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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kaiser, PE.; Seawright, JA.; Birky, BK., 1988:
Chromosome polymorphism in natural populations of Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say species A and B

Gorshkova, G.V.; Gorshkov, S.A.; Kinas, N.I., 1988:
Chromosome polymorphism in pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Walb.), in adjacent generations

Beeman, RW.; Johnson, TR.; Nanis, SM., 1986:
Chromosome rearrangements in Tribolium castaneum

Novosel' skaya, A.Y.; Lushnikova, A.A.; Bogdanov, Y.F., 1987:
Chromosome rearrangements in the genome of hexaploid wheat containing genetic material from rye

Bishop, RP.; Miles, MA., 1987:
Chromosome size polymorphisms of Leishmania donovani

Sharkey, A.; Langsley, G.; Patarapotikul, J.; Mercereau-Puijalon, O.; McLean, AP.; Walliker, D., 1988:
Chromosome size variation in the malaria parasite of rodents, Plasmodium chabaudi

Egawa, Y.; Tanaka, M., 1986:
Chromosome structural differentiation between Capsicum annuum var. annuum and C. chinense

Palmer, R.G.; Newhouse, K.E.; Graybosch, R.A.; Delannay, X., 1987:
Chromosome structure of the wild soybean: accessions from China and the Soviet Union of Glycine soja Sieb. & Zucc

Keil, D.J.; Luckow, M.A.; Pinkava, D.J., 1988:
Chromosome studies in Asteraceae from the United States, Mexico, The West Indies, and South America

Tsuchiya, T.; Hang, A., 1987:
Chromosome studies in genus Alstroemeria

Chourrout, D.; Nakayama, I., 1987:
Chromosome studies of progenies of tetraploid female rainbow trout

Spies, J.J.; Plessis, H. du, 1986:
Chromosome studies on African plants. 2

Spies, J.J.; Plessis, H. du, 1987:
Chromosome studies on African plants. 5

Spies, J.J.; Voges, S.P., 1988:
Chromosome studies on African plants. 7

Miazga, D.; Petrovic, S., 1987:
Chromosome translocations in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) of the cv. Grana

Karp, A.; Wu, Q.S.; Steele, S.H.; Jones, M.G., 1987:
Chromosome variation in dividing protoplasts and cell suspensions of wheat

Karp, A., 1986:
Chromosome variation in regenerated plants

Tarczy M.H.; Feher F.; Deak M., 1986:
Chromosome variation of somaclones in tetraploid lucerne

Short, R.B.; Grossman, A.I., 1986 :
Chromosomes of Heterobilharzia americana (Digenea: Schistosomatidae) from Texas

Short, R.B.; Teehan, W.H.; Liberatos, J.D., 1987:
Chromosomes of Heterobilharzia americana (Digenea: Schistosomatidae), with ZWA sex determination, from Louisiana

Corcoran, L.M.; Kemp, D.J., 1986:
Chromosomes of Plasmodium falciparum

Chevelev, S.F., 1986:
Chromosomes of domestic sheep

Bongso, T.A.; Hilmi, M.; Sopian, M.; Zulkifli, S., 1988:
Chromosomes of gaur cross domestic cattle hybrids

Yamazaki F.; Arai K.; Terao T., 1987:
Chromosomes of the hybrids between masu salmon and chinook salmon

Oliver, J.H.; Owsley, M.R.; Hutcheson, H.J., 1987:
Chromosomes of the tropical horse tick, Dermacentor nitens (Acari: Ixodidae), with notes on the life cycle

Kuznetsova, S.M.; Zaritskaya, M.Y., 1986:
Chromosomes, ageing and longevity

Oliver, J.H.; Owsley, M.R.; Claiborne, C.M., 1988:
Chromosomes, reproductive biology, and developmental stages of Aponomma varanensis (Acari: Ixodidae)

Romero Zarco, C., 1988:
Chromosone numbers for the Spanish flora 497-555. Numbers 516-527

Lavrenko, A.N.; Serditov, N.P., 1986:
Chromosone numbers of some species of the Ranunculaceae family from the Komi ASSR

Vishnyakov, S.I.; Ryzhkova, G.F.; Panichev, N.A., 1987:
Chromuim content of feeds and absorption in pigs

Pashov, D.; Vangelov, S.; Dyakov, L., 1987:
Chronic (90-day) toxicity of apramycin for chicks

Zikos, D.; Langman, C.; Gafter, U.; Delahaye, B.; Lau, K., 1986:
Chronic DOCA treatment increases Ca absorption: role of hypercalciuria and vitamin D

Rao, G.A.; Larkin, E.C.; Derr, R.F., 1988:
Chronic alcohol consumption during pregnancy: alleviation of untoward effects by adequate nutrition

Tavares M.A.; Paula Barbosa M.M.; Cadete Leite A., 1987:
Chronic alcohol consumption reduces the cortical layer volumes and the number of neurons of the rat cerebellar cortex

Tolins, J.P.; Raij, L., 1988:
Chronic amphotericin B nephrotoxicity in the rat, protective effect of prophylactic salt loading

Vilaró, S.; Viñas, O.; Herrera, E.; Remesar, X., 1987:
Chronic and acute ethanol impair the in vivo glucose uptake by lactating rat mammary gland

Troy, F. de; Rick, A. de, 1987:
Chronic bronchitis in the dog

Tams, T.R., 1987:
Chronic canine lymphocytic plasmacytic enteritis

Sainsbury, A.W.; Kirkwood, J.K.; Appleby, E.C., 1987:
Chronic colitis in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) and cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus)

Pfeil, R.; Georgiev, J.; Duesterberg, J.; Stuckenberg, R., 1987:
Chronic copper poisoning in sheep kept as laboratory animals

Hadlow, W.J., 1987:
Chronic corneal edema in aged ranch mink

Tzipori, S.; Roberton, D.; Cooper, D.A.; White, L., 1987:
Chronic cryptosporidial diarrhoea and hyperimmune cow colostrum

Schmidt Morrand, D.; Fontaine, D.; Mussini, J.M.; Gray, F., 1987:
Chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy. 2. Lesions and aetiology

Schmidt Morand, D.; Fontaine, D.; Mussini, J.M.; Gray, F., 1987:
Chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy. I. Clinical signs and diagnosis

Hay, R.J., 1986:
Chronic dermatophyte infections

Farge, D.; Frances, C.; Vouldoukis, I.; Welchsler, B.; Boisnic, S.; Monjour, L.; Godeau, P., 1987:
Chronic destructive ulcerative lesion of the midface and nasal cavity due to leishmaniasis contracted in Djibouti

Giannella, R.A., 1986:
Chronic diarrhea in travelers: diagnostic and therapeutic considerations

Jaubert, F.; Barbier, J.P.; Cazin, A.; Normand, C., 1986:
Chronic diarrhoea with steatorrhoea

Fregly M.J.; Lockley O.E.; Van Der Voort J.; Sumners C.; Henley W.N., 1987:
Chronic dietary administration of tryptophan prevents the development of deoxycorticosterone acetate salt induced hypertension in rats

Kitts, D.D.; Shekhtman, K., 1987:
Chronic dose dependent effects of caffeine in pregnant rats

Cooper, E.S.B.ndy, D.A.P.H.nry, F.J, 1986:
Chronic dysentery, stunting and whipworm infestation

Hatakeyama, S.; Yasuno, M., 1987:
Chronic effects of Cd on the reproduction of the guppy (Poecilia reticulata) through Cd-accumulated midge larvae (Chironomus yoshimatsui)

Hoffman, R.M., 1987:
Chronic endobronchial mucormycosis

Munoz M.C.; Merino N.; Marrero E.; Palenzuela I.; Pineiro E., 1986:
Chronic ergotism in young feedlot bulls

Wilson, J.S.; Korsten, M.A.; Donnelly, L.P.; Colley, P.W.; Somer, J.B.; Pirola, R.C., 1988:
Chronic ethanol administration depresses fatty acid synthesis in rat adipose tissue

Rossi, F.; Ricci, A.; Castellano, A.E., 1986:
Chronic ethanol and neuronal membranes effect on adenylate cyclase

Johnson, C.A., 1987:
Chronic feather picking: a different approach to treatment

Armario, A.; Montero, J.L.; Jolin, T., 1987:
Chronic food restriction and the circadian rhythms of pituitary-adrenal hormones, growth hormone and thyroid-stimulating hormone

Golovchenko, D.Y.; Fedorenko, A.E.; Ledokhovich, N.G., 1986 :
Chronic generalized (granulomatous) candidosis in a family

Dunn, J.K.; Jefferies, A.R.; Evans, R.J.; Herrtage, M.E., 1987:
Chronic granulocytic leukaemia in a dog with associated bacterial endocarditis, thrombocytopenia and preretinal and retinal haemorrhages

