An examination of the situation for farmers' wives in Hesse - results of the Farmers' Wives Survey 1985

Harms, A.

Berichte über Landwirtschaft 66(1): 152-177


ISSN/ISBN: 0005-9080
Accession: 001527713

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The report presents the results of a survey of 3181 farmers' wives in Hesse, GFR, carried out in the autumn of 1985 with the assistance of questionnaires and the Hesse Country Women's Association. Data were collected regarding: the nature of farmers' wives work; job satisfaction; their future prospects; and political opinions. The survey's task was to supplement statistical results available in official farm reports relating to the scope and importance of the work performed by women in farming. The position of women today is compared with that of their predecessors, using information gathered during the first Farmers' Wives Study in Hesse in 1954. The situation for wives today, particularly those on full-time farms and those approaching the end of their careers, is marked by anxiety and fear for their livelihoods. Particular complaints are directed at the meagre payments which are received in return for farm work and commitment.