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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Cakala, S.; Lubiarz, J., 1987:
Contribution to electrocardiographic examination of cattle

Benayas, J.; Carbajal, H.; Herrera, M.J., 1987:
Contribution to genesis of palaeosols (Almagres) on the Canary Islands (Spain) by thin section technique

Hewicker, M.; Willms, N.; Pohlenz, J.; Trautwein, G., 1988:
Contribution to immunohistological diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease in cattle

Polten, B.M., 1986:
Contribution to immunoprophylaxis of paramyxovirus-1 infection of the pigeon

Nedic, M., 1986:
Contribution to investigations on the effect of sowing date on leaf area of maize on chernozem

Milosevic, M.; Bajic, N., 1988:
Contribution to investigations on the properties of some maize hybrids for ensiling

Tuveri, F.; Prosperi, S., 1985:
Contribution to knowledge of honeys produced in Sardinia

Bordy, B.; Doguet, S., 1987:
Contribution to knowledge of the Cassidinae of France. Study of their spermatheca (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Haxaire, J.; Rasplus, J.Y., 1987 :
Contribution to knowledge of the Sphingidae of French Guiana. 2nd Part

Haxaire, J.; Rasplus, J.Y., 1986:
Contribution to knowledge of the Sphingidae of French Guiana. Part 1. (Lep.)

Arzone, A.; Alma, A., 1984:
Contribution to knowledge of the biocoenosis of Myzus varians Dav

Garcia Perez, J.A., 1985:
Contribution to knowledge of the determination of the ant-plant relation in Pseudomyrmex ferruginea F. Smith (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), a mutualist species of various Neotropical species of Acacia

Guilbot, R.; Martouret, D., 1987:
Contribution to knowledge of the entomofauna of the apple orchard: identification of 11 species of Lepidoptera Tortricidae from the egg stage

Bolchi Serini, G.; Salvi, G., 1986:
Contribution to knowledge of the ethology of Apis mellifera during pollen foraging

Navarro, P.; Lluch, J.; Roca, V., 1987:
Contribution to knowledge of the helminth fauna of Iberian snakes. VI. Parasites of Natrix maura (Linnaeus, 1758) (Reptilia: Colubridae)

Lienhard, C., 1986:
Contribution to knowledge of the psocopteran fauna of Hungary (Insecta)

Hladikova, L.; Bedrnik, P., 1986:
Contribution to our knowledge on the mode of action of monensin

Jonas, D.; Haberkorn, K.; Commichau, C., 1986:
Contribution to post mortem diagnosis of rabies in cats

Zigic, B., 1986:
Contribution to research on the blood composition of piglets up to ten days after separation from their dam in different breeding conditions. (Summary of a doctoral thesis)

Chovanec, D., 1987:
Contribution to studies of the causes of impaired impregnability of spruce wood

Aira Rodriguez, M.J.; Guitian Ojea, F., 1986:
Contribution to study of the soils and sediments of the mountains of Galicia and their chronology by pollen analysis. III. Samples from Penillanura Inferior of Sierra de Queixa (Orense) and general discussion of results

Kegler, H.; Meyer, U., 1987:
Contribution to testing the resistance of apple genotypes to witches' broom

Jansen Verbeke, M., 1986:
Contribution to the analysis of the tourism function of middle-sized cities in the Netherlands

Loureiro, A.A.; Silva, M.F. da; Vasconcellos, F.J. de, 1984:
Contribution to the anatomical study of the wood of 7 species of Dimorphandra (Leguminosae - Caesalpinioideae)

Strohlein, D.A., 1987:
Contribution to the biology of experimental Sarcocystis suicanis infection in domestic swine

Lazare, J.J., 1986:
Contribution to the biosystematic and ecological study of the orophilic complex Carex sempervirens Vill. (Cyperaceae). Attempt at a synthesis for the north Mediterranean mountain ridge

Lazare, J.J., 1986:
Contribution to the biosystematic and ecological study of the orophilic complex Carex sempervirens Vill. (Cyperaceae). Ecophysiological characterization of the populations

Skaltsa, H.; Philianos, S., 1986:
Contribution to the chemical study of Ocimum basilicum L. - First communication

Harvala, C.; Skaltsa, H., 1986:
Contribution to the chemical study of Origanum dictamnus L. - First communication

Skaltsa, H.; Harvala, C., 1987:
Contribution to the chemical study of Origanum dictamnus L. 2 Glucosides of the leaves

Weisner, I.; Novak, J., 1986:
Contribution to the chemotaxonomy of some taxa of section Serpyllum of the genus Thymus. 2. Results of polyfactorial analysis

Sobota, K.; Sobotova, O.; Kubicova, E., 1987:
Contribution to the clinical aspects of giardiasis

Krcmery, V.; Sobota, K.; Sobotova, O., 1987:
Contribution to the clinical picture and therapy of enterobiasis

Muller, F.P.; Steiner, H., 1986:
Contribution to the comparative morphology and bionomy of Aphis evonymi F. (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Sierra, I.; Sanudo, C.; Olleta, J.L.; Forcada, F., 1988:
Contribution to the comparative study of carcass and meat quality in light lambs. Problems with importing carcasses

Saparmamedova, N.K., 1986:
Contribution to the composition of the insect complex of plum orchards in southern Turkmenistan

Lapusan, A.; Popescu, L., 1986:
Contribution to the cultivation technology of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea)

Bernardi, L., 1985:
Contribution to the dendrology of Paraguay. 2

Schirmer, I.; Buongiorno, J., 1985:
Contribution to the development of a model of the international trade in tropical logs

Lecoustre, R.; Reffye, P. de, 1986:
Contribution to the development of an integrated control method against Coelaenomenodera minuta Uh., principal pest of Elaeis guineensis in West Africa

Seleim, M.A.H.A., 1986:
Contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of intra-articular fractures of the tibiotarsal joint in the horse

Filippova, N.A.; Panova, I.V.; Grebenyuk, R.V., 1986:
Contribution to the diagnosis of species of the genus Dermacentor Koch from Central Asia according to the larval stage (Ixodidae)

Walter, G.; Massa, R., 1987:
Contribution to the ectoparasite fauna of migrating birds in northern Italy

Pangui, L.J.; Dorchies, P.; Belot, J., 1988:
Contribution to the epidemiological study of Oestrus ovis infection of sheep in Senegal

Krylov, D.G., 1986:
Contribution to the fauna and ecology of fleas of small mammals of the Moscow region

Zlobin, V.V., 1986:
Contribution to the fauna of mining flies of the family Agromyzidae (Diptera) of the Zeya State Nature Reserve

Rikhter, V.A., 1986:
Contribution to the fauna of tachinids (Diptera, Tachinidae) of the Far East

Aswal, B.S.; Mehrotra, B.N., 1985:
Contribution to the flora of Lahul valley (North West Himalayas) - V. Phytogeographical aspects

Rafikov, A.A., 1985:
Contribution to the forecasting of desertification processes in south Priaral'e

Savov, P., 1987:
Contribution to the gene pool of wheat

Pellova, M.; Bilcikova, M., 1987:
Contribution to the incidence and clinical picture of larval toxocariasis

