; Maschwitz, U., 1985:
The sexual behaviour of the whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Shaw, S.M., 1984:
The sexual division of leisure: meanings, perceptions and the distribution of time

Gigauri, G.N., 1986:
The shade tolerance of Abies nordmanniana, Picea orientalis and Fagus orientalis

Jolivet, E.; Grandjean, M.; Monget, C.; Sauvage, D.; Lesaint, C., 1986:
The shading of cucumber plants leads to a decrease in the transport of allantoic acid by the root sap whatever the type, whether nitrate or nitrate-ammonium, of mineral nitrogen nutrition

Mikhov, L.; Khovorka, I. (Hovorka, J); Komandarev, S., 1986:
The shape of Trichinella capsules

Youl, B.S., 1985:
The sharing of information to improve decisions

Hellawell, C.R., 1984:
The shear properties of some radiata pine plywoods

Ohu, J.O.; Raghavan, G.S.V.; McKyes, E.; Mehuys, G., 1985:
The shear strength of compacted soils with varying organic matter contents

Maddox, J.F.; Mackay, C.R.; Brandon, M.R., 1985:
The sheep analogue of leucocyte common antigen (LCA)

Boldyreva, R.G.; Kunichkin, G.I., 1983:
The sheep nasal fly in the Alma-Ata region and the basic means and methods for its control

Anonymous, 1984:
The sheepmeat regime, with minutes of evidence

Stewart, P.C., 1981:
The shingle and lumber industries in the Great Dismal

Sithole, S.Z., 1985:
The shoot fly (Atherigona soccata)

Sueyoshi, M.L.S.; Packer, M.F.; Barbosa, J.E., 1986:
The shopping basket of price-controlled products

Warner, E., 1985:
The shopwindow for the world

Weber, B.C., 1984:
The short- and long-term effects of insect attacks on trees

Tower, L.; Shigo, A.; Brennan, E., 1985:
The short-term effect of simulated acidic rainfall on the formation of discolored wood in Acer rubrum

Salvi, G., 1982:
The shredding of Quercus cerris stands in the upper Trebbia valley: notes from oral sources

Bebb, J.M.; Greaves, M.P.; Richardson, W.G., 1985:
The side-effects of alloxydim sodium, sethoxydim, acifluorfen and fluazifop-butyl on legume growth and nodulation

Dehne, H.W., 1986:
The side-effects of pesticides on soil-borne plant pathogens

Akers, H.A.; Magee, K.P., 1985:
The siderophore mediated release of iron and magnesium from Mt St. Helens' ash and silicate rock standards

Bain, R.K.; Urquhart, G.M., 1986:
The significance and control of stomach worms in British cattle

Meimberg, R., 1986:
The significance of 'alternative' farming in the German Federal Republic

Riva, M.; Casiraghi, E., 1984:
The significance of 'nutritional density'

Neumann, H.H., 1985:
The significance of Campylobacter jejuni within the context of milk hygiene

Harthoorn, R.; Wossink, G.A.A., 1985:
The significance of Dutch agricultural production for the trade balance and employment

Gurevich, M.Y.; Oshmarin, P.G., 1984:
The significance of Nasmark's method in the systematics of trematodes of the suborder Paramphistomata (Szidat, 1936)

Welsh, R.D., 1984:
The significance of Streptococcus zooepidemicus in the horse

Breedveld, J.; Post, J.H., 1985:
The significance of agriculture and the food industry for the Dutch economy in the 1980s

Saalbach, E., 1984:
The significance of atmospheric sulphur compounds for the supply of sulphur for agricultural crops

Ljunggren, H., 1984:
The significance of bacterial strains in effective nitrogen fixation in peas

Teittinen, P., 1982:
The significance of bees in the pollination of red clover

Tazieva, Z.K.; Shaltaeva, K.B., 1985:
The significance of beetles in regulating the numbers of lung nematodes of sheep and deer

Schonborn, W., 1981:
The significance of biotechnological processes for the treatment and disposal of solid wastes

McLean, J.A., 1986:
The significance of carbon dioxide and methane measurements in the estimation of heat production in cattle

Mori, K., 1984:
The significance of chirality: methods for determining absolute configuration and optical purity of pheromones and related compounds

Johnson, J.; Dibb, C., 1985:
The significance of clover and associated weed problems in grassland

Markwalder, H.U., 1983:
The significance of copper in soft cheese manufacture

Potter, G.D., 1985:
The significance of dietary protein quality for horses

Avetisyan, B.N.; Manasyan, A.O.; Saakyan, S.S.; Dadivanyan, A.K., 1985:
The significance of double refraction and molecular orientation of membranes in evaluation of semen quality in the bull

Baenziger, P.S.; Kudirka, D.T.; Schaeffer, G.W.; Lazar, M.D., 1984:
The significance of doubled haploid variation

Duinker, P.N.; Beanlands, G.E., 1986:
The significance of environmental impacts: an exploration of the concept

Egan, J.; O.C.nnor, F., 1985:
The significance of equipment-borne residues as a source of contamination of milk following intramammary and parenteral antibiotic treatment of dairy cows

Prokhorova, V.G., 1983:
The significance of flagellates as agents of disease in sheep

Jooste, P.J.; Britz, T.J., 1986:
The significance of flavobacteria as proteolytic psychrotrophs in milk

Anonymous, 1984:
The significance of forestry

Solov' ev, V.M., 1984:
The significance of growth features and formation of stands in studying the dynamics of forest types

Kaarma, A.I., 1983:
The significance of helminth infection in the development of intestinal pathology of bacterial aetiology

Drift, L. van der; Thissen, F.; Voogsgeerd, J., 1986:
The significance of housing for outdoor recreation

Anan' ev, V.V., 1984:
The significance of incident solar radiation in prediction of crop yields and the efficiency of agrotechnical practices

Kuchenbuch, R., 1985:
The significance of ion exchange processes in the rhizosphere for the plant availability of potassium

Elder, J.K.; Pepper, P.M.; Hill, M.W.M.; Ward, W.H., 1985:
The significance of leptospiral titres associated with bovine abortion

Sitzmann, F.C., 1985:
The significance of measuring substrates in the serum of children

Büttner, D.W., 1985:
The significance of morphological studies on macrofilariae from onchocerciasis patients for the evaluation of control measures

