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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515000

Locke M., 1987: A function for pericardial cells in an insect

Kupr, J.; Lanca, I., 1988: A functional and power comparison of the drum- and wheel-type chopping mechanisms of chopper-harvesters

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Lofgren K.G., 1987: A fundamental inequality for the assessment of forest land values

Parker D.S., 1987: A fundamental model for trickling filter process design

Belov, E., 1988: A fundamental solution of the problems of storage and processing

D' Arcy Burt, S., 1987: A fungal pathogen of larvae of Bibio johannis L. and Dilophus febrilis L. (Dipt., Bibionidae)

Koski, P.; Aho, R.; Rintamaki, P.; Salonen, A., 1987: A fungal swimbladder infection caused by Verticillium lecanii in farmed Baltic salmon

Culbreth, C. T., 1988: A furniture parts classification and coding system

Sieber, J., 1988: A further 5 new ADR roses in 1987

Klodzinski, M., 1987: A further consideration of the economic situation of farms of mixed income sources in Poland

Vannella, S., 1985: A further contribution to the study of mathematical functions suitable for calculating cumulative yields

Goodwin, J. A. S.; Forster, C. F., 1985: A further examination into the composition of activated sludge surfaces in relation to their settlement characteristics

Forster C.F., 1987: A further examination into the problem of stable foams in activated sludge plants

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Villiers, P. C. de; Smith, H. E.; Vismer, H., 1986: A further indigenous case of 'North American' blastomycosis from South Africa. Importance of skin lesions in early diagnosis

Kennedy, B. W., 1985: A further look at evidence for cytoplasmic inheritance of production traits in dairy cattle

Kennedy B.W., 1986: A further look at evidence for cytoplasmic inheritance of production traits in dairy cattle

Sauveur, B., unda: A further review of some dietary factors controlling leg abnormalities in poultry

Birnie, J. E., 1985: A further study of the effect of six cereal herbicide treatments on a range of broadleaved field margin plants

Anonymous, 1986: A further study of the prices of packages offered by European tour operators in 1986

Katakura H., 1986: A further study on the effect of interspecific mating on the fitness in a pair of sympatric phytophagous ladybirds

Di Luccia A., 1988: A gel electrophoretic study of caprine casein

Dow, J. M.; Scofield, G.; Trafford, K.; Turner, P. C.; Daniels, M. J., 1987: A gene cluster in Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris required for pathogenicity controls the excretion of polygalacturonate lyase and other enzymes

Hudson, G. S.; Mason, J. G.; Holton, T. A.; Koller, B.; Cox, G. B.; Whitfield, P. R.; Bottomley, W., 1987: A gene cluster in the spinach and pea chloroplast genomes encoding one CF1 and three CF0 subunits of the H+-ATP synthase complex and the ribosomal protein S2

Reynaud, C. A.; Dahan, A.; Weill, J. C., 1987: A gene conversion program during the ontogenesis of chicken B cells

Ogura H., 1987: A gene involved in the resistance of wheat to wheatgrass powdery mildew fungus

Muggleton Harris, A. L.; Festing, M. F. W.; Hall, M., 1987: A gene location for the inheritance of the Cataract Fraser (CatFr) mouse congenital cataract

Takeda, H.; Nishida, A.; Takebe, A., 1988: A gene-assumed model to predict long-term selection response taking account of the change in genetic properties from parents to offspring

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Donnelly, P. J.; Tavare, S., 1987: A genealogical description of the infinitely-many neutral alleles model

Smith White, A. R., 1986: A genecological study of Sporobolus virginicus (L.) Kunth

Simianer H., 1986: A general approach to the use of multiple traits with repeated measurements in estimation of breeding values

Young, L., 1985: A general assessment of the environmental impact of refugees in Somalia with attention to the refugee agricultural programme

Lewontin, RC.; Feldman, MW., 1988: A general asymptotic property of two-locus selection models

