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Vegetative propagation in vitro, by shoot proliferation, of two species of Serapias: S. olbia Verguin and S. pseudocordigera Moric. (Orchidaceae)

Bulletin de la Societe Botanique de France, Lettres Botaniques 132(4/5): 289-300

Vegetative propagation in vitro, by shoot proliferation, of two species of Serapias: S. olbia Verguin and S. pseudocordigera Moric. (Orchidaceae)

Primary shoots, collected from tubers of both species, were cultured on a medium rich in organic substances, containing kinetin, GA3 and IAA. When they reached 5 mm in length they were transferred to a second medium containing Knudson's mineral solution, Murashige and Skoog micronutrients, vitamins B and C, sucrose and BA.

Accession: 001507145

Related references

Ponchet M.; Beck D.; Poupet A., 1985: In vitro shoot proliferation for mass propagation of two species of serapias serapias olbia and serapias pseudocordigera orchidaceae. Two species of Serapias :S. olbia Verguin and S. pseudocordigera Moric were aseptically cultured in vitro. The primary shoots were collected on the tubers as meristems which were grown on a first medium rich in organic substances till they had rea...

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