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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Donge, J.K. van, 1985:
Understanding rural Zambia today: the relevance of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute

Schajer, G.S., 1984:
Understanding saw tensioning

Boon, M.A., 1984:
Understanding skier behavior: an application of benefit segmentation market analysis to commercial recreation

Pueppke, S.G.; Hawes, M.C., 1985:
Understanding the binding of bacteria to plant surfaces

Wilhite, D.A.; Glantz, M.H., 1985:
Understanding the drought phenomenon: the role of definitions

Andrew, W.P., 1984:
Understanding the lender's perspective: the key to successful borrowing

Corcoran, P.T.; Gove, D.S., 1985:
Understanding the mechanics of track traction

Kovacic, D.A.; Dyer, M.I.; Cringan, A.T., 1985:
Understory biomass in ponderosa pine following mountain pine beetle infestation

Wong, M., 1984:
Understory foliage arthropods in the virgin and regenerating habitats of Pasoh Forest Reserve, West Malaysia

Lemme, G.D.; Bennett, D.L., 1983:
Understory herbage production of some Black Hills soil

Wong, M., 1983:
Understory phenology of the virgin and regenerating habitats in Pasoh Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan, West Malaysia

Kulhavy, D.L.; Schwandt, J.W.; Hobbs, S.D., 1982:
Understory plants as indicators of host trees of the wounded tree beetle, Nosodendron californicum, in northern Idaho (Coleoptera: Nosodendridae)

Everett, R.L.; Sharrow, S.H., 1985:
Understory response to tree harvesting of singleleaf pinyon and Utah juniper

Wright, G.M.; Holt, H.A., 1983:
Understory vegetation control to establish oak regeneration

Sung, J.M.; Cho, E.K.; Cho, D.J.; Kand, S.W., 1984:
Undescribed fungal leaf spot disease of pepper caused by Cercospora capsici in Korea

Puyt, J.D.; Keck, G., 1985:
Undesirable and toxic effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents in dogs and cats

Laplumé, H.; Barousse, A.P.; Cabrera, H., 1982:
Undesirable effects of nifurtimox and benznidazole

Murrmann Kahl, S.; Dempfle, L., 1984:
Undesired side-effects of selection on fitness - some results from experiments with Drosophila melanogaster

Ziegler, K., 1985:
Undesired trapping of non-target species in white bark beetle traps

Graur, D.; Wool, D., 1985:
Undirectional interspecific mating in Tribolium castaneum and T. confusum: evolutionary and ecological implications

Shamir, B., 1985:
Unemployment and 'free time' - the role of Protestant work ethic and work involvement

Anonymous, 1984:
Unemployment and consequences for leisure policies

Dietvorst, A.G.J., 1985:
Unemployment and how (free) time is used: an explorative study in Nijmegen, Wijchen and Druten

Mommaas, H., 1985:
Unemployment and leisure: a preliminary study of how the unemployed spend their time

Sargent, M.J., 1984:
Unemployment, job creation and horticulture in the British Isles

Anonymous, 1985:
Unemployment, schooling and training in developing countries. Tanzania, Egypt, the Philippines and Indonesia

Jensen, E., 1984:
Unequal harvest in the world

Caballero, J.M., 1984:
Unequal pricing and unequal exchange between the peasant and capitalist economies

Jean, Y., 1985:
Uneven agricultural development in France and disparities between farmers' incomes

Adelman, S.; Regan, C.; Conroy, K., 1986:
Uneven growth in lunch business; Operators responding to consumer nutrition concerns; A second look at new concepts

Michie, B.R., 1985:
Uneven-aged stand management and the value of forest land

Nyman, G., 1985:
Unexpected complications in inhalation anaesthesia

Dunne, W.M.; Ziebert, A.P.; Donahoe, L.W.; Standard, P., 1986:
Unexpected laboratory diagnosis of latent urogenital coccidioidomycosis in a nonendemic area

Joosten, P.; Briet, E.; Veltkamp, J.J., 1986:
Unexpected vitamin K deficiency

Prentice, A.; Davies, H.; Black, A.; Ashford, J.C.ward, W.; Murgatroyd, P.; Goldberg, G.; Sawyer, M.W.itehead, R., 1985:
Unexpectedly low levels of energy expenditure in healthy women

Staat, B.; Pohler, W.; Clauss, E., 1985:
Unexpectedly strong homoeologous pairing in hybrids between Hordeum geniculatum All. and Secale cereale L. in comparison with the wild barley parent

Skovgaard, I.; Mortensen, K., 1985:
Unexplored corners, alternative products and product development in agriculture

Hatton, R.W., 1985:
Unfamiliar bacteria isolated from cats

Grupcheva, G.I.; Golemanski, V.G.; Lom, I.; Dikova, I.; Pavlaskova, M., 1986:
Unicellular fish parasites in some Bulgarian reservoirs. III. The parasite fauna at the Dospat reservoir

Roger, P.A.; Ardales, S.; Watanabe, I., 1985:
Unicellular mucilaginous blue-green algae BGA: impressive blooms but deceptive biofertilizers

Minamisawa, K.; Arima, Y.; Kumazawa, K., 1984:
Unidentified compound specifically accumulated in soybean nodules formed with H2-uptake negative Rhizobium japonicum strains

Tucker S.C., 1984:
Unidirectional organ initiation in leguminous flowers

Bravo, I.; Rojas, S.; Cruz, M.A., 1986:
Unidirectional uptake of L-amino acids at the basolateral membrane of gastric epithelia in anaesthetized dogs

Carson, Hampton L., 1985:
Unification of speciation theory in plants and animals

Fried, M., 1985:
Unification of two methods for measuring the amount of nitrogen fixed by a legume crop

Kastner, D.; Geyer, L., 1985:
Unified territorial planning and balancing of fodder supplies - a fundamental instrument of management

Witzenhausen, W., 1983:
Uniform charges based on logging machine performance introduced for the first time

Weiss, D.J., 1984:
Uniform evaluation and semiquantitative reporting of hematologic data in veterinary laboratories

Shaik Mohd Noor Alam, S.M.H., 1983:
Uniform forest laws - whose dilemma?

Heyland, K.U., 1985:
Uniform seed depth with direct sowing

Wolf D.D.; Edmisten K.L., 1986:
Uniform travel speed for manually propelled sprayers and spreaders

Hanson, B.R.; Wallender, W.W.; Ede, L.L., 1986:
Uniformity of continuous-move sprinkler machines

Shershabov, I.V.; Kosenkov, I.I., 1985:
Uniformity of sprayer distribution

Rodriguez, G., 1986:
Uniformity of sprinkling distribution with stationary systems

Grigorov, M.S., 1983:
Uniformity of wetting the active soil layer under intra-soil irrigation

Seger J., 1985:
Unifying genetic models for the evolution of female choice

Engelman, RW.; Collier, LL.; Marliave, JB., 1984:
Unilateral exophthalmos in Sebastes spp.: histopathologic lesions

Kwon-Chung, K.J.; Tom, W.K., 1985:
Unilateral involvement of kidneys in mice infected with Candida albicans

Arfeen, S.; Boast, M.T.; Large, D.M., 1986:
Unilateral thyroid swelling due to actinomycosis

Elshof, P., 1985:
Unilever in Africa

Papapolymerou, G.A.; Schmidt, L.D., 1985:
Unimolecular reactions of NO, N2O, NO2, and NH3 on Rh and Pt

McCorkell, S.J., 1984:
Unintended percutaneous aspiration of pulmonary echinococcal cysts

Cerqueira, M. dos M.L., 1983:
Union action by rural workers in Pernambuco

Anonymous, 1985:
Union list of African censuses, development plans and statistical abstracts

Befus, D.; Lee, T.; Ernst, P.; Egwang, T.; McElroy, P.; Gauldie, J.; Bienenstock, J., 1986:
Unique characteristics of local responses in host resistance to mucosal parasitic infections

Jagiello, G.; Ducayen, M.; Fang, J.S., 1985:
Unique effects of spindle inhibitors on mammalian oocyte meiosis

Neumann P.E.; Jasberg B.K.; Wall J.S., 1984:
Uniquely textured products obtained by coextrusion of corn gluten meal and soy flour

Mangush, A.N.; Chaika, A.G.; Ponomarev, S.N., 1986:
Unit for feeding curd into moulding cylinders

Andrianov, A.M.; Rychkov, V.I., 1985:
Unit for milking cows

Kvelde, Y.A.; Kirenkov, L.I.; Barkan, A.F.; Vover, Y.D., 1983:
Unit for washing milking machines

Anonymous, 1985:
Unit pricing of foodstuffs with minutes of evidence

Swinbank, A., 1985:
Unit pricing of pre-packaged foodstuffs: EC proposal and UK reaction

Anonymous, 1986:
United Arab Emirates: agriculture, myth or reality?

Westlake, H.J., 1985:
United Kingdom agricultural software

UK.Federation of United Kingdom Milk Marketing Boards, 1985:
United Kingdom dairy facts and figures 1985

Anonymous, 1984:
United Kingdom lodging industry 1984

Anonymous, 1986:
United Kingdom meat consumption in 1990 and 1995

Anonymous, 1984:
United Kingdom: how the industry is coping with imports

Anonymous, 1986:
United States Patent

Paarlberg, R.L.; Sorenson, V.L., 1985:
United States agricultural objectives and policy options; Review

Anonymous, 1984:
United States agricultural policy 1985 and beyond. A series of seminars

Johnson, D.G., 1984:
United States agricultural policy: national and international contexts

Amstutz, D.G., 1984:
United States agricultural trade policy and prospects

Schuh, G.E., 1984:
United States agriculture in the world economy

Ricks, D.J., 1981:
United States apple supplies, trends and future projections

Hall, L.L., 1985:
United States food aid and the agricultural development of Brazil and Colombia, 1954-73

Hillenbrand, M.J.; Puchala, D.J., 1985:
United States foreign policy objectives and policy options; Review

Blas, J.C. de; Fraga, M.J.; Rodriguez, J.M., 1985:
Units for feed evaluation and requirements for commercially grown rabbits

Bagienski, S., 1986:
Unity from diversity - selected problems of Polish agriculture

San Juan Mesonada, C., 1984:
Univariant analysis of indices of prices received by farmers

Ashbindu Singh, 1983:
Univariate image-differencing for forest change detection with Landsat

Anonymous, 1985:
Universal Decimal Classification. International Medium Edition. Part 1. Systematic tables

Ross, D.; Nash, T.L., 1984:
Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE): education application through micro-computers

Ross, D.; Nash, T.L., 1985:
Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE): educational application through computers