Anonymous, 1987: A general census of ornamental horticulture and nurseries. Marketing season 1979/80

Onder, F.; Lodos, N., 1987: A general evaluation of the predatory species of Heteroptera found in Turkey

Boisvert, R. N., 1986: A general measure of output-variable input demand elasticities: comment

Lamb B.C., 1986: A general method for identifying correct solutions in the quantitative analysis of gene conversion data

Winkler, D. W., 1987: A general model for parental care

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Reddy M.N., 1987: A general proposal for ranking intercrop treatments

Liberman, U., 1986: A general reduction principle for genetic modifiers of recombination

Gueblez, R.; Bruel, L.; Legault, C., 1987: A general report on the performance of crossbred European-Chinese sows in France

Lu, X. H., 1987: A general report on wheat-cotton double cropping system in the Huanghuaihai Plain

Power J.B., 1987: A general strategy for the isolation of mesophyll protoplasts from deciduous fruit and nut tree species

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515068

Su, W. E., 1987: A general survey on afforestation in arid and semiarid areas in China

Saoud, M. F. A.; Hassan, S. H., 1983: A general survey on the helminth parasites of some elasmobranchs from the Egyptian coastal waters of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

Legg B.J., 1987: A general theory of the light transmittance of complex structures

Buck, N. L.; Vaughan, D. H.; Hughes, H. A., 1988: A general-purpose simulation program for agricultural operations

Drynan, R. G., 1987: A generalised concept of dominance in linear programming models

Raffa, K. F.; Frazier, J. L., 1988: A generalized model for quantifying behavioural de-sensitization to antifeedants

Noomhorm, A.; Verma, L. R., 1986: A generalized single-layer rice drying model

Georgakakos, K. P., 1986: A generalized stochastic hydrometeorological model for flood and flash-flood forecasting. 1. Formulation

Shifley, S. R., 1987: A generalized system of models forecasting Central States tree growth

Beacham, TD.; Murray, CB. , 1988: A genetic analysis of body size in pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)

Martinelli L., 1987: A genetic analysis of cell culture traits in tomato

Beacham, TD., 1988: A genetic analysis of early development in pink (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) and chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) at three different temperatures

Okhapkin, S. K.; Rozhkov, Yu I., 1987: A genetic analysis of microevolutionary processes in cattle populations (exemplified by the B blood group locus)

Galimzyanova, R. Zh, 1987: A genetic analysis of polymorphic blood systems in Aulie-Ata cattle

Monk, R. L.; Miller, F. R.; McBee, G. G., 1985: A genetic analysis of stalk quality traits

Younis, S. E. A.; Omara, M. K.; Saleh, F. M.; Saba, M. F. A., 1988: A genetic analysis of the comparative performance of maize populations from dry areas and other open-pollinated varieties under drought stress

Plyusnina, I. Z., 1986: A genetic analysis of the duration of the receptive period during socialisation of silver foxes

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515091

Xu, Y. K.; Wu, X.; Liu, S.; Jia, Y., 1987: A genetic analysis of yellow-green mutational line gained from the spring-wheat treated with the chemical mutagen (EMS)

Omara, M. K.; Younis, S. E. A.; Sherif, T. H. I.; Hussein, M. Y.; El Aref, H. M., 1988: A genetic analysis of yield and yield components in the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Rufener, G. K, I I., 1988: A genetic and biochemical study of the antibiosis mechanism of host-plant resistance in soybeans to the Mexican bear beetle

Kuznetsov, A. I., 1985: A genetic and physiological study of mutant opium poppy plants

Anonymous, 1986: A genetic approach to plant biochemistry

Voltz, A.; Richard, J.; Pesson, B., 1987: A genetic comparison between natural and laboratory strains of Echinostoma (Trematoda) by isoenzymatic analysis

Courtright, J. B.; Kumaran, A. K., 1986: A genetic engineering methodology for insect pest control: female sterilizing genes

