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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Larsen, J. W, Jr, 1986: Congenital toxoplasmosis

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Johnstone, A. C., 1987: Congenital vascular tumours in the skin of horses

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Tsymbal, V. I., 1986: Conglutination test for bovine leukosis

Anonymous, 1983: Congolese revolution and education 1963-83: progress, problems and prospects

Anonymous, 1987: Congress and General Assembly of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET), Cuba, 6-13 October, 1986

Nipp, T. L., 1988: Congress and the future of agricultural research, extension, and education

Anonymous, 1987: Congress to the rescue

Anonymous, 1988: Congress tourism

Frank, T., 1988: Congresses, conferences and tourism

Ingle, P. O., 1987: Congruity and innovation in Indian agriculture

Goettel, M. S., 1987: Conidial viability of the mosquito pathogenic hyphomycete, Tolypocladium cylindrosporum, following prolonged storage at -20 degrees C

Chang, H. S., 1986: Conidium and hypha mutants of Cochliobolus miyabeanus (Ito & Kuribayashi) Drechsler ex Dastur

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Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553031

Brand, D. G.; Kehoe, P.; Connors, M., 1986: Coniferous afforestation leads to soil acidification in central Ontario

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Oge, F., 1986: Conifers or peopleaction of the French National Forestry Fund in the Tarn area

Kuznetsov, S. I.; Mironova, G. A.; Pushkar' , V. V., 1986: Conifers planted in cities and arboreta in the forest-steppe region of the Ukraine

Udagawa, S. I.; Tsubouchi, H., 1986: Coniochaetidium mirabile, a new ascomycete isolated from salted food

Claxton, J. D., 1987: Conjoint analysis in travel research: a managers guide

Steenkamp, J. B. E. M., 1987: Conjoint measurement in ham quality evaluation

Jarvis, A. W., 1988: Conjugal transfer in lactic streptococci of plasmid-encoded insensitivity to prolate- and small isometric-headed bacteriophages

Tsai, H. J., 1986: Conjugal transfer of plasmid genes between lactic Streptococcus and Leuconostoc starter bacteria

Mercenier A., 1987: Conjugative mobilization as an alternative vector delivery system for lactic streptococci

Roze, M., 1988: Conjunctival and corneal manifestations of leishmaniasis

Kramer, T. T.; Pardon, P.; Marly, J.; Bernard, S., 1987: Conjunctival and intramuscular vaccination of pigs with live avirulent strain of Salmonella cholerae-suis

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Johnson, B. W.; Brightman, A. H.; Whiteley, H. E., 1988: Conjunctival mast cell tumor in two dogs

Hakanson, N. E.; Merideth, R. E., 1987: Conjunctival pedicle grafting in the treatment of corneal ulcers in the dog and cat

Fensterbank, R.; Verger, J. M.; Grayon, M., 1987: Conjunctival vaccination of young goats with Brucella melitensis strain Rev 1

Anonymous, 1986: Conjunctive Water Use

Carpenter, C. H., 1987: Conjunctive use in Sevier River system, Utah

Kos, Z., 1988: Conjunctive use of water for irrigation, municipal and industrial water supply in Istra, Yugoslavia

Fledderus, A.; Dijk, J. E. van; Holzhauer, C.; Mouwen, J. M. V. M., 1988: Conjunctivitis, red nose and skin hypersensitivity as signs of food allergy in veal calves

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Toth, G.; Nowinszky, L., 1985: Connections between the light-trap catches and the long-term changes in the environmental illumination

Pearson, KG.; Wolf, H., 1988: Connections of hindwing tegulae with flight neurones in the locust, Locusta migratoria

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553068

Doub, J. P.; Wilson, H. P.; Hines, T. E.; Hatzios, K. K., 1988: Consecutive annual applications of alachlor and metolachlor to continuous no-till corn (Zea mays)

Pflumm, W., 1985: Consecutive antenna grooming as a displacement activity of the honeybee in collecting sucrose solutions of different concentrations

Dulac, G. C.; Dubuc, C.; Afshar, A.; Myers, D. J.; Bouttard, A.; Shapiro, J.; Shettigara, P. T., 1988: Consecutive outbreaks of epizootic haemorrhagic disease of deer and bluetongue

Ritchie, J. R. B., 1988: Consensus policy formulation in tourism. Measuring resident views via survey research

Smith, P. G.; Phipps, J. B., 1984: Consensus trees in phenetic analyses

Dakers, J., 1986: Consequences for farm profitability of the changing level of support

Drews, M., 1987: Consequences for the German dairy industry and the German market of permitting imitation butter products

Bevan, D. L.; Collier, P.; Gunning, J. W., 1987: Consequences of a commodity boom in a controlled economy: accumulation and redistribution in Kenya 1975-83

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553080

Copin, A.; Caussin, R.; Deleu, R.; Galoux, M.; Roland, L., 1988: Consequences of chemical crop protection

Unsworth, M. H.; Crossley, A., 1987: Consequences of cloud water deposition on vegetation at high elevation

Alston, J. M.; Trewin, R.; Bhati, U. N., 1986: Consequences of deregulation in the Victorian egg industry; A comment; A reply

Natzke R.P., 1988: Consequences of diagnostic errors in mastitis therapy trials

Bulow, V. von; Rudolph, R.; Fuchs, B., 1986: Consequences of double infection of chicks with adenovirus or reovirus and the chicken anaemia agent (CAA)

