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Apiculture and the environment. The honeybee as a biological indicator of pesticide pollution (with particular reference to the province of Forli) . Preliminary note

Celli, G.; Porrini, C.; Tiraferri, S.

L' apicoltura in Sardegna: 69-80


Accession: 001531202

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In 1983, samples of honeybees collected from dead-bee traps on hives at 24 sites in Forli province, Italy, were analysed for pesticide residues. In 19 cases of bee poisoning, dithiocarbamates (2.80-7.10 ppm) were found in 63.2% of cases, parathion (traces-1.30 ppm) in 41.2%, and endosulfan (traces) in 10.5%. In one case, captafol was found at 82.0 ppm.D.G.

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