Mel' nik, V. M.; Pastukhov, G. P., 1984: A genetic investigation of induced spring wheat mutants

Lingaas, F.; Heim, P., 1987: A genetic investigation on the incidence of hip dysplasia in Norwegian dog breeds

Helentjaris, T., 1987: A genetic linkage map for maize based on RFLPs

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Imai, H. T.; Lee, W. H.; Tjan, K. N.; Moriwaki, K., 1986: A genetic model for X-Y dissociation and testis weight in intersubspecies hybrids between M. m. domesticus (BALB/c) and M. m. molossinus

Ferguson, E. L.; Sternberg, P. W.; Horvitz, H. R., 1987: A genetic pathway for the specification of the vulval cell lineages of Caenorhabditis elegans

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Lobo, R. B.; Duarte, F. A. de M., 1985: A genetic study on age at 1st calving of Pitangueiras cows. 2. Genetic parameters

Ho, C. B.; Ma, W. J., 1987: A genetic study on leaf rust (Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici) in some wheat varieties

Singh, C. V.; Yadav, M. C., 1987: A genetic study on part lactation production on Indian buffaloes

Wijeratne, W. V. S.; O' Toole, D.; Wood, L.; Harkness, J. W., 1988: A genetic, pathological and virological study of congenital hypotrichosis and incisor anodontia in cattle

Serikawa, T.; Yamada, J.; Ohno, Y.; Sasa, M.; Ujihara, H.; Akaike, A.; Fujita, Y.; Takaori, S., 1987: A genetically defined epileptic model in rats: the genetics, characteristics of behavior, and electroencephalogram in spontaneously epileptic rats

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515115

Ubiikon' , V. V., 1985: A genetically monogerm fodder beet and its advantages

Cornu, A.; Vallade, J., 1987: A genic male sterility due to a structural abnormality of lodicules preventing anthesis

Jiang, A., 1984: A geo-ecological study of rubber tree cultivation at high altitude in China

Tan, Y. R.; Shih, S. F., 1988: A geographic information system for study of agricultural land-use changes in St. Lucie County, Florida

Gilliland, M. W.; Baxter Potter, W., 1987: A geographic information system to predict non-point source pollution potential

Dietvorst, A.; Jansen Verbeke, M., 1986: A geographic view of the relationships between leisure, recreation and tourism

As Sa' di, A. F., 1985: A geographical analysis of the food problem in Yemen

Newbury, P. A. R., 1986: A geography of agriculture

Tomlinson, R. W., 1986: A geography of flat-racing in Great Britain

Grafen, A., 1985: A geometric view of relatedness

Holt C., 1988: A geometrical model to describe the initial aggregation of partly renneted casein micelles

Khan, M. H., 1987: A glance at Turkish Forestry

Sagi, K., 1985 : A glasshouse method of testing fungicides on conidia and ascospores of Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint

Wastie, R. L.; Caligari, P. D. S.; Stewart, H. E.; Mackay, G. R., 1987: A glasshouse progeny test for resistance to tuber blight (Phytophthora infestans)

Naidu, R., 1986: A glasshouse study of the effect of lime and phosphorus on the growth of Leucaena leucocephala in an oxisol

Gunton, J. L., 1984: A glasshouse technique (using Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to study canopy competition at equal root volume

Solomon R.M., 1988: A glasshouse test to assess the sensitivity of potato cultivars to tobacco rattle virus

Anonymous, 1986: A glimpse of Indonesia's cottage industries

Donaldson, G., 1986: A global approach to household food security

Roksandic Z., 1988: A global survey of carbon isotope discrimination in plants from high altitude

Jansson, M. B., 1988: A global survey of sediment yield

Levander, Oa, 1987: A global view of human selenium nutrition

Ashby, M. D.; Pritam Singh, 1987: A glossary of insect rearing terms

Yanagimachi R., 1988: A glycoprotein of oviductal origin alters biochemical properties of the zona pellucida of hamster egg

