Section 2
Chapter 1,540

Breeding self-fertile inbred lines of sunflower for combining ability for basic economic traits

Krut' ko, V.I.

Problemy selektsii i semenovodstva podsolnechnika dlya zasushlivykh uslovii stepi: 32-39


Accession: 001539421

By isolating and evaluating the hybrids from crosses of male-sterile testers (differing in general combining ability (GCA) for seed and oil yield, seed and achene oil content, husk percentage and 1000-achene weight) with fertility restorer (Rf) lines, the 8 lines which had high GCA for seed and oil yield were identified. Lines Od53GM, Od115Rf and Od84Rf had high breeding value due to high GCA effects and specific combining ability variances for the economic traits studied.

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