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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Heimann, M.F.; Worf, G.L., 1987:
Basal stem canker of poinsettia caused by Fusarium solani in Wisconsin

Walumbe, J.M., 1986:
Basal thyroid hormone levels in kwashiorkor

Abeels, P.F.J., 1985:
Base machines for forest operations

Schneider, F.M.; Buriol, G.A.; Heldwein, A.B.; Manfron, P.A.; Saccol, A.V.; Estefanel, V., 1987:
Base temperature and total degree-days of the sowing-emergence growth period of some soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) cultivars

Parker, W.H.; Niejenhuis, A. van; Damme, L. van, 1988:
Base-line selection of black spruce by large-scale aerial photography

Pener, H.; Wilamovsky, A., 1987:
Base-line susceptibility of Phlebotomus papatasi to insecticides

Calado, A.M.; Portas, C.M., 1987:
Base-temperature and date of planting in processing tomatoes

Lawler, J., 1986:
Baseball literature 1985: a survey

Lawler, J., 1987:
Baseball literature 1986: a survey

Kirsch, G.B., 1987:
Baseball spectators, 1855-1870

Biagi P.; Galli M.; Santi M.T., 1988:
Baseline and stimulated prolactin secretion in hypertensive patients treated with enalapril

Deak, T.; Fabri, I., 1986:
Baseline count of molds in paprika

Deak, T.; Tabajdi Pinter, V.; Fabri, I., 1986:
Baseline counts for sugar, high-fructose syrup and honey

Seiler, D.A.L., 1986:
Baseline counts for wheat, flour and bran

Davenport, R.R., 1986:
Baseline counts for yeasts in beverages and food commodities

Deak, T.; Fabri, I., 1986:
Baseline counts of molds in dried vegetables

Deak, T.; Tabajdi Pinter, V.; Nagel, V.; Fabri, I., 1986:
Baseline counts of molds in flour

Beckers, H.J., 1986:
Baseline counts of yeasts and molds in foods in the Netherlands

Deak, T.; Tabajdi Pinter, V.; Fabri, I., 1986:
Baseline counts of yeasts in soft drinks

Panagos, M.D.; Westfall, R.H.; Scheepers, J.C., 1986:
Baseline data for the vegetation of two protected plots at the Matimba power station, Ellisras, NW Transvaal

Anderson, C.B.; Moberg, L.J., 1986:
Baseline levels of fungi in food ingredients, beverages, frozen foods and vegetables

Davies, B.E., 1985:
Baseline survey of metals in Welsh soils

Gurmu, S., 1986:
Baseline survey of production, marketing and processing of sorghum and other cereals in Alemaya area

Westphal, U. et al., 1986:
Baseline survey on smallholders in Nimba County - to facilitate decision taking in project planning

Ciofu, R.; Bereciu, I.; Ionescu, E., 1985:
Basella, a valuable vegetable for industrial processing and fresh consumption

Pejler, G.; David, G., 1987:
Basement-membrane heparan sulphate with high affinity for antithrombin synthesized by normal and transformed mouse mammary epithelial cells

Prokhorova, I.N.; Kuul' , I.S., 1987:
Basements as breeding sites of the bloodsucking mosquito Culex pipiens in the territory of Astrakhan and causes of their flooding

Carden, A.E.; Lloveras, M.R., 1987:
Bases for a co-operative programme of genetic improvement in pigs

Golaszinski, U., 1986:
Bases for definition and forms of family and village labour utilization of small peasant family farms in the developing countries

Figueiras, H.; Adrogue, D.; Druetta, R., 1985 :
Bases for discussions about a rural policy

Barr, A.R., 1986:
Bases of mosquito systematics

Martin, C.V., 1988:
Basic Expert: the manual

Brush, S.B., 1986:
Basic and applied research in farming systems: an anthropologist's appraisal

Chang, W., 1986:
Basic and in-service training of extension staff

Mayntz, M., 1987:
Basic biological conditions for a simplified automatic cluster attachment

Kero, K., 1985:
Basic characteristics of the consumption of bread in Croatia 1964-83

Ivshin, E.I., 1985:
Basic characters of a model potato variety for the conditions of Kazakhstan

Dolezalek, H.; Reiter, R.; Kroling, P., 1985:
Basic comments on the physics, occurrence in the atmosphere, and possible biological effects of air ions

Honer, M.R.; Bianchin, I., 1987:
Basic considerations for a strategic control programme against bovine helminthoses in Brazilian beef cattle

Meynard, J.M., 1986:
Basic cropping operations of wheat in a loaded work schedule - elements of solution

Bergstrand, K.G., 1985:
Basic data for productivity targets in forwarding

Horak, O.; Gerzabek, M., 1988:
Basic data for the regional prognosis of the human radiation burden by the model ECOSYS-1st preliminary report

Parish, R.L.; Chaney, P.P.; Porteus, S.C.; Gernon, C.J., 1988:
Basic data on air requirements for cleaning Christmas trees

Havenstein, B.; Rauschenbach, H., 1987:
Basic directions mechanization using milk production as an example

Helal, H., 1982:
Basic ecological studies on the small post-powder beetle Lyctus africanus Lesne in Egypt (Coleoptera, Lyctidae)

Gichuru, F.X., 1987:
Basic education for street children in Nairobi

Liu Wempu, 1986:
Basic experience and contradictions in developing China's agriculture

Kulikov, A.I., 1985:
Basic features of subsoil heat exchange in areas with frozen ground

Romanova, N.N.; Osadchikh, V.F., 1986:
Basic food of young sturgeon in the Caspian sea

Pospisil, J.; Kase, F.; Vahala, J., 1987:
Basic haematological values in the Cameroon goat (Capra hircus)

Dewar, L., 1987:
Basic handling of your new queen bee

Anonymous, 1987:
Basic horticultural statistics for the United Kingdom, calendar and crop years 1977-1986

Lukefahr, S.D., 1986:
Basic inheritance of coat color in rabbits

Norem, R.H., 1986:
Basic interviewing and note-taking skills for the informal survey in farming systems research and extension

Boyd, C.T.; Hull, D.C.; MacNeil, K.J.; Malamud, J.; Anderson, D.C., 1986:
Basic list of veterinary medical serials, 2nd edition 1981, with revisions to April 1986

Kutzbach, H.D.; Hofacker, W.; Muhlbauer, W., 1987:
Basic methods for determining the drying behaviour of grain

Frohlich, H.; Scheunemann, C., 1987:
Basic model for relationships between plant density and harvesting date as well as quality of early field-grown kohlrabi

Ferris, H., 1985:
Basic modelling strategies for nematode management

Halde, C., 1987:
Basic mycology for the clinician

Roy, S., 1987:
Basic needs and development planning in Nigeria

Beraya, Y.Ya, 1986:
Basic nutrient element content in the leaves and one-year-old shoots of Eucalyptus viminalis

Kulich, J., 1987:
Basic nutrition and phytotoxicity caused by arsenic and lead. Part II

Kulich, J.; Lahucky, L., 1987:
Basic nutrition and the phytotoxicity of heavy metals. Part I

Hintz, H.F., 1986:
Basic nutrition for the exercising horse

Law, S.E., 1987:
Basic phenomena active in electrostatic pesticide spraying

Slavik, B., 1984:
Basic phytochorotypes of the Czech Socialist Republic

Adaskalitsii, M.M.; Dadu, K.Y., 1986:
Basic plant parameters of two-year-old apple trees on different rootstocks

Wang, W.H., 1984:
Basic principles and methods to determine wood density under X-ray

Pierson, R.A.; Kastelic, J.P.; Ginther, O.J., 1988:
Basic principles and techniques for transrectal ultrasonography in cattle and horses

