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A comparison between carcass characteristics of yearling ram lambs and old rams and ewes of Arabi sheep

Tahir, M.A.; Al Amin, S.K.; Al Maraashi, A.M.; Hanna, S.S.

World Review of Animal Production 22(4): 91-95


Accession: 001513768

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The carcasses of 15 Arabi sheep, aged 1.0-1.5 or 2.5-7.0 yr, and of 6 aged 4.5-8.0 yr, were evaluated. Carcass weight and weights of 10 other organs and body regions were significantly heavier in 2.5-7.0-yr-old rams than in the other sheep. The 3 groups differed significantly in dressing percentage, and in the weight of feet, skin and kidney fat, expressed as a percentage of carcass weight.

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