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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sirazhdinov, R. S., 1985: Acid-base balance in blood of young bulls fed on a diet supplemented with wood residues

Albrycht, A.; Bieniek, K.; Cakaa, S., 1986: Acid-base balance in the course of experimental acid indigestion in cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522002

Novotna, B.; Zemanova, D.; Bus, A.; Dvorak, Z., 1986: Acid-base equilibrium in the blood of cattle in relation to the occurrence of dark, firm, dry meat

Nikolov, N.; Angelov, G., 1988: Acid-base equilibrium of chicks experimentally infected with Borrelia anserina spirochaetes

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Koning, R. E., 1986: Acid-induced filament elongation in Ipomea nil (Convolvulaceae)

Hutton, E. M., 1985: Acid-soil tolerant hybrids in the tree legume, Leucaena

Lerner, J., 1987: Acidic amino acid transport in animal cells and tissues

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Takao K., 1988: Acidity tolerance of grasses

Wood, M.; Cooper, J. E., 1988: Acidity, aluminium and multiplication of Rhizobium trifolii: effects of initial inoculum density and growth phase

Wood, M.; Cooper, J. E., 1988: Acidity, aluminium and multiplication of Rhizobium trifolii: effects of temperature and carbon source

Wood, M.; Cooper, J. E., 1988: Acidity, aluminium and multiplication of Rhizobium trifolii: possible mechanisms of aluminium toxicity

Prosbova, M.; Vrzgula, L.; Kovac, G.; Blazovsky, J., 1983: Acidobase homeostasis after feeding natural zeolite to lambs

Schnabel I., 1987: Acidogenic degradation of the nitrogen fraction in vinasse

Lo K.V., 1987: Acidogenic fermentation of lactose

Sato, H.; Kawase, S.; Oku, Y.; Kamiya, M.; Ohbayashi, M., 1988: Acidophilic protein crystals in lungs and bile ducts of helminth-infected mice

Pathak, M. M.; Janakiraman, K., 1988: Acidophils of buffalo as related to oestrous cycle and breeding season

Taylor, P. R., 1987: Acidophilus milk - a marketing challenge

Teli, A. A.; Chauhan, H. V. S.; Gupta, B. S.; Srivastava, J. P., 1986: Acidosis in ewes caused by feeding of damaged apple (Malus sylvestris) diet

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522063

Degtyarenko, A. S.; Izotova, L. V.; Pertsovskii, A. L.; Antonov, V. I.; Yagodin, V. I., 1987: Acids in chlorophyll-carotene and balsam pastes from green foliage of conifers

Maier H.G., 1987: Acids in cocoa

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Markusfeld, O., 1987: Aciduria in the postparturient dairy cow

Dossekou, M.; Nalewaja, J. D., 1985: Acifluorfen and dinoseb for wild mustard control in navy bean

Hoagland, R. D.; Hunter, D. J.; Salin, M. L., 1986: Acifluorfen and oxidized ubiquinone in soybean mitochondria

Rathmann, D. P.; Mohan, R. G., 1986: Acifluorfen combinations for salvage weed control in soybeans

Schmidt, D. K.; Rathmann, D. P.; Holowid, J. R., 1985: Acifluorfen-sodium weed free yield trials in soybeans

Sharan A., 1986: Acinar cell types of sheep pancreas

Nishimura, Y.; Ino, T.; Iizuka, H., 1988: Acinetobacter radioresistens sp. nov. isolated from cotton and soil

Weinstein, A., 1984: Acorn production and seedling crop in Quercus calliprinos

Heiseke, D., 1984: Acorn production and seedling yield in the Gohrde region in 1979-1981

Pekins, P. J.; Mautz, W. W., 1987: Acorn usage by deer: significance of oak management

Anderson, T., 1986: Acorns as host plants for the false codling moth, Cryptophlebia leucotreta (Meyr.)