Veljovic, V.; Markovic, A., .:
Contribution to the investigation of vegetation of the most characteristic agrarian ecosystems of Sumadija

Nadolski, J., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of African Papilionidae, Pieridae, Danaidae, Acraeidae and Nymphalidae (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera)

Saber, M., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of Aphyllophorales collected in Iran

Garcia, J.J.; Lange, C.E., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of Argentine microsporidia. II. Presence of Vavraia sp. (Microsporea, Microsporida) in Smicridea sp. (Insecta, Trichoptera)

Ergens, R.; Yukhimenko, S.S., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of Gyrodactylus gurleyi Price, 1937 (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae)

Nadal i Puigdefabregas, M.; Moret i Benaset, A., 1984:
Contribution to the knowledge of Phyllosticta species of Catalonia

Diaz Cosin, D.J.; Mato, S.; Mascato, R., 1985:
Contribution to the knowledge of Spanish lumbricids. VII. Cernosvitovia bertae sp. nov

Llorens i Villagrassa, I., 1984:
Contribution to the knowledge of Uredinales, Ustilaginales and Phragmobasidiomycetes of Spain. I

Zenka, J.; Prokopic, J., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of aerobic processes in Taenia crassiceps larvae (Zeder, 1800)

Rochelle, L.A., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of curuba (Sicana odorifera Naud.)

Ursu, A., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of muscids (Diptera, Muscidae) in Romania

Docea, E.; Capetti, E.; Grumeza, C.; Vevera, L.; Ivan, V., 1984:
Contribution to the knowledge of pathogenic microflora in agrobiocenoses of some species of medicinal plants

Moret i Benaset, A.; Nadal i Puigdefabregas, M., 1984:
Contribution to the knowledge of plant parasitic fungi of the class Ascomycotina in Catalonia

Patocka, J., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of pupae of the tribe Boarmiini (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) of Central Europe

Popov, C.; Flueras, I.; Malschi, D., 1985:
Contribution to the knowledge of some pests occurring in spring wheat sown as a successive crop

Varga, N.; Varga, M., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of some physiological and biochemical processes in grapevine grafting

Gheorghiu, V., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of tephritids (Diptera, Tephritidae) in Retezat National Park (II)

Alonso de Medina, E.; Olivella, E., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Heterocera (Lepidoptera) of Montseny. III

Mazur, S., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Histeridae of Pakistan (Coleoptera)

Insom, E.; Centina, P. del; Carfi, S., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Italian neuropterological fauna III. Neuroptera Planipennia of Sardinia

Castro, D. del C., 1984:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Neotropical Anoplura II

Monserrat, V.J., 1985:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Neuroptera of Murcia (SE Spain)

Plaza Infante, E., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the Spanish Coccinellidae. Subfamily Epilachninae (Coleoptera)

Mazzanti de Castanon, M.A.; Alvarez, R.E.; Cabrera de Alvarez, M.G., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the aetiology of powdery mildew of Cucurbitaceae grown in North-East Argentina

Melia, A., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the aphids (Homoptera, Aphidoidea) on agricultural and forest plants in Spain

Moore, R.T., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the buprestids of Chile (Coleoptera: Buprestidae). Third contribution

Martin Piera, F.; Veiga, C.M.; Lobo, J.M., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the coprophagic Scarabaeoidea (Col.) of the central massif of Guadarrama

Guglielmi, A.; Platia, G., 1985:
Contribution to the knowledge of the elaterids of Greece and Turkey (Coleoptera)

Michelena Saval, J.M.; Gonzalez Funes, P., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the family Aphidiidae (Hymenoptera) in Spain. I Aphidius Nees

Giraldez, X., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the flora of Zamorana

Stefanake Nikeforake, M., 1982:
Contribution to the knowledge of the flora of the Quercetalia ilicis zone of the Prefecture of Messinia

Castro, D. del C.; Cicchino, A.C., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the genus Eulinognathus Cummings, 1916 (Anoplura, Polyplacidae) parasitizing Ctenomyidae (Rodentia, Octodontoidea)

Rey del Castillo, C., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the genus Exetastes Gravenhorst, 1829 in peninsular Spain and the Balearics. (Hym. Ichneumonidae)

Lluch, J.; Roca, V.; Navarro, P., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the helminth fauna of Iberian amphibians and reptiles. II. Lecithodendriidae of Rana perezi

Roca, V.; Lluch, J.; Navarro, P., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the helminths parasitizing iberian Amphibia and Reptilia. V. Parasites of Psammodromus algirus, Psammodromus hispanicus and Acanthodactylus erythrurus (Reptilia: Lacertidae)

Borkowski, K., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the insect fauna of the crown of Scots pine trees

Penteado Dias, A.M., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the morphology and biology of Cotesia alius (Muesebeck, 1958) (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae)

Moore, R.T., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the neotropical buprestids (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

Monserrat, V.J.; Holzel, H., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the neuropterans of Anatolia. (Neuropteroidea, Planipennia)

Sutton, C.A.; Hugot, J.P., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the parasite fauna of Argentina, XVIII. Morphological study of Wellcomia dolichotis n.sp. (Oxyuridae, Nematoda), a parasite of Dolichotis patagonum

Sutton, C.A.; Durette Desset, M.C., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the parasitological fauna in Argentina. XVIII. Lagostonema ecasiense n.gen., n.sp. (Trichostrongyloidea, Nematoda), parasite of Lagostomus maximus (Chinchillidae, Caviomorpha)

Bonsson, B.; Delsol, E., 1987:
Contribution to the knowledge of the problems of breeding cola in the Ivory Coast. II. Problems of progeny selection

Alcaraz Ariza, F.; Rios Ruiz, S.; Sanchez Gomez, P., 1986:
Contribution to the knowledge of the riverside flowering plants in S.E. Spain. I

Gayubo, S.F., 1984:
Contribution to the knowledge of the sphecids of the Algarve (Portugal) (Hym., Sphecidae)

Fischer, H.E., 1986 :
Contribution to the long-term storage of sugarbeet pollen. (Short communication)

Podboronov, V.M., 1986:
Contribution to the methodology of feeding and infecting bloodsucking insects, mites and ticks

Balkanjieva, J. (Balkandzhieva, Yu); Mihailov, L. (Mikhailov, L); Georgiev, H. (Georgiev, Kh), 1988:
Contribution to the methods of inducing polyploid tomatoes

Ortiz, M.A.G.; Garcia, J.R.A.M., 1987:
Contribution to the morphological study of the third stage larva of Mecistocirrus digitatus (Linstow, 1906) Railliet and Henry, 1912

Belem, C.; Boulanger, J.; Braud, M.; Gramain, E.; Laine, G., 1984:
Contribution to the optimization of fertilizer application to Hibiscus cannabinus I. Levels of export and mobilization

Belem, C.; Boulanger, J.; Braud, M.; Gramain, E.; Laine, G., 1984:
Contribution to the optimization of fertilizer application to Hibiscus cannabinus II. Assay of monitoring of nitrogen nutrition

Schuster, R., 1987:
Contribution to the parasite fauna of the GDR. Communication 8: Helminth fauna of Ondatra zibethica

