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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sage, R. D., 1985: Chemical vs. mechanical site preparation for east Florida flatwoods - a pilot scale trial

Darmody, R. G.; Thorn, C. E.; Rissing, J. M., 1987: Chemical weathering of fine debris from series of Holocene moraines: Storbreen, Jotunheimen, southern Norway

Molnar, M., 1986: Chemical weed control experiments in Gerbera

Kutuzov, G. P.; Shagarov, A. M., 1986: Chemical weed control in Galega orientalis

Aparbal Singh; Kambod Singh; Singh, D. V., 1986: Chemical weed control in German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

Povilaitis, Yu V.; Tila, G. K., 1986: Chemical weed control in beet

Samarjit Singh; Sharma, H. M.; Sharma, R. P. R., 1986: Chemical weed control in blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) in calcareous soil

Kozaczenko, H., 1988: Chemical weed control in buckwheat

Americanos P.G., 1987: Chemical weed control in cabbage and cauliflower

Singh, M.; Achireddy, N. R., 1985: Chemical weed control in citrus rootstock liners

Caro, P.; Huepp, G.; Ramos, R., 1985: Chemical weed control in coffee plantations less than two years old planted in mountain areas under shade

Caro, P.; Huepp, G.; Ramos, R., 1985: Chemical weed control in coffee plantations over two years old planted in mountain areas under shade

Rojas Garciduenas, M.; Galis, A., 1988: Chemical weed control in combined maize-bean crops

Rathi, S. S.; Malik, R. K.; Bhan, B. M.; Panwar, R. S., 1986: Chemical weed control in field peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Cunha, R. L. M. da; Soares, W. O.; Viegas, I. de J. M.; Viegas, R. M. F., 1985: Chemical weed control in immature rubber

Prica, D.; Coca, N., 1986: Chemical weed control in intensive apple orchards in the first year after planting

Mahalle, S. S.; Seth, J., 1986: Chemical weed control in jowar

Lebershtein, I. I.; Shokh, N. A., 1987: Chemical weed control in maize

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546019

Pank, F.; Eichholz, E.; Ennet, D.; Zygmunt, B., 1987: Chemical weed control in medicinal plant crops. Part 8. Balm (Melissa officinalis L.)

Pank, F.; Buhr, L.; Bohm, H., 1987: Chemical weed control in medicinal plant crops. Part 9. Poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)

Patel, C. L.; Patel, Z. G.; Patel, R. B.; Naik, A. G., 1986: Chemical weed control in onion bulb crop

Kerefov, K. N.; Shkhagumov, Kh K., 1985: Chemical weed control in onions

Pen' kov, L. A.; Boiko, A. S., 1986: Chemical weed control in onions

Babiker, A. G. T.; Khogali, M.; Osman, M. E. M.; Hamada, A. A., 1987: Chemical weed control in onions at the Gezira, New Halfa and Kassala Research Stations

Molnar, J., 1985: Chemical weed control in orchards and vineyards. I. Chemical weed control for pome- and stone-fruit species

Randhawa, K. S.; Sandhu, K. S.; Daljit Singh, 1984: Chemical weed control in peas

Singh, O. N.; Singh, R. S., 1985: Chemical weed control in pigeonpea

Bryusov, V. N.; Lykova, V. D.; Nenakhov, V. P., 1987: Chemical weed control in potato crops

Franek, M.; Radziszewski, J., 1987: Chemical weed control in pulse crops

Rapparini, G., 1986: Chemical weed control in rice fields based on past experience

Singh, S. B.; Kirti Singh; Singh, S. P., 1985: Chemical weed control in seed crop of okra

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546033

Magyar, J., 1985: Chemical weed control in sown onions

Marlow, H.; Albrecht, R., 1987: Chemical weed control in soyabeans

Rapparini, G., 1986: Chemical weed control in soyabeans in the light of current and future product availability

Lokras, V. G.; Singh, V. K.; Bisen, C. R.; Tiwari, J. P., 1985: Chemical weed control in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill.)