Shaw, KC.; Galliart, P., 1987: Acoustic and mating behaviour of a Mexican katydid, Pterophylla beltrani (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae)

Heady, S. E., 1987: Acoustic communication and phylogeny of Dalbulus leafhoppers

Knuffel, W. E., 1988: Acoustic emission as strength predictor in structural timber

Murase, Y.; Ike, K.; Mori, M., 1988: Acoustic emission monitoring of wood cutting I. Detection of tool wear by AE signals

Murase, Y.; Ike, K.; Mori, M., 1988: Acoustic emission monitoring of wood cutting II. Effect of slope angle of grain on AE characteristics

Gyuracz, S., 1985: Acoustic emissions of woodworking machines

Mexas, S.; Brusewitz, G. H., 1986: Acoustic grain moisture meter

Mexas, S.; Brusewitz, G. H., 1987: Acoustic grain moisture meter

Kolodziejczyk, E.; Saurel, J. M.; Fernandez Graf, M. R.; Attal, J.; Fryder, V.; Saied, A.; Dillmann, M. L.; Rey, V., 1988: Acoustic microstructure of mature soya bean (Maple Arrow)

Apasov, S. G.; Zhantiev, R. D.; Tamarina, N. A.; Fedorova, M. V., 1986: Acoustic orientation of males of Aedes diantaeus during pairing

Tanaka, C.; Nakao, T.; Takahashi, A., 1987: Acoustic property of wood. I. Impact sound analysis of wood

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522091

Kerr, H. T.; Buchanan, M. E., 1987: Acoustical identification of honey bees

Spangler, HG., 1987: Acoustically mediated pheromone release in Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Beall, F. C., 1987: Acousto-ultrasonic monitoring of glueline curing

Sisco, P. H.; Wendel, J. F.; Stuber, C. W., 1987: Acp4 is the most distal marker on chromosome 1L

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522098

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522099

Hillyer, G. V.; Galanes, M. S. de; Garcia Rosa, M. I.; Montealegre, F., 1988: Acquired immunity in schistosomiasis with purified Fasciola hepatica cross-reactive antigens

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522102

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522103

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522104

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522105

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522106

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522107

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522109

Weaver, A. D., 1987: Acquired incarcerated inguinal hernia: a review of 13 horses

Huffman, J. E.; Roscoe, D. E., 1986: Acquired resistance in mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) to infection with Sphaeridiotrema globulus (Trematoda)

McCallum, HI., 1986: Acquired resistance of black mollies Poecilia latipinna to infection by Ichthyophthirius multifiliis

Kalaiselvi, K.; Sreenivasaprasad, S.; Manibhushanrao, K., 1986: Acquired resistance of rice leaves to Rhizoctonia solani

Shapiro, SZ.; Buscher, G.; Dobbelaere, DAE., 1987: Acquired resistance to Rhipicephalus appendiculatus (Acari: Ixodidae): identification of an antigen eliciting resistance in rabbits

Cox, R. A., 1986: Acquired resistance to coccidioidomycosis and modulation of host response

Anonymous, 1986: Acquired resistance to fungicides

Djurkovic Djakovic, O.; Sibalic, D.; Jevtovic, D., 1986: Acquired toxoplasmosis with particular reference to serological diagnosis

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522120

Poole, A. H., 1988: Acquiring quota

Beerling, M. L. E. J., 1986: Acquisition and alienation of cattle in West Province, Zambia

Licsko, Z. J.; Harrison, H. P., 1988: Acquisition and processing of soil reaction forces on tillage tools

Kelly, V. A., 1988: Acquisition and use of agricultural inputs in the context of Senegal's new agricultural policy: the implications of farmers' attitudes and input purchasing behavior for the design of agricultural policy and research programes

Ferrandiz Puga, R.; Gutierrez Perez, F., 1986: Acquisition from and transmission to Capsicum of tobacco etch virus by Myzus persicae

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522127

Cot, M.; Boussinesq, M.; Gazin, P.; Baudon, D.; Carnevale, P., 1988: Acquisition of immunity in an area of endemic malaria (Sudan-Sahel savannah)

Raven, J. A., 1988: Acquisition of nitrogen by the shoots of land plants: its occurrence and implications for acid-base regulation

Morisawa, S.; Morisawa, M., 1986: Acquisition of potential for sperm motility in rainbow trout and chum salmon

Fu, T. T.; Fletcher, S. M.; Epperson, J. E., 1986: Acreage planting decision analysis of South Carolina tomatoes: Nerlovian versus Just risk model

Sychev, M. M., 1987: Acridids of the group Chorthippus biguttulus L. (Orthoptera, Acrididae), their geographical variability and origin. I. Morpho-ecological characteristics of nominate subspecies from the European part of the USSR

Zelenin A.V., 1986: Acridine orange cytofluorimetry of the zoosporangia of various pathotypes of potato wart causative agents

Alcorn, J. L.; Irwin, J. A. G., 1987: Acrocalymma medicaginis gen. et sp.nov. causing root and crown rot of Medicago sativa in Australia

Adamczyk, J. A.; Wodzicki, T. J., 1987: Acropetal effects of IAA upon the wave-like pattern in the basipetal efflux of natural growth substances of Fraxinus excelsior L