Ayuso Gonzalez, M.J.; Requena Marhuenda, E.; Martin Calero, M.J., 1986:
Contribution to the pharmacodynamic study of Bidens aurea (Aiton) Sherff. IV. Activity with regard to different models of experimental gastric ulcers

Tomsikova, A., 1988:
Contribution to the practical application of exoantigen tests

Graman, J.; Dederova, J., 1987:
Contribution to the problem of breeding potato for resistance to mechanical damage to the tubers

Babiak, M.; Pavlikova, M.; Jokel, J., 1987:
Contribution to the problem of water transfer in wood

Kovacevic, J.; Lalic, A.; Martincic, J., 1985:
Contribution to the problems of breeding for grain yield by studying the F2 generation from crosses of two-rowed and six-rowed barley

Anonymous, 1985:
Contribution to the programme of prevention and control of inflammation of the bovine mammary gland

Csath, A., 1987:
Contribution to the protein programme

Audubert, A., 1987:
Contribution to the selection of rootstocks (plum type) for apricots

Jain, P.S., 1986:
Contribution to the studies on root nodules in some leguminous weeds

Niemirowicz Szczytt, K., 1986:
Contribution to the studies on the first, generative progeny of Fragaria X ananassa polyhaploids

Pearson, J.C.; Deblock, S., 1987:
Contribution to the study of Microphallidae Travassos, 1920 (Trematoda). XXXIX. The genus Queenslandisia n.g. and the tribe of the Basantisiini

Pearson, J.C.; Deblock, S., 1986:
Contribution to the study of Microphallidae Travassos, 1920 (Trematoda). XXXVIII. Labidotrema dittolepum n.g., n.sp. (Gynaecotylinae, Basantisiini), parasite of Halycon chloris

Fomena, A.; Bouix, G., 1987:
Contribution to the study of Myxosporidia of freshwater fishes of Cameroon. III. New species of the genera Henneguya and Thelohanellus

Jestin, A., 1988:
Contribution to the study of Tritrichomonas suis. Culture and identification of resistant forms

Lespinasse, Y.; Noiton, D., 1986:
Contribution to the study of a haploid apple plant (Malus pumila Mill.). Descriptive study and comparison with clones of different ploidy. I. Vegetative characters: internodes, leaves and stomata

Noiton, D.; Coquen, C.; Lespinasse, Y., 1986:
Contribution to the study of a haploid apple plant (Malus pumila Mill.). Descriptive study and comparison with clones of different ploidy. II. Suitability for grafting

Fencik, R.; Ondrejcak, F., 1986:
Contribution to the study of albumin and prolamin contents in the grain of newly bred forms of winter wheat

Ruy, V. de M.; Brasil Sobrinho, M.O.C.; Malavolta, E., 1987:
Contribution to the study of available boron in soils of the State of S.Paulo, Brazil. 1. Growth and mineral composition of sunflower (Helianthus annus Mill.)

Albarracin, M.R.; Betancor, L.D.; Citroni, D.; Riveros, M., 1986:
Contribution to the study of brucellosis and salmonellosis in Tierra del Fuego. Titres in sheep

Guarda, G.; Tezzo, G.; Negro, M.; Filippi, A.; Galloni, M., 1988:
Contribution to the study of cardiac aneurysms in swine

Gouveia, M.A. de, 1984:
Contribution to the study of cereal aphids in Portugal

Castelli, S.; Gemmiti, A.; Pisani, P.L.; Barnato, F., 1986:
Contribution to the study of cleistogamy in the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)

Monneveux, P.; Nemmar, M., 1986:
Contribution to the study of drought resistance in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.): study of proline accumulation during development

Blahovec, J.; Patocka, K., 1985:
Contribution to the study of electric conductivity of vegetable flesh under deformation

Du, J. le, 1987:
Contribution to the study of factors influencing the photodegradation of a plastic film used in protected cultivation of maize

Henriette, C., 1986:
Contribution to the study of farming systems in Reunion: classification of the sugar cane farming system

Sameva, E.F., 1987:
Contribution to the study of fungi of the genus Septoria Sacc. (Sphaeropsidales, Deuteromycetes) in Bulgaria. II

Lobato, O.J. da S.M.; Lobato, E.J.V.; Goncalves, V.A., 1982:
Contribution to the study of global solar radiation and of insolation in the micro-region of Mato-Grosso in Goias

Milenkovic, J., 1986:
Contribution to the study of grain yield and quality in some varieties of winter malting barley

Miglioretti, F., 1987:
Contribution to the study of holm oak coppice production in the Gardiole de Rians forest, Var, France

Agis, F.; Crenn, O., 1983:
Contribution to the study of human hookworm disease in Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

Novruzov, V.M., 1986:
Contribution to the study of leaf-eating Coleoptera damaging plantations of trees and shrubs in the Apsheronskiy Peninsula

Galloy, A.; Toussaint, B.; Lambert, J., 1988:
Contribution to the study of making grass silage in round bales in the province of Luxembourg

Rabetafika, L.; Fontenille, D.; Albignac, R.; Rakotofiringa, S.; Coulanges, P., 1985:
Contribution to the study of malaria in lemurs

Krgovic, L., 1987:
Contribution to the study of morphometric and technological features of the fruit of Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) in Polimlje and Moraca

Durdyev, S.K., 1987:
Contribution to the study of natural enemies of the codling moth Laspeyresia pomonella L. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) in the Kopet-Dag foothills

Saenz Rodriguez, M.T.; Garcia Gimenez, M.D.; Marhuenda Requena, E., 1987:
Contribution to the study of pharmacodynamics of Scabiosa atropurpurea L. II. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity

Panayotou, PC.; Katis, N., 1986:
Contribution to the study of potato aphids in Greece

Valdes Blanco, M.T.; Gil Sotres, F.; Diaz Fierros, F., 1983:
Contribution to the study of soils of the Pico Sacro (Santiago)

Hernando Massanet, I.; Garcia Paz, C.; Palomar Garcia Villamil, M.L., 1987:
Contribution to the study of soils over calcareous parent material in the Cantabria region

Doguet, S., 1984:
Contribution to the study of the Phyllotreta species from North Africa (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Lavigne, C., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the banana root system. Design of rhizotrons and first results

Niccoli, A.; Francardi, V., 1985:
Contribution to the study of the biology and behaviour of Cnaemidophorus rhododactylus (Den. & Schiff.), (Lepidoptera, Pterophoridae)

Rios Insua, V., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the biology of Arceuthobium oxycedri (DC.) M. Bieb. (1819)

Sesan, T., 1986:
Contribution to the study of the biology of antagonistic fungi. VI. Effect of initial pH values of the culture medium and inoculum density on submerged culture of Trichoderma viride Pers. ex Fr

Peoc' h, R., 1984:
Contribution to the study of the determinism of fanning for ventilation, and with scent gland exposed, in honeybees

Simon Valencia, M.C.; Garcia Sanchez, J.; Girones Punet, O.; Negredo Villalta, M.P.; Alonso Martinez, J.L.; Ortega Diez, C., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the diagnosis of dog distemper. II. Study of some techniques for isolation and identification of distemper virus

Arnaud, J.P.; Chesnel, J.F., 1988:
Contribution to the study of the effect of a homeopathic mixture on the growth of meat calves and young bulls

Plazinic, V., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the effect of genotypic and phenotypic variation on the agronomic value of the seeds in soyabean (Glycine hispida Max.)

