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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wagner, H., 1984: Where is MHC restriction determined ?

Gates, D. W., 1983: Where mefluidide fits in soybean weed control programs

Stewart, A., 1986: Where next for mammalian male-specific (H-Y) antigen(s)?

Martin, B.; Mason, S., 1984: Where shall we take our leisure?

Ramirez, R.; Villa, I., 1985: Where the campesinos are consultants

Vogel, H., 1985: Where the nitrate in ground water comes from

Anonymous, 1986: Where the right policies get no credit

Dickson, M., 1983: Where there is no dentist

Mules, T. J.; Powell, R. A.; Jensen, R. C.; West, G. R., 1985: Where there's smoke there's fire - an apology and a statement; Responsibility and objectivity in economic research. (2 papers)

Schneider, M., 1985: Where to with the agricultural surpluses?

Bos, M. G., 1985: Where water leaves the irrigation system

Mortensen, H. P.; Madsen, A.; Jensen, G. K.; Oslund, J. K.; Bejerholm, C.; Barton, P., 1985: Whey and permeate for bacon pigs

Sienkiewicz, T.; Riedel, C. L., 1986: Whey and whey utilization

Teuber, M.; Moebus, O., 1982: Whey as substrate and process water for the production of single-cell protein

Kierstan, M. P. J. (Irish Republic), 1984: Whey derivatives

Prendergast, K., 1985: Whey drinks - technology, processing and marketing

Petrovskaya, V. A.; Osikina, R. V., 1983: Whey feeding increased yield and fat content of milk

Anonymous, 1983: Whey finishing system increases dryer capacity 50%

Kolev A., 1984: Whey lactosylurea as a product for feeding ruminants

Aleksandrov, S.; Stoyanov, A.; Vitkov, V. T.; Kolev, A.; Rachev, M.; Kozhev, A., 1985: Whey lactosylurea in diets for fattening lambs

Kemp, D. L.; Quickenden, J., 1986: Whey processing for profit - a worthy alternative

Anonymous, 1985: Whey processing for profit. Society of Dairy Technology Symposium

Jelen, P., 1983: Whey processing research: where are we and where are we going?

Otten, M. G., 1986: Whey protein concentrate: past, present and future

Harbo, H. B., 1983: Whey protein concentrates - a new challenge to the Danish dairy industry

Sukegawa, K., 1984: Whey protein denaturation during the manufacture of various milk products

Andres, C., 1983: Whey protein line expanded by addition of functional blends

Matthews, M. E., 1984: Whey protein recovery processes and products

Ayers, J. S.; Elgar, D. F.; Petersen, M. J., 1986: Whey protein recovery using IndionReg. S, an industrial ion exchanger for proteins

Humphrey, R., 1984: Whey proteins

Rejman, J. J.; Hurley, W. L., 1985: Whey proteins in dry cow mammary secretions: levels of beta -lactoglobulin

Coton, S. G., 1985: Whey resources and utilization

Mann, E. J., 1986: Whey utilisation

Moulin, G.; Galzy, P., 1984: Whey, a potential substrate for biotechnology

Strudsholm, F.; Andersen, H. R., 1985: Whey, permeate and concentrated whey for young bulls

Bily, R. R., 1984: Whey-soybean product and process for making the product

Heath, J., 1984: Whey: biotechnology points the 'whey'

Morris, S.; Nixon, J.; Kilgour, R., 1985: Whey: feed or fertiliser

Vinayak, V. K., 1985: Which amoebae are harmful?

Salette, J., 1985: Which benefits can be derived from improving pasture utilization?

Proctor, G., 1985: Which chemical applicator?

D' Amato, A.; Cremaschi, D., 1985: Which cultivars to grow in Sila for seed potato production

Anonymous, 1986: Which external markets for agricultural products?

Gasquez, J.; Al Mouemar, A.; Darmency, H., 1984: Which genes for chloroplast resistance to triazines in Chenopodium album L.?

Bing, A., 1985: Which herbicides are safe for bulbs?

Goldhammer, T., 1984: Which herbicides to use at which temperature?

Buschmann, H., 1986: Which immunological parameters may be used as auxiliary selection criteria for disease resistance in pigs?

