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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Windham, M. T.; Ross, J. P., 1985: Transmission of bean pod mottle virus in soybeans and effects of irregular distribution of infected plants on plant yield

Hornitzky, M., 1984: Transmission of bee diseases by harvesting and extracting processes

Catlin, J. E.; Sheehan, E. J., 1986: Transmission of bovine brucellosis from dam to offspring

Schodel, F.; Hahn, B.; Hubner, R.; Hochstein Mintzel, V., 1986: Transmission of bovine leukemia virus (BLV) to immunocompromised monkeys: evidence for persistent infection

Parodi, A. L.; Picat, D.; Dufour, B.; Manet, G.; Lherminier, P.; Crespeau, F.; Yvrard, H., 1985: Transmission of bovine leukosis virus by a tattooing instrument

Parish S.M., 1986: Transmission of bovine leukosis virus by blood inoculation

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500006

Taylor W.P., 1985: Transmission of capripoxvirus

Sandhu, A. S.; Jawanda, J. S.; Uppal, D. K., 1984: Transmission of certain berry characters in varietal crosses of grapes (Vitis vinifera L.)

Sharma, S. R.; Varma, A., 1986: Transmission of cowpea banding mosaic and cowpea chlorotic spot viruses through the seeds of cowpea

Willemse, A.; Egberink, H. F., 1985: Transmission of cowpox virus infection from domestic cat to man

Pacitti, A. M.; Jarrett, O.; Hay, D., 1986: Transmission of feline leukaemia virus in the milk of a non-viraemic cat

Hedger, R. S.; Condy, J. B., 1985: Transmission of foot-and-mouth disease from African buffalo virus carriers to bovines

Marais, L. J.; Rea, M., 1985: Transmission of greening disease by various methods of inoculation

Dharmasena, F.; Gordon Smith, E. C., 1986: Transmission of malaria by bone marrow transplantation

Holzer, B. R.; Gluck, Z.; Zambelli, D.; Fey, M., 1985: Transmission of malaria by renal transplantation

Rothberg R.M., 1986: Transmission of maternal antibody prenatally and from milk into serum of neonatal rabbits

Canning, E. U.; Barker, R. J.; Page, A. M.; Nicholas, J. P., 1985: Transmission of microsporidia, especially Orthosoma operophterae (Canning, 1960) between generations of winter moth Operophtera brumata (L) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Azad, A. F.; Traub, R., 1985: Transmission of murine typhus rickettsiae by Xenopsylla cheopis, with notes on experimental infection and effects on temperature

Nair, K. P. V.; Jacob, A., 1985: Transmission of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of rice swarming caterpillar Spodoptera mauritia (Boisduval) through egg

Levieux, D., 1984: Transmission of passive immunity via colostrum: current knowledge

Quacquarelli, A., 1986: Transmission of plant viruses

Conti, M., 1985: Transmission of plant viruses by leafhoppers and planthoppers

Katis, N.; Gibson, R. W., 1985: Transmission of potato virus Y by cereal aphids

Alpers M.P., 1985: Transmission of scrapie in hamsters

Has, S.; Jelinkova, H., 1983: Transmission of solar radiation into glasshouse

Ahloowalia, B. S.; Sherington, J., 1985: Transmission of somaclonal variation in wheat

Schifino, M. T.; Gus, R., 1986: Transmission of somatic chromosome number instability in Phalaris L. (Gramineae)

Dorzhiev, D. D., 1982: Transmission of taeniid infections to dogs and wild carnivores

Simarov, B. V.; Laptev, G. Yu, 1982: Transmission of the character high nitrogen fixation in Rhizobium meliloti by transformation

Imperial, J. S.; Bautista, R. M.; Randles, J. W., 1985: Transmission of the coconut cadang-cadang viroid to six species of palm by inoculation with nucleic acid extracts

Jiang, X. C.; Shao, Q. Q.; Wang, D. Z., 1984: Transmission of the nopaline synthetic enzyme gene into the genome of Solanum nigrum

Sundberg, J. P.; Chiodini, R. J.; Nielsen, S. W., 1985: Transmission of the white-tailed deer cutaneous fibroma

Allen, W. R.; Broadbent, A. B., 1986: Transmission of tomato spotted wilt virus in Ontario greenhouses by Frankliniella occidentalis

Hein, A., 1984: Transmission of turnip yellow mosaic virus by seed of Camelina sativa (gold-of-pleasure)

