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Utilization of Phytophthora-blight-resistant Solanum and Capsicum as rootstocks for the sweet pepper, Capsicum annuum L. 2. Effect of soil temperature after planting on growth and yield of sweet pepper grafted on Phytophthora-blight-resistant variety LS 279 and the use of Capsicum hybrids as rootstocks for sweet peppers

Sawahata, K.; Yoneyama, S.; Onuma, K.

Bulletin of Ibaraki Ken Horticultural Experiment Station 11: 1-9


Accession: 001505294

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Experiments were performed to determine the effect of different soil temperatures (15, 20 or 25 degrees C) on the growth and yield of capsicum Tosa Green B grafted on rootstocks LS 279 or Tosa Green B. On both rootstocks growth was superior and yield highest at 25 degrees. Plants grafted on Tosa Green B rootstocks showed superior growth and yield compared with those on LS 279.

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