Wanhill, S. R. C., 1986: Which investment incentives for tourism?

Kneissl, F., 1984: Which is cheaper - hail nets or hail insurance? Part 1 - Hail nets. Part 2 - Hail insurance

Gigon, A., 1983: Which is the most important site factor causing floristic differences between neighbouring plant communities? Investigations on alpine grasslands on silicate, carbonate and serpentine

Koch, H., 1984: Which jet should it be?

Rowland, K. W., 1984: Which lighting pattern for layers?

Mani, R., 1985: Which lines do AI boars stem from?

Kaltofen, H.; Neubert, K.; Schrader, A., 1984: Which parts of graminaceous seedlings elongate immediately after germination?

Bleser, M.; Muller, A.; Breutmann, B., 1985: Which plants are rewarding high-stem subjects

Ott, A.; Stadler, E., 1985: Which tandem mower should I buy?

Horvath, G., 1986: Which way is horticultural production going in Bacs-Kiskun?

Charlwood, J. D., 1984: Which way now for malaria control?

Popowitz, R., 1985: Which way to the top? The case of acquisition vs. new business development

Provily, Z.; Ven, M. J. M. van de (Netherlands), 1985: Whippable, non-homogenised cream having a fat content of 20 to 30% by weight

Mann, E. J., 1985: Whipping cream and whipped cream

Gras, C.; Chapoy, P.; Aubry, P.; Renoux, E.; Floch, J. J., 1986: Whipple's disease of seventeen years duration, associated with larva migrans, a visible manifestation of strongyloidiasis

Perdrizet, J. A.; King, J. M., 1986: Whipworm (Trichuris discolor) infection in dairy replacement heifers

Anonymous, 1984: Whirinaki State Forest - a management study in dense podocarp forest

Boustead, N. C., 1985: Whirling disease (Myxosoma cerebralis) occurrence in New Zealand

Alderman, D. J., 1986: Whirling disease chemotherapy

Jaher, F. C., 1985: White America views Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, and Muhammad Ali

Chappelka, A. H, I I. I.; Chevone, B. I., 1986: White ash seedling growth response to ozone and simulated acid rain

Anonymous, 1983: White book on tourism in Catalonia

Arkhipov, G. E., 1984: White butterflies on cabbage

Biesheuvel, A. R., 1985: White cabbage for sauerkraut preparation

Zimmerman, T., 1985: White cattle USA

Anonymous, 1983: White clover

Jonsson, H. A., 1983: White clover (Trifolium repens) Sonja

Jones, R. M., 1984: White clover (Trifolium repens) in subtropical South-East Queensland III. Increasing clover and animal production by use of lime and flexible stocking rates

Fetiskin, I. P., 1984: White clover Smena

Carlson, G. E.; Gibson, P. B.; Baltensperger, D. D., 1985: White clover and other perennial clovers

Pearson, W. D., 1985: White clover seed production in high country pasture

Oosten, A. A. van, 1984: White currants are sitting in the sunshine

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510082

Anonymous, 1984: White grub control

Jambrina A, J. L., 1985: White lupin. A protein-producing legume

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510085

Bond, M., 1985: White paper tackles countryside criticisms

Steinman, H. K.; Pappenfort, R. B., 1984: White piedra - a case report and review of the literature

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510088

Gold, I.; Sommer, B.; Urson, S.; Schewach Millet, M., 1984: White piedra. A frequently misdiagnosed infection of hair

Grainger, C. R., 1986: White piedra: a case with evidence of spread by contact

Shepard, R. K., 1983: White pine (Pinus strobus L.) fertilization work through 1982

Hunt, R. S.; Rudloff, E. von; Lapp, M. S.; Manville, J. F., 1985: White pine blister rust in British Columbia III. Effects on the gene pool of western white pine

Gaffney, G.; Holmes, R.; Tweedy, J., 1983: White pine tolerance and weed control with several postemergence herbicides

Entwistle, A. R.; Riddle, S. L.; Walker, A.; Brown, P. A.; White, J. G.; Horobin, J. F.; Dowker, B. D., 1985: White rot disease of onions