Zyryanov, V.A., 1986:
Universal drilling discs

Andert, A., 1985:
Universal equipment for plant protection

Onchev, N.G., 1985:
Universal index for calculating rainfall erosivity

Herr, W.E., 1986:
Universal sanitary trap

Uhlig, S.; Babarro, F.L., 1985:
Universal time norms for use in logging in Cuba

Szalay, J., 1985:
Universal wooden sheds for young beef cattle

Janse van Rensburg, C.J.S., 1984:
Universalising education in Malawi and Bophuthatswana: the ideal and the reality

Bladel, L. van, 1985:
Universities, employment and cultural outlook

Reitel, F., 1986 :
Universities, libraries and theatres in Lorraine and the Saarland

Anonymous, 1984:
University and rural development with special emphasis on national and international development projects. Proceedings of the 3rd Egyptian German Seminar, October 14-20, 1984

Shishkin, L., 1985:
University town on the Emajogi

Corrozi, A.M.; Cotugna, N., 1985:
University wellness commitment initiates nutrition clinic

Bengtsson, N., 1986:
Unloading and feeding of hay

Ehlert, D.; Freitag, H.; Meissner, H.; Wunsche, G., 1985:
Unloading silage from horizontal silos with a tractor-mounted cutter-loader

Anonymous, 1985:
Unloved, unuseful, UNCTAD

Raymond, O.H., 1985:
Unmarked pine thinnings - a commercial option

Rossel, P., 1985:
Unmasking some myths: the tourism phenomenon

Mullins, G.W.; Heywood, J.L., 1984:
Unobtrusive observation. A visitor study technique

Soderstrom, O., 1986:
Unprotected storage of coniferous saw logs in Sweden. A literature survey

Moore, S. et al., 1984:
Unravelling the patchwork: procedures manual for rural Montana schools

Lee, C.K.; Kim, K.H.; Yi, C.K., 1983:
Unrecorded host plants of powdery mildew in Korea - Powdery mildew of oriental cherry, European bird cherry, Korean bittersweet and ash tree

Kulkarni, S.; Chattannavar, S.N.; Nargund, V.B.; Hegde, R.K., 1985:
Unrecorded pathogen on wheat in India

Lukina, L.A.; Yudin, B.F., 1983:
Unreduced apomixis in 76-chromosome hybrids of maize with Tripsacum

Stefani, A., 1986:
Unreduced gametes in the F1 hybrid of Triticum durum Desf. X Haynaldia villosa Schur

Veronesi, F.; Mariani, A.; Bingham, E.T., 1985:
Unreduced gametes production in Medicago spp.: analysis of morphological and cytological behaviour of F1 hybrids from 2x.4x and 4x.2x crosses

Schlautman, N.J.; Schinstock, J.L.; Hanna, M.A., 1984:
Unrefined expelled soybean oil as a diesel fuel

Schlautman, N.J.; Schinstock, J.L.; Hanna, M.A., 1986:
Unrefined expelled soybean oil performance in a diesel engine

Kandil, M.S.A.E.S., 1983:
Unreliability of using the food balance sheet approach for estimating national consumption of major cereals

Fraser, R.W., 1986:
Unreliable markets and perishable products

Stocker, H.A., 1986:
Unresolved questions of farm law following from the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on paragraph 1376 of section 4 of the Civil Code

Mistry, S.S.; Subrahmanyam, D., 1986:
Unresponsiveness of lymphocytes in patent filarial infection: modulation by diethylcarbamazine

Lapham, J., 1985:
Unrestricted growth, tuber formation and spread of Cyperus esculentus L. in Zimbabwe

Maler, J., 1984:
Unrolling of big straw bales

Hurley, D.G.; Pantelis, G., 1985:
Unsaturated and saturated flow through a thin porous layer on a hillslope

Kosela, S.; Ghisalberti, E.L.; Jefferies, P.R.; Skelton, B.W.; White, A.H., 1985:
Unsaturated cembrane acids from Cleome viscosa L. (Capparidaceae)

Klimes, I.; Lamparsky, D., 1984:
Unsaturated components in the essential oil of Anthemis nobilis L. (Roman chamomile)

Mahmoodian Shooshtari, M.; Davis, L.A.; McWhorter, D.B.; Klute, A., 1984:
Unsaturated soil hydraulic properties from redistribution of injected water

Brandyk, T., 1984:
Unsaturated water flow during drainage of high bog peat-soil columns

Bakel, P.J.T.Van, 1981:
Unsaturated zone and evapotranspiration

Everett, L.G.; Wilson, L.G.; McMillion, L.G., 1983:
Unsaturated zone monitoring protocols for hazardous waste land treatment units

Matthess, G., 1984:
Unsaturated zone pollution by heavy metals

Rehm, B.W.; Groenewold, G.H., 1983:
Unsaturated zone water chemistry from undisturbed and surface mined landscapes of central North Dakota

Beverley, S.M.; Coderre, J.A.; Santi, D.V.; Schimke, R.T., 1984:
Unstable DNA amplifications in methotrexate-resistant Leishmania consist of extrachromosomal circles which relocalize during stabilization

Ting, Y.C., 1986:
Unstable progeny of a dihaploid maize line

Aste, J.P.; Cambou, B.; Falcetta, J.L., 1984:
Unstable rock masses behaviour. From prevision to prevention

Chapman, T.G.; Dressler, R.F., 1984:
Unsteady shallow groundwater flow over a curved impermeable boundary

Matros, Y.S.; Bunimovich, G.A.; Boreskov, G.K., 1984:
Unsteady-state performance of sulfur dioxide oxidation in production of sulfuric acid

Moore, F.M.; Schmidt, G.M.; Desai, D.; Chandler, F.W., 1985:
Unsuccessful treatment of disseminated protothecosis in a dog

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1985:
Unsupported covering with perforated plastics films for growing spring vegetables: a review

Gocek, L.A.; Siekkinen, P.J.; Lankerani, M.R., 1985:
Unsuspected strongyloides coexisting with adenocarcinoma of the lung

Sorensen, J., 1984:
Untensioned saw blade cuts at high speeds

Chhabra, R.; Baddesha, H.S.; Rao, D.L.N., 1985:
Untreated waste water as a source of tree nutrients

Earnshaw, DL.; Beebee, TJC.; Gutteridge, WE., 1985:
Unusual RNA polymerase content of Trypanosoma brucei nuclei

Jacquier, C., 1986:
Unusual abdominal tumour in a bitch

Kaup, F.J., 1986:
Unusual case of actinomycosis in a dog

Larsen, J.L.; Kivlin, J.; Odell, W.D., 1985:
Unusual cause of short stature

Freeman K.P.; Castro A.E.; Kautz C.E., 1986:
Unusual characteristics of a parvovirus isolated from a clinically ill steer

Teschke, C., 1985:
Unusual cleavage pattern of the germ line limited satellite DNA of Parascaris equorum univalens

Johnson, P., 1985:
Unusual compound of small molecular weight in the serum of horses with acute grass sickness

Penneys, N.S.; Hicks, B., 1985 :
Unusual cutaneous lesions associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Ross, W.M., 1984:
Unusual dwarfing genes in sorghum

Martelli, A.; Frattini, C.; Chialva, F., 1985:
Unusual essential oils with aromatic properties. I. Volatile components of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

Carmenini, G.; Gueli, N.; Piccirilli, M.A.; Giorgis, A. de; Meloni, F., 1985:
Unusual evolution of visceral leishmaniasis. Case report

Nishizawa, M.; Koyama, T.; Kawai, S., 1985:
Unusual features of the leader sequence of Rous sarcoma virus packaging mutant TK15

Molnar, T.; Glavits, R.; Palfi, V., 1984:
Unusual form of IBR IPV virus infection in a young calf

Philomena P.A.; Shah C.K., 1985:
Unusual germination and seedling development in two monocotyledonous dicotyledons

Meerzon, T.I., 1985:
Unusual localization of Microsporum canis infection of the glabrous skin

Rode, A.; Hartmann, C.; Lejeune, B.; Benslimane, A.; Falconet, D.; Quetier, F.; Henry, Y.; Buyser, J. de, 1986:
Unusual mitochondrial DNA variation in a non regenerating cell culture of Triticum aestivum

Kuo, J.; Pate, J.S., 1985:
Unusual network of internal phloem in the pod mesocarp of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. (Fabaceae))

Mote, U.N., 1984 :
Unusual occurrence of Pyrilla on rabi sorghum

Jakobsson, I., 1985:
Unusual presentation of adverse reactions to cow's milk proteins

Domina, F.; Catarsini, O., 1983:
Unusual report of Leishmania in circulating cells

Riedesel, D.H.; Hildebrand, S.V., 1985:
Unusual response following use of succinylcholine in a horse anesthetized with halothane

Nakashima T.; Sano A.; Seto Y.; Nakajima T.; Nakagawa Y.; Okuno T.; Takino T.; Hasegawa T., 1986:
Unusual trihydroxy bile acids in the urine of healthy humans

Blair, B., 1985:
Unusually nutritious: a look at some feed alternatives

Fenton, P.A.; Dobson, K.W.; Eyre, A.; McKendrick, M.W., 1984:
Unusually severe food poisoning from vanilla slices

Lisboa, G.; Vinha, S.G. da, .:
Unwanted plants in cocoa plantations of different ages in the CEPEC area, Ilheus, Bahia

Makino, S.I., 1985:
Unwelcome conspecific visitors to Dolichovespula early nests (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)

Cottyn B.G.; Boucque C.V.; Fiems L.O.; Vanacker J.M.; Buysse F.X., 1985:
Unwilted and prewilted grass silage for finishing bulls

Leipold, D., 1984:
Up to 15% reduction in expenditure after transport optimization in the Gera distict. Gera scientific and technical centre: optimization calculations have multiple applications

Anonymous, 1985:
Up to its ankles in paddy

Szakaly, S.; Schrem, J.; Schaffer, B.; Facsko, M., 1984:
Up-to-date methods for processing beverages, desserts and lactic acid concentrates from whey and permeate

Schroeder, L., 1984:
Upazila parishads: their structure and revenues

Wachendorfer, G.; Kaiser, E.; Koeniger, N.; Klepsch, A.; Maul, V., 1984:
Update of investigations on the efficacy of the modified Kramer method of Varroa control, using sheets of absorbent compressed wood containing formic acid

Masterson, R.V.; Morris, D.W.; Robertson, D.S.; Skogen Hagenson, M.J.; Wheeler, J.G.; Polacco, M.L., 1986:
Update on a putative Mutator-induced chloroplast mutant

Engster, H.M., 1986:
Update on amino acid availability in poultry

Utterback, W., 1984:
Update on avian influenza through February 21, 1984 in Pennsylvania and Virginia