White, C.J.; Kwon-Chung, K.J.; Gallin, J.I., 1988:
Chronic granulomatous disease of childhood. An unusual case of infection with Aspergillus nidulans var. echinulatus

McCall, A.L.; Fixman, L.B.; Fleming, N.; Tornheim, K.; Chick, W.; Ruderman, N.B., 1986:
Chronic hypoglycemia increases brain glucose transport

Mitchison, N.A.; Oliveira, D.B.G., 1986:
Chronic infection as a major force in the evolution of the suppressor T-cell system

Platt H., 1986:
Chronic inflammatory and lymphoproliferative lesions of the equine small intestine

Rayner, V.C.; Robinson, I.C.; Russell, J.A., 1988:
Chronic intracerebroventricular morphine and lactation in rats: dependence and tolerance in relation to oxytocin neurones

Rice, D.A.; McLoughlin, M.F.; Blanchflower, W.J.; Thompson, T.R., 1987:
Chronic lead poisoning in steers eating silage contaminated with lead shot-diagnostic criteria

Bone, D.L., 1987:
Chronic luxations

Yuen, W.C.; Chan, Y.F.; Loke, S.L.; Seto, W.H.; Poon, G.P.; Wong, K.K., 1986:
Chronic lymphadenopathy caused by Penicillium marneffei: a condition mimicking tuberculous lymphadenopathy

Taylor G.T.; Weiss J.; Royalty J., 1987:
Chronic maintenance of rat sperm reserves into old age by previous sexual contact

Rytter, M.; Schonborn, C.; Lohrisch, I.; Hanstein, U.F., 1986:
Chronic mucocutaneous Candida mycosis (CMCC) as a result of a T-cell defect

Goi, H.; Kawamura, M.; Sakamoto, M.; Takahashi, A.; Takiuchi, I., 1987:
Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis associated with malignant thymoma

Farge, D.; Wechsler, B.; Frances, C.; Vouldoukis, I.; Monjour, L.; Negrier, B.; Gentilini, M.; Freyss, G.; Godeau, P., 1987:
Chronic nasofacial ulceration revealing mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

Tron, V.; Churg, A., 1986:
Chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis mimicking bronchocentric granulomatosis

Levin, E.D.; Morgan, M.M.; Galvez, C.; Ellison, G.D., 1987:
Chronic nicotine and withdrawal effects on body weight and food and water consumption in female rats

Georgiev, P.; Nikolov, I.; Simeonov, S.P.; Iordanov, V., 1987:
Chronic nitrate poisoning in sheep: dynamics of thyroid hormones and some haematological and biochemical values

Krotje, L.J.; McAllister, H.A.; Engwall, M.J.; Engen, R.L.; Hill, B.L., 1987:
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a dog

Schunk, W., 1988:
Chronic occupational manganese intoxication. Parts I and II

Duff, S.R.; Hocking, P.M., 1986:
Chronic orthopaedic disease in adult male broiler breeding fowls

Tsuchitani, M.; Narama, I., 1988:
Chronic pancreatitis in Macaca monkeys

Kriek, N.P.J.; Marasas, W.F.O.; Resenburg, S.J. van; Fincham, J.E.; Yagen, B.; Joffe, A.Z., 1986:
Chronic pathological effects of some fusarial toxins

Mousing, J., 1988:
Chronic pleurisy in pigs. An epidemiological description of the relationship of weight, age and frequency in three conventional sow-herds

Bichsel, P.; Oliver, J.E.; Tyler, D.E.; Braund, K.G., 1987:
Chronic polyneuritis in a Rottweiler

Forsbach Sanchez, G.; Fuentes Pensamiento, R., 1985:
Chronic progressive pulmonary coccidioidomycosis in a patient with type II diabetes mellitus

Carrick, J.B.; Pollitt, C.C., 1987:
Chronic pyelonephritis in a brood mare

Bacon L.M.; Turk D.E., 1987:
Chronic pyridoxine intoxication in rats

Shores, A.; Braund, K.G.; McDonald, R.K., 1987:
Chronic relapsing polyneuropathy in a cat

Nolte, S.; Hufschmidt, C.; Steinhauer, H.; Rohrbach, R.; Kunzer, W., 1987:
Chronic renal failure due to interstitial nephritis after poisoning with Cortinarius speciocissimus mushrooms

Stanley, R.G.; Jabara, A.G., 1988:
Chronic skin reaction to a combined feline rhinotracheitis virus (herpesvirus) and calicivirus vaccine

Winder, N.C.; von Fellenberg, R., 1987:
Chronic small airway disease in horses slaughtered in Switzerland

Winder, N.C.; von Fellenberg, R., 1988:
Chronic small airway disease in the horse: immunohistochemical evaluation of lungs with mild, moderate and severe lesions

Szilagyi J.E.; Ferrario C.M., 1987:
Chronic sodium depletion suppresses the area postrema pressor pathway

Ehret, W.J.; Potgieter, F.T.;, D.T.; Van der Lugt, J.J.; Van der Vyver, F.H., 1987:
Chronic splenitis as a possible complicating factor in calves inoculated with an attenuated redwater vaccine

Cock, K.M. de; Awadh, S.; Raja, R.S.; Wankya, B.M.; Jupp, R.A.; Slavin, B.; Siongok, T.K.A.; Rees, P.H.; Bertrand, J.; Lucas, S.B., 1987:
Chronic splenomegaly in Nairobi, Kenya. II. Portal hypertension

Zuber, R.M., 1987:
Chronic stomatitis in the cat. Feline plasma cell gingivitis-pharyngitis

Kosalwat, P.; Knight, AW., 1987:
Chronic toxicity of copper to a partial life cycle of the midge, Chironomus decorus

Chamorro, G.A.; Herrera, G.; Salazar, M.; Salazar, S.; Ulloa, V., 1988:
Chronic toxicological studies of Spirulina in rats

Carl, G.F.; Eto, I.; Krumdieck, C.L., 1987:
Chronic treatment of rats with primidone causes depletion of pteroylpentaglutamates in liver

Bevers, M.M.; Dieleman, S.J.; Kruip, T.A.M., 1988:
Chronic treatment with bromocryptine during the oestrous cycle of the cow: evidence that prolactin is not involved in preovulatory follicular growth

Becker, W.; Kurtz, R.; Mickwitz, G. von, 1988:
Chronic urinary tract infections in swine, diagnosis and treatment. III

Hawkins, E.C., 1988:
Chronic viral respiratory disease in cats: differential diagnosis and management

Dekker, J., 1986:
Chrono-symptomology of dimethazone (FMC 57020) drift: a Boone Co., Iowa case study

Xu, K.P.; Greve, T.; Smith, S.; Hyttel, P., 1986:
Chronological changes of bovine follicular oocyte maturation in vitro

Hashmi A.A.; Arshad M., 1987:
Chronological progression of semes in lepidopterous larvae

Narce, M.; Poisson, J.P.; Belleville, J.; Divry Aellen, M.T.; Chanussot, B., 1986:
Chronological study of the hepatic microsomal linoleic acid Delta 6- and Delta 5-desaturase activities in the rat given a low-protein then a balanced diet

Vicente Zevallos, J., 1985:
Chronology of agricultural policy in Ecuador: 1972-79

Romero G.A.; Romero Cova, S., 1984:
Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ram.) blight due to Ascochyta chrysanthemi Stev

Hegele, A., 1986:
Chrysanthemum parthenium cv. Santana is day neutral

Frijters, A.J.M.; Minkenberg, O.P.J.M.; Woets, J.; Ravensberg, W.J., 1986:
Chrysocharis parksi in commercial greenhouses for the biological control of leafminers, Liriomyza bryoniae and L. trifolii, on tomatoes: case studies and sampling techniques

Takizawa, H., 1985:
Chrysomelidae collected by the Japan-India cooperative survey in India, 1978. Part II

Chabasse, D.; Six, P., 1987:
Chrysosporium keratinophilum (Frey) Carmichael, is it the conidial state (or anamorph) of Anixiopsis stercoraria (Hansen) Hansen?

