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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kupr, J.; Lanca, I., 1988:
A functional and power comparison of the drum- and wheel-type chopping mechanisms of chopper-harvesters

Verkhoturova, G.S.; Kudinova, L.I.; Astafurova, T.P., 1987:
A functional relationship between photosynthesis and respiration in barley leaf parts of different age

Wang, Y.L.; Mai, K.; Wu, B.L.; Jiang, W.B., 1987:
A fundamental biological study on the renewal and rejuvenation of peach trees

Lofgren K.G., 1987:
A fundamental inequality for the assessment of forest land values

Logan B.E.; Hermanowicz S.W.; Parker D.S., 1987:
A fundamental model for trickling filter process design

Belov, E., 1988:
A fundamental solution of the problems of storage and processing

D.Arcy Burt, S., 1987:
A fungal pathogen of larvae of Bibio johannis L. and Dilophus febrilis L. (Dipt., Bibionidae)

Koski, P.; Aho, R.; Rintamaki, P.; Salonen, A., 1987:
A fungal swimbladder infection caused by Verticillium lecanii in farmed Baltic salmon

Culbreth, C.T., 1988:
A furniture parts classification and coding system

Sieber, J., 1988:
A further 5 new ADR roses in 1987

Klodzinski, M., 1987:
A further consideration of the economic situation of farms of mixed income sources in Poland

Vannella, S., 1985:
A further contribution to the study of mathematical functions suitable for calculating cumulative yields

Goddard A.J.; Forster C.F., 1987:
A further examination into the problem of stable foams in activated sludge plants

Mishiro, A.; Cown, D.J.; Walford, G.B., 1986:
A further examination of the clearwood properties of radiata pine grown in New Zealand

D.V.lliers, P.C.; Smith, H.E.; Vismer, H., 1986:
A further indigenous case of 'North American' blastomycosis from South Africa. Importance of skin lesions in early diagnosis

Kennedy, B.W., 1986:
A further look at evidence for cytoplasmic inheritance of production traits in dairy cattle

Sauveur, B., .:
A further review of some dietary factors controlling leg abnormalities in poultry

Birnie, J.E., 1985:
A further study of the effect of six cereal herbicide treatments on a range of broadleaved field margin plants

Anonymous, 1986:
A further study of the prices of packages offered by European tour operators in 1986

Katakura H., 1986:
A further study on the effect of interspecific mating on the fitness in a pair of sympatric phytophagous ladybirds

Addeo F.; Mauriello R.; D.L.ccia A., 1988:
A gel electrophoretic study of caprine casein

Tosa Y.; Tsujimoto H.; Ogura H., 1987:
A gene involved in the resistance of wheat to wheatgrass powdery mildew fungus

Muggleton-Harris, A.L.; Festing, M.F.; Hall, M., 1987:
A gene location for the inheritance of the cataract Fraser (CatFr) mouse congenital cataract

Takeda, H.; Nishida, A.; Takebe, A., 1988:
A gene-assumed model to predict long-term selection response taking account of the change in genetic properties from parents to offspring

Donnelly, P., 1986:
A genealogical approach to variable-population-size models in population genetics

Donnelly, P.J.; Tavare, S., 1987:
A genealogical description of the infinitely-many neutral alleles model

Smith White, A.R., 1986:
A genecological study of Sporobolus virginicus (L.) Kunth

Onder, F.; Lodos, N., 1987:
A general evaluation of the predatory species of Heteroptera found in Turkey

Boisvert, R.N., 1986:
A general measure of output-variable input demand elasticities: comment

Lamb, B.C., 1986:
A general method for identifying correct solutions in the quantitative analysis of gene conversion data

Winkler, D.W., 1987:
A general model for parental care

Chetty C.K.R.; Reddy M.N., 1987:
A general proposal for ranking intercrop treatments

Gueblez, R.; Bruel, L.; Legault, C., 1987:
A general report on the performance of crossbred European-Chinese sows in France

Lu, X.H., 1987:
A general report on wheat-cotton double cropping system in the Huanghuaihai Plain

Molan, A.L.; Hussein, M.M.S.; Jasim, B.A., 1988:
A general survey of intestinal helminths of some rodents in Arbil area

Su, W.E., 1987:
A general survey on afforestation in arid and semiarid areas in China

Saoud, M.F.A.; Hassan, S.H., 1983:
A general survey on the helminth parasites of some elasmobranchs from the Egyptian coastal waters of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

Drynan, R.G., 1987:
A generalised concept of dominance in linear programming models

Noomhorm, A.; Verma, L.R., 1986:
A generalized single-layer rice drying model

Shifley, S.R., 1987:
A generalized system of models forecasting Central States tree growth

Beacham, T.D.; Murray, C.B., 1988:
A genetic analysis of body size in pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)

Beacham, T.D., 1988:
A genetic analysis of early development in pink (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) and chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) at three different temperatures

Okhapkin, S.K.; Rozhkov, Y.I., 1987:
A genetic analysis of microevolutionary processes in cattle populations (exemplified by the B blood group locus)

Galimzyanova, R.Zh, 1987:
A genetic analysis of polymorphic blood systems in Aulie-Ata cattle

Monk, R.L.; Miller, F.R.; McBee, G.G., 1985:
A genetic analysis of stalk quality traits

Younis, S.E.A.; Omara, M.K.; Saleh, F.M.; Saba, M.F.A., 1988:
A genetic analysis of the comparative performance of maize populations from dry areas and other open-pollinated varieties under drought stress

Plyusnina, I.Z., 1986:
A genetic analysis of the duration of the receptive period during socialisation of silver foxes

Hodgkin, J., 1987:
A genetic analysis of the sex-determining gene, tra-1, in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Xu, Y.K.; Wu, X.; Liu, S.; Jia, Y., 1987:
A genetic analysis of yellow-green mutational line gained from the spring-wheat treated with the chemical mutagen (EMS)

Omara, M.K.; Younis, S.E.A.; Sherif, T.H.I.; Hussein, M.Y.; E.A.ef, H.M., 1988:
A genetic analysis of yield and yield components in the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Rufener, G.K.I I., 1988:
A genetic and biochemical study of the antibiosis mechanism of host-plant resistance in soybeans to the Mexican bear beetle

Kuznetsov, A.I., 1985:
A genetic and physiological study of mutant opium poppy plants

Voltz, A.; Richard, J.; Pesson, B., 1987:
A genetic comparison between natural and laboratory strains of Echinostoma (Trematoda) by isoenzymatic analysis

Courtright, J.B.; Kumaran, A.K., 1986:
A genetic engineering methodology for insect pest control: female sterilizing genes

Mel' nik, V.M.; Pastukhov, G.P., 1984:
A genetic investigation of induced spring wheat mutants

Lingaas, F.; Heim, P., 1987:
A genetic investigation on the incidence of hip dysplasia in Norwegian dog breeds

Mascia, P.N.; Loussaert, D.F., 1986:
A genetic map for a segment of the long arm of chromosome 6

Imai, H.T.; Lee, W.H.; Tjan, K.N.; Moriwaki, K., 1986:
A genetic model for X-Y dissociation and testis weight in intersubspecies hybrids between M. m. domesticus (BALB/c) and M. m. molossinus

Lefort Buson, M.; Guillot Lemoine, B., 1987:
A genetic study of rapeseed (B. napus) F1 hybrids from lines of same and different geographic origins

Lobo, R.B.; Duarte, F.A. de M., 1985:
A genetic study on age at 1st calving of Pitangueiras cows. 2. Genetic parameters