Ackerman, W.L., 1984:
Update on cold-hardiness studies with Camellia in the northeast

Bedin, P., 1985:
Update on common scab

Bruhn, J.C.; Smith, T.W., 1986:
Update on iodine in California farm milk

Morin, C.; Baradat, A.; Haudecoeur, H., 1983:
Update on methods of controlling broadleaved weeds resistant to triazines

Leyshon, D.W.; Waters, P.S., 1983:
Update on operating experience of Jacobs-Dorrco Two phosphoric acid plant at Gardinier

Stinard, P.S., 1985:
Update on recessive brown seed mutant (brn)

Grodzinskii, A.M., 1983:
Update on the environmental role of the physiologically-active exudates of plants

Anonymous, 1985:
Update on the sweetener situation in the US

Morgan, H.C.; Jackson, R.; Lewis, R.; Levine, B.; Lombard, C., 1985:
Update: new developments in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heartworm disease

Anonymous, 1985:
Updating Camelids bibliography

Lee, Y.J.; Liu, M.N., 1984:
Updating forest cover maps in Saskatchewan using Landsat digital data

Anonymous, 1984:
Updating of decree on additives

Lunati, U.; Sansavini, S.; Selli, R., 1986:
Updating of varietal lists for fruit growing in Emilia-Romagna

Ollivier, L., 1984:
Updating selection indices used at testing stations

Holl, C., 1982:
Updating the breed standard for Czech Pied cattle

Weiss, C.R.; Kronberg, J., 1986:
Upgrading TR service to severely disoriented elderly

Fuller, S.W.; Litzenberg, K.; Makus, L.; Viscencio, H., 1986:
Upgrading grain elevators to facilitate multicar rail shipment

Keck, D., 1983:
Upgrading image aids marketing

Mathews, J.F.; Tepylo, M.G.; Eager, R.L.; Pepper, J.M., 1985:
Upgrading of aspen poplar wood oil over HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst

Halter, N.; Puhan, Z., 1984:
Upgrading of milk UF-permeate by fermentation with Trichosporon cutaneum

Puhan, Z.; Halter, N., 1984:
Upgrading of milk UF-permeate by yeast fermentation - a simple process

Krishnasamy, V.; Ponnusamy, A.S., 1984:
Upgrading the quality of seeds of sesamum

Strothe, A., 1984:
Upheaval in the agricultural industry

Queblatin, E., 1985:
Upland agriculture development: the Central Visayas Regional Project - I. Experience

Mikoshiba, K., 1985:
Upland crops in Japan (5). Legumes-soybeans and other legumes

Conelly, W.T., 1984:
Upland development in the tropics: alternative economic strategies in a Philippine frontier community

Stall, J.B., 1985:
Upland erosion and downstream sediment delivery

Jaeger, P.; Adam, J.G., 1981:
Upland grassland of the Loma Mountains (Sierra Leone)

Greenland, D.J., 1985:
Upland rice

Anonymous, 1984:
Upland rice in Africa

Anonymous, 1984:
Upland rice in Asia

Anonymous, 1984:
Upland rice in Brazil

Maurya, D.M.; Vaish, C.P., 1984:
Upland rice in India

Anonymous, 1984:
Upland rice in Latin America

Laing, D.R.; Posada, R.; Jennings, P.R.; Martinez, C.P.; Jones, P.G., 1984:
Upland rice in Latin America: environment, constraints and potential

Anonymous, 1984:
Upland rice in West Africa

Enyi, B.A.C., 1984:
Upland rice production in West Africa

Seguy, L., 1984:
Upland rice production systems for small farmers in northeastern Brazil

Camargo, C.P., 1983:
Upland rice seeds in Brazil: production, commercial aspects and distribution

O.T.ole, J.C.; Garrity, D.P., 1984:
Upland rice soil-plant-water relationships

Marnotte, P., 1984:
Upland rice weed problems in Ivory Coast

Basri, I.H.; Busyra, B.S.; Boer, R.; Tastra, I.K.; Syarifuddin, K., 1985:
Upland rice-based cropping system in Indonesia

Chiumenti, R.; Sartori, L., 1984:
Upland steadings between the past and the future

Hunt, J., 1985:
Upland studies

Tai, C.C.; Rao, D.V., 1982:
Upper St. Johns river water management plan using off-line reservoir design concept

Amis, T.C.; Smith, M.M.; Gaber, C.E.; Kurpershoek, C., 1986:
Upper airway obstruction in canine laryngeal paralysis

Piussi, P.; Schneider, A., 1985:
Upper forest limits and treelines in the Pfitschtal, South Tyrol

Yadav, R.P.; Choudhury, J.P., 1985:
Upper limit of temperature for the development of Ooencyrtus papilionis Ashmead within its host eggs

Becker, H.; Isermeyer, F., 1984:
Upper limits to herd numbers in pig keeping

Lentjes, P.; Mathijssen, E., 1985:
Upright Columnea hybrids, additions to the range

Gupta H.S.; D.D.N., 1983:
Uptake and accumulation of acridine orange by plant cells

Taylor, G.J.; Crowder, A.A., 1983:
Uptake and accumulation of heavy metals by Typha latifolia in wetlands of the Sudbury, Ontario region

Qureshi, J.A.; Thurman, D.A.; Hardwick, K.; Collin, H.A., 1985:
Uptake and accumulation of zinc, lead and copper in zinc and lead tolerant Anthoxanthum odoratum L

Sultanova, Yu; Pirakhunov, T., 1985:
Uptake and assimilation of 15N during different development periods of cotton plants

Morgan, M.A.; Jackson, W.A.; Volk, R.J., 1985:
Uptake and assimilation of nitrate by corn roots during and after induction of the nitrate uptake system

Holobrada, M., 1985:
Uptake and assimilation of sulphur in plants

Maroni, G.; Watson, D., 1985:
Uptake and binding of cadmium, copper and zinc by Drosophila melanogaster larvae

Naidu, R.A.; Sreenivasulu, P.; Nayudu, M.V., 1983:
Uptake and distribution of 32P in tobacco ring spot virus infected cowpea

Biesalski, H.K.; Welker, H.A.; Weiser, H.; Bassler, K.H., 1985:
Uptake and distribution of retinyl acetate in organs and sensory tissue (inner ear) of guineapigs

Chatrath, M.S.; Gupta, J.P.; Chiranjeevi, V., 1984:
Uptake and distribution of carbendazim in urd bean following seed treatment

Shappell, N.W.; Keenan, T.W., 1985:
Uptake and distribution of radioactive calcium in the rat mammary gland

Aksenov, S.I.; Golovina, E.A., 1986:
Uptake and distribution of water in wheat grains during imbibition

Landolt, W.; Keller, T., 1985:
Uptake and effects of air pollutants on woody plants

Fleischer, SJ.; Gaylor, MJ.; Hue, NV.; Graham, LC., 1986:
Uptake and elimination of rubidium, a physiological marker, in adult Lygus lineolaris (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Shmat' ko, I.G.; Syrovatko, V.A., 1985:
Uptake and exchange of tritium-labelled water by wheat leaves depending on temperature and relative humidity

Bunker, V.W.; Lawson, M.S.; Clayton, B.E., 1984:
Uptake and excretion of iron by healthy elderly subjects

Alpers, D.H., 1986:
Uptake and fate of absorbed amino acids and peptides in the mammalian intestine

Swisher, B.; Weimer, M., 1984:
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Urinary excretion of oxalate after bilio-pancreatic bypass for obesity

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Urinary excretion of polyethylene glycol 3350 and sulfate after gut lavage with a polyethylene glycol electrolyte lavage solution

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Urinary excretion of selenium by New Zealand and North American human subjects on differing intakes

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Urinary fungal ball caused by mucormycosis in an immunodepressed child

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Urinary glycolate measured by use of (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase

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Urinary incontinence in cats

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Urinary incontinence in the bitch due to sphincter mechanism incompetence: prevalence in referred dogs and retrospective analysis of sixty cases

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Urinary infection in simple schistosomiasis in children

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Urinary lumichrome-level catabolites of riboflavin are due to microbial and photochemical events and not rat tissue enzymatic cleavage of the ribityl chain

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Urinary magnesium loss in aging diabetic mellitus rats

Draper H.H.; Polensek L.; Hadley M.; Mcgirr L.G., 1984:
Urinary malondialdehyde as an indicator of lipid peroxidation in the diet and in the tissues

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Urinary nitrogen and glucose excretion in pregnant and lactating women

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Urinary potassium excretion in the critically ill neonate

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Urinary schistosomiais and sideropenic anaemia

Kaczmarck, A., 1984:
Urinary schistosomiasis

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Urinary schistosomiasis and urinary tract infections. Study of their relationships in two villages in Niger

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Urinary schistosomiasis. Case report

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Urinary schistosomiasis: a report of four cases and a review

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Urinary sodium and potassium excretion in normotensive children in Northern Japan

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Urinary sodium excretion in 4-6 year old children: a cause for concern?

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Urinary thiamine excretion after oral physiological doses of the vitamin

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Urinary tract carcinomas involving the canine vagina and vestibule

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Urinary tract infection due to indwelling bladder catheters in dogs and cats

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Urinary tract infection with Entamoeba histolytica after ileocaecal bladder replacement

Crow, S.E., 1985:
Urinary tract neoplasms in dogs and cats

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Urinary tract obstruction by Candida bezoars, or fungus balls

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Urine analysis as a diagnostic mean for detection of sub-clinical cases of urinary tract infections in buffaloes

Haim, A.; Heth, G.; Nevo, E., 1985:
Urine analysis of three rodent species with emphasis on calcium and magnesium bicarbonate

Bingham, S.A.; Cummings, J.H., 1985:
Urine nitrogen as an independent validatory measure of dietary intake: a study of nitrogen balance in individuals consuming their normal diet

Hunter, A.G., 1986:
Urine odour in a camel suffering from surra (T. evansi infection)

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Urino-genital myiasis in humans: review of literature and a case report from Peshawar (Pakistan) with description of the sepsid larva

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Urner Barry shell egg quotes: how good are they?