Bhardwaj, S. V.; Dubey, G. S., 1984: Transmission of urdbean leaf crinkle virus by two aphid vectors

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500042

Spradbrow P.B., 1985: Transmission of virus from serosal fluids and demonstration of antigen in neutrophils and mesothelial cells of cattle infected with bovine ephemeral fever virus

Krikun, V. A., 1984: Transmission routes for bovine leukosis virus under natural and experimental conditions

Fedorov, K. P.; Karpenko, S. V.; Chechulin, A. I., 1982: Transmission routes of helminths of animals in the lake basins of northern Kulunda

Foreback, C. G.; Stevens, C. H., 1985: Transmission row management cost effectiveness study

Straub, O. C., 1985: Transmission studies of maedi/visna in sheep

Chen, J. Y.; Chen, X. K.; Li, K. B.; Ling, K. S.; Ke, C., 1985: Transmission tests of sweet potato witches' broom

Ramachandran, P.; Verma, V. S.; Raychaudhuri, S. P., 1984: Transmission, host range and electron microscopy of Hippeastrum mosaic disease

Liesenfeld, D. R.; Auld, D. L.; Murray, G. A.; Swensen, J. B., 1986: Transmittance of winterhardiness in segregated populations of peas

Barnard, B. J. H., 1984: Transmitters and potential transmitters of malignant catarrhal fever

Hu, S. Y.; Xu, L. Y., 1985: Transmitting tissue and pollen tube growth in sweet pepper

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500054

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500055

Rama, R., 1984: Transnational companies and agriculture in developing countries: the case of Mexico

Scott, C. D., 1984: Transnational corporations and asymmetries in the Latin American food system

Anonymous, 1984: Transnational corporations in the agricultural export commodity industries of developing countries. (Workshop for Namibia on transnational corporations and national development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17-21 September 1984)

Kiwanuka, S., 1984: Transnational corporations, technology transfer and agricultural development in Nigeria: a preliminary study of potential areas for positive collaboration

Soman, RS.; Mourya, DT., 1985: Transovarial transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus in Culex bitaeniorhynchus mosquitoes

Labuda, M.; Kozuch, O., 1986: Transovarial transmission of Tahyna virus by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (strain Bangkok)

Farhang-Azad, A.; Traub, R.; Baqar, S., 1985: Transovarial transmission of murine typhus rickettsiae in Xenopsylla cheopis fleas

Pal, D.; Varade, S. B., 1985: Transpiration and energy status of water in corn as influenced by aerial environment, soil water potential and texture

Pitman, J. I.; Pitman, R. M., 1986: Transpiration and evaporation from bracken (Pteridium aquilinum L. Kuhn) in open habitats

Khadzhikurbanova, G.; Khamzin, Kh V., 1985: Transpiration and evapotranspiration from cotton fields in the Khorezm region

Shatilov, I. S.; Klimenko, V. L., 1985: Transpiration and evapotranspiration of winter wheat and spring wheat under conditions of the trans-Volga Saratov region

During, H.; Oggionni, F., 1986: Transpiration and the accumulation of mineral nutrients in grape berries

Ingram, K. T.; Moore, P. H.; Carr, J. B.; Ginoza, H., 1984: Transpiration and water use of sugarcane

Bagautdinova, R. I.; Filippova, T. L.; Fedoseeva, G. P., 1984: Transpiration coefficients and yield in potato plants

Richards J.E., 1985: Transpiration efficiency in relation to nutrient status

Walker, G. K., 1986: Transpiration efficiency of field-grown maize

Edwards, W. R. N.; Warwick, N. W. M., 1984: Transpiration from a kiwifruit vine as estimated by the heat pulse technique and the Penman-Monteith equation

McDaniel, G. L., 1985: Transpiration in hydrangea as affected by antitranspirants and chlormequat

Kazantsev, I. Ya, 1985: Transpiration in poplar plantations

Bystricka, A.; Ptackova, M., 1985: Transpiration in selected lucerne clones

Ibrahim, M.; Rapp, M.; Berger, A.; Loissaint, P., 1980: Transpiration of a Pinus pinea stand under natural conditions

Kalra, N.; Nagarajarao, Y., 1985: Transpiration of maize at different stages of crop growth under different moisture regimes

Chernyshev, V. D.; Kolyada, A. S., 1982: Transpiration rate and water content in the leaves of some plant species from the Sikhote-Alin Mts