Ho, C.B.; Ma, W.J., 1987:
A genetic study on leaf rust (Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici) in some wheat varieties

Singh, C.V.; Yadav, M.C., 1987:
A genetic study on part lactation production on Indian buffaloes

Wijeratne, W.V.; O'Toole, D.; Wood, L.; Harkness, J.W., 1988:
A genetic, pathological and virological study of congenital hypotrichosis and incisor anodontia in cattle

Serikawa, T.; Yamada, J.; Ohno, Y.; Sasa, M.; Ujihara, H.; Akaike, A.; Fujita, Y.; Takaori, S., 1987:
A genetically defined epileptic model in rats: the genetics, characteristics of behavior, and electroencephalogram in spontaneously epileptic rats

Ubiikon' , V.V., 1985:
A genetically monogerm fodder beet and its advantages

Cornu, A.; Vallade, J., 1987:
A genic male sterility due to a structural abnormality of lodicules preventing anthesis

Jiang, A., 1984:
A geo-ecological study of rubber tree cultivation at high altitude in China

Tan, Y.R.; Shih, S.F., 1988:
A geographic information system for study of agricultural land-use changes in St. Lucie County, Florida

Dietvorst, A.; Jansen Verbeke, M., 1986:
A geographic view of the relationships between leisure, recreation and tourism

A.Sa' di, A.F., 1985:
A geographical analysis of the food problem in Yemen

Tomlinson, R.W., 1986:
A geography of flat-racing in Great Britain

Grafen, A., 1985:
A geometric view of relatedness

Khan, M.H., 1987:
A glance at Turkish Forestry

Sagi, K., 1985:
A glasshouse method of testing fungicides on conidia and ascospores of Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint

Naidu, R., 1986:
A glasshouse study of the effect of lime and phosphorus on the growth of Leucaena leucocephala in an oxisol

Gunton, J.L., 1984:
A glasshouse technique (using Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to study canopy competition at equal root volume

Anonymous, 1986:
A glimpse of Indonesia's cottage industries

Donaldson, G., 1986:
A global approach to household food security

Ashby, M.D.; Pritam Singh, 1987:
A glossary of insect rearing terms

Alriksson, B.A., 1988:
A good German clearing saw

Brooks, E.E., 1983:
A good field practicum

Youn, K.B.; Hwang, J.J.; Sung, B.R.; Lee, J.H.; Hur, H.S.; Kim, J.G.; Kim, B.Y.; Ahn, W.S.; Kim, Y.S.; Cho, C.H., 1986:
A good quality, lodging resistant and high yielding triticale variety, Sinkihomil, for soilage

Podletskaya, N., 1987:
A good succulent feed

Shpakov, A.; Makovskii, B.; Pevzner, I., 1987:
A good supplement (for young pigs)

Dasgupta, R.; Khawas, P., 1986:
A gordiid worm in Darjeeling

Rice, S.T., 1986:
A grain cartel: a bad idea that will not work

Kreuz, E.; Ziem, C., 1986:
A grain counter based on the piezoelectric effect

Rovesti, L.; Montermini, A., 1987:
A grapevine decline caused by Sphaeropsis malorum widespread in the province of Reggio Emilia

Titus, S.J., 1987:
A graphic approach to summarizing forestry data

Nesheim, L., 1986:
A grassland survey in Nordland, North Norway. I. Climate, soils and grassland management

Nesheim, L., 1986:
A grassland survey in Nordland, North Norway. II. Botanical composition and influencing factors

Nesheim, L., 1986:
A grassland survey in Nordland, North Norway. III. Feed quality parameters and yield

Nesheim, L., 1986:
A grassland survey in Nordland, north Norway

Torlach, D.A., 1986:
A grazing area calculator for use in central Australia

Pringle, W.L., 1986:
A grazing comparison between timothy and meadow foxtail

Anonymous, 1986:
A green face for farming

Zonov, M.; Chabaev, M.; Zarytovskii, A.; Parfenov, L.; Nikolenko, A., 1986:
A green protein concentrate (in diets for hens and chickens)

Ottens, R.J.; Herzog, G.A., 1987:
A greenhouse rearing technique for larvae of the whitefringed beetle, Graphognathus peregrinus (Buchanan) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Song, F.X., 1987:
A grey dynamic model for forecasting of agricultural output of China

Blanchard, F.; Girouard, J., 1987:
A grinding and compacting system for forest residues

Garcia, M., 1988:
A gross morphological abattoir study of genital organs from female zebu cattle

Anonymous, 1987:
A growing force in international markets

Massantini, F.; Bonari, E.; Masoni, A.; Ercoli, L., 1985:
A growth analysis comparison between durum wheat and lucerne

Bullock D.G.; Nielsen R.L.; Nyquist W.E., 1988:
A growth analysis comparison of corn grown in conventional and equidistant plant spacing

Stoilova, A.; Savova, N., 1986:
A growth and development study of some wild cotton species and the possibility of their hybridization with the cultivated species Gossypium hirsutum L

Khasanov, T.; Davlyalov, A.; Urunov, I., 1986:
A growth bioregulator for cotton

Knut, C., 1987:
A growth medium and a method for producing the same

Nagashima, I.; Kurita, S., 1987:
A growth model with proportional increments and its application

Kalaida, D.I.; Savchuk, M.I., 1985:
A growth regulator

Heldin, N.E.; Karlsson, F.A.; Westermark, B., 1987:
A growth stimulatory effect of iodide is suggested by its effects on c-myc messenger ribonucleic acid levels, [3H]thymidine incorporation, and mitotic activity of porcine follicle cells in suspension culture

Coates, W., 1986:
A guayule seed harvesting device

Anonymous, 1985:
A guide arrangement for an operating element

Harrison, P.G., 1985:
A guide for sampling seed

Sinton, L.W., 1986:
A guide to groundwater sampling techniques

Goddard, J.; Norment, B.R., 1985:
A guide to the ticks of Mississippi

Sonnenfeld, N.L., 1987:
A guide to the vegetative communities at the Valley of the Giants, Outstanding Natural Area, Northwestern Oregon, USA

Kreil, W.; Simon, W.; Schmidt, L.; Meinsen, C., 1987:
A guideline for forecasting annual yield of fodder plants

Thorpe, H.R., 1988:
A guideline for regional ground water assessment

Campbell, A.J.; Service, M.W., 1987:
A gynandromorph of the mosquito Aedes cantans in Britain

Saito, Y.; Inoue, I.; Hayashi, F.; Itagaki, H., 1987:
A hairworm, Gordius sp., vomited by a domestic cat

Qin, J.D.; Huang, Z.X., 1986:
A handling system of data archives of the forest resource with IBM/PC microcomputer

Petrov, G.D.; Dzyuba, A.I.; Manchinskii, Y.A., 1987:
A harvesting device for forage root crops

Utroska, B., 1986:
A heartworm survey and concurrent comparison of in-house diagnostic tests

Stafford Smith, D.M.; Noble, I.R.; Jones, G.K., 1986:
A heat balance model for sheep and its use to predict shade-sucking behaviour in hot conditions

Fabre, C.; Cerf, O., 1984:
A heating system with fast and complete condensation of steam

Hradsky, O., 1988:
A heavy disc harrow

O.Connell, J., 1986:
A hedonic price model of the Paris carcase lamb market

Verrett, J.M.; Green, K.B.; Gamble, L.M.; Crochen, F.C., 1987:
A hemocoelic Candida parasite of the American cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattidae)