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Urogenital schistosomiasis: CT evaluation

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Urokinase sensitivity test in cases of kala azar

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Urolepis rufipes (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), a new parasite record for filth flies (Diptera: Muscidae) in Nebraska, USA

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Urolithiasis and nephrocalcinosis in routinely slaughtered steers: prevalence, pathological findings and meat inspection aspects

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Urolithiasis in the dog-medicinal treatment with a Swedish diet

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Uromyces longipedicellaris sp. nov. on Rumex vesicarius L

Mills, L.J., 1986:
Uromyces trifolii-repentis var. trifolii-repentis on white clover in South Africa

Cooper, J.E.; Brearley, M.J., 1986:
Urothelial abnormalities in the dog

Gadzhiev, Y.G.; Garaev, V.K., 1986:
Ursovermit against fascioliasis in sheep

Maheshwari, R.K.; Gupta, B.D., 1984:
Urticaria in malaria

Cheng, C.S.; Chu, Y.I., 1983:
Urticating moth and lepidopterism

Lamy, M.; Pastureaud, M.H.; Novak, F.; Ducombs, G., 1984:
Urticating moths of Africa and South America (g. Anaphae and g. Hylesia): contribution of the scanning electron microscope to the study of their urticating apparatus and to their mode of action

Stefaniak, J., 1985:
Usability of juvenile wood for particleboard production. Properties of particleboard made of pine topwood

Dudzinski, J.; awniczak, M., 1983:
Usability of silver fir wood in the production of railway sleepers

Sen, D.C., 1985:
Usage of co-precipitates in foods

Seman, I., 1984:
Usage of in vitro cultures to shorten the selection process by Beta vulgaris L

Tobar Jimenez, A.; Salmeron Parra, T.; Martinez Sierra, V., 1984:
Usage of irrigated soils in Granada, evaluated by the level of nematode populations

Todd, B.G., 1983:
Usage of wild oat herbicides across the prairies

Maurya, D.M.; Singh, H.G.; Dwivedi, K.N., 1985:
Usar 1, a salinity- and alkalinity-tolerant rice for Uttar Pradesh

Barua, B.P.; Singh, K.N., 1984:
Use Azospirillum to save nitrogen in barley

Fales, W.H.; Berg, J.N.; Morehouse, L.G., 1986:
Use and comparison of minimal inhibitory concentration and disk diffusion antimicrobial susceptibility testing with bovine isolants of Pasteurella hemolytica type 1 and Pasteurella multocida recovered from Missouri (USA) cattle with bovine respiratory disease complex

Philippis, A. de, 1983:
Use and conservation of forest ecosystems

Carini, S.; Mignone, A.; Mazzanti, V., 1984:
Use and dosage level of lysozyme in Montasio-type cheeses

Bowling, A.T., 1985:
Use and efficacy of horse blood typing tests

Kramer, H.; Helms, J.A., 1985:
Use and evaluation of stand density indices for Douglas fir

Baron, V.S.; Knowles, R.P., 1984:
Use and improvement of meadow brome as a pasture species for western Canada

Allen, W.M., 1984:
Use and misuse of minerals and trace elements in cattle diets

Wolfe, W.; Weber, C.; Arviso, K., 1985:
Use and nutrient composition of traditional Navajo foods

Brickler, S.; Tunnicliff, B.; Utter, J., 1983:
Use and quality of wildland water: the case of the Colorado River corridor in the Grand Canyon

Chernikova, I.L., 1983:
Use by barley of phosphorus from plant residues in relation to their composition and condition

Citterbergerova, A., 1985:
Use in practice of disposable paper towels for udders of milking cows

Camy, G., 1985:
Use of short metabolic profiles by the practitioner in mixed practice

Koblik, P.D.; Lofstedt, J.; Jakowski, R.M.; Johnson, K.L., 1985:
Use of 111In-labeled autologous leukocytes to image an abdominal abscess in a horse

Minchin, P.E.H., 1986:
Use of 11C as a tracer in biological (non-medical) research

Yeo, A.R.; Yeo, M.E.; Caporn, S.J.M.; Lachno, D.R.; Flowers, T.J., 1985:
Use of 14C-ethane diol as a quantitative tracer for the transpirational volume flow of water and an investigation of the effects of salinity upon transpiration, net sodium accumulation and endogenous ABA in individual leaves of Oryza sativa L

Domenach, A.M.; Corman, A., 1985:
Use of 15N natural abundance method for the study of symbiotic fixation of field-grown soybeans. Influence of fixation on assimilation and effect of water conditions on these two functions

Kehoe, J.E.; Mihranian, M.H.; Masser, E.L.; Alcock, N.; Daly, J.M., 1984:
Use of 20% fat emulsion in peripheral parenteral nutrition

Loeffler, D.A.; Schat, K.A.; Norcross, N.L., 1986:
Use of 51Cr release to measure the cytotoxic effects of staphylococcal leukocidin and toxin neutralization on bovine leukocytes

Miller, S.S.; Eldridge, B.J., 1986:
Use of 6-benzylamino purine and Promalin for improved canopy development in selected apple cultivars

Jenkins, V.K.; Ewert, A.; Johnson, R.F.; Folse, D.S., 1985:
Use of 99mTc-sulfur colloid to assess lymphatic dysfunction in filarial infection

Fieni, F.; Tainturier, D.; Menotti, C., 1986:
Use of Althesin (alfadolone with alfaxolone) in anaesthesia of cats

Paoletti, V.; Strazzera, P.; Katsarou, V.; Mammarella, A.; Barlattani, M., 1984:
Use of B vitamin preparations in large amounts and parenterally in hospital patients

Kindiger, B.; Beckett, J.B., 1986:
Use of B-A translocations to locate duplicate genes

Niebisch, R.M., 1985:
Use of Bercema-captan 80 for improving seedling emergence in ornamentals

Delgado, G.A., 1977:
Use of Bombacopsis quinata branchwood in the production of boards made from wood wool and cement

Mironova, S.I., 1983:
Use of Braun-Blanquet method for distinguishing territorial units of vegetation in alasses of the Vilyui basin (central Yakutia)

Kusainov, A.K.; Ivanov, V.A., 1985:
Use of Brown Swiss bulls bred in the USA on Ala-Tau cows

Bazalei, F.K.; Evstafiadi, K.P.; Taran, I.F.; Tsybin, B.P., 1985:
Use of Brucella abortus strain 19 and Brucella melitensis Rev. 1 vaccines for the prophylaxis of ovine brucellosis

Owen, J., 1984:
Use of Burgess Park facilities

Hand, D., 1984:
Use of CO2 to boost winter lettuce

Bogdanova, V.N.; Karadzhova, L.V.; Klimenko, T.F., 1986:
Use of Coniothyrium minitans Campbell as a hyperparasite in controlling the pathogen of white rot of sunflower

Lawrence, W.C., 1983:
Use of DNA blot hybridization for detection, quantitation, and strain identification of latent pseudorabies and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Polsky-Cynkin, R.; Parsons, G.H.; Allerdt, L.; Landes, G.; Davis, G.; Rashtchian, A., 1985:
Use of DNA immobilized on plastic and agarose supports to detect DNA by sandwich hybridization

Dodel, J.B.; Everaere, L.; Gauthier, B.; Issaly, G., 1983:
Use of DPX 5648 or 2--carbonylaminosulphonyl bentazone, a new herbicide for weed control in uncropped areas

Shin, H.D.; La, Y.J., 1984:
Use of Dienes' stain in diagnosis of plant mycoplasmal diseases and modification of diagnostic procedure

Mokrousova, E.P.; Arkhipov, G.E., 1984:
Use of Dimilin against the cabbage white butterfly Pieris brassicae L

Szmidt, A.; Sliwa, W., 1980:
Use of Dimilin in forest protection

Hunter, J.H.; Barton, M.J., 1984:
Use of Dowco 453 ME to control annual grasses in cotton

Nowlan, P.F.; de Geus, H., 1985:
Use of EDTA modified antigen in the serodiagnosis of bovine brucellosis

Huth, W., 1986:
Use of ELISA for early selection of barley with resistance to barley yellow mosaic virus

Jaegle, M.; Regenmortel, M.H.V.V.n, 1985:
Use of ELISA for measuring the extent of serological cross-reactivity between plant viruses

Bos, H.J.; Beekman-Boneschanscher, J.; Boon, J.H., 1986:
Use of ELISA to assess lungworm infection in calves

Misra, M.P.; Pawar, A.D., 1984:
Use of Epipyrops melanoleuca Fletcher (Lepidoptera: Epipyropidae) for the biocontrol of sugarcane pyrilla, Pyrilla perpusilla (Walker) (Hemiptera: Fulgoridae)

Briones, G.; Montes, M.E., .:
Use of Fe-EDDHA chelate for correcting iron chlorosis in peach

Anonymous, 1985:
Use of Fecundin in Merino ewes

May, A.; Sweeney, J.W.; Cobble, J.R. (Principal Investigators), 1983:
Use of Florida phosphogypsum in synthetic construction aggregate

Ritter, W.; Delaitre, N.; Ifantidis, M., 1984:
Use of Folbex-VA in smoker to control varroa disease

Capuco, A.V., 1986:
Use of Fossomatic 215 for automation of the Nb2 lymphoma cell bioassay for lactogenic activity of bovine serum. Comparison of lactogenic activity in serum of prepubertal bulls as measured by bioassay and RIA

Hattenhauer, H.; Tschauschev, P.; Breitbart, R.; Bonitz, B., 1985:
Use of GnRH in naturally mated rabbits

Mehrotra, K.N., 1985:
Use of HCH (BHC) and its environmental effects in India

Olieman, C., 1984:
Use of HPLC in dairy research and testing

Huang, X.F., 1986:
Use of Habrobracon hebetor Say in granary pest control

Danek, J.; Routa, I.V.; Kinkorova, J.; Strosova, Z.; Paulova, J.; Sevcikova, E., 1986:
Use of Helmirazin (piperazine citrate) for toxocariasis in dogs

Silvas, E.; Podar, C.; Popa, D.; Roman, M.; Suhareanu, M.; Stoica, S., 1984:
Use of IBDU (isobutylidene diurea) in fattening young cattle

Seguin, B., 1985:
Use of IR thermography by satellite to estimate evaporation and water balance

Varadin, M.; Kurspahic, A.; Podzo, M.; Sentov, L.; Salahovic, K., 1984:
Use of Iliren (tiaprost) to induce parturition in sows

Mihokovic, V.; Matic, S.; Dragojlov, D., 1985:
Use of Izosan-G for disinfection in the dairy industry

Mel' nik, A.P.; Ershov, V.A.; Ossovskaya, N.S.; Lavrov, B.A.; Turtabaev, S.K.; Gavrilenko, I.B., 1985:
Use of Kansk-Achinsk coal semicoke in phosphorite agglomeration

Gonzales Durazo, J., 1984:
Use of Landsat imagery and geographical data bases for evaluation of soil erosion and for reforestation planning

Roudabush, R.D.; Herriman, R.C.; Barmore, R.L.; Schellentrager, G.W., 1985:
Use of Landsat multispectral scanning data for soil surveys on Arizona rangeland

