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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1521

Chapter 1521 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520000

Park, G. J.; Spatz, G., 1986: A study on the change of Carex ferruginea community by fertilization and grazing

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520002

Zhao, D. W.; Liu, S. L.; Chen, L. P., 1987: A study on the characteristics of translocation and distribution of 14C-labelled assimilates in Lai-wu ginger

Xu, Z. S.; Wen, S. P., 1988: A study on the characters related to grain weight per ear in maize (Zea mays L.)

Wen, M. Z.; Huang, Y. Z.; Xiao, S. C.; Ren, W. J.; Zhao, H.; Yang, S. J., 1986: A study on the chemical components of the essential oil from the peel of Citrus medica L. var. muliensis W.D. et Y

Lin, Z. K.; Hua, Y. F., 1988: A study on the chemical constituents of the essential oil from Dendranthema indicum (L.) des Moul

Zhu, S. H.; Zhao, Y. F.; Liu, P.; Bai, Y., 1987: A study on the chemical forms of mercury in soils

Al Salih, A. A.; Al Najjar, N. R.; Al Mashhadani, A. N., 1987: A study on the chromosome number of two specific female date palm cultivars

Li, G. Q.; Jin, J. S.; Wang, P. Y., 1988: A study on the chromosomes of Fasciola hepatica

Wang, Y. C.; Chen, C. K.; You, Z. P., 1987: A study on the cold hardiness of the black cutworm (Agrotis ypsilon Rottem.) in relation to the overwintering problem

Rajput, S. S.; Gupta, V. K.; Lohani, R. C., 1986: A study on the comparison of edgewise and flatwise deflection for machine grading of timber

Anonymous, 1986: A study on the compatibility of the rices SMR and 68-83

Tjitrosemito, S.; Pallawarukka, I. R., 1985: A study on the competition between Imperata cylindrica and Brachiaria decumbens

Tjitrosemito, S.; Hidayati, I. R., 1986: A study on the competition between Imperata cylindrica and Brachiaria decumbens. 1. Space occupation

Zhang, X. Z.; Li, B. H., 1987: A study on the complementary and competitive effects induced by intercropping and mixed cropping of maize and soyabeans on fertile land

Zhou, W. S.; Ji, M. R.; Zhou, W. J., 1986: A study on the components of Oxytropis melanocalyx

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520017

Chu, J. Q.; Zhang, Z. J.; Pu, F., 1988: A study on the constituents of leaf essential oils in Citrus limonia Osbeck

Gonzalez R., 1987: A study on the content of acid insoluble ash in some tropical grasses

Xiang, C. T.; Jiang, L.; Qi, C. G.; Xu, B. R.; Han, W. X.; Yang, X. F., 1988: A study on the control index of swollen stem canker of Populus simonii X nigra

Zhang, B. Y., 1986: A study on the control of Avena fatua L. with tri-allate and di-allate during seedling irrigation of spring wheat

Yu, K. F., 1985: A study on the control of Suaeda corniculata Bunge in the fields of Puccinellia distans Parl. by chemicals

Hu, F. Q.; Fang, C. Y., 1987: A study on the control of cotton aphids with granular mephospholan

Feng, J. G.; Shi, G. S.; Qu, H. Y.; Han, W. M., 1985: A study on the control of insects on oak with Trichogramma dendrolimi Matsumura

Wang, K. X.; Lin, Q. Q., 1986: A study on the correlation of fertility in the F1 and F2 of indica-japonica rice crosses

Hu, Z-l.; Chen, X-d.; Yang, P-h.; Wang, Z-x.; Ji, X-z., 1987: A study on the cossid Holcocerus arenicola (Staudinger) in Shaanxi

Kato, I.; Ikarashi, H., 1987: A study on the cropping system of the paddy field - a case study on the Yamagata University Farm - Part 3

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520028

Pan, G. F.; Sun, Z. L., 1986: A study on the cytogenetics and fertility of Aneurolepidium chinense. I. Meiosis, pollen fertility and fruiting

Shou, Z. B.; Gong, H. Q., 1985: A study on the damage rate by rice planthoppers

Ahn, K. Y.; Kim, K. G.; Im, S. B., 1985: A study on the design criteria for urban small parks