Endris, R.G.; Haslett, T.M.; Geering, G.; Hess, W.R.; Monahan, M.J., 1987:
A hemolymph test for the detection of African swine fever virus in Ornithodoros coriaceus (Acari: Argasidae)

Walter, DE.; Kethley, J.; Moore, JC., 1987:
A heptane flotation method for recovering microarthropods from semiarid soils, with comparison to the Merchant-Crossley high-gradient extraction method and estimates of microarthropod biomass

Mason, K., 1988:
A hereditary disease in Burmese cats manifested as an episodic weakness with head nodding and neck ventroflexion

Milne, C P.; Jr., 1985:
A heritability estimate of honey bee hoarding behavior

Burrell, A., 1988:
A heuristic model of current CAP issues

Okada, K.A.; Alonso, S.I.; Rodriguez, R.H., 1985:
A hexaploid cytotype of Alternanthera philoxeroides as a new weed of agricultural land near Balcarce, in the province of Buenos Aires

Gigon, A., 1987:
A hierarchic approach in causal ecosystem analysis. The calcifuge-calcicole problem in alpine grasslands

Lowrance, R.; Hendrix, P.F.; Odum, E.P., 1986:
A hierarchical approach to sustainable agriculture

Walter, R., 1987:
A high harvest rate and reduction of harvest losses of cereals through process optimization

Putu, I.G.; Poindron, P.; Lindsay, D.R., 1988:
A high level of nutrition during late pregnancy improves subsequent maternal behaviour of Merino ewes

Thomson, A.B.; Keelan, M.; Clandinin, M.T.; Walker, K., 1987:
A high linoleic acid diet diminishes enhanced intestinal uptake of sugars in diabetic rats

Santos, E.J.; Silva, E.H.B.C.; Fiuza, J.M.; Batista, T.R.O.; Leal, P.P., 1987:
A high organic load stabilization pond using water hyacinth - a Bahia experience

Kowalski, Z.E.; Giesecke, W.H., 1986:
A high performance liquid chromatographic method for the fluorimetric determination of lactose, galactose and glucose in normal and abnormal milk of cows

Wills, B.G., 1986:
A high speed travelling sprayer for the laboratory

Paisey, R.B.; Hartog, M.; Savage, P., 1987:
A high-fibre diet in gestational diabetes - wheat fibre, leguminous fibre or both?

Nord, A.G.; Annersten, H., 1987:
A high-pressure phase of manganese(II) orthophosphate, Mn3(PO4)2

Munilla, R.D.; Shaw, L.N., 1987:
A high-speed dibbling transplanter

Konstantinov, M.D., 1987:
A high-yielding crop

Mamirov, N.M.; Beknazarov, N.B.; Katkova, R.O., 1984:
A high-yielding wheat variety, Graecum 439, for the unirrigated areas of Uzbekistan

Anonymous, 1986:
A higher level of processing and greater efficiency

Kastner, R.; Schneider, H.P., 1987:
A higher level of processing of agricultural raw materials in the food industry

Singh, R.K.; Raghuvanshi, S.S., 1987:
A higher yielding mutant of black gram with improved nodule formation

Michler, C.H.; Lineberger, R.D.; Chism, G.W., 1986:
A highly sensitive method for quantitative determination of abscisic Acid

Koshida, M.; Takenaka, A.; Kanzaki, H.; Takemori, K.; Okamura, H., 1984:
A histological study of the respiratory system in rabbit ovarian follicles during ovulation

Wada R.; Oikawa M A.; Yoshihara T.; Tomioka Y.; Kaneko M., 1987:
A histopathological observation on the lung of a horse with heaves

Espino R.M.G.; Morales A.J.F., 1987:
A histopathological study of a Sarcocystis cyst from the brain of a sheep

Miyazaki T.; Kaige N., 1986:
A histopathological study on motile aeromonad disease of crucian carp

Gardner, W.H., 1988:
A historical perspective on measurement of soil and plant water status

Schuster, R., 1987:
A historical review on the naming of the fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum

Anonymous, 1988:
A history 1948-88

Laituri, M.J.; Giffen, R.E.; Erlich, R.F., 1987:
A history of erosion control efforts in the Golden Trout Wilderness

Hearn, G.W., 1985:
A history of food allergy

Odine, M.S., 1985:
A history of the use of radio in agricultural development in Senegal since independence

Sangar, R.B.S.; Singh, R.A., 1985:
A hitherto unrecorded mosaic disease of Solanum pseudocapsicum L

Tew, J., 1986:
A honey bee vacuum trap design

Adam, L., 1986:
A hope against Varroa: fluvalinate

Michel, J., 1987:
A hopeful Belgian-Senegalese project with high expectations

Barrows, EM., 1986:
A hornet, paper wasps, and yellowjackets (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in suburban habitats of the Washington, D.C., area

Evans, M.R.; Murrmann, S.K.; Chon, K.S.; Olsen, M.D., 1988:
A hotel market segmentation system for a comprehensive tourism destination

Hauck, R.D., 1988:
A human ecosphere perspective of agricultural nitrogen cycling

Tortora, J.D. de O.; Zebral, A.A., 1988:
A human food poisoning outbreak in Rio de Janeiro caused by sausage contaminated with enterotoxigenic Clostridium perfringens type A

Panin, V.M.; Saltykova, N.N., 1986:
A hybrid analysis of the gliadins of winter durum wheat

Williams, W.M.; Lautour, G. de; Williams, E.G., 1987:
A hybrid between Ornithopus sativus and O. compressus cv. Pitman obtained with the aid of ovule-embryo culture

Fernandez Escobar J.; Martin A., 1988:
A hybrid between hexaploid triticale and octoploid tritordeum

Jorgensen, R.A., 1987:
A hybrid seed production method based on synthesis of novel linkages between marker and male-sterile genes

Beletskii, Y.D.; Razoriteleva, E.K., 1984:
A hybrid sunflower form, obtained from a drought resistant plastom mutant

Gothe, H., 1987:
A hybridization trial with Larix europaea, provenance Schlitz, and Larix leptolepis. 7th communication

Kawakami, I.; Niimoto, Y.; Dosako, T.; Ahiko, K., 1985:
A hybridoma producing anti-human lactoferrin antibodies

Audoin, J.; Develoux, M.; Lamothe, F.; Vetter, J.M.; Sako, A.; Bigot, J.L., 1986:
A hydatid cyst of the mediastinum in Niger

Wright, B.D.; Bausch, W.C.; Knott, W.M.; Knott, W.M., 1988:
A hydroponic system for microgravity plant experiments

Abbasi S.A.; Kunhahamed T., 1988:
A hydroponic system for studying the impact of water quality on germination and early growth of angiosperms

Taniguchi, S.; Miyashita, Y.; Ueyama, T.; Haze, K.; Hirase, J.; Takemoto, T.; Arihara, S.; Yoshikawa, K., 1988:
A hypotensive constituent in hot water extracts of green tea

Ramirez B., W., 1986:
A hypothesis on the functions of juvenile hormone of host in sexual maturation and oviposition of Varroa jacobsoni (Acari: Mesostigmata: Varroidae)

Anonymous, 1987:
A jewel in Allgau

Lacey, C.N.D.; Jellis, G.J.; Starling, N.C.; Currell, S.B., 1987:
A joint cyst nematode/late blight test for early generation screening of potato clones

Anonymous, 1986:
A joint venture company in China

Bousfield, R., 1987:
A journey down Memory Lane

Baumgartner, J.; Koncekova, Z., 1985:
A karyological study of the Japanese quail

Buhlmann, G., 1987:
A key concept for understanding the performance potential of a honeybee colony: bee days