Eddy E.M., 1988: Acrosomal constituents identified with a monoclonal antibody are modified during late spermiogenesis in the mouse

Krishna, K. M.; Rao, A. R., 1987: Acrosomal morphology in fresh and freeze-thawed buffalo sperm

Rao, P. S., 1987: Across-season survival of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzicola, causal agent of bacterial leaf streak BLS

Anonymous, 1986: Act of 27th November 1986 on the Five Year Plan for the development of the GDR economy in the period 1986-90; Act of 27 November 1986 on the 1987 economic plan

Irion, C.; Brownell, J. R.; Walhood, V. T.; Corkins, J.; Corkins, J.; Jordensen, G., 1988: Actagro bio-stimulants produce first replicated yield responses to humic substances

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Chow, YS.; Lin, YM., 1986: Actinidine, a defensive secretion of stick insect, Megacrania alpheus Westwood (Orthoptera: Phasmatidae)

Vaissaire, J.; Collobert Laugier, C.; Baroux, D.; Plateau, E., 1987: Actinobacillosis (shigellosis) of foals. Importance of the disease

Sidoli, L.; Barigazzi, G.; Schianchi, P., 1987: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae pleuropneumonitis in Italy

Tominaga, K.; Mizuhara, T.; Takeya, G., 1987: Actinobacillus suis infection in a piglet given an immunosuppressive agent

Bhave G., 1986: Actinomyces in cervical smears of women using intrauterine contraceptive devices

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522159

Zulty, J. C.; Montali, R. J., 1988: Actinomyces pyogenes infection in exotic Bovidae and Cervidae: 17 cases (1978-1986)

Sabaou, N.; Bounaga, N., 1987: Actinomycetes parasitic on fungi: study of species, specificity of parasitic activity on Fusarium species and antagonism in soil to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. albedinis (Killian & Maire) Gordon

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Krishna, L.; Vaid, J., 1987: Actinomycosis in Jersey cattle in Himachal Pradesh

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522168

Villani, U.; Leoni, S.; Pastorello, M.; Casolari, E.; Manferrari, F., 1987: Actinomycosis of bladder and intrauterine devices

Smego, R. A, Jr, 1987: Actinomycosis of the central nervous system

Dhermy, P.; D' Hermies, F.; Badillet, G.; Jobin, D.; Haye, C.; Puissant, A., 1987: Actinomycosis of the lacrimal canaliculus

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Wolff R, M.; Levy K, I.; Ballesteros J, J.; Morthland A, R., 1988: Actinomycosis: experience with eight cases representing the clinical spectrum

Corbin, D. O. C.; Solaro, L.; Flint, G.; Williams, A. C., 1987: Actinomycotic brain abscess following abdominal suppuration

Atri, M.; Robertson, W. D.; Durity, F. A.; Dolman, C. L., 1987: Actinomycotic granuloma of the trigeminal ganglion

Carr, J. V. L.; Stebbings, W. S. L., 1987: Actinomycotic infection of a fibroid presenting in the puerperium

Jonas, R. B.; Brasitus, T. A.; Chowdhury, L., 1987: Actinomycotic liver abscess. Case report and literature review

Goodman, H. M.; Tuomala, R. E.; Leavitt, T, Jr, 1986: Actinomycotic pelvic inflammatory disease simulating malignancy

Dawson, J. O., 1986: Actinorhizal plants: their use in forestry and agriculture

Price, N. R., 1985: Action and inaction of fumigants

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522187

Dave, I. C.; Kannan, S., 1987: Action of N6 benzyladenine on absorption and transport of Rb (K) and PO4 in sunflower seedlings

Nirale, A. S.; Kanan, S., 1987: Action of N6-benzyladenine on growth and phosphate uptake in cotyledons of sunflower

Ozino, O. I.; Arzone, A.; Alma, A., 1987: Action of Verticillium lecanii (Zimm.) Viegas and three species of Fusarium Link. ex Fr. on Sitobion avenae (F.)

