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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grigor' ev, V.P.; Runova, E.M., 1984:
Change in the ground vegetation in connection with fellings to form forest-park landscapes

Levin, F.I.; Denisova, E.A., 1987:
Change in the humus state of sod-podzol soil upon introduction of fertilizer

Arutyunyan, E.A.; Pogosyan, K.S., 1986:
Change in the impedance of grapevine at low subzero temperatures

Lukovskaya, T.S., 1987:
Change in the iron content in typical chernozems in zones of subirrigation and shoals of the Kuibyshev reservoir

Faizullin, A.D.; Lukmanova, R.S., 1987:
Change in the isoenzyme composition of peroxidase in the tillering nodes of winter rye during the periods of autumn cold hardening and overwintering

Alekseev, V.A., 1987:
Change in the laboratory germination of Scots pine and Norway spruce seeds under the action of high doses of various growth retardants

Alekseeva, K.A.; Belitser, N.V., 1984:
Change in the localization of acid phosphatase in embryos of Acer tataricum (Aceraceae) in the course of breaking of seed dormancy

Ana' yeva, N.D.; Strekozov, B.P.; Tyuryukanova, G.K., 1986:
Change in the microbial biomass of soils caused by pesticides

Abramovich, T.L.; Ozolinya, N.R.; Sergeeva, V.N., 1987:
Change in the micromorphological structure and chemical composition of birch wood in the process of decay by white rot fungi

Skvortsova, Y.B.; Baranova, O.Y.; Numerov, G.B., 1987:
Change in the microstructure of soils during overgrowth of forests on ploughland

Khmelidze, T.P.; Romanenkov, I.G.; Shengeliya, A.K., 1986:
Change in the modulus of elasticity of Scots pine and larch wood during exposure to heat

Nikolayeva, I.N., 1987:
Change in the physical and physicomechanical properties of Sod-Podzolic soil after the application of large quantities of fertilizers

Mrochkov, K.A.; Shepeleva, G.S., 1986:
Change in the quality of frozen fodder krill during long-term storage

Stravinskene, V.P., 1987:
Change in the radial increment of trees in a zone affected by industrial pollution

Rozina, M.S.; Oreshkina, N.S.; Molchanova, A.I., 1987:
Change in the salinity of light sierozems of the Golodnoi Steppe during agricultural development

Cerna, P., 1986:
Change in the system of plan-based management of agriculture

Starostin, V.A., 1987:
Change in wood structure under the influence of thinning and pruning

Balazs, K., 1985:
Change of Microlepidoptera species in an apple ecosystem

Radenovic, C.; Jeremic, M.; Markovic, D.; Vucinic, Z., 1985:
Change of activation energy - a measure of resistance of maize photosynthetic apparatus to temperature

Lapa, V.V.; Karyagina, L.A., 1984:
Change of biological activity in sod-podzolic sandy-loamy soils as a function of agrochemical parameters of soil fertility

Salamon, F.; Jelinek, K.B.; Koszegi, G.; Pados, G.; Szam, I., 1985:
Change of blood viscosity during bezafibrate treatment

Dannowski, M.; Seidel, K., 1987:
Change of bulk density and mechanical resistance of alluvial sandy and sandy loam sites as influenced by the wheel pressure of agricultural machinery

Aoki, S., 1987:
Change of complemental relationships in life function of Ie in rice monocultural areas - a case study of Domeki - Buraku, Nikaho -Machi, Yuri-Gun, Akita Prefecture, Japan - II

Baldwin K.M.; Hakim R.S., 1987:
Change of form of septate and gap junctions during development of the insect midgut

Wilson, D., 1987:
Change of gear at the ADB

Park, Q.H.; Lee, M.K.; Park, H., 1986:
Change of ginsenosides and free sugars in seeds during stratification and in seedlings during early growth stage of Panax ginseng

Nishimura, H.; Kuzuya, H.; Okamoto, M.; Yoshimasa, Y.; Yamada, K.; Ida, T.; Kakehi, T.; Imura, H., 1988:
Change of insulin action with aging in conscious rats determined by euglycemic clamp

Lytkin, I.I., 1985 :
Change of physicochemical properties of peat soils after liming during agricultural development

Sugiyama, T., 1986:
Change of water level and condition of ecology in the arid area by plantation

Munakata, M., 1984:
Change of wild bee fauna at Narukawa between 1963 and 1973

Best, J.R., 1988:
Change over time in a farming system based on shifting cultivation of hill rice in Sarawak, Malaysia

Liu, J.; Kondo, S.; Sekine, J.; Okubo, M.; Asahida, Y., 1987:
Change with storage in airtight silo in composition and fermentation characteristics of grass or corn silage

Kluge, U., 1987:
Change without shock. Government agricultural policy in the GFR from 1949 to 1986. To Heinz Haushofer on his 80th birthday

Ekanayake, S.A.B.; Jayasuriya, S.K., 1986:
Change, adjustment and the role of specific experience: evidence from Sri Lankan rice farming

Atwood, J.A.; Watts, M.J.; Helmers, G.A., 1988:
Change-constrained financing as a response to financial risk

Anonymous, 1987:
Changed gene symbol

Anonymous, 1987:
Changed gene symbols

Anonymous, 1988:
Changed gene symbols

Das, A.N., 1987:
Changel: three centuries of an Indian village

Gottlieb, M.; Pavlu, J., 1987:
Changes and consequences related to the transformation of small villages into rural cities in Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1987:
Changes and progress in uveitis

Anonymous, 1987:
Changes and trends in the quantity and balance of energy consumption in agriculture (case studies)

Takami S.; Ahmad S.; Turner N.C.; Kobata T.; O'toole J.C., 1987:
Changes at panicle emergence in the water relations of a wetland and a dryland japonica rice cultivar under wetland conditions

Mallol, M.; Perez Alonso, M.J.; Mata, M.; Cambon, M.T., 1986:
Changes caused by the intake of cadmium by mouth

Nkang A.; Chandler G., 1986:
Changes during embryogenesis in rainforest seeds with orthodox and recalcitrant viability characteristics

Dzhunusova, M.K.; Kulichenko, E.N.; Pirueva, R.S., 1986:
Changes in 1000-grain weight in wheat as related to infection by powdery mildew

Kajimoto, G.; Shibahara, A., 1983:
Changes in 4,4'-dimethylsterol composition in some oil seeds during maturation

Suh, J.K.; Kwack, B.H., 1985:
Changes in ABA-like substances of Gladiolus gandavensis during corm maturation, dormancy breaking and corm growth

Podbielkowska, M.; Waeza, M.; Wazynska, M., 1987:
Changes in ATPase activity in meristematic cells of Allium cepa L. roots caused by oncostatics

Kobayashi, M.; Hashimoto, Y.; Mori, H.; Nagamine, T., 1986:
Changes in DNA, RNA, protein and glycogen in the midgut of the silkworm, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae), during the infection with a densonucleosis virus

Evans, A.J.; Sorensen, R.C., 1988:
Changes in DPTA-Fe levels in a loamy sand as influenced by ionic strength

Layman, P.L., 1988:
Changes in European farm policies trouble fertilizer industry

Wallace, J.M.; McNeilly, A.S., 1986:
Changes in FSH and the pulsatile secretion of LH during treatment of ewes with bovine follicular fluid throughout the luteal phase of the oestrous cycle

Konishi, T.; Matsuura, S., 1987:
Changes in Japanese two-rowed barley varieties and variation in esterase isozymes

Brauer, D.; Leggett, J.E.; Egli, D.B., 1987:
Changes in k, rb, and na transport to shoots after anoxia

Borgsteede, F.H.M.; Couwenberg, T., 1987:
Changes in LC50 in an in vitro development assay during the patent period of Haemonchus contortus in sheep

Williams, A.R., 1984:
Changes in Melaleuca forest density on the Magela floodplain, Northern Territory, between 1950 and 1975

Batawy, M.A.E.; Ibrahim, S.A.; Ibrahim, M.K., 1987:
Changes in Ras cheese treated with gamma irradiation at various stages of ripening

Lovato, P.E.; Pereira, J.C.; Vidor, C., 1985:
Changes in Rhizobium phaseoli populations in soils with and without lime

Ghilardi, A.A., 1987:
Changes in Sao Paulo's agriculture in the 1970s in relation to farm size

Garcia Ferrando, M.; Briz Escribano, J., 1986:
Changes in Spanish agricultural structure during the 1962-82 census period

Anonymous, 1987:
Changes in United Kingdom trade flows of meat

Howden, HF.; Scholtz, CH., 1986:
Changes in a Texas dung beetle community between 1975 and 1985 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae)

Igarashi, T., 1987:
Changes in a forest community due to highway construction

Guinn, G.; Brummett, D.L., 1988:
Changes in Abscisic Acid and Indoleacetic Acid before and after Anthesis Relative to Changes in Abscission Rates of Cotton Fruiting Forms

Uyemura, S.; Imanishi, H., 1987:
Changes in abscisic acid levels during dormancy release in freesia corms

Vas' kin, F.I., 1987:
Changes in accounting production costs

Avseneva, T.V.; Fedurkina, N.V.; Mosolov, V.V., 1988:
Changes in activities of proteinase and its inhibitor during maize seed germination

Li, Q.B.; Liang, H.G., 1988:
Changes in activities of some enzymes related to respiration in slightly water-stressed wheat seedlings

Masuda, H.; Takahashi, T.; Sugawara, S., 1987:
Changes in activities of starch-hydrolyzing enzymes in roots of sugar beets

Chen, G.Y.; Fu, J.R., 1987:
Changes in activity of some enzymes in deterioration of groundnut seeds

Bodson, M., 1985:
Changes in adenine-nucleotide content in the apical bud of Sinapis alba L. during floral transition

Kusuda R.; Ono K.; Salati F., 1988:
Changes in agglutinating antibody titers and serum proteins of immunized eels

Edwards, C.J.W., 1986:
Changes in agricultural labour efficiency in Northern Ireland 1975-1984

Eckart, K., 1985:
Changes in agricultural land use in both German states

Sharma, S.K.; Jain, C.K., 1985:
Changes in agricultural productivity in Madhya Pradesh: spatial and temporal dimensions

Kerbout, M., 1983:
Changes in agricultural structures in the irrigated areas on the edge of the northern Mid-Atlas region

Piascik, H.; Bieniek, B., 1986:
Changes in air composition in drained peat soils in the Mazurian Lakeland, Poland

Nabukhotnyi, T.K.; Pavlyuk, V.P.; Kukharchuk, A.L., 1987:
Changes in aldosterone in human milk and blood serum of newborn infants in the early postnatal period

Li, J.D.; Hu, C.Z.; Yoch, D.C., 1987:
Changes in amino acid and nucleotide pools of Rhodospirillum rubrum during switch-off of nitrogenase activity initiated by NH4+ or darkness

Perumal N.K.; Naidu K.M., 1987:
Changes in amino acid content and composition of boll during development in linted and lintless cotton

Svezhentsov, A.I., 1986:
Changes in amino acid content of feeds in relation to fertilizer application

Anurag Raizada; Srivastava, M.M., 1987:
Changes in amino acid contents in fresh and senescent leaves in Populus deltoides Marsh

Purnima Sinha; Saxena, S.K., 1986:
Changes in amino acid contents in tomato due to Aspergillus niger and Drosophila busckii

Tomko, S.E.; Hall, G.F., 1986:
Changes in an Ohio prairie soil as the result of cultivation

Boue, H., 1987:
Changes in and current situation on bacterial blight in France

Molitoris, E.; Fagerberg, D.J.; Quarles, C.L.; Krichevsky, M.I., 1987:
Changes in antimicrobial resistance in fecal bacteria associated with pig transit and holding times at slaughter plants