Entwistle, A. R.; Hawling, S. L.; Horobin, J. F.; Dowker, B. D., 1984: White rot disease of onions. Genetic resistance in A. cepa and A. sativum

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510096

Petkov, R., 1984: White rust of chrysanthemum

Rudnick, M., 1986: White spot disease on Chinese cabbage in Schleswig-Holstein

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510100

Payette, S.; Filion, L., 1985: White spruce expansion at the tree line and recent climatic change

Mohanan, R. C.; Kaveriappa, K. M., 1983: White thread blight of cacao in India

Norel, A. van, 1985: White-flowered faba beans (Vicia faba L.): advantages and disadvantages

Gourbiere, F., 1983: White-rot of Abies alba Mill. 2. Spatio-temporal distribution and annual activity of Basidiomycetes of the genus Collybia

Ram, P., 1986: Whitebacked planthopper WBPH and leaffolder LF in Haryana

Rapusas, H. R.; Heinrichs, E. A., 1985: Whitebacked planthopper WBPH growth and development on rices with monogenic or digenic resistance

Kushwaha, K. S.; Singh, R., 1986: Whitebacked planthopper WBPH outbreak in Haryana, India

Baumgartner, J.; Delucchi, V.; Arx, R. von; Rubli, D., 1986: Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Genn., Stern.: Aleyrodidae) infestation patterns as influenced by cotton, weather and Heliothis: hypotheses testing by using simulation models

Paulson, GS.; Beardsley, JW., 1985: Whitefly (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) egg pedicel insertion into host plant stomata

Brown, J. K.; Nelson, M. R., 1986: Whitefly-borne viruses of melons and lettuce in Arizona

Graaf van der Zande, M. T. de, 1985: Whitfieldia elongata is beautiful but difficult to grow

Poethig, S., 1984: Whither Cg?

Rothwell, N. J.; Stock, M. J., 1986: Whither brown fat?

Gopala Rao, H. S.; Maheswari, A., 1985: Whither central wholesale markets?

Azam, K. M., 1986: Whither rural development?

Cloke, P. J., 1985: Whither rural studies?

Anonymous, 1985: Whitland Creamery ready to face the future

Warner, E., 1985: Who are the bottle bandits?

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510120

Philcox, C., 1985: Who cares about the disabled?

Worsley, A; Crawford, D., 1986: Who complies with the Australian dietary guidelines?

Obbelode, M.; Busacker, D., 1984: Who does self-help help? Farmers in Bourkina Fasso and a concept of development policy

Anonymous, 1985: Who does the land belong to? Social action groups in India

Noble, A., 1985: Who has the last laugh?

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510126

Rattin, S., 1984: Who is setting up in farming? (1979-81)

Freckleton, A., 1985: Who is shaping the nutritional label?

Wikerhauser, T., 1986: Who is who in the parasitic fauna of marine fishes: Anisakis and Kudoa

Coolman, F., 1984: Who is who: a directory of agricultural engineers available for work in developing countries

Shehata, S. A., 1984: Who likes honey? A determination of consumer awareness and preferences for honey in the Fresno markets

Anonymous, 1983: Who owns Appalachia? Landownership and its impact

Shields, F. E., 1985: Who owns the land? - who farms the land?

Reddy, S. T. S., 1985: Who prefers eucalyptus and why

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510136

Mastriona, G., 1985: Who says you can't surf Colorado? A $2.5 million success story

Kunzi, N., 1985: Who should be responsible for breeding beef calves?

Sinden, J. A., 1984: Who should pay for non-wood forest values?

Lichtenberg, E.; Getz, W. M., 1984: Who should pay for rice-field mosquito control?

Anonymous, 1985: Who travels where?

Callear, D., 1985: Who wants to be a peasant? Food production in a labour-exporting area of Zimbabwe

Richardson, D. R., 1986: Who will survive?

Sanders, R., 1985: Who'll buy my wares?