Camino, N., 1985:
Contribution to the study of the family Mermithidae (Nematoda) from aquatic dipteran larvae. II Octomyomermis albicans n.sp

Kandybina, M.N., 1984:
Contribution to the study of the fauna of flies (Diptera) of the Vyborg reserve (Bol'shoi Berezovyi Island)

Gomiz Garcia, F., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the flora of the Sierra de Maria (Almeria)

Milosevic, D., 1986:
Contribution to the study of the infective (viral) nature of potato spindle sprout

Mergeai, G.; Verschraege, L.; Demol, J., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the influence of various climatic factors on production and fibre quality in Gossypium hirsutum L. II. Air temperature

Ribeiro, R.D.; Garcia, T.A.; Bonomo, W.C., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the mechanisms of transmission of the aetiological agent of Chagas' disease

Sutton, C.A.; Durette Desset, M.C., 1985:
Contribution to the study of the parasite fauna of Argentina. XIV. Presence of Lamanema chavezi Becklund, 1963 (Nematoda, Molineidae, Nematodirinae), a parasite of Camelidae in Lagidium viscasia boxi

Lutts, S.; Peeters, A.; Lambert, J., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the phenomenon of allelopathy in Rumex obtusifolius L

Ledvina, R., 1986:
Contribution to the study of the physical properties of a soil under direct-drilled cereals

Plamenac, M.; Radulovic, M., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the pomological characteristics and chemical composition of the fruits in varieties of kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis Planch.)

Pokorna, S., 1987 :
Contribution to the study of the relationship between the initiation of oviposition in queen honeybees and the development of the hypopharyngeal glands in workers

Ormond, W.T.; Pinheiro, M.C.B.; Castells, A.R.C. de, 1984:
Contribution to the study of the reproduction and floral biology of Jatropha gossypifolia

Garnier Sillam, E.; Villemin, G.; Toutain, F.; Renoux, J., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the role of termites in the humus making process of the tropical forest soils

Ferrao, J.E.M.; Ferrao, A.M.B.C., 1984:
Contribution to the study of the seed of physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) from Sao Tome and Principe

Aira Rodriguez, M.J.; Guitian Ojea, F., 1986:
Contribution to the study of the soils and sediments of the mountains of Galicia and their chronology by pollen analysis. 1. Sierra del Caurel (Lugo), Spain

Aira Rodriguez, M.J.; Guitian Ojea, F., 1986:
Contribution to the study of the soils and seiments of the mountains of Galicia and their chronology by pollen analysis. II. Profiles of the high peneplains of the Sierra de Queixa (Orense), Spain

Chabchoub, S.; Dogguy, M.; Heughebaert, J.C., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the system Ca3(PO4)2-CaO-CaSO4

Cornet, J.P.; Diemer, J.M.; Gonzalez, J.P., 1986:
Contribution to the study of the ticks of the Central African Republic (Acarina: Ixodina). 1 - Adult population dynamics of Rhipicephalus muhsamae Morel & Vassiliades 1965 and of Rhipicephalus senegalensis Koch 1844

Grkovic, A., 1987:
Contribution to the study of the weed vegetation in the vineyards of Metohija

Loureiro, A.A.; Vasconcellos, F.J. de; Freitas, J.A. de, 1983 :
Contribution to the study of the wood anatomy of 5 species of Sclerolobium and 5 species of Tachigalia (Leguminosae) from Amazonia

Tourte Schaefer, C.; Dupouy Camet, J.; Lapierre, J., 1987:
Contribution to the study of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (C.H.U.) in Lome (Togo)

Miletic, R., 1986:
Contribution to the study of walnuts in the agronomic and ecological conditions of the Timok region

Dumitrescu, G.; Rosca, C., 1987:
Contribution to the superintensive technique of pear cultivation

Gajic, M.; Polatschek, A., 1981:
Contribution to the systematic of Quercus virgiliana (Ten.) Ten.: the new localities and some new morphological characteristics

Grandjean, G.; Sigaud, P., 1987:
Contribution to the taxonomy and ecology of oaks in the Berry region, France

Florescu, E.; Chirila, R., 1985:
Contribution to the technique of cucumber production in greenhouses by organic farming

Hubinsky, J., 1986:
Contribution to the technological and construction optimisation of a manure disposal unit in a specialised production unit for rearing dairy cows with free housing without bedding

Hubinsky, J., 1986:
Contribution to the technological and construction optimisation of a milking unit and milk treatment in a specialised dairy production unit for rearing dairy cows with free housing

Walter, G.; Kock, D.; Liebisch, A., 1986:
Contribution to the tick fauna of the German Federal Republic (Arachnida: Acarina: Ixodidae)

Smacchia, A.; Pidello, A., 1987:
Contribution to the use of poultry litter in animal production. 2. Ammonification in aqueous medium

Serrano, A.R.M., 1987:
Contribution towards the knowledge of the cicindelids (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae) of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau and of Mozambique

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Contributions of alfalfa to subsequent corn crop: agronomic and economic evaluation

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Contributions of clones and stand density to variations of several features of stems and limbs of Cryptomeria

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Contributions of crop rotation, thiocarbamate coinjection and directed postemergence applications to the control of johnsongrass in no-till corn

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Contributions of major and minor elements to soils and vegetation by the coal-fired Four Corners Power Plant, San Juan County, New Mexico

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Contributions of nonsymbiotic nitrogen fixation to the nitrogen uptake by paddy rice

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Contributions of sucrose synthase and invertase to the metabolism of sucrose in developing leaves

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Contributions of the National Center for Health Statistics

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Contributions of the principal biological amd physicochemical processes to the detoxification of picloram in soil

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Contributions of tissue culture techniques to the success of difficult interspecific crosses

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Contributions on the properties of deep ploughed soil and their influence on grapevine chlorosis

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Contributions on the stabilization of sowing techniques for fibre flax in eastern Transylvania

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Contributions on the structure of saponins from Solidago canadensis L

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Contributions to a flora of Anguilla and adjacent islets

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Contributions to breeding spring two-rowed barley in Transylvania

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Contributions to development of some methods of soil cultivation for maize and wheat crops, with a view to reducing fuel consumption

Kevenhorster, P., 1988:
Contributions to development through dialogue and training. A framework for guiding cooperation among personnel

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Contributions to establishing optimum irrigation regimes for six row barley and for two row barley in the northern Baragan area

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Contributions to establishing some technological elements in maize cultivation under irrigation in Dobrogea

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Contributions to establishing the period of water application in several agricultural crops in the Jijia-Bahlui Depression

Von Gadow, K.; Van Hensbergen, H.J., 1987:
Contributions to forestry modelling research

Pinzariu, D.; Slonovschi, V., 1986:
Contributions to improving sunflower cultivation techniques on the Moldavian Plain under irrigation

Nitu, C.; Ratiu, M., 1987:
Contributions to knowledge of common oak provenances variability studied in definitive comparative cultures