Nurmi, J., 1986:
Chunking and chipping with Sasmo HP 30 conescrew chipper

Nurmi, J., 1986:
Chunking and chipping with conescrew chipper

Ernce, K.D., 1987:
Church recreation in the Southern Baptist Convention as a leisure consumer, leisure provider and member of the leisure services delivery system

Nagdalieva, N.I.; Aliev, A.A., 1985:
Chylomicrons of blood from various blood vessels in young bulls fed on pellets containing synthetic nitrogen and energy substances

Birchard, S.J.; Ware, W.A.; Fossum, T.W.; Fingland, R.B., 1986:
Chylothorax associated with congestive cardiomyopathy in a cat

Goh, K.L.; Tan, H.W.; Loh, T.G.; Yap, S., 1986:
Chylothorax due to filariasis - a case report

Lachaux, A.; Descos, B.; Rebaud, P.; Pegat, M.A.; Hermier, M., 1986:
Chylous ascites in infants

McGuire, J.C., 1986:
Chymosin: a case study in genetic engineering for food enzymes

Stehr, W.; Drochner, W.; Haunroth, J., 1986:
Chymotrypsin activity in ileal chyme and faeces of sheep with cannulae after varying protein quality of the diet

Jefferies, D.; Helfrich, MP.; Molyneux, DH., 1987:
Cibarial infections of Trypanosoma vivax and T. congolense in Glossina

Baker, R.C.; Bausher, J.C.; Tiller, T., 1987:
Cicada-related injuries

Martinelli, N.M.; Zucchi, R.A., 1987:
Cicadid species found on coffee plants. I. Genus Quesada Distant, 1905 (Homoptera, Cicadidae, Cicadinae)

Dabrowski, ZT., 1987:
Cicadulina ghaurii (Hem., Euscelidae): distribution, biology and maize streak virus (MSV) transmission

Maddaloni, J.; Bertin, O.D.; Josifovich, J., 1985:
Cichorium intybus and meat production

Smith, R.A.; Lewis, D., 1987:
Cicuta toxicosis in cattle: case history and simplified analytical method

Zilkey, B.F.; Capell, B.B., 1987:
Cigarette smoke analysis from a farm survey of flue-cured tobacco in 1985

Wolf, P.A., 1986:
Cigarettes, alcohol, and stroke

Capra, M.F., 1986:
Ciguatera poisoning

Imai, S., 1988:
Ciliate protozoa in the rumen of Kenyan zebu cattle, Bos taurus indicus, with the description of four new species

Kirkpatrick C.E.; Saik J.E., 1988:
Ciliated protozoa in the colonic wall of horses

Vanscoy, G.J.; Schneider, S.M., 1988:
Cimetidine and ascorbic acid in the treatment of alpha -amanitin toxicity in mice

Kock, D.; Aellen, V., 1987:
Cimicidae parasites of Chiroptera in the Geneva Museum (Insecta: Hemiptera)

Spalve, J.B. vel (Blumberg vel Spalve, J); Shepherd, N.S.; Saedler, H., 1986:
Cin-DNA-insertions of Zea mays

Mendel, Z.; Zehavi, A., 1987:
Cinara fresai - new juniper aphid in Israel

Monaco, T.J.; Bonanno, A.R., 1985:
Cinch: a promising new herbicide for vegetable crops?

Warhurst, D.C., 1987:
Cinchona alkaloids and malaria

Clayton, H.M., 1987:
Cinematographic analysis of the gait of lame horses IV: degenerative joint disease of the distal intertarsal joint

Clayton, H.M., 1986 :
Cinematographic analysis of the gait of lame horses. II Chronic sesamoiditis

Clayton, H.M., 1988:
Cinematographic analysis of the gait of lame horses. V: Fibrotic myopathy

Bullock, J.A., 1987:
Cionus scrophulariae (L.) (Col., Curculionidae) feeding on Buddleja globosa Hope

Banerjee, D.K., 1986:
Ciprofloxacin (4-quinolone) and Mycobacterium leprae

Krishna, S.; Davis, T.M.E.; Chan, P.C.Y.; Wells, R.A.; Robson, K.J.H., 1988:
Ciprofloxacin and malaria

Silver, R., 1986:
Circadian and interval timing mechanisms in the ovulatory cycle of the hen

Turek, F.W.; Losee Olson, S.; Swann, J.M.; Horwath, K.; Cauter, E. van; Milette, J.J., 1987:
Circadian and seasonal control of neuroendocrine-gonadal activity

Lefcourt, A.M.; Capuco, A.V.; Mayer, H.; Smith, J.J., 1988:
Circadian and ultradian rhythms of serum thyriod hormone concentrations in lactating dairy cows during heat stress

Lanza-Jacoby, S.; Stevenson, N.R.; Kaplan, M.L., 1986:
Circadian changes in serum and liver metabolites and liver lipogenic enzymes in ad libitum- and meal-fed, lean and obese Zucker rats

Otto, B.; Grimm, B.; Ottersbach, P.; Kloppstech, K., 1988:
Circadian Control of the Accumulation of mRNAs for Light- and Heat-Inducible Chloroplast Proteins in Pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Reuterving, C.O.; Hägg, E., 1987:
Circadian eating and drinking habits in alloxan diabetic rats

Possidente, B.; Stephan, F.K., 1988:
Circadian period in mice: analysis of genetic and maternal contributions to inbred strain differences

Kruner, G.; Rosenthal, H., 1987:
Circadian periodicity of biological oxidation under three different operational conditions

Satpute, M.; Dutta, B.K.; Rao, R.R., 1985:
Circadian periodicity of pollen and fungal spores of Shillong (Meghalaya)

D.F.ora S.; Badolati G.S.; Serra D.; Picciotto A.; Magnolia M.R.; Savarino V., 1987:
Circadian reduction of chromium in the gastric environment

Grimm, H.; Nuber, B., 1988:
Circadian rhythm and frequency of milking under conditions of simulated robotic milking

Bhattacharya, R.D., 1986:
Circadian rhythm of blood and urinary copper in presumably healthy subjects of vegetarian food habit

North, RD., 1987:
Circadian rhythm of locomotor activity in individual workers of the wood ant Formica rufa

Saggese, G.; Bertelloni, S.; Baroncelli, G.I.; Ghirri, P., 1986:
Circadian rhythm of osteocalcin in children

Ritz, D.; Kluge, M., 1987:
Circadian rhythmicity of CAM in continuous light: coincidences between gas exchange parameters, 14CO2 fixation patterns and PEP-carboxylase properties

Frisch, B.; Aschoff, J., 1987:
Circadian rhythms in honeybees: entrainment by feeding cycles

Jilge, B.; Hörnicke, H.; Stähle, H., 1987:
Circadian rhythms of rabbits during restrictive feeding

Zielinski W.J., 1986:
Circadian rhythms of small carnivores and the effect of restricted feeding on daily activity

ukaszewska, J.; ukaszewski, Z.; Dejneka, J., 1985:
Circadian secretion and composition of abomasum juice in sheep fed with granulate in the period of winter and summer

Belyakova, Y.V.; Zhaltsanova, D.S.D., 1987:
Circadian shedding rhythm and biology of cercariae of Plagiorchis multiglandularis Semenov, 1927

Wiedenmann, G., 1988:
Circadian timing of cricket calling song: a clock persisting from nymphs to adults

Goo, R.H.; Moore, J.G.; Greenberg, E.; Alazraki, N.P., 1987:
Circadian variation in gastric emptying of meals in humans

Vachon C.; Savoie L., 1987:
Circadian variation of food intake and digestive tract contents in the rat

Olson, C.E.; Soll, A.H.; Guth, P.H., 1986:
Circadian variation of susceptibility to gastric mucosal injury by acidified aspirin or absolute ethanol in the rat

Mialot, J.P.; Collange, M.; Castanier, M.; Toublanc, J.E.; Thibier, M.; Scholler, R., 1988:
Circadian variations in the plasma values of lutropin and steroid hormones in male dogs during puberty

Hoffman, L.S.; Adams, T.E.; Evans, J.W., 1987:
Circadian, circhoral and seasonal variation in patterns of gonadotrophin secretion in geldings

Prandi, A.; Motta, M.; Chiesa, F.; Tamanini, C., 1988:
Circannual rhythm of plasma prolactin concentration in the goat

Kramer D.; Hsu S.; Miller I.; Riley J.; Reporter M., 1987:
Circuit for the electromanipulation of plant protoplasts

Behroozi Lar, M.; Huang, B.K.; Bowen, H.D., 1986:
Circuit simulation of soil temperature profile

Hager, W.H., 1987:
Circular gates in circular and U-shaped channels

Lakshmidevi, G.; Davidson, B.E.; Hillier, A.J., 1988:
Circular Permutation of the Genome of a Temperate Bacteriophage from Streptococcus cremoris BK5

Chiari, C. de A.; Lima, J.D.; Lima W. dos Santos, 1986:
Circulating antibodies in goats naturally infected with Toxoplasma gondii

Rodriguez Osorio, M.; Gomez Morales, M.A.; Gomez Garcia, V., 1986:
Circulating antigens in the sera of mice experimentally infected with Trichinella spiralis and Trichinella pseudospiralis

Alonso, J.M.; Pividori, S.; Guilleron, C., 1986:
Circulating antigens of Trypanosoma cruzi in Chagasic patients in an endemic area

Park, O.K.; Ramirez, V.D., 1987:
Circulating blood progesterone is pulsatile throughout the rat oestrous cycle

Artal, R.; Doug, N.; Wu, P.; Sperling, M.A., 1988:
Circulating catecholamines and glucagon in infants of strictly controlled diabetic mothers

DeBoer, D.J.; Ihrke, P.J.; Stannard, A.A., 1988:
Circulating immune complex concentrations in selected cases of skin disease in dogs