Valle, R.; Mishoe, J. W.; Jones, J. W.; Allen, L. H, Jr, 1985: Transpiration rate and water use efficiency of soybean leaves adapted to different CO2 environments

Nair, G. A.; Nair, N. B., 1985: Transpiration rates and acclimation to water and temperature of the tropical woodlice, Porcellionides pruinosus Brandt and Porcellio laevis Latreille

Robinson, J., 1985: Transpiration research assists banana growers

Rawat, P. S.; Negi, D. S.; Rawat, J. S.; Gurumurti, K., 1985: Transpiration, stomatal behaviour and growth of Eucalyptus hybrid seedlings under different soil moisture levels

Sharma H.C., 1985: Transpirational cooling as a screening technique for drought tolerance in oil seed brassicas

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500085

Ford S.P., 1985: Transplacental diffusion and blood flow of gravid bovine uterus

South P.J., 1984: Transplacental transfer and colostral concentrations of selenium in beef cattle

Schorn, A., 1985: Transplantation infections with Toxocara canis (Anisakidae) and their suitability for screening anthelmintics for efficacy

Grieve, R. B.; Griffing, S. A.; Goldschmidt, M. H.; Abraham, D., 1985: Transplantation of adult Dirofilaria immitis into Lewis rats: parasitologic and serologic findings

Saxena, P. K.; Mii, M.; Crosby, W. L.; Fowke, L. C.; King, J., 1986: Transplantation of isolated nuclei into plant protoplasts. A novel technique for introducing foreign DNA into plant cells

Padgett G.A., 1986: Transplantation of pancreatic islets in dogs

Abraham, D., 1985: Transplanted Dipetalonema viteae in the jird: effect of worm burden on parturition rates and microfilaremia

Hollowell, B., 1986: Transplanted sugar beet - an answer to one man's problems

Seki, M.; Fujimoto, F.; Inami, S.; Kanbe, M.; Yamashita, K., 1984: Transplanting culture of lucerne in the warmer region of Japan, with special reference to date and density of transplanting and to varieties

Hil, J. van den, 1986: Transplanting equipment and production cost

Neumann, B., 1984: Transplanting large trees

Askew, J. C.; Gilliam, C. H.; Ponder, H. G.; Keever, G. J., 1985: Transplanting leafed-out bare root dogwood liners

Saray Meza, C. R., unda: Transplanting onions using seedlings of different ages and from different sowing rates

Sands, R., 1984: Transplanting stress in radiata pine

Buckley, R., 1982: Transplants along the vegetation gradient on central Australian sandridges

Craig, T. A.; Crane, F. L., unda: Transplasmamembrane electron transfer in plant cells. 2,4-D and membrane potential

Pitman, M. G., 1984: Transport across the root and shoot/root interactions

Frissel, M. J.; Jakubick, A. T., 1979: Transport and accumulation of radionuclides in soil

Bolt, G. H., 1978: Transport and accumulation of soluble soil components

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500110

Nye P.H., 1985: Transport and deposition of dilute colloidal suspensions in soils

Sadeq, A. H. M., 1984: Transport and economic development in rural Bangladesh

Manecki, A. (Editor), 1984: Transport and input of air pollutants in the Niepoomice Forest area

Warriss, P. D.; Bevis, E. A., 1986: Transport and lairage times in British slaughter pigs

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500116

Rose, Rc; Mccormick, Db; Li, T. K; Lumeng, L; Haddad, Jg Jr; Spector, R., 1986: Transport and metabolism of vitamins

Vance, C. P.; Boylan, K. L. M.; Maxwell, C. A.; Heichel, G. H.; Hardman, L. L., 1985: Transport and partitioning of CO2 fixed by root nodules of ureide and amide producing legumes

Wijnands, J. H. M.; Luesink, H. H., 1985: Transport and processing of manure surpluses in the Netherlands

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500121

Heidemann, C.; Kaira, K., 1984: Transport and rural development. Notes on transport planning in developing countries

Lima, E. F.; Carvalho, J. M. F. C. de; Carvalho, L. P. de; Costa, J. N. da, 1985: Transport and transmissibility of Colletotrichum gossypii var. cephalosporioides through cotton seed

Boetzelaer, G. J. van, 1984: Transport at nurseries

Tupy, JH.; Machin, J., 1985: Transport characteristics of the isolated rectal complex of the mealworm Tenebrio molitor

Czubakowski, E.; Pachucki, T.; Bednarski, W., 1984: Transport costs as a factor determining the effective utilization of whey, as exemplified by the Wocaw district