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Contributions to stratibound position of nest burrows of the solitary bee Colletes daviesanus in the Rotliegendes and in the Tertiary of Rheinhessen, German Federal Republic

Preutu, M., 1986:
Contributions to the biological control of genital myiasis in sheep using the hyperparasite Nasonia vitripennis I

Mena, M., 1987:
Contributions to the constuction of a didactic model of new strategies of distance education

Cireasa, E.; Cazacu, C., 1985:
Contributions to the culture technology of some floral species with persistent inflorescence

Lascu, I., 1986:
Contributions to the development of some soil working methods for maize and wheat crops, with a view to reducing fuel consumption

Petre, L., 1987:
Contributions to the enrichment of the national cherry germplasm stock

Vasiliu, M., 1986:
Contributions to the establishment of irrigation regimes for intensive crops on the Braila Plain

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Contributions to the fauna of the DDR: Coleoptera - Curculionidae (Erirhinae)

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Contributions to the flora of Nicaragua: Eugenia matagalpensis sp. nov

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Contributions to the flora of Segovia

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Contributions to the identification of sources of resistance and tolerance to Fusarium and their utilization in wheat breeding

Bodi, I.; Cardei, E., 1987:
Contributions to the improvement of the plum collection for the Iasi area

Schintlmeister, A., 1987:
Contributions to the insect fauna of the GDR: Lepidoptera - Notodontidae

Klausnitzer, B., 1986:
Contributions to the insect fauna of the GDR: a list of the Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) so far established for the GDR

Raspi, A., 1984:
Contributions to the knowledge of Diptera Chamaemyiidae. IV. A report on two species of Leucopis which prey on Aphis fabae Scop.: Leucopis fiorii n. sp. and Leucopis glyphinivora Tanas

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Contributions to the knowledge of Pacific Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera)

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Contributions to the knowledge of the pest fauna of strawberry

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Contributions to the knowledge of the role of natural enemies of Bupalus piniarius, Panolis flammea, Hyloicus pinastri and Diprion spp. in central Poland

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Contributions to the knowledge of the spread and host range of plant pathogenic fungi

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Contributions to the mobilization of phosphorus by soil microorganisms. 4th communication: Investigation of the efficiency of P-mobilizing microorganisms in vitro and in the rhizosphere of sunflower and winter wheat

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Contributions to the study of chemical weed control in directly sown onions

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Contributions to the study of earliness in maize

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Contributions to the study of interactions between the potato rot nematode, Ditylenchus destructor Thorne, and fungi in the potato disease complex

Rojancovschi, E.; Ciurea, A., 1987:
Contributions to the study of potato dry rot induced by the nematode Ditylenchus destructor Thorne, in association with various plant pathogens

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Contributions to the study of purple spottiness of sweet cherry and sour cherry tree leaves - Blumeriella jaapii Rehm. v. Arx

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Contributions to the study of some curculionid pests of legumes

Lascu, I., 1987:
Contributions to the study of sowing density in maize grown for grain, in north-east Moldavia

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Contributions to the study of the distribution, ecology and evolution of the association Calamagrostietum pseudophragmitis Kopecky 1968, in Romania

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Contributions to the study of the genetic control of the accumulation of assimilates in maize

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Contributions to the study of the genetics and evolutionary biology of bumble bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

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Contributions to the study of the helminth fauna of vertebrates from Nova Iguacu, Rio de Janeiro State

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Contributions to the study of vegetation of the southeastern Carpathians

Coldea, G., 1987:
Contributions to the syntaxonomical and ecological study of some acidophilous-mesophilous meadows in the subalpine belt of the Romanian Carpathians

Rojancovschi, V.; Mihailescu, N., 1984:
Contributions to the technique of using Romanian growth regulators in onion cultivation

Pascu, M., 1985:
Contributions to weed control in Phaseolus vulgaris crops under conditions of irrigation

Pascu, M.; Ulinici, A.; Popirlan, G., 1986:
Contributions to weed control in oilseed flax crops, under irrigation

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Control & determination of the curd-setting during cheesemaking

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Control algorithms for indexing multi-jointed mobile truss structures

Smith, R.J.J.; Khodayari, K., 1985:
Control and bioregulation of red rice in rice

Bryson, C.T., 1985:
Control and competition of Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.) biotypes in cotton

Jacoby, P.W.Jr, 1986:
Control and management of undesirable woody plants on semi-arid rangelands

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Control and prevention of mastitis in a veterinary practice. Introduction of a monitoring system for herds

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Control and regulation of animal growth. Proceedings, EAAP-Seminar. Lisbon, Portugal, 28 September 1987

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Control and the possibility of predicting breeding progress using computer-aided selection in spring wheat

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Control and treatment of helminthic diseases

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Control and variation of in vivo nitrate reductase activity in Lolium perenne L. cv. S24

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Control criterion of cabbage worm on autumn cabbage and use of sequential sampling plan

Merlov, P.T.M., 1986:
Control device for refrigerated milk tanks

Lee, H.R.; Na, S.Y.; Park, H.M.; Kwon, Y.W., 1986:
Control efficacy of several insecticides on the dominant aphids of apple trees and vegetables

Dedrick, A.R., 1986:
Control for mechanized level basins

Bosticardo, V.; Morando, A.; Nebiolo, P., 1987:
Control in vineyards of the first- and second-generation vine moths: elements of choice for treatments

Opanasenko, G.P., 1987:
Control measures against weeds

Underwood, J.F.; Sperow, C.B., 1985:
Control methods for multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora Thunb.) with metsulfuron methyl

Popovich, V.V.; Pikushova, E.A.; Nemchenko, A.I., 1985:
Control of Acroptilon repens

Misra, R.M.; Ganga Prasad; Rawat, D.S., 1987:
Control of Ailanthus webworm Atteva fabriciella Swed by chemical insecticides in plantations

Stone, J.R.; Verma, P.R.; Dueck, J.; Spurr, D.T., 1987:
Control of Albugo candida race 7 in Brassica campestris cv. Torch by foliar, seed, and soil applications of metalaxyl

Oliveira, W.F. de; Carneiro, I.F., 1984:
Control of Alternaria porri (Ell.) Cif. and phytotoxic effect of captafol in sprays on garlic (Allium sativum L.)