El Deeb, S. T.; Kadous, E. A.; Gallila, A. A.; Soliman, F. S., 1987: Chemical weed control in soybean: side-effects on yield, yield components and seed quality characters

Lemaitre, R.; Boxus, P., 1987: Chemical weed control in strawberry beds in Belgium

Costa, R. A. S.; Zonta, E. P., 1985: Chemical weed control in sugarbeet crops

Rapparini, G., 1986: Chemical weed control in sugarbeet in the light of current and future product availability

Gazdag Torma, M., 1988: Chemical weed control in sunflowers grown on sandy soil

Zafar, M. A., 1988: Chemical weed control in transplanted rice

Haesaert, G.; Baets, A. de; Himme, M. van; Bulcke, R.; Stryckers, J., 1987: Chemical weed control in triticale

Motooka, P. S., 1986: Chemical weed control in tropical pastures

Yadav, L. P.; Bose, T. K., 1987: Chemical weed control in tuberose and gladiolus

Pelletier, J., 1986: Chemical weed control in vegetable crops

Silva, J. F. da; Silva, N. G. da, 1984: Chemical weed control in vegetables

Kempczynska, D., 1986: Chemical weed control in winter rape - preliminary trials of the fat industry

Mowo, J. G., 1987: Chemical weed control on cotton in Tanzania

Khurana, S. C.; Kalloo ; Pandita, M. L., 1986: Chemical weed control studies in the nursery of cauliflower and tomato

Anonymous, 1985: Chemical weed control trial at planting before laying down black plastic mulch

Paspatis, E. A., 1987: Chemical, cultural and biological control of Oxalis pes-caprae in vineyards in Greece

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546055

Mahr, DL.; Dittl, TG., 1986: Chemical, natural, and cultural control of Hyadaphis tataricae (Homoptera: Aphididae) on honeysuckle

Hamilton, R. M. G.; Trenholm, H. L.; Thompson, B. K., 1988: Chemical, nutritive, deoxynivalenol and zearalenone content of corn relative to the site of inoculation with different isolates of Fusarium graminearum

Vitti, D. M. S. S.; Abdalla, A. L.; Lobao, A. de O.; Silva Filho, J. C. da, 1985: Chemical, physical and biological treatment of sugarcane bagasse

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546059

Fengel, D., 1987: Chemical-analytical studies on the wood of damaged trees

Fengel, D., 1988: Chemical-analytical studies on wood of diseased trees - solubility of cell wall components

Pionke, H. B.; Hoover, J. R.; Schnabel, R. R.; Gburek, W. J.; Urban, J. B.; Rogowski, A. S., 1988: Chemical-hydrologic interactions in the near-stream zone

Gulenko, A., 1987: Chemicalization and accelerated intensification

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546064

Rana, U. V. S.; Singh, U. V., 1987: Chemically induced immunoprophylaxis against rabies in dogs

Rana, U. V. S.; Singh, U. V., 1988: Chemically induced immunoprophylaxis against rabies in mice

Gavazzi, G.; Baratta, G.; Barbuzzi, F.; Biasini, M. G.; Arreghini, E.; Sala, F.; Todesco, G.; Vecchio, F., 1987: Chemically induced mutagenesis versus somaclonal variation in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Grauslund, J., 1987: Chemically induced side shoot formation on 1-year-old apple trees

Manuel, F. C., 1986: Chemically-induced flowering in gabi (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) with foliar sprays of GA3

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546071

Baciu, G.; Baciu, D.; Popescu, P.; Vilceanu, N.; Vilceanu, R., 1987: Chemicals and processes for fireproofing treatment of wood and wood-based materials. 1

Baciu, G.; Plugariu, I.; Baciu, D.; Georgescu, G.; Vilceanu, N.; Vilceanu, R.; Popescu, P.; Iosif, S.; Marin, I., 1987: Chemicals and processes for fireproofing treatment of wood and wood-based materials. 2

Brander, G. C., 1986: Chemicals for animal health control

Tairova, T. N., 1987: Chemicals for overcoming bad smells associated with pig farms

Leonard, W. F.; Bruce, S. J.; Russell, A. J.; Cook, M. R., 1985: Chemicals for pasture renovation and improvement of herbage quality

Grover, R. K., 1986: Chemicals for the control of plant diseases in India: an overview

Adams, R. P., 1983: Chemicals from arid/semiarid land plants: whole plant use of milkweeds

Ribbons, D. W., 1987: Chemicals from lignin

Banerjee, M. K.; Mangal, J. L., 1986: Chemicals in prolonging keeping quality of vegetables - a review

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546081

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546082

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546083

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546084

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546085

Bonomi, A.; Quarantelli, A.; Sabbioni, A.; Superchi, P.; Lucchelli, L.; Bonomi, A., 1985: Chemico-biological characteristics of meat of the edible snail reared in industrial conditions

Ilsoe, C.; Laustsen, A. M.; Jensen, G. K., 1987: Chemico-physical properties of dried skim milk made from beta -galactosidase-treated skim milk