Kadar, I., 1987:
Basic principles and techniques of plant sampling

Golubev, A.M.; Sharipbaev, N.Z., 1984:
Basic principles for appraising and selecting plants in the breeding of sainfoin

Balzer, M.L.; Bergner, M., 1987:
Basic principles for the efficient reproduction of basic resources in cattle farming

Gruneberg, G.; Kurzweg, W., 1985:
Basic principles of animal hygiene and their economic relevance

Fernandez Regatillo, M.M., 1987:
Basic principles of cheesemaking

Mamaev, N.K.; Golin, P.I.; Omarova, M.V., 1987:
Basic principles of early chemotherapy against ox warble flies

Fukuda, H., 1986:
Basic principles of irrigation related to development

Morozova, Z.A., 1986:
Basic principles of morphogenesis in wheat and their importance in breeding

Larionov, Y.S.; Larionova, L.M., 1986:
Basic principles of selection in breeding (using the example of spring wheat). 1. The level of competition in spring wheat

Powell, R., 1984:
Basic principles of the Modified Contemporary Comparison

Venner, M., 1988:
Basic principles of veterinary dentistry and care of dental equipment

Tibke, G., 1988:
Basic principles of wind erosion control

Mironov, E.K.; Vlasov, V.I.; Tsai, S.N.; Vinogradov, V.A.; Ivanitskii, K.I., 1986:
Basic problems and trends in tobacco breeding in the Kirgiz SSR

Fujii G.G., 1986:
Basic problems in the country with tractors in Mexican agriculture

Pindak, F.F.; Mora de Pindak, M.; Gardner, W.A.; Abee, C.R., 1988:
Basic properties of Tritrichomonas mobilensis hemagglutinin

Hirai, T., 1987:
Basic properties of mechanical wood-joints. 1. Load-slip curves of nailed wood-plywood joints (1)

Klimes J.; Jagos P.; Bouda J.; Gajdusek S., 1986:
Basic qualitative parameters of cow colostrum and their dependence on season and post partum time

Holzberger, R., 1987:
Basic requirements for further increasing labour productivity and improving efficiency as a decisive criterion for comprehensive intensification

Naarding, W.J., 1986:
Basic requirements to automation in the cotton-processing textile industry

Anonymous, 1986:
Basic research ideas and opportunities for horticulturists in stress physiology

Belau, L.; Maass, G.; Vetter, W.D., 1986:
Basic research on C and N conversion of wood waste under controlled laboratory conditions

Gao, B.D., 1985:
Basic research on application of phosphorus fertilizers to spring wheat in irrigated areas in Inner Mongolia

Ezaki, T.; Inoue, S., 1984:
Basic research on soil erosion on banked slopes

Anker, M.; Batta, V.K., 1987:
Basic restaurant theory and practice

Chernyauskas, G.I. (Cerniauskas, H); Sokolova, A.N.; Khromova, G.K.; Tumasova, M.I., 1984:
Basic results and trends in breeding perennial herbage crops in the northern Nonchernozem zone of the European part of the USSR

Kuleshov, G.F.; Bekhtin, N.S.; Klochkova, V.S.; Korobov, V.P., 1984:
Basic results of breeding perennial grasses

Babaev, A.G.; Orlovskii, N.S., 1986:
Basic results of implementation of the Plan of Action for Combating Desertification for the period 1977-1984

Weintraub, D.; Margulies, J., 1986:
Basic social diagnosis for IRRD planning

Bauer, F., 1986:
Basic soil tillage, wheel slip and fuel consumption

Shin, K.O.; Chung, T.Y.; Heu, M.H., 1987:
Basic studies for isolation of the resistance genes to the white-backed planthopper in resistant rice varieties. 1. Studies on the varietal resistance to the white-backed planthopper nymphs in rice seedling

Porta, N.C. la; Crouzel, I.S. de, 1984:
Basic studies for the biological control of Nezara viridula (L., 1758) (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) in Argentina

Bonastre, N.; Paris, J.M.; Lopez Santin, J., 1987:
Basic studies of an upflow anaerobic filter treating diluted pig slurry

Ikemi, T.; Sakai, J.; Doi, E., 1987:
Basic studies on 3-point linkages for rotary cultivators. III. Forces acting on the links

Murase, H.; Nakamura, Y.; Kawamura, N., 1986:
Basic studies on planting depth control for direct-drilling into submerged paddy fields. III. A swinging triangular seed coverer with self-regulating angle

Tobioka, J., 1982:
Basic studies on the classification of the conditional factors of operation in a logging system (I)

Ito, K., 1985:
Basic studies on the cooling of dried milk during pneumatic transport

Ueda, K., 1983:
Basic studies on the elastic deformation of wood

Sakai, J.; Ikemi, T.; Ichiki, H., 1986:
Basic studies on three-point linkage for rotary cultivation. II. Drive-shaft characteristics and design theory

Machida, T., 1987:
Basic studies on tractors for use on sloping land. II. Studies on lateral drift of rubber tyres

Mohri, K.; Umeda, S.; Tsurumi, G., 1987:
Basic study on color sorting of fresh market tomatoes

Huang, Y.S., 1985:
Basic study on orthogonal cutting of wood

Ishii, M.; Miyajima, H., 1983:
Basic study on the various glued joints. (3) Application to the wooden chair frame

Lukov, T.; Paunov, I., 1988:
Basic technological parameters for drying wheat using hot air

Domeratzky, J., 1987:
Basic theoretical and practical questions in further continuing the comprehensive intensification of agriculture

Kazarinova, I.N.; Mukhin, V.A.; Tagina, T.A., 1987:
Basic tillage of soil under cereals under forest steppe conditions of the Novosibirsk region

Rusanov, A.I., 1988:
Basic trends and problems in the development of combine harvesters

Lugovskoi, A.P., 1984:
Basic trends and prospects of walnut breeding

Kryazhkov, V.M., 1988:
Basic trends for improving the reliability of agricultural machinery

Luk' yanova, M.V.; Tishkov, N.I., 1985:
Basic trends in barley breeding in the steppe zone of the southern Urals

Golban, N.M., 1986:
Basic trends in breeding and features of seed production of French bean in Romania

Shamsutdinov, Z.Sh, 1987:
Basic trends in breeding arid-land fodder crops

Rotar' , A.I.; Karaivanov, G.P.; Miku, V.E.; Bakhchivanzhi, M.A.; Komarova, G.E.; Mikhailenko, K.K., 1985:
Basic trends in maize research in the Moldavian SSR to improve quality

Lyzlov, E.V.; Kyuits, K.D., 1986:
Basic trends in oat breeding

Prokopec, J., 1988:
Basic trends in the development of the food industry

Stikova, O., 1988:
Basic trends in the nutrition of the population of Czechoslovakia to the year 2000

Sveshnikova, V.M., 1985:
Basic trends in the study of water regimes of arid zone plants

Mavrodii, L.I.; Mavrodii, S.G., 1987:
Basic ways of cultivating sweet pepper in heated plastic greenhouses

Miyajima, H., 1985:
Basic wood quality of plantation-grown larch, todo-fir and Korean pine in the Tomakomai Experiment Forest

Kovtun, V.I., 1985:
Basic yield components in new spring bread wheat varieties

Burger, I.; Edney, A.; Horrocks, D., 1987:
Basics of feline nutrition

Sohne, W., 1986:
Basics of soil mechanics and their transformation in tool design

Leger, J.C.; Lanquetin, P., 1987:
Basidiomycetes of the order Aphyllophorales of Reunion Island. VII (1) The genus Hymenochaete Lev

Lindsey, J.P., 1986:
Basidiomycetes that decay Gambel oak in southwestern Colorado: III