Chung, S. H., 1985: A study on the diameter increment of major conifers in the middle area of Korea

Kim, K. J.; Chung, Y. H., 1986: A study on the distribution of genus Tilia

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520034

Ma, Z. Y., 1986: A study on the economic characters and nutrient components of grasses

Xiong, Y. Q.; Ke, D. X.; He, B. J.; Wu, J. Y.; Jin, G. C., 1986: A study on the economic threshold and control target of the second and third generations of cotton pink bollworm

Chen, H. Y.; Wu, Z. Z., 1986: A study on the economic threshold of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520038

Somani, L. L.; Pancholi, A. K.; Lal, P.; Chhipa, B. R., 1988: A study on the effect of RSC levels of irrigation water on different soils and crops

Yang, X.; Zhang, M. S.; Li, J. S.; Yang, Z. F., 1985: A study on the effect of ammonium nitrohumate from different materials on fertilizer superphosphate

Ma, G. R.; Han, G. Z.; Ni, M. X.; Qi, G. K., 1986: A study on the effect of applying chloride fertilizers to sweet potato

Iwamoto, I.; Cho, K., 1986: A study on the effect of artificial irrigation in upland farming in Ayagawa irrigation district

Fish, N.; Karp, A., 1986: A study on the effect of different initial culture media on the chromosome stability of Solanum tuberosum cv. Maris Bard protoplast derived regenerants

Kim S.H., 1986: A study on the effect of family environment on the dietary quality of adolescence

Li, Y. Q.; Liu, Z. J.; Li, R. C.; Huang, T. S., 1987: A study on the effect of fertilizers applied in the first three years to young stands of Cunninghamia lanceolata

Lu, P.; Qu, J. X., 1986: A study on the effect of foliar spray of trace elements in flax

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520047

Akin, T.; Ceylan, A., 1986: A study on the effect of nitrogen on the growth, development and ontogenetic variability of Datura species in the ecological conditions of Bornova

Zhang, Z. M.; Zhang, H. J.; Li, J. S., 1986: A study on the effect of ploughing in green rape for control of Fusarium wilt in cotton

Chaudhry, M. S.; Ackgoz, N., 1984: A study on the effect of sowing date on growth and performance of 6 rice cultivars and their ratoons

Kasir, W. A.; Barno, J. S., 1985: A study on the effect of stump height and number of coppice shoots per stump on some anatomical properties of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. wood grown in Nineveh plantation

Patel, B. K.; Jambunathan, L. R.; Rote, N. B.; Mehta, N. P.; Shah, A. H., 1985: A study on the effect of synthetic pyrethroids on the quality of the cotton Hybrid 4

Eser, B.; Ozzambak, E.; Vural, H., 1985: A study on the effect of various factors on the early yield of globe artichoke

Guan, F. Z., 1986: A study on the effect of zinc as seed dressing of flax and its application techniques

Georgiev, S.; Raicheva, L., 1987: A study on the effectiveness of mineral and symbiotically-fixed nitrogen on yield and quality of groundnuts

Yang, Y. A.; Bao, B. J.; Qu, J. Q.; Ge, M. Z.; Shi, C. G., 1986: A study on the effects of B, Mn, Zn on the yield of kenaf and the influential factors

Park, S. J.; Yoon, Y. H., 1987: A study on the effects of Lac- mutant cells, protease and elevated ripening temperature on the maturation of Cheddar cheese

Xu, X. D.; Chen, G. C.; Bai, Y. M.; Yang, Z. S.; Chen, H. B., 1987: A study on the effects of chemicals on the vase life of cut peony flowers

Tukel, T.; Hatipoglu, R., 1987: A study on the effects of different cutting dates on the forage yield potentials of some annual legumes + oats mixtures under bottom land conditions of Cukurova

Zhao, K. J.; Wan, H., 1987: A study on the effects of gamma irradiation on the respiration and ethylene production of apple fruits

Mendilcioglu, K., 1986: A study on the effects of rootstocks on the yield and quality of satsumas

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520062

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520063

Tamura, S.; Tamura, T., 1986: A study on the electron microscopic comparison of the elytra of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera), Part I

Mehanna, N. M.; Mehanna, A. S.; Rashed, M. A., 1987: A study on the electrophoretic properties of milk proteins during storage as affected by thermization and CO2 treatments

Bayrak, A.; Dogan, A.; Akgul, A., 1986: A study on the essential oil components of tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus L.)