Anonymous, 1983: Who's where in recreation education. A directory of professional preparation curricula in parks, recreation, leisure, and related areas

Anonymous, 1985: Who's who in world agriculture: a biographical guide in the agricultural and veterinary sciences. Vol. 1 - A to L, Vol. 2 - M to Z

Anonymous, 1985: Who's who on the high street

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510148

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510149

Chatelain, J.; Haimart, M.; Launay, J. M.; Baille, V.; Dreux, C.; Cathala, F., 1984: Whole blood histamine and serotonin in sheep with scrapie: preliminary results

Dell, RB.; Mott, GE.; Jackson, EM.; Ramakrishnan, R. Carey, KD.; McGill, H. C.; Jr.; Goodman, DS., 1985: Whole body and tissue cholesterol turnover in the baboon

Krishnamurti C.R., 1984: Whole body and tissue fractional protein synthesis in the ovine fetus in utero

Robert, J. J.; Beaufrere, B.; Koziet, J.; Desjeux, J. F.; Bier, D. M.; Young, V. R.; Lestradet, H., 1985: Whole body de novo amino acid synthesis in type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes studied with stable isotope-labeled leucine, alanine, and glycine

Jequier E., 1985: Whole body protein synthesis and energy expenditure in very low birth weight infants

Holt, Tl; Ward, Lc; Francis, Pj; Isles, A; Cooksley, Wge; Shepherd, Rw, 1985: Whole body protein turnover in malnourished cystic fibrosis patients and its relationship to pulmonary disease

Tashiro, T.; Yamamori, H.; Mashima, Y.; Okui, K., 1985: Whole body protein turnover, synthesis, and breakdown in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition before and after recovery from surgical stress

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510158

DePeters, E.; Taylor, S.; Aguirre, A., 1985: Whole cottonseed increases milk fat, decreases milk protein

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510160

Anderson, Kb; Ikerd, Je, 1985: Whole farm risk-rating microcomputer model

Johnson, J.; Baum, K., 1986: Whole farm survey data for economic indicators and performance measures

Murphy, C. P.; Terry, S. I.; Golden, M.; Bundy, D. A. P., 1985: Whole gut irrigation in strongyloidiasis

Contini, R., 1986: Whole maize silage in the feeding of sows

Troccon, J. L., 1984: Whole milk and colostrum for rearing calves

Fallon, R. J.; Harte, F. J., 1986: Whole milk or milk replacer to calves

Faivishevskii, M.; Podsoblyaeva, L.; Smekalov, N., 1985: Whole milk substitutes containing cattle slaughter wastes

Goetsch, A. L.; Owens, F. N.; Doran, B. E., 1986: Whole or ground corn with different roughage sources in high concentrate diets for beef heifers

Schaffer, B.; Barden, J. A.; Williams, J. M., 1986: Whole plant photosynthesis and dry-matter partitioning in fruiting and deblossomed day-neutral strawberry plants

Kaye P.L., 1986: Whole protein uptake and metabolism by mouse blastocysts

Sahlu T., 1985: Whole rolled sunflower seeds with or without additional limestone in lactating dairy cattle rations

Lietzke, D. A., 1985: Whole soil mineralogy - criteria for mineralogical families in Soil Taxonomy

Ritter, H., 1985: Whole tree harvesting of Norway spruce smallwood with the aid of a small portable winch

Negi, J. S.; Prabhakar, D. B.; Chawla, J. S., 1984: Whole tree utilisation: pine twigs for fibre boards

Eriksson, L. O., 1984: Whole tree utilization and sustained yield

Dallosso, H. M.; James, W. P. T., 1984: Whole-body calorimetry studies in adult men. 1. The effect of fat over-feeding on 24 h energy expenditure

De-Benoist, B; Jackson, Aa; Hall, Jse; Persaud, C., 1985: Whole-body protein turnover in Jamaican women during normal pregnancy

Anonymous, 1983: Whole-body vibration

Kohne, G.; Zerlett, G.; Duntze, H., 1982: Whole-body vibration on earth-moving equipment - development of appropriate attenuation systems

Wikstrom, B. O.; Eskilsson, U., 1983: Whole-body vibrations in forest machines of year models 1981/83

Jagger, C., 1986: Whole-farm vs part-farm voluntary land retirement programs

McCree, K. J., 1986: Whole-plant carbon balance during osmotic adjustment to drought and salinity stress

