Comparative efficacy of lasalocid and monensin against coccidia of two field isolates, repeatedly propagated in medicated chicks

Weber, G.M.; Frigg, M.

Research in avian coccidiosis Proceedings of the Georgia Coccidiosis Conference, 18-20 November 1985: 363-371


Accession: 001549716

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The possible development of resistance against ionophorous anticoccidials was investigated in broiler chicks. 2 strains of mixed Eimeria species (E. acervulina, E. tenella), which had been exposed to either lasalocid or monensin in the field, were passaged 5 times in chicks medicated with one of these 2 drugs. The results of a comparative trial revealed that lasalocid was more active against these coccidia samples than was monensin. However, no drug resistance had developed against either anticoccidial. Whereas with one strain an increase in pathogenicity of coccidia was observed during the passages under medication, samples of the other strain lost their pathogenicity during propagation in anticoccidial-protected chicks and as a consequence were even better controlled by the respective drug than the control sample. Under the conditions of this trial, oocyst shedding was found to be an unsuitable parameter for the judgement of anticoccidial activity of a drug.