Erf J.A.; Proctor J.T.A., 1987:
Changes in apple leaf water status and vegetative growth as influenced by crop load

Coseteng M.Y.; Lee C.Y., 1987:
Changes in apple polyphenoloxidase and polyphenol concentrations in relation to degree of browning

Rolev, V.S., 1988:
Changes in approved maize varieties for 1988

Zinger, P.; Berger, I.; Lyuk, K.; Taube, K.; Naumann, E.; Gedike, V.; Barleben, K., 1987:
Changes in arterial pressure, serum lipids and thromboxane B2 after diets with different contents of eicosapentaenoic acid in patients with hypertension

Singh S.B.; Nath S.; Dutta C.B.S.; Banerjee S.K., 1987:
Changes in attributes of forest soil brought about by termites

Benyei Himmer, M.; Szalai, J., 1984:
Changes in auxin concentration in the vegetative and reproductive apices of ivy (Hedera helix) during the year. (Preliminary report)

Veeramachaneni, D.N.; Heath, E.H.; Ott, R.S.; McEntee, K.; Hixon, J.E., 1987:
Changes in basal lamina of seminiferous tubules associated with deranged spermatogenesis in the bull

Couillaud, F.; Koopmanschap, AB. de Kort, CAD.; Girardie, A., 1987:
Changes in binding of JH-III in hemolymph of adult female Locusta migratoria

Nisal, P.R.; Dharmadhikari, V.R.; Bhosrekar, M.R., 1987:
Changes in biochemical constituents of cervical mucus during different phases of oestrus in exotic cattle

Churakov, B.P.; Zabelina, A.V.; Gorbunova, G.V., 1986:
Changes in biochemical indices of the needle foliage of Scots pine infected by plant pathogenic fungi

Apfelbaum, S.I.; Haney, A., 1986:
Changes in bird populations during succession following fire in the northern Great Lakes wilderness

Torre, P.M.; Oliver, S.P., 1988:
Changes in blastogenic activity of bovine blood mononuclear cells throughout the nonlactating period

Torre, P.M.; Oliver, S.P., 1987:
Changes in blastogenic activity of bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cells throughout the nonlactating period

Nagahata, H.; Noda, H.; Abe, T., 1987:
Changes in blastogenic response of bovine lymphocytes during acute clinical mastitis

Voros, K.; Karsai, F., 1987:
Changes in blood and rumen fluid occurring prior to left displacement of the abomasum in dairy cows

Yakubovskii, M.V.; Myastsova, T.Y., 1986:
Changes in blood and tissue histamine levels in mixed nematode infections in piglets

Sutherland, R.J.; Oliver, R.E.; Saunders, B.W.; Poole, W.S., 1987:
Changes in blood coagulation parameters of red deer (Cervus elaphus) experimentally infected with malignant catarrhal fever

Eremenko, V.I., 1985:
Changes in blood cortisone in Black Pied heifers

Astrup H.N.; Nedkvitne J.J., 1988:
Changes in blood parameters in pregnant ewes after shearing

Jarrett, R.J.; Keen, H.; Murrells, T., 1987:
Changes in blood pressure and body weight over ten years in men selected for glucose intolerance

Kuznetsov, A.K.; Radchenko, I.G., 1985:
Changes in blood sugar concentration in cattle fed on a diet containing non-traditional feed supplements

Nose, H.; Sugimoto, E.; Okuno, T.; Morimoto, T., 1987:
Changes in blood volume and plasma sodium concentration after water intake in rats

Pataki, B.; Janaszik, A.; Monori, I., 1986:
Changes in body measurements in Hungarian Draft horses

Baumgartner, J.; Illes, V.; Somogyiova, E.; Koncekova, Z., 1986:
Changes in body weight and size of some internal organs in growing Japanese quail cocks

Harms, R.H.; Arafa, A.S., 1986:
Changes in bone fragility in laying hens

Miller S.C.; Shupe J.G.; Redd E.H.; Miller M.A.; Omura T.H., 1986:
Changes in bone mineral and bone formation rates during pregnancy and lactation in rats

Neumann J., 1986:
Changes in bone tissue of broilers treated with growth promoters

Campbell P.G.; Frey D.M.; Baumrucker C.R., 1987:
Changes in bovine mammary insulin binding during pregnancy and lactation

Dechamma, P.A.; Shetty, P.S., 1987:
Changes in brown adipocyte morphology and cellularity in response to acute starvation

Valivullah, H.M.; Keenan, T.W., 1986:
Changes in cAMP related enzyme activities, calmodulin, Ca2+, DNA and cAMP binding levels in rat mammary glands at different stages of estrous cycle in vivo

Garcia Zozaya, J.L.; Padilla Viloria, M.; Castro, A., 1988:
Changes in calcium and magnesium metabolism in essential arterial hypertension

Morishima, I., 1987:
Changes in calmodulin levels during development of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Sweet, C.P.M.; Patel, R., 1985:
Changes in cane yield of irrigated variety NCo 376 due to season and their implications when evaluating field performance

Yoshida, H.; Hayashi, J.; Sugahara, T., 1987:
Changes in carbohydrate contents of fruiting bodies of Hiratake mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) during postharvest storage

Axelsson, E.; Axelsson, B., 1986:
Changes in carbon allocation patterns in spruce and pine trees following irrigation and fertilization

Fujita, T.; Sato, Y.; Ando, K., 1986:
Changes in cardiac and hypothalamic noradrenergic activity with taurine in DOCA-salt rats

Prister, B.S.; Chernikov, G.B.; Morozova, O.B.; Totskii, V.N., 1986:
Changes in catalase and superoxide dismutase activities in the tissues of developing and growing broiler chicks, and the effect of ionized air

Saunderson, C.L.; Leslie, S., 1987:
Changes in cathepsin D activity in breast muscle of broiler chickens when dietary protein is decreased

Pennisi, A.M.; Graniti, A., 1987:
Changes in cell permeability in tissues of citrus trees infected by Phoma tracheiphila (Petri) Kanc. & Ghik

Webster, J.P.G.; Williams, N.T., 1988:
Changes in cereal production and yield variability on farms in South East England

Kolesnikov, V.A.; Zhulenko, V.N.; Rubekin, E.A., 1987:
Changes in certain blood values of sheep given subtoxic doses of lead acetate

Karsai, F.; Gaal, T., 1987:
Changes in certain parameters of lipid metabolism in dairy cows during the periparturient period

Sakamura F.; Suga T., 1987:
Changes in chemical components of ripening oleaster fruits

Kermasha, S.; Barthakur, N.N.; Inteaz Alli; Mohan, N.K., 1987:
Changes in chemical composition of the Kew cultivar of pineapple fruit during development

Puangnak, W.; Chotinuchit, P., 1987:
Changes in chemical constituents during maturation of Thai flue-cured tobacco

Yen, G.C.; Fok, C.L., 1987:
Changes in chemical properties of proteins following reaction with oxidizing methyl linoleate

Bierska, J.; Smoczynski, S.; Borejszo, Z., 1984:
Changes in chlorinated hydrocarbon levels during processed cheese manufacture

Galiulin, R.V., 1987:
Changes in chloroaniline contents in the soil and in their liquid phase

Singh, B.K.; Prasad, T., 1985:
Changes in cholesterol content in sunflower seeds due to fungal infestation

Machado, C.R.; Gomez, M.V.; Machado, A.B., 1987:
Changes in choline acetyltransferase activity of rat tissues during Chagas' disease

Baluska F.; Kubica S., 1987:
Changes in chromatin condensation during growth and differentiation of maize primary root cells

Bergers W.W.A.; Van Dura E.A.; Van Der Stap J.G.M.M., 1987:
Changes in circulatory white blood cells of mice and rats due to acute trichothecene intoxication

Jeffery, D.; Weitzman, P.D.J.; Goodenough, P.W., 1987:
Changes in citric acid cycle enzymes in ageing tomato fruit mitochondria

Andreassen, T.T.; Oxlund, H., 1987:
Changes in collagen and elastin of the rat aorta induced by experimental diabetes and food restriction

Aoki, S., 1986:
Changes in complementary living relations of Ie in a rice monocultural area - a case study of Domeki-buraku, Nikaho-machi, Yuri-gun, Akita prefecture, Japan

Knowles, L.O.; Knowles, N.R., 1988:
Changes in composition of lipid fractions within aged potato seed-tubers during sprouting

Maede, Y.; Mitsunaga, F.; Inaba, M.; Namioka, S.; Abe, T.; Sato, T., 1987:
Changes in concentration and composition of serum free fatty acid in normal and ketotic cows before and after calving

Prosser, C.G.; Fleet, I.R.; Hart, I.C.; Heap, R.B., 1987:
Changes in concentration of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in milk during bovine growth hormone treatment in the goat

Omarov, M.O., 1986 :
Changes in concentration of nucleic acids and activity of RNAse in liver of rats on an amino acid - incomplete diet

Lin, Z.F.; Lin, G.Z.; Li, S.S.; Zhou, C.X., 1988:
Changes in concentration of superoxide anion and organic radical in senescent leaves and chloroplasts

Koudela, K.; Fucikova, A.; Koliskova, E., 1988:
Changes in concentrations of crude protein, glucose, total lipids and urea in heparinized blood plasma in hare (Lepus europaeus)

Jekel, E., 1986:
Changes in concentrations of electrolytes and trace elements in blood plasma of calves in the first hours and days of life

Michalov J.; Erdelska O.; Peciar C., 1987:
Changes in concentrations of free radicals and amino acids in developing maize inflorescences and fruits

Bhatt J.G.; Appukuttan E., 1987:
Changes in concentrations of major nutrients in developing bolls of hybrid cotton

Stefl, M.; Zemanova Trckova, M., 1986:
Changes in content and transformation rate of L-tryptophan and the indole enzyme content in the organs of overwintering plants

Besschetnov, V.P., 1986:
Changes in content of stored sugars in shoots of Hippophae rhamnoides of various provenances

Lay-Yee, M.; Sachs, R.M.; Reid, M.S., 1987:
Changes in Cotyledon mRNA during Ethylene Inhibition of Floral Induction in Pharbitis nil Strain Violet

Lay-Yee, M.; Sachs, R.M.; Reid, M.S., 1987:
Changes in cotyledon mRNA during floral induction of Pharbitis nil CV. Violet

Herve, Y., 1987:
Changes in cruciferous crops and conservation of genetic resources in France

Geduspan, H.S.; Peng, A.C., 1986:
Changes in cucumber volatile compounds on chilling temperature and calcium chloride treatment

Heide Jorgensen, H.S., 1987:
Changes in cuticle structure during development and attachment of the upper haustorium of Cuscuta L., Cassytha L., and Viscum L

Donchev, K.; Dupcheva, K., 1986:
Changes in cuticular substances during refrigerated storage of apples

Ouyang, G.C.; Xue, Y.L., 1986:
Changes in cyanide-resistant respiration and induction by ethylene during germination of cotton seeds

Eklund, S.; Brunsson, I.; Jodal, M.; Lundgren, O., 1987:
Changes in cyclic 3'5'-adenosine monophosphate tissue concentration and net fluid transport in the cat's small intestine elicited by cholera toxin, arachidonic acid, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and 5-hydroxytryptamine

K"snedelcheva, S.; K"snedelchev, M.; Sheriev, I.; Neikov, N., 1986:
Changes in dairy milk yield of cows in relation to temperature and air humidity in a dairy complex with underfloor manure collection. 2. Tethering cows in stalls

Romanova, T.D.; Kurbskaya, O.G.; Ruban, N.F.; Burtaeva, T.E., 1987:
Changes in dark respiration and its separate components during the plant greening process and after the action of extreme temperature