Sangakkara U.R., 1988: A study on the establishment of tropical grasses and legumes

Lee, H. K., 1982: A study on the estimation of bark volume of the main tree species

Noh, J. H.; Kim, J. W., 1984: A study on the evaluation of standard chain saw logging performance interpreted by five work variables

Mikawa, F., 1986: A study on the extermination of Varroa jacobsoni

Liu, X. L.; Yang, X. W.; Zhang, D. J., 1987: A study on the feasibility of a big tractor system in Chinese northeast state farms by system analysis method

Bhamburkar, V. R.; Tewari, A. N.; Prakash, P., 1986: A study on the fibre spectrum of the vagus nerve in the goat

Liu, Q. X.; Zhang, G. F., 1984: A study on the flight activities of Sogatella furcifera (Horvath)

Huang, S. Y.; Guo, S. L.; Gao, R. T.; Dai, C. Y., 1988: A study on the fluid permeability of wood using the method of energy spectrum analysis

Unal, A.; Ozcagran, R., 1986: A study on the formation of the graft union in shield-bud grafting

Chou, C. S., 1986: A study on the freezing method of buffalo pelleted semen

Zeng, X. P.; Wang, L. X., 1988: A study on the genetic parameters for quantitative characters of high-yielding rice in Ningxia

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520078

Zeng, X. L., 1987: A study on the genus Phellinus of Jilin Province

Ding, Z. L.; Xia, Z. M., 1986: A study on the green manure crop Vicia sativa cv. 6625 in cotton fields

Wu, Z. Q.; Lin, F.; Liang, Y. Y., 1985: A study on the growing characteristics of hybrid rice

Mi, J. S., 1986: A study on the growing method for Aleurites fordii Hemsl. cv. Luxi Pupu Tong

Hu, S. A., 1987: A study on the growth and development of Gossypium hirsutum subsp. mexicanum var. nervosum

Hu, Z. J.; Li, J. L., 1986: A study on the growth of a high yield kenaf cultivar Qingpi

Vecchio, V.; Casini, P.; Rocca, F. La, 1986: A study on the growth of chickpeas treated with bentazon

Hayashi, S., 1987: A study on the growth process of even-aged pure stands

Huang, E. T., 1985: A study on the hatching of the overwintering eggs and annual generations of the wild silkworm

Nie, Z.; Shi, X. C.; Chen, F. T.; Chang, C., 1987: A study on the heritability, genetic advance and genetic correlations of the main agronomic characters in safflower

Gillamac, R. S., 1985: A study on the incidence of bovine mastitis in the CMU Dairy Project

Jesus, A. S. de, Jr, 1985: A study on the incidence of cysticercosis in slaughtered hogs in selected abattoirs in Region IX

Joseph, S. A.; Karunamoorthy, G.; Lalitha, C. M., 1987: A study on the incidence of myiasis in domestic animals of Tamil Nadu

Badiola, V. N., 1985: A study on the incidence of swine brucellosis (Brucella suis) in Sandawa Stook Farms, Inc., Southern Davao, Panabo, Davao del Norte

Abdalla, N. M.; El Gengaihi, S.; Sadrak, I., 1986: A study on the influence of Cycocel and Alar 85 on growth, flowering and active ingredients of Calendula officinalis L

Sawan, O. N.; El Beltagy, M. S.; Mohamedien, S. A.; El Beltagy, A. S.; Maksoud, M. A., 1986: A study on the influence of some transplant growing media on flowering and yield of tomato

Lertprasertrat, K.; Jan Orn, J.; Srinives, P.; Pumklom, M.; Chanbunmee, S.; Sriwaranat, 1987: A study on the inheritance of certain agronomic characteristics in cotton