Freytag, S.; Bruscaglioni, L.; Gold, R.E.; Mendgen, K., 1988 :
Basidiospores of rust fungi (Uromyces species) differentiate infection structures in vitro

Heatwole, C.D.; Bottcher, A.B.; Baldwin, L.B., 1986:
Basin scale model for evaluating best management practice implementation programs

Heatwole, C.D.; Bottcher, A.B.; Campbell, K.L., 1987:
Basin scale water quality model for Coastal Plain flatwoods

Heatwole, C.D.; Bottcher, A.B.; Baldwin, L.B.; Campbell, K.L., 1986:
Basin scale water quality model for flatwoods watersheds

Wesley, R.A.; Williford, J.R.; Hamill, J.G., 1985:
Basin tillage for field crops production systems in the Mississippi Delta

Birch, E.B.; Sandt, J.C. van der, 1985:
Basin tillage of sunflower

Humpherys, A.S.; Fisher, H.D., 1987:
Basin/border irrigation using feedback via infrared telemetry

Sophocleous, M.; McAllister, J.A., 1987:
Basinwide water-balance modeling with emphasis on spatial distribution of ground water recharge

Banuelos G.S.; Bangerth F.; Marschner H., 1988:
Basipetal auxin transport in lettuce and its possible involvement in acropetal calcium transport and incidence of tipburn

Arbiza Aguirre, S.I., 1987:
Basis and development of genetic improvement in sheep

Clemen, G., 1987:
Basis and evaluation of coat colour in chinchillas

Kruger, G.; Winter, M., 1986:
Basis and experience of paying managers of agricultural production cooperatives by results

Warren, J.D., 1988:
Basis for Florida fertilitzer micronutrient rule changes

Cribiu, E.P.; Matejka, M., 1988:
Basis for a standardized karyotypic nomenclature and caryotypic variants in goats

Matejka, M.; Cribiu, E.P., 1988:
Basis for a standardized karyotypic nomenclature in the sheep

Kempf, I.M., 1986:
Basis for breeding Valeriana officinalis L., valerian

Gonzalez Ponce, R.; Lamela, A.; Salas, M.L., 1986:
Basis for the cultural control of wild oats in cereals

Sergejew, A., 1987:
Basis for the location and parameters of agricultural infrastructure

Lindgren, E., 1987:
Basis for the present system of energy and protein evaluation in ruminants

Hamlin, R.L.; Stalnaker, P.S., 1987:
Basis for use of digoxin in small birds

Klimok, A.I.; Puchkov, M.M.; Botoroeva, N.I.; Il' ina, L.I.; Pekker, E.G.; Tokarev, B.I.; Levitskii, E.A., 1986:
Basis of a method for increasing the biological potential of seeds

Chandler, E.A.; Richardson, D.P., 1987:
Basis of feline nutrition

Kratzsch, G.; Damisch, W.; Ebert, D.; Bauch, G., 1986:
Basis of formation of high cereal yields from the viewpoints of physiology, breeding and production techniques

Subramanian V.B.; Rao D.G., 1987:
Basis of grain yield compensation in dryland sorghum at low density

Diaz Jimenez, P.; Gosalvez Lara, L.F., 1988:
Basis of reproduction and reproductive techniques in mink

Anonymous, 1987:
Basis of the protection of the vegetation cover in the Lithuanian SSR

Mann, R.A., 1987:
Basmati rice: a wonder of Pakistan's agriculture

Engel T.; Heinig J.H.; Weeke E.R.; Schwartz B.; Ingemann L., 1988:
Basophil histamine release in insect venom allergy

Mahaffey, E.A.; Brown, T.P.; Duncan, J.R.; Latimer, K.S.; Brown, S.A., 1987:
Basophilic leukaemia in a dog

Nolan, R.W., 1986:
Bassari migrations: the quiet revolution

Gunnarsson, B., 1987:
Basta - a non-selective contact herbicide

Prins, B.; Loewen, K., 1988 :
Bat rabies in british columbia 1971-1985

Grauballe, P.C.; Baagoe, H.J.; Fekadu, M.; Westergaard, J.M.; Zoffmann, H., 1987:
Bat rabies in Denmark

Anonymous, 1985:
Batch indication marks on packaged goods

O.G.ady, P.; Moloney, M.; Smith, P.R., 1988:
Bath administration of the quinoline antibiotic flumequine to brown trout Salmo trutta and Atlantic salmon S. salar

Fain, A., 1987:
Bathyergolichus hottentotus spec. nov. (Acari, Atopomelidae), a pilicolous parasite of Cryptomys hottentotus in South Africa

Gibson, D.I.; McCarthy, T.J., 1987:
Bats as hosts of acanthocephalan parasites

Shpalek, K.; Erk, H.B., 1986:
Battery cages for broiler breeding stock

Barreda, D.G. de; Busto, A. del; Lorenzo, E., 1986:
Battery rundown when applying herbicides by controlled droplet application (CDA)

Glinski, Z., 1985:
Battle against varroa disease of honeybees - the general situation and prospectives

Gerhardt, P.; Abby, S., 1987:
Battle for the planet

Hughes, W.; Supernaw, S., 1985:
Battles for the gray market

Beggs, T.J.; LeBlanc, B.; Hurst, J., 1985:
Battles lost

Walsh Heron, J., 1987:
Battles over bedspaces. The British caravan park industry

Faherty, J.R.; Kurtz, R.; Zimmer, R., 1985:
Battles won

Pinto, L., 1987:
Battling American roaches

Street, J.E.; Snipes, C.E.; Kurtz, M.E., 1986:
Bay FOE 3440A for grass control in rice

Zapata, H.O., 1988:
Bayesian and nonBayesian techniques for forecasting monthly cattle prices

Griffiths, W.E., 1988:
Bayesian econometrics and how to get rid of those wrong signs

Oskam, A.J., 1988:
Bayesian estimation and prediction with an application to the demand for dairy products in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1987:
Baytril - a new anti-infective chemotherapeutic agent for veterinary medicine

Barnhart, T.R., 1987:
Beach-front planning for slope-side developments

Allen, G.K.; Rosenquist, B.D., 1988:
Beaded agarose affinity chromatography of bovine fibroblast interferon

Nass, H.G.; Jones, D.; Bubar, J.S.; Belanger, G.; Fillmore, A.; Langille, J.E.; Dupuis, B., 1987:
Beaguelita spring triticale

Krautwald, M.E., 1988:
Beak and feather disease in the cockatoo

Tsuchizaki, T.; Iwaki, M.; Thongmeearkom, P.; Sarindu, N.; Deema, N., 1986:
Bean common mosaic virus isolated from mungbean (Vigna radiata) in Thailand

Flesch, R.D.; Espindola, E.A., 1985:
Bean cultivars for intercropping with maize in Santa Catarina

Kabissa, J.; Fronk, WD., 1986:
Bean foliage consumption by Mexican bean beetle (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and its effect on yield

Anonymous, 1986:
Bean research payoff in Costa Rica

Blahovec, J.; Patocka, K., 1985:
Bean seed strength in relation to moisture content

Hseu, S.H.; Huang, C.H.; Chang, C.A., 1987:
Bean yellow mosaic virus from Gladiolus: identification, purification and its serological properties

Lisa, V.; Dellavalle, G., 1987:
Bean yellow mosaic virus in Lisianthus russelianus

Bellardi, M.G.; Pisi, A.; Masenga, V., 1987:
Bean yellow mosaic virus infecting Ixia bulbs imported from Holland

Hagita, T., 1986:
Bean yellow mosaic virus of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Hokkaido

Hawthorne, W., 1987:
Beans, peas, vetches and other new crops

Service, N., 1988:
Bearded irises: comments on the species in section Iris

Soltis, L.A.; Hubbard, F.K.; Wilkinson, T.L., 1986:
Bearing strength of bolted timber joints

