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Composting of fibrous solids from cow manure and anaerobically digested manure

Tarre, S.; Raviv, M.; Shelef, G.

Biological Wastes 19(4): 299-308


DOI: 10.1016/0269-7483(87)90064-4
Accession: 001552270

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Fibrous solids mechanically separated from fresh cow manure (CMFM), thermophilically digested cow manure (TFM) and two-stage digested cow manure (TSFM) were composted for 7 weeks. The Volatile Solids content was reduced by 52%, 49% and 35% for CMFM, TFM and TSFM, respectively. The weekly Volatile Solids mass balance showed a temperature sensitivity above 60.degree. C. Crude fiber analysis illustrated the initial differences between the materials and depicted the breakdown of the organic matter during composting. The matured materials were rich in lignin and ash relative to cellulose and hemicellulose concentrations. The end-product is intended for use as substitute growth media in plant nurseries.