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Control of Alternaria rot of apple fruits by post-harvest application of chemicals

Roszak, S.; Dobrzanski, A., 1985:
Control of Anthemideae weeds in seed cabbage crops

Rola, J.; Nowicka, B., 1987:
Control of Apera spica-venti in winter wheat, winter barley and winter rye

Grichar, W.J., 1986:
Control of Bermudagrass in peanut with postemergence grass herbicides

El-Eman, MA., 1986:
Control of Biomphalaria alexandrina populations by homogenates from Physa acuta, Helisoma duryi and B. alexandrina snails

Kehri, H.K.; Sudhir Chandra, 1986:
Control of Botryodiplodia rot of guava with a homoeopathic drug

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Control of Botrytis cinerea in combining peas

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Control of Botrytis cinerea on Merlot grapevine in Ticino. Role of latent infections

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Control of Botrytis cinerea on grape berries during postharvest storage with reduced levels of sulfur dioxide

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Control of Botrytis cinerea resistant to benzimidazoles and dicarboximides with mixtures of different fungicides

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Control of Brucella melitensis infection in sheep and goats--a review

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Control of CMV mosaic disease of tomato by pre-inoculation of CMV-SR strain

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Control of Californian thistle and yarrow in asparagus with clopyralid

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Control of Carposina sasakii Matsumura with cypermethrin

Kees, H., 1986:
Control of Carum carvi using herbicides and early cutting dates

Jindal, K.R.; Thind, B.S., 1987:
Control of Cercospora and bacterial leaf-spots of greengram

Keli, J.Z., 1986:
Control of Chromolaena odorata with imazapyr in rubber plantations in the Ivory Coast

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Control of Cirsium arvense in maize

Lund, B.M., 1986:
Control of Clostridium botulinum in food

Kudela, M., 1981:
Control of Cyperus rotundus in forest nurseries in Cuba

Manousis, T.; Moore, N.F., 1987:
Control of Dacus oleae, a major pest of olives

Dolan, T.T., 1987:
Control of East Coast Fever: immunization to control East Coast Fever

Tatchell, R.J., 1987:
Control of East Coast fever: tick control in the context of ECF immunization

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Control of Echium plantagineum L. in seed crops of Trifolium repens cv. Estanzuela Zapican in the year of sowing

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Control of Elymus repens and dicot weeds at harvest (combine-spraying) or shortly after harvest. A comparison between direct seeding and conventional seeding

Hemmen, C.; Heckele, K., 1986:
Control of Elymus repens with Fusilade

Ashiru, M.O.; Momodu, B., 1986:
Control of Eulophonotus obesus K. (Lepidoptera: Cossidae): a bole borer of Triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum

Brecke, B.J., 1987:
Control of Florida beggarweed in peanuts with chlorimuron

McLean, H.S., 1986:
Control of Florida beggarweed in peanuts with norflurazon

Berthier, G.; Prin, M.; Mille, B., 1988:
Control of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. asparagi Cohen. Treatment of asparagus crowns before planting

Hindersmann, U.; Zitzewitz, W. von; Bonin, J., 1988:
Control of Galium aparine and other important grass and broadleaved weeds in winter cereals pre-em. and early post-em. with SC-9911

Mathews, P.R.; Hindersmann, U.; Beraud, J.M., 1987:
Control of Galium aparine and other major weeds of winter cereals with pre- and early post-emergence SC 0574

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Control of Globodera rostochiensis using a D-D type nematicide produced in Poland

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Control of Gloeosporium on inoculated apples

Clarke, I.J., 1987:
Control of GnRH secretion

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Control of Heliothis armigera with Trichogramma - selection of Trichogramma spp. and their quantitative relation to hosts

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Control of Hoplolaimus columbus on Late-planted Soybean with Aldicarb

Mercado, B.L., 1986:
Control of Imperata cylindrica

Rao, A.S.; Rao, K.N., 1986:
Control of Ipomoea carnea jacq. with herbicides

Kas' yanenko, N.A.; Davydov, A.M., 1984:
Control of Johnson grass in cotton rotations

Marley, J.M.T.; Robinson, G.R., 1983:
Control of Johnson grass patches in cultivation using glyphosate

Collins, J.J.; Brill, W.J., 1985:
Control of Klebsiella pneumoniae nif mRNA synthesis

Mattioli, M.; Galeati, G.; Seren, E., 1988:
Control of LH and PRL secretion during lactational anestrus in the pig

Li, H.K., 1987:
Control of Laelia coenosa candida Leeh and Chilo hyrax Bls., two major pests of reed, with Bacillus thuringiensis

Chen, C., 1987:
Control of Lasioderma serricorne with an automatic DDVP aerosol application system

Schreiner, I.; Nafus, D.; Bjork, C., 1986:
Control of Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) (Dip: Agromyzidae) on yard-long (Vigna unguiculata) and pole beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) on Guam: effect on yield loss and parasite numbers

Surak, J.G.; Barefoot, S.F., 1987:
Control of Listeria in the dairy plant

Gowacka Pilot, B., 1984:
Control of Lymantria monacha - Bactospeine and Thuridan

Sliwa, E., 1984:
Control of Lymantria monacha - Dimilin ODC 45

Ibrahim, I.K.A.; Rezk, M.A.; E.S.edy, M.A.; Ibrahim, A.A.M., 1987:
Control of Meloidogyne incognita on corn, tomato and okra with Paecilomyces lilacinus and the nematicide aldicarb

Gavrilov, B.N., 1982:
Control of Nosema spores in honey and bee bread by a mixture of ethylene oxide and methyl bromide

Solopov, N.V.; Gazinskii, V.N., 1987:
Control of Oedemagena tarandi and Cephenemyia trompe infestations in reindeer

Weakley, C.V.; Kirsch, P.; Rice, R.E., 1987:
Control of Oriental fruit moth by mating disruption

Adomas, J., 1987:
Control of Panolis flammea in Ostrow Mazowiecka in 1986

Schipper, J.A.; Hof, N.A.A., 1986:
Control of Penicillium infection in irises

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Control of Peronospora manshurica (Naoum) Syd. ex Gaum.: seed treatment with systemic products and varietal screening for resistance

Mirkamali, H., 1987:
Control of Phalaris brachystachys and P. minor in wheat grown in northern Iran

Anand Prakash; Sharma, K.C.; Misra, R.D., 1986:
Control of Phalaris minor and wild oats in wheat by cultural and chemical methods

Pallutt, W.; Otto, D., 1988:
Control of Phorbia brassicae in cauliflower: resistance to lindane and results of application of chlorfenvinphos

Chan, L.G.; Lim, T.K., 1987:
Control of Phytophthora palmivora on cocoa and durian seedlings

Darvas, J.M.; Bezuidenhout, J.J., 1987:
Control of Phytophthora root rot of avocados by trunk injection

Hugon, R.; Chaupin, P., 1986:
Control of Polyphagotarsonemus latus Banks, a pest of citrus in the Antilles

Koenning, S.R.; Schmitt, D.P., 1987:
Control of Pratylenchus brachyurus with Selected Nonfumigant Nematicides on a Tolerant and a Sensitive Soybean Cultivar

Matijevic, D.; Rajkovic, S.; Stankovic, R., 1987:
Control of Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici, Erysiphe graminis, Septoria nodorum and Fusarium spp. on wheat with different fungicides

Runia, W.T., 1986:
Control of Pythium in cultures on substrate

Ogundana, S.K., 1986:
Control of Pythium wet rot of cowpea (Vigna sinensis) in Nigeria

Murugesan, K.; Mahadevan, A., 1987:
Control of Rhizoctonia bataticola of groundnut by trace elements

Treen Sears, M.E.; Martin, S.M.; Volesky, B., 1986:
Control of Rhizopus biosorbents' quality during propagation

Araya, J.E.; Foster, J.E., 1987:
Control of Rhopalosiphum padi (Homoptera: Aphididae) in selected wheat and oat cultivars with seed systemic insecticides in the greenhouse

Niwa, C.G.; Daterman, G.E.; Sartwell, C.; Sower, L.L., 1988:
Control of Rhyacionia zozana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) by mating disruption with synthetic sex pheromone