Ewins, T., 1987:
Beat the cheats

Manfroni, E. (Italy), 1987:
Beater device for ice cream making machines

Rolston, L.H.; Clark, C.A.; Cannon, J.M.; Randle, W.M.; Riley, E.G.; Wilson, P.W.; Robbins, M.L., 1987:
Beauregard, a new sweet potato variety for Louisiana

Storch, R.H.; Dill, J.F., 1987:
Beauveria bassiana for control of Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in Maine

Medin, D.E.; Torquemada, K.E., 1988:
Beaver in western North America: an annotated bibliography, 1966 to 1986

Clark, R., 1987:
Become a better queen trouble-shooter

Leach, M., 1988:
Becoming a 'people sector'; Indian voluntary agencies at a crossroads

Kruif, A. de, 1987:
Becoming pregnant and staying pregnant

Scholz, B., 1987:
Bed cultivation - experimental results and perspectives for future development

Wilhelm, E., 1988:
Bed irrigation

Valk, G.G.M. van der, 1988:
Bed or ridge orientation affects yield

Bouquet, M., 1987:
Bed, breakfast and an evening meal: commensality in the nineteenth and twentieth century farm household in Hartland

Campbell, H.; Byass, P.; Greenwood, B.M., 1987:
Bed-nets and malaria suppression

Snow, R.W., 1987:
Bed-nets and protection against malaria

Adelberg, C.R., 1983:
Bedouin, Jews, and the potential for co-development of the Negev Desert: difficult research lessons from Israel

Flick, G.R.; Barbers, R.G.; Gong, H., 1986:
Bedside bronchoalveolar lavage for the diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Fukazawa, K., 1986:
Bee acupuncture therapy in Japan

Foster, A.M., 1987:
Bee boles in Wiltshire

Weiss, K., 1986:
Bee breeding for beekeepers in question and answer form

Kalinin, V.I.; Molchanov, V.A., 1987:
Bee chalcid control

Thurber, P.F., 1986:
Bee chats, tips and gadgets

Pittler, H., 1988:
Bee disease treatment in the future

Knerer, G., 1987:
Bee fauna of lower Austria: subfamily Halictinae. Supplement

Ortega Sada, J.L., 1987:
Bee flora and pollination of cultivated crops

Pyramarn, K.; Wongsiri, S., 1986:
Bee flora for four species of Apis in Thailand

Bonet, A.; Rita, J.; Sebastia, M.T., 1985:
Bee flora of the province of Barcelona

Alvarado, J.L.; Delgado Rueda, M., 1985:
Bee forage in Uxpanapa, Veracruz, Mexico

Echeverry, R.E., 1984:
Bee forage of Colombia

Christensen, F., 1984:
Bee forage plants

Rinderer, T.E. ., 1986:
Bee genetics and breeding

Anonymous, 1984:
Bee hive weighing scale

Nordvall, S.L.; Uhlin, T.; Einarsson, R.; Johansson, S.G.O.; Ohman, S., 1984:
Bee keepers' IgG and IgE antibody responses to bee venom studied by means of crossed radioimmunoelectrophoresis

Wickramasinghe, R.H., 1983:
Bee keeping and its management on coconut, rubber, cashew, citrus, gingelly, fruit, timber and other plantations

Marletto, F.; Ferrazzi, P., 1985:
Bee plants and hive products in urban environments

Rita Larrucea, J., 1983:
Bee plants of the province of Lerida

Olmstead, A.L.; Wooten, D.B., 1987:
Bee pollination and productivity growth: the case of alfalfa

Swaminathan, R.; Bhardwaj, S.C., 1982:
Bee pollinators of sunflower and their foraging behaviour

Shkenderov, S.; Ivanov, T., 1983:
Bee products

Dunham, M., 1987:
Bee removal with Morris Smith

Roberts-Thomson, P.J.; Harvey, P.; Sperber, S.; Kupa, A.; Heddle, R.J., 1985:
Bee sting anaphylaxis in an urban population of South Australia

Somerfield S.D.; Stach J.L.; Gervais F.; Mraz C.; Skamene E., 1984:
Bee venom inhibits superoxide production by human neutrophils

Childress, AM.; Ramsdell, DC., 1987:
Bee-mediated transmission of blueberry leaf mottle virus via infected pollen in highbush blueberry

Oertel, T.; Loehr, M.M., 1984:
Bee-sting anaphylaxis: the use of medical antishock trousers

Harvey, P.; Sperber, S.; Kette, F.; Heddle, R.J.; Roberts-Thomson, P.J., 1984:
Bee-sting mortality in Australia

Houston, D.R.; Valentine, H.T., 1988:
Beech bark disease: the temporal pattern of cankering in aftermath forests of Maine

Hosking, G.P., 1986:
Beech death

Lonsdale, D., 1986:
Beech health study 1985

Hase, W., 1985:
Beech in Schleswig-Holstein

Webb, S.L., 1987:
Beech range extension and vegetation history: pollen stratigraphy of two Wisconsin lakes

Dobroszlav, L., 1985:
Beech seed stands in Hungary in the light of the OECD requirements

Bryndum, H., 1988:
Beech thinning trials

Cypher, J.; Boucher, D.H., 1982:
Beech-maple coexistence and seedling growth rates at Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec

Anonymous, 1985:
Beef Research Program. Progress report no. 2

Anonymous, 1986:
Beef and dairy cattle market

Anonymous, 1986:
Beef and milk deal agreed

Reda Wilson, K.; Burton, R.O.J.; Baker, B.S.; Lewis, P.E., 1987:
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Behaviour of maize (Zea mays L.) seeds under different storage regimes

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Behaviour of metoxuron in the soil

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Behaviour of mixtures of spring barley cultivars to Gaeumannomyces graminis Sacc

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Behaviour of pathogens in dairy products

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Behaviour of pesticide residues on stored grain

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Behaviour of pesticides in the environment. Biotic and abiotic degradation

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Behaviour of phosphorus in paddy soils of Thailand. I. Contents of inorganic, organic, and available soil P in relation to rice plant P-nutrition

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Behaviour of selected chlorinated organic micropollutants during batch anaerobic digestion

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Behaviour of sesame cultivars in the region of the high hinterland of Pernambuco

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Behaviour of several hybrid schemes towards asparagus breeding tests

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Behaviour of six cultivars of Egyptian cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.) in north delta, Egypt

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Behaviour of sixteen agronomic traits and fibre properties in two diallel crosses involving African and American varieties of Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Behaviour of some measures of acid-base equilibrium, heart rate and depth of anaesthesia during chloral hydrate and chloral hydrate/My-301 anaesthesia in the horse

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Behaviour of some oak species of section Cerris under different ecological conditions

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Behaviour of some winter barley cultivars and lines towards barley yellow dwarf virus

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Behaviour of substituted uracils in plants and soil

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Behaviour of suckling calves at an automatic drinker with varying throughflow rates

Grimm, H.; Ahmed, A.K., 1987:
Behaviour of suckling calves at automatic drinkers

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Behaviour of sunflower in relation to soil acidity

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Behaviour of synthetic pyrethroids in objects in the environment

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Behaviour of the cyanogenic potential of star grass (Cynodon nlemfuensis). VII (final part). Experimental acute intoxication with aqueous extracts and forage with high cyanide content

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Behaviour of the herbicide 2,4,5-T in soils

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Behaviour of the herbicide EL-107 in wheat and rape grown under controlled conditions

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Behaviour of the microflora in the air of broiler houses under various management conditions

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Behaviour of thiocarbamate herbicides in soils: adsorption and volatilization

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Behaviour of three new potato clones in integrated control systems for potato cyst nematodes, Globodera species

