A new source of cytoplasmic male sterile tobacco obtained by fusion between Nicotiana tabacum and X-irradiated N. africana protoplasts

Kumashiro, T.; Asahi, T.; Komari, T.

Plant Science, Irish Re ic 55(3): 247-254


DOI: 10.1016/0168-9452(88)90068-4
Accession: 001516846

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A single plant exhibiting cytoplasmic male sterility was found among 210 regenerants derived from fusion between protoplasts of N. tabacum cv. Burley 21 and X-irradiated protoplasts of N. africana. Male sterility, evident from the semi-shed corolla and lack of pollen grains in the anther, was maintained in the progeny obtained from backcrosses with normal fertile Burley 21. Although the chloroplast genome was identical to that of N. tabacum, mitochondrial DNA analysis by several restriction enzymes and Southern hybridizations with mitochondrial DNA probes detected several N. africana-specific fragments in the male-sterile plant.