Jennrich, H., 1985:
Control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on tobacco

Orr, J., 1987:
Control of Setaria sp. in lucerne

Haub, G., 1986:
Control of Stiellahme (grape stalk necrosis) with foliar fertilizers

Ramaiah, K.V., 1987:
Control of Striga and Orobanche species - a review

Eplee, R.E.; Norris, R.S., 1987:
Control of Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntze with systemic herbicides

Conijn, C.G.M.; Koster, A.T.J.; Muller, P.J., 1986:
Control of Taeniothrips simplex Morison on Gladiolus corms in storage rooms

Kuntze, A.; Buchwalder, R., 1988:
Control of Toxascaris transfuga in polar bears with ivermectin

Jacobs, D.E., 1987:
Control of Toxocara canis in puppies: a comparison of screening techniques and evaluation of a dosing programme

Lubinevski, Y.; Stern, Y.; Slabezki, Y.; Lensky, Y.; Ben Yossef, H.; Gerson, U., 1988:
Control of Varroa jacobsoni and Tropilaelaps clareae mites using Mavrik in A. mellifera colonies under subtropical and tropical climates

Artemenko, L.P.; Kuz' menko, V.T.; Kostritsa, P.G., 1988:
Control of Varroa jacobsoni infestation among bees in the Crimea

Tworkoski, T.J.; Young, R.S.; Sterrett, J.P., 1988:
Control of Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia): effects of carrier volume on toxicity and distribution of triclopyr

Schultz, T.; Gabrielson, R.L.; Olson, S., 1986:
Control of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris in crucifer seed with slurry treatments of calcium hypochlorite

Whitfield, R.D., 1987:
Control of a mixed-flow drier: Part 1 - Design of the control algorithm

Whitfield, R.D., 1987:
Control of a mixed-flow drier: Part 2. Testing the control algorithm

Sezgin, M.; Karr, P., 1986:
Control of actinomycete scum on aeration basins and clarifiers

Pan' ko, I.S.; Cherkez, V.M., 1986:
Control of actinomycosis in specialized beef cattle units

Chudoba, J., 1985:
Control of activated sludge filamentous bulking - VI. Formulation of basic principles

Rathburn, C.B.Jr, 1985:
Control of adults

Mercurio, J.C.; Buhler, D.D., 1985:
Control of alfalfa-perennial grass sod for no-till corn production

Walsh, J.; Martinez Palomo, A., 1986:
Control of amebiasis

Scholtens, R.; Kiarenbeek, J.V.; Bruins, M.A., 1988:
Control of ammonia emissions with biofilters and bioscrubbers

White, M.E.; Ryan, W.G., 1987:
Control of an outbreak of pig mange with ivermectin

Manta, D.; Timen, S.; Constantinescu, E., 1987:
Control of anaemia in neonatal piglets by means of iron preparations administered orally

Hammer, M.T., 1985:
Control of animal diseases and their occurrence in the European Community

Everts, H., 1987:
Control of annual meadow grass with direct drilling of grassland

Amadeo, J.J., 1987:
Control of annual weeds and volunteer white clover in Lotus seed crops

Tu, J.C., 1986:
Control of anthracnose disease (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum) of navy bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Rai, L.; Rai, B.; Sanghamitra, M.; Rao, B.P., 1987:
Control of aphids in mustard and safflower crops

Nakazawa, N.; Saito, A.; Yukita, K.; Fukushima, C., 1986:
Control of apple scab with a curative fungicide

Pawlowski, Z.S., 1985:
Control of ascariasis within primary health care

Anonymous, 1987:
Control of bacterial blight of coffee (Elgon/Solai die back) in 1987

Ram Kishun, 1987:
Control of bacterial wilt in India

Hsu, Y.H., 1987:
Control of bacterial wilt of strawberry by planting with healthy seedlings

Kyne, P., 1985:
Control of bacteriophage in cheese factories

Mateille, T.; Foncelle, B.; Ferrer, H., 1988:
Control of banana plant nematodes by soil flooding

Tu, J.C., 1988:
Control of bean anthracnose caused by the delta and lambda races of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in Canada

Zambolim, L.; Rodrigues, C.H.; Martins, M.C. del P., 1985:
Control of bean rust using protective systemic fungicides

Luck, H.; Botha, W.C., 1987:
Control of beetles and mites in milk powder and cheese stores by hydrogen phosphide fumigation

Wedgweed, R.B., 1988:
Control of berry production of potato plants

Negut, E.L., 1987:
Control of biological purity of maize grains using isoenzyme electrophoresis

Combes, C.; Cheng, T.C., 1986:
Control of biomedically important molluscs

Nielsen, S.L., 1986:
Control of black currant gall mite

Kempen, H.M.; Belluomini, P., 1986:
Control of black nightshade in California cotton when rainfall does not occur

Shah, A.; Srivastava, K.K.; Roy, A.J.; Bora, S.S., 1985:
Control of black rot disease of cauliflower by seed treatment

Bera, S.C., 1986:
Control of black rot disease of cauliflower by some chemicals

Fick, W.H., 1986:
Control of bolted musk thistle using clopyralid

Zajicek, D., 1987:
Control of bovine fascioliasis in the Czech Socialist Republic 1970-1985

DiGiacomo, R.F.; Hopkins, S.G.; Darlington, R.L.; Evermann, J.F., 1987:
Control of bovine leukosis virus in a dairy herd by a change in dehorning

Zucchetta, S., 1985:
Control of bovine mastitis in a group of small dairy farms in Basso Piave

Hillion, E.; Argente, G., 1987:
Control of bovine paratuberculosis in the Cotes-du-Nord region of France: health and economic aspects

Williams, G.H., 1987:
Control of bracken in pastures

Munteanu, I.; Nagy, E.; Timpeanu, I.; Bilaus, I.; Stefanescu, M.; Pasca, I., 1987:
Control of breaking and lodging in maize by specific technological measures

Khaire, V.A.; Lawande, K.E.; Patil, J.D.; Salunkhe, G.N.; Kolhe, D.S., 1986:
Control of brinjal shoot and fruit borer Leucinodes orbonalis G. with newer insecticides

Joyce, D.C.; Rein, K.; Berry, A.M.; Reid, M.S., 1987:
Control of broadleaf mistletoe (Phoradendron tomentosum) with dormant season ethephon sprays

Hicks, T.V.; Wilcut, J.W.; Cole, T.A.; Wehtje, G.R., 1987:
Control of broadleaf weeds in peanuts with pyridate alone and in combination with 2,4-DB

Jackson, N.E., 1986:
Control of brush and chaparral species with glyphosate

Waddington, J.; Bittman, S., 1987:
Control of brush regrowth in northeastern Saskatchewan by several concentrations of herbicides applied with a roller

Frankenhuyzen, A. van, 1985:
Control of bud blast in rhododendron

Yavitt, J.B.; Lang, G.E.; Wieder, R.K., 1987:
Control of carbon mineralization to CH4 and CO2 in anaerobic, Sphagnum-derived peat from Big Run Bog, West Virginia