Cao, R. H.; Ren, J. H.; Wang, X. L., 1986: A study on the inheritance of resistance to maize head smut

Nualsri, C.; Dhanasobhon, C.; Srinives, P., 1986: A study on the inheritance of some economically important characters in 4 cultivars of eggplant (Solanum melongena var. esculenta Nees.) I. Heterosis in the F1 hybrids

Nualsri, C.; Dhanasobhon, C.; Srinives, P., 1986: A study on the inheritance of some economically important characters in 4 cultivars of eggplant (Solanum melongena var. esculenta Nees.). II. Gene actions controlling the characters

Okinaka, T.; Honda, J.; Monobe, Y., 1986: A study on the initial growth of Parthenocissus tricuspidata on a fence

Li, G. R.; Gao, K. Y.; Zhang, F. Y.; Chang, J. Y., 1987: A study on the introduction of ramie into Wanrong County

Bhagwant, S.; Johri, G. N., 1986: A study on the loss of immune response and haematological changes in aged mice experimentally infected with the dwarf tapeworm Hymenolepis nana

Huang, S. L.; Chang, W. H., 1986: A study on the main antioxidative components of betel vines

Kim, Y. H.; Yu, J. H., 1988: A study on the manufacture of pizza cheese by D.A.C.A. (direct acidification continuous agitation procedure)

Principato, M., 1986: A study on the maxillae of third instar larvae of the six Italian Gasterophilus species (Diptera: Gasterophilidae): observations on their taxonomic significance in the identification to the species

Conte, L.; Santoro, G.; Borghese, A., 1985: A study on the measurement of mechanical properties of animal feed pellets

Gan, S. S.; Shen, Z. Y.; Zhang, Z. L.; Yan, J. Q., 1987: A study on the mechanism of cell wall expansion in cucumber cotyledons

Chen, Y. Z.; Chen, B., 1986: A study on the metabolism of amiprofos in soyabean, barnyardgrass and dodder plants

Xu, S.; Weng, J.; Chen, Z., 1987: A study on the method of estimating the lean meat content in pork carcass

Li, C. B.; Guo, J. C.; Li, Y. K.; Song, X. X., 1986: A study on the methods of seed disinfection against Fusarium wilt pathogens in cotton

Vasquez Morales, T. A., 1987: A study on the miniature pig as a laboratory animal

Anonymous, 1987: A study on the mixture pattern and interspecific relationship of the mixed stands of Cunninghamia lanceolata and Sassafras tzumu

Fei, J. X., 1987: A study on the model for cultivation of soyabean yielding 150 kg/mu in the Huanghe and Huaihe river valleys

Patras, J.; Cotiin, V.; Bohateret, V., 1987: A study on the modernization of the research activity and production of agricultural stations (the example of Podu-Iloaiei agricultural research station)

Cheng, H. R. et al., 1986: A study on the morphological diagnosis and the pathogenicity of Bursaphelenchus mucronatus

Liu, J. L.; Lan, S. Y.; Nie, Y. C., 1987: A study on the morphology and structure of pollen grains of 16 species of Gossypium

Meunier, G., 1985: A study on the motivations, expectations and habits of low income families with regard to leisure and tourist activities

Xu, S. F.; Su, S. Q.; Zhai, Q.; Mu, R. N.; Fu, Y. C.; Jin, G. L., 1987: A study on the multicomponent application of pre-emergence herbicides in soybean fields

Lu, Z. Q.; Lin, G. L.; Chen, L. F.; Zhu, Z. L.; Zhu, S. D., 1986: A study on the natural enemies of aphids on vegetable crops and their control

Kim, K. H.; Yi, C. K., 1984: A study on the needle blight of Pinus spp. (I) Two unrecorded pathogenic fungi

Hou, A. J.; Bi, S. C., 1986: A study on the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Aporia crataegi

Lu, K. C.; Lin, J. Z.; Qiu, W. L., 1986: A study on the nutrient composition of kiwifruits

Hwang, H. H.; Lee, S. D.; Ju, J. S., 1986: A study on the nutritional effect in weanling rats by feeding mugwort powder supplemented to rice diets with different protein levels