Tarasov, K.I.; Koroleva, E.I., 1986:
Changes in density of reconstituted milk during holding

Kaneko, E.; Imanishi, H., 1985:
Changes in depth of dormancy of freesia corms during growth and storage

Kim, S.D.; Cha, Y.H.; Cho, J.T.; Kwun, K.C.; Son, S.G.; Park, S.I., 1986:
Changes in development and nutrient composition of pod after flowering in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp)

Abdel Ghany, A.A.; Negm, S.E.; Saleh, A.A., 1985:
Changes in development of reproductive organs in Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) caused by insect growth regulators

Mayer, E., 1986:
Changes in diet and morphological variations in rumen papillae of high-producing dairy cows

Taguchi, K.; Kawabata, M.; Ohtsuki, K.; Tanaka, Y., 1986:
Changes in dietary fiber of natto and tempeh during fermentation

Gallant, K.R.; Cherian, M.G., 1987:
Changes in dietary zinc result in specific alterations of metallothionein concentrations in newborn rat liver

Darne, G., 1988:
Changes in different anthocyanins of Cabernet-Sauvignon skins during berry development

Lalles, J.P.; Poncet, C., 1988:
Changes in digestive and metabolic indices in calves before and after weaning in relation to degradability of feed proteins

Shibata, H.; Yamanaka, H., 1988:
Changes in dog serum alpha -fetoprotein levels in acute liver injuries induced by hepatotoxins

Penka, M.; Cervena, M., 1984:
Changes in drought resistance of young spruce seedlings (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) in dependence on the content of decomposed wood in substrate

Mishra, D.; Rath, G.C., 1986:
Changes in dry matter and mineral contents of brinjal fruits due to fusarial rots

Baier, J.; Jelinek, K.; Kristan, F.; Strnad, P., 1987:
Changes in dry matter production in aboveground biomass of winter wheat at different levels of yield

Scullion, J.; Mohammed, ARA.; Ramshaw, GA., 1988:
Changes in earthworm populations following cultivation of undisturbed and former opencast coal-mining land

Heinrich, W.; Schaller, G., 1987:
Changes in ecosystem structure in the area of influence of a fertilizer factory

Elkinton, JS., 1987:
Changes in efficiency of the pheromone-baited milk-carton trap as it fills with male gypsy moths (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

Kim, S.-E., 1987:
Changes in eggshell permeability to oxygen during the early developmental stages in diapause eggs of Bombyx mori

Bredereck, W., 1985:
Changes in ejaculate quality during the copulation cycle in the laboratory rat

Shkorbatov, Y.G.; Shakhbazov, V.G., 1987:
Changes in electrical charge of plant cell chromatin under the influence of stimulators and inhibitors of nucleic and protein metabolism

Allen, J.C., 1987:
Changes in electrolyte content resulting from disruption of epithelial integrity in mouse mammary tissue and isolated acini

Monro, J.A., 1987:
Changes in elements, pectic substances and organic acids during development of boysenberry fruit

Fink, A., 1986:
Changes in emulsion stability of cream due to processing

Numan, V.; Dencheva, A., 1987:
Changes in endogenous cytokinins and abscisic acid in Zea mays seeds during germination depending on their viability

Jandova, B.; Cervinkova, J., 1985:
Changes in endogenous phytohormones during the regeneration of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) in callus culture

Mead, R.A.; Bremner, S.; Murphy, B.D., 1988:
Changes in endometrial vascular permeability during the periimplantation period in the ferret (Mustela putorius)

Maciejewska, U.; Kacperska, A., 1987:
Changes in energy charges during cold acclimation of winter rape plants

Sastri, J.G.; Rao, N.P., 1986:
Changes in energy intakes and body weights of children - statewise profile

Heitmann, R.N.; Sensenig, S.C.; Reynolds, C.K.; Fernandez, J.M.; Dawes, D.J., 1986:
Changes in energy metabolite and regulatory hormone concentrations and net fluxes across splanchnic and peripheral tissues in fed and progressively fasted ewes

Kishor, P.B.K.; Mehta, A.R., 1987:
Changes in enzymatic activities in callus cultures of cotton I. Effect of gibberellic acid

Kocacaliskan, I.; Ozbay, O., 1987:
Changes in enzymatic browning and in related factors depending on tuber development in potatoes

Khan R.I.; Choudhuri M.A., 1988:
Changes in enzyme activities related to hydrogen peroxide metabolism during senescence of wheat plant

Perez Mateos, M.; Gonzalez Carcedo, S., 1984:
Changes in enzyme activity in soil with time, and its distribution in horizons of the soil profile

Corey K.A.; Schlimme D.V.; Chaney N.A., 1988:
Changes in epicuticular wax on watermelon fruits during ripening

Huffman, L.J.; Inskeep, E.K.; Goodman, R.L., 1987:
Changes in episodic luteinizing hormone secretion leading to puberty in the lamb

Hambitzer R., 1987:
Changes in equine red blood cells during endurance exercise

Mulei, C.M.; Daniel, R.C.; Green, D., 1988:
Changes in erythrocyte Mg, Na and K concentrations in late pregnancy and early lactation and their relationship with subsequent fertility and milk production in dairy cows

Klaassen, J.K., 1986:
Changes in erythrocyte insulin receptors in normal dogs and Keeshond dogs with inheritable, early onset, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Abdel Hafez, M.M.; Abdel Sattar, M.M.; E.M.lla, M.A., 1984:
Changes in esterases, phosphatases and among amino-acid transferases of the pink bollworm moth during the course of insecticides poisoning

Daito, H.; Sato, Y., 1985:
Changes in ethanol and acetaldehyde contents of satsuma fruits during maturation

Louw, A., 1986:
Changes in farm and financial management: implications for the future

Hong, K.C., 1988:
Changes in feed intake as a result of selection on lean meat producing ability in pigs

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Changes in fibre length and weight in the course of boll development in cotton

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Changes in financial markets and their effects on agriculture

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Changes in flesh lipids of seer fish during frozen storage

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Changes in flight track angles of cabbage root fly, Delia radicum, in diffuse clouds and discrete plumes of the host-plant volatile allylisothiocyanate

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Changes in flower and essential oil productivity of the Kazanlyk rose caused by a single pruning of shoots

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Changes in food distribution systems and their implications for dairy enterprises

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Changes in forage quality of improved alfalfa populations

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Changes in forest insect pests in Poland since 1945

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Changes in forest soils following clearcutting of pine forests in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas

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Changes in forests and their relationship to air quality

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Changes in forms of potassium during cropping in soils of varied K releasing power

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Changes in free amino compounds during the development of two wheat cultivars subjected to different degrees of water stress

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Changes in Free and Conjugated Indole 3-Acetic Acid and Abscisic Acid in Young Cotton Fruits and Their Abscission Zones in Relation to Fruit Retention during and after Moisture Stress

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Changes in free auxins in the shoots of grapevines with different growth rates

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Changes in frequency of variegated leaves in NMU treated tobacco. Evidence for a differential response to NMU

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Changes in gene activity during expression of the hypersensitive response in Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Red Mexican to an avirulent race 1 isolate of Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola

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Changes in gene associations by selection procedures in an intraspecific cotton population

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Changes in genetic parameters under restricted index selection

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Changes in genitalia of heifers during the oestrous cycle

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Changes in germinable seed levels in soil beneath pastures near Townsville, North Queensland

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Changes in germination rate of cabbage seed due to mechanical impact

Friedman, M., 1986:
Changes in germination rate of kohlrabi seed after mechanical impact

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Changes in gibberellins complex during lucerne reproductive development

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Changes in glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in shoot apical meristems of Brassica campestris L. during transition to flowering

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Changes in glyceride fractions of UHT buffaloes' milk fat duringstorage. a55108, USA.Treatment with ethyl methanesulphonate at 25 degrees

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Changes in gonadotrophin concentrations are not necessarily involved in ovarian compensation after unilateral ovariectomy in sheep

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Changes in gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and LH in Japanese quail during the first few days of photostimulation

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Changes in grain yield and quality of winter wheat cultivar Mv. 8 with fertilizer application

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Changes in gross chemical composition with emphasis on lipid and protein fractions during germination of fenugreek seeds

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Changes in group coordination of rural communities: issues for the urbanization of rural societies

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Changes in growth and productivity of barley plants exposed to ultraviolet radiation during different periods of ontogeny

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Changes in gut dimensions and capacity of Peromyscus maniculatus relative to diet quality and energy needs

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Changes in haematological indices, the concentrations of total protein and glucose, and the activities of alkaline phosphatase, aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase in kids in the first six months of life

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Changes in hardness and protein degradation during Camembert cheese ripening

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Changes in health care strategies in Costa Rica

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Changes in hemicelluloses during after ripening of kiwifruit

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Changes in hemolymph proteins in relation to dormancy of Barbara colfaxiana Kft. and the influence of ecdysone and precocene on the protein composition

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Changes in hepatic enzymes of hamster infected with Entamoeba histolytica and treated with amoebicidal drugs

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Changes in hepatic function tests to induced toxicity in the bovine liver

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Changes in honey: a review

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Changes in honeybee workers after feeding on sublethal doses of dimethoate

Lensing, W., 1986:
Changes in honeybee workers after feeding them with sublethal doses of dimethoate

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Changes in human capital, technology, and institutions: implications for policy and research

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Changes in humic compounds due to the application of straw to soil

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Changes in hydraulic conductance of citrus trees following a reduction in wetted soil volume

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Changes in immunological reactivity in guinea-pigs with experimental trichinelliasis, following treatment combining predmisolone and mebendazole

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Changes in income sources in rural America

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Changes in indoleacetic acid oxidase activity in Trapezond tobacco during transition to flowering

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Changes in inorganic soil-nitrogen content during the vegetative growth period of maize

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Changes in insoluble polysaccharides in Meloidogyne infested roots of carrot cultivars

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Changes in interlayer spacing of smectites after interaction with EDTA

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Changes in intestinal nutrient transport during ontogeny of the rabbit

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Changes in intraluminal upper gastrointestinal temperature as a consequence of normal diet: phenomena unique to man

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Changes in invertase activity during the development of groundnut pods

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Changes in iron and manganese in a deeply gleyed pseudogley-Parabraunerde in the dome-shaped young moraine area near Travemunde

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Changes in iron content in piglets weaned at different ages

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Changes in isoenzyme patterns of a cloned culture of nonpathogenic Entamoeba histolytica during axenization

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Changes in jejunal myoelectrical activity during exercise in fed untrained dogs

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Changes in kinetics of variable fluorescence and delayed light emission as an indicator of thermostability of photosynthetic apparatus

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Changes in labour productivity and the mechanization coefficient of wheat production

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Changes in land tenure and land use since villagization and their impact on peasant agricultural production in Tanzania. The case of the Southern Highlands

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Changes in layout and the direction of production organization, on individual farms in the Lubin-Gogow Copper Basin over a 20 year period

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Changes in leaf characteristics of species along elevational gradients in the Wasatch Front, Utah

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Changes in leaf water potential and CAM in Sempervivum montanum and Sedum album in response to water availability in the field

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Changes in leisure practices and social change

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Changes in lens and erythrocyte glutathione reductase in response to exogenous flavin adenine dinucleotide and liver riboflavin content of rat on riboflavin deficient diet

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Changes in level of living in rural West Bengal

Bhattacharya, N.; Chattopadhyay, M.; Rudra, A., 1988:
Changes in level of living in rural West Bengal. Variations across socio-economic groups

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Changes in Levels of Intermediates of the C(4) Cycle and Reductive Pentose Phosphate Pathway under Various Concentrations of CO(2) in Maize Leaves