Chekhovich, A. V.; Chernukha, Yu G.; Evdokimova, O. A.; Reichuk, E. A.; Anan' ina, Yu V.; Kokovin, I. L.; Soloshenko, I. Z., 1988: Consequences of draining land which served as a natural focus of leptospirosis in the non-black earth zone of the USSR

Sugar, L.; Kakuk, T., 1985: Consequences of excessive carbohydrate consumption (lactacidosis)

De Visser N.A.P.C., 1988: Consequences of failure of the reticular groove reflex in veal calves fed milk replacer

Gonzalez, A. S. del B.; Kinghorn, B. P., 1987: Consequences of genotype x environment interaction in group breeding schemes

Lichtenberg, F. von, 1987: Consequences of infections with schistosomes

Henze, A., 1987: Consequences of input use and input payments for agricultural policy in the GFR

Barbosa, P.; Martinat, P.; Bennett, R., 1986: Consequences of maternal age and host deprivation on the production and development of Brachymeria intermedia (Nees) and the mortality of its gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) host

Anonymous, 1987: Consequences of milk quotas and alternative animal enterprises. A seminar in the Community programme for the coordination of agricultural research, Dublin, 9-10 October 1986

Perraud, D., 1987: Consequences of milk quotas at the farm level: a sample study. The initial findings of a study on a sample of dairy farmers delivering milk to two dairy farm cooperatives. Consequences of milk quotas and alternative animal enterprises. A seminar in the Community programme for the coordination of agricultural research, Dublin, 9-10 October 1986

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553096

Berner, Y. N.; Shike, M., 1988: Consequences of phosphate imbalance

Becker, H.; Haxsen, G., 1986: Consequences of price instability for potato production in the German Federal Republic

MacNeil, M. D., 1988: Consequences of selection for growth and tissue development on maternal qualities

Anonymous, 1984: Consequences of small farm mechanization in Indonesia. Proceedings of a workshop

Mather, K., 1987: Consequences of stabilising selection for polygenic variation

Tunnessen, Ww Jr; Oski, Fa, 1987: Consequences of starting whole cow milk at 6 months of age

Seinhorst, J. W., 1987: Consequences of summer mastitis on dairy farm productivity

Chauvet, G., 1983: Consequences of the construction of a dam and reservoir on the epidemiology of malaria at Magba (Western Province) and Lagdo (Northern Province) in Cameroon

Ronnegard, J. O., 1985: Consequences of the dual-price system for milk

Liess, B.; Orban, S.; Frey, H. R.; Trautwein, G., 1987: Consequences of transplacental transmission of bovine diarrhoea virus on bovine fetuses

Laveissiere, C.; Couret, D., 1986: Consequences to tsetse flies of repeated contact with synthetic pyrethroids

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553109

Howard, R. F.; Ardeshir, F.; Reese, R. T., 1986: Conservation and antigenicity of N-terminal sequences of GP185 from different Plasmodium falciparum isolates

Zvirgzd, A. V., 1986: Conservation and development of the woody flora in the densely populated territories of the Latvian SSR

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Anonymous, 1988: Conservation in Africa: people, policies and practice

Haeruman, H., 1988: Conservation in Indonesia

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553131

Buechner, M., 1987: Conservation in insular parks: simulation models of factors affecting the movement of animals across park boundaries

Klass, M.; Ammons, D.; Ward, S., 1988: Conservation in the 5' flanking sequences of transcribed members of the Caenorhabditis elegans major sperm protein gene family

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Anonymous, 1988: Conservation of Bos sauveli

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Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553209

Ray, B., 1986: Conservation tillage to control soil erosion

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Allen, R. R., 1986: Conservation wheat seeders in residue

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Rakas F.S., 1988: Conservative surgery for hydatid cysts of liver in children

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Muxeneder, R., 1988: Conservative treatment of chronic skin lesions of the horse by laser puncture

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Stunkard, Aj, 1987: Conservative treatments for obesity

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553224

Anonymous, 1986: Conserve the soil. I. Symposium on minimum tillage in annual crops, Madrid, October 1 and 2, 1986

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553226

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Betzinger, C., 1988: Consideration of packaging systems for fresh milk

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Brunck, F., 1984: Consideration of some foliar analyses made on Pinus caribaea hondurensis

Yang, J. Q., 1986: Consideration of the development of trade in high quality seed

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553248

Flugel, H. J., 1987: Consideration of the mutual interactions of honeybees and the environment, with particular reference to the conditions of Berlin

Calabretta, C.; Privitera, S., 1985: Consideration of the present day state of the control against root-knot nematodes in commercial horticultural crops and prospectives of alternative methods

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Honne, B. I., 1986: Considerations around the 2x two loci and the 4x one locus models, with special reference to duplicate interaction

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Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553259

Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553260

Panzutti, N. da P. M., 1987: Considerations concerning producers' cooperatives in Ribeirao Preto, state of Sao Paulo, 1980

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Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553270

Schwab, S. M., 1987: Considerations of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza physiology in breeding for enhanced mineral uptake by plants

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Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553282

Fuentes N, F.; Simanca, A., 1986: Considerations on the methodology of field experiments. Study of the significance of the borders of plots in experiments with sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.), potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) and taro (Xanthosoma sagittifolium, S.)

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Section 2, Chapter 1554, Accession 001553865

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