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Application of NDF in modelling feed intake, lactation response and body weight changes in dairy cattle, with different forage based rations

Williams, C.B.; Oltenacu, P.A.; Sniffen, C.J.; Milligan, R.A.; Smith, T.R.

Journal of Dairy Science 70(Suppl 1): 111


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0302
Accession: 001531451

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A model was developed to predict DM intake in dairy cows, based on percent neutral detergent fibre (NDF) in the total ration. The model was tested using lucerne haylage (45% NDF), maize silage (55% NDF) and Bermuda grass hay (65% MDF) with a concentrate mix (12% NDF). For the maize silage and Bermuda grass rations, 305-day FCM yields were 474 and 1493 kg lower than with the lucerne ration resp. Peak DM intake occurred at weeks 11, 14 and 23; body tissue mobilized during early lactation was 55, 96 and 100 kg; and post calving body weights were regained at weeks 28, 33 and 34, for the lucerne, maize silage and Bermuda grass based rations, resp.

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