Claridge, MF. den Hollander, J.; Haslam, D., 1984:
The significance of morphometric and fecundity differences between the 'biotypes' of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens

Dale, M.F.B.; Ford Lloyd, B.V., 1985:
The significance of multigerm seedballs in the genus Beta

Koning, J.C. de, 1985:
The significance of new polders for Dutch agriculture

Gregorius, H.R.; Ziehe, M., 1986:
The significance of over- and underdominance for the maintenance of genetic polymorphisms. II. Overdominance and instability with random mating

Watson, T.G.; Charleston, W.A.G., 1985:
The significance of parasites in farmed deer

Rival, M.D.; Chenoweth, P.J., 1984:
The significance of pen libido testing of rams in relation to paddock mating performance

Alcock, J.; Buchmann, S.L., 1985:
The significance of post-insemination display by male Centris pallida (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae)

Morris, S.E., 1986:
The significance of rainsplash in the surficial debris cascade of the Colorado Front Range foothills

Winks, R.G., 1986:
The significance of response time in the detection and measurement of fumigant resistance in insects with special reference to phosphine

Davis, M.W., 1984:
The significance of retinal haemorrhage in cerebral Plasmodium falciparum malaria.

Gutteridge, S.; Keys, A.J., 1985:
The significance of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase in determining the effects of the environment on photosynthesis and photorespiration

Krzymanska, J.; Waligora, D., 1983:
The significance of saponins in the resistance of lucerne to the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris)

Gimelfarb, A., 1984:
The significance of specific distributions and functions in models of quantitative inheritance

Rex, M.; Harrach, T., 1984:
The significance of subsoil conditions on cereal yield formation. Field trials on different types of soil with various nutrient supplies

Lunn, NJ.; Stirling, I., 1985:
The significance of supplemental food to polar bears during the ice-free period of Hudson Bay

Beringer, J.E., 1984:
The significance of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in plant production

Fiaccadori, F.; David, S.; Faggion, G.; Feriani, N.; Ferrari, C.; Franco, V.; Giuberti, T.; Grutta D'Auria, C.; La Greca, G.; Magnani, G., 1984:
The significance of the HBeAg/anti-HBe system in hemodialysis patients. A multicenter study

Braun, H.J., 1984:
The significance of the accessory tissues of the hydrosystem for osmotic water shifting as the second principle of water ascent, with some thoughts concerning the evolution of trees

Braud, M., 1984:
The significance of the concept of the farm for research and development

Irvine, G.M., 1985:
The significance of the glass transition of lignin in thermomechanical pulping

Ozeretskovskaya, N.N.; Bronshtein, A.M.; Reshetnyak, T.V.; Motovilov, A.A., 1981:
The significance of the immune status to the effective chemotherapy of opisthorchiasis

Geresi, M.; Rethy, L.A.; Erdos, L.; Rethy, L.; Acharya, M.P.; Magyar, T., 1984:
The significance of the interval-prolongation between the immunizing shots with adsorbed clostridial (Cl. tetani, Cl. perfringens) toxoids

Cheema, J.S.; Sharma, A., 1984:
The significance of the lactation curve in buffalo management

Grun, E., 1984:
The significance of the lactoperoxidase/thiocyanate/peroxide system as an antibacterial factor in cows' milk

Ross, M.D., 1984:
The significance of the sexual reproductive system in forest trees

Rodda, J.C.; Smith, S.W., 1986:
The significance of the systematic error in rainfall measurement for assessing wet deposition

Bruins, W.J., 1985:
The silage feeding trailer - a versatile machine

Sultanov, R.A., 1985:
The silk geometrid in Uzbekistan

Vachratith, V., 1986:
The silo industry

Tsenkov, L., 1985:
The silt-depositing role of willow vegetation used to correct the river Perperek

Marten, K.D.; Thomson, B.R., 1980:
The silvics of species

Krasil' nikov, N.A.; Knize, A.A.; Konstantinov, V.K., 1985:
The silvicultural effectiveness of draining conifer stands in the Leningrad region

Korepanov, A.A., 1986:
The silvicultural effectiveness of draining meso-oligotrophic bogs in the river Kama region

Mugasha, A.G., 1981:
The silviculture of Tanzania indigenous tree species. III. Chlorophora excelsa

Mugasha, A.G., 1980:
The silviculture of Tanzanian indigenous tree species. I. Allanblackia stuhlmannii

Mugasha, A.G., 1981:
The silviculture of Tanzanian indigenous tree species. II. Maesopsis eminii

Mugasha, A.G., 1983:
The silviculture of Tanzanian indigenous tree species. IV. Cephalosphaera usambarensis

Manokaran, N.; Wong, K.M., 1983:
The silviculture of rattans - an overview with emphasis on experiences from Malaysia

Manokaran, N.; Wong, K.M., 1981:
The silviculture of rattans. An overview with emphasis on experiences from Malaysia

Pryor, S.N., 1985:
The silviculture of wild cherry or gean (Prunus avium L.)

Peruanskii, Y.V.; Abugalieva, A.I., 1985:
The similarity between intravarietal gliadin biotypes of wheat

San, C.H., 1986:
The simple open soil method of measuring urea volatilisation losses

W.Q.Y.; S.Q.ng Za; Wang Jin Wen; Fan Yong Fa, 1984:
The simplified dynamic model, measurement and evaluation of ride vibration for the combination unit of agricultural hand tractor and trailer

Zheng, S.F.; Li, H.; Sun, Y.H., 1985:
The simultaneous determination of retinol and alpha-tocopherol in plasma by high pressure liquid chromatography

Piper, L.R.; Bindon, B.M.; Davis, G.H., 1985:
The single gene inheritance of the high litter size of the Booroola Merino

Lindsay, D.R.; Gray, S.J.; Oldham, C.M.; Pearce, D.T., 1984:
The single injection of progesterone

Mfitilodze, MW.; Hutchinson, GW., 1985:
The site distribution of adult strongyle parasites in the large intestines of horses in tropical Australia

Ikai, T.; Suzuki, K.; Hattori, K.; Igarashi, H.; Uchiyama, M., 1985:
The site of action of quizalofop-ethyl, NCI-96683

