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15-year service performance of copper-chromium-arsenic treated poles of Araucaria spp. in Papua New Guinea and some preservative retention data

Chin, C.W.; Natera, J.; McEvoy, C.

Holzforschung 42(2): 137-140


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-3830
Accession: 001512642

A total of 234 poles of A. cunninghamii and A. hunsteinii in a transmission line from Lae to Bulolo was inspected for sapwood condition at or below the groundline, internal condition, burnt condition and above ground surface condition. The sapwood of all but one of the poles was in excellent condition, 91% were internally sound, and 15% had been affected to varying degrees by fire. Most of the poles had slight to moderate checks on the surface, but some had severe checks with associated decay.

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