Link, S. O.; Caldwell, M. M., 1985: Whole-plant gas exchange characteristics of Agropyron desertorum, A. spicatum, and Artemisia tridentata in competition

Schulze, E. D., 1986: Whole-plant responses to drought

Munns, R.; Termaat, A., 1986: Whole-plant responses to salinity

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510195

Bennecke, K., 1985: Whole-tree harvesting in young Norway spruce stands

Buchner, W.; Vollmer, F. J., 1984: Whole-year soil covering as a practical measure for soil and groundwater protection

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510199

Pinsuti, C. A.; Sueyoshi, M. L. S.; Camargo Filho, W. P. de, 1984: Wholesale prices of market garden produce 1977-81

Srikantia, S. G., 1986: Wholesomeness of irradiated wheat

Al Hakkak, Z. S.; Ali, S. R.; Ahmed, M. S. H.; Al Maliky, S. K., 1984: Wholesomeness studies with a full diet of irradiated dates on the insect Ephestia cautella (Walker): III. Effects of long term feeding

Chisholm, N. G., 1984: Whose rural development? Socio-economic change in DTW (Deep Tubewell) Pumpgroups in Bogra District, Northwest Bangladesh

Howes, M., 1985: Whose water? An investigation of the consequences of alternative approaches to small scale irrigation in Bangladesh

Dzurec, D. J.; Zall, R. R., 1986: Why Cottage cheese yields are increased when milk is heated on the farm

Scotto, M., 1985: Why Europe is awash with undrinkable wine

McInerney, J. P., 1984: Why Europe needs a different CAP

Alvares, C., 1985: Why European activists should oppose Operation Flood

Long, W. H.; Nelson, L. D.; Templet, P. J.; Viator, C. P., 1985: Why Louisiana sugar cane borers generally are more numerous in fields of coarse than fine textured soils

Hanusiak, R. E., 1984: Why New Brunswick has a crop protection program

Goldthorpe, C. C., 1985: Why Papua New Guinea needs plantations

Fischer, H., 1984: Why Samoa? Tourists and tourism in the South Pacific

Fortmann, L.; Rocheleau, D. E., 1984: Why agroforestry needs women: four myths and a case study

Jannermann, G., 1984: Why and how farm projections?

Herrmann, R. O.; Warland, R. H.; Feick, L. F., 1982: Why aren't women drinking more milk?

Gorringe, J. A. L., 1986: Why blame butter?: discussion paper

Scoviak, M., 1986: Why business travelers spend US$128 million annually at Mandarin's hotels

Hedgcoth, C., 1985: Why clone wheat storage protein genes ?

Gunn, C. A., 1984: Why curricula in tourism and commercial recreation?

Ottosen, C. O., 1984: Why defoliate tomato plants?

Abdelkarim, A., 1985: Why do Gezira tenants withhold their households' labour?

Rong, S., 1984: Why do communes, production brigades and teams get rich while elementary schools fall into disrepair?

Jackson, J. K., 1984: Why do forest plantations fail?

Lewin, R., 1985: Why do inbred mice evolve so quickly?

Rober, R.; Lohweg, E.; Haas, H. P., 1985: Why do peat culture substrates become infected with fungi?

Hendry, G., 1986: Why do plants have cytochrome P-450? Detoxification versus defence

Beyer, E. M, Jr, 1984: Why do plants metabolize ethylene?

Beynen, Ac; Katan, Mb, 1985: Why do polyunsaturated fatty acids lower serum cholesterol?

McPherson, M., 1986: Why do researchers continue to ignore risk in tests of farmer efficiency? A comment on Shapiro's rejection of the efficient but poor hypothesis

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510231

Merrick, M.; Dixon, R., 1984: Why don't plants fix nitrogen?

Wijewardene, R.; Weerakoon, L., 1984: Why farm power?

Wiese, G., 1985: Why field vegetable production is moving away into agriculture. Cost pressures

Bacon, J., 1985: Why flying locusts do not crash

Rifkin, S. B.; Walt, G., 1986: Why health improves: defining the issues concerning comprehensive primary health care and selective primary health care

Clark, R. N.; Downing, K. B., 1985: Why here and not there: the conditional nature of recreation choice. In: Proceedings - symposium on recreation choice behavior, Missoula, Montana, March 22-23, 1984

Russell, B. P., 1985: Why invest in private woodlands or continue with them?