Ray, T.B., 1985:
The site of action of the sulfonylurea herbicides

Capo, V.; Despommier, D.D.; Silberstein, D.S., 1984:
The site of ecdysis of the L1 larva of Trichinella spiralis

Crozet, N.; Dumont, M., 1984:
The site of the acrosome reaction during in vivo penetration of the sheep oocyte

Shaharom, FM., 1985:
The site-specificity of Cichlidogyrus sclerosus, its juveniles, and Cichlidogyrus tubicirrus minutus on the gills of tilapia species

Antal, K., 1985:
The situation and characteristics of Austrian tourism

Anonymous, 1985:
The situation and development objectives of higher education for agriculture

Sahin Toth, G., 1984:
The situation and objectives of tourism training. Parts I and II

Bulgaria, Association Bulgare du Tourisme et des Loisirs, 1986:
The situation and prospects of tourism development in Bulgaria

Goldhahn, R.; Voigt, S., 1985:
The situation and trends in interlinking relationships in the fruit and vegetable sector

Deltour, A., 1985:
The situation in 1985 regarding aphids in plant raising

Bandpay, M.R.F.; Amighi, M.; Lombard, M.; Piroird, R.; Salehizadeh, M., 1984:
The situation of foot and mouth disease virus types and subtypes in Iran in 1980-1983

Medel, S.F., 1984:
The situation of fruit growing in the Araucania Region (IX)

Tokarski, W., 1983:
The situation of leisure research in Western Germany with emphasis on the methodological aspects

Pattanayak, S., 1983:
The situation of malaria in India

Massante, S., 1985:
The situation of official agricultural statistics

Pevetz, W., 1986:
The situation of the world agricultural and food sectors in the years 1983-85

Pevetz, W., 1985:
The situation of the world agriculture and food industry in 1982-84

Legh Preston, N., 1985:
The situation of women and minority groups in rural areas of the USA

Delorme, R., 1985 :
The situation regarding. The resistance of insects to insecticides. 1

Summers, RW., 1985:
The size and composition of sheld-geese populations and their food consumption on different vegetation types in the Falkland Islands

Sofield, RK.; Hansens, EJ.; Vrijenhoek, RC., 1985:
The size and seasonal distribution of the sibling species Tabanus nigrovittatus and Tabanus conterminus in New Jersey (Diptera: Tabanidae)

Wright, M.E.; Tappan, J.H.; Sistler, F.E., 1986:
The size and shape of typical sweet potatoes

Holt, C., 1985:
The size distribution of bovine casein micelles: a review

Birski, A.; Lelusz, H., 1986:
The size of a state farm and its efficiency of management

Axmann, F., 1982:
The size of an agricultural enterprise and level of production

Katorgin, A., 1985:
The size of contract labour collectives

Nasci, R.S., 1986:
The size of emerging and host-seeking Aedes aegypti and the relation of size to blood-feeding success in the field

Berek, G.; Fulop, J.; Laky, G., 1985:
The size of litters sired by boars of different genotypes, and carcass value of the offspring

Murei, I.A., 1984:
The size of metabolic pools of assimilates in photosynthesizing tissues of the intact plant

Lasota Moskalewska, A., 1982:
The skeleton of a prehistoric cow with characteristics of both primigenius and brachyceros cattle

Manikam, D., 1983:
The skidding component of the Mixed Peat Swamp logging system

Higgins, D.A., 1985:
The skin inflammatory response of the badger (Meles meles)

Sawyer, R.H.; Knapp, L.W.; O.G.in, W.M.; Durrer, H.; Quay, W.B., 1986:
The skin of birds

Whitear, M.; Schliwa, M., 1986:
The skin of fishes including cyclostomes

Metoltsy, A.G.; Jimbow, K.; Fitzpatrick, T.B.; Quevado, W.C.J.; Chapman, R.E.; Bell, M.; Hashimoto, K.; Hori, K.; Aso, M.; Quay, W.B., 1986:
The skin of mammals

Cruden, D.M.; Antoine, P., 1984:
The slide from Mt. Granier, Isere and Savoie, France on November 24, 1248

Schreiber, A., 1984:
The slow market continues into late autumn - the softwood sawn timber market in November: demand weaker, prices depressed

Struszczyk, H.; Beresniewicz, A.; Nowosielski, O., 1984:
The slow release N, K fertilizers on organic carriers and their application in horticulture

Pillay, V.S.; Sasikumaran, S., 1984:
The slow wilt disease of pepper a new outlook

Platford, G.G.; Thomas, C.S., 1985:
The small catchment project at La Mercy

Maurel, M.C., 1985:
The small farm sector in USSR and in Eastern Europe

Chambers, R., 1985:
The small farmer is a professional

Felsenthal, M., 1985:
The small farmers of Nepal: group strength

D.A.ieri, P.; McCormack, M.L.J.; Leslie, D.M.J.; Zedaker, S.M., 1986:
The small mammal community in a glyphosate conifer release treatment in Maine

Ngere, L.O., 1985:
The small ruminants of West Africa - a review

Lu, Y.H.; Meng, H.F., 1985:
The smallest pony in China - the Baise Pony

Haris, J., 1985:
The smallholder in Hungarian agriculture - private small scale production as an integral element of the socialist agricultural structure

Kamiharako, Y.; Itagaki, T.; Itagaki, H., 1986:
The snail host of Fasciola sp. in the Tempoku district of Hokkaido

Malewska, E.; Kicowska, A., 1986:
The social and cultural activities of 4th year students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Zootechnology of the Academy of Agricultural Technology in 1983/84

Maude, A.J.S.; Rest, D.J. van, 1985:
The social and economic effects of farm tourism in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1984:
The social and economic efficiency of the territorial organization of collective and state farms

Anonymous, 1986:
The social and environmental effects of large dams. Volume 2: case studies

Peoch, R., 1981:
The social aspect of ventilation by the honeybee and ventilation-aggressiveness interactions. A new role of the Nasonov gland

Sommeijer, MJ., 1985:
The social behavior of Melipona favosa: some aspects of the activity of the queen in the nest

Wierenga, H.K., 1984:
The social behaviour of dairy cows: some differences between pasture and cubicle system