Oldewage, WH. van As, JG., 1988:
A key for the identification of African piscine parasitic Ergasilidae (Copepoda: Poecilostomatoida)

Finot, L.; Bravo, J., 1985:
A key for the identification of weeds belonging to the Graminea (Poaceae), from Nuble province, Chile

Privalova, L.A.; Beskaravainaya, M.A., 1986:
A key to introduced species of the genus Clematis L

Quinlan, J., 1986:
A key to the Afrotropical genera of Eucoilidae (Hymenoptera), with a revision of certain genera

Kirk, WDJ., 1987:
A key to the larvae of some common Australian flower thrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera), with a host-plant survey

Sellenschlo, U., 1986:
A key to the larvae of the most important species of Trogoderma and of Reesa vespulae Mill

Hann, D.W.; Riitters, K., 1982:
A key to the literature on forest growth and yield in the Pacific Northwest: 1910-1981

Tilling, S.M., 1987:
A key to the major groups of British terrestrial invertebrates

Zhang, Z.H.; Gegentana ; Jia, J.M., 1987:
A key to the seedlings of the main weeds in crop fields in Inner Mongolia

Zhu, Z.M.; Chen, S.W., 1983:
A key to the species of genus Amblyseius from Jiangxi Province with notes on four species (Acarina: Phytoseiidae)

Ratter, J.A., 1986:
A key to the woody genera of dicotyledons of the Brazilian cerrado

Douillard, R., 1986:
A kinetic model for proteinase-induced milk clotting

Buckwitz, D.; Jacobasch, G.; Gerth, C.; Holzhütter, H.G.; Thamm, R., 1988:
A kinetic model of phosphofructokinase from Plasmodium berghei. Influence of ATP and fructose-6-phosphate

Escribano, J.; Garcia-Canovas, F.; Garcia-Carmona, F., 1988:
A kinetic study of hypoxanthine oxidation by milk xanthine oxidase

Peng, K.Q.; Hu, D.J., 1987:
A kinetic study of potassium uptake by alligator alternanthera

Uma Deavi Ayyamani; Gan Chong Ying; Ooi Guat San, 1986:
A knowledge attitude and practice (KAP) study on dengue/dengue haemorrhagic fever and the Aedes mosquitoes

Hirschmann, G.S., 1988:
A Labdan Diterpene from Solidago chilensis Roots

Dowd, P.F., 1987:
A labor-saving method for rearing the driedfruit beetle (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) on pinto bean-based diet

Clements, R.L., 1988:
A labor-saving technique for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of gliadins from large numbers of single wheat kernels

Reynolds, W.D.; Elrick, D.E., 1987:
A laboratory and numerical assessment of the Guelph permeameter method

Bolland, M.D.A., 1986:
A laboratory assessment of seed softening patterns for hard seeds of Trifolium subterraneum subspp. subterraneum and brachycalycinum, and of annual Medicago spp

Cowell, C.; Lavers, A., 1987:
A laboratory examination of two prototype twin-fluid spray nozzles

Preece, J.E., 1986:
A laboratory exercise for scaling of hyacinths

Manbeck, H.B., 1987:
A laboratory facility for teaching principles of ventilation of agricultural structures

Galeev, G.S.; Nikonorenkov, V.A.; Kiyashko, Y.G., 1985:
A laboratory method for appraising resistance in maize to head smut

Moxham, B.J.; Berkovitz, B.K.; Shore, R.C.; Spence, J.A., 1987:
A laboratory method for studying tooth mobility of the mandibular central incisor of the sheep

Schumann, K.; Buttner, U., 1987:
A laboratory method for testing the susceptibility of ryegrass seedlings to Gerlachia nivalis (Ces. ex Sacc.)

Piskovatskii, Y.M.; Kriksa, E.G., 1986:
A laboratory method of studying Fusarium resistance in lucerne forms

Billamboz, A., 1985:
A laboratory of archeodendrology at Hemmenhofen as part of the palafittic research in southwestern Germany

Simmons, R.C.; Drinkwater, J.A., 1985:
A laboratory pot sprayer for use with controlled environment chambers

Kerenyi, A., 1986:
A laboratory simulation study of the initial erosion of sand and soils with well-developed structure

Schenone, H.; Villarroel, F.; Rojas, A., 1986:
A laboratory study to measure the insecticidal activity against Triatoma infestans of lindane which had been stored for 20 years

Norambuena M.H.; Mera K.M., 1986:
A laboratory technique to obtain eggs of Bruchus pisorum L

Summer, W., 1986:
A laboratory test to assess the efficiency of filters in drain trenches

Walker, S.E.; Younos, T.M., 1987:
A laboratory-scale aquaculture system for treatment of diluted manure

Wright, S.L., 1986:
A lactic culture stimulant blend from Kluyveromyces fragilis and whey

Cirrito, V., 1983:
A land evaluation model for Ficuzza-Palermo, Sicily. 1. Climate

Fierotti, G.; Dazzi, C., 1983:
A land evaluation model for Ficuzza-Palermo, Sicily. 10. Optimal land use

Liguori, V., 1983:
A land evaluation model for Ficuzza-Palermo, Sicily. 2. Technical geology and geomorphology

Liguori, V., 1983:
A land evaluation model for Ficuzza-Palermo, Sicily. 3. Hydrogeology

Dazzi, C.; Raimondi, S., 1983:
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A measure of socio-economic development of a household in a rural area

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A method and an apparatus for cutting an elongated strand of a soft confection material

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A method and apparatus for the heat treatment of liquid

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A method and device for forming, filling and sealing of packages

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A method for approximate calculation of community aid for liquid skim milk

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A method for assessing the natural control of cyst nematode populations

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A method for calculating the deflection of bandsaw blades

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A method for calculating the normal potential rent for land

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A method for calculating the pre-planting organic fertilizer requirements for new fruit plantations in the Havelland fruit growing region

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A method for chronically quantifying net absorption of nutrients and gut metabolites into hepatic portal vein in conscious swine

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A method for correlation of electrophysiology and distribution patterns of pheromone-sensitive sensilla in a moth.

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A method for demarcation of less-favoured rural areas: its application to the Autonomous Community of Aragon

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A method for describing spatial variations in recreation participation

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A method for detecting griseofulvin in cat hair by electron capture gas chromatography

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A method for determination of diameter growth parameters

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A method for determining average plastochron index (PI) for plants of the maize type

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A method for determining evaporation from soils under crop covers

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A method for determining optimal center pivot design

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A method for determining self fertility in fruit crops

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A method for determining the G-modulus of wood

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A method for determining the chemical composition of nutrient solutions

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A method for determining the initial ground fineness of basic phosphate compounds in commercial granular fertilizer

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A method for determining the potential productivity of winter wheat varieties

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A method for determining the quality group of wheat grain

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A method for determining the viability of the embryo sac in plants

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A method for determining tracheid lengths in petrified wood by analysis of cross sections

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A method for diagnosing somatic heterosis in tetraploid winter rye hybrids

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A method for direct observation of plant parasitic nematodes in the rhizosphere

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A method for drying honey on a commercial scale

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A method for economic appraisal of the use of pesticides in cocoa

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A method for estimating log grade distribution in sugar maple

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A method for estimating the age of coenuri of Taenia multiceps recovered from the brains of sheep

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A method for estimating the demand for agricultural machinery in the UK

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A method for estimating the value of certain waste animal proteins in feeding trout (S. gairdneri Rich.)