Odawara, T.; Onuma, M.; Yoshikawa, H.; Yoshikawa, T.; Izawa, H., 1987:
Circulating immune complex levels in cows with enzootic bovine leukosis

Martin, U.O.; Afchain, D.; Marteleur, A. de; Ledesma, O.; Capron, A., 1987:
Circulating immune complexes in human Chagas' disease

Raisov, T.K.; Temirbekov, D.A., 1986:
Circulating immune complexes in the serum of guineapigs with experimental trichinelliasis

D.A.elio, R.; Pontesilli, O.; Teggi, A.; Vullo, V.; Rosa, F. de, 1985:
Circulating immuno-complexes in human hydatid disease

Nafie, T.S.; Amer, A.A., 1987:
Circulating leukocytes after B.C.G. and experimental Babesia equi infection in donkeys

Wessels, B.C.; Gaffin, S.L.; Wells, M.T., 1987:
Circulating plasma endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide) concentrations in healthy and hemorrhagic enteric dogs: antiendotoxin immunotherapy in hemorrhagic enteric endotoxemia

Khurana, M.L.; Madan, M.L., 1987:
Circulating plasma tri-iodothyronine and thyroxine responses to thyrotropin-releasing hormone in buffaloes

Rijnberk, A.; Mol, J.A.; Rothuizen, J.; Bevers, M.M.; Middleton, D.J., 1987:
Circulating pro-opiomelanocortin-derived peptides in dogs with pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism

Rosskamp, R.; Becker, M.; Zallet, M., 1986:
Circulating somatostatin concentrations in children. Investigations in normal-weight and obese children and patients with somatotropin deficiency

Phillips Quagliata, J.M.; Lamm, M.E., 1987:
Circulation and differentiation of lymphocytes in gut-associated lymphoid tissue and mammary glands

Othieno, H., 1987:
Circulation of air in natural-convection solar dryers

Shihmanter, E.; Shoham, D.; Lipkind, M., 1987:
Circulation of influenza viruses in swine population in Israel (serological surveillance)

Juricová, Z.; Mitterpák, J.; Prokopic, J.; Hubálek, Z., 1986:
Circulation of mosquito-borne viruses in large-scale sheep farms in eastern Slovakia

Prokhorov, Y.A., 1987:
Circulation of nitrogen and ash elements in insular pine forests of Kazakhstan

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Circulation of the active village population

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Circumstances leading to animal damage of plantations in Hokkaido. I. An analysis of typical damage caused by the red backed vole, Clethrionomys rufocanus in an adult larch plantation

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Circumstantial evidence of an extracellular (epicellular) localization of developmental stage of Cryptosporidium

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Circumventing the diapause of potato cyst nematodes

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Circumvention of the problem of dying off in interspecific crosses in lettuce by means of tissue culture

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Cis-acting regulatory factors controlling the expression of the esterase locus in American mink

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Cis-regulatory elements in heat shock and T-DNA promoters

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Cisplatin chemotherapy for metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in two dogs

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Citizen and administrator perspectives of equity in the delivery of park services

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Citizen participation and socialization in the Netherlands

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Citizen participation in food aid planning and implementation: a successful strategy in Ghana

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Citrange stunt virus associated with decline of Shamouti on Swingle citrumelo rootstock in South Africa

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Citraphos as a phosphorus fertilizer for pastures on sandy soils

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Citrate Cycle Intermediates in the Metabolism of Aspartate and Lactate by Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii

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Citrate inhibition of aminopeptidase in commercial fungal protease preparations used to accelerate cheese ripening

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Citrate, Malate, and Succinate Concentration in Exudates from P-Sufficient and P-Stressed Medicago sativa L. Seedlings

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Citreoviridin levels in Eupenicillium ochrosalmoneum-infested maize kernels at harvest

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Citric acid in animal nutrition

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Citric sorghum in open-air gravel culture in Armenia

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Citrullinaemia as a cause of neurological disease in neonatal Friesian calves

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Citrus amblycarpa - host to tristeza

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Citrus canker (Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri) and banana leaf rust (Uredo musae) at Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

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Citrus certification in Mediterranean countries

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Citrus cultivar improvement via somatic hybridization

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Citrus embryogenesis in vitro: culture initiation, plant regeneration, and phenotypic characterization

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Citrus greening (Likubin) and some viruses and their control trials

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Citrus health improvement and certification programme in Morocco

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Citrus ichangensis as a promising rootstock for protected cultivation

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Citrus mealybug (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) on greenhouse citrus: density-dependent regulation by an encyrtid parasite complex

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Citrus mechanical harvesting: Horticultural implications

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Citrus micronutrients in perspective

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Citrus mites in Italy. I. Species found and keys for the recognition of orders, suborders and families

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Citrus mites in Italy. II. The gamasids (Phytoseiidae Berlese and Ascidae Voigt & Oudemans): diagnostic key to the genera and species and notes on biology

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Citrus nematode control in Texas

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Citrus nematode on grapevine in Israel

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Citrus oils as protectants of cowpeas against infestation by Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

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Citrus pest monitoring on the Zebediela Estate

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Citrus phytoalexins: seselin. Inhibitory properties and synthesis modulation

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Citrus plants induced from in vitro culture of zygotic embryos at an early stage of development

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Citrus pulp feeding to lactating cows: Effects on false positive tests for penicillin with the Angenics Spot Test

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Citrus pulp in formulated diets

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Citrus response to partial wetting of the root zone

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Citrus rootstock seedling growth and budtake in different seasons

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Citrus tristeza virus isolated from acid lime in Thailand

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Citrus tristeza virus: impact and control by preinoculation in Japan

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Citrus trunk and soil temperature variations in soil banks during freeze conditions

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Citrus xyloporosis identified in Venezuela with indicator plants

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City Farms: livestock in urban communities

Das A., 1988:
City garbage compost as a source of humus

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Ciureana delamurei n.sp. (Trematoda, Heterophyidae), a parasite of Callorhinus ursinus

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Cladistic systematics of Acraea (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)

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Cladistics, phenetics and biogeography of populations of Boronia inornata Turcz. (Rutaceae) and the Eucalyptus diptera Andrews (Myrtaceae) species complex in Western Australia

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Clarias culture in Thailand

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Clarification of acid casein whey

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Clarification of sire-of-foetus effects on milk yield in Swiss Simmental cows

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Clarification of the genetic structure of incomplete wheat X wheat grass amphidiploids (2n = 56)

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Clarification of whey for the preparation of beverages

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Clarification on the discussion about milk bottles

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Clary lines

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Class Acanthocephala

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Class Aspidogastrea

Dubinina, M.N., 1987:
Class Cestoda

Epshtein, V.M., 1987:
Class Hirudinea

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Class I antigens of the bovine major histocompatibility system are weakly associated with variation in faecal worm egg counts in naturally infected cattle

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Class I antigens of the equine major histocompatibility complex

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Class I genes of the major histocompatibility complex: structural studies on genes of the Tla locus

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Class I major histocompatibility complex antigens and C4 concentrations in sheep plasma

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Class I major histocompatibility complex genes in vertebrate species: what is the common denominator?

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Class Nematoda

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Class Trematoda

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Class character of rural energy crisis. Case of Karnataka

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Class conflict and the corporate peasant community: disputes over lands in Nahuatl villages

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Class immunoglobulins and complements (C3 and C4) in Egyptian form of cutaneous leishmaniasis

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Class relations and commercialization in Indian agriculture: a study in the post-Independence agrarian reforms in Uttar Pradesh

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Class relations and technology use: a study of tubewell utilization in Punjab (India)

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Class structure and mode of production in Javanese agriculture

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Class, gender and the household: the developmental cycle in Southern Africa

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Class, household structure, and the peasantry: an empirical approach

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Classes of growing season duration for potato cultivars

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Classes of phosphates, their availability in agricultural soils, and other work related to phosphorus. Part 1. Analytical methods, available phosphorus and classes of phosphates

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Classic - a new alternative for southern soybean weed control

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Classical and molecular genetics applied to Trichoderma reesei for the selection of improved cellulolytic industrial strains

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Classical approaches to the development of herbicide tolerance in crop cultivars

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Classical biological control of the cassava green mite

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Classical haemophilia (Haemophilia 'A') in German Shepherd dogs: different expressions of the disease

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Classical music programmes and their audience; Popular music programmes and their audience

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Classical nematode management practices

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Classical pesticides

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Classical swine fever and related viral infections

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Classical swine fever: evolution of the disease from 1972 to 1987

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Classical swine fever: virulence and tissue distribution of a 1986 English isolate in pigs

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Classification and assignment in soil science

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Classification and behaviour after surgery of canine 'epulides'

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Classification and distribution of the food bamboos of the giant panda

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Classification and evaluation of forest sites in the Cumberland Mountains