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Behaviour of trace metals in a tropical river system affected by mining

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Behaviour of tracer substances in the conjunctival epithelium of the goat. Electron microscopical investigation

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Behaviour of two Corticiaceae towards an organic preservative

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Behaviour of two new commercial pepper cvs. with L1Lsuperscript 3 genotype towards TMV pepper strain infection

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Behaviour of various lignocellulosic fibres in a cement-analog corrosive solution

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Behaviour of veal calves in individual crates and in group pens

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Behaviour of viruses in conventional and two-stage anaerobic-mesophilic stabilization of municipal sludge with pasteurization of raw and digested sludge

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Behaviour of wet clay soil under single cage wheel lugs

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Behaviour of wheat rusts in Italy in 1983 and 1984 and identification of some physiologic races of Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici and Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici

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Behaviour of zoned potato cultivars in Suceava County

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Behaviour studies of rainfall at Katheru farm in relation to tobacco crop

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Behaviour studies relating to reproduction in foxes

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Behaviour treatment for obesity

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Behaviour, ecology and control of Monosteira unicostata Muls. et Rey on almond in Apulia

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Behavioural activity of pure chiral 3-octanol for the ants Myrmica scabrinodis Nyl. and Myrmica rubra L

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Behavioural and ethological criteria for assessing possible stress factors arising from flooring and density of heifers in group housing

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Behavioural and hormonal responses of sexually-experienced Ile-de-France rams to oestrous females

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Behavioural and ovarian changes during the oestrous cycle in the Boran (Bos indicus)

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Behavioural and physiological aspects of nurse bees in relation to the composition of larval food during caste differentiation in the honeybee

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Behavioural approach to migration decision-making: a framework

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Behavioural characteristics of the West African Dwarf ewe during the oestrous cycle

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Behavioural criteria for the design of housing systems for cattle

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Behavioural cues trigger ovarian development in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus tomentosus

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Behavioural determination of diet breadth in insect herbivores: the effect of leaf age on choice of host species by beetles feeding on Passiflora vines

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Behavioural disorders and their correction. I. Concepts and methodology in behavioural disorders

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Behavioural effects produced in mice infected with Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus

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Behavioural energy regulation in lean and genetically obese (ob/ob) mice

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Behavioural evidence for polarization vision in crickets

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Behavioural examination of the puppy

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Behavioural factors in diseases of cows kept untethered in a cubicle house

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Behavioural factors influencing by-product and residue acceptance by livestock

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Behavioural observations and neurophysiological responses of cockroaches envenomated with Latrodectus katipo venom

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Behavioural problems in dogs. Problems, diagnoses, therapeutic measures and results in 133 patients

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Behavioural problems in fattening bulls

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Behavioural responses of Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to stimulation with sugars

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Behavioural responses of newborn lambs

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Behavioural responses of stream-dwelling Acroneuria lycorias (Ins., Plecopt.) larvae to methoxychlor and fenitrothion

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Behavioural sequence in the attraction of the bark beetle Ips typographus to pheromone sources

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Behavioural strategies of fruit flies of the genus Dacus (Diptera: Tephritidae) significant in mating and host-plant relationships

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Behavioural studies of dairy cows and buffaloes in the milking parlour

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Behavioural studies on the peppered moth Biston betularia and a discussion of the role of pollution and lichens in industrial melanism

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Behavioural studies to determine the area requirement of store bulls in slatted floor boxes

Kirchner, M., 1987:
Behavioural studies to determine the floor-area requirement of fattening bulls in pens with fully slatted floors

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Behaviours and opinions of health care personnel about breast feeding

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Behind the happiness barrier

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Behind the words, the forest: research on place-names and landscapes in forests of Saint-Gobain and of Coucy Basse, Aisne

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Beksentova, R.T.; Voskresenskii, S.S

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Belclare Improver ewes

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Belgian food distribution: an evaluation after the crisis years

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Belgium and Luxembourg outbound

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Belgium hooliganism: a description and an attempt at an explanation. Results of a systematic study during the Belgian football season 1986-1987

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Belgium, beer paradise

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Beliefs and behaviours sport and clean living

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Belize's REAP programme

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Bell pepper texture measurement and degradation during cold storage

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Bellevue field pea

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Belonging to the elite. The social situation of cooperative farm presidents

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Belotserkovskii Poli 41

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Below average EEC vegetable crops last year

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Below-ground biomass of plants in grassland ecosystems. Extraction of samples

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Belowground costs: hydraulic conductance

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Belowground phytomass in semiarid dehesa grasslands. Effects of relief and development with depth

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Beltwide efforts and trends in development of varieties for short-season production systems

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Belvedere spring wheat

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Bemisia tabaci, sweet potato whitefly, in Florida (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae: Aleyrodinae)

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Bench scale treatability of leachate from an abandoned phenolic waste site

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Bench terraces or permeable microbarriers ? Analysis of two soil and water conservation practices on small farms of the Soudano-Sahelian region of West Africa

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Bench top laboratory pasteuriser

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Benchmark survey of Shilkour village

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Benchmark: a new broadleaf herbicide in cotton, peanuts and sorghum

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Bending and torsional properties of logs

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Bending performance of particleboards exposed to fungal attack

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Bending properties of Philippine woods. XXXII. Big-leafed mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King)

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Bending properties of acetylated particleboards exposed to decay fungi

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Bending properties of structural laminated timbers composed of finger jointed lamina

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Bending properties of two surface sawn lumber from small-diameter log

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Bending rigidity of sandwich boards

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Bending stiffness and strength of two-layered beams connected with nails

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Bending strength and compression strength of sweet chestnut wood

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Bending strength of Norway spruce and Scots pine wood from forest dieback zones in Bavaria

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Bending strength of blockboards for furniture

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Bending strength of veneered particleboard composite with variations in shelling ratio and veneer grain angle

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Benedicte, Kara and Nemex - three cereal cyst nematode and powdery mildew resistant spring barley varieties

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Benefication of complex phosphate ores containing carbonate and silicate gangue

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Beneficial and adverse effects of water-protein interactions in selected dairy products

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Beneficial arthropod behavior mediated by airborne semiochemicals: source of volatiles mediating the host-location flight behavior of Microplitis croceipes (Cresson) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a parasitoid of Heliothis zea (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Beneficial effect of agar for the frozen storage of bisected embryos

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Beneficial effect of exposing eggs to ionized air during incubation

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Beneficial effect of serum on the fertilizability of mouse oocytes matured in vitro

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Beneficial effects of co-inoculating chickpea seed with Rhizobium, Azotobacter and Pseudomonas

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Beneficial effects of dietary carbohydrate restriction in chronic cor pulmonale

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Beneficial effects of exercise on growth of rats during intermittent fasting

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Beneficial effects of nickel on plant growth

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Beneficial effects of palatable guar and guar plus fructose diets in diabetic children

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Beneficial insects inhabiting bovine droppings in the United States

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Beneficial invertebrates of different biogeocoenoses in reserves and refuges in Belorussia

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Beneficiating Martison Lake phosphate-niobium ore

Anonymous, 1986:
Beneficiating potash to commercial product

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Beneficiation of a dolomitic phosphate pebble from Florida

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Beneficiation of complex low-grade phosphorites of Abu Shegeila, Red Sea, Egypt

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Beneficiation of complex phosphate ores from South Florida by two stage conditioning process

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Beneficiation of dolomitic phosphate ores

Hsieh, S.S., 1987:
Beneficiation of dolomitic phosphate ores using modified Crago-TVA process

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Benefit cost appraisal and marginal analysis of summer groundnut in Khed District of Gujarat

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Benefit cost evaluation of shallow tube-well irrigation in West Bengal - a case study