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A method for estimating true resistance genes to blast in rice varieties

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A method for estimation of starch in ice-cream

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A method for evaluating sites suitable for Populus alba X Populus glandulosa F1 clones using path analysis

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A method for evaluating the success of planning on state farms

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A method for freeing murine plasmodia of contaminating lactate dehydrogenase elevating virus

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A method for grafting grape vines in a microclimatic chamber and evaluation of scion-rootstock compatibility

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A method for identifying inbred maize lines by their zein component composition

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A method for in vitro testing of resistance to Orobanche in faba bean and lentil

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A method for in vivo quantitation of leukocyte chemotaxis in the domestic cat and mouse

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A method for infecting large numbers of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) with Entomophthora muscae (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraceae)

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A method for inferring aerosol properties from satellite data over forested terrain

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A method for isolation of the ruminoreticulum in the cow

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A method for machine milking of cows and a milking machine for this purpose

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A method for measuring 2,5-norbornadiene and ethylene in constant volume atmospheres

Vroon, H.; Dekker, L.; Hendrickx, J., 1988:
A method for measuring hydraulic properties of brittle soil horizons

Jelinek, O.; Vecer, J.; Cistinova, I.; Has, S., 1988:
A method for measuring optical reflectance of biological material in agricultural production

Koike, T., 1986:
A method for measuring photosynthesis with detached parts of deciduous broad-leaved trees in Hokkaido

Desquesnes, M.; Hecht, E., 1986:
A method for measuring the biological efficacy of an acaricide dip. Its application to the effects of diethion on engorged females of Boophilus microplus

Sadikov, A.Z.; Shakirov, T.T., 1988:
A method for obtaining allapinine from the aerial parts of Aconitum leucostomum

Chebotarev, L.N., 1987:
A method for obtaining citric acid

Sliker, A., 1988:
A method for predicting non-shear compliances in the RT plane of wood

Araya, E.; Fujimura, T.; Kimura, T., 1986:
A method for predicting occurrence of the rice stem maggot, Chlorops oryzae Matsumura

Komura, S., 1984:
A method for predicting sediment yields from watersheds

Zhirmunskaya, N.M.; Shapovalov, A.A.; Ovsyannikova, T.V., 1987:
A method for preliminary selection of chemical compounds capable of increasing plant frost resistance

Akyiama, T.; Martins, W., 1985:
A method for preparing concentrated nitric phosphate from low grade rock phosphate of Patos de Minas

Iwasaki, T., 1986:
A method for preventing concretion of particulate material

Bee, R.D., 1986:
A method for producing an ice confection product and ice confection product

Kacherauskene, G.; Margelite, Yu, 1983:
A method for rapid determination of sucrose in processed cheeses

Burgess, L.; Weegar, HH., 1986:
A method for rearing Nysius ericae (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae), the false chinch bug

Booker, R.E., 1987:
A method for recording annual ring orientation in boards

Ohyama, F.; Hatsushika, R., 1987:
A method for recording in vitro motility of the excysted metacercariae of Clonorchis sinensis by image digital processing

Ermolenko, I.V., 1987:
A method for reproducing variety populations of plants of the family Cucurbitaceae

Falloon, P.G., 1985:
A method for screening asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) seedlings for resistance to Phytophthora

Pinochet, J., 1988:
A method for screening bananas and plantains to lesion forming nematodes

Brown, D.J.F.; Alphey, T.J.W., 1987:
A method for screening the vapour-phase of volatile compounds as nematicides

Majerczyk, K., 1986:
A method for silvicultural survey of stands

Premachandran, D.; Von Mende, N.; Hussey, R.S.; McClure, M.A., 1988:
A method for staining nematode secretions and structures

Herbert, B.N.; Hill, E.C.; Oates, P.D.; Powell, D.; Shennan, J.L.; Whittle, R., 1987:
A method for testing light distillate fuels

Morsing, S.; Strom, J.S., 1988:
A method for testing the air flow rates through ventilation openings due to temperature differences

Farrington, W.H.; Cass, S.D.; Patey, A.L.; Shearer, G., 1988:
A method for the analysis of lincomycin in porcine and bovine kidney

Khan M.S., 1988:
A method for the analysis of secondary carbamate pesticides

Forbes, J.M.; Jackson, D.A.; Johnson, C.L.; Stockill, P.; Hoyle, B.S., 1986:
A method for the automatic monitoring of food intake and feeding behaviour of individual cattle kept in a group

Kachelriess, S., 1988:
A method for the detection of Orobanche seeds in the soil

Collett, R.A.; Hopton, J.W., 1987:
A method for the determination of enzymatic activity of microbial films on surfaces

Sato, T.; Yahiro, M.; Shimoda, K.; Asai, Y.; Hamamoto, M., 1985:
A method for the determination of vitamin K in milk, milk powder and vegetable oil by high performance liquid chromatography

Marchant, J.R.; Keating, B.A.; Jacka, B.G., 1986:
A method for the direct collection of large clay soil monoliths into cylinders with minimum disturbance

Perestova, T.A., 1984:
A method for the early diagnosis of seed yield in sunflower

Shevelukha, V.S.; Zaichuk, V.F., 1986:
A method for the early diagnosis of white rot resistance in sunflower

Tanaka, R.; Oginuma, K., 1986:
A method for the observation of chromosomes in woody plants

Listemann, H.; Meigel, W., 1987:
A method for the quantitative determination of yeasts

Schnug, E., 1987:
A method for the rapid and simple estimation of total glucosinolate content in green matter and seeds of cruciferous crops by quantitative analysis of enzymically released sulphates

Harju M., 1987:
A method for the specific separation of lactose from skim milk

Bakuridze, A.D.; Dargaeva, T.D.; Patudin, A.V.; Efremov, A.P.; Nikolaeva, G.G.; Brutko, L.I.; Rabinovich, A.M., 1987:
A method for total iridoid determination in Gentiana lutea L

Nordlander, G., 1987:
A method for trapping Hylobius abietis (L.) with a standardized bait and its potential for forecasting seedling damage

Hau, J.; Poulsen, O.M. (Denmark), 1987:
A method of accelerating the ripening of cheese and an apparatus for carrying out the method

Rapoport, I.A., 1986:
A method of adaptive plant breeding

Lely, A. van der; Bom, C.J.G. (Netherlands), 1987:
A method of and an implement for milking an animal

Loudat, T.A.; Roecklein, J.C.; Leung, P.S., 1987:
A method of assessing new crop potential in Hawaii. A case study of the Hawaiian papaya industry

Grecenko, A., 1986:
A method of assessing the slope performance of agricultural vehicles

Westcott B., 1987:
A method of assessing the yield stability of crop genotypes

Auernhammer, H., 1986:
A method of assessing work stress in agriculture

Khvan, A.I., 1986:
A method of breeding cereal crops

Gontarovskii, V.A., 1985:
A method of breeding fertility restoring analogues of maize lines

Avdeev, Y.I., 1986:
A method of breeding heterotic tomato hybrids

Palilov, A.I.; Khotyleva, L.V.; Korpusenko, L.I.; Savchenko, A.P.; Danilov, A.S., 1984:
A method of breeding synthetic heterotic populations of self-pollinating crops

Lyfenko, S.F., 1985:
A method of breeding wheat for resistance to unfavourable factors

Zemlyanskii, Y.M.; Dmitrichenko, S.S.; Perel' tsvaig, I.M., 1987:
A method of calculating disc springs