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Classification and evaluation of forest sites on the northern Cumberland Plateau

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Classification and identity research of varieties of Phaseolus beans in the Netherlands

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Classification and nomenclature of underwater soils

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Classification and nucleotide sequence of cDNA encoding the small subunit of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase from rice

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Classification and treatment of hyperlipoproteinaemia in children

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Classification of 17 cultivated varieties of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Cuba. II. Reproductive organs

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Classification of Andosols, and their occurrence on non-volcanic materials in Galicia (NW Spain)

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Classification of Chilean soils derived from volcanic materials using andic tests proposed by ICOMAND

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Classification of Leptospira interrogans serovar lai strain 017 by using monoclonal antibodies

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Classification of R plasmids of Escherichia coli of poultry based on fertility inhibition (fi) test

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Classification of alpine meadows of the Lagodekhy State Reserve

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Classification of anti-erosion forest stands

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Classification of bean accessions according to their morphological characters using multivariate techniques

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Classification of carnation cultivars according to their response to long day treatment under controlled low light conditions

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Classification of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) accessions in germplasm using index score method

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Classification of coryneform bacteria, isolated from the blood of healthy and leukotic cows, by the molecular characteristics of bacterial DNA

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Classification of cultivated plants

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Classification of feline mammary neoplasms

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Classification of five forest and associated typifying pedons of Mahanadi catchment (Distt. Raigarh, M.P. India) into sub-group level

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Classification of food from a Groote Eylandt Aboriginal point of view

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Classification of global environments and cultivars of spring barley based on heading time interactions

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Classification of grey alder stands in the north-west of the European part of the RSFSR

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Classification of hazardous wastes disposed on land

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Classification of indigenous cattle breeds in the tropics and subtropics

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Classification of irrigation water conveyance system components

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Classification of locations according to their influence on the decision to use anti-lodging agents in winter cereals

Anonymous, 1987:
Classification of milk according to its content of clostridial spores

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Classification of needle type and growth characteristics of Cryptomeria japonica planted in Cheju province

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Classification of obese patients and complications related to the distribution of surplus fat

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Classification of plant cell cryoprotectants

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Classification of plant protection agents from the point of view of drinking water protection

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Classification of reflectance on colour infrared aerial photographs and sub-tropical salt-marsh vegetation types

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Classification of research work in the field of medical parasitology in line with the new wording of the International Patent Classification

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Classification of serovars of the icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup by monoclonal antibodies

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Classification of slaughter carcasses in 1986

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Classification of soil regimes

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Classification of soyabean genotypes by means of multivariate analysis

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Classification of soyabean rhizobia based on nitrogen and carbon determinations

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Classification of species and associations of segetal plants of the Trans-Carpathians

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Classification of the Ascothoracida (Crustacea)

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Classification of the Leptohoracini (Formicidae, Hymenoptera) 1. The genus Formicoxenus in the holarctic region

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Classification of the Riverina forests of south east Australia using co-registered Landsat MSS and SIR-B radar data

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Classification of the Trypetinae (Diptera: Tephritidae), with a discussion of the Afrotropical fauna

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Classification of the genus Abies

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Classification of the leafhopper-pests of the subfamily Idiocerinae from Korea

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Classification of the main macroscopic lesions produced by the larvae of Gasterophilus spp. (Diptera: Gasterophilidae) in free-ranging horses in Umbria

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Classification of types of castor inflorescences and using this in breeding

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Classification of wheat breeding material in relation to baking quality. I

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Classification requirements of red soils of India for transfer of technology

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Classification system for embryonic development of Simulium arcticum Malloch (IIS-10.11) (Diptera: Simuliidae)

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Classification tests on plastic film unrollers. Economic analysis of materials for small tunnels

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Classification, pathology and susceptibility of larvae of Brassolis sophorae (L., 1758) infected by Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (H:3a-3b)

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Classifying farms situated on drained land in the Ukrainian SSR

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Classifying natural forests by multivariate analysis. (I) The case of selection forests in Hokkaido

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Classroom action-research: case studies in development studies teaching in Lesotho classrooms

Happel, F., 1985:
Claw-piece for milking machines

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Clay illuviation in a sodic soil of the north western part of the Indo-Gangetic alluvial plain

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Clay liner compatibility in waste disposal practice

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Clay mineral content of soil and fertilizer use

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Clay mineral formation in soils situated south of the Duero, in the Valladolid Province

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Clay mineralogical composition of red-yellow soils in Nagasaki Prefecture

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Clay mineralogical relationships in Florida Haplaquods

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Clay mineralogy and K-Ca-exchange properties of surface soils from the Hallertau nutrient potential trial (Bavaria)

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Clay mineralogy as related to morphology of Florida soils with sandy epipedons

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Clay mineralogy of B horizons of six Zimbabwean Rhodustalfs

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Clay mineralogy of high mountain soils on carbonate rocks. IV. Xerolls

Alias Perez, L.J.; Hernandez Bastida, J., 1983:
Clay mineralogy of high mountain soils on carbonate rocks. V. Borolls

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Clay mineralogy of lateritic soil profiles from West Bengal

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Clay mineralogy of latosols estimated from total oxides content determined by sulphuric acid digestion

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Clay mineralogy of podzolized soils from the surroundings of Lago San Mauricio (Lerida Pyrenees)

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Clay mineralogy of red- and yellow- colored soils from Korea

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Clay mineralogy of some soils of tea gardens of Assam

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Clay minerals associated with Jordanian phosphates and their possible industrial utilization

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Clay minerals composition of Kula soils formed over volcanic basalt parent materials

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Clay minerals in two loess profiles near Przemysl (SE Poland)

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Clay minerals of Amazonian soils

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Clay minerals of selected loess soils

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Clay-humic interactions and soil aggregate stability

Olson, C.G., 1988:
Clay-mineral contribution to the weathering mechanisms in two contrasting watersheds

Attwell, P., 1987:
Clayville dairy. Investment in the future

Price, B., 1987:
Cleaner solutions from rubbish tips

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Cleaning a UHT milk sterilizer. Use of alkaline and acid detergents and kinetic aspects

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Cleaning and disinfection in the dairy industry

Anonymous, 1988:
Cleaning and disinfection of equipment for gastrointestinal flexible endoscopy: interim recommendations of a Working Party of the British Society of Gastroenterology

Anonymous, 1988:
Cleaning and disinfection of membrane equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries

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Cleaning and disinfection of membrane plants

Anonymous, 1987:
Cleaning and disinfection of on-farm bulk milk tanks

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Cleaning and sanitizing in the milk processing industry

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Cleaning chemicals - state of the knowledge in 1985

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Cleaning cucumber seed crops

Matsuzawa ; Okatani, 1988:
Cleaning device and method for milking units

Baines, S., 1985:
Cleaning equipment

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Cleaning glass containers using an automatic Dulcotrol process for regulating pH and chlorine levels

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Cleaning in the Netherlands dairy industry: survey of the situation

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Cleaning intensity control in sugarbeet harvesters

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Cleaning methods for evaporation installations

Marshall, J., 1986:
Cleaning milking equipment for sheep

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Cleaning of UHT plants: influence of cleaning solutions according to deposit composition

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Cleaning of dairy HTST plate heat exchangers: comparison of single- and two-stage procedures

Timperley, D.A.; Smeulders, C.N.M., 1988:
Cleaning of dairy HTST plate heat exchangers: optimization of the single-stage procedure

Plett, E.A., 1985:
Cleaning of fouled surfaces

Chiumenti, R., 1988:
Cleaning of livestock housing through the recirculation of liquid manure

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Cleaning potatoes when dry

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Cleaning shoe air velocities in combine harvesting of wheat

Hoeren, R., 1986:
Cleaning soil with micro-organisms

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Cleaning sugarbeets with fiber brushes

Groene, J. de, 1987:
Cleaning up apple trees in the nursery

Kolbusch, P.; Raddatz, W.; Knorle, U., 1987:
Cleaning up dairy waste water with a newly developed method

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Cleaning up fruit trees in the nursery

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Cleaning, grading, inspection and packaging

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Cleanup on contaminated soils

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Cleavage line patterns of the skin in bovine fetuses

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Cleavage of immunoglobulins by pathogenic yeasts of the genus Candida

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Cleistogamous grasses of Uruguay

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Climate and habitat requirements for sheep

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Climate and potato crop growth interactions in Africa's continental divide region

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Climate variations influence on the flight activity of Plebeia remota Holmberg (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponinae)

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Climate, cutting frequency and growth of tall fescue. Reproductive cycle and regrowth

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Climate, food, and politics in Morocco, 1885-1985

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Climatic and soil requirements of fruit species in the south of Chile

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Climatic change and water and yield responses for rice in California

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Climatic characteristics of the endemic zones and epidemiological modes of dracunculiasis in Africa

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Climatic conditions and energy metabolism of laying hens

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Climatic conditions in the middle part of the east coastal area and wind damage