Wibberley, E.J., 1985:
The social context of British farming

Hantrais, L. et al., 1986:
The social control of time

Viegas, P.; Menon, G., 1985:
The social costs of deforestation

Shilenko, S.; Krawtschenko, E.; Pawlowskaja, E., 1985:
The social development of the Savety Ilicha collective farm

Sorokin, A. et al., 1984 :
The social development of the USSR village

Anonymous, 1984:
The social development of the countryside

Loboda, I., 1986:
The social development of the countryside is to be accelerated

Horna, J.L.A., 1984:
The social dialectic of life career and leisure: a probe into the preoccupations model

Brandes, W., 1986:
The social dilemma and other aspects of farmers' entrepreneurial behaviour relevant to the environment

Ashby, Ja, 1985:
The social ecology of soil erosion in a Colombian farming system

Nicolas, P., 1984:
The social economy and the financing of agricultural cooperatives

Meltzoff, S.K.; LiPuma, E., 1985:
The social economy of coastal resources: shrimp mariculture in Ecuador

Riordan, J., 1985:
The social emancipation of women through sport

Sanwal, M., 1986:
The social forestry design framework: the hill areas of Uttar Pradesh

Caniou, J., 1983:
The social functions of agricultural education for women in France

Anonymous, 1984:
The social functions of sport. Conference proceedings

Schwefel, D., 1985:
The social impact of large dams in Latin America. Why, for whom, and at whose expense are dams built?

Dillman, Da, 1985:
The social impacts of information technologies in rural North America

Machlis, G.E., 1984:
The social organization of family camping: implications for interpretation

Khomenko, G., 1984:
The social reconstruction of the village - the key to raising efficiency in agriculture

Clough, P.W.J., 1985:
The social relations of grain marketing in Northern Nigeria

Abboni, S., 1984:
The social representation of time

Orgaz, L.; Perez Blanco, J.M., 1986:
The social return on public investment in irrigation

Sigrist, C., 1984:
The social role of the technical cadre in rural development

Maxwell, S., 1986:
The social scientist in farming systems research

Wibberley, E.J., 1985:
The social structure of British farmland management

Podolskij, J., 1985:
The social transformation of the village

Leclercq, J.; Delmotte, C.; Gaspar, C.; Verstraeten, C.; Wonville, C., 1984:
The social wasps of Belgium and Luxembourg, then and now (Hymenoptera, Vespoidea Vespidae)

Chaiken, M.S., 1984:
The social, economic, and health consequences of spontaneous frontier resettlement in the Philippines

Bazejczyk, M., 1984:
The social-administrative implications of continuity and sectoral equality in Polish agriculture

Michna, K., 1984:
The social-occupational structure of peasant families (on the basis of five regions)

Vos' , A., 1984:
The socialist agriculture of Poland

Krambach, K.; Muller, J., 1985:
The socialist collective - carrier and shaper of social progress

Makhan' ko, I., 1985:
The socialist transformation of small farm production in Cuba

Burgat, F.; Nancy, M., 1984:
The socialist villages of the Algerian agrarian revolution

Krambach, K., 1984:
The socialist way of life in the village

Kopach, N.L., 1985:
The socialization of agricultural production

Ionov, C.Kh, 1984:
The socialization of production processes in the countryside under conditions of developed socialism

Ray, A.P.; Sharma, G.K., 1984:
The socio-economic aspects in the context of malaria and its control

Nour, E.M., 1984:
The socio-economic impact of water associated diseases in the Sudan

Anonymous, 1983:
The socio-economic implications of undernutrition - strategies for the future

Ulluwishewa, R.; Tsuchiya, K., 1983:
The socio-economic study of the draught animal power in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. A case study: Hureegama village

Ahmed, S., 1985:
The socio-political economy of deforestation in India: an analysis of conflict concerning the use of forest resources between local communities in the Uttarakhand and the State of Uttar Pradesh

Cadelina, R.V., 1985:
The sociocultural ecology of social forestry in the Philippines

Annan, A., 1985:
The socioeconomic determinants of malnutrition among preschool children in Ghana

Dontchev, D., 1984:
The socioeconomic effects of specialization, concentration and intensification of Bulgarian agriculture in the agro-industrial complexes

Eluagu, L.S.; Okereke, O., 1985:
The socioeconomic impact of gari traders' association in Imo state of Nigeria

Behrman, J.R.; Wolfe, B.L., 1984:
The socioeconomic impact of schooling in a developing country

Windhorst, H.W., 1986:
The socioeconomic structure of the agricultural sector in the USA in the mid 1980s

Kovacs, I., 1984:
The sociological effect of incentives and financial rewards

Glavanis, K.R.G.; Glavanis, P.M., 1983:
The sociology of agrarian relations in the Middle East: the persistence of household production

Young, T.R., 1984:
The sociology of sport: a critical overview

Wincawski, W., 1985:
The sociology of the Polish village against an historical perspective

Cohen, E., 1984:
The sociology of tourism: approaches, issues, and findings

Okpalaibekwe, F.M., 1984:
The sociopolitical context of education among the Abakaliki Igbo of Nigeria

Allison, M.E.; Walker, V., 1986:
The sodium and potassium intake of 3 to 5 year olds

Neuser, E.J., 1985 :
The softwood lumber trade balance in mid-1985, and outlook for the future

Bitter, W.G., 1986:
The softwood sawn timber market in spring 1986 - trading conditions are again being evaluated somewhat more positively

Scotter, D.R.; Clothier, B.E., 1986:
The soil as a transport and storage medium for irrigation water

Vogel, J.; Sieber, M., 1984:
The soil beetle fauna of the nature reserve Landeskrone, near Gorlitz

Sparling, G.P., 1985:
The soil biomass

Loveland, P.J., 1984:
The soil clays of Great Britain: I. England and Wales

Wilson, M.I.; Bain, D.C.; Duthie, D.M.L., 1984:
The soil clays of Great Britain: I. Scotland

Helms, J.D.; McKay, M.P., 1985:
The soil conservation service: a historical overview

Romkens, M.J.M., 1985:
The soil erodibility factor: a perspective

Anonymous, 1980:
The soil map of the Arab Countries at 1:1,000,000 scale. The legend

Steur, G.G.L.; Bakker, H. de; Paas, W., 1984:
The soil maps of the German-Netherlands border-area project: a comparison of maps, mapping methods and classifications

Chang, C., 1985:
The soil reactional forces for rotary tiller performance in forward and reverse direction of rotation

Maranon Arana, T., 1985:
The soil seed reserves in a Sierra Morena dehesa: relation to the vegetation

Markov, Y.A., 1984:
The soil water regime in black currant plantations in the Central Non-chernozem zone

Yakushenko, I.K., 1985:
The soil-transforming influence of poplar stands

Courtney, F.M.; Trudgill, S.T., 1984:
The soil: an introduction to soil study (2nd. Ed.)