Usuda, H., 1987:
Changes in Levels of Intermediates of the C(4) Cycle and Reductive Pentose Phosphate Pathway under Various Light Intensities in Maize Leaves

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Changes in light intensity and soil temperature as a result of forest decline on Camels Hump, Vermont

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Changes in lipid class and fatty acid composition during maturation of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) variety Dura

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Changes in lipid contents and fatty acid compositions in ovine corpora lutea during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy

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Changes in lipid fatty acids associated with dormancy breaking in Amaranthus albus seeds

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Changes in lipid profile and blood insulin after a diet low in energy

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Changes in lipid reserves of grape seeds during radicle growth

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Changes in lipids and free fatty acid fractions in adult Haemonchus contortus during incubation in vitro

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Changes in lipids and lipolytic activity of bile in young cattle from birth to six months old

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Changes in lipids during seed development in okra

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Changes in lipids of cv. Jonagold apple peel at harvest

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Changes in lipophorin composition during the fourth to fifth instar molt of Manduca sexta

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Changes in lipoxygenase and hydroperoxide isomerase activities during the development and storage of French bean seed

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Changes in lipoxygenase components of rice seedlings during germination

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Changes in litter near an aluminum reduction plant

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Changes in litterfall along a gradient in altitude

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Changes in liver and kidneys of albino rats given chromium (VI) in drinking water

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Changes in liver iodothyronine 5'-deiodinase activity during pregnancy and lactation in the rat

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Changes in local cerebral glucose utilization associated with the spontaneous ovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone in the rat

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Changes in local mosquito fauna following beaver (Castor canadensis) activity

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Changes in longan and rambutan during postharvest storage

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Changes in luminescence spectra of wheat leaves induced by sulphate salinity of soil

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Changes in mRNA of Vigna mungo cotyledons during seed germination

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Changes in macronutrient selection as a function of dietary tryptophan

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Changes in maize peroxidase associated with variation in susceptibility to Bipolaris maydis race T

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Changes in major constituents and some trace elements of milk deliveries to the cheese factory in Rokiskis, Lithuania

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Changes in mallard hen and brood behaviors in response to methyl parathion induced illness of ducklings

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Changes in mass and chemical composition of grass roots during decomposition

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Changes in mastitis management practices associated with client education, and the effects of adoption of recommended mastitis control procedures on herd milk production

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Changes in maternal hormone concentrations associated with induction of fetal death at day 45 of gestation in mares

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Changes in maternal nutritional status in a chronically malnourished population in rural Bangladesh

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Changes in maturity indices of kiwifruits at 4 Chilean locations

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Changes in meadow plant communities under different ecological conditions

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Changes in meat colour of four muscles in growing Japanese Black steers

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Changes in membrane properties and abscisic acid during senescence of harvested bell pepper fruit

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Changes in metabolic pattern of rat mothers and their pups related to milk production and composition

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Changes in metabolism associated with increase in the intensity of infection of susceptible wheat plants by stem rust. Possible role of ethylene and abscissic acid

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Changes in microbial C, N, P and ATP contents, numbers and respiration on storage of soil

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Changes in microbial biomass C, ATP content, soil phospho-monoesterase and phospho-diesterase activity following air-drying of soils

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Changes in microbiological and lipid characteristics of cowpea flours and protein concentrates during storage

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Changes in microflora during production of Bamby semi-hard cheese

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Changes in milk concentrations with duration of lactation in relation to zinc requirements of breast fed infants

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Changes in milk fat lipids during lactation

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Changes in milk marketing and the significance of the milk co-purchase system. The case of Tono Federation of Dairy Farmers Cooperatives, and the Nagoya and Gifu consumer cooperatives

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Changes in milk yield and composition accompanying a return to winter housing: the effect of the change of environment

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Changes in milk yield and milk components of lactating cows during protein deficiency and subsequent realimentation

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Changes in mineral content of meadow herbage under the influence of slurry application

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Changes in mineral nutrients in pasture plants in different growth periods

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Changes in morphological stage of development, canopy structure, and root nonstructural carbohydrate reserves of alfalfa following control of potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) and weed populations

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Changes in Morphology of Trichostrongylus colubriformis Eggs and Juveniles Caused by Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

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Changes in morphology of soil bacteria dependent on rate of growth

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Changes in mouse Leydig cells exposed to infrared and helium-neon laser irradiation

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Changes in muscle ultrastructure in laboratory mice, cattle and swine during growth

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Changes in myocardial norepinephrine levels in response to stress, exercise and aging in control and T. cruzi-infected rats

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Changes in myrosinase activity and isoenzyme pattern, glucosinolate content and the cytology of myrosin cells in the leaves of three cultivars of English white cabbage

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Changes in needs and services in the pig farming sector

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Changes in nitrate content in wheat in relation to growth temperature conditions

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Changes in nitrate reductase activity in the course of grain formation in wheat grain

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Changes in nitrogen distribution of reconstituted milks on heat treatments

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Changes in nitrogen forms affected by fertilization in model experiment

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Changes in nitrogenous substances in rumen contents of camels

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Changes in nodulation property of Rhizobium japonicum during passage through host

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Changes in nomenclature and classification of some opiine Braconidae (Hymenoptera)

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Changes in non-polar lipid composition of developing oil palm fruit (Elaeis guineensis) mesocarp

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Changes in nonstructural carbohydrate reserves in stem bases and roots of Piptochaetium napostaense (Speg.) Hack and Stipa tenuis Phil

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Changes in nuclear genomic background bring about reorganization of mitochondrial DNA

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Changes in nucleic acid and protein synthesis during induction of cold hardiness

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Changes in nucleic acids and protein in subculture in clones derived from pollen callus of maize

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Changes in number and volume of blood platelets during canine babesiosis

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Changes in nutrient contents of lupins during growth

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Changes in nutrient distribution in forests and soils of Walker Branch watershed, Tennessee, over an eleven-year period

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Changes in nutrient values during the preparation of food

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Changes in nutrient-supplying capability of paddy soil and effects of fertilizers following no-tillage

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Changes in nutritive composition of greengram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.) during storage at household level

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Changes in oil quality during seed storage in different sunflower varieties

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Changes in organic acids in chilled tomato fruit (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill)

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Changes in osmotic potential, cell elasticity, and turgor relationships of 2nd-year black spruce container seedlings

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Changes in ovarian function associated with oxytocin injection to immature rats

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Changes in ovarian norepinephrine synthesis throughout the follicular and luteal phases

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Changes in oviductal VIP content induced by sex steroids and inhibitory effect of VIP on spontaneous oviductal contractility

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Changes in oxidation reduction potentials and volatile fatty acid production by rumen bacteria when methane synthesis is inhibited

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Changes in oxygen uptake of mitochondria from susceptible and resistant tomato roots infested by Meloidogyne incognita

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Changes in pH values of susceptible lucerne plants after inoculation with a strongly and weakly pathogenic isolate of Corynebacterium michiganense pv. insidiosum

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Changes in parenchyma cells of poplar xylem during transition from growing to wintering stages

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Changes in partitioning of current assimilate during tuber bulking in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cv. Maris Piper

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Changes in pasture plant fodder value at the vegetative stage as a result of soil type, cultivar, N fertilizer and weather conditions

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Changes in peel pigmentation during ripening of mango fruit (Mangifera indica var. Tommy Atkins)

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Changes in peripheral plasma oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone concentration in Jiangquhai pigs during sexual maturation

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Changes in peripheral progestagen levels in early pregnant gilts following injection of human chorionic gonadotrophin

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Changes in pesticides registered in the year 1987

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Changes in phenolic and sugar content in bell pepper infected with Phytophthora nicotianae var. nicotianae

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Changes in phenolic content and polyphenol oxidase activity in developing peach (Prunus persica Batsch) fruits

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Changes in phosphatase activity as a result of fertilizer and herbicide application

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Changes in phospholipid composition of cotton seeds during germination

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Changes in phosphorus in serum and urine of pregnant women given milk supplements

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Changes in photosynthetic activity during ontogeny of tomato leaves

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Changes in Photosynthetic Capacity and Photosynthetic Protein Pattern during Tomato Fruit Ripening

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Changes in photosynthetic composition in higher plants as affected by iron nutrition status

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Changes in photosynthetic systems as related to symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soyabean (Glycine max L. Merr.) under environmental stress

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Changes in photosystem activity and structure of chloroplasts in barley seedlings grown with norflurazon in dim light

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Changes in physical and physicomechanical properties of grey forest soil under load

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Changes in physical development and health status of schoolchildren

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Changes in physical development of preschool children in Gor'kii

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Changes in physical properties of two dry soils during tracked vehicle passage

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Changes in physico-chemical and mineralogical properties of a Vertisol on potassium application

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Changes in physico-chemical characteristics of soil and the yield of rice as influenced by organic matter

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Changes in physico-chemical properties of some clay minerals by reducing extraction reagents

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Changes in physiologic and clinicopathologic values in domestic ferrets from 12 to 47 weeks of age

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Changes in physiological and biochemical indices in 1+ old Ctenopharyngodon idella infected with helminths

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Changes in physiological properties of rabbit oviduct by ovarian steroids

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Changes in physiological values during one year in clinically healthy East Friesian ewes

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Changes in phytase activity and phytate during the germination of six canola cultivars

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Changes in phytohormone contents in wheat leaves during dehydration

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Changes in pigmentation in mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in response to color of environment

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Changes in pigments and total phenolics in Artemisia species grown at different altitudes in the Garhwal Himalaya

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Changes in plant community diversity and floristic composition on environmental and geographical gradients

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Changes in plant water relations of wheat and soybeans after relief of water stress

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Changes in plasma amino acid levels of chickens for predicting protein quality of differently processed feather meals

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Changes in plasma cortisol. Catecholamines and pain thresholds in sheep with a chronically painful clinical condition

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Changes in polyamine content during germination of sclerotia and development of apothecia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, the causal agent of rape canker

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Changes in polygalacturonase isoenzymes and converter in tomatoes during ripening

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Changes in polyphenoloxidase and other endogenous factors during ripening in some banana varieties

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Changes in polyuronides in kiwifruit during ripening

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Changes in populations of Puccinia striiformis

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Changes in prices and economic regulators in 1987 promoting the fulfilment of the seventh Five-Year Plan for livestock rearing

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Changes in production and quality with plant elongation and maturity of American jointvetch

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Changes in productivity and culling rate according to pregnancy feed intake and litter parity

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Changes in prolactin, progesterone and 17- beta oestradiol in peripheral blood of Hu sheep during puberty, pregnancy and lactation

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Changes in proline during larval and pupal development in Trabala vishnu (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae)

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Changes in prostaglandin E excretion induced with linoleates and dihomo- gamma -linolenic acid

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Changes in protein and carbohydrate content during development of seeds and siliquas of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

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Changes in protein and isoenzyme patterns in Nicotiana plumbaginifolia and N. tabacum cells after crown-gall transformation

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Changes in protein and mRNA populations during the senescence of carnation petals

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Changes in protein composition of ribosomes from etiolated sprouts of potato tubers as affected by synthetic growth inhibitors

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Changes in protein patterns and in vivo protein synthesis during presenescence and senescence of hibiscus petals

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Changes in Protein Synthesis in Rapeseed (Brassica napus) Seedlings during a Low Temperature Treatment

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Changes in protein, free aminoacids, nucleic acids, total lipids and free fatty acids in larvae of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) due to Farinocystis tribolii Weiser infection

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Changes in protein-fat interaction during aging of ice cream mix

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Changes in proteose-peptone, peptides and amino acids in goat milk Cheddar cheese during ripening

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Changes in quality during storage of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata L.). Part 1. External quality characteristics

