Yield and quality of tobacco seed as affected by environmental factors. III. Seed yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco in relation to planting dates

Chang, C.S.; Hung, C.T.; Liaw, C.D.

Bulletin of the Taiwan Tobacco Research Institute 22: 1-12


Accession: 001511597

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Tobacco cv. TT5, TT6 and TT7 was transplanted on 3 dates between 19 Sept. and 13 Oct. Seed yield, total number of flowers/plant and the percentage of abnormal flowers were greatest in cv. TT5 and lowest in cv. TT6. Early transplanting favoured seed production and gave a high total number of flowers/plant. Bagging the seed head resulted in seed yields reduced by 20.9% with early transplanting and 40.3% with late transplanting.