Kiss, J., 1985: Why is Africa suffering from hunger?

Wiggins, S. L., 1985: Why is the expatriate agricultural project manager's lot so difficult?

O' Meara, J. T., 1984: Why is village agriculture stagnating? A social and economic analysis of Samoan village agriculture

Richmond, C., 1985: Why legionnaires' bacteria are hardy

Simpson, SJ.; Ludlow, AR., 1986: Why locusts start to feed: a comparison of causal factors

Zaidi, S. A., 1986: Why medical students will not practice in rural areas: evidence from a survey

Neururer, H., 1985: Why more manual weed control in 1985 in sugarbeet?

Fuschini, E., 1985: Why must an embargo be placed on the bull called EXPO 6316-368 Plantahof?

Nji, A.; Nji, K. L., 1985: Why my mother died illiterate. For an appropriate technology in adult literacy programs in Cameroon

McClintock, C., 1984: Why peasants rebel; the case of Peru's Sendero Luminoso

Skutsch, M. M., 1983: Why people don't plant trees: the socioeconomic impacts of existing woodfuel programs: village case studies, Tanzania

Lee, S. H., 1985: Why people intend to move. Individual and community-level factors of out-migration in the Philippines

Levi, J. F. S., 1985: Why poor people really stay poor: a synoptic view with reference to food production

Walchli, O., 1985: Why protect wood chemically?

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510254

Matthews, B., 1984: Why so many tree diseases?

Wunderlich, W. R., 1983: Why the African bee Apis mellifera adansonii was transported to Brazil

Perrot, M., 1985: Why the Red Pied breed on a farm in the L'Isere region?

Anonymous, 1986: Why the world does not need EEC grain surpluses

Brener, Z., 1986: Why vaccines do not work in Chagas disease

Bergh, O., 1985: Why was 1985 a 'small fruit year' for Granny Smith?

Snoek, N. J., 1984: Why, when and how? Topping of Brussels sprouts

Anonymous, 1985: Whyalla foreshore development plan

Rijbroek, P. van, 1985: Wide choice of leek cultivars for winter culture

Rijbroek, P. van; Schroen, G., 1985: Wide choice of varieties for the autumn culture of beetroot

Finch, R. A.; Bennett, M. D., 1985: Wide crosses in the genus Hordeum

Laurie, D. A.; Bennett, M. D., 1985: Wide crosses involving maize (Zea mays)

Laurie, D. A.; Bennett, M. D., 1986: Wide crosses involving maize (Zea mays)

Lyrene, P. M.; Ballington, J. R, Jr, 1986: Wide hybridization in Vaccinium

Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510269

Anonymous, 1985: Wide policy options in Commission discussion document

Fryk, J., 1984: Wide spacing after cleaning of young forest stands - stand properties and yield

Mori, N.; Murase, T.; Yamada, N.; Arakawa, N.; Takaku, F., 1984: Wide variations of plasma triglyceride concentrations in guinea pigs

Dewey, D. R., 1984: Wide-hybridization and induced-polyploid breeding strategies for perennial grasses of the Triticeae tribe

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Hillman, J. S.; Rothenberg, R. A., 1985: Wider implications of protecting Japan's rice farmers

Jorgensen, J. H., 1985: Wider use of cell counts

Parera, V., 1983: Wider uses of the girdling system in Sikka

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Lebedev, V. B.; Shkalikov, V. A.; Khalvashi, Kh M., 1986: Wild grasses as reservoirs of Pyricularia infection of rice

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Kochkareva, T. F.; Chukavina, A. P., 1985: Wild growing food plants of the Khovalingskii region (central Tadzhikistan)

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Miller, S. D.; Nalewaja, J. D., 1985: Wild oat seed longevity and production

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Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510316

Somody, C. N.; Nalewaja, J. D.; Miller, S. D., 1984: Wild oats (Avena fatua) seed environment and germination

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Section 2, Chapter 1511, Accession 001510319

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