Estrada Pena, A.; Sanchez Acedo, C.; Lucientes Curdi, J.; Castillo Hernandez, J.A., 1986:
A method of calculating the age of larvae of Dermacentor marginatus (Acarina: Ixodoidea)

Velev, B., 1987:
A method of chemical weed control in transplanted peppers

Pouget, R., 1987 :
A method of classifying grapevine varieties in relation to their absorbing capacity for potassium, calcium and magnesium: its use as a test for selecting for resistance to magnesium deficiency

Sineshchekov, V.A.; Sineshchekov, A.V., 1987:
A method of complex absorption-fluorescence investigation of phytochrome in plant tissue

Abbott, W.S., 1987:
A method of computing the effectiveness of an insecticide

Rubes, J.; Zak, M.; Horinova, Z., 1987:
A method of cytogenetic examination of early embryos of cattle

Moraru, K.V.; Atimoshoae, M.V.; Mustyatsa, N.V., 1987:
A method of determining drought resistance in wheat

Berim, M.N.; Vilkova, N.A.; Pukhaev, R.V., 1985:
A method of determining resistance to pea aphid in pea forms

Kucherenko, L.A., 1985:
A method of determining salt resistance in plants

Semin, V.S.; Polishchuk, S.G., 1986:
A method of determining the cold resistance of plants

Biryukov, S.V.; Musich, V.N.; Lyashok, A.K.; Kornelli, B.M., 1986:
A method of determining the drought resistance of wheat plants

Kyzlasov, V.G., 1984:
A method of determining the general breeding value of hybrid wheat populations and their initial parental forms

Shevtsov, I.A.; Parii, F.N.; Dolotii, L.A., 1986 :
A method of determining the general combining ability of sugarbeet lines

Osipov, A.V.; Terez, E.I.; Solov' ev, K.N.; Knyukshto, V.N.; Sidyakin, V.G.; Kriventsov, V.I.; Yarosh, A.M., 1987:
A method of determining the genetic specificity of plants

Borzionov, V.D.; Turov, G.S., 1984:
A method of determining the resistance of spring wheat to stem rust

Lanetskii, V.P., 1986:
A method of determining the resistance of wheat varieties to the stem rust pathogen

Filatov, P.A.; Oshevnev, V.P.; Filatova, E.P., 1986:
A method of diagnosing heterosis

Rosenkranz, C., 1987:
A method of embedding ova and pre-implantation embryos prior to electron microscopy

Tomberg, U.Kh, 1984:
A method of establishing distances between drains for draining temporarily inundated mineral soils

Kharchenko, N.N.; Bunyakin, V.P., 1985:
A method of estimating numbers of the cabbage white butterfly

Krutovskii, S.V.; Yakovenko, B.V.; Shandruk, R.N.; Bashchuk, S.V.; Yavonenko, A.F., 1985:
A method of estimating total lipids in carp tissues

Mironov, N.A.; Belovodskii, V.L., 1987:
A method of estimating vitamin A in feed mixtures

Kristensen, T., 1986:
A method of evaluating body condition in dairy cows

Fedorova, M.I.; Mugniev, A.F., 1985:
A method of evaluating breeding forms of carrot for the carotene content of their roots

Lapina, M.Sh, 1986:
A method of evaluating breeding material of cross pollinating perennial crops

Musich, V.N.; Kornelli, B.M., 1986:
A method of evaluating frost resistance in winter cereal crops

Matienko, B.T.; Belous, T.K.; Kolesnikova, L.S., 1986:
A method of evaluating initial forms of soyabean for submicroscopic features of the seeds using a limited quantity

Chuchmii, I.P.; Khromenko, A.S.; Beznosenko, A.A., 1985:
A method of evaluating new inbred sweetcorn lines for resistance to Fusarium infection of the ears and grains

Rodchenko, O.P.; Burbanova, R.S., 1986:
A method of evaluating resistance in plants to low above-zero temperatures at early stages of ontogeny

Kintya, P.K.; Balashova, N.N.; Gutsu, E.V.; Lazur' evskii, G.V.; Timina, O.O., 1985:
A method of evaluating resistance to Verticillium wilt in red pepper varieties

Pasternak, H.; Peiper, U.M.; Putter, J., 1987:
A method of evaluating seeding uniformity

Vilichku, F.K., 1986:
A method of evaluating the basic economically valuable characteristics of three-line sunflower hybrids

Mikhailin, V.V., 1984 :
A method of evaluating the degree of maturity of single flax plants in the preliminary stages of the breeding process

Samoilova, T.S., 1984:
A method of evaluating the influence of protective forest strips on microbial purification of surface run-off

Dzhigadlo, E.N.; Dzhigadlo, M.I.; Ishchenko, L.A.; Yakovlev, S.P., 1985:
A method of evaluating the resistance of plants to phytopathogenic microflora

Romanov, V.B.; Chernova, N.A.; Shchurov, M.I., 1985:
A method of evaluating the resistance of rice to overcooking at the early stages of the breeding process

Tagirova, V.A.; Mukhamedov, L.R.; Shakirova, D.A., 1982:
A method of evaluating varieties and lines of Egyptian cotton for infection by black root rot

Solozhentsev, P.D., 1985:
A method of extracting the components from the pollen of angiosperm plants

Tikhonova, N.A.; Anikeev, V.G.; Zhuk, O.M.; Platonova, O.A., 1986:
A method of genetically monitoring the virulence of plant pathogen populations

Czarnecki E., 1988:
A method of germinating immature spring wheat

Mew, G.; Searle, P.L.; Willoughby, E.J.; Allott, G., 1986:
A method of graphical analysis of chemical data from 120 soil profiles from the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

Girard, J.C.; Peros, J.P., 1987:
A method of greenhouse evaluation of the resistance of sugarcane to gummosis

Hasegawa, A.; Nakasugi, M.; Goi, M., 1987:
A method of harvesting seeds of Cypripedium japonicum

Kubas' , V.G.; Danilova, O.P., 1987:
A method of identifying Candida albicans

Lesovoi, M.P.; Parfenyuk, A.I.; Kondratyuk, O.K., 1987:
A method of identifying and selecting sunflower lines resistant to the pathogen of white rot and grey mould

Gritsenko, V.V.; Shaldaev, B.P.; Zakharov, L.N.; Pavlov, M.I., 1985:
A method of increasing the quality of sugarbeet seeds

Mylchreest, S.J.; Wheeler, B.E.J., 1987:
A method of inducing apothecia from sclerotia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Sadovnichii, B.E.; Sotnikova, N.N., 1986:
A method of inducing mutations in plants

Anonymous, 1985:
A method of managing the environment for a flourishing apiculture

Lieutier, F.; Ham, R.; Ham, M.C.; Garcia, J., 1986:
A method of marking individual scolytid beetles for laboratory studies

Omel' chenko, V.S.; Sadykov, S.S., 1986:
A method of obtaining homozygous progeny in cotton

Burdun, A.M.; Paramesh, N. (Nandi Paramesh), 1984:
A method of obtaining narrow-leaved, sparsely leaved wheat forms

Hagerer, P.; Beilage, H., 1986:
A method of performing system ergonomics studies

Lavlinskaya, I.M.; Pankratov, V.P., 1987:
A method of planning clematis planting in relation to insolation

Sugimoto T.; Nibe A.; Kumagai K., 1986:
A method of prediction for egg production using computer simulation system

Zhurov, A.V., 1986:
A method of preparing samples for three-dimensional study of soil pore geometry