Zhou, X. M.; Du, Q. H., 1986: A study on the occurrence of Cercospora aleuritidis Miyake and its control

Goel, A. K.; Singh, G. D., 1986: A study on the oestrous cycle of Holstein-Friesian X Hariana cattle

Bejar Castan, I., 1988: A study on the optimum housing density in an aviary for a population of replacement red partridges (Alectoris rufa)

Zu, B. M.; Long, Y. Y., 1987: A study on the optimum temperature for seed germination

Kang, H. S.; Kim, D. Y.; Woo, K. L., 1987: A study on the passage rate of ruminal digesta and ruminal bacteria protein synthesis in sheep - in particular with the sheep fed formic acid added and ammonia treated rice straw by different dietary CP sources and levels

Zhu, G. Z.; Jiang, Y. L.; Yang, G. R.; Zhang, G. X.; Cui, X. Y.; Lin, J. A.; Gao, P. M.; Wu, P.; Wang, D. Y., 1987: A study on the pathomorphology of inclusion body hepatitis in chickens

Lin, Y. Z.; Gu, D. X., 1987: A study on the patterns of spatial distribution of Paederus fuscipes adults in sugarcane fields and their application

Wang, B. P.; Ding, X. C.; Dai, W. S.; Xu, R. C., 1987: A study on the photosynthetic rate of sand pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) under field conditions

Rahman, A. K. M. M.; Haque, M. M., 1986: A study on the physio-morphological characters and yield of four bottle gourd lines

Huang, X. S.; Dai, J. X.; Zhao, C. B.; Zhang, G. X., 1986: A study on the population dynamics of Hyalopterus amygdali (Blanchard)

Kaya Z., 1988: A study on the possibilities of biological waste water treatment using algae

Presta, A. D., 1987: A study on the possibility of continuous production of irises in the winter-spring period

Tobioka, J., 1986: A study on the prediction of labour productivity in the logging systems of forest management by the non-clear cutting method

Kim, S. K., 1985: A study on the present status of edible fat and oil industry and fat intake in Korea

Kim, S. K.; Jeong, J. Y., 1985: A study on the production structure and biomass productivity of Quercus variabilis natural forest

Li, J.; Peng, H. Y.; Shao, Y. Q.; Ni, N. H., 1988: A study on the properties of DPB fire-retardant and its composition

Seo, E-W.; Yun, C-Y.; Kang, C-S.; Kim, H-R., 1985: A study on the protein pattern of haemolymph during last instar larval and pupal stages of Bombyx mori

Ko, Y. D.; An, B. G., 1987: A study on the quality of tuber silage of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

Komori, S., 1987: A study on the relation between work load of farmers and size of paddy field

Arru, E.; Leoni, A.; Marceddu, L., 1982: A study on the relationship between hydatidosis-echinococcosis in man and animals

Gao, X. H.; Yang, Y. C., 1986: A study on the relationship between phosphorus and zinc in maize plants on Lou soil with different fertility in Guanzhong areas

Badawi, A. M.; Abd Elnaim, M.; Ahmed, S. A., 1985: A study on the relationship between salinization of the soil and water table depth and salinity

Rajput, S. S.; Gupta, V. K., 1986: A study on the relationship between strength of air dry and kiln dry timber

Zeng, Z. Y.; Liu, H. C.; Li, D. Q., 1985: A study on the relationship between the oviposition behaviour of the oriental armyworm and damage caused by the rice borer

Luo, X. N.; Zuo, W. X., 1986: A study on the relationship between the population fluctuations of rice planthoppers and their natural enemies and natural control effects

Liu, R. X., 1987: A study on the resistance of Aphis gossypi to pyrethroids

Chikov, V. I.; Ivanova, N. P., 1987: A study on the role of leaf free space in regulation of photosynthesis and export of assimilates from leaf

Anonymous, 1986: A study on the root development of different rice varieties

Sun, X., 1986: A study on the root system of Artemisia sphaerocephala

Okinaka, T.; Sugahara, M., 1986: A study on the salt tolerance of landscape trees using the amount of chloride penetrating the leaves as an indicator

