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Use of ammonium and magnesium perchlorates as components of a liquid feed supplement and of a mixed feed for fattening cattle

Sudovtsev, A.I.; Alimov, T.K.

Ispol' zovanie preparatov solei khlornoi kisloty v zhivotnovodstve Use of perchloric acid salts in animal husbandry: 48-51


Accession: 001503843

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For 100 days, young bulls were fed on a diet of mixed feeds and a liquid feed supplement containing ammonium perchlorate at 2.5 or 3.0 mg/kg bodyweight. The control group was given daily a ration of beet pulp 40, concentrate 3 and a liquid feed supplement 1 kg. The liquid feed supplement contained beet molasses 84.0, urea 8.5, diammonium phosphate 5.4, Glauber's salt 2.0, and a mixture of vitamin A, ergocalciferol, trace elements, Kormogrizin, Pektavamorin 0.1%. In a second feeding trial, young Simmental bulls were fed on a concentrate hay diet alone (control) or that diet plus magnesium perchlorate 3 mg/kg bodyweight. The perchlorates were withdrawn from the rations 3 days before the bulls were slaughtered.

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