El Shishiny H., 1988: A goal programming model for planning the development of newly reclaimed lands

Alriksson, B. A., 1988: A good German clearing saw

Brooks, E. E., 1983: A good field practicum

Youn, K. B.; Hwang, J. J.; Sung, B. R.; Lee, J. H.; Hur, H. S.; Kim, J. G.; Kim, B. Y.; Ahn, W. S.; Kim, Y. S.; Cho, C. H., 1986: A good quality, lodging resistant and high yielding triticale variety, Sinkihomil, for soilage

Podletskaya, N., 1987: A good succulent feed

Shpakov, A.; Makovskii, B.; Pevzner, I., 1987: A good supplement (for young pigs)

Dasgupta, R.; Khawas, P., 1986: A gordiid worm in Darjeeling

Rice, S. T., 1986: A grain cartel: a bad idea that will not work

Kreuz, E.; Ziem, C., 1986: A grain counter based on the piezoelectric effect

Rovesti, L.; Montermini, A., 1987: A grapevine decline caused by Sphaeropsis malorum widespread in the province of Reggio Emilia

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Nesheim, L., 1986: A grassland survey in Nordland, North Norway. I. Climate, soils and grassland management

Nesheim, L., 1986: A grassland survey in Nordland, North Norway. II. Botanical composition and influencing factors

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Nesheim, L., 1986: A grassland survey in Nordland, north Norway

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Anonymous, 1986: A green face for farming

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Ottens, R. J.; Herzog, G. A., 1987: A greenhouse rearing technique for larvae of the whitefringed beetle, Graphognathus peregrinus (Buchanan) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Song, F. X., 1987: A grey dynamic model for forecasting of agricultural output of China

Blanchard, F.; Girouard, J., 1987: A grinding and compacting system for forest residues

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515170

Jungst, S. E.; Lee, K. S., 1987: A ground cover inventory on Land-Capability Classes V-VIII

Anonymous, 1987: A growing force in international markets

Massantini, F.; Bonari, E.; Masoni, A.; Ercoli, L., 1985: A growth analysis comparison between durum wheat and lucerne

Nyquist W.E., 1988: A growth analysis comparison of corn grown in conventional and equidistant plant spacing

Stoilova, A.; Savova, N., 1986: A growth and development study of some wild cotton species and the possibility of their hybridization with the cultivated species Gossypium hirsutum L

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Heldin, N. E.; Karlsson, F. A.; Westermark, B., 1987: A growth stimulatory effect of iodide is suggested by its effects on c-myc messenger ribonucleic acid levels, thymidine incorporation, and mitotic activity of porcine follicle cells in suspension culture

Coates, W., 1986: A guayule seed harvesting device

Anonymous, 1985: A guide arrangement for an operating element

Harrison, P. G., 1985: A guide for sampling seed

Anonymous, 1986: A guide of UNESCO sources on literacy

Thomson, L. A., 1986: A guide to agricultural spray adjuvants used in the United States

Busby, R. J. N., 1985: A guide to financial analysis of tree growing

Sinton, L. W., 1986: A guide to groundwater sampling techniques

Little, D.; Muir, J., 1987: A guide to integrated warm water aquaculture

Anonymous, 1987: A guide to small wind energy conversion systems

Anonymous, 1987: A guide to tax planning for farmers and landowners

Goddard, J.; Norment, B. R., 1985: A guide to the ticks of Mississippi

Sonnenfeld, N. L., 1987: A guide to the vegetative communities at the Valley of the Giants, Outstanding Natural Area, Northwestern Oregon, USA

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Campbell, A. J.; Service, M. W., 1987: A gynandromorph of the mosquito Aedes cantans in Britain

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Walton, J. R., 1987: A handbook of pig diseases

Anonymous, 1987: A handbook of the social services in Jamaica

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515206

Loveland, P. J.; Clayden, B., 1987: A hardpan podzol at Yarner Wood, Devon

Petrov, G. D.; Dzyuba, A. I.; Manchinskii, Yu A., 1987: A harvesting device for forage root crops