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The spatial organization of social infrastructure in collective and state farms is being integrated into RAPO

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The spread of the game of tennis

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The spreading of fragments of Sedum shoots along with other seeds for creating a green cover on flat roots

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The spring barley Odesskii 100

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The spring malting barley Granifen-INIA

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The spring wheat Carahue-INIA, for the southern zone of Chile

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The spring wheat Dalcahue-INIA, for the southern zone of Chile

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The spring wheat Malihue-INIA, for the southern zone of Chile

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The spruce wood engraver, a tiny but dangerous pest

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The squash Khersonskaya

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The stabilisation of reproduction processes in buckwheat varieties created by different methods

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The stability of O/W emulsions containing monoglycerides

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The stability of resistance to Pyricularia oryzae Cav. in rice

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The stability of the calibration factors of sensors for photosynthetically active radiation used in wet conditions

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The stability of the load carriage on the shoe of an intermediate spar in an aerial forest cableway

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The stability of the number of tillers of barley varieties and its relation with consistency of performance under semi-arid conditions

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The stability of timber portal frames and arch frames

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The stabilizing factor of the nitrate reductase activity from the leaves of the higher plants

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The stabilizing role of willow vegetation in the training of the river Perperek

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The stage of technical development of sprinkler irrigation in the German Federal Republic

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The standard and conditions of work of the cultural workers in the villages

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The standard and quality of wool production of mutton-wool ewes of different origin under conditions of hill grazing

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The standardization of consumer and retail packs

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The standards base for planning to be improved

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The standards for performance of adult turkeys

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The starch digestion test in the horse

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The start and end of the growing season in the Niger River Basin Development Authority area of Nigeria

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The start up of fermentation in biogas units with slurry

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The start-up, operation and maintenance of filtration systems for micro-irrigation

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The state - and social tourism

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The state and agricultural productivity. Continuity versus change in the Indian and Pakistan Punjabs

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The state and development of rural industries in Pakistan

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The state and future prospects of the lemon crop on the Black Sea coast of Georgia

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The state and peasant leverage in Kenya

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The state and prospects of using drought resistant common vetch forms in breeding

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The state and rural development in Tanzania: the village administration as a political field

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The state and status of agricultural economics

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The state and the peasants: the National Confederation of Peasants (CNC)

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The state bank and AGROPROM

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The state of chromatin in nuclei of the embryo sac of triticale

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The state of distance-learning worldwide: the first report on the index of institutions involved in distance-learning

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The state of environment and resource management in the drylands of north India

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The state of facilitation: desired measures

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The state of food and agriculture in Islamic countries

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The state of forest dieback and consequences to be expected for the sawmilling industry

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The state of harvested thinning stands

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The state of health of Danish forests

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The state of immunoglobulins in cows, vaccinated with polyvalent vaccines against bacterial mastitis

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The state of integrated and supervised control of insects in protected vegetables in Sicily

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The state of investigations of the fauna of Poland. Vermes sensu lato

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The state of investigations which relate to breeding broad bean and horse bean for disease resistance. I. Botrytis, rust and powdery mildew

Furga Wegrzycka, H., 1984:
The state of investigations which relate to breeding broad bean and horse bean for disease resistance. II. Ascochyta

Furga Wegrzycka, H., 1984:
The state of investigations which relate to breeding broad bean and horse bean for disease resistance. III. Fusarium diseases

Furga Wegrzycka, H., 1984:
The state of investigations which relate to breeding broad bean and horse bean for disease resistance. IV. Bacterial diseases

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The state of research in mechanization for processing tomatoes

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The state of research on biological nitrogen fixation in Ethiopia

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The state of rural infrastructure

Anonymous, 1986:
The state of the economy and meat expenditure

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The state of the food economy in 1985 in the opinion of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (IERiGZ)

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The state of the forest resources as a condition of the intensification of forestry

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The state of the world's parks. An international assessment for resource management, policy, and research

Anonymous, 1986:
The state of travel and tourism on the threshold of 1986

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The state of work on citrus rootstocks at the Corsican Agronomic Research Station

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The state-owned enterprise as an entrepreneurial substitution in developing countries: the case of nitrogen fertilizer

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The states of decay of woody litter determined by relative density

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The statistical analysis of correlation factors in grain weight and plant characters in wheat (T. aestivum L.)

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The statistical analysis of microfilarial skin snip counts: stabilization of the variance of microfilarial counts

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The statistical distribution of trichostrongylid nematodes in grazing lambs

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The status and potential of biological control studies on Diuraphis noxia (Aphididae)

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The status and style of life of Polish Olympians after completion of their sports careers

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The status of European weed control systems

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The status of Fortunella genetic resources in China

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The status of German coal conversion technology

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The status of Neobasiria Javed, 1982 and a re-diagnosis of Basiria Siddiqi, 1959 (Nematoda: Tylenchida)

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The status of barley yellow dwarf virus in maize

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The status of beech bark disease in the Maritime Provinces of Canada in 1980

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The status of farm lenders: an assessment of Eighth District and national trends

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The status of gastric secretion in intestinal helminthiasis

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The status of home tape recording in Japan

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The status of human onchocerciasis in the Kainji reservoir basin areas 20 years after the impoundment of the lake

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The status of indigenous poultry of southern Iran

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The status of irrigation management research in Indonesia

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The status of nonpoint source pollution: its nature, extent and control

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The status of organic phosphorus in Bungor series soil under monoculture and crop rotation systems

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The status of peatland site classification for forestry in Ontario

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The status of rice production, consumption, and research in Zimbabwe

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The status of root nematodes (Hirschmanniella sp.) as pests of rice (Oryza sativa)

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The status of socialist agricultural villages

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The status of solid fertilizer in U.S. fertilizer consumption