Meshcheryakov, V.Ya, 1985:
A method of processing performance data in progeny testing of sires

Pestsova, S.T.; Akbarov, S.A., 1985:
A method of producing an infection regime of Fusarium for melon and the dynamics of its variation over 10 years

Cattaneo, C.; Rho, G. (Italy), 1986:
A method of producing bars composed of milk and simple and complex sugars, and bars obtained thereby

Zaikina, T.F.; Sukhanov, V.M.; Tyrnov, V.S., 1986:
A method of producing cereal crop plants from pollen

Filonchenko, P.A.; Mazil' nikov, G.V.; Mel' nikov, A.F., 1986:
A method of producing high-protein forms of wheat

Gasanenko, L.S., 1985:
A method of producing high-yielding lucerne varieties

Tupitsyn, N.V.; Ermokhin, V.I.; Khovrin, A.N., 1986:
A method of producing initial material for spring wheat breeding

Borovskii, M.I.; Goncharenko, D.N., 1987:
A method of producing interline maize hybrids

Koleda, K.V., 1987:
A method of producing lodging resistant initial material of winter wheat

Kirichenko, F.G.; Litvinenko, N.A., 1985:
A method of producing populations of self pollinating crops resistant to unfavourable ecological factors

Sednina, G.V.; Butenko, R.G.; Khromova, L.M., 1986:
A method of producing potato plants in tissue culture

Orlyuk, A.P., 1986:
A method of producing winter hardy lines of winter wheat

Rosseev, V.M., 1985:
A method of propagating barley plants in vitro

El' konin, L.A.; Papazyan, N.D.; Sukhanov, V.M.; Ishin, A.G.; Tyrnov, V.S., 1984:
A method of propagating sorghum plants in vitro

Astashchenko, A.M.; Murashkin, A.V., 1987:
A method of raising breeding material of winter crops

Hueli, L.E.; Guevara Benitez, D.C.; Garcia Fernandez, P., 1984:
A method of rearing Hyalomma (Hyalomma) marginatum marginatum Koch, 1844 (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Cate J.R., 1987:
A method of rearing parasitoids of boll weevil without the host plant

Batyuzhevskii, Y.N.; Nasonov, Y.M.; Gorobets, A.I., 1986:
A method of reducing the destructive effect of trace elements on vitamins in premixes and mixed feeds during storage

Cruger, G., 1987:
A method of reducing the use of plant protection materials? Downgraded quality standards for vegetables

Deeva, V.P.; Sheleg, Z.I.; Avdeeva, N.F.; Grib, S.I.; Danilov, A.S., 1985:
A method of selecting barley forms resistant to 2,4-D

Smurygin, M.A.; Grishin, I.A.; Babaitseva, G.V., 1985:
A method of selecting early clover for winter hardiness

Bekuzarova, S.A.; Mamsurov, B.K.; Papina, M.M.; Kurinnaya, V.T., 1986:
A method of selecting high-protein forms of red clover

Konovalov, Y.V.; Pyl' nev, V.V.; Pyl' nev, V.M.; Nefedov, A.V., 1986:
A method of selecting high-yielding forms of ear-bearing cereal crops

Granin, A.V.; Vasil' ev, V.G.; Kozlov, Y.P., 1985:
A method of selecting high-yielding wheat forms

Mironova, E.D.; Afonin, M.I., 1984:
A method of selecting lodging resistant flax plants

Okopnyi, N.S.; Zaginailo, N.N.; Sadykin, A.V., 1984:
A method of selecting nematode resistant tomato varieties and lines

Kuleshov, G.F.; Prishchep, E.G., 1984:
A method of selecting perennial grasses for fodder quality

Popov, S.I.; Vasil' ev, B.R., 1986:
A method of selecting precocious forms of walnut

Lunin, N.K.; Turovskii, A.I.; Ryzhikova, V.G.; Golev, I.F.; Zenina, I.A., 1986:
A method of selecting sugarbeet forms for resistance to storage rots

Guzhov, Y.L., 1986:
A method of selection for ear weight in cereal crop breeding

Osipov, A.V.; Terez, E.I.; Sidyakin, V.G.; Kriventsov, V.I.; Solov' ev, K.N., 1983:
A method of spectral analysis and highly effective thin-layer chromatography for studying the genotypic specificity of plants

Kurkin, K.A., 1987:
A method of structure-functional analysis of root mass of meadow plant communities

Azais, J.M.; Onillon, J.; Lefort Buson, M., 1986:
A method of studying competition phenomena among genotypes. Application to swede rape (Brassica napus L.)

Rosnadze, G.R.; Murvanidze, A.D., 1988:
A method of studying growth regulator effects on citrus crops

Benjilali, B.; Tantaoui Elaraki, A.; Ismaili Alaoui, M.; Ayadi, A., 1986:
A method of studying the antimicrobial properties of essential oils by direct contact in agar medium

Barnes, R.D.; Gibson, G.L., 1986:
A method to assess stem straightness in tropical pines

Perez de Castro, B.; Asensio, M.A.; Sanz, B.; Ordoñez, J.A., 1988:
A method to assess the bacterial content of refrigerated meat

Rush, H.G.; Moore, K.E., 1988:
A method to detect rabbit neutrophil phagocytosis of Pasteurella multocida

Omel' chenko, V.S., 1985:
A method to determine the type of flowering in cotton

Olson K.R.; Beavers A.H., 1987:
A method to estimate soil loss from erosion

Vepraskas, Mj, 1988:
A method to estimate the probability that subsoiling will increase crop yields

Albright, L.D.; Rousseau, A.N.; Brockett, B.L., 1988:
A method to quantify the suitability of mechanical ventilation to provide desired indoor conditions

Kuppusamy, V.; Sharma, S.N., 1987:
A method to reduce sludge formation and disproportionate components of solution obtained in successive treatments of wood with CCA

Surowiec, S., 1987:
A methodical approach to complex rural land development

Casado, M.A.; Sterling, A.; Peco, B.; Galiano, E.F.; Pineda, F.D., 1986:
A methodological approach to the study of boundaries in disturbed grassland ecosystems

Prato, T.; Brusven, M., 1987:
A methodology for assessing agricultural erosion and nonpoint source pollution

Alvarenga, S.C. de; Oliveira, E.B. de, 1987:
A methodology for determining farming systems

Stocking, M., 1987:
A methodology for erosion hazard mapping of the SADCC region

Trapp, J.N., 1986:
A methodology for estimating integrated forecasting/decision model parameters using linear programming

Ackello Ogutu; Paris Q.; Williams W.A., 1984:
A methodology for estimating residual fertilizer nutrients

Just, R.E.; Zilberman, D., 1988:
A methodology for evaluating equity implications of environmental policy decisions in agriculture

Cihlar J., 1987:
A methodology for mapping and monitoring cropland soil erosion

Sannomiya, N.; Matuda, K.; Nouri Shirazi, M.; Ishizaki, K., 1986:
A methodology for mathematical modeling of fish behavior in a water tank

Faria, J.C. de, 1986:
A methodology for multiple disease resistance testing in common beans

Kroll, J.C., 1985:
A methodology for studying agricultural development in the social sciences

Spugnoli, P.; Zoli, M., 1984:
A methodology for the evaluation of farm machinery needs on a large scale

Fiez, E.A.; Willett, G.S.; Hillers, J.K., 1988:
A micro computer spreadsheet program designed to generate dairy enterprise budgets

Rai, K.; Sayenju, L., 1987:
A micro perspective on poverty: a case study of Kubinde Village Panchayat, Sindhupalchowk district

