Anticoccidial efficacy of various ratio combinations of lasalocid and monensin in battery reared broilers against 60 US field isolates of Eimeria

Untawale, G.G.; Schildknecht, E.

Research in avian coccidiosis Proceedings of the Georgia Coccidiosis Conference, 18-20 November 1985: 372-378


Accession: 001530725

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Battery trials were carried out to compare the growth performance and lesion scores of chicks treated with 100 ppm lasalocid or monensin or combinations of the 2 drugs in the ratios of 75:25, 50:50, or 25:75 in the presence of Eimeria infection. 9 trials tested E. tenella, 28 used E. acervulina, and 24 used E. maxima as the major species group for infection. Overall, the 25:75, 50:50, and 75:25 ratio combinations of lasalocid-monensin, given at a total dose of 100 ppm, appeared to be more effective than either 100% lasalocid or monensin in the reduction of lesions due to Eimeria infections. The gain and feed conversions were generally better than 100% monensin but similar to 100% lasalocid.