Anonymous, 1985: Transport fuels from wood

Isensee, E., 1985: Transport in agriculture

Kado, T.; Kurkdjian, A.; Takeda, K., 1986: Transport mechanisms in plant cell membranes: an application for the patch clamp technique

Samela, J.; Raunemaa, T., 1983: Transport model of nutrients

McCall, E. C. Jr; Lane, D. D.; Parr, A. D., 1983: Transport modeling of an agricultural herbicide, a laboratory simulation

Gresik, E. W.; Noen, H. van der; Barka, T., 1984: Transport of 125I-EFG into milk and effect of sialoadenectomy on milk EGF in mice

Anonymous, 1984: Transport of 30 Euro-pallets at -25 degrees C from Paris to Bari (Italy) in an African-type climate

Neuburger, M.; Day, D. A.; Douce, R., 1985: Transport of NAD+ in percoll-purified potato tuber mitochondria. Inhibition of NAD+ influx and efflux by N-4-azido-2-nitrophenyl-4-aminobutyryl-3'-NAD+

Behrens, W. A.; Madere, R., 1985: Transport of alpha - and gamma -tocopherol in human plasma lipoproteins

Martinoia, E.; Schramm, M. J.; Kaiser, G.; Kaiser, W. M.; Heber, U., 1986: Transport of anions is isolated barley vacuoles. I. Permeability to anions and evidence for Cl- uptake system

Fader, G. M., 1984: Transport of assimilate into the soybean fruit and seed growth

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500140

Einarsson, S., 1985: Transport of boar sperm in the female reproductive tract

Hollander, D.; Gerard, E. M.; Boyd, C. A. R., 1986: Transport of butyric acid in vascularly perfused anuran small intestine: importance of pH and anion transport

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500143

Alfonso, L.; Fustes, E.; Figueredo, J. M., 1985: Transport of calves. I. Influence of management on blood picture

Berndt W.O., 1983: Transport of citrinin by rat renal cortex

Bowman, R. S.; Rice, R. C., 1986: Transport of conservative tracers in the field under intermittent flood irrigation

Hawkins, R. A., 1986: Transport of essential nutrients across the blood-brain barrier of individual structures

Klopp A., 1986: Transport of esterified retinol in fasting human blood

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500150

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500152

Faust, C. R., 1985: Transport of immiscible fluids within and below the unsaturated zone: a numerical model

Betz, A. L., 1986: Transport of ions across the blood-brain barrier

Dzhavadov, A. K.; Skurikhin, V. N., 1984: Transport of lipids from mesenteric lymph in heifers in relation to physical structure of diet and during feeding with sodium acetate

Elukov, A. P., 1984: Transport of long glulam beams on flatcars for tree-length logs

Skjelhaugen, O. J., 1985: Transport of manure from animal to storage

Erpenbeck, C., 1984: Transport of materials from agricultural roads in dam catchment areas

Stortzer, M.; Gramm, D.; Grossmann, G.; Grundig, F., 1985: Transport of mechanically harvested cherries

Karlsson, S.; Sanden, P., 1984: Transport of metals from an old mine waste dump site

Pennanen, O., 1983: Transport of parts of trees by lorries

Pesson, P., 1984: Transport of pollen by animals: zoogamy

Loxham, M., 1984: Transport of solutes in highly structured soils

Woynarovich, A., 1981: Transport of spawn of herbivorous fish species

Anonymous, 1983: Transport of substances and bioelectrogenesis in plants

Ghisi, R.; Passera, C., 1984: Transport of sulphate and ATP sulphurylase activity in three barley cultivars

Yamamoto, T.; Yasuda, J.; Kaneo, M.; Okada, K., 1983: Transport of the oral cephem antibiotic cefatrizine (CFT, Bricef) into milk

Jenner, C. F., 1985: Transport of tritiated water and 14C-labelled assimilate into grains of wheat. I. Entry of THO through and in association with the stalk of the grain

Jenner, C. F., 1985: Transport of tritiated water and 14C-labelled assimilate into grains of wheat. II. Independence of entry of 14C-labelled assimilate and THO

Jenner, C. F., 1985: Transport of tritiated water and 14C-labelled assimilate into grains of wheat. III. Diffusion of THO through the stalk

Antonenko, T. M.; Shmat' ko, I. G.; Syrovatko, V. A., 1985: Transport of tritium-containing water in plants

Voigt, J.; Piatkowski, B., 1984: Transport of urea nitrogen from the intestine into the stomachs of dairy cows