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Climatic conditions in tobacco growing areas in Canada

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Climatic conditions in unheated plastic film greenhouses for the overwintering of woody plants

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Climatic constraints to crop production in the Indian arid zone

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Climatic control of apical growth cessation in latitudinal ecotypes of Salix pentandra L

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Climatic factors from the agricultural point of view

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Climatic factors in relation to winter hardiness

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Climatic improvement with sprinkler irrigation

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Climatic influences on weeds and their herbivores: biological control of St. John's wort in British Columbia

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Climatic potential of the coffee-growing zone for rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) production

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Climatic study of north eastern region of Rajasthan

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Climatological aspects of irrigation design criteria in Mississippi

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Climatological correlates of screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax) abundance in Texas, USA

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Climatological study of the Guadalquivir Basin using generalised components analysis

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Climatology and estimation of productivity

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Climbers and cavers: a profile of the climber and caver populations in national parks

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Climbing into the crown by way of the bole. 1. Portable ladders

Barner, H.; Olesen, K., 1983:
Climbing into the crown by way of the bole. 2

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Climbing into the crown directly . 1. The Advanced Line technique for gaining access to tree crowns

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Climbing into the crown directly . 2

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Climbing towards extinction

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Climbing within the crown . 1. Equipment and safety rules

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Clinical allergies and vulvovaginitis

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Clinical and chemical investigations of experimental malaria

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Clinical applications of fish oils

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Clinical effects of jaw surgery and wiring on body composition: a case study

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Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of praziquantel and of its tolerance in Taenia saginata infections in man

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Clinical examination of bulls intended for natural mating

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Clinical experience in the treatment of parasitic diseases of man

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Clinical experience with fenticonazole 2% formulation in the treatment of dermatomycoses and pityriasis versicolor

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Clinical features and current treatment of taeniasis

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Clinical features of erythema migrans (Lyme) borreliosis

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Clinical features of ringworm in sheep

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Clinical findings in porcine adenomatosis

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Clinical forms of paracoccidioidomycosis

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Clinical hypersensitivity to specific aerosol challenge in parenterally immunized calves

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Clinical impact of low cost indigenous foods on children

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Clinical improvement and partial correction of the T cell defects of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and lymphadenopathy syndrome (LAS) by a calf thymus acid lysate

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Clinical malariology

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Clinical management of canine seizures

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Clinical management of severe falciparum malaria

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Clinical manifestation of AIDS in Africa

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Clinical nutrition in Indonesia

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Clinical nutrition problems in Thailand

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Clinical nutritional support in paediatrics with special reference to hypercatabolic states

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Clinical observations in swine in association with the mycotoxins ochratoxin A and zearalenone

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Clinical observations on seasonal infertility in sows in Cornwall

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Clinical observations on the simultaneous administration of xylazine and ketamine for anesthesia in the cat

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Clinical observations on the use of BCG cell wall fraction for treatment of periocular and other equine sarcoids

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Clinical occurrence of infectious necrotic hepatitis (black disease) in cattle of Bangladesh

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Clinical onchocerciasis: dermatological and other presenting signs

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Clinical parasitology

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Clinical pathologic alterations in horses during a water deprivation test

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Clinical pharmacologic features of fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drugs

Anonymous, 1987:
Clinical pharmacology

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Clinical pharmacology of mecillinam in calves

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Clinical pharmacology of metergoline: lactation of pseudopregnancy and of parturition in the bitch

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Clinical picture and haematological findings in experimental Cysticercus bovis infection

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Clinical process and treatment of ocular toxoplasmosis

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Clinical recognition of the child with food allergy

Anderson, J.F.; Bates, D.W.; Nelson, R.B., 1986:
Clinical response of the bovine to proper environmental and managerial procedures in naturally ventilated buildings

Galassi, D.; Galassi, P.; Pelliccioni, A.; Semprini, P., 1986:
Clinical results obtained in cattle and swine by means of biological immunostimulators

Willauer, C.C.; Vasseur, P.B., 1987:
Clinical results of surgical correction of medial luxation of the patella in dogs

Dutton, R.E.; Moore, G.E., 1987:
Clinical review of death/euthanasia in 123 military working dog necropsies

Ubaldi, A.; Gobbi, L.; Quintavalla, F., 1986:
Clinical safety of a lincomycin spectinomycin combination in dairy cows

Abonyi, T.; Voros, K.; Kokeny, G.; Kiss, T.; Gyulay, G., 1988:
Clinical screening to detect displacement of the abomasum and the economic benefits of surgical treatment on a dairy farm

Dhir, R.C.; Datta, I.C., 1986:
Clinical significance of reclotting of serum in chickens following velogenic infection with Ranikhet disease virus

Shupe, J.L.; Butcher, J.E.; Call, J.W.; Olson, A.E.; Blake, J.T., 1988:
Clinical signs and bone changes associated with phosphorus deficiency in beef cattle

Anonymous, 1988:
Clinical signs and diagnosis in small animal practice

Karelin, A.I.; Nadtochei, G.A.; Laskavyi, V.N.; Amatuki, G.R., 1987:
Clinical signs and diagnosis of transmissible gastroenteritis of swine

Sawada, T.; Muramatsu, M.; Seto, K., 1986:
Clinical signs and responses of growth-agglutinating antibody in IgM and IgG fractions from the serum of swine infected with Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

Verhoeff, J.; Wierda, A.; Boon, J.H., 1988:
Clinical signs following experimental lungworm infection and natural bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection in calves

Robinson, E.P.; Hardy, R.M., 1988:
Clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment of alkalemia in dogs: 20 cases (1982-1984)

Nafady, A.; Shehata, A.; Ibrahim, T.A.; Shabaan, A.A., 1986:
Clinical signs, post-mortem findings and histopathological changes in Tilapia nicotica fish intoxicated with Bayluscide

McCabe, R.E.; Brooks, R.G.; Dorfman, R.F.; Remington, J.S., 1987:
Clinical spectrum in 107 cases of toxoplasmic lymphadenopathy

Bunnag, D., 1986:
Clinical studies and chemotherapy of liver fluke infection

Dockhorn, R.J., 1987:
Clinical studies of food allergy in infants and children

Steinert, A., 1987:
Clinical studies of young swine following irradiation of the right lung

Kitagawa, H.; Sasaki, Y.; Sukigara, T.; Ishihara, K., 1987:
Clinical studies on canine dirofilarial hemoglobinuria: changes in right heart hemodynamics inducing heartworm migration from pulmonary artery

Nakamura, T.; Hashimoto, I.; Sawada, Y.; Mikami, J., 1987:
Clinical studies on cefuroxime axetil in acute mastitis

Muller, P.; Becker, W.; Deegen, E., 1987:
Clinical studies on horses before and after immunization with Resequin

Dolp, R.; Grunert, A.; Schmitz, E.; Ahnefeld, F.W., 1987:
Clinical studies on parenteral nutrition by peripheral vein. Effect of a 3.5% amino acid solution on postoperative metabolism with special reference to amino acid status

Saynor, R.; Gillott, T.; Doyle, T.; Allen, D.; Field, P.; Scott, M., 1986:
Clinical studies on the effect of dietary n-3 and n-6 fatty acids on serum lipids, haemostasis and GTN consumption

Yangco, B.G.; D.L.rma, C.; Lyman, G.H.; Price, D.L., 1987:
Clinical study evaluating efficacy of praziquantel in clonorchiasis

Gu, C.; Qin, W., 1986:
Clinical study of a 17-amino-acid solution in patient with carcinoma of oesophagus and cardia after resection

Austin, D.R., 1986:
Clinical supervision in therapeutic recreation

Wong, P.L.; Nickel, L.S.; Bowling, A.T.; Steffey, E.P., 1986:
Clinical survey of antibodies against red blood cells in horses after homologous blood transfusion

Braund, K.G., 1986 :
Clinical syndromes in veterinary neurology

Wolfson, N.; Hodgson, C., 1987:
Clinical toxicology of one-day administration of 500 mg of clotrimazole

Lusky, K.; Huhn, U.; Maass, P.; Gericke, R.; Noack, F.R., 1987:
Clinical trial of cloprostenol for synchronized parturition in sows

Chema, S.; Chumo, R.S.; Dolan, T.T.; Gathuma, J.M.; Irvin, A.D.; James, A.D.; Young, A.S., 1987:
Clinical trial of halofuginone lactate for the treatment of East Coast fever in Kenya

Nautrup, B.P., 1988:
Clinical trial of the imino-imidazolidine derivative STH 2130 for its sedative properties in comparison to acetylpromazine (Sedalin) and its use as a preanaesthetic in horses

Kaufhold, B., 1986:
Clinical trial of the long-acting insulin preparation Optisulin-Retard CR for treating the lipid mobilization syndrome of lactating cows

Marinov, M., 1987:
Clinical trials of anthelmintics against gastro-intestinal nematodes in weaned lambs