Kolarova, V., 1988: Action of a combination of formaldehyde and brilliant green against some ectoparasites of carp

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522194

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522195

Raschke, K., 1987: Action of abscisic acid on guard cells

Torralba Redondo, B.; Flores Rodriguez, M.; Villar Moreno, A. L.; Ruiz Bellon, M., 1986: Action of amitrole on Rhizobium meliloti T.A. (Fam: Rhizobiaceae, Gen: Rhizobium)

Drozdz B., 1986: Action of antifeedants of plant origin on beetles infesting stored products

Nagai, K.; Suda, T.; Kawasaki, K.; Mathuura, S., 1986: Action of carnosine and beta -alanine on wound healing

Descomps, S., 1986: Action of continuous light on the photosynthetic apparatus of melon and tomato

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522205

Danek, J.; Routa, V.; Strosova, Z.; Kinkorova, K.; Zikan, V.; Nemcova, 1986: Action of derivates of the benzylsalicylic acid against cestodoses of husbandry and farm animals

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522208

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522209

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522210

Kenzhebaev, S. A.; Reznik, G. K., 1988: Action of fenbendazole (Panacur) on larvocysts of Echinococcus granulosus

Lasca, C. C.; Barros, B. C.; Valarini, P. J.; Castro, J. L. de; Chiba, S., 1985: Action of fungicides in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seed treatment to control Helminthosporium sativum Pammel, King & Bakke

Perucca, M.; Gentile, I. A.; Matta, A., 1987: Action of heavy metal salts on Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici) of tomato

Shurson, G. C.; Ku, P. K.; Waxler, G. L.; Yokoyama, M. T.; Miller, E. R., 1987: Action of high dietary copper in promoting growth of pigs

Hecht, U.; Oelmuller, R.; Schmidt, S.; Mohr, H., 1988: Action of light, nitrate and ammonium on the levels of NADH- and ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthases in the cotyledons of mustard seedlings

Carminati, D.; Neviani, E.; Mucchetti, G., 1985: Action of lysozyme on vegetative cells of Clostridium tyrobutyricum

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522219

Castro, P. R. C.; Appezzato, B.; Goncalves, M. B., 1985: Action of maleic hydrazide and ethephon on sugarcane growth

Stoeva, S. P.; Mesrob, B. K., 1987: Action of metal-chelating agents on the milk-clotting protease from Bacillus mesentericus strain 76

Fukuda, K.; Haraguchi, T., 1983: Action of microfungi on wood. (III) Action of microfungi on wood treated with sodium chlorite

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Alexandre, M. A. V.; Noronha, A. B.; Vicente, M., 1987: Action of natural inhibitors on two virus diseases of bean, bean golden mosaic virus and tobacco mosaic virus legume strain

Downey, N. E., 1987: Action of netobimin in drinking water on nematode parasites in calves

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522227

Fonzo, N. di; Hartings, H.; Brembilla, M.; Montanelli, C.; Bremenkamp, M.; Soave, C., 1987: Action of o2 gene on the RSP protein (glutelin-2) in maize endosperm (Zea mays)

Langlais, B.; Perrine, D., 1986: Action of ozone on trophozoites and free amoeba cysts, whether pathogenic or not

Fortun, C.; Polo, A.; Molinero, A., 1986: Action of peat compost humic acids on the growth and mineral content of ryegrass

Weiss, A.; Penzlin, H.; Baumann, E., 1986: Action of peptide factors of the nervous system of the cockroach Periplaneta americana (L.) upon the shock avoidance behaviour of decapitated animals

Gonzalez, M.; Alvarez, E., 1987: Action of peracetic acid against Trichophyton verrucosum in animal buildings

Baicu, T.; Alexandri, A. A.; Ghinea, N.; Polizu, A.; Barbulescu, A.; Sarpe, N., 1986: Action of pesticides on the environment and measures of preventing negative effects

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522235

Castro, P. R. C.; Goncalves, M. B.; Silva, M. J.; Ribeiro, S. A., 1983: Action of plant stimulants on growth of sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.)

Gartner Banfalvi, A., 1986: Action of plant-specific leaf-fertilizer in winter wheat in field trials

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522238

Dotta, U.; Cagnasso, A.; Abate, O.; Guglielmino, R.; Prato, S.; Valle, V. C.; Gazzola, A., 1988: Action of sodium selenite and choline selenite on glutathione peroxidase activity in the erythrocytes of cattle with selenium deficiency

Ilieva, D.; Karadzhov, S.; Tekerlekov, P., 1988: Action of some disinfectants on foot and mouth disease virus

Lindsay, PJ.; Kaufman, RW., 1988: Action of some steroids on salivary gland degeneration in the ixodid tick, A. americanum L

Shagurina, T. L.; Kerimov, T. M.; Tikhonov, A. N.; Karavaev, V. A.; Zoz, N. N., 1987: Action of the antioxidants phenosane and propylgallate on chloroplast membranes

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522244

Galvanovskii, Yu Ya; Valinietse, M. Yu; Gailite, B. E., 1986: Action of vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding protein on alkaline phosphatase activity in the intestine