Hoferer, K., 1984: Transport of uric acid by erythrocytes in Beagle and Dalmatian dogs

Hogan, ME.; Slaytor, M.; O'Brien, RW., 1985: Transport of volatile fatty acids across the hindgut of the cockroach Panesthia cribrata Saussure and the termite, Mastotermes darwiniensis Froggatt

Nakano, Y.; Tice, A. R.; Jenkins, T. F., 1984: Transport of water in frozen soil: V. Method for measuring the vapor diffusivity when ice is absent

Ferreyra E, R.; Tosso T, J.; Munoz, L., 1984: Transport of weed seeds by irrigation water

Grimm, E.; Neumann, S.; Jacob, F., 1985: Transport of xenobiotics in higher plants. II. Absorption of defenuron, carboxyphenylmethylurea, and maleic hydrazide by isolated conducting tissue of Cyclamen

Karhadkar, A. D.; Kannan, S., 1984: Transport patterns of foliar and root absorbed copper in bean seedlings

Day, D. A.; Wiskich, J. T., 1985: Transport processes of isolated plant mitochondria

Patricny, V., 1986: Transport requirements in agricultural production - II

Patricny, V., 1986: Transport requirements in agriculture - III

Makumyaviri, A. M.; Ottowicz, G.; Verhulst, A., 1985: Transport stress and histo-physiology of the adrenals and thyroid of cattle in Shaba: drove cattle arriving at Lubumbashi abattoir from Kundelungu (Zaire)

Sundberg, C. G., 1984: Transport technology seminar: from stump to consumer

Clausen, J.; Rosendahl, P., 1982: Transport with hydraulic lifting tongs

Demes, G.; Banyai, Z.; Gockler, L., 1984: Transport, handling and distribution of solid fertilizers in bulk (with self-unloading wagons, built in machine lines, built in and mobile loading machines and modified Tornado fertilizer distributors)

Elten, G. J. van, 1985: Transport, treatment and aeration in large cheese stores

Nelson, R.; Wall, G., 1986: Transportation and accommodation: changing interrelationships on Vancouver Island

Anonymous, 1985: Transportation and storage of ammonia

Beierlein, J. G., 1982: Transportation in agriculture - the case of bulk milk hauling

Anonymous, 1985: Transportation models for agricultural products

Kaira, C. K., 1983: Transportation needs of the rural population in developing countries: an approach to improved transportation planning

Fuller, S. W., 1985: Transportation of Texas cotton

Pletch, M., 1984: Transportation, holding and planting of jack pine

Ganiev, T. K., 1984: Transporting bees in winter

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500200

Saedler, H.; Bonas, U.; Gierl, A.; Harrison, B. J.; Klosgen, R. B.; Krebbers, E.; Nevers, P.; Peterson, P. A.; Schwarz Sommer, Z.; Sommer, H.; Upadhyaya, K.; Wienand, U., 1984: Transposable elements in Antirrhinum majus and Zea mays

Howard, E. A.; Dennis, E. S., 1984: Transposable elements in maize - the activator-dissociation (Ac-Ds) system

Pekhov, A. P., 1984: Transposable genetic elements

Marotta, R.; Motto, M.; Fonzo, N. di; Soave, C.; Salamini, F., 1985: Transposition mutagenesis at the opaque-2 locus of maize (Zea mays L.)

Neuffer, M. G., 1986: Transposition of chromosome-breaking Ds to marked chromosome arms

Baker, B.; Schell, J.; Lorz, H.; Fedoroff, N., 1986: Transposition of the maize controlling element Activator in tobacco

Oxenham, J., 1984: Transpositions from research into policy and practice: possibilities for foreign researchers

Oxenham, J., 1985: Transpositions from research into policy and practice: possibilities for foreign researchers

O' Neill, E. A.; Kiely, G. M.; Bender, R. A., 1984: Transposon Tn5 encodes streptomycin resistance in nonenteric bacteria

Peterson, P. A., 1985: Transposon-induced events at gene loci

Chaffaux, S.; Reddy, G. N. S.; Valon, F.; Thibier, M., 1986: Transrectal real-time ultrasound scanning for diagnosing pregnancy and for monitoring embryonic mortality in dairy cattle

Larsson, B., 1986: Transuterine transport of spermatozoa after artificial insemination in heifers

Englmuller, R.; Ostarhild, H., 1985: Transverse spraying equipment for fruit plantations up to 3 m tall