Apt, W.; Arribada, A.; Arab, F.; Ugarte, J.M.; Luksic, I.; Sole, C., 1986:
Clinical trials of benznidazole and an immunopotentiator against Chagas disease in Chile

Rajagopalan, K.; Ahmed, J.; Doraikumar, T.M., 1986:
Clinical trials of neomycin sulphate, belladonna, kaolin, pectin and electrolytes combination ('Neokal 'P' suspension') in the treatment of enteritis of calf and dogs

Narasimhan, K.S., 1987:
Clinical trials of nitrofurazone and urea (Metrea bolus) in the treatment of puerperal metritis in cross-bred cows

Tsugawa, S.; Kusano, K.; Kiyoyama, T.; Ikenobe, M., 1985:
Clinical trials using the Lactobacillus casei preparation Biolactis

Agger, N., 1986:
Clinical trials with long-acting oxytetracycline for pododermatitis in cattle

Nishizato, Y.; Shimizu, K.; Miyaoka, M., 1985:
Clinical trials with the Lactobacillus casei preparation Biolactis on patients with irregular bowel movements

Barbee, R.A.; Hicks, M.J., 1988:
Clinical usefulness of lymphocyte transformation in patients with coccidioidomycosis

Lembcke, B.; Losler, A.; Caspary, W.F.; Schurnbrand, P.; Emrich, D.; Creutzfeldt, W., 1986:
Clinical value of dual-isotope fat absorption test system (FATS) using glycerol trioleate and glycerol triether

Simeonov, S.P.; Nikolov, I.; Iordanova, V.; Vencharski, P., 1987:
Clinical, biochemical and haematological studies of acute monensin poisoning in pigs

Barlow, R.M.; Gardiner, A.C.; Angus, K.W.; Gilmour, J.S.; Mellor, D.J.; Cuthbertson, J.C.; Newlands, G.; Thompson, R., 1987:
Clinical, biochemical and pathological study of perinatal lambs in a commercial flock

Mayhew, I.G.; Ferguson, H.O., 1987:
Clinical, clinicopathologic, and epidemiologic features of anhidrosis in central Florida Thoroughbred horses

Traore, H.A.; Diarra, B.; Pichard, E.; Diallo, A.N., 1988:
Clinical, endoscopic and aetiological aspects of rectitis in the Internal Medicine Service of the Hopital du Point G. A review of 100 cases

E.S.baie, A.; Amer, A.; Nafie, E.; Abd E.A.l, T.; Sadiek, A.H., 1987:
Clinical, haematological and acid-base changes accompanying some respiratory and alimentary manifestations among fattening buffalo calves

Phillips, P.H.; Ford, G.E., 1987:
Clinical, haematological and plasma biochemical changes in specified-pathogen-free (Sporozoa) lambs experimentally infected with low numbers of Sarcocystis tenella sporocysts

Gottstein, B., 1987:
Clinical, haematological and serological findings in puppies after different intensity of milk-borne challenge with Ancylostoma caninum

Amer, A.A.; Abdel All, T.S.; Mourad, I.M., 1986:
Clinical, haematological and some biochemical variations in sheep infested with coenurosis

Whittington, RJ.; Gudkovs, N.; Carrigan, MJ.; Ashburner, LD.; Thurstan, SJ., 1987:
Clinical, microbiological and epidemiological findings in recent outbreaks of goldfish ulcer disease due to atypical Aeromonas salmonicida in south-eastern Australia

Rojanasthien, S., 1988:
Clinical, morphological and endocrinological studies in lactating and post-weaning sows

Rojanasthien, S.; Einarsson, S., 1988:
Clinical, morphological and endocrinological studies in post-weaning anoestrous sows

Arellano Llorente, P.E.; Lucio Martinez, B.; Paasch Martinez, L., 1986:
Clinical, pathological and virological study of a probable virus of canary pox

Mason, M.J.; Gillett, N.A.; Muggenburg, B.A., 1987:
Clinical, pathological, and epidemiological aspects of canine parvoviral enteritis in an unvaccinated closed Beagle colony: 1978-1985

Gokcen, H.; Minbay, A.; Cekgul, E., 1985:
Clinical, spermatological and bacteriological investigations of bulls at the Karacabey stud

Chryssanthopoulos, C.; Fink, J.N., 1984:
Clinical-immunologic correlates: a differential diagnostic update. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Jalanka, H., 1987:
Clinical-pharmacological properties of a new sedative-medetomidine-and its antagonist, MPV-1248

Zakirova, N.I., 1988:
Clinical-statistical characteristics of physical development indices in newborn infants in a region with a high birth rate

Steel, J.M.; Young, R.J.; Lloyd, G.G.; Clarke, B.F., 1987:
Clinically apparent eating disorders in young diabetic women: associations with painful neuropathy and other complications

Samad, A.; Ali, C.S.; Rehman, N.; Ahmad, A.; Ahmad, N., 1987:
Clinican incidence of reproductive disorders in the buffalo

Pandey, N.N.; Mishra, S.K., 1985:
Clinico-biochemical and therapeutic studies on anaemia associated with Neoascaris vitulorum in cow calves

Solis-Herruzo, J.A.; Vidal, J.V.; Colina, F.; Castellano, G.; Muñoz-Yagüe, M.T.; Morillas, J.D., 1987:
Clinico-biochemical evolution and late hepatic lesions in the toxic oil syndrome

E.D.naf, N.A.; Hafez, M.A.M.; Deeb, S.; Tawfik, M.A.; Allam, I.H.; Hassan, H.B., 1987:
Clinico-diagnostic and pathological studies on cattle and buffaloes suspected for rinderpest or rinderpest like diseases

Kumar, A.; Yadav, M.P.; Chandra, R.; Garg, S.K., 1987:
Clinico-etiological features of a pox outbreak among buffaloes

Hussain, M.M.; Gupta, S.L.; Singh, R.P., 1986:
Clinico-haematological and serological observations in lambs experimentally infected with Sarcocystis ovicanis

Pandey, N.N.; Misra, S.K., 1986:
Clinico-haematological changes in experimental chronic haemorrhagic anaemia in cross-bred cow calves

Terui, S.; Kariya, Y.; Terada, Y.; Ito, Y.; Furukawa, R., 1987:
Clinico-haematological findings and tick parasitism in grazing cattle under chemical treatment-free conditions for Theileria sergenti and ticks

Zharov, A.V.; Fitsev, A.I.; Mlyachkene, A.Y.; Lukashik, G.I., 1986:
Clinico-morphological status, metabolism and productivity of cows given various levels of dietary protein of plant origin

Ragab, A.M.; E.S.abini, L.M.; Moustafa, A.S.; Rashwan, A., 1987:
Clinico-pathological aspect of mastitis due to Mycoplasma bovigenitalium with special reference to some milk lipids

Barberis, S.; Galietti, F.; Giorgis, G.E.; Miravalle, C.; Oliaro, A.; Ardizzi, A., 1987:
Clinico-pathological aspects of farmer's lung. A review of the literature and a personal series

Tesprateep, T.; Chomkoh, C.; Chalermchaikit, T.; Navarat, M.L.A.; Luengvosluechakul, S., 1987:
Clinico-pathological observation on experimentally induced rinderpest in buffalo

Buchoo, B.A.; Sahay, P.N., 1987:
Clinico-radiographic evaluation of compression osteosynthesis for radial and ulnar fractures in goats

Desai, V.K.; Saxena, D.K.; Bhavsar, B.S.; Kantharia, S.L., 1986 :
Clinico-radiological study of fluorosis in tribal population of Gujarat

Kulkarni, M.D.; Deshpande, P.D.; Kale, K.M.; Belhe, N.D., 1987:
Clinico-therapeutic aspect of blood in milk in crossbreds

Pandey, N.; Kumar, P.N.; Lal, S.B., 1985:
Clinico-therapeutic management of urinary tract infection of Salmonella typhimurium in dog

Singh, V.P.; Bansal, M.P., 1986:
Clinicopathological observations in bovine leukemia virus inoculated lambs and cross-bred zebu calves

Chauhan, H.V.S.; Jha, G.J.; Singh, K.K., 1986:
Clinicopathological studies on Dyspharynx nasuta infection in a small flock of free range domestic fowl

Krcmery, V.; Sobota, K.; Hruzik, J.; Kapeller, K.; Foltinova, J.; Sobotova, O., 1987:
Clinics and therapy of enterobiosis in patients, treated at the Clinic for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases in Bratislava (CSSR)

Anonymous, 1986:
Clinics in tropical medicine and communicable diseases. Volume 1, No.1: Malaria

Lisovets' , I.G.; Lipyanchik, V.S., 1985:
Clinoptilolite for rearing and finishing cattle

Ming, D.W.; Dixon, J.B., 1986:
Clinoptilolite in south Texas soils

Kasumov, S.N.; Seidov, A.G.; Mugalinskii, S.N., 1986:
Clinoptilolite tufa - a mineral supplement in diets for laying hens

Abidi, SMA.; Ahmad, M.; Nizami, WA.; Hanna, REB., 1988:
Clinostomum complanatum: tegumental surface changes during in vivo development

Avgeris, S.; Rigg, D., 1988:
Cloacopexy in a sulphur crested cockatoo

Kessel, B.; Hsueh, A.J., 1987:
Clomiphene citrate augments follicle-stimulating hormone-induced luteinizing hormone receptor content in cultured rat granulosa cells

Renner, P.A.; Nestor, K.E.; Bacon, W.L.; Havenstein, G.B., 1987:
Clomiphene-citrate does not reduce broodiness of turkey hens

Kuser, J.E., 1987:
Clonal and age differences in the rooting of Metasequoia glyptostroboides cuttings

Byram T.D.; Lowe W.J.; Mcgriff J.A., 1986:
Clonal and annual variation in cone production in loblolly pine seed orchards

Burgess, DE., 1988:
Clonal and geographic distribution of a surface antigen of Tritrichomonas foetus

Rigr, A.; Beranek, F., 1988:
Clonal breeding of Czech fine-flavoured hop (Humulus lupulus L.)