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Changes in raw milk quality induced by feeding - study of effects of energy-deficient feeding of lactating cows on properties and composition of raw milk

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Changes in recombination among hybrids of bread wheat due to mutagenic effects in the maternal component

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Changes in recreational use of forests in the Voronezh region

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Changes in redox potential in relation to easily utilizable carbon

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Changes in regionally recommended sorghum for 1988

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Changes in relief and properties of soil in valleys under the influence of antierosion measures

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Changes in renal functions during beta -blocker carazolol administration in acute heat-stressed pigs

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Changes in respiration rate and some physicochemical properties of a tropical soil during transit through Pontoscolex corethrurus (Glossoscolecidae, Oligochaeta)

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Changes in respiration rate of several fruits during and after vibration

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Changes in respiratory metabolism of water-stressed wheat seedlings

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Changes in ribonuclease activity during development of the mosquito, Aedes aegypti

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Changes in ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase and its translatable small subunit mRNA levels during senescence of mustard (Sinapis alba) cotyledons

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Changes in rice pest status with cultivation system in Japan

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Changes in rumen ciliates and in rumen fluid caused by excessive brewer's grain feeding and restoration of them

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Changes in rumen digesta of cows during a restricted feeding period when offered fresh red clover, lucerne, or lucerne hay

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Changes in ruminal concentrations of microbial ammonia and amino acids due to monensin and time

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Changes in rural structure between the 1962 and 1982 censuses

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Changes in salinity in soils from the middle course of Euphrates River by leaching in columns with disturbed structure

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Changes in saponin content accompanying germination

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Changes in saturation of the soil sorption complex with cations after applying various doses of nitrogen and potassium for four years

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Changes in secretory activities of hormone from the prothoracic glands of developing fall-webworms (Hyphantria cunea Drury)

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Changes in selected biochemical components, in vitro protein digestibility and amino acids in two bean cultivars during germination

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Changes in serum complement and rosette forming cells in Indian water buffalo naturally infected with Setaria cervi

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Changes in serum concentrations of inhibin in cyclic pigs

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Changes in serum enzymes of Saprolegnia-infected brown trout, Salmo trutta L

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Changes in serum lipid values, lipolytic activity of postheparin plasma and adipose tissue in obese subjects after short-term reduction of body weight

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Changes in serum lipoproteins in humans following the infusion of a fat emulsion containing medium- and long-chain triglycerides

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Changes in serum prolactin levels during the follicular phase and the endogenous luteinizing hormone surge of cycles hyperstimulated with follicle stimulating hormone

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Changes in settlement structure in the GFR - reasons and trends

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Changes in several traits of oats caused by selection for vegetative growth rate

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Changes in skeletal structure in sable and mink kept in cages on fur farms

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Changes in skin area of cow in relation to age and milk yield

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Changes in small intestinal morphology and flora associated with decreased energy digestibility in calves with naturally occurring diarrhea

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Changes in small-farm rice threshing technology in Thailand and the Philippines

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Changes in soil acidity in two forest areas with different acid deposition: 1920s to 1980s

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Changes in soil aggregation associated with tallgrass prairie restoration

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Changes in soil agrochemical properties due to nitrogen fertilizer regime in a young sour cherry plantation

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Changes in soil carbon storage after cultivation

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Changes in soil fertility and crop productivity under long term fertilizer use in jowar-wheat sequence

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Changes in soil microflora in response to repeated applications of some pesticides

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Changes in soil moisture by infiltration and evapotranspiration

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Changes in soil moisture content in Scots pine stands of the mossy type under recreational pressure

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Changes in soil organic matter composition of a mountain ranker upon addition of larch or beech litter

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Changes in soil pH over a 50-year period under different forest canopies in SW Sweden

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Changes in soil phosphorus fractions in brown earths at high altitudes in the Sumara Mountains

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Changes in soil physical and mechanical properties due to transformation from dry farming (olives) to irrigation (annual crops)

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Changes in soil porosity in remolded soils treated with poultry manure

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Changes in soil potassium and its uptake with maize-wheat rotation under different levels of fertilization

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Changes in soil properties during scald reclamation by waterponding

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Changes in soil properties, floristic composition and water erosion following mediterranean forest fires in Valencia (Spain)

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Changes in soil structure in deep-ploughed forest soil in the first five years

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Changes in soil water in the 1983 growing season and the growth of spring barley and sugarbeet as evaluated using the moisture requirement biological curves

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Changes in soluble nutrients of prairie riparian vegetation during decomposition on a floodplain

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Changes in some carbohydrates in developing mango fruits cvs. Langra and Mallika

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Changes in some clinical chemical and haematological parameters in two helminth free raised ponies submitted to two different helminth burdens

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Changes in some enzyme activities during excised rice leaf senescence under NaCl-stress

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Changes in some growth processes induced by NaCl in individual leaves of two barley cultivars

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Changes in some microbiological properties of Ras cheese during ripening as affected by gamma irradiation

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Changes in some mineral values in the serum of calves during experimental infection and superinfection with Fasciola hepatica

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Changes in some nutritionally important components of silages

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Changes in some photosynthetic characteristics in soyabeans treated with Treflan

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Changes in some physical and chemical characteristics of peat following reseeding and grazing

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Changes in some physical and chemical properties of fibrous solids from cow manure and digested cow manure during composting

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Changes in some physical properties of some calcareous soils in the north part of Iraq as affected by decalcification

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Changes in some physicochemical properties of an acid red loam soil as affected by long term use of fertilisers & amendments

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Changes in sources of treatment occurring after inception of a community-based malaria control programme in Saradidi, Kenya

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Changes in soybean nodule number and dry weight in response to drought

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Changes in soybean seed quality from high temperature during seed fill and maturation

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Changes in spatial patterns of pasture plants during early establishment of simulated swards

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Changes in species composition and productivity of a permanent meadow due to number of cuts

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Changes in spinach thylakoid activity due to nitrite ions

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Changes in spring wheat tillering patterns in response to delayed irrigation

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Changes in stability of the fat globule membrane on heating of non-homogenized cream

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Changes in stem quality on young thinned hardwoods

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Changes in structure of pit and antipit in soybean seeds and seedling development

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Changes in subpopulations of lymphocytes in peripheral blood and supramammary and prescapular lymph nodes of cows with mastitis and normal cows

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Changes in sugar cane metabolism associated with variation in manganese supply

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Changes in sugar components during the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria for yoghurt manufacture

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Changes in sulphate concentration in an atmospheric-polluted brown earth following a waterlogging-drying cycle

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Changes in surface antigens of Hymenolepis nana during differentiation and maturation in mice

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Changes in survival and receptivity to infection induced in Biomphalaria glabrata by inoculation with haemolymph sensitized or unsensitized by Schistosoma mansoni

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Changes in tail head elevation and sizes of udders, teats and vulvas of dairy cows before parturition

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Changes in tannin content, polymerisation and protein precipitation capacity in oak (Quercus incana) leaves with maturity

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Changes in telomere length associated with antigenic variation in Trypanosoma brucei

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Changes in testes and epididymides of pigs. III. Hypoplasia of testes and epididymides

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Changes in testes and epididymides of pigs. IV. Seminoma, leydigocytoma and hyperplasia of Leydig cells

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Changes in testicular inhibin after a single episode of heating of rat testes

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Changes in the 14C-labelled cell wall components with chase time after incorporation of UDPglucose by intact cotton fibres

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Changes in the L(+)- and D(-)-lactate content of some cultured milk products during storage

Hegedus, O., 1986:
Changes in the S-methylmethionine content of tomatoes and capsicums during fruit development

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Changes in the acid base equilibrium values of cattle in relation to the interval between blood specimen collection and examination under field conditions

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Changes in the acidity and lactic acid content of 'Nono', a Nigerian cultured milk product

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Changes in the acidity of raw milk in cows with acute mastitis

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Changes in the active acidity of leaf tissues of proso millet and cucumber plants following a decrease in temperature

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Changes in the activities of hydrolases in the liver of hamster infected with Entamoeba histolytica and treated with antiamoebic drugs

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Changes in the activity of NAD-dependent malate dehydrogenase in subcellullar fractions of chicken livers in Eimeria tenella experimental infection

akomy, M., 1986:
Changes in the activity of acetylcholinesterase (E.C. in the ovarian nerves of swine at different periods of lactation

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Changes in the activity of enzymes of nitrogen metabolism during grain development in different maize genotypes

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Changes in the activity of glucose-6-phosphatase in pig placenta at several stages of pregnancy and in different genotypes of sow

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Changes in the activity of oxidoreductases in large intestine tissues in postnatal ontogenesis

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Changes in the agrochemical properties of red earth soil under tea treated over a long period with different forms of potassium fertilizers

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Changes in the amino acid composition of proteins in feeds during storage

Berngard, K.E., 1986:
Changes in the amino acid composition of small fish during the preparation of protein concentrate

Chatamra, K.R.; Daniel, P.M., 1987:
Changes in the amount of glycogen in the livers of fasted rats

Chuchvaga, V.I., 1986:
Changes in the anatomical structure of the stem in flax in relation to resistance to Fusarium wilt

Quick, W.P.; Mills, J.D., 1987:
Changes in the apparent Km for ADP by CF0-CF1 under different conditions of light intensity and uncoupler concentration

Bottcher, H., 1986:
Changes in the appearance and nutritional value of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L. var. foliosum Hegi) during storage

Oteng Gyang K.; Mbachu J.I., 1987:
Changes in the ascorbic acid content of some tropical leafy vegetables during traditional cooking and local processing

Spindler, F., 1985:
Changes in the ass population of France

Kulp, H.G.; Cordes, H., 1986:
Changes in the association of weed communities on sandy soil

Lode A., 1986:
Changes in the bacterial community after application of oily sludge to soil

Tongova, E., 1986:
Changes in the basic economic indices with the intensive development of flower production in greenhouses

Tanaka, T.; Yoshimoto, A., 1987:
Changes in the behavior patterns of laying hens with increasing pecking activity

Fiala, K., 1988:
Changes in the biomass of living and dead roots of grasslands due to anthropogenic factors

Broucek, J.; Kovalcik, K.; Gajdosik, D.; Brestensky, V., 1987:
Changes in the blood chemistry of dairy cows caused by extremely low temperatures

Arpaia M.L.; Labavitch J.M.; Greve C.; Kader A.A., 1987:
Changes in the cell wall components of kiwifruit during storage in air or controlled atmosphere

Singh, M.; Singh, A.P.; Singh, J.; Peshin, P.K., 1986:
Changes in the cerebrospinal fluid of calves in relation to plasma following ureamia

Brhlovic, G., 1985:
Changes in the character of the work of cooperative farming

Popov, G.I.; Pugach, N.G.; Trusov, N.V.; Kurova, G.S., 1984:
Changes in the characters of a pleiotropic complex of dwarf rye in hybrid plants

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Changes in the chemical and horticultural properties during composting of slurry produced by methanogenic fermentation of dairy cow manure

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Changes in the chemical and physical properties of clayey parent material due to gley formation in the non-chernozem zone

Shcherbina, M.A.; Kiselev, A.Y., 1985:
Changes in the chemical composition and loss of nutrients in feeds in water

Owuor, P.O.; Obanda, M.A.; Othieno, C.O.; Horita, H.; Tsushida, T.; Murai, T., 1987:
Changes in the chemical composition and quality of black tea due to plucking standards

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Changes in the chemical composition of Scots pine wood in a low frequency ultrasonic field

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Changes in the chemical composition of coconut water during maturation

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Changes in the chemical composition of cows' milk during summer and winter feeding

Volodin, V.I.; Timofeev, A.N., 1986:
Changes in the chemical composition of pea seeds following selection and mutagenesis