Winter, R., 1985: Transverse unevenness of arable land surfaces and its significance for the transverse adaptability of field machinery

Newsom L.D., 1984: Trap crops for control of stink bugs in soybean

Davis, JC.; Agee, HR.; Chambers, DL., 1984: Trap features that promote capture of the Caribbean fruit fly

Lanier, G. N.; Jones, A. H., 1985: Trap trees for elm bark beetles: augmentation with pheromone baits and chlorpyrifos

Saxena, R. C.; Justo, H. D, Jr, 1984: Trapping airborne insects aboard inter-island ships in the Philippine archipelago, with emphasis on the brown planthopper BPH

Chandra, H., 1984: Trapping behaviour of Argiope arcuata Simon (Araneae: Araneidae) against desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria F.)

Waage B.E., 1985: Trapping efficiency of carabid beetles in glass and plastic pitfall traps containing different solutions

Fang, S. Y.; Wang, C. S.; Chi, D. F., 1984: Trapping experiment with Ips pheromone in Funling Natural Conservation Area of Heilongjiang Province

Webb, R. E.; Smith, F. F.; Affeldt, H.; Thimijan, R. W.; Dudley, R. F.; Webb, H. F., 1985: Trapping greenhouse whitefly with coloured surfaces: variables affecting efficacy

Harper, JD.; Herbert, DA.; Moore, RE., 1984: Trapping patterns of Entomophthora gammae (Weiser) (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraceae) conidia in a soybean field infested with the soybean looper, Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Donaldson, JMI.; McGovern, TP. Ladd, T. L.; Jr., 1986: Trapping techniques and attractants for Cetoniinae and Rutelinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Pouzet, A.; Ballanger, Y., 1984: Trapping the pests of colza in the autumn

Laveissiere, C.; Couret, D., 1983: Trapping, a method for controlling the vectors of human trypanosomes

Quick, G. R.; Brown, G. A.; Bianco, J., 1985: Trashflow through Australian tillage and seeding machine - improvement by design

Setia, R. C., 1984: Traumatic gum duct formation in Sterculia urens Roxb. in response to injury

Murodov, F. K.; Mamatkulov, B. T.; Khakimov, R. M., 1984: Traumatic rupture of a hepatic hydatid cyst

Anonymous, 1984: Travel abroad - frontier formalities

Anonymous, 1986: Travel abroad frontier formalities

Trooboff, S., 1985: Travel agency management of the future

Flahaux, J., 1983: Travel agents and their role in providing leisure opportunities

Anonymous, 1985: Travel and entertainment expenses in British business

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Waters, S. R., 1986: Travel industry world yearbook. The big picture - 1986

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Anonymous, 1985: Traveller departure and main destinations 1983-1984

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Kurc, R.; Buchel, J., 1985: Travelling irrigators with a flat hose

Anonymous, 1985: Travels by the citizens of the GFR

Hunter A.J., 1986: Traverse times for gas flow through porous media for some particular geometries

Fernandes, M. T.; Campos, M. S.; Artigas, P. T., 1983: Travnema araujoi n.sp a parasite of Curimatus gilberti

Nowosielski, O.; Bartkowski, K.; Mijas, M.; Szmidt, B.; Smoter, J., 1984: Tray container technique of growing plants under covers

Pasterkamp, H. P.; Krijger, D.; Hof, N. A. A., 1985: Tray-forced tulips. Interest in good keeping quality even more evident

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Watson, N., 1986: Treated piggery effluent as a medium for the hydroponic production of tomatoes (Lycopersicum esculentum)

Gaby, L. I., 1985: Treating and drying composite lumber with waterborne preservatives: Part 2. Joist treating and drying

Bradshaw, C., 1984: Treating children with diarrhoea and vomiting

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500278

Swartz, E. O., 1985: Treating for microfilaremia caused by heartworms

Omel' yanenko, I. P.; Shliiko, A. V., 1984: Treating green feeds with acetic acid and its effect on milk yield of cows

Yule, R. A.; Wylie, F. R., 1983: Treating subterranean termite attacks in buildings

Patschke Ballerstaedt, D., 1985: Treating the ground with care

Gastellu, J. M., 1985: Treatise on matrilineal kinship. Accumulation as observed in two rural societies of West Africa

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500284

Stephenson, L. S.; Kurz, K. M.; Latham, M. C.; Kinoti, S.; Oduori, M. L., 1983: Treatment and control of urinary schistosomiasis: implications of the effect of metrifonate on hookworm infection in Kenyan children

