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Chapter 1,516

A longterm outlook for world sugar and the 1988 U.S. sweetener market; World perspective; A changing sweetener market in the U.S

Barry, R.D.; Ahlfeld, H.; Bateman, M.J.

Proceedings, Outlook ' 88-64th agricultural outlook conference, US Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC, December 1-3, 1987: 207-218; 219-233; 234-245


Accession: 001515482

Barry notes that world sugar production in 1987/88 is forecast to fall 1.5% to 101.2 Mt, reflecting nearly 5% less beet sugar. World consumption of sugar is forecast to rise to 101.7 Mt, about 1.5% up on 1986/87. Stocks will therefore fall and prices move upward. However, beet and cane processing capacity is still substantially above consumption; when prices rise, supply response tends to be quick; and the basic tendency towards world sugar overproduction persists.

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