Chanukvadze, F.Sh, 1988:
Changes in the chemical composition of tung fruits and their uptake of the main nutrients from the soil

Havlickova, H., 1986:
Changes in the chemical composition of wheat after attack by Rhopalosiphum padi L

Lasztity, B., 1986:
Changes in the chemical composition of winter rye and triticale during the growing season

Dillon, P.J.; Reid, R.A.; Girard, R., 1986:
Changes in the chemistry of lakes near Sudbury, Ontario following reductions of SO2 emissions

Koval' , E.Z.; Kharkevich, E.S.; Zakordonets, L.A., 1987:
Changes in the chitin content in mycelium of hyphomycetes promising for bioconversion of plant substrates

Kessler, A.R.; Kessler, B.; Yehuda, S., 1985:
Changes in the cholesterol level, cholesterol-to-phospholipid mole ratio, and membrane lipid microviscosity in rat brain induced by age and a plant oil mixture

Gonnet, M.; Aubert, S.; Ferry, P., 1986:
Changes in the colour of honey during crystallization

Gur' ev, V.B., 1986:
Changes in the combining ability of inbred maize lines under different ecological conditions

Casoli, C.; Duranti, E.; Morbidini, L.; Panella, F., 1987:
Changes in the composition of colostrum of Massa ewes during the first hours after parturition

Treglazova, N.V., 1988:
Changes in the composition of persimmon fruits during storage

Manninger, S., 1988:
Changes in the composition of the Hungarian wheat rust population in 1955-85

Neuenschwander, P.; Hammond, W.N.O.; Hennessey, R.D., 1987:
Changes in the composition of the fauna associated with the cassava mealybug, Phenacoccus manihoti, following the introduction of the parasitoid Epidinocarsis lopezi

Vukadinovic, V.; Teklic, T.; Bilandzic, M.; Muminovic, O., 1987:
Changes in the concentration of chloroplast pigments, N, P, K, Ca and Mg in five wheat cultivars between stem elongation and heading

Lichner, S., 1987:
Changes in the concentration of elements in dry matter under intensive grassland management

Morishita, T.; Shirasuna, N.; Segawa, M.; Ohta, Y., 1986:
Changes in the concentration of organic acids and mineral ions in saps of cucumber and tomato plants under excess supply of sodium chloride

West, H.J.; Bates, A.; Hynes, G.E., 1987:
Changes in the concentrations of bile acids in the plasma of sheep with liver damage

Falconer, J.; Sawyer, B.; Boulton, T.J.C.; Robinson, J.S., 1986:
Changes in the concentrations of insulin and prolactin in human milk in the first 50 days of lactation

Lasztity, B., 1987:
Changes in the concentrations of some heavy metals during the growing period of winter wheat

Andrade, Z.; Lopes, E.R.; Prata, S.P., 1987:
Changes in the conduction system of the heart in Chagas' patients suffering sudden death

Pychenkova, P.A., 1987:
Changes in the content and characteristics of polysaccharides in Solidago virgaurea

Fedorov, P.S.; Kyzalakova, T.O., 1986:
Changes in the content and composition of fatty acids in germinating grains of the hybrid Chuiskii 466 and its parental lines

McFadden, L.D.; Hendricks, D.M., 1985:
Changes in the content and composition of pedogenic iron oxyhydroxides in a chronosequence of soils in southern California

Hudcova, M.; Prochazkova, B., 1987:
Changes in the content and quality of soil humus as depending on organic manuring

Gruszczynski, P.; Kasperek, M., 1987:
Changes in the content of N-nitroso compounds in raw sausages during manufacture and storage

Diaz Marquina, A.; Villanueva Suarez, M.J., 1987:
Changes in the content of available carbohydrates during cooking in some popular dishes

Chanishvili, S.S.; Georgobiani, E.L.; Kikvidze, M.V.; Datukishvili, N.M.; Dolidze, M.D.; Purtseladze, T.D., 1986:
Changes in the content of forms of phosphoric and nitrogenous compounds in plants of grape varieties differing in resistance

Zimovtseva, I.A.; Levin, E.D., 1987:
Changes in the content of individual prostaglandins in the buds of Siberian larch in the course of an annual cycle

Chodova, D.; Mikulka, J., 1986:
Changes in the content of insulin in belowground parts of creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop.) and corn sowthistle (Sonchus arvensis L.)

Bajci, P., 1987:
Changes in the content of molasses-forming substances in sugarbeet with foliar fertilizer application

Khotyleva, L.V.; Razumovich, A.N.; Tarutina, L.A.; Rusinova, O.V.; Kapusta, I.B., 1986:
Changes in the content of nicotinamide coenzymes in inbred maize lines with different combining abilities

Rotkiewicz, D.; Kozowska, H.; Zadernowski, R.; Budzynski, W.; Horodyski, A., 1987:
Changes in the content of phenolic compounds and phytins during growth and ripening of rapeseed

Kur' yata, V.G.; Remenyuk, G.L.; Sogur, L.N., 1988:
Changes in the content of plastid pigments and nutrient elements in leaves of berry crops as affected by chlorcholine chloride

Fiala, K., 1987:
Changes in the content of reserves in the roots of swards

Chodova, D.; Sykora, J., 1985:
Changes in the content of storage materials in underground parts of quackgrass treated with Fusilade W 25 EC herbicide

Imamaliev, A.I.; Popova, P.Y.; Lavygina, I.E., 1986:
Changes in the content of structural polysaccharides in the cell walls of cotton fibres and the formation of their physical and mechanical properties

Leznicka, B.; Muszynska, J.; Banucha, K.; Stachera, Z., 1984:
Changes in the content of water, organic and inorganic substances in the wintering worker honey-bees Apis mellifica caucasica Gorb

Serra, J.A.; Perello, L.; Maquieira, A., 1981:
Changes in the contents of Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni and Pb in Moscatel grapes in areas at different distances from sources of contamination

Honsigova, E., 1987:
Changes in the contents of proteins and casein in quarter milk samples in the course of lactation

Ivanic, J.; Pacuta, V., 1988:
Changes in the contents of selected nitrogen fractions in the soil during the growing season of winter wheat

Rashal' , I.D., 1984:
Changes in the correlations between quantitative plant characteristics under the influence of ionizing radiation

Alauddin, M.; Mujeri, M.K., 1986:
Changes in the crop sector of Bangladesh: a review of the performance and implications for policies

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Changes in the degradability of nitrogen of green forage during the first growth cycle

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Changes in the densities of microarthropods and bacteria in a semiarid zone soil containing organic residues of Eragrostis curvula (Schrad.) Nees

Nugent, G.; Parkes, J.P.; Tustin, K.G., 1987:
Changes in the density and distribution of red deer and wapiti in northern Fiordland

Chen, K.R.; Wen, F.D.; Hu, Q.Y., 1987:
Changes in the distribution of polyphenoloxidase activiy and content of phenolic compounds during after-ripening of banana

Bottcher, H., 1986:
Changes in the dry matter and saccharides of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.) during storage

Chien, CI.; Chow, YS., 1985:
Changes in the ductus ejaculatorius simplex and testes of adult males of Spodoptera litura (F.) with age and mated status

Nemessanyi, Z.; Fiegler, M.; Ruzsa, C.; Mozsik, G., 1986:
Changes in the dynamics of gastric emptying in response to wheat bran following gastric resection

Ara, R., 1986:
Changes in the economic life of villages in Lucknow district

Barlow, C., 1986:
Changes in the economic position of workers on rubber estates and smallholdings in Peninsular Malaysia, 1910-85

Toth, I., 1985:
Changes in the economic structure of Hajdu-Bihar county and development of agriculture

Arutyunyan, E.A.; Pogosyan, K.S.; Vartanyan, G.V., 1985:
Changes in the electrical conductivity of plant cells in grape varieties differing in frost resistance

Samygin, G.A., 1986:
Changes in the electrical conductivity of tissues in the course of freezing-thawing

Rubtsova, M.S., 1984:
Changes in the electrical properties of maize grains, of the flint type and with the opaque-2 gene, following treatment with salts, mannitol and nucleases

Luthra, R.A.; Gupta, R.C.; Khar, S.K.; Baru, P., 1987:
Changes in the electrolyte composition of caprine foetal fluids during different stages of gestation

Schaefer, H., 1987:
Changes in the electrophoretic profiles of proteins of two apple cultivars in two different harvest years

Joshi, S., 1986:
Changes in the enzyme activities during the onset of leaf senescence in Cajanus cajan (L.)

Scorza, J.V., 1985:
Changes in the epidemiology of dermal leishmaniasis in Venezuela

Heaton F.W.; Tongyai S.; Motta C.; Rayssiguier Y.; Gueux E., 1987:
Changes in the erythrocyte membrane during magnesium deficiency

Nekratova, N.A.; Gur' yanova, I.O.; Krasnov, E.A.; Mikhailova, S.I.; Gorzhevskaya, L.A., 1988:
Changes in the essential oil and iridoid contents of Paeonia anomala L

Danek, P., 1986:
Changes in the faecal microflora of piglets during the administration of Streptococcus faecium M-74 (Lactiferm) in a feed mixture

Maecka, M., 1983:
Changes in the fat fraction of dried milk in relation to storage conditions

Rodionov, V.S.; Zakharova, L.S., 1987:
Changes in the fatty acid composition of the lipids in leaves of beet in relation to the capacity of species for root crop formation

McNeilly, J.R.; Fordyce, M.; Land, R.B.; Martin, G.B.; Springbett, A.J.; Webb, R., 1988:
Changes in the feedback control of gonadotrophin secretion in ewes from lines selected for testis size in the ram lamb

Mataix, J.J.; Revilla, E.; Carpena, O., 1983:
Changes in the flavonoid content of vine leaves (cv. Airen) during fruiting

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Changes in the flora and vegetation in the Havel region west of Werder (Potsdam district) with particular attention to the period from 1965 to 1985

Ito, M.; Iyama, Y.; Ueki, K., 1987:
Changes in the floristic composition of orchard ground cover in relation to light conditions

Mijatovic, K.; Lozanovski, R., .:
Changes in the floristic composition of weed associations in small grains and maize crops as a consequence of long-term application of herbicides and other measures

Dakov, M.; Rafailov, G.; Bozhinov, K., 1987:
Changes in the forest resources of Bulgaria

Kuhn, N.; Amiet, R.; Hufschmid, N., 1987:
Changes in the forest vegetation of Switzerland in consequence of nutrient accumulation from the atmosphere

Petr, J.; Hradecka, D., 1986:
Changes in the formation and distrubution of dry matter in winter barley

Akent' yeva, L.I.; Chizhova, M.S., 1986:
Changes in the formation of humus in chernozems caused by long-term subtillage

Luk' yanenko, L.M.; Gur' ev, B.P., 1986:
Changes in the fractional and amino acid composition of grain protein in maize with a high lysine level in the course of backcrossing

Suzdal' tseva, V.A.; Kozhin, A.V., 1985:
Changes in the fractional composition of proteins in the shoots of apple due to the effects of 60Co gamma-rays

Kolar, L., 1987:
Changes in the fractions of organic and mineral phosphorus in acidic brown soils after intensive organic manuring

Fomichenko, K.V.; Sherstyuk, G.V., 1987:
Changes in the functional state of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex system during starvation

Nurybekova, R.A., 1988:
Changes in the gas exchange of calves brought about by different husbandry systems

Kozyarenko, T.A.; Shalygina, A.M.; Surovtseva, V.V., 1984:
Changes in the gaseous phase of the bacterial starter 'Darnitskaya'

Banks, J.; Fedoroff, N., 1988:
Changes in the genetic activity of Spm are associated with changes in the methylation pattern of a GC-rich region at the element's 5' end