Remeuf, F.; Lenoir, J., 1985: Chemico-physical properties of goats' milk and their influence on coagulation by rennet

Juarez, M.; Ramos, M., 1986: Chemico-physical properties of goats' milk compared with those of cows' milk

Kohl, R. A.; Kohl, K. D.; DeBoer, D. W., 1987: Chemigation drift and volatilization potential

Kohl, R. A.; Kohl, K. D.; DeBoer, D. W., 1985: Chemigation drift potential

Johnson, A. W.; Young, J. R.; Threadgill, E. D.; Dowler, C. C.; Sumner, D. R., 1986: Chemigation for crop production management

Bisconer, I., 1986: Chemigation with micro-irrigation systems: An overview with design considerations

Anonymous, 1987: Chemigation, January 1970-August 1986

Giulivi, C.; Turrens, JF.; Boveris, A., 1988: Chemiluminescence enhancement by trypanocidal drugs and by inhibitors of antioxidant enzymes in Trypanosoma cruzi

Sherstnev, M. P.; Klebanov, G. I.; Sergienko, V. I.; Vladimirov, D. A., 1986: Chemiluminescence of lipoproteins of blood serum in the diagnosis of hypercholesterolaemia

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546097

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546098

Stave, JW.; Cook, TM.; Roberson, BS., 1987: Chemiluminescent responses of striped bass, Morone saxatilis (Walbaum), phagocytes to strains of Yersinia ruckeri

Asanov, M. A.; Akmatov, B. A.; Chotbaev, K. Ch, 1986: Chemiluminescent test for diagnosing hydatidosis

Corson, S. R.; Kibblewhite, R. P., 1986: Chemimechanical and thermomechanical pulps of radiata pine slabwood and corewood. Part 2: characteristics of fibres and fines

Tay, C. H.; Imada, S. E., 1986: Chemimechanical pulp from jack pine by sulphite/quinone pulping

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546108

Tomalski, MD.; Blum, MS.; Jones, TH.; Fales, HM.; Howard, DF.; Passera, L., 1987: Chemistry and functions of exocrine secretions of the ants Tapinoma melanocephalum and T. erraticum

Vempati, R. K.; Loeppert, R. H., 1988: Chemistry and mineralogy of Fe-containing oxides and layer silicates in relation to plant available iron

Banks, B. E. C.; Shipolini, R. A., 1986: Chemistry and pharmacology of honey-bee venom

Piek, T.; Spanjer, W., 1986: Chemistry and pharmacology of solitary wasp venoms

Decor, J. P., 1987: Chemistry and plant protection

Wisniak, J., 1985: Chemistry and technology of jojoba oil: state of the art

Brown, K S.; Jr., 1987: Chemistry at the Solanaceae/Ithomiinae interface

Akiyama, T., 1986: Chemistry in production of high-analysis mixed fertilizers

Hasan, C. M.; Shaheen Shahnaz; Ilias Muhammad; Gray, A. I.; Waterman, P. G., 1987: Chemistry in the Annonaceae, XXIII. 24-Methylene-lanosta-7,9(11)-dien-3 beta -ol from Artabotrys odoratissimus stem bark

Etse, J. T.; Gray, A. I.; Waterman, P. G., 1987: Chemistry in the Annonaceae, XXIV. Kaurane and kaur-16-ene diterpenes from the stem bark of Annona reticulata

Etse, J. T.; Gray, A. I.; Waterman, P. G.; Bates, C. D.; Watson, D. G.; Thomas, D. W., 1988: Chemistry in the Annonaceae, part XXV. Sesquiterpenes from the stem bark of Cleistopholis glauca

Walton, J. D.; Earle, E. D., 1985: Chemistry of HC-toxin, a gene-specific phytotoxin

Pereda Miranda, R.; Gascon Figueroa, M., 1988: Chemistry of Hyptis mutabilis: new pentacyclic triterpenoids

Blair, G. J., 1988: Chemistry of S and S cycle in the tropics

Dudas, M. J.; Warren, C. J.; Spiers, G. A., 1988: Chemistry of arsenic in acid sulphate soils of northern Alberta

Anonymous, 1987: Chemistry of clays and clay minerals

Akhila, A.; Tewari, R., 1984: Chemistry of ginger: a review

Bilton, J. N.; Jones, P. S.; Ley, S. V.; Robinson, N. G.; Sheppard, R. N., 1988: Chemistry of insect antifeedants from Azadirachta indica (Part 1): conversion from the azadirachtin to the azadirachtinin skeletons