Read, M.D.; Kang, B.T.; Wilson, G.F., 1985:
Use of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam. de Wit) leaves as a nitrogen source for crop production

Szyszka, M.; Meulen, U. ter, 1984:
Use of Leucaena leucocephala in poultry rations. The acceptable daily intake of mimosine for broilers

Milojevic, Z.; Harazdi, Z.; Popovic, M.; Pavlovic, D., 1985:
Use of Lincocin Forte for treating streptococcal mastitis in cows

Wells, O.O., 1985:
Use of Livingston Parish, Louisiana loblolly pine by forest products industries in the southeast

Scaife, A.; Turner, M.K., 1984:
Use of Merckoquant nitrate test strips for optimization of vegetable nitrogen nutrition

Podhorsky, M.; Dedek, M.; Holonbek, J.; Husek, V.; Teply, M., 1984:
Use of Mikrozym combined rennet substitute preparation for feed purposes

Arpin, P.; Ponge, J.F.; Dabin, B.; Mori, A., 1984:
Use of Mononchida and Collembola for the characterization of pedobiological phenomena

Aldwinckle, M.J., 1985:
Use of N-acyl sarcosinate and its salts as compatibility agents for pesticide/liquid fertilizer formulations

Fernandez Escartin, E.; Hernandez Mireles, C., 1985:
Use of NAP medium for counting lactic acid bacteria in fresh non-pasteurized cheese and in 'requesones' cheese

Bruchwald, A.; Rymer Dudzinska, T., 1981:
Use of Naslund's function in the development of standard height curves for Norway spruce

Perez, J.A.; Mola, G., 1982:
Use of Nemacur 10% G, Nemagon 20% G and carbofuran 5% G to control Radopholus similis in banana

Kreimer, Y.Kh, 1985:
Use of Newcastle disease live vaccine prepared from strain 'Bor-74 VGNKI'

Shidakov, R.S., 1985:
Use of North American red-fruited apple varieties in breeding for winter hardiness

Schmidt, W.; Humke, R., 1985:
Use of Novalgin (dipyrone) in swine practice

Shargool, P.D.; Jain, J.C., 1985:
Use of Nsuperscript 2-bromoacetyl-L-ornithine to study L-ornithine and L-arginine biosynthesis in soybean (Glycine max L.) cell cultures

Shinde, B.N.; Patil, A.J., 1985:
Use of P solubilising cultures and rock phosphate on P availability to wheat in black calcareous soil

Martinez, N.; Rondon, Z.; Lopez, S.; Combellas, J. de; Mendoza, R.; Perozo, D.; Arvelo, C., 1984:
Use of PGF2 alpha and progestogen in the synchronization of oestrus in West African ewes

Lamberti, J.C., 1985:
Use of PGF2 alpha for the synchronization of oestrus under field conditions

Hattenhauer, H.; Pingel, H.; Elze, K., 1984:
Use of PMSG and HCG in mink breeding

Rehbock, F.; Rommel, P.; Tiemann, U.; Blodow, G., 1986:
Use of PMSG antiserum in the superovulation of cattle

Kruse, G.O.W., 1986:
Use of Paratect bolus in cattle for preventing parasitic gastroenteritis

Oostendorp, D., 1985:
Use of Piedmont sires for crossing on dairy herds in the Netherlands, with particular reference to the use of the female crossbreds for veal production

Garanyan, E.M.; Abramyan, S.M., 1983:
Use of Protosubtilin G-3x for fattening pigs

Beavers, A.H.; Olson, K.R., 1986:
Use of Rayleigh scatter for determining x-ray mass absorption coefficients

Wandurski, A., 1985:
Use of Relanimal (diazepam) to sedate sows directly after mating

Tserendash, Ch, 1984:
Use of Rev. 1 Brucella melitensis vaccine in cattle in Mongolia

Tomasyan, K.; Khadzhinikolova, L.; Patukchieva, T., 1985:
Use of Ribin as carp feed

Jamroz, D.; Pres, J.; Wiliczkiewicz, A., 1984:
Use of Rumensin in young fattening cattle given feeds with different proportions of concentrates and roughage

Green, G.M., 1986:
Use of SIR-A and Landsat MSS data in mapping shrub and intershrub vegetation at Koonamore, South Australia

Tempe, J.D.; Steidel, A.L.; Blehaut, H.; Hasselmann, M.; Lutun, P.; Maurier, F., 1983:
Use of Saccharomyces boulardii for the prevention of diarrhoea during continuous enteral feeding

Bonaldi, G.; Buratto, L.; Darsie, G.; Didone, G.P.; Mondini, S., 1986:
Use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus acidophilus in veal calves

Urbanova, E.; Sedinova, V.; Skarda, J.; Skardova, O.; Jukl, A., 1985:
Use of Synpor membrane filters for separation and estimation of milk somatic cells by the indole DNA filter method

Roesch, M.; Pichot, J., 1985:
Use of Tahoua rock phosphate as basal and maintenance dressings in the sandy soils of Niger

Grabski, G.C.; Mendgen, K., 1985:
Use of V. lecanii as a biological control agent against the bean rust fungus U. appendiculatus var. appendiculatus in the field and in the glasshouse

Staab, J.A.; Ely, J.K., 1985:
Use of Wright's Giemsa stained endometrial smears in the diagnosis of equine endometritis

Calamel, M., 1985:
Use of a 4-stage ELISA technique to titrate toxoplasma reference antiserum from all animal species in comparison with the human international standard

Macfarlane, C.M.; Shephard, E.G., 1984:
Use of a RAST technique with Ascaris suum allergen to detect A. lumbricoides infestation

Baker, P.K.; Dalrymple, R.H.; Ingle, D.L.; Ricks, C.A., 1984:
Use of a beta -adrenergic agonist to alter muscle and fat deposition in lambs

Ricks, C.A.; Dalrymple, R.H.; Baker, P.K.; Ingle, D.L., 1984:
Use of a beta -agonist to alter fat and muscle deposition in steers

Blanchart, J.M.; Rioux, J.C., 1984:
Use of a beta-blocker, carazolol, in swine practice

Bernadzki, E.; Kowalski, M.; Szujecki, A., 1984:
Use of a broadleaved understorey for the protection of Scots pine stands

Fontaine, D.; Schmidt Morand, D., 1985:
Use of a cable tie gun for reduction of multiple splinter fractures according to Dr. Hauser's method

Glushchenko, E.Y.; Garan' ko, I.B.; Vlasova, E.A., 1982:
Use of a collection for the main trends in tomato breeding

Pyzhenkov, V.I.; Artyugina, Z.D., 1982:
Use of a collection of cucumber and Cucurbita in breeding work

Murphy, T.M.; Geraghty, V.M.; O'Brien, D.J.; O'Sullivan, D., 1986:
Use of a colouring agent in approved dips as an aid in identifying dipped sheep

Ruegsegger, G.J.; Schultz, L.H., 1986:
Use of a combination of propylene glycol and niacin for subclinical ketosis

Pfister, K.; Kipfer, H.; Ackermann, H., 1986:
Use of a combination of pyrantel- and oxantelpamoate (Banminth Plus) against roundworms, hookworms and whipworms of dogs under practical conditions

Keast, D.; Rowe, P.; Sanfelieu, L.; Shannahan, J.; Bowra, B.; Skates, S.; Stapley, E.O.; Woodruff, H.B., 1984:
Use of a computer to group actinomycetes for studies on the ecology of soil microorganisms

Lambert, M., 1985:
Use of a computerized ELISA for the serological diagnosis of contagious agalactia in small ruminants

Martinov, S.; Popov, G., 1985:
Use of a concentrated, purified vaccine against chlamydial abortion in ewes

Konstantinova, M.; Molle, E., 1982:
Use of a diallel cross for the genetic analysis of quantitative characters

Harrison, R.E.; Cocke, J.B., 1984:
Use of a diluter with aerodynamic particle sizer

Seredenko, M.M.; Filippov, M.M.; Man' kovskaya, I.N.; Solomko, G.I.; Karpovets, P.M., 1985:
Use of a dry protein mixture for correcting hypoxia occurring on the administration of sodium nitrite

Dudley, M.; Long, S., 1985:
Use of a fluorescent stain to characterize alfalfa nodule initiation

Mitchell J.E.; Joyce L.A., 1986:
Use of a generalized linear model to evaluate range forage production estimates

Schrooyen J.A.M., 1986:
Use of a heat detector in sows

Mathieu, A.; Fiorelli, J.L., 1985:
Use of a herbage meter for analysis of the development of a grazed pasture

Nozais, J.P.; Danis, M.; Zanoni, J.; Gentilini, M., 1985:
Use of a latex test for the detection and determination of circulating antigens in candidoses. (Study of 157 sera from 124 patients)

Khan, Z.R.; Saxena, R.C., 1984:
Use of a lignin-specific dye to demonstrate phloem feeding by brown planthopper BPH

Vuille, J.C.; Hofstetter, A.; Heraief, E.; Viano, M.C.; Burckhardt, P., 1985:
Use of a liquid-formula diet does not improve subsequent weight loss

Thompson, A.R., 1984:
Use of a log-dose system for evaluating granular insecticide products against cabbage root fly (Delia radicum)

Peters, A.R., 1985:
Use of a long-acting oxytetracycline preparation in respiratory disease in young beef bulls

Es' kov, E.K., 1982:
Use of a low-frequency field for stimulating motive activity in bees

Kleimenov, N.I.; Magomedov, M.S.; Murusidze, T.A., 1984:
Use of a magnesium and calcium phosphate mixture to optimize mineral nutrition of cows

Lespinasse, Y.; Chevreau, E., 1984:
Use of a marker gene to study haploid plants in apple: comparison of manual pollination with pollination using bees

Sainz, R.D.; Baldwin, R.L.; Calvert, C.C., 1985:
Use of a mechanistic model of rat lactation to evaluate factors affecting the partition of nutrients

Plotnikov, V.A., 1983:
Use of a method of culturing young embryos to accelerate the development of cytoplasmically male-sterile (CMS) counterparts of sunflower

Rohn, K.; Reinhard, H.J., 1985:
Use of a microcomputer for data processing and the planning of stud management

D.S.nchez, N.; Marinkelle, C.J.; Guhl, F., 1983:
Use of a mixed antigen in the diagnosis of Chagas' disease and toxoplasmosis by indirect immunofluorescence

Lohnert, H.J.; Thiele, W.; Ritschel, G.; Flachowsky, G., 1985:
Use of a mixture of laying hen excreta and straw for fattening bulls