Utroska, B., 1986: A heartworm survey and concurrent comparison of in-house diagnostic tests

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Fabre, C.; Cerf, O., 1984: A heating system with fast and complete condensation of steam

Hradsky, O., 1988: A heavy disc harrow

O' Connell, J., 1986: A hedonic price model of the Paris carcase lamb market

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515218

Endris, RG.; Haslett, TM.; Geering, G.; Hess, WR.; Monahan, MJ., 1987: A hemolymph test for the detection of African swine fever virus in Ornithodoros coriaceus (Acari: Argasidae)

Walter, DE.; Kethley, J.; Moore, JC., 1987: A heptane flotation method for recovering microarthropods from semiarid soils, with comparison to the Merchant-Crossley high-gradient extraction method and estimates of microarthropod biomass

Mason, K., 1988: A hereditary disease in Burmese cats manifested as an episodic weakness with head nodding and neck ventroflexion

Milne, C P.; Jr., 1985: A heritability estimate of honey bee hoarding behavior

Kannisto, P.; Owman, C.; Schmidt, G.; Sjoberg, N. O., 1988: A heterogeneous population of alpha 1-adrenoreceptors mediates contraction of the isolated follicle wall from the bovine ovary

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Walter, R., 1987: A high harvest rate and reduction of harvest losses of cereals through process optimization

Putu, I. G.; Poindron, P.; Lindsay, D. R., 1988: A high level of nutrition during late pregnancy improves subsequent maternal behaviour of Merino ewes

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515231

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515232

Hancock, G. R.; Vogel, P.; Petterson, D. S., 1987: A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for the mycotoxin phomopsin A in lupin stubble

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515234

Swaddiwuthipong, W.; Weniger, B. G.; Wattanasri, S.; Warrell, M. J., 1988: A high rate of neurological complications following Semple anti-rabies vaccine

Wills, B. G., 1986: A high speed travelling sprayer for the laboratory

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Anonymous, 1986: A higher level of processing and greater efficiency

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Misra H.P., 1988: A histopathologic study of the effects of gossypol on the female rat

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Gardner, W. H., 1988: A historical perspective on measurement of soil and plant water status

Schuster, R., 1987: A historical review on the naming of the fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum

Anonymous, 1988: A history 1948-88

Laituri, M. J.; Giffen, R. E.; Erlich, R. F., 1987: A history of erosion control efforts in the Golden Trout Wilderness

Hearn, G. W., 1985: A history of food allergy

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515274

Odine, M. S., 1985: A history of the use of radio in agricultural development in Senegal since independence

Sangar, R. B. S.; Singh, R. A., 1985: A hitherto unrecorded mosaic disease of Solanum pseudocapsicum L

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Adam, L., 1986: A hope against Varroa: fluvalinate

Michel, J., 1987: A hopeful Belgian-Senegalese project with high expectations

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Martin A., 1988: A hybrid between hexaploid triticale and octoploid tritordeum

Prabaharan, R.; Sivaselvam, S. N., 1987: A hybrid model for determination of optimum dairy cattle ration

Jorgensen, R. A., 1987: A hybrid seed production method based on synthesis of novel linkages between marker and male-sterile genes

Beletskii, Yu D.; Razoriteleva, E. K., 1984: A hybrid sunflower form, obtained from a drought resistant plastom mutant

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Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515305

Anonymous, 1987: A jewel in Allgau

Lacey, C. N. D.; Jellis, G. J.; Starling, N. C.; Currell, S. B., 1987: A joint cyst nematode/late blight test for early generation screening of potato clones

Anonymous, 1986: A joint venture company in China

Bousfield, R., 1987: A journey down Memory Lane

Section 2, Chapter 1516, Accession 001515310

Baumgartner, J.; Koncekova, Z., 1985: A karyological study of the Japanese quail

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