Romano, A.; Greco, J.A., 1986:
Control of cattle lice with flumethrin applied by the pour-on method

Lemche, J.; Pegram, R.G., 1987:
Control of cattle ticks using flumethrin in central Zambia

Janin, J.; Streckeisen, W., 1988:
Control of cereal production: private organization or public administration; The reasons for creating a Swiss Federation of Cereal Producers

Apley, K.L., 1987:
Control of cheat (Bromus secalinus L.) in hard red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) through competitive and chemical methods

Learned, L.W.; Anderson, J.E.; Nearman, L.J.; Chan, L.M., 1985:
Control of cheat grass and downy brome with SMY 1500 and SMY 1500 plus metribuzin

Rao, M.; Ahmed, K., 1986:
Control of chilli thrips

Beuret, E., 1987:
Control of chloroplastic resistant weed biotypes in vineyard: the phytotoxicity of pendimethalin

Chary, M.P.; Reddy, S.M., 1986:
Control of citrinin production through plant latex

Falico de Alcaraz, G., 1982:
Control of citrus canker (Xanthomonas citri Hasse Dow) on grapefruits (Citrus paradisi Macfayen)

Gokkes, M.; Israeli, E.; Ofer, I.; Matzliah, J.; Birati, I., 1987:
Control of citrus red mite, Panonychus citri (McGregor)

Hendricks, H.J.; Miller, G.L.; Williams, M.L.; Stephenson, J.C., 1987:
Control of citrus whitefly on common gardenia

Carini, S.; Rampilli, M., 1983:
Control of coagulation in cheese manufacture

Belot, J.; Pangui, J.L.; Samb, F., 1987:
Control of coccidiosis in poultry: use of salinomycin (Coxistac, Pfizer) in farm conditions in Senegal

Anonymous, 1987:
Control of coffee berry disease and leaf rust in 1987

Grosheva, G.A.; Rakhmanina, I.A., 1985:
Control of colibacteriosis of fowls on large premises of the production type

Swift, G.; Richards, M.C.; Cleland, A.T.; Davies, D.H.K., 1987:
Control of common chickweed (Stellaria media) and clover safety of herbicides in autumn sown grass/clover leys

Taylor, S.A.; Williams, W.D., 1985:
Control of competing brush in a Piedmont loblolly plantation

Engvall, A.; Wierup, M., 1986:
Control of contagious equine metritis in Sweden

Birke, L., 1986:
Control of corpus luteum function in rabbits. Activity of prostaglandin E2-ketoreductase in the ovaries and endometrium at different stages of pregnancy and pseudopregnancy

Chakkaravarthy, G.; Balasubramanian, M., 1986:
Control of cotton jassid, Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) (Homoptera - Cicadellidae)

Michez, J.M., 1986:
Control of couch grass (Elymus repens)

Griffiths, D.C.; Bardner, R.; Bater, J., 1986:
Control of damage by Sitona lineatus in autumn-sown faba beans

Gupta, R.P.; Srivastava, P.K.; Pandey, U.B., 1987:
Control of damping off in kharif onion nursery

Lopez, N., 1986:
Control of damping-off in Pinus radiata seedlings

Calderon, J.I.; Hare, C.J., 1986:
Control of diamondback moth in Southeast Asia by profenofos

Williams Smith, H., 1986:
Control of diarrhoea and septicaemia in colostrum deprived calves

Sigacheva, Y.P.; Tverdokhlebov, P.T.; Chernykh, V.G., 1987:
Control of dictyocauliasis in sheep

Applewhite, C.D., 1986:
Control of difficult soybean weeds using Command and tank-mixes

Raso, E.; Vannucci, D., 1984:
Control of discharge water. Agronomic and mechanical considerations in the measurement and preparation of first stage drainage ditches

Vez, A., 1986:
Control of diseases and pests by cultural methods. Practical experiments and observations

Balardin, R.S., 1986:
Control of diseases of Phaseolus vulgaris in the State of Santa Catarina

Standell, C.J., 1987:
Control of dock and creeping thistle in ryegrass and red fescue swards

Orloff, S.B.; Cudney, D.W., 1987:
Control of dodder in alfalfa with dinitroaniline herbicides

Pech J C.; Latche, A.; Larrigaudiere, C.; Reid, M.S., 1987:
Control of early ethylene synthesis in pollinated petunia flowers

Finkelstein, R.R., 1986:
Control of embryo maturation in Brassica napus

Perry, R.S., 1986:
Control of endemic weeds in commercial pumpkin production with FMC 57020

Scanes, C.G.; Campbell, R.; Griminger, P., 1987:
Control of energy balance during egg production in the laying hen

Valpreda, M.; Moda, G., 1988:
Control of epidemic foot and mouth disease: a regional experience

Mohan, N.J., 1985:
Control of epilachna beetle and fruit borer on brinjal

Frauenstein, K., 1988:
Control of ergot sclerotia and fragments in rye and smooth meadow grass seed with Baytan Universal

Chantaraprateep, P., 1987 :
Control of estrous cycle of swamp buffaloes

Williams, M.L.; Sheffer, B.J.; Miller, G.L.; Hendricks, H.J., 1987:
Control of fall webworm

Yamada, Y.; Nakamura, M.; Misaidzu, Y.; Mizuho, A., 1986:
Control of farrowing time in swine with prostaglandin F2 alpha

Gast, R.M.; Bundy, D.S., 1986:
Control of feed dusts by adding oils

Baile, C.A.; McLaughlin, C.L., 1986:
Control of feed intake in pigs

Witkowski, J.F.; Barber, D.T.; Currier, D.R., 1986:
Control of first-generation European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larvae in Nebraska by applying insecticides by center-pivot irrigation systems

Bhatnagar, G.C.; Mali, S.N., 1986:
Control of flag smut disease of wheat

Liebisch, A., 1987:
Control of flies and prevention of summer mastitis in grazing cows by using pyrethroids in different forms of application

Rao, V.V., 1988:
Control of fluorine emissions in SSP plants

Veselkin, G.A.; Sergeeva, G.K., 1988:
Control of fly pests on fur farms

Ireland, J.J., 1987:
Control of follicular growth and development

Nandedkar, T.D.; Kadam, A.L.; Moodbidri, S.B., 1988:
Control of follicular maturation in the mouse by a nonsteroidal regulator from sheep follicular fluid

Adisa, V.A., 1985:
Control of four post-harvest tomato fruit rots in Nigeria by oils

Ehr, R.J., 1988:
Control of four- to six-leaf giant foxtail in corn with Tandem herbicide

Wajid, S.M.A.; Shenoi, M.M.; Bhaktavatsalam, G., .:
Control of frog-eye spot disease of tobacco by systemic fungicides

Gumbek, M., 1986:
Control of fruit and shoot borer in brinjal

Jadhav, L.D.; Nawale, R.N., 1984:
Control of fruit borers on okra

Ravindranath, K.; Pillai, K.S., 1986:
Control of fruitfly of bitter gourd using synthetic pyrethroids

Miura, L., 1985:
Control of fungi on onion seeds

Orlita, A.; Martinek, F., 1985:
Control of fungus on archive books

Miller, D.E.; Aarstad, J.S.; Evans, R.G., 1987:
Control of furrow