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The status of some plants as hosts for four populations of Xiphinema index (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

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The status of technological documentation in East German forestry

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The status of the Braun Purifier process

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The status of the banded bee pirate, Palarus latifrons, as a honeybee predator in Southern Africa

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The status of the heath fritillary butterfly, Mellicta athalia Rott. in relation to changing woodland management in the Blean Woods, Kent

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The status of the intrahepatic circulation in children with chronic opisthorchiasis and changes in the intrahepatic blood flow after treatment with chloxyle

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The status of wattle plantations reported as jungle

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The status of weed research in Nigeria

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The status of women in coaching in Canada: some preliminary observations

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The steam-driven coil pump

Egorova, M.I., 1983:
The stem nematode on Narcissus

Usmanova, A.Z., 1983:
The stem nematodes in Uzbekistan

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The step by step improvement of the economic mechanism of the agroindustrial sector

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The sterilant effect of diflubenzuron using the American white butterfly as an example

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The steroid and steroidal alkaloid contents of the fruits of Solanum mammosum Linn

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The steroidogenic action of haemolymph stimulatory factor in Manduca sexta. Comparisons with prothoracicotropic hormone

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The stimulating effects of NaCl on root growth of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana)

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The stimulation by light of malic enzyme formation in the etiolated leaves of maize

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The stockman's art requires careful attention to animals' needs

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The story of Stotts

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The strategic management of the tourist industry

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The strategies of energy conservation in helminths

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The strategy for Hadrian's Wall

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The strategy of long-term programming for teak plantations in Bangladesh

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The straw manual: a practical guide to cost-effective straw utilization and disposal

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The strawberry butterfly - a pest of apricot

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The street that became a stadium

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The structural factors of agricultural development

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The structure and chemical composition of cashmere

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The structure and community dynamics of an orchid bog

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The structure and function of Slifer's patches in the integument of Locusta migratoria migratorioides (R. & F.) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) - a re-examination

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The structure and function of protein-pigment complexes in higher photosynthetic organisms

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The structure and organization of a mouse proline-rich protein gene

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The structure and organization of genetic material

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The structure and organization of the mouse t complex

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The structure and stereochemistry of a triterpene acid from Lantana camara

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The structure of Iranian oak forests (Quercus castaneifolia C.A. Mey) in the eastern part of the Caspian forests

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The structure of Lupinus albus; the relationship between the amount and pattern of distribution of accumulated dry matter

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The structure of a population of Czechoslovakian Improved White pigs

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The structure of agricultural employment in Italy

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The structure of agricultural landownership in the United States, 1946 and 1978

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The structure of agricultural markets in Yugoslavia

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The structure of cooperative marketing in European agriculture

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The structure of corymbolone, an eudesmane sesquiterpenoid keto-alcohol from Cyperus corymbosus

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The structure of four bz-m5 alleles

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The structure of fruit production in the GFR

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The structure of glaufinine

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The structure of nematode complexes in drained peat bogs under cultivated perennial grasses

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The structure of root systems in oak plantations in droughty steppes

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The structure of small veins of leaves and the transport forms of sugars

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The structure of the EC milk-processing industry in 1982 and changes since 1979

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The structure of the agricultural sector and the efficiency of production

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The structure of the excretory system of the infective larva of Haemonchus contortus

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The structure of the genital system of Heteroderidae (Nematoda: Tylenchida)

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The structure of the genus Paruterina and consideration of the genera Biuterina, Proparuterina and Sphaeruterina

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The structure of the gum of Anacardium occidentale

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The structure of the manpower resources of agriculture in the Rhineland Palatinate under the influence of processes shaped by an industrial society

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The structure of the nests and the subsocial behaviour of Xyleborus volvulus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera, Scolytidae)

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The structure of the parasite fauna of Vimba vimba and Abramis brama in different parts of their distribution areas

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The structure of the pericarp and testa of barley

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The structure of the sawmilling industry

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The structure of the systems-divided basic managerial relationships in intra-farm management

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The structure of the wood cell wall

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The structure of tourist supply in a seaside resort. The example of Great Yarmouth

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The structure of tree nursery sector in the GFR

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The structure of vertisols

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The structure of yield in varieties and strains of oats, and the contributions of components of yield in the formation of grain yield

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The structure, behavior and performance of the Philippine fruit and vegetable trucking industry

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The structures of the gastrointestinal tracts of honeyeaters and other small birds in relation to their diets

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The struggle against hunger as a measure of political responsibility

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The struggle for Black arts in Britain. What can we consider better than freedom?

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The struggle of workers in the Uzbek SSR for the further development of livestock farming under conditions of developed socialism

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The struggle toward self-reliance of organised, resettled women in the Philippines

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The stubble green manure and biological factors of rotating crops in a cereal crop rotation

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The study and selection of forms with useful characteristics

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The study of hydrogen storage property of direct melted LaNi5

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The study of television in a cross-cultural context

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The study of the development of behaviour in insects

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The study of the vibratory soil cutting of vibrating subsoiler

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The study of variability and formulation of selection indices for vegetable yield in field bean (Lablab purpureus L. Sweet)

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The study on the relationship between seasonal succession of male adults of melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae, and the meteorological factors

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The study on the vibratory soil cutting of vibrating subsoiler (Part 2). The effects of amplitude and frequency on draft force reduction

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The study on the vibratory soil cutting of vibrating subsoilers (Part I). The optimal cutting directional angle

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The study on utilization repeated records of relatives in BLUP

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The stunted moth in the Ukraine

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The suberin monomers and triterpenoids from the outer bark of Betula verrucosa Ehrh

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The subfilament structure of the thick myofilament of honeybee indirect flight muscle

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The subsequent effect of N-fertilizers on wheat

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The substitution and intensification function of capital inputs in peasant farms in 1970-82

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The substitution between male and female labour in rural Indian agricultural production

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The substitution of agricultural byproducts for fodder crops

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The substitution of liquid energy sources by electrical energy in agriculture

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The substitution of molybdenum with vanadium in cast austenitic stainless steel alloys

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The substitution of soybean meal for urea: the effect on the ammonia content of the rumen fluid, the N flow in the duodenum, the nitrogen and energy balances and the milk production

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The substitution relationship between labour expenditure and fixed assets in private farms

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The substrates with slow release N K and their use in tray-container technique