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Benefit-cost analysis of Ontario corn research and extension activities, 1951-1981

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Benefit-cost analysis of biogas plants using hog waste in Greece

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Benefit-cost evaluation of shallow tubewell irrigation in West Bengal - a case study: some relevant issues

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Benefit/cost approach - an evaluation of differential rate of interest scheme

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Benefiting from research: a study guide for those embarking on part-time research for a higher degree

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Benefits and costs of improving pumping efficiency

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Benefits and costs of plant protection

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Benefits associated with WIC supplemental feeding during the interpregnancy interval

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Benefits flowing from central sector scheme of minikit programme of wheat including propagation of new technology in U.P. - an evaluation

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Benefits from applying nematicide for control of potato cyst nematodes during stone separation

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Benefits from growth modelling in State plantation inventory

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Benefits from yeast ingestion

Anonymous, 1988:
Benefits of canal irrigation in the command area of Mula Irrigation Project in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra

Anonymous, 1987:
Benefits of canal irrigation in the command area of Mula irrigation project in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra

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Benefits of infrequent fire in the mulga (Acacia aneura) rangelands of Queensland

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Benefits of international collaboration in agricultural research

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Benefits of mycorrhizae to soybeans grown on various regimes of nitrogen nutrition

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Benefits of parasitic infection: a test using a ground squirrel-trypanosome system

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Benefits of subsurface drainage in southern Louisiana

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Benign peritoneal mesothelioma, hyperthyroidism, nonsuppurative hepatitis, and chronic disseminated intravascular coagulation in a cat: a case report

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Benihayato: a newly registered sweet potato cultivar

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Benin Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project start-up workshop March 28 to April 11, 1987

Anonymous, 1986:
Benin. Further distribution of the larger grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus) in West Africa

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Benomyl resistance in Fusarium species on winter wheat on England and Wales in 1986

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Bentazon metabolism in tolerant and susceptible soybean (Glycine max) genotypes

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Bentazon mixtures to control weeds in rice

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Benthic macro- and meiofauna in the Gulf of Bothnia (northern Baltic)

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Bentonite liners for isolation of waste disposal sites

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Benzimidazole resistance in equine small strongyles

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Benzimidazole resistance of small strongyles in horses in Belgium

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Benzimidazole-resistant Haemonchus contortus in a sheep flock in southern Germany

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Benzimidazole-resistant Haemonchus contortus in sheep in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Benzoate removal by aerobic bioslimes

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Benzofuran and bithiophenes from root cultures of Tagetes patula

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Benzoidicity of humic acids and methods of determining it

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Benzophenanthridine alkaloids from the seeds of Coptis japonica var. dissecta

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Benzophenanthridine alkaloids from the stem bark of a Zanthoxylum species

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Benzoylphenylureas: novel insecticides for control of Heliothis spp. in cotton, 1985

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Benzyladenine effects on the development of the photosynthetic apparatus in Zea mays: studies on photosynthetic activity, enzymes and (etio)chloroplast ultrastructure

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Benzylnitramines as herbicides. Synthesis, resolution, and effect of configuration on activity

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Benzyol peroxide (Oxydex) therapy of canine pyoderma

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Berberine production by batch and semi-continuous cultures of immobilized Thalictrum cells in an improved bioreactor

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Berberine production by cultured Coptis japonica cells in a one-stage culture using medium with a high copper concentration

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Bergamo section: breeding and cultural techniques in maize

Anonymous, 1986:
Bergey's manual Reg. of systematic bacteriology. Vol. 2

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Berkleasmium correae sp. nov. on leaf hairs of Correa lawrenciana

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Berlese fluid for slide-mounting insects

Anonymous, 1987:
Berlin and its agriculture

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Bermudagrass control with postemergence herbicides

Samples, T.J.; Brede, A.D., 1986:
Bermudagrass establishment with selected preemergence herbicides and activated charcoal

Busey, P., 1986:
Bermudagrass germplasm adaptation to natural pest infestation and suboptimal nitrogen fertilization

Richard, E.P.J.; Millhollon, R.W., 1985:
Bermudagrass interference in sugarcane

Boyd, J.W., 1985:
Bermudagrass release on roadsides

Johnson B.J.; Carrow R.N.; Burns R.E., 1987:
Bermudagrass turf response to mowing practices and fertilizer

Medel S.F., 1988:
Berries: factors conditioning production in the Tenth Region

Baum, D.; Rami, S., 1988:
Berry thinning and bunch rot reduction in wine grapes by bloom sprays with NAA

Kushal Singh; Dhaliwal, J.P.S.; Mann, S.S., 1985:
Berry thinning and quality regulation in Perlette grape. Effect of pre-bloom application of gibberellic acid

Kushal Singh; Sandhu, A.S., 1987:
Berry thinning in Perlette grapes through pre-bloom application of Planofix (NAA) and GA3

Abd E.L.tif, L.I.; E.S.erbieny, A.A.; E.T.hamy, M.K., 1986:
Berseem dry yield and some chemical components as influenced by phosphorus fertilization and GA3 rates

Stringi, L.; Amato, G.; Gristina, L., 1987:
Berseem in semi-arid conditions. The effect of stage of utilization and sowing rate on yields of forage and seed

G' oshev, A. (Gyoshev, A), 1986:
Besapara - the first Bulgarian early cabbage variety for prewinter planting

Shkap, V.; Pipano, E.; Ungar-Waron, H., 1987:
Besnoitia besnoiti: chemotherapeutic trials in vivo and in vitro

Samish, M.; Shkap, V.; Pipano, E., 1987:
Besnoitia besnoiti: long term cultivation in tick cell lines

L.B.ancq, S.M.; Desser, S.S.; Shkap, V.; Pipano, E., 1986:
Besnoitia strain differentiation using isoenzyme electrophoresis

Sasaki, Y.; Henderson, C.R., 1986:
Best Linear Unbiased Prediction with the reduced animal model: an application to evaluation of performance-tested males

Bhinder, S.S.; Sawhney, J.S., 1986:
Best time and method of sowing for winter maize

Sukhoivan, A.G., 1986:
Best varieties for processing

Hanrahan, J.P.; Quirke, J.F.; Bomann, W.; Allen, P.; McEwan, J.C.; Fitzsimons, J.M.; Kotzian, J.; Roche, J.F., 1986:
Beta -Agonists and their effects on growth and carcass quality

Tadzhibaev, M.N.; Abdurakhmanov, A.; Lutfullin, K.L., 1986:
Beta -Amyrin and beta -amyrin acetate from Euphorbia ferganensis

Sharpell, F.H.Jr, 1986:
Beta -Bromo- beta -nitrostyrene - an antimicrobial for aqueous systems

Boos, A., 1987:
Beta -Carotene and follicular cysts in cattle

Schweigert, F.J.; Rambeck, W.A.; Zucker, H., 1985:
Beta -Carotene and vitamin A in the follicular development of the bovine species

Iwanska, S.; Lewicki, C.; Strusinska, D.; Rybicka, M.; Minakowski, D., 1986:
Beta -Carotene and vitamin A levels of blood plasma, colostrum and milk and reproductive parameters in cows fed diets supplemented with beta -carotene and vitamins A, E, D3

Toul, V.; Indrak, P.; Kvasnicka, P., 1986:
Beta -Carotene content in a carrot cultivar collection

Schulze Siebert, D.; Schultz, G., 1987:
Beta -Carotene synthesis in isolated spinach chloroplasts

Teschemacher, H., 1987:
Beta -Casomorphins: do they have physiological significance?