Brasca, M. G.; Broughton, H. B.; Craig, D.; Ley, S. V.; Somovilla, A. A.; Toogood, P. L., 1988: Chemistry of insect antifeedants from Azadirachta indica (part 2): synthesis of a polyoxygenated decalin with limonoid structural homology

Loeppert, R. H., 1988: Chemistry of iron in calcareous systems

McDaniel, CA.; Howard, RW.; O'Neill, KM.; Schmidt, JO., 1987: Chemistry of male mandibular gland secretions of Philanthus basilaris Cresson and Philanthus bicinctus (Mickel) (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

Gilmour, J. T.; Gale, P. M., 1988: Chemistry of metals and trace elements in a submerged soil

Akhila, A.; Tewari, R., 1984: Chemistry of patchouli oil: a review

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546139

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546140

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546141

Mohamed, M. T. Z.; Weerasinghe, D. K.; Wickremasinghe, V., 1986: Chemistry of tea (Camellia sinensis) leaf surface

Brewer P.F., 1987: Chemistry of tension lysimeter water and lateral flow in spruce and hardwood stands

Necesany, V.; Kleskenova, M., 1986: Chemistry of the glassy amorphous material produced by beech wood during laser cutting

Trudinger, P. A., 1986: Chemistry of the sulfur cycle

Blomquist, G. J.; Nelson, D. R.; de Renobales, M., 1987: Chemistry, biochemistry, and physiology of insect cuticular lipids

Ericksen, G. E.; Hosterman, J. W.; St Amand, P., 1988: Chemistry, mineralogy and origin of the clay-hill nitrate deposits, Amargosa River Valley, Death Valley region, California, U.S.A

Schmidt, J. O., 1986: Chemistry, pharmacology, and chemical ecology of ant venoms

Yokota, T.; Takahashi, N., 1986: Chemistry, physiology and agricultural application of brassinolide and related steroids

Valade J.L., 1986: Chemithermomechanical pulping of mixtures of different species of hardwoods

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546152

Hellung-Larsen, P.; Leick, V.; Tommerup, N., 1986: Chemoattraction in Tetrahymena: on the role of chemokinesis

Dhar, S.; Malhotra, D. V.; Bhushan, C.; Gautam, O. P., 1987: Chemoimmunoprophylaxis with buparvaquone against theileriosis in calves

Hocman, G., 1988: Chemoprevention of cancer: selenium

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Felix, H.; Mendes Costa, C.; Bretagne, S.; Beltamoug, N., 1986: Chemoprophylactic strategies against malaria in Africa

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Jacobs, D. E.; Gowling, G.; Foster, J.; Fox, M. T.; Oakley, G. A., 1986: Chemoprophylaxis of bovine parasitic bronchitis using an oxfendazole pulse release intraruminal device: a preliminary experimental study

Yvore, P.; Naciri, M., 1986: Chemoprophylaxis of coccidiosis in poultry farming

Ramazanov, V. T., 1986: Chemoprophylaxis of cysticerciasis in rabbits

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Khairulin, F. Ya; Sabitov, E. A., 1987: Chemoprophylaxis of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis with chloridine

Jensen, KR., 1988: Chemoreception in six species of Florida Ascoglossa (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia), a comparative study of responses to homogenates of food and non-food plants

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546170

Urs, K. C. D., 1987: Chemosterilants for population suppression of insect pests of plantation crops

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Mandimba, G.; Heulin, T.; Bally, R.; Guckert, A.; Balandreau, J., 1986: Chemotaxis of free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria towards maize mucilage

Rai, R., 1987: Chemotaxis of salt-tolerant and sensitive Rhizobium strains to root exudates of lentil (Lens culinaris L.) genotypes and symbiotic N-fixation, proline content and grain yield in saline calcareous soil

Lockwood J.L., 1988: Chemotaxis of some phytopathogenic bacteria to fungal propagules in vitro and in soil

Tetenyi, P., 1986: Chemotaxonomic evaluation of the Papaver section Macrantha

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Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546221

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546225

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546227

Jennings, F. W., 1987: Chemotherapy of late-stage trypanosomiasis: the effect of the nitrothiazole compounds

Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546229

Young K., 1987: Chemotherapy of lymphoma in 75 cats

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Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546233

Boray J.C., 1987: Chemotherapy of paramphistomosis in cattle

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Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546241

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Section 2, Chapter 1547, Accession 001546250

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