Tozani, R.; Rodrigues, J.J.V., .:
Use of a mixture of propanil + phenothiol in upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) - type of nozzle, spray volume and phytotoxic doses

Kntekhtsyan, A.A.; Davidchik, L.Y.; Pleshko, V.A., 1985:
Use of a mixture of santoquin and propionic acid in stabilizing carotene in grass meal

Pignattelli, P.; Carrara, M., 1986:
Use of a mixture of trace elements and an amino acid pool in the feeding of hares

Benitez, I. de; Arias, P.; Natale, S., 1983:
Use of a model for simulating photosynthesis and primary productivity parameters in some commonly used herbage species

Johnson, I.R.; Parsons, A.J., 1985:
Use of a model to analyse the effects of continuous grazing managements on seasonal patterns of grass production

Saathoff, M., 1985:
Use of a modfied Asami-medium for the monoxenic culture of Entamoeba histolytica

LeBlanc, M.M., 1986:
Use of a modified hydrometer to asses immunoglobulin content in mare colostrum

Crowe, D.T., 1986:
Use of a nasogastric tube for gastric and esophageal decompression in the dog and cat

Kemeny, G.; Pokorny, T.; Forizs, K., 1984:
Use of a near-diffuse infrared reflection analyser from Hungary in feed production

Stanley, C.J.; Paris, F.; Webb, A.E.; Heap, R.B.; Ellis, S.T.; Hamon, M.; Worsfold, A.; Booth, J.M., 1986:
Use of a new and rapid milk progesterone assay to monitor reproductive activity in the cow

Anonymous, 1983:
Use of a newspaper as a distance teaching medium: a case study

Zarate, R.J.; Goldsmith, R.S.; Zarate, L.G.; Kagan, I.G., 1985:
Use of a nomogram to quantitate plasma dilutions for serological testing following blood collection in capillary tubes

Flashman, S.M., 1985:
Use of a non-volatile thiocarbamate to select for herbicide-tolerant tobacco cell lines

Ramsay, B.A.; Znoj, G.M.; Cooper, D.G., 1986:
Use of a nylon manufacturing waste as an industrial fermentation substrate

Cowling, W.A.; Wood, P.M.; Brown, A.G.P., 1984:
Use of a paraquat-diquat herbicide for the detection of Phomopsis leptostromiformis infection in lupins

Nekhez, R. (Nehez, R); Beke, B., 1983:
Use of a phenol probe to study wheat varieties

Carlucci, F.; Puntoni, P.; Arispici, M.; Cecconi, M.; Domenici, C.; Dario, P.; Rossi, D. de, 1984:
Use of a piezoelectric polymer (polyvinylidene fluoride) in repairing experimental fractures in rats

Silva, E.C. da; Ribeiro, V.Q.; Andrade, D.F. de, 1984:
Use of a quadratic model to determine the size and shape of plots in experiments with cowpeas intercropped with maize

McConnell, S.; Morrill, J.C.; Livingston, C.W., 1985:
Use of a quadrivalent modified-live bluetongue virus vaccine in wildlife species

Henry, R.J., 1985:
Use of a scanning near-infrared reflectance spectrophotometer for assessment of the malting potential of barley

Atta, A.M.; Pontes, A.M.; de Souza, M.L.; Repka, D.; Rangel, H.A., 1984:
Use of a semipurified fraction of Trypanosoma cruzi proteinase in the immunodiagnosis of Chagas' disease

Osborne, R.W.; Mellor, P.S., 1985:
Use of a silicone membrane feeding technique in the laboratory maintenance of a colony of Ornithodoros moubata

Cabello, T.; Rodriguez Menendez, H.; Vargas, P., 1984:
Use of a simple artificial diet for rearing Heliothis armigera Hb., Spodoptera littoralis Boisd. and Trigonophora meticulosa Hb. (Lep.: Noctuidae)

Kracht, W.; Matzke, W.; Ohle, H.O.; Busse, L., 1985:
Use of a single complete feed mixture for pigs during the entire fattening period

Brown, A.A.; Milner, B.A.; Taylor, A., 1985:
Use of a slotted quartz tube to enhance the sensitivity of conventional flame atomic-absorption spectrometry

Wells, C.H., 1984:
Use of a sprinkler sprayer for forest weed control

Eichel, H.; Planert, C.; Wolsky, J., 1985:
Use of a standard testing program for complex veterinary control of milking. III. Studies on vacuum inside teatcups and in the pulsation chamber of M691-40 rotary installations

Balla, L., 1986:
Use of a standardized haemagglutination-inhibition (HI) test for monitoring immunity to Newcastle disease. I. Experiments to standardize the HI test. II. Antibody responses after different immunization schedules

Gigli, S.; Scardella, P.; Catillo, G., 1985:
Use of a terminal sire to obtain more meat from Sardinian sheep: carcass characters

Stockel, J., 1985:
Use of a trimmer cross cutter for trimming of stemwood

Aleksiev, A.; Tosev, A.; Kr"steva, E.; Ilchev, A.; Enev, E., 1985:
Use of a urea, mineral and salt mixture in diets for lactating goats. 1. Milk production and utilization of energy and protein

Elem B., 1985:
Use of a ureteric nipple in the surgical management of bilharzial ureteric strictures

Parmigiani, E.; Pezzoli, G.; Zanichelli, S.; Soana, S.; Galvani, G., 1983:
Use of a uterine-contraction inhibiting drug (clenbuterol hydrochloride) in embryo transfer in cattle

Makarenko, G.V.; Makarenko, L.Y., 1984:
Use of a whole milk substitute for rearing dairy cows

Szmelich, W.; Chodkowski, M.; Leman, J.; Bednarski, W.; Dylkowski, P., 1982:
Use of acid whey in the manufacture of light beer

Porfir' ev, I.A., 1985:
Use of acid-base equilibrium values in clinical supervision of high-productivity cows

Honeycutt, R.M.; Skaar, C.; Simpson, W.T., 1985:
Use of acoustic emissions to control drying rate of red oak

Bamberg J.B.; Hannemans R.E.Jr; Towill L.E., 1986:
Use of activated charcoal to enhance the germination of botanical seeds of potato

Thomas, G.B.; Oldham, C.M.; Hoskinson, R.M.; Scaramuzzi, R.J., 1984:
Use of active immunization to evaluate the roles of progesterone during the oestrous cycle of the ewe

Still, J.; Konrad, J., 1985:
Use of acupuncture for resuscitating animals

Nabukhotnyi, T.K.; Cherevko, S.A.; Samigullina, F.I.; Grushko, A.I., 1983:
Use of adapted propiono-acidophilic 'Malyutka' and 'Malysh' formulas in complex treatment of acute gastro-intestinal diseases of infants

Edgecomb, D.W., 1983:
Use of additives to improve postemergence broadleaf weed control of acifluorfen-sodium in soybeans

Koelkebeck, K.W.; Cain, J.R.; Amoss, M.S.J., 1986:
Use of adrenocorticotropin challenges to indicate chronic stress responses of laying hens in several housing alternatives

Cordes, R.C.; Burroughs, F.G.; Huitink, G.W.; Hale, D.B.; Handley, J.V., 1983:
Use of aerial and center pivot irrigation systems for postemergence application of tridiphane for weed control in field corn

Sikorski, K.; Lubecki, A.; Ciecko, Z.; Rogalski, L., 1984:
Use of aerial photographs for interpreting cultivar and fertilizer variations in potato growing

Kuzovkin, E.M.; Kiprich, V.V.; Beletskaya, T.V., 1985:
Use of aerosol of Benemitsin (rifampicin) plus avian immunoglobulins in dimethyl sulphoxide for combatting mixed respiratory infections in fowls

Krafsur, E.S., 1984:
Use of age structure to assess insecticidal treatments of face fly populations, Musca autumnalis DeGeer (Diptera: Muscidae)

Konig, H.C., 1984:
Use of agricultural aircraft for forest fire control in the Gardelegen State Forest Enterprise in 1983

Winstel, K., 1985:
Use of agricultural chemicals in field beans

Prokopovich Nikola P., 1984:
Use of agricultural soil survey maps for engineering geologic mapping

Fonolla, J.; Sanz Sampelayo, R.; Escandon, V., 1984:
Use of agro-industrial byproducts in the feeding of herbivorous animals. 2. Brewers grains

Sanz Sampelayo, R.; Escandon, V.; Fonolla, J., 1985:
Use of agro-industrial byproducts in the feeding of herbivorous animals. 3. Almond hulls (pericarp and mesocarp of Amygdalus prunus)

Olson, K.R.; Olson, G.W., 1985:
Use of agronomic data and enterprise budgets in land assessment evaluations

Susol, I., 1985:
Use of air flow in grain cleaning

Hantsch, W., 1984:
Use of air pollution-damaged wood in sawmills - outturn and use characteristics of sawn timber

Jochle, W., 1984:
Use of alfaprostol in horse, cattle and swine. Technical and therapeutic aspects, from international trials

Chawla G.C.; Shukla P.C., 1985:
Use of algebraic equations for preparing feeds to obtain maximum milk production

Rao, R.L.N.; Singh, A.P.; Nigam, J.M., 1985:
Use of allogenic cortical onlay bone plates for metacarpal fracture repair in calves

Frei, O.M.; Stuber, C.W.; Goodman, M.M., 1986:
Use of allozymes as genetic markers for predicting performance in maize single cross hybrids

Barbakadze, G.I., 1985:
Use of alpha -naphthylacetic acid and the potassium salt of heteroauxin in raising pear transplants from winter grafts

Bellec, C.; Hebrard, G.; Traore, S., 1984:
Use of aluminium panels to evaluate the result of a voluntary interruption of larvicide treatments, in the dry season, within an area of the Onchocerciasis Control Programme in the Volta Basin

Tronov, A.B.; Larina, Z.I.; Rii, V.F.; Samoshkin, E.N., 1986:
Use of amino-acid metal chelates for stimulating growth of Betula pendula

Girardi, C.; Farca, A.; Celli, L.; Mondino, G., 1984:
Use of aminosidine (paromomycin) in respiratory diseases of calves. Dosage and route of administration

Kolesnikov, P.B.; Gavrish, L.F., 1984:
Use of ammonia water for hay making

Llamas Lamas, G.; Canez Carrasco, H.; Gomez Alarcon, R.; Diaz Nieblas, T.; Romero Garcia, H., 1985:
Use of ammonia-treated wheat straw in the feeding of growing sheep in feedlots

Sudovtsev, A.I.; Alimov, T.K., 1984 :
Use of ammonium and magnesium perchlorates as components of a liquid feed supplement and of a mixed feed for fattening cattle

