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Chemico-physical properties of dried skim milk made from beta -galactosidase-treated skim milk

Ilsoe, C.; Laustsen, A.M.; Jensen, G.K.

Maelkeritidende 100(5): 120


Accession: 001546087

Research report (forsogsrapport) No. 23 from the Danish Government Dairy Research Centre, on the effect of lactose hydrolysis on the chemico-physical properties of dried skim milk, is summarized. 25-90% of lactose in skim milk was hydrolysed prior to 1- or 2-stage spray drying at inlet temp. 160-200 degrees C and outlet temp. 75-100 degrees C. The dried product was packaged at 10, 20 or 30 degrees C and stored for 6 months.

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