Baulov, M.; Karcheva, V., 1987:
Changes in the genetic structure of sheep in crossbreeding with Awassi rams

Bauer, J.; Heinritzi, K.; Gareis, M.; Gedek, B., 1987:
Changes in the genital system of female pigs after feeding amounts of zearalenone occurring in feed samples

Zenisceva, L., 1987:
Changes in the genotype of spring barley and its reaction to environmental conditions

Cooke, R.J.; Kimber, D.S.; Morgan, A.G., 1987:
Changes in the glucosinolate content of oilseed rape varieties

Mustafaev, I.D.; Gasanov, M.S., 1986:
Changes in the grain quality of winter wheat in mountainous regions in relation to meteorological conditions

Aapala K.; Kokko A., 1988:
Changes in the ground vegetation of drained mires

Varivoda, O.P., 1985:
Changes in the growth period of melon in different crosses

Guo, J.F., 1986:
Changes in the growth periods of three lines of hybrid rice from stored and newly harvested grains

Kuznetsov, S.G.; Pavlov, V.I., 1986:
Changes in the haematological values in piglets during iron deficiency, and its correction, in the diet

Schatton, K., 1985:
Changes in the haemolymph protein spectrum of Apis mellifera as a result of parasitization by Varroa jacobsoni

Berzsenyi, Z., 1988:
Changes in the harvest index of maize (Zea mays L.) in relation to N fertilizer application, plant density and growing season. (Preliminary report)

Zezschwitz, E. von, 1986:
Changes in the heavy-metal concentrations in forest soils due to industrial emissions

Koch, W.; Maier Maercker, U., 1986:
Changes in the humidity response characteristics of Picea abies (L.) Karst. produced by fumigation with SO2

Huber Reinhard, M.; Kuhbauch, W.; Voigtlander, G., 1986:
Changes in the hydroxyproline content in tissue sections of crop plants differing in extension growth

Horvath Z., 1987:
Changes in the hygienic characteristics of raw milk in the light of qualification

Maule, AG.; Schreck, CB.; Kaattari, SL., 1987:
Changes in the immune system of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) during the parr-to-smolt transformation and after implantation of cortisol

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Changes in the in vitro digestibility, crude protein and dry matter of two lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) cultivars with advancing maturity

Parthasarathy, G., 1987:
Changes in the incidence of rural poverty and recent trends in some aspects of agrarian economy

Vlashchenko, S.V., 1986:
Changes in the insect fauna of young Scots pine stands following the use of synthetic pyrethroids

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Changes in the intestinal microflora of Macaca fascicularis fed commercial pellet with aging

Saccia, M.; Rutigliano, V.; Rigillo, N.; Bosco, L.; Rizzo, G.; Fini, M., 1987:
Changes in the intestinal mucosa of rats after administration of wheat germ agglutinin and gliadin in vivo

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Changes in the intestinal transport activities of pre-ruminant lamb and adult sheep

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Changes in the iridoid content of Viburnum bark during storage

Kokosharov, T.; Todorova, T., 1987:
Changes in the iron content of blood, erythrocyte count and haemoglobin content in fowls with experimental, acute fowl typhoid

Ramalingam, P., 1986:
Changes in the key enzymes of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn

Spearow, J.L., 1986:
Changes in the kinetics of follicular growth in response to selection for large litter size in mice

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Changes in the labour sector in African countries: the impact on education (case study of Benin)

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Changes in the Level of [C]Indole-3-Acetic Acid and [C]Indoleacetylaspartic Acid during Root Formation in Mung Bean Cuttings

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Changes in the level of endogenous acetylcholine during deetiolation of Avena sativa seedlings

Slaby, K.; Sebanek, J., 1985:
Changes in the level of endogenous gibberellins in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) leaves during development

Saugy, M.; Pilet, P.E., 1987:
Changes in the level of free and ester indol-3yl-acetic Acid in growing maize roots

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Changes in the level of free endogenous cytokinins in sugarbeet during development

Bhattacharya, N.; Chattopadhyay, M.; Rudra, A., 1987:
Changes in the level of living in rural West Bengal

Mohammad Ahmad; Siddiqui, A.A.; Nizami, W.A., 1984:
Changes in the level of phosphatases of Ascaridia galli and Cotugnia digonopora following the in vitro action of mebendazole

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Changes in the level of resistance to DDT in malaria mosquitoes in the territory of the USSR

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Changes in the levels of amino acids during growth and senescence of peach cv. July Elberta

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Changes in the levels of major sulfur metabolites and free amino acids in pea cotyledons recovering from sulfur deficiency

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Changes in the levels of organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in human milk from Stockholm, 1972-1985

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Changes in the lignin fraction of spruce and pine needle litter during decomposition as studied by some chemical methods

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Changes in the lipid composition and activities of isocitrate dehydrogenase and isocitrate lyase during encystation of Acanthamoeba culbertsoni strain A-1

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Changes in the lipid fraction during ripening of Caciocavallo Palermitano cheeses

Rolev, V.S., 1987:
Changes in the maizes for regional cultivation in 1987

Guitard, D.; Moussli, M., 1986:
Changes in the mechanical properties of wood following impregnation with resins and/or thermocompression treatment

Rao K.S.; Catesson A M., 1987:
Changes in the membrane components of nondividing cambial cells

Bhosale, SH.; Kallapur, VL., 1985:
Changes in the metabolic fuel reserves of the V instar Bombyx mori following endosulfan treatment

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Changes in the metabolic profile of the equine gluteus medius as a function of sampling depth

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Changes in the metabolism of phosphorus and its derivatives during cereal grain formation

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Changes in the metabolism of photoassimilated 14C as a function of age and the physiological state of primary bean leaves

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Changes in the micromorphology and analytical properties of a Gray Luvisol (Cryoboralf) under a 49 year old forage stand

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Changes in the mineral composition of milk during cheese and lactose production

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Changes in the mineral concentration of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) with advance in maturity

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Changes in the mineralogy of a cultivated marsh soil caused by simulated weathering

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Changes in the modernization of suburban villages (based on the example of two villages in the voivodship of Chem)

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Changes in the molecular complexity of humus caused by organic acids

Revilla G.; Zarra I., 1987:
Changes in the molecular weight distribution of the hemicellulosic polysaccharides from rice coleoptiles growing under different conditions

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Changes in the monoamine oxidase of mouse brain infected with Acanthamoeba culbertsoni(Singh and Das, 1970)

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Changes in the morphological traits of maize plants under the influence of nucleus, cytoplasm and environment

Schauff, M., 1985:
Changes in the new Cheese Ordinance

Colakoglu, M.; Oetles, S., 1986:
Changes in the niacin content of kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) with different cooking processes

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Changes in the nitrate concentration of cocksfoot herbage

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Changes in the nitrogen content and lysine availability in sardine pastes: effect of time of frozen storage

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Changes in the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content of chokeberry shoots and fruits as affected by chlorcholine chloride

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Changes in the nitrogen-carbohydrate metabolism of grapevine under the influence of micronutrient fertilizer application at planting

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Changes in the nitrogenous components of gamma-irradiated and inoculated ensiled ryegrass

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Changes in the nuclei of the secretory cells of the mammary gland during the secretory cycle

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Changes in the nucleic acid content of some soyabean varieties upon introduction into the Donetsk Botanic Garden of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR

Makusova, Z., 1986:
Changes in the number of stomata in Dactylis glomerata L. leaves. 1. Using graduated mineral nutrition of the stand

Vorlicek, Z., 1988:
Changes in the nutritive value of red clover leaves during development

Albertini, D.F.; Overstrom, E.W.; Ebert, K.M., 1987:
Changes in the organization of the actin cytoskeleton during preimplantation development of the pig embryo

Foley, M.; Kusel, J.R.; Garland, P.B., 1988:
Changes in the organization of the surface membrane upon transformation of cercariae to schistosomula of the helminth parasite Schistosoma mansoni

Gerunova, L.K.; Rabinovich, M.I., 1987:
Changes in the organs of fowls poisoned with Ramrod (propachlor) herbicide

Iliescu, E.; Coroianu, A., 1985:
Changes in the oxidizing-reducing metabolism of peach leaves infected by Taphrina deformans

Kahan, D., 1987:
Changes in the pattern and performance of the moshav multipurpose co-operative

Dohy, J.; Kelemeri, G., 1986:
Changes in the performance of Hungarian Simmental cattle with regard to beef production

Rozycki, M.; Duniec, H., 1986:
Changes in the performance of pigs in Poland in the last 20 years

Buzinev, L.Yu et al., 1987:
Changes in the phase composition of contact-type antifouling coatings during biocide leaching

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Changes in the photosynthetic characteristics of various French bean varieties subjected to water stress

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Changes in the photosynthetic rate and the leaf resistance to CO2 diffusion in sunflower during vegetative growth

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Changes in the photosynthetic system of stump shoots produced after fire by two dominant woody species of the Mediterranean garrigues

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Changes in the physical properties of a Bordenave soil

Faragher, J.D.; Wachtel, E.; Mayak, S., 1987:
Changes in the Physical State of Membrane Lipids during Senescence of Rose Petals

Galdi M.; Valencia M.E.; Sambucetti M.E., 1987:
Changes in the physicochemical state of iron and nutritional deterioration in powdered infant formulas during storage

Sansavini, S., 1986:
Changes in the planting and training of pear trees

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Changes in the plasma lipid pattern in patients with neurodermatitis: effect of unsaturated fatty acids

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Changes in the populations of Meloidogyne incognita, Helicotylenchus spp., and free-living nematodes in sweet potato field during the early growing season

Mishev, P., 1986:
Changes in the prices of the means of production and in purchase prices and their influence on the cost of the product and the efficiency of production in industrial poultry-raising and pig breeding

Wohlrab, B., 1988:
Changes in the principal tasks of soil improvement and land development - new aims for water and soil associations

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Changes in the properties of a Fijian Oxisol following sugarcane cultivation

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Changes in the protein in dried milk during storage

Zukalova, H.; Vasak, J.; Fabry, A., 1985:
Changes in the quality characteristics of winter rape cultivars free from erucic acid and glucosinolates

Lichner, S., 1987:
Changes in the quality of lucerne dry matter with different frequency of cutting

Petrova I., 1985:
Changes in the quality of sunflower seeds during storage in the laboratory

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Changes in the quantitative traits of tetraploid rye due to the influence of the dominant gene for short straw

Clausnitzer, J.; Timofeev, J.V., 1987:
Changes in the reflectance properties of crop stands during the growing season

Zagreev, V.V., 1987:
Changes in the relations between current increment and mean increment, and their connection with growth types

Trejo, G.A.; Alatorre, V.B.E.; Estrada, R.R., 1988:
Changes in the reproductive organs of slaughtered sheep

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Changes in the resistance of detached coffee leaves by yeast extract filtrate and heat treatment

Yurkov, V.M., 1985:
Changes in the resistance of piglets to disease under the influence of different lighting regimes

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Changes in the response of Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) to a resistant variety of cowpea

Kerbceuf, D.; Hubert, J., 1987:
Changes in the response of Haemonchus contortus eggs to the ovicidal activity of thiabendazole during the course of infection

Buckingham, J.C.; Cover, P.O., 1986:
Changes in the responsiveness of perifused rat adenohypophysial cells to repeated stimulation with luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

Vasin, M.I., 1986:
Changes in the rheological properties of dough on addition of whey

Rozov, S.Y.; Krechetov, P.P., 1988:
Changes in the salinity of ordinary chernozems irrigated with mineralized waters

Atkinson, HJ.; Taylor, JD.; Fowler, M., 1987:
Changes in the second stage juveniles of Globodera rostochiensis prior to hatching in response to potato root diffusate