Anonymous, 1984: Treatment and disposal of pesticide wastes

Barnes, H. M.; Buchanan, B.; Amburgey, T. L., 1985: Treatment and durability of wooden roofing materials

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500288

Anderson, J. F., 1983: Treatment and handling facilities: what, when and where? - a total animal health care necessity

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500290

Young, L. S., 1984: Treatment and prevention of Pneumocystis carinii infection

Quintiliani, R.; Owens, N. J.; Quercia, R. A.; Klimek, J. J.; Nightingale, C. H., 1984: Treatment and prevention of oropharyngeal candidiasis

Kiskaroly, M.; Tafro, A., 1984: Treatment and prophylaxis of the most frequent parasitoses of fish in freshwater fish farms

Ritter, S., 1985: Treatment and survival of cattle with kidney diseases

Tabakov, D. S., 1984: Treatment and utilization of effluent from the dairy industry

Akopyan, A. N., 1985: Treatment for combating wax moths in factories

Lorgue, G.; Mally, C.; Nahas, K., 1985: Treatment for dogs poisoned with bromadiolone, an anticoagulant rodenticide

Dodson, D. L.; Pate, B. D.; Rogers, P. C., 1984: Treatment for phosphorus-containing waste material

Anonymous, 1985: Treatment guide

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500302

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500334

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500335

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500342

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500350

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500388

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500398

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500432

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500433

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500434

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500435

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500436

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500449

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500482

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500517

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500553

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500562

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500568

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Onuchin, A. A.; Borisov, A. N., 1984: Trial in measuring the phytomass of Scots pine stands

Morozov, V. M., 1984: Trial introduction of automatic process control in particleboard manufacture

Adambounou, T. L.; Castaigne, F.; Dillon, J. C.; Ndiaye, M.; Ndiaye, A., 1984: Trial introduction of brine-pickled vegetables into 2 Senegalese dishes: tiebou dienn or rice with fish and mafe kandia or mafe with okra

Clad, W., 1985: Trial manufacture of lightweight particleboard with improved swelling properties

Rajendran, S.; Gowda, C., 1985: Trial of Albizia falcataria (L) Fosberg in Karnataka

Rapillard, C., 1986: Trial of Golden Delicious clones: interim results

Lopez Perez, D.; Masvidal Calpe, L.; Lopez Oliveras, A.; Ruiz Fernandez, J., 1985: Trial of Lilium hybrid Mid-Century cultivars: autumn plantings

Liakos, B., 1986: Trial of Neguvon (trichlorphon) against hypodermatosis in goats

Onar, E., 1985: Trial of a 20% spot-on formulation of fenthion against warble fly larvae in cattle

Bernard, Y., 1986: Trial of a new anthelmintic, Netobimin, in naturally infected cattle, and prophylactic implications

Detry, M., 1985: Trial of a new antiparasitic agent against psoroptic mange in cattle: amitraz (Taktic)

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500924

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500925

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Onar, E.; Okoc, U.; Adalar, S.; Gunay, M., 1985: Trial of diamfenetide against Dicrocoelium dendriticum in naturally infected sheep

Teofilo Sobrinho, J.; Pompeu Junior, J.; Figueiredo, J. O. de; Barbin, D.; Demetrio, C. G. B., 1984: Trial of eleven rootstocks for Pera orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck)

Haupt, G., 1984: Trial of glasshouse cucumbers, 1983

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500930

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500931

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500932

Pozhoga, V. N., 1984: Trial of maize hybrids as an afterharvest crop

Engel, G., 1986: Trial of new apple cultivars

Pastor, M., 1984: Trial of planting systems with drip-irrigated Manzanilla olives

Segarra Dalmau, J., 1984: Trial of selected globe artichoke clones

Rosa, L. C. A.; Andrade, P.; Sampaio, A. A. M.; Siqueira, M. M.; Oliveira, M. D. S., 1985: Trial of selenium and vitamin E in preventing placental retention in dairy cows

Kogan, G. F., 1985: Trial of some new preparations for treating bovine mastitis

Gonzalez, G.; Sourd, F., 1982: Trial of three species of Psidium and their tolerance of nematodes

Min, Q. A.; Zhang, G. X.; Li, J. X., 1984: Trial on growing transplants of Paulownia spp. in wheat-cropped fields

Socias i Company, R., 1982: Trial on pollination of different Marcona almond clones