Popova, A.N., 1985:
Use of ammonium carbonates for conserving maize cobs of high moisture content

Rakishev, N.R., 1984:
Use of ammonium perchlorate and ammonium salts when fattening sheep on pellets

Santuryan, F.E., 1984:
Use of ammonium perchlorate for rearing young mink

Koklacheva Koklach, S.R.; Nikulina, G.N., 1986:
Use of an active dye for the identification of cells damaged by high temperatures (exemplified by pea root)

Mateja, L., 1983:
Use of an air gap in the production of containerized seedlings

Durand, M.P.; Loquerie, R.; Fabre, F.; Molinie, M.; Lingelser, J., 1984:
Use of an allergic test to detect brucellosis in vaccinated sheep flocks

Durselen, G.; Mallo, R.; Olsen, C., 1984:
Use of an antibacterial agent as a growth promoter and its residues in pigs

Lindemann, J.; Arny, D.C.; Upper, C.D., 1984:
Use of an apparent infection threshold population of Pseudomonas syringae to predict incidence and severity of brown spot of bean

Frank, J.H., 1985:
Use of an artificial bromeliad to show the importance of color value in restricting colonization of bromeliads by Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus

M' pia, E.; Simpson, J.R., 1984:
Use of an economic demographic simulation model for planning in Zaire's beef cattle subsector

Petersen, H.; O.N.ill, R.V.; Gardner, R.H., 1985:
Use of an ecosystem model for testing ecosystem responses to inaccuracies of root and microflora productivity estimates

Chalmers, J.D.; Coleman, J.O.; Walton, N.J., 1984:
Use of an electrochemical technique to study plasmamembrane redox reactions in cultured cells of Daucus carota L

Will, G.M.; Hedderwick, G.W., 1985:
Use of an electronic guidance system in topdressing pine forests

Squires, E.L.; Nett, T.M.; Wiepz, G.J.; Mock, E.J., 1986:
Use of an enzyme assay for determination of progesterone in broodmares

Jones, D.R., 1986:
Use of an enzyme indirect antiglobulin test for the diagnosis of autoimmune haemolytic anaemia in the dog

Cargill, C.; Lee, K.; Clarke, I., 1985:
Use of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in a bovine brucellosis eradication program

Sanchis R.; Abadie, G., 1986:
Use of an immunoenzyme technique (ELISA) for serological diagnosis of Brucella ovis infection in sheep. Study of the technique and antibody kinetics in comparison with the complement fixation tests in five experimentally infected rams

Dijck, J.C.M. van; Geurts, H.J.P.; Kuiper, J.D.; Seuren, P.W.A.; Verstraelen, P.J.A.G., 1986:
Use of an immunostimulant adjuvant for preventing diarrhoea occurring after weaning, and oedema disease in piglets

Zimmerman G.M.; Goetz H.; Mielke P.W.Jr, 1985:
Use of an improved statistical method for group comparisons to study effects of prairie fire

Nagl, K., 1984:
Use of an induced tetraploid high protein mutant in crosses for protein improvement of hexaploid wheats

Rouina, A., 1986:
Use of an industrial byproduct, olive pulp, in the feeding of ruminants during the dry season

Cook, R.; Cook, C.; Balakrishnan, V., 1984:
Use of an inexpensive microcomputer program for dietary assessment

Keane, M.G., 1984:
Use of anabolic agents in beef cattle in winter

Castejon, M.; Paz, M.; Cedeno, G., 1984:
Use of anabolic steroids for animals on pasture

Kokorina, E.P., 1983:
Use of analysis of variance to estimate the effects of four factors on milk yield

Sukhanov, V.M.; Nesterov, A.Y.; Zaikina, T.F.; Saltykova, N.N.; Tyrnov, V.S., 1982:
Use of androclinous plants in wheat breeding

Ramert, B., 1985:
Use of antagonistic fungi to control black root rot of cucumber caused by Phomopsis sclerotioides

Hosie, B.D., 1985:
Use of anthelmintics to control fascioliasis in sheep in the Yemen Arab Republic

Ockendon, D.J.; Currah, L., 1985:
Use of anther culture to produce homozygous lines of Brussels sprouts

Naslednikov, V.E.; Khadanovich, I.V., 1984:
Use of antibiotics in feeding of young pigs

Marotta, E.; Lagreca, L., 1985:
Use of antibiotics in the feeding of pigs and their effect on productivity

Marshall, R.J.; Herbert, A.; Braye, S.G.; Jones, D.B., 1984:
Use of antibodies to carcinoembryonic antigen and human fat globule to distinguish carcinoma, mesothelioma, and reactive mesothelium

Taylor Papadimitriou, J.; Burchell, J.; Chang, S.E., 1983:
Use of antibodies to membrane antigens in the study of differentiation and malignancy in the human breast

Mauritsas, M.M.; Mikalauskene, G.Y.; Dikinene, N.P., 1986:
Use of antileukosis serum for subdividing and analysing blood lymphocytes containing antigens of leukotic origin

Kovalev, B.F.; Violin, B.V.; Volkov, I.B.; Listkov, G.I., 1985:
Use of antimicrobial agents in gastro-intestinal diseases of animals

Baumann, E.; Reinhold, J., 1984:
Use of apple prunings in vegetable growing

Kracht, W.; Matzke, W., 1985:
Use of aromatic substances and flavourings in the diet of fattening pigs

Eremenko, V.A.; Sviridova, T.E., 1982:
Use of artificial climate in breeding spring barley. Photosynthetic regimes for growing plants

Musich, V.N.; Lyashok, A.K., 1982:
Use of artificial climate units to accelerate winter wheat breeding

Griess, H.; Schenk, G.; Thieme, R., 1985:
Use of artificial substrates for the production of potato plants in vitro in the greenhouse

Wunsche, J.; Borgmann, E.; Hennig, U.; Kreienbring, F.; Bock, H.D., 1984:
Use of ash insoluble in HCl as indicator for estimating digestibility of nutrients including amino acids at the end of the small intestine and of the whole digestive tract in pigs

Kvasnikov, E.I.; Klyushnikova, T.M.; Kubeskaya, S.L.; Zalevskii, V.S.; Smirnova, G.F.; Kasatkina, V.I.; Svarnik, V.I.; Koval' , A.A., 1985:
Use of associations of bacteria to purify bilge waters from petroleum products

Bolle, H.; Schmidt, B., 1986:
Use of attenuated and inactivated IBR IPV vaccines in a dairy herd

Patro, B.N.; Mohapatra, S.C., 1986:
Use of auxiliary traits in combined selection for improving egg production in female line broilers

Lorio, P.L.J.; Sommers, R.A., 1981:
Use of available resource data to rate stands for southern pine beetle risk

Mileva, M.V.; Shkel' , N.M.; Dragavtsev, V.A., 1984:
Use of background characters in mutant populations of pea

Antonova, T.; Daov, T.; Nachev, L.; Bodurska, I.; Nikoevska, T., 1985:
Use of bacterial enzyme preparations in the production of Bulgarian cheese. IV. Comparative studies on white pickled cheese produced in various seasons

Yarnykh, V.S.; Simetskii, M.A.; Popov, N.I.; Malinin, V.R.; Potanin, B.V., 1986:
Use of bactericidal foam for disinfection

Lembke, F.; Krusch, U.; Prokopek, D.; Rathjen, G.; Teuber, M., 1984:
Use of bactofuges for lowering nitrate addition in manufacture of semi-hard cheeses

Boon, J. van der; Niers, H., 1985:
Use of bark, and of sod and cuttings from moorland vegetation in potting mixtures

Igbokwe, P.E.; Tiwari, S.C., 1985:
Use of basic slag in sweet pepper production

Raviv, M.; Putievsky, E.; Ravid, U., 1985:
Use of bay laurel for cut foliage

Prakash, A.; Pasalu, I.C.; Mathur, K.C., 1983:
Use of bel (Aegle marmelos) leaf powder as a protectant against storage pests of paddy

Holub, K.; Marounek, M., 1985:
Use of bentonite in urea-supplemented diets for fattening cattle

Dembinski, Z.; Wieckowski, W.; Kulinska, A., 1985:
Use of bentonite produced in Poland for gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves

Shchelokova, I.F.; Kudrya, V.A.; Tikhonyuk, S.P.; Radovets, L.V.; Chernykh, S.I., 1983:
Use of beta -D-galactosidase in manufacture of cultured milk products

Dedek, M.; Kminkova, M.; Kucera, J., 1985:
Use of beta -D-galactosidase in the food industry

Pivnyak, I.; Zabolotskii, V.; Budnikov, V.; Vlasov, A.; Myndru, N., 1985:
Use of beta -carotene in cow rations

Ervol' der, T.M.; Gudkov, A.V.; Gudkov, S.A.; Dushenin, N.V.; Trubnikov, N.K., 1984:
Use of bifidobacteria in control of gastro-intestinal disease in piglets and broiler chicks

Simmers, J.W.; Marquenie, J.M., 1984:
Use of bioassay to predict the potential bioaccumulation of contaminants by animals colonizing a wetland created with contaminated dredged material

Anderson, L.W.J., 1985:
Use of bioassays for allelochemicals in aquatic plants

Kinhal, G.A., 1985:
Use of biofertilizers in bamboo plantations

Bubieva, L.I., 1982:
Use of biological and physiological indices for evaluating the resistance of rice varieties to low temperatures

Naumova, L.S., 1984:
Use of biological monitoring in studying aspects of yield formation in apple

Ronningen, K.; Andresen, O., 1986:
Use of biological techniques in animal breeding

Zaikin, A.E., 1986:
Use of biologically active substances during rearing and fattening of young bulls

Lind, C.E., 1984:
Use of biomass for fuel

Ryzhkov, S.D., 1982:
Use of biophysical methods in the distant hybridization of stone fruits

Dimitri, L., 1985:
Use of biotechnical methods to reduce bark beetle populations

Fari, M., 1985:
Use of biotechnological methods in breeding

Rolinski, Z.; Duda, M., 1986:
Use of biotin in the treatment of dogs and breeding foxes

Yakovlev, V.S.; Zadnepryanskii, I.P.; Korkin, A.F.; Shoshin, V.M., 1985:
Use of blood groups to analyse the genomes of yaks, Kalmyk cattle and their hybrids

Gahne, B.; Juneja, R.K., 1985:
Use of blood typing for prediction of halothane genotypes of pigs

Aalbers, J.G.; Johnson, L.A.; Rademaker, J.M.H.; Grooten, H.J.G., 1984:
Use of boar spermatozoa for AI: fertility and morphology of semen diluted in BTS and used for insemination within 24 h or 25 h after collection