Wallace, J.M.; Martin, G.B.; McNeilly, A.S., 1988:
Changes in the secretion of LH pulses, FSH and prolactin during the preovulatory phase of the oestrous cycle of the ewe and the influence of treatment with bovine follicular fluid during the luteal phase

Premlata Singh; Sinha, K.K., 1985:
Changes in the seed contents of arhar infected with Aspergillus parasiticus

Hilbig, W., 1987:
Changes in the segetal vegetation under conditions of industrialized agriculture

Zammit, V.A., 1988:
Changes in the sensitivity to glucagon of lipolysis in adipocytes from pregnant and lactating rats

Bottcher, H., 1987:
Changes in the sensory quality of cauliflowers (Brassica oleracea L. convar. botrytis) during storage

Szymeczko, R., 1987:
Changes in the serum concentrations of some protein metabolism indices in polecat-ferrets in the postnatal period

Lane, D.M.; McConathy, W.J., 1986:
Changes in the serum lipids and apolipoproteins in the first four weeks of life

Kotenko, L.V.; Shakhbazov, V.G., 1986:
Changes in the sex expression of cucumber hybrids and varieties following temperature effects on the seeds before sowing

Neumann, J., 1988:
Changes in the size structure of farms and some consequences for motorization and mechanization

Wroblewski, L., 1986:
Changes in the social structure of Scots pine stands following thinning operations

Defilippis, J., 1987:
Changes in the socioeconomic composition of rural households in Dalmatia

Alcarde, J.C.; Malavolta, E., 1981:
Changes in the solubility of partially acidulated rock phosphate during storage

Litvak, A.I.; Ponomareva, N.P., 1987:
Changes in the soluble sugars in different parts of the pistillate flowers of walnut in relation to pollination

Talis, V.K., 1987:
Changes in the sorghums for regional cultivation in 1987

Andrzejewski, H., 1987:
Changes in the species composition and structure of the herb layer of a thermophilous oak forest subject to clear cutting

Caldeira, H.D.Q. de M., 1986:
Changes in the spectrum of proteins in roots of Pisum sativum induced by exogenous cytokinins

Funakoshi, S., 1988:
Changes in the stand structure of a broadleaved forest - especially in species and diameter class composition

Kajimoto, G.; Wakino, M.; Yoshida, H.; Shibahara, A., 1984:
Changes in the sterol composition of vegetable oils with heating

Domzal H.; Slowinska Jurkiewicz A.; Palikot M., 1987:
Changes in the structure and physical properties of soil as a result of the application of various methods of soil cultivation

Bahr, J.; Fischbock, A., 1987:
Changes in the structure of farm sizes in Chile as a consequence of agrarian reform

Samuel, N., 1986:
Changes in the structure of social time in France: changes in lifestyles

Tsarik, I.V., 1987:
Changes in the structure of the Rumicetum alpini association under the influence of human intervention

Anan' ev, E.V.; Bochkanov, S.S.; Sonina, N.V.; Luk' yanyuk, S.F.; Ignatova, S.A.; Sechnyak, L.K., 1986:
Changes in the structure of the chloroplast genome in triticale regenerants obtained from microspores following anther culture

Rul' , R.R.; Kliman, M.A., 1986:
Changes in the structure of the soil cover on peat bogs in the Amur region caused by drainage

Grymaszewska, G.; Golinowski, W., 1987:
Changes in the structure of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) roots in varieties susceptible and resistant to infestation by Heterodera avenae Woll

Daito, H.; Sato, Y., 1985:
Changes in the sugar and organic acid components of satsuma fruits during maturation

Anahosur, K.H.; Naik, S.T., 1986:
Changes in the sugar and phenol contents of root and stalk of sorghum due to Macrophomina phaseolina infection

Tekwani, B.L.; Tripathi, L.M.; Rao, V.K.M., 1982:
Changes in the sugar composition of brain of mice infected with Acanthamoeba culbertsoni (Culbertson strain A-1)

Nigam, V.N.; Sharma, S.D., 1987:
Changes in the sugar content in developing apricot fruits cv. Newcastle (Prunus armeniaca L.)

Subrtova, D.; Borek, V.; Hubacek, J., 1987:
Changes in the sugar content of apples during storage

Pangelova Shch"rkova, I.; Vitanova, I., 1987:
Changes in the sugar, sorbitol, nitrogen and ash content of plum fruits

Vaillancourt, J.P.; Higgins, R.; Martineau, G.P.; Mittal, K.R.; Larivière, S., 1988:
Changes in the susceptibility of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae to antimicrobial agents in Quebec (1981-1986)

Feuchtwang, S., 1987:
Changes in the system of basic social security in the countryside since 1979

Samutina, M.L., 1986:
Changes in the systematics of the genus Sambucus L. (Caprifoliaceae) and some aspects of the phylogeny of the genus

Oldham, E.R.; Lange, A.L.; Eberhart, R.J., 1987:
Changes in the teat canal during the dry period and early lactation as measured by teat canal impressions

Simonova, B., 1984:
Changes in the technological value of spring barley cultivars caused by nitrogen fertilizer application and sowing rate

Geri, G.; Poli, B.M.; Giorgetti, A.; Franci, O.; Zappa, A., 1987:
Changes in the total lipid content and intramuscular cholesterol in pigs during growth and finishing

Kumar, S.; Sharma, T.R.; Goswami, A.K., 1986:
Changes in the total phenolic content and in the activities of some oxido-reductive and hydrolytic enzymes in relation to development and ripening of apple

D.M.ine M.J.; Bain H.; Joyce J.A.L., 1988:
Changes in the total tuber glycoalkaloid content of potato cultivars on exposure to light

Bottcher, H., 1987:
Changes in the total vitamin C and total acid contents of cauliflowers (Brassica oleracea L. convar. botrytis L.) during storage

Fong, D.; Chang, K.P., 1986:
Changes in the tubulin messenger RNAs during differentiation of a parasitic protozoan Leishmania mexicana

Liu, Y.Q.; Ouyang, X., 1987:
Changes in the varietal resistance of wheat to leaf rust

Hofmann, G., 1987:
Changes in the vegetation of Scots pine stands caused by fertilizer application

Lange, E., 1986:
Changes in the vegetation of the Fenn in Wittenmoor nature reserve, German Democratic Republic, and the surrounding area

Chel' tsova, L.P., 1986:
Changes in the vernalization rate of wheat seeds in response to chemical treatments

Ross, J.; Sanders, MF., 1987:
Changes in the virulence of myxoma virus strains in Britain

Addo, C.A.gustin, J., 1988:
Changes in the vitamin B-6 content in potatoes during storage

Leznicka, B.; Muszynska, J.; Kwiecinska, M.; Szczuka, A., 1984:
Changes in the water and organic and inorganic substances contents in the worker honey-bee hybrids of Apis mellifica caucasica Gorb. from a cluster and a winter fall

Klyukanova, I.A.; Minaeva, E.N., 1985:
Changes in the water and suspended load cycle of rivers and irrigation systems in the Aral Sea Basin

Priehradny, S.; Paulech, C., 1987:
Changes in the water holding capacity of leaves of a resistant barley cultivar after infection by powdery mildew

Vass, E., 1986:
Changes in the water soluble salt content of various soil mixtures in response to nutrient solution treatments of Gerbera

Viteckova, J., 1986:
Changes in the way of time use in the population of Czechoslovakia. Some implications for the theory of leisure

Amor, R.L.; Kloot, P.M., 1987:
Changes in the weed flora in south-eastern Australia due to cropping and control practices

Hilbig, W., 1987:
Changes in the weed flora in the southern part of the German Democratic Republic

Ervio, L.R.; Salonen, J., 1987:
Changes in the weed population of spring cereals in Finland

DeCatanzaro, J.B.; Kimmins, J.P., 1985:
Changes in the weight and nutrient composition of litter fall in three forest ecosystem types on coastal British Columbia

Dzhurmanski, G.; Stancheva, G.; Tsvetkova, P., 1987:
Changes in the yield and glaucine content of yellow horned poppy (Glaucium flavum Grantz) during ontogeny

Erdos, L., 1985:
Changes in the yield pattern of wheat in Hungary in 1876-1977

Malinowska, A., 1986:
Changes in the zinc, copper and ceruloplasmin content of the biological fluids and tissues of sows and their fetuses during pregnancy

Fay, J.E.; Douglas, R.H., 1987:
Changes in thecal and granulosa cell LH and FSH receptor content associated with follicular fluid and peripheral plasma gonadotrophin and steroid hormone concentrations in preovulatory follicles of mares

Coombes, R.C.; Rothwell, N.J.; Shah, P.; Stock, M.J., 1987:
Changes in thermogenesis and brown fat activity in response to tumour necrosis factor in the rat

Titov, A.F.; Talanova, V.V.; Akimova, T.V., 1988:
Changes in thermostability of tomato seedlings hardened by combined short-term and long-term treatments

Reynders, S.; Monet, R., 1987:
Changes in time in the degree of inbreeding of peach varieties. Study of genetic distances between some parental forms

Pavlista, A.D.; Templeton, A.R., 1987:
Changes in tobacco dry weight caused by AC239,604, representing a new family of synthetic growth regulators

Andrade, N. de O.; Velloso, L., 1986:
Changes in total carotene contents during the preparation and storage of Bermuda grass hay cv. Coast Cross 1

Yazych' yan, A.S.; Karadzhyan, A.M.; Natishvili, N.N.; Aleksandryan, K.M., 1985:
Changes in total lipids and acidity in a feed mixture during prolonged storage

Saxena, A.K.; Sharma, A.K.; Nityagopal, A.; Bakhshi, A.K., 1987:
Changes in total phenolics and sugars in relation to P. recondita (brown rust) of some wheat varieties

Kondo, N., 1987:
Changes in transpiration rate caused by air pollutants and contents of plant growth substances

Zybura, B.; Zybura, H., 1986:
Changes in tree numbers with age of Scots pine stands as a possible basis for the selection of plus trees

Hurley, W.L.; Warner, G.J.; Grummer, R.R., 1987:
Changes in triglyceride fatty acid composition of mammary secretions during involution

Molnarova, M.; Arendarcik, J., 1987:
Changes in trypsin-inhibiting activity of blood plasma and cervical mucus of ewes after treatment of PGF2 alpha and PMSG during anoestrus

Galin, T.; Singer, A., 1988 :
Changes in tuff-lapilli from the Golan Heights resulting from their use as growth medium

Stratford, R.; Covey, S.N., 1988:
Changes in turnip leaf messenger RNA populations during systemic infection by severe and mild strains of cauliflower mosaic virus

Zuo, B.Y.; Li, S.Y.; Kuang, T.Y.; Duan, X.C., 1987:
Changes in ultrastructure and chlorophyll content of the chloroplast of leaves of different levels in maize

Andreeva, I.N.; Svaradzh, K.; Kozlova, G.I.; Raikhman, L.A., 1987:
Changes in ultrastructure and nitrogen-fixing activity of soyabean nodules under the influence of flooding

Werlen, D.; Robert, D.; Leclerq, M.; Guelpa, G.; Pfister, C.E., 1988:
Changes in urinary excretion of gamma -carboxyglutamic acid caused by vitamin K

Danilevskii, V.M.; Shalatonov, I.S.; Obukhov, A.M., 1986:
Changes in urinary thiamin and riboflavin in very young cattle

Yakimenko, N.S., 1986:
Changes in varietal recommendations for 1986

Miles, D.; Tekrony, D.; Egli, D., 1988:
Changes in viability, germination, and respiration of freshly harvested soybean seed during development

Vandewoude, M.G.; Van Gaal, L.; D.L.euw, I., 1987:
Changes in vitamin E status during obesity treatment

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