Iswanto, A.; Soenaryo, 1985: Trial on some cocoa clones on the Malangsari estate. I. Yield and quality

Bezzi, A.; Orlandi, D.; Ferrari, P.; Rauzi, G. M., 1980: Trial on the cultivation of forage grasses as single species (Trodena, Bolzano 1978-1980)

Hainla, V., 1985: Trial plantations of Alnus glutinosa progeny

Teutsch, H., 1985: Trial results on herbicide use in triticale and durum wheat

Camy, G., 1986: Trial therapy of osteosarcoma in a dog

Verdejo, J.; Etiennot, A.; Quiroga, R.; Maluf, E. J.; Schell, J., 1983: Trial with pre-sowing and pre-emergence herbicides for control of Stipa brachychaeta Godr

Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500948

Zappala, A.; Maluh, L. A., 1983: Trial with two growth regulators in turf and grassy banks

Hutton, R. C., 1985: Trial work on onion spacing at Pukekohe

Spring, A., 1986: Trials and errors: using farming systems research to reach farmers who are often neglected

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Jensen, K. I. N., 1984: Trials assessing herbicide treatments for selective control of fall-germinating grasses in winter wheat

Jong, J. de, 1984: Trials at the IVT. Influence of day- and night- temperature on the flowering of chrysanthemums

Starrantino, A.; Russo, F., 1982: Trials comparing various cultivars of navel orange in different growing areas

Tagliani, E.; Cobianchi, D., 1984: Trials demonstrating the efficacy of some plant growth regulators in limiting vegetative development of pears and in increasing fruit length in apples

Agulhon, R.; Heinzle, Y.; Rozier, J. P.; Sarrazin, J. F., 1983: Trials for control of summer grasses

Magnien, C.; Riffiod, G., 1983: Trials for control of traizine-resistant dicotyledonous weeds

Delahousse, B.; Mouterde, M.; Rognon, J., 1983: Trials for post-em. grass control in beet using quinofop-ethyl

Visbecq, O.; Morel, J. L., 1983: Trials for post-emergence grass control in sugarbeet using haloxyfop-ethoxyethyl

Delahousse, B.; Mouterde, M.; Roussel, G., 1983: Trials for post-emergence grass control in winter rape and sunflowers using quinofop-ethyl

El Debegy, A. I.; Hassan, N. M.; Mohamed, F.; El Nakashly, S.; El Nimr, M. M. H., 1984: Trials for propagation of Komarov Newcastle disease virus strain in tissue culture CER cells

Pasini, C.; D' Aquila, F.; Bianchini, C., 1984: Trials for the control of foot rot (Phytophthora cryptogea) of gerbera

Schietinger, R.; Teutsch, H., 1984: Trials for weed control in winter cereals during the dormant period

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Lyubavin, V. S.; Solonenko, I. G.; Utepov, A. D., 1983: Trials of Panacur against Ascaris in pigs and Dictyocaulus in sheep

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Volkov, F. A., 1981: Trials of anthelmintics against Ollulanus infection in pigs

Palkovics, M.; Gyori, D., 1984: Trials of boron fertilization on rusty brown forest soil in potatoes

Szcygiel, A.; Danek, J., 1984: Trials of breeding strawberry cultivars resistant to the northern root-knot nematode Meloidogyne hapla Chitwood

Anonymous, 1985: Trials of commercial hybrids for fodder production

Anonymous, 1985: Trials of commercial hybrids for fodder production in mountain valley areas

Kimber, D.; McCullagh, S., 1983: Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Kimber, D.; McCullagh, S., 1984: Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Kimber, D.; McCullagh, S., 1985: Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

Kimber, D.; McCullagh, S., 1986: Trials of commercial varieties of sugar beet

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Gould, R., 1986: Trials of hardy annuals 1985

Kristensen, H., 1984: Trials of herbicides and growth regulators

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Section 2, Chapter 1501, Accession 001500994

Pryadko, E. I.; Osipov, P. P., 1986: Trials of nematophagous fungi in field conditions

Novaretti, W. R. T.; Nelli, E. J.; Carderan, J. O., 1985: Trials of new nematicides on sugarcane

Ruminska, A.; Suchorska, K.; Weglarz, Z., 1984: Trials of prolongation of the exploitation period of peppermint (Mentha piperita L)

Slyusarchuk, V. E., 1985: Trials of protection against Curculio nucum

Grzegorzek, F., 1984: Trials of reduction of free formaldehyde in chipboards

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