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The success of Scots pine and Norway spruce planting in the Aland Islands

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The success of Vanuatu's local supply plantation programme in meeting the needs of the nation and its communities

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The success of different types of pine nursery stock on regeneration sites prepared in different ways

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The successful alliance policy of the Party

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The successor to the second Lome Convention, with minutes of evidence

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The sucking behaviour of calves and its satisfaction by various feeding systems

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The suckler herd in the agricultural economy

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The suckling behaviour of domestic pigs in a semi-natural environment

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The sucrose synthetase-2 gene is genetically linked to Sh1

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The sugar economy in the 1970s; study carried out for CEPA's regional economic team

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The sugar industry and cooperative education

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The sugar industry cooperative associations in the exchange of experience

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The sugar industry in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands

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The sugar industry in Zaire

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The sugarbeet cyst nematode in Italy: distribution, yield losses and control

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The sugarbeet gene pool and disease resistance

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The sugarcane variety M3035/66 released in 1983

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The sugars of honey

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The suitability of cows for machine milking under intensive production conditions

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The suitability of crossbred bulls of various types for fattening

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The suitability of double-zero swede rape seeds for the isolation of proteins

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The suitability of gravimetric, volumetric, and titrimetric methods for the determination of total carbonates in soils

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The suitability of group-selection felling

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The suitability of investment in agriculture

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The suitability of local materials as carriers for rhizobia in legume inoculant production in Nigeria

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The suitability of multiple regression equations for the prediction of carcass value of geese of different genetic types

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The suitability of restriction fragment length polymorphisms as genetic markers in maize

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The suitability of sawdust for the production of tomato, cauliflower, cucumber and lettuce transplants

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The suitability of some carcass indices for estimating carcass quality of Polish Black-and-Pied Lowland and crossbred bulls

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The suitability of some muscles for evaluating tissue composition of goose carcasses

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The suitability of some southern grape cultivars to produce wines meeting the criteria of today. I. Bombino Bianco in Puglia

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The suitability of ultrasound for controlling stored-product pests. I. The effect of ultrasounds on seed germination and plant growth of wheat

Pradzynska, A., 1982:
The suitability of ultrasound for controlling stored-product pests. II. The effectiveness of treatment with ultrasonic waves on all stages of the granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.)

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The suitability of various sampling techniques for determining the concentration and persistence of penicillin in milk samples following intramammary infusion

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The suitability of weight of some muscles for predicting tissue composition of carcasses of ducks slaughtered at different ages

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The suitability of xanthine oxidase (XOD) as a taxonomic parameter

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The sulphate-S/total S ratio in plants as an index of their sulphur status

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The sulphur deposition by rainfall in some agriculturally important areas of Sri Lanka

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The sulphur status of soils from the south east of Scotland

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The sulphur status of some soils from counties Armagh, Londonderry and Tyrone

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The sulphuric acid industry in China

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The sultana of the desert

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The sum of discounted consumption flows method: equity with efficiency?

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The summer chemical control of Bermuda grass in the row of grassed vineyards: a comparison between different equipment

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The summer of 1984 from an entomological point of view (summary)

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The summer water balance in a Danish oak stand

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The sun, wind and terrestrial heat - are they attractive as alternative energy sources?

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The sunflower Donskoi 60

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The sunspot activity cycle and the formation of the annual ring width in some wood species

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The super levy and employment opportunities in Friesland: an analysis of the consequences of milk quotas for employment opportunities in Friesland

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The superovulatory response of B. taurus and B. indicus cattle following treatment with follicle stimulating hormone and progesterone

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The superplant, Canadian style

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The supinated mediolateral radiograph for detection of humeral head osteochondrosis in the dog

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The supply and demand factors for agricultural products in Sudan

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The supply and demand for cinema tickets: some UK evidence

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The supply and demand of agricultural labour

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The supply and demand of sulphur

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The supply and distribution of beef within the Toulouse urban area. Changes between 1971-83

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The supply and utilization of phosphate in the control of plant growth

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The supply and welfare effects of rice-pricing policy in Thailand

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The supply of labor in agriculture and food prices: the cases of Japan and Egypt

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The supply of nutrients for raising young cucumber and tomato plants in rockwool

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The supply of sport opportunities

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The supply of technical equipment and materials to agriculture and the growth in intensity of production

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The supply of the population of the German Democratic Republic with vitamins

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The supply of veterinary services

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The supply response for rubber in Sri Lanka - a preliminary analysis

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The supply response of traditional oil seeds producers in Kordofan

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The supply situation

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The support effect of CuO catalyst for the reduction of nitric oxide with hydrogen or ammonia

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The suppression of certain weed species by rye (Secale cereale L.) mulch and isolation, characterization and identification of water-soluble phytotoxins from rye

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The suppression of pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion during lactation in the rat

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The surface chemistry of soils

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The surface flora and its role in the ripening of cheese

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The surface membrane chemistry of Leishmania: its possible role in parasite sequestration and survival

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The surface of filarial nematodes

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The surface performance of wood coated with water repellents

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The surface properties of the substrate and their influence on the colonization by the immature stages of blackflies (Simuliidae, Diptera)

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The surface topography of Pseudothoracocotyla indica (Unnithan, 1956) (Monogenea) from the gills of Scomberomorus commerson

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The surfactant requirements for citrus abscission chemicals

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The surgical anatomy of the canine sacrum for lag screw fixation of the sacroiliac joint

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The surgical anatomy of the feline bulla tympanica

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The surrogate egg

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The surroundings of the hive in hot climates

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The survival and growth of Scots pine plantations established on burns

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The survival and infectivity for cattle of salmonellas on grassland

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The survival in sheep and infectivity to dogs of Taenia hydatigena and T. ovis in sheep

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The survival of Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. seeds in soil

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The survival of a colliery: Richmond Main Historical Park

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The survival of desert varnish in subsurface positions, western New South Wales, Australia

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The survival of half-embryos produced by separation or bisection in the goat

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The survival of parasite eggs throughout the soil profile

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The survival of rabbit morulae preserved in liquid nitrogen after rapid thawing

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The survival rate of protoscolices from hydatid fluid kept at constant temperatures

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The susceptibility of Belgian strains of Treponema hyodysenteriae to various antimicrobial agents

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The susceptibility of Canadian wapiti to ryegrass staggers

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The susceptibility of Picea excelsa to wind damage may be explained by the wood density being too low

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The susceptibility of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro to chlorpromazine and the stereo-isomeric compounds cis(Z)- and trans(E)-clopenthixol

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The susceptibility of Scots pine to Gremmeniella abietina

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The susceptibility of grain various wheat varieties and cultivars to the post-harvest infestation by granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.)