Matenko, K.D., 1983:
Use of boars for meat production

Hickman, J.; Kold, S.E.; Ellis, D.R.; Greenwood, R.E.S., 1984:
Use of bone cement in two equine orthopaedic cases

Walworth J.L.; Letzsch W.S.; Sumner M.E., 1986:
Use of boundary lines in establishing diagnostic norms

Morales, M.S.; Topp, S., 1983:
Use of bovine blood in food. Functional properties of red blood cell protein isolate and its use as an iron supplement

Henderson, K.M.; Prisk, M.D.; Hudson, N.; Ball, K.; McNatty, K.P.; Lun, S.; Heath, D.; Kieboom, L.E.; McDiarmid, J., 1986:
Use of bovine follicular fluid to increase ovulation rate or prevent ovulation in sheep

Oliver, R.A.; Ross, O.S.; Spooner, R.L., 1986:
Use of bovine lymphocyte antigens in the diagnosis of parentage

Becker, M.; Kaegi, B.; Waxenberger, M., 1985:
Use of bovine pericardial tissue for closing abdominal wall defects in the calf

Fairfull, R.W.; Gowe, R.S., 1986:
Use of breed resources for poultry egg and meat production

Goliadze, S.K., 1985:
Use of breeding material in solving breeding problems in citrus

Rossi, R.H., 1985:
Use of bromhexine in respiratory diseases of poultry

Peters, F.; Geistkhovel, F.; Brekvold, M., 1984:
Use of bromocriptine in lactational disorders and mastitis

Hesse, P.R.; Misra, R.V., 1984:
Use of bulky organic manures in a systems approach

Vodickova, M.; Forman, L., 1984:
Use of buttermilk in quality improvement of ice cream

Orskov, E.R.; Reid, G.W., 1985:
Use of by-products and supplementary protein in dairy cow nutrition

Egorova, N.I.; Tseluiko, A.E.; Zhirov, T.S.; Kozyubra, L.P.; Khlevnoi, A.K.; Shevchuk, I.F., 1984:
Use of byproducts from fish frying

Gouda, A.; E.S.abrawy, S.A.; E.Z.yat, A.; E.B.goury, E., 1985:
Use of calcium caseinate in processed cheese spreads making

Piva, G.; Pietri, A.; Carini, E., 1985:
Use of calcium hydroxide and paraformaldehyde for detoxification of groundnut meal contaminated with aflatoxin B1, and some observations on aflatoxin M1 in milk

Kaminski, J.; Bartz, H.R.; Castilhos, E.G. de, 1983:
Use of calcium, magnesium and sodium salts as soil correctives. II. Effect on dry matter production and calcium and magnesium accumulation by barley (Hordeum vulgare (L.) cv. FM 404)

Markel, M.D.; Meagher, D.M.; Ford, T.S., 1985:
Use of cancellous bone graft in treatment of navicular bone osteomyelitis in a foal

Lawrence, K.; Palmer, G.H.; Needham, J.R., 1986:
Use of carbenicillin in two species of tortoise (Testudo graeca and T hermanni)

Brandenburg, R.L., 1985:
Use of carbofuran as an aid in spring establishment of alfalfa in Missouri

Steadham J.E.; Geis P.A.; Simmank J.L., 1986:
Use of carbohydrate and nitrate assimilations in the identification of dematiaceous fungi

Tyrrell, H.F.; Pelletier, G.; Chevalier, R.; Hillaire Marcel, C.; Gagnon, M., 1984 :
Use of carbon 13 as tracer in metabolism studies

Enoch, H.Z.; Carmi, I.; Rounick, J.S.; Magaritz, M., 1984:
Use of Carbon Isotopes to Estimate Incorporation of Added CO(2) by Greenhouse-Grown Tomato Plants

Baker, J.R.; Gatesman, T.J., 1985:
Use of carfentanil and a ketamine-xylazine mixture to immobilise wild grey seals (Halichoerus grypus)

Takase, M.; Fukuwatari, Y.; Kawase, K., 1984:
Use of casein hydrolysate in special foods

Fabbri, R.; Casa, G.D.lla; Rosi, M.A.; Bergonzini, E., 1986:
Use of cassava in the feeding of heavy pigs

Jaenh, A.; Lambert, M.S., 1983:
Use of castor oil seed cake as a nematicide in coffee nurseries

Signorini, G.C.; Gobbi, L., 1984:
Use of cefalexin sodium in cattle: blood kinetics and clinical and therapeutic observations

Serieys, F., 1985:
Use of cell counts in milk from individual cows for diagnosis of intramammary infection

Prakash, J.; Foxe, M.J., 1984:
Use of cellulase 'Onozuka' RS and Pectolyase Y-23 in isolating leaf mesophyll protoplasts from two recalcitrant potato cultivars

Cochran, D.L.; Threadgill, E.D.; Young, J.R., 1984:
Use of center pivot simulator for chemigation research

Venzloff, F.; Freitas, B., 1985 :
Use of ceramics for floors in livestock housing without litter

Quarantelli, A.; Sabbioni, A.; Superchi, P.; Lucchelli, L., 1986:
Use of chelated trace element complexes in aviculture

Gregoriou, C.; Papademetriou, M.; Christofides, L., 1983:
Use of chelates for correcting iron chlorosis in avocados growing in calcareous soil in Cyprus

Turner M.A.; Hendrickson L.L.; Corey R.B., 1984:
Use of chelating resins in metal adsorption studies

Borden, P.; Campbell, R.W., 1985:
Use of chemical growth regulators to increase growth of 'Meyer' zoysiagrass

Nekrasov, N.Y.; Sudin, V.M., 1983:
Use of chemical mutagenesis in producing economically useful forms

Polyakov, A.V., 1982:
Use of chemical mutagens to obtain lines of garden pea equalling their initial F1 heterotic hybrids in yield

Fesyun, G.I.; Koltypin, Y.A.; Malykhina, T.A.; Cherepanova, T.A., 1985:
Use of chemical preservatives during ensiling

Schall, W., 1985:
Use of chips produced in the forest for particleboard manufacture

Prekoppova, J., 1984:
Use of chloramphenicol agar in determination of yeasts and moulds in cheeses

Brown, G.E.; Wardowski, W.F., 1984:
Use of chlorine and chlorine dioxide in Florida citrus packinghouses to reduce inoculum of decay pathogens

Alisova, S.M.; Tikhonovich, I.A., 1983:
Use of chlorophyll mutants of pea as models for studying the interaction between photosynthesis and symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Wiese, A.F.; Lavake, D.E., 1983:
Use of chlorsulfuron in limited tillage systems

Perry, T.W.; Riley, J.G.; Mohler, M.T.; Pope, R.V., 1986:
Use of chlortetracycline for treatment of new feedlot cattle

Haseeb, A.; Alam, M.M., 1984:
Use of chopped floral plant parts in suppressing population of plant parasitic nematodes

Prada, F.; Ghion, E.; Zogno, M.A., 1983:
Use of chromic oxide for estimating apparent digestibility of DM in turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo). 2. Excretion and recovery of chromic oxide administered in gelatin capsules mixed with the feed

Prada, F.; Zogno, M.A.; Ghion, E., 1982:
Use of chromic oxide for estimating apparent digestibility of dry matter in turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo). 1. Comparison of administration of the indicator in gelatin capsules or mixed with the feed

Baxter, J.A.; Terhune, S.J.; Qureshi, S.A., 1983:
Use of chromotropic acid for improved thin-layer chromatographic visualization of trichothecene mycotoxins

Florensa, P.; Ponce, J.; Soliva, M.; Torras, G.; Vinals, N., 1985:
Use of city-refuse compost in bio-intensive French method in horticulture

Rossi, V.; Battilani, P., 1986:
Use of climatic factors in forecasting primary infections of Cercospora beticola Sacc

Braun, H., 1985:
Use of clone selection as a breeding method, with reference to the 1970 IUFRO Douglas fir provenance trial at Stralsund

Tromas, J.; Cornier, A.; Salembier, E., 1983:
Use of clopyralid for weed control in oilseed rape

Cerulli, R., 1984:
Use of closantel in the treatment and prevention of myiasis in dogs

Riekerk, H.; Kohrnak, L.V., 1984:
Use of coal-ash for Casuarina forest biomass production

Samoil, H.P.; Samuel, W.M., 1981:
Use of coccidia as indicators of phylogenetic relationships of members of the order Lagomorpha

Hindersmann, U.; Neumann, G.; Elpers, E., 1985:
Use of coformulations with fluorochloridone for weed control in potatoes and winter wheat in Belgium

Kmet, P.; Lindorff, D.E., 1983:
Use of collection lysimeters in monitoring sanitary landfill performance

Demmrich, C., 1986:
Use of colostrum at different times after birth at a dairy unit with 1930 cattle. Brief communication

Parii, F.N.; Dolotii, L.A., 1983:
Use of coloured forms of beet as testers in evaluating combining ability

Fisher, J.R.; Branson, T.F.; Sutter, G.R., 1984:
Use of common squash cultivars, Cucurbita spp., for mass collection of corn rootworm beetles, Diabrotica spp. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Nurmi, E., 1985:
Use of competitive exclusion in prevention of salmonellae and other enteropathogenic bacteria infections in poultry

Czarnyszewicz, J.; Kozowski, M.; Tywonczuk, J., 1984:
Use of complete feeds of simplified composition for feeding weaned piglets

Choudhry, M.V.sweswara-Rao, K., 1984:
Use of composite anthropometric indices as an alternative to body weight for evaluation of nutritional status

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Use of computer graphics in developing density maps for the date culture of Al-Hassa oasis in Saudi Arabia

Eckelman, W.; Oelkers, K.H., 1984:
Use of computer processing in production of 1:50 000 and 1:25 000 pedological maps

Petrovskii, V.S.; Dang Zui Sho (Dang, Z.S., 1984:
Use of computers for determining the volume of assortments in stands

Ziegler, H., 1984:
Use of computers for planning production and stocks in a soft cheese factory

Miner, R., 1984:
Use of computers in crop production by a commercial pest control operator

Hagemann, N.B., 1985:
Use of computers on the cane farm

Bouchet, B.; Rey, L.; Gallant, D.J., 1984:
Use of concanavalin A labelled with colloidal gold as a marker for starch grains

Schult, G., 1985:
Use of concentrate feeds in the feeding of coypu

Boxtel, A.J.B. van; Vries, J. de, 1985:
Use of conductivity measurements in the separation of successive flows of product and water and of water and detergent

Reznitskii, I.G., 1985:
Use of contact reactors with nonsteady conditions of oxidation of SO2 in the processing of low-SO2 gases to sulfuric acid

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