Schliemann, W., 1987:
Beta -D-Glucosidases of plants and plant cell cultures

Kanawjia, S.K.; Singh, S., 1987:
Beta -Galactosidase - a biotechnological approach for Cheddar cheese production

Larson, R.L.; Bussard, J.B., 1985:
Beta -Glycosidase activity in maize

Thompson, M.P.; Brower, D.P., 1987:
Beta -Lactoglobulin and alpha -lactalbumin: an electrophoretic and microscopic evaluation of the preparative procedure of Aschaffenburg and Drewry

Ouellette, B.F.F.; Bewley, J.D., 1986:
Beta -Mannoside mannohydrolase and the mobilization of the endosperm cell wall of lettuce seeds, cv. Grand Rapids

Carratu, G.; Colacino, C.; Conti, S.; Giannattasio, M., 1985:
Beta -N-acetylglucosaminidase and beta -galactosidase from aleurone layers of resting wheat grains

Schweigert, F.J., 1986:
Beta -carotene metabolism in cattle: distribution among serum lipoproteins, transfer to milk and follicular fluid and function in the follicle

Radwan, Y.M.; Ismail, A.A.; Diab, A.A.; Hanan, O.; E.M.ugy, S.A., 1988:
Beta -endorphin and pregnancy in she-camel

Hill, A.V.; Bowden, D.K.; O'Shaughnessy, D.F.; Weatherall, D.J.; Clegg, J.B., 1988:
Beta thalassemia in Melanesia: association with malaria and characterization of a common variant (IVS-1 nt 5 G----C)

Anonymous, 1986:
Beta and Brassica spp. in Israel

Garboczi, D.N.; Fox, A.H.; Gerring, S.L.; Pedersen, P.L., 1988:
Beta subunit of rat liver mitochondrial ATP synthase: cDNA cloning, amino acid sequence, expression in Escherichia coli and structural relationship to adenylate kinase

Fong, D.; Lee, B., 1988:
Beta tubulin gene of the parasitic protozoan Leishmania mexicana

Lafontan, M.; Berlan, M.; Prud' hon, M., 1988:
Beta-adrenergic agonists. Mechanisms of action: mobilization of lipids and anabolism

Anonymous, 1987:
Beta-agonists and their effects on animal growth and carcass quality

Anonymous, 1987:
Beta-agonists and their effects on animal growth and carcass quality. Proceedings of a seminar in the CEC Programme of Coordination of Research in Animal Husbandry, Brussels, 19-20 May 1987

Greenberg, L.G.; Bristol, F.; Murphy, B.D.; Laarveld, B., 1986:
Beta-carotene does not influence fertility in beef heifers

Cohen, H.; Sabbagh, I.; Abou Samra, A.B.; Bertrand, J., 1986:
Beta-endorphin in genetically hypoprolactinemic rat: IPL nude rat

Molstad, S.; Eliasson, I.; Hovelius, B.; Kamme, C.; Schalen, C., 1988:
Beta-lactamase production in the upper respiratory tract flora in relation to antibiotic consumption: a study in children attending day nurseries

Weigel, P.; Weretilnyk, E.A.; Hanson, A.D., 1986:
Betaine aldehyde oxidation by spinach chloroplasts

Gwardys, S., 1986:
Betaine decomposition and biogas production during biological treatment of waste waters from a yeast factory

Mahdihassan, S., 1987:
Betel-nuts as contaminated with a cancer producing fungus

Reddy, L.S.; Veerendrakumar, M.M.; Ramachandran, M.; Govindarajan, T.S., 1986:
Bethel (2-chloroethyl phosphonic acid) spray to overcome dormancy in coffee seedlings

Massmann, C.P., 1987:
Better adapted Simmental on the basis of appearance

Meiners, H.H.; Seigert, P., 1988:
Better and more precise estimation of the durability of tractor and agricultural machinery components

Anonymous, 1988:
Better coffee farming: processing techniques for quality parchment - come sun or rain

Metz, N.; Moser, E., 1987:
Better deposition - reduced drift: Plant protection technology in fruit production

Anonymous, 1987:
Better health through family planning. Recommendations of the International Conference on Better Health for Women and Children through Family Planning, Nairobi, Kenya, 5-9 October 1987

Hirnsberger, G., 1986:
Better housing climate with ceiling ventilation

McGann, R., 1987:
Better information for choosing frost-protection methods

Ryan, F.A., 1987:
Better life technologies for the poor

Twaddle, A., 1986:
Better log-making

Schmidt, W.; Budgol, G., 1987:
Better management of the 'fodder' production process through early information about fodder quality

Hansen, R., 1988:
Better market milk, better cheese milk and better low-heat milk powder with Bactocatch treated milk

Anonymous, 1988:
Better milk with microfiltration

Herrmann, R., 1986:
Better price forecasts with international buffer stocks? A Box-Jenkins approach for the 1980 International Cocoa Agreement

Anonymous, 1988:
Better properties, economics claimed with ULDPE

Zweep, F. van der; Kraker, J. de, 1986:
Better quality with runner beans

Elmore, R.G., 1987:
Better reproductive management through rapid progesterone assay kit technology

Anonymous, 1986:
Better retirement and leisure seminar

Gatsa, A.; Krivoruchko, I., 1988:
Better use of data processing equipment in the Ukrainian State Committee for the Agroindustrial Sector

Veselov, A.A., 1985:
Better utilization of large-dimension waste wood from plywood and match manufacture

Buitelaar, K., 1986:
Better varieties of cherry tomatoes

Long, D.G.; Robson, N.K.B., 1988:
Betty Sherriff's rose

Perkins T.D.; Klein R.M.; Vogelmann H.W.; Badger G.J., 1988:
Betula seedling establishment in response to forest decline induced canopy degeneration

Sauter, F.; Hayek, E.W.H.; Moche, W.; Jordis, U., 1987:
Betulin from archaeological tars produced by low-temperature carbonization

Smith C.P.; Tarn A.C.; Thomas J.M.; Overkamp D.; Corakci A.; Savage M.O.; Gale E.A.M., 1988:
Between and within subject variation of the first phase insulin response to intravenous glucose

Pouyllau, M., 1987:
Between food self sufficiency and oil revenue: agricultural policies in Venezuela

Nikoloff, A.S.; Ensor, P.; Palmer, T.P.; Wallace, A.R., 1986:
Between plant variation of asparagus cultivars

Theeboom, M.; Bollaert, L.; Jaretti, S.; Nilsson, N., 1987:
Between schools and communities: institutions and policies for leisure education

Tostensen, A., 1986:
Between shamba and factory: preliminary results from a study of oscillatory labour migration in Kenya

Bye, P., 1987:
Between the infatuation with technology and the reality of the market

Alberts, E.E.; Laflen, J.M.; Spomer, R.G., 1987:
Between year variation in soil erodibility determined by rainfall simulation

Souza, A.C.G. de; Pereira, A.S.; Chaves, G.M., 1986:
Beverage quality of coffee progenies resistant to Hemileia vastatrix

Anonymous, 1987:
Beverage trends

Sandberg, E., 1987:
Beverages packages: the subject of extended environmental research

Rodrigues Pereira, R.; Verhulst, F.C., 1987:
Beware of anorexia non-nervosa

Parihar, S.S.; Kanodia, K.C., 1987:
Beware of the exotic weeds

Ickis, J.C.; Jesus, E.C. de, Jr; Maru, R., 1986:
Beyond bureaucracy: strategic management of social development

Thomas, G.W., 1988:
Beyond exchangeable aluminum: another ride on the merry-go-round

Green, S.E.; Rich, T.A.; Nesman, E.G., 1985:
Beyond individual literacy: the role of shared literacy for innovation in Guatemala

Budd, R.W.; Ruben, B.D., 1988:
Beyond media. New approaches to mass communication