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The susceptibility of juvenile chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) to cataract formation in relation to dietary changes in early life

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The susceptibility of potatoes to blackspot in autumn and spring

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The susceptibility of some sugarbeet varieties to virus yellows infection

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The susceptibility of soybean seed lipids to artificially-enhanced atmospheric oxidation

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The susceptibility of the poultry red mite, Dermanyssus gallinae (De Geer, 1778), to some acaricides under laboratory conditions

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The susceptibility of tree species to bark-stripping damage by grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in England and Wales

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The susceptibility of varieties of groundnuts to infestation by Tribolium castaneum during storage

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The susceptibility to Chilo agamemnon Blesz. (Lep.: Crambidae) in two commercial varieties of sugarcane and factors affecting intensity of infestation

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The suspended cutter drum, a new instrument for interrow cultivation

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The swamp buffalo reproduction research in Thailand

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The sweet proteins

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The swine health scheme. An assessment of its extent and function, based on findings for 1984

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The symbolic and social meaning of football hooliganism

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The symbolism of the healthy body: a philosophical analysis of the sportive imagery of health

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The sympatho-adrenal system and plasma levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone, cortisol and catecholamines in equine grass sickness

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The symphony as a public service: the orchestra of Paris

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The symptom of 'lucerne-like' type tillering in Melilotus alba

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The synaptic basis for integration of local reflexes in the locust

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The synaptonemal complex in chromosome pairing and disjunction

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The synaptonemal complex in genetic segregation

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The synaptonemal complex of Meloidogyne nataliei and its relationship to that of other Meloidogyne species

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The synaptonemal complex: a tool in the assessment of chromosome pairing in triticale

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The synaptonemal complexes of Caenorhabditis elegans: pachytene karyotype analysis of the Dp 1 mutant and disjunction regulator regions

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The syndrome of poverty and wage labour circulation: the Indian scene

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The synergism between gene duplication and selection in molecular evolution

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The synergistic effect of benzyladenine and cycloheximide in Muscari bulblets formation

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The synergistic interaction of alachlor and trifluralin

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The synergistic neutralization of Newcastle disease virus by two monoclonal antibodies to its haemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein

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The synonymy of Philometra ovata (Camallanata, Philometridae)

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The syntergites 6+7 of females of Oxysarcodexia Townsend, 1917 (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

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The synthesis and biological characteristics of wheat-Aegilops amphidiploids with genome structures AD and AMuD

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The synthesis of 2,4-D bark combination

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The synthesis of beta -indolylacetic acid in cotyledons of germinating seeds of fodder beans

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The synthesis of chloroplast lipids - a way of maintaining high photosynthesis in conditions of excess photosynthates in the cell

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The synthesis of lactose and related investigations

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The synthesis of potato virus X RNA in the cells of diseased plants (electron microscopic and autoradiographic investigations)

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The synthesis of titanium and zirconium nitride hydrides under combustion conditions

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The synthesis, activity and ESR study of ditempouron, a spin-labelled electron transport inhibitor of photosynthesis

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The synthesis, herbicidal and growth-regulating activity of m-alkyl and phenylthioureidosalicylic acids and some of their esters

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The synthetic potential of immobilised cells of Capsicum frutescens Mill cv. annuum

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The synthetic rubber factor in the natural rubber market

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The syringe method of surface-sterilizing plant material

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The system NaCl-KCl-MgCl2-CaCl2-H2O at 50 degrees C

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The system of biosphere reserves in the USSR: status and prospects

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The system of depreciation allowances in agriculture is to be improved

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The system of exchange and distribution in a village in Bangladesh

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The system of selecting bulls on their own performance at specialised farms

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The system of standards and the suitability for use of agricultural raw materials

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The system of supply of essential medicines by the rural health services in Kenya

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The systematic position of Malus turkmenorum Juz. et M. Pop. (Rosaceae)

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The systematic position of Megalocotyle grandiloba Paperna et Kohn, 1964 (Monogenea, Capsalidae)

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The systematic status and geographical distribution of Camisia segnis (Acari: Oribatida)

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The systematic wood anatomy of the Moraceae (Urticales) II. Tribe Dorstenieae

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The systematics and ancestry of cultivated potato

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The systematics of the genus Pseudosteineria (Nematoda, Xyalidae)

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The systematics of the genus Vicia (Fabaceae) in Siberia

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The systemic investigation of the efficiency of agricultural production

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The systems theory and method for the readjustment of the agricultural production structure

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The table grape cultivar Moldova

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The taiga tick Ixodes persulcatus Schulze (Acarina, Ixodidae). Morphology, Systematics, Ecology, Medical Importance

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The tail of the Mansonella streptocerca microfilaria

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The talun-kebun: a man-made forest fitted to family needs

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The tandem gas chromatography-behavior bioassay

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The tanning agent in the silk of the Japanese giant silkmoth, Dictyoploca japonica Butler

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The target of 70% field emergence and possibilities of improving the conditions for seedling emergence

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The tasks of agricultural science

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The tasks of rationalising and reconstructing cattle and pig production installations from the constructional point of view

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The tasks of science in the development of agricultural production

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The taste of Jonagold and several of its mutants

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The tastiness of different elm species for the elm bark beetles (1939)

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The tau 5 value as an indicator of the reactivity of soya oil subject to accelerated ageing

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The tax expenditure of agricultural marketing quota deductibility

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The tax on value added implantation effects in the Spanish horticultural sector

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The taxation and pricing of agricultural and industrial goods in developing economies

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The taxation, road traffic law and insurance position affecting supra-farm work

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The taxonomic position of Prunus caspica (Rosaceae) from the eastern Transcaucasus

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The taxonomic position of Turkmen myrobalan plum

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The taxonomic relationships of the Reduviidae (Heteroptera) as indicated by the thoracic skeleton