Section 2
Chapter 1,506

Vacuum treatment of milk used to produce cultured milk products

Rage, A.; Gjengedal, O.; Hov, J.P.

Meieriposten 73(19): 542-546


Accession: 001505738

The effect of vacuum deaeration of milk on the quality of cultured milk products was studied. Milk was deaerated under vacuum to reduce air content from 1.3-1.8% to 0.1-0.2%, and used in large-scale production of yoghurt, kefir and cultured skim milk. The products were examined after storage at 5 degrees C for 1 or 8 days (6 or 20 days for yoghurt). Vacuum treatment increased the stability (reduced whey separation) of kefir and cultured skim milk, but had no effect on yoghurt stability.

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