Zine, R.; Chlyah, H.; Chlyah, A., 1988: Action of white light and some monochromatic wavelengths on the in vitro morphogenesis of Linum usitatissimum

Almeida, L. C. C. de; Luz, E. D. M. N., 1986: Action of wind in disseminating pink disease of cocoa

Carter, E., 1987: Action on information

Sasson, A., 1986: Action programme and investment possibilities in the cereal sector

Barta, L., 1986: Action programme for the agricultural sector to improve conditions in certain regions

Balakrrishna, S.; Rao, Y. V.; Rangacharyulu, S. V., 1987: Action research on IRDP monitoring

Solomon, B., 1987: Action sites best place to stop corn borers

Rigg, M., 1986: Action sport. An evaluation

Anonymous, 1985: Action strategy for protected areas in the South Pacific region. Prepared during the Third South Pacific National Parks and Reserves Conference, Apia, Western Samoa, 24 June-3 July, 1985

Anonymous, 1987: Action, please

Garcia Roche, M. O., 1988: Action, use, analysis and toxicity of fungistatic agents used in Cuba

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522259

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522260

Dorrington, J. H.; Bendell, J. J.; Chuma, A.; Lobb, D. K., 1987: Actions of growth factors in the follicle

Dawson, J.; Lees, P.; Sedgwick, A. D., 1987: Actions of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on equine leucocyte movement in vitro

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Vathy, I. U.; Etgen, A. M.; Barfield, R. J., 1988: Actions of progestins on estrous behavior in female rats

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522265

Wayne, L. G., 1986: Actions of the Judicial Commission of the International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology on requests for opinions published in 1983 and 1984

Poling, E. B.; Monaco, T. J., 1985: Activated charcoal root dips enhance herbicide selectivity in strawberries

James, S. L., 1986: Activated macrophages as effector cells of protective immunity to schistosomiasis

Eriksson L., 1988: Activated sludge characteristics in a phosphorus depleted environment

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Ferreira E., 1986: Activated sludge respirometric measurements

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Sales, D.; Valcarcel, M. J.; Perez, L.; Martinez Ossa, E., 1987: Activated sludge treatment of wine-distillery wastewater

Uphoff, N., 1986: Activating community capacity for water management in Sri Lanka

Drewes, E., 1986: Activating fisherwomen for development through trained link workers in Tamil Nadu

Krasnoshchekov, N., 1987: Activating the human factor in farm worker teams

Reid, K. B. M., 1986: Activation and control of the complement system

Rohr, R., 1982: Activation and proliferation of cells from the megagametophyte of Taxus grown in vitro

Willoughby, J. O.; Menadue, M. F.; Liebelt, H. J., 1988: Activation of 5-HT 1 serotonin receptors in the medial basal hypothalamus stimulates prolactin secretion in the unanaesthetized rat

Vinson, SB.; Jang, H-S., 1987: Activation of Campoletis sonorensis (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) eggs by artificial means

Craven, Se, 1988: Activation of Clostridium perfringens spores under conditions that disrupt hydrophobic interactions of biological macromolecules

Pan, Y. B.; Peterson, P. A., 1987: Activation of Uq transposable element is likely a random event

Collins, J.; Saari, B.; Anderson, P., 1987: Activation of a transposable element in the germ line but not the soma of Caenorhabditis elegans

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522293

Rakitin, V. Yu, 1988: Activation of cyanide resistant respiration by ethylene during lemon fruit ripening

Daniel E.E., 1987: Activation of endogenous excitatory opiate pathways in canine small intestine by field stimulation and motilin

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522297

Stevens D.A., 1987: Activation of murine polymorphonuclear neutrophils for fungicidal activity by recombinant gamma interferon

Derbyshire J.B., 1988: Activation of natural killer cells in newborn piglets by interferon induction

Rajda, V., 1986: Activation of natural soil-plant electric currents in grapevines

Kochhar V.K., 1987: Activation of nitrate reductase by calcium and calmodulin

Rinderknecht, H., 1986: Activation of pancreatic zymogens. Normal activation, premature intrapancreatic activation, protective mechanisms against inappropriate activation

Section 2, Chapter 1523, Accession 001522304

Ladyzhenskaya, E. P.; Korableva, N. P.; Morozova, T. M.; Sidorkina, O. M.; Salganik, R. I., 1987: Activation of protein kinase C in plant cells under the influence of gibberellic acid: translocation of enzyme from cytoplasm into membranes

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