Cho, J. T.; Yeon, K. I.; Son, S. G.; Kwon, K. C., 1985: A study on the seed germination, growth and mineral constituents of Aster tataricus L. var. hortensis Nakai

Wu, S. Q.; Yun, L.; Tang, Z. X., 1987: A study on the separation of microfilaria of Serofilaria suis from the skin of domestic pigs

Numata, K.; Sasoh, T., 1987: A study on the shape of the support wedge with regard to a remote controlled chainsaw. Evaluation of the difficulty of striking into the wood, supporting force and impact resistance

Xu, J. Y.; Ni, W. H., 1987: A study on the sowing date of Brassica napus L. of early-intermediate maturity

Yan, G. S.; Jiang, S. L.; Lu, F. B.; Xu, S. W., 1987 : A study on the standardized cultural technique of Fengkang 10 wheat and its use

Fang, Z. P.; Yin, G. J., 1986: A study on the structure of a new triterpene saponin B from Polygala japonica Houtt

Fidan, F.; Cetin, H., 1984: A study on the suitability of some peach cultivars for canning

Fidan, F.; Cetin, H., 1983: A study on the suitability of some peach cultivars for pulp making

Baykal, O. B.; Cetin, H.; Sencan, M., 1983: A study on the suitability of some tomato cultivars for juice making

Ling, Z.; Zheng, L., 1987: A study on the systematics of Pentatoma Olivier (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Ahn, K. Y., 1987: A study on the techniques for analysis of natural landscape

Lee, S. J.; Lee, K. H.; Cheong, I. C.; Chung, S. B., 1986: A study on the time of first feeding after hatching in chickens

Huang, S. Y., 1987: A study on the tissue culture of Crocus sativus

Huang, B. C.; Liu, S. K.; Chen, X. Y., 1985: A study on the transmission of yellow shoot disease of citrus by the Asiatic citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama)

Niedzwiadek, S.; Kowalski, J., 1987: A study on the use of nutria for meat production

Xing, Y. H.; Jing, S. R.; Zhan, X. H.; Qiu, J., 1987: A study on the usefulness of F2 cotton hybrids

Suzuki, K.; Katsuta, N.; Iijima, M.; Zaima, K.; Hatanaka, T., 1986: A study on the utilization of landmarks in honey bees

Bayon, Y.; Fuente, L. F.; San Primitivo, F., 1986: A study on the variation between lines of rats selected for body weight and prolificacy

Numata, K.; Kitagawa, Z., 1986: A study on the working environment and working systems in logging (II). A study on the walking time in the mountainous regions

Numata, K.; Kitagawa, Z., 1986: A study on the working environment and working systems in logging (III). A study on the maximum distance in bunching and the interval of forest working road in the mountainous regions

Numata, K.; Yamashita, K., 1985: A study on the working environment and working systems in logging. (I) A theoretical study on the rational concentration point in bunching

Zuo, C. Z.; Chen, L.; Xio, Y. C.; Lu, J. F., 1987: A study on toxigenic conditions of Bacillus thuringiensis

Lee, C. T.; Chung, D. J.; Lee, Y. D.; Jo, J. M., 1985: A study on utilization of the sawed products from black locust

Petibskaya, V. S.; Eksuzyan, A. A.; Andrusenko, V. V., 1984: A study on variability in protein and amino acid contents in grains of new rice cultivars under the influence of nitrogen fertilizers

Waghmare, R. G.; Hinge, B. J., 1987: A study on variation in rainfall and its impact on productivity of major crops in drought prone areas of Maharashtra

Ibeawuchi, J. A., 1985: A study on variation of some milk constituents of Friesian cows at Vom, Nigeria

Yang, R. Z.; Chen, J. J., 1985: A study on vertical distribution of rhizosphere nematodes in the growing stage of wheat

Sakai, K.; Terao, H., 1987: A study on vibratory soil cutting by a vibrating subsoiler. IV. Dynamic behaviour of the tractor body in relation to the virtual hitch point

Bian, Y. G.; Zhang, H. M.; Chu, W. F., 1987: A study on ways for obtaining high yield of first rice crop under a triple cropping system