Magambo, M.J.S.; Waithaka, K., 1983:
Clonal differences in dry matter production and partitioning in young tea (Camellia sinensis L.) plants

Picard, B.; Goullet, P.; Contrepois, M., 1988:
Clonal distribution of septicaemic Escherichia coli O78 isolates, evidenced by enzyme electrophoretic polymorphism

Leakey, R.R.B., 1987 :
Clonal forestry in the tropics - a review of developments, strategies and opportunities

Shea, K.L.; Grant, M.C., 1986:
Clonal growth in spire-shaped Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir trees

Garcia, E. de; Furelli, L., 1987:
Clonal mass propagation of the fern Cyrtomium falcatum

Shengeliya, L.N.; Butenko, R.G., 1986:
Clonal micropropagation of citrus crops using axillary buds

Amerkhanova, M.B.; Rakhimbaev, I.R., 1986:
Clonal micropropagation of sugarbeet

Plisis, Y.; Kalva, G., 1987:
Clonal micropropagation of the trumpet lily cultivar Dagniya

Arya, H.C.; Shekhawat, N.S., 1986:
Clonal multiplication of tree species in the Thar desert through tissue culture

Lemus S.G., 1987:
Clonal plum rootstock propagation using hardwood cuttings

Gabriel, D.W.; Hunter, J.E.; Kingsley, M.T.; Miller, J.W.; Lazo, G.R., 1988:
Clonal population structure of Xanthomonas campestris and genetic diversity among citrus canker strains

Singer, S., 1988:
Clonal populations with special reference to Bacillus sphaericus

Young, R.; Kaul, V.; Williams, E.G., 1987:
Clonal propagation in vitro from immature embryos and flower buds of Lycopersicon peruvianum and L. esculentum

Zora Singh; Sandhu, A.S., 1985:
Clonal propagation of Citrus jambhiri Lush. by stem cuttings

Miura, Y.; Fukui, H.; Tabata, M., 1987:
Clonal propagation of chemically uniform fennel plants through somatic embryoids

D.Winnaar W., 1988:
Clonal propagation of papaya in vitro

Chan Lai Keng; Teo, C.K.H., 1987:
Clonal propagation of papaya: problems and prospects

Jones, L.H., 1987:
Clonal propagation of plantation crops

Maliarcikova, V.; Mokra, A., 1986:
Clonal propagation of strawberries in vitro

Pevalek Kozlina, B., 1985:
Clonal propagation of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) in vitro

Aitken Christie, J.; Thorpe, T.A., 1986:
Clonal propagation: gymnosperms

Waart, A.J.P. van de, 1987:
Clonal research with Golden Delicious

Eremin, G.V.; Gavrish, V.F., 1987:
Clonal rootstocks for stone fruits

Calo, A.; Costacurta, A.; Cersosimo, A.; Cancellier, S.; Noni, R. de, 1987 :
Clonal selection in Prosecco

Calo, A.; Cancellier, S.; Costacurta, A., 1986:
Clonal selection in Vespaiola

Dashdamirov, Z., 1986:
Clonal selection in the feijoa crop

Zotkina, G.A., 1987:
Clonal selection of grape in the Kuban'

Tulaeva, M.I., 1986:
Clonal selection of grape in the Ukraine and the production of elite planting material

Parlati, M.V.; Bellini, E.; Menna, C.; Turco, D., 1986:
Clonal selection of olive in Lazio: first results obtained in the Viterbo region with the cultivar Canino

Rone, V.M., 1987:
Clonal selection of spruce

Calo, A.; Costacurta, A.; Cancellier, S.; Borgo, M.; Egger, E., 1986:
Clonal selection of the grapevine variety Durella

Costacurta, A., 1985:
Clonal selection of wine grapes in Italy

Mwakha, E., 1986:
Clonal tea response to frequency and height of mechanical harvesting

Girod, P.A.; Zryd, J.P., 1987:
Clonal variability and light induction of betalain synthesis in red beet cell cultures

Yamakawa, S.; Ide, K.; Kobayashi, H.; Ueki, K., 1986:
Clonal variation in the effects of nitrogen application on growth and propagule production of arrowhead, Sagittaria trifolia L

Yamakawa, S.; Ide, K.; Kobayashi, H.; Ueki, K., 1987:
Clonal variation in the effects of nitrogen applied to the mother plant on the sprouting behaviour of tubers of arrowhead, Sagittaria trifolia L

Phillips, M.S.; Rumpenhorst, H.J.; Trudgill, D.L., 1987:
Clone by Globodera pallida population interaction in partially resistant potato genotypes

Selkirk, M.E.; Rutherford, P.J.; Denham, D.a.; Partono, F.; Maizels, R.M., 1987:
Cloned antigen genes of Brugia filarial parasites

Swanson, J.; Kearney, B.; Dahlbeck, D.; Staskawicz, B., 1988:
Cloned avirulence gene of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria complements spontaneous race-change mutants

Raschke, W.C., 1987:
Cloned murine T200 (Ly-5) cDNA reveals multiple transcripts within B- and T-lymphocyte lineages

Singh, I.D., 1985:
Clones for Darjeeling

D' yachenko, L.F. (Djachenko, L.F.; Sivolap, Y.M., 1986:
Cloning DNA sequences complementary to poly(A)+ mRNA from barley endosperm

Terao, M.; Mintz, B., 1987:
Cloning and characterization of a cDNA coding for mouse placental alkaline phosphatase

Murphy, L.C.; Murphy, L.J.; Tsuyuki, D.; Duckworth, M.L.; Shiu, R.P., 1988:
Cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding a highly conserved, putative calcium binding protein, identified by an anti-prolactin receptor antiserum

Davatelis, G.; Tekamp-Olson, P.; Wolpe, S.D.; Hermsen, K.; Luedke, C.; Gallegos, C.; Coit, D.; Merryweather, J.; Cerami, A., 1988:
Cloning and characterization of a cDNA for murine macrophage inflammatory protein (MIP), a novel monokine with inflammatory and chemokinetic properties

Zurita, M.; Bieber, D.; Ringold, G.; Mansour, TE., 1987:
Cloning and characterization of a female genital complex cDNA from the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica

Shih, L.M.; Irving, J.M.; Zee, Y.C.; Pritchett, R.F., 1988:
Cloning and characterization of a genomic probe for malignant catarrhal fever virus

Datta, U.; Dutta, P.; Mandal, R.K., 1988:
Cloning and characterization of a highly repetitive fish nucleotide sequence

Bedinger P.; D.H.stos E.L.; Leon P.; Walbot V., 1986:
Cloning and characterization of a linear 2.3 kb mitochondrial plasmid of maize

Portnoy, D.A.; Erickson, A.H.; Kochan, J.; Ravetch, J.V.; Unkeless, J.C., 1986:
Cloning and characterization of a mouse cysteine proteinase

Nilsen T.W.; Maroney P.A.; Goodwin R.G.; Perrine K.G.; Denker J.A.; Nanduri J.; Kazura J.W., 1988:
Cloning and characterization of a potentially protective antigen in lymphatic filariasis

Murray, KA.; Post, RJ.; Crampton, JM.; McCall, PJ.; Kouyate, B., 1988:
Cloning and characterization of a species-specific repetitive DNA sequence from Onchocerca armillata

Perler, F.B.; Moon, A.M.; B.Q.n Qiang; Meda, M.; Dalton, M.; Card, C.; Schmidt-Ullrich, R.; Wallach, D.; Lynch, J.; Donelson, J.E., 1987 :
Cloning and characterization of an abundant Plasmodium knowlesi antigen which cross reacts with Gambian sera

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