Yamasaki, H.; Oya, H.; Sunada, H.; Nagai, Y., 1987:
A micro-assay method for parasite proteinase activity using -labeled globin as a substrate

Walker, C.D.; Graham, R.D., 1987:
A micro-electrode fast data capture technique: its use to examine plant cell electrophysiology in the wheat root

Miller W.P.; Miller D.M., 1987:
A micro-pipette method for soil mechanical analysis

Sreeramulu, A.; Patil, S.S.; Nayudu, M.V., 1986:
A microbial assay for Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae (Ishima) Dye toxin

Heeschen, W.; Suhren, G., 1986:
A microbial receptor test (Charm Test II) for detection and identification of inhibitors in milk

Bilai, V.I.; Kurbatskaya, Z.A.; Zaichenko, A.M.; Sinitskii, V.N.; Lemeshchenko, G.P., 1986:
A microbiological method of detecting mycotoxins in cereals and cereal products

Turner K.W.; Lawrence R.C.; Lelievre J., 1986:
A microbiological specification for milk for aseptic cheesemaking

Bewley, R.J.F., 1985:
A microbiological strategy for the decontamination of polluted land

Bondarenko, S.P.; Grenishen, N.T., 1986:
A microclimate installation utilizing ventilating air waste heat

Schnitkey, G.D.; Barry, P.J.; Ellinger, P.N., 1987:
A microcomputer analysis of farm financial performance

Fenemore, P.G.; Stewart, T.M., 1986:
A microcomputer based pest management game

Beutler, M., 1987:
A microcomputer decision aid for swine producers

Biere, D.A.; Walkenhorst, M.T., 1987:
A microcomputer design program for narrowbase terrace systems

Hadi, Y.; Mohamed, S.; Vincent, A., 1988:
A microcomputer linear-programming log-allocation model for a Malaysian integrated timber complex

Williams, J.R.; Buller, O.H.; Dvorak, G.J.; Manges, H.L., 1988:
A microcomputer model for irrigation system evaluation

Chen, L.H., 1987:
A microcomputer model for selection of machines and tractors

Beilock, R. et al., 1986:
A microcomputer package to teach the simplex algorithm

LaDue, E.L.; Cook, D.B., 1986:
A microcomputer program for projecting annual cash flows, debt repayment ability and proforma financial statements

McGilliard, M.L.; James, R.E.; Pasquino, A.T.; Schucker, B.L., 1988:
A microcomputer program to group lactacting dairy cows for feeding

Havard, P.; Prasher, S., 1986:
A microcomputer simulation package for subirrigation

Simana, J., 1988:
A microcomputer system for operative processing of measurements in farm machinery

Rowley, WA.; Jones, MDR.; Jacobson, DW.; Clarke, J L.; III., 1987:
A microcomputer-monitored mosquito flight activity system

Marsh, K.B.; Peterson, L.A.; McCown, B.H., 1987:
A microculture method for assessing nutrient uptake: the effect of phosphate on manganese uptake and toxicity

Borschel, M.W.; Kirksey, A.; Hamaker, B.R., 1987:
A micromethod for determination of plasma pyridoxal phosphate and its use in assessment of storage stability of the vitamer

Tsetkov, P.; Partinov, D.; Iliev, S., 1987:
A microprocessor system of automatic control for precision drills

Allison, M.C.; Green, E.L.; Bhattacharya, D.N.; Smith, A.; Pounder, R.E., 1988:
A microscopic and immunodiagnostic search for giardiasis in patients with gastrointestinal disorders

Smillie, G.W.; Collins, J.F.; Hussain, S.M., 1987:
A microscopic study of phosphoric acid treatment on artificially-formed soil crusts

Schneider, A.; Eichenberger, W.; Seebeck, T., 1988:
A microtubule-binding protein of Trypanosoma brucei which contains covalently bound fatty acid

Farrar, C.A.; Perring, T.M.; Toscano, N.C., 1986:
A midge predator of potato aphids on tomatoes

Nuurtamo, M.; Backstrom, K.; Tossavainen, O. (Finland), 1986:
A milk preparation suitable for diabetics and lactose-intolerant persons, and a process for preparing it

Senyk, G.F.; Bandler, D.K.; Ledford, R.A., 1987:
A milk quality improvement project

Lely, C. van der, 1987:
A milking implement

Icking, F.; Willach, E. (German Federal Republic), 1986:
A milking machine pulsator

MacPeak, M.D.; Burkhart, L.F.; Weldon, D., 1987:
A mill study of the quality, yield, and mechanical properties of plywood produced from fast-grown loblolly pine

Safarov, Yu; Kurbanov, I.; Safarov, S.; Kakhramanov, S.; Bairamov, A., 1987:
A mineral feed supplement

Morel, F., 1988:
A mini-dairy from ENV, Lyon, opens new channels

Ngombo, M.; Bijl, J.; Van Peteghem, C.; Mossanda, K., 1986:
A miniaturized method for determining aflatoxins in flour

Opdecamp, L.; Laudelout, H., 1985:
A minimum input agrotechnical method for correcting aluminium toxicity in the Burundi highlands

Dominici, M.; Fanelli, L., 1986:
A minor vine pest

Moritz, R.F.A.; Hawkins, C.F.; Crozier, R.H.; Mackinley, A.G., 1985:
A mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in honeybees (Apis mellifera L.)

Stoker, R.; Janson, C.G., 1985:
A mixed crop stock farmlet on a rostered water supply

Moseley, A.E.; Spreen, T.H.; Pheasant, J.W., 1986:
A mixed-integer programming analysis of the structure of a Florida-based cattle feeding industry

Grinyuk, V.G.; Komkov, D.Y., 1985:
A mixture of 2,4-D and Tur

Yakovlev, N.S.; Stremnin, V.A.; Kolesov, A.I., 1988:
A mobile feeder for deer

Self, K.P.; Summers, J.D.; Greenlee, J.G.; McLaughlin, G.L., 1988:
A mobile off-road tire test apparatus

Stringi, L.; Amato, G.; Gristina, L.; Cibella, R., 1988:
A mode of forage utilization and plant density for berseem clover in semi-arid mediterranean environments

Rajczi, B.; Cserjes, M.; Hajdu, G., 1984:
A mode of work organization for economical logging

Braithwaite, P.G., 1987:
A model developed to determine the optimum time to replace tractors

Nikolayeva, S.A.; Rozov, S.Y.; Shchegolov, A.I., 1987:
A model experiment on cation exchange in chernozems irrigated with water at various mineralizations

Schulz, J.; Beck, K., 1987:
A model experiment on simultaneously influencing acidity in milk and other mastitis-related parameters through feeding and udder irritation

Omura, H.; Hara, K., 1984:
A model experimental study on the fence effect of two trees against debris flow

Kayumov, F.V., 1988:
A model for a cotton farm

Smalley, M.E., 1987:
A model for a regional collaborative training programme in the insect sciences

Ismail, K.M.; Wheaton, F., 1987:
A model for ammonia volatilization from soils treated with urea

Baeriswyl, J., 1986:
A model for analysis of Swiss fodder production

Lambrecht, R.S.; Carriere, J.F.; Collins, M.T., 1988:
A model for analyzing growth kinetics of a slowly growing Mycobacterium sp

Brewton, C., 1987:
A model for analyzing the lodging industry

Bogel, R.; Steinmann, A.; Dorn, R., 1986:
A model for and actual data on the reproductive behaviour of the mite Varroa jacobsoni

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