Miyazaki, T.; Ueno, A., 1985: A study on yellowtail fed frozen feed

Huang, Y. X.; Zhang, X.; Lin, D. X.; Zhang, J. Y.; He, Z. Y.; Huang, L. K.; Wan, X.; He, H. F.; Zeng, G. Q., 1986: A study on yield components and differences of light transmittance in the canopy of cultivars of various rice types

Zhang, B. D.; Jiang, S. H., 1985: A study on young ear differentiation and development of various maturity wheat cultivars in Guangdong

Bhatkule, P. R.; Ingole, D. L., 1986: A study to compare the impact of iron and vitamin A on haemoglobin status of preschool children

Patterson, T. F., 1985: A study to determine the relationship between rural New England extension agent educational orientation and job performance

Boyce, J; Fordyce, F., 1987: A study to examine any difference in absorption of cod-liver oil when taken fasting compared to during a meal by examining changes in blood lipid levels

Rai, K. N.; Grover, R. K.; Verma, S. S., 1986: A study to find out yield constraints of sugarcane in Haryana

Hartley, P. E.; Done, S. H.; Wilesmith, J. W.; Bradley, R., 1988: A study to investigate lairage time and acute pleurisy in pigs

Bougon, M.; Menec, M. le, 1986: A study, similar to field conditions, of different feeds for broiler chickens

Gruissem, W.; Elsner Menzel, C.; Latshaw, S.; Narita, J. O.; Schaffer, M. A.; Zurawski, G., 1986: A subpopulation of spinach chloroplast tRNA genes does not require upstream promoter elements for transcription

Araya, K., 1988: A subsoiler with pressurized sewage sludge injection

Bozsa, R. C.; Sims, B. D.; Oliver, L. R., 1986: A substitutive technique for studying multi-weed interference

Marinov, I.; Kapitanov, D.; Kat"rdzhiev, T.; Vidinova, E., 1986: A subsurface fertilizer spreader with a hydraulic spreader drive

Hayman, G., 1987: A success with straw

Section 2, Chapter 1521, Accession 001520202

Datt, P., 1988: A successful model for introducing agricultural machinery

Giles, R. H, Jr, 1985: A sugarbush system: a post-mining land use alternative

El Kheshen, K. S., 1987: A suggested re-allocation of water resources within the agricultural sector of Egypt

Zhukova, L. I., 1984: A suit for simultaneous mechanical protection of the human body from ixodid ticks and gnats

Rajagopalan, S.; Palanisamy, S., 1986: A suitable cropping system for Thambiraparanj region in Tamil Nadu

Handel, E. van, 1987: A sulfide detection test for field use

Williams, G. H.; Davies, D. H. K., 1987: A sulfonyl-urea mixture for Pteridium control

Karoly, K., 1983: A summarized evaluation of model investigations in alfalfa drying with pre-heated air ventilation

Arroyo Marin, J.; Devesa Alcaraz, J. A.; Herrera Maliani, J.; Ortiz Ballesteros, P.; Talavera Lozano, S., 1986: A summary of a research project: the honey flora of Western Andalucia

Thirtle, C. G., 1986: A summary of arguments for and against the public provision of agricultural R & D

Picci, V., 1987: A summary of experiments on the cultivation of Crocus sativus L. in Italy

Lym, R. G.; Messersmith, C. G., 1985: A summary of leafy spurge control with herbicides in North Dakota since 1963

Fudaa, A., 1986: A summary of outbreaks of sawflies in Torun province in 1946-85

Room, P. M.; Sands, D. P. A.; Forno, I. W.; Taylor, M. F. J.; Julien, M. H., 1985: A summary of research into biological control of Salvinia in Australia

Creager, R. A.; Wiswesser, W. J., 1987: A summary of results on 31 000 compounds evaluated for herbicidal activity

Borzini, G., 1986: A summary of standard methods for the combined protection of vineyards against hail and downy mildew

Gillman, G. P.; Abel, D. J., 1987: A summary of surface charge characteristics of the major soils of the Tully-Innisfail area, north Queensland

Helmann, R. H.; Bierman, R. H., 1985: A summary of the effectiveness of cinmethylin (SD 95481) for controlling annual grass weeds in peanuts

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