Anonymous, 1987:
Beyond mountains and lakes

Shands, W.E., 1988:
Beyond multiple use: managing national forests for distinctive values

Pizam, A.; Calantone, R.J., 1987:
Beyond psychographics - values as determinants of tourist behavior

Henze, P., 1986:
Beyond the Ethiopian famine: anatomy of a revolution (I); (II); (III)

Wolf, E.C., 1986:
Beyond the Green Revolution: new approaches for Third World agriculture

Strong, M.F., 1985:
Beyond the famine: new hope for Africa

Woodhouse, H.R., 1984:
Beyond the hidden curriculum in Nigeria

Balmer, K., 1988:
Beyond the horizon: the future of leisure

Anonymous, 1987:
Beyond the new economic anthropology

Rowell, TE., 1988:
Beyond the one-male group

J.K.F.enkel; H.M.hlhorn; A.O.H.ydorn, 1987:
Beyond the oocyst: over the molehills and mountains of coccidialand

Lehr, C.A.; Washington, M.A., 1987 :
Beyond women's collegiate athletics: opportunities to play for pay

Eriksson, M.; Angelin, B., 1987:
Bezafibrate therapy and biliary lipids: effects of short-term and long-term treatment in patients with various forms of hyperlipoproteinaemia

Punda, V.; Raos, B.; Borcic, B., 1986:
Bhanja virus haemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies in the serum of game animals

Sreekumar, P.V.; Shetty, B.V., 1987:
Bhidea fischeri, a new species of Gramineae from India

Biswas, A.K., 1988:
Bhima revisited: impact evaluation of a large irrigation project

Dhingra, K.K.; Grewal, D.S.; Dhillon, M.S., 1987:
Bi-directional method of sowing helps increase crop yields

Kler, D.S., 1987:
Bi-directional sowing on use of solar radiation and sarson yield

Swanwick, R.A., 1987:
Bi-lateral dislocation of the stifle joints in two cats

Hollman, P.C.; Katan, M.B., 1988:
Bias and error in the determination of common macronutrients in foods: interlaboratory trial

Koch, T.R.; Mehta, U.; Lee, H.; Aziz, K.; Temel, S.; Donlon, J.A.; Sherwin, R., 1987:
Bias and precision of cholesterol analysis by physician's office analyzers

Kroll, M.H.; Lindsey, H.; Greene, J.; Sliva, C.; Hainline, A.; Elin, R.J., 1988 :
Bias between enzymatic methods and the reference method for cholesterol

Hillerton, J.E., 1986:
Bias of overlap of mandibles of chewing insects

Wheater, C.P., 1988:
Bias of overlap of the mandibles of some Carabidae (Col.)

Thompson, D.E., 1986:
Bias reduction of a gene frequency estimator via an EM type algorithm

Gosling, L.M., 1986:
Biased sex ratios in stressed animals

Kasturi, K.; Monestier, M.; Mayer, R.; Bona, C., 1988:
Biased usage of certain V kappa gene families by autoantibodies and their polymorphism in autoimmune mice

Scarth, R.D.; Parnell, P., 1987:
Biases in EBVs for growth caused by prior selection at branding

Asakawa, Y.; Matsuda, R.; Cheminat, A., 1987:
Bibenzyl derivatives from Frullania species

Anonymous, 1986:
Bibliografia sobre melhoramento do milho

Mahunka, S.; Rack, G., 1986:
Bibliographia Tarsonemidologica IX (1984-1985)

O.Brien, M.F., 1988:
Bibliographic guide to the terrestrial arthropods of Michigan: Supplement 1

Rivera Mateos, M., 1987:
Bibliographic notes on agricultural systems, resource management and rural development in the Spanish mountains. Bibliographic guide and revision aid

Chippendale, G.M.; Cassatt, K.L., 1986:
Bibliographic review of the sunflower moth, Homoeosoma electellum, a pest of cultivated sunflower in North America

Anonymous, 1988:
Bibliographic yearbook of the University of Agriculture in Nitra for 1984

Anonymous, 1987:
Bibliographical bulletin

Anonymous, 1988:
Bibliographical bulletin

Couilloud, R., 1986:
Bibliographical data on honeydew producing insects

Arnalte Alegre, E.; Avella Reus, L.; Roca, A., 1986:
Bibliographical references on The land market and its effects on agricultural structure

Paraipan, V.; Voicescu, S.; Seiciu, F., 1987:
Bibliographical study of the chemistry and pharmacology of prostaglandins

Lundqvist, L., 1987:
Bibliography and checklist of Swedish oribatids (Acari: Oribatei)

Anonymous, 1986:
Bibliography of Bulgarian literature on agriculture and the food industry 1979

Anonymous, 1987:
Bibliography of Bulgarian literature on agriculture and the food industry 1980

Bakonyi, F.; Vetesi, F., 1987:
Bibliography of Hungarian veterinary literature, 1986

Carlberg, U., 1985:
Bibliography of Phasmida (Insecta) - II (1960-1969)

Carlberg, U., 1986:
Bibliography of Phasmida (Insecta) III: 1950-1959

Bailey, G.D., 1987:
Bibliography of Soil Taxonomy 1960-1979

Anonymous, 1988:
Bibliography of Systematic Mycology

Onder, F.; Karsavuran, Y.; Onder, P.; Tutkun, E.; Tezcan, S., 1987:
Bibliography of Turkish entomology and agricultural zoology 1979-1983

Anonymous, 1986:
Bibliography of education for Black South Africans

Anonymous, 1985:
Bibliography of education in Papua New Guinea 1981 - 1982. Special issue

Anonymous, 1987:
Bibliography of Estimated Crop Losses in the United States Due to Plant-parasitic Nematodes

Poa, D., 1986:
Bibliography of forest entomology

Poa, D., 1986:
Bibliography of forest pathology

Buschena, D.E.; Fruin, J., 1987:
Bibliography of grain transportation research 1981-1986

Gaedike, R., 1986:
Bibliography of keys to European insects (1979-1983)

Muller, R.; Horsburgh, R.C.R., 1987:
Bibliography of onchocerciasis (1841-1985)

Warwick, M.A.; Bills, F.D.; Wratt, G.S., 1985:
Bibliography of potatoes in New Zealand

Goto, T.; Onishi, H., 1983:
Bibliography of publications on tropical woods. (IV). Wood qualities and utilization. (2)

Anonymous, 1987:
Bibliography of readings in farming systems

Anonymous, 1986:
Bibliography of readings in farming systems, 1986, volume III

Anonymous, 1987:
Bibliography of recent literature on bacterial wilt

Anonymous, 1987:
Bibliography of resources: title index; author index; research list

Sestak, Z.; Catsky, J., 1986:
Bibliography of reviews and methods of photosynthesis - 62

Fowler, G.W.; Lynch, A.M., 1987:
Bibliography of sequential sampling plans in insect pest management based on Wald's sequential probability ratio test

Orvedal, A.C., 1983:
Bibliography of soils of the tropics. Vol. 5: Tropics in general and tropical mainland Asia, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan

Okolow, C., 1983:
Bibliography of the Biaowieza Primeval Forest: part 3 (1973-1980)

Anonymous, 1982:
Bibliography of the Faculty of Forestry, 1976-1980

Anonymous, 1987:
Bibliography of the Faculty of Forestry, 1981-1985

Anonymous, 1982:
Bibliography of the Faculty of Wood Technology, 1976-1980

Davis, A.J., 1986:
Bibliography of the Ixodiphagini (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Encyrtidae), parasites of ticks (Acari, Ixodidae), with notes on their biology

Deitz, L.L.; Kopp, D.D., 1987:
Bibliography of the Membracoidea (Homoptera: Aetalionidae, Biturritiidae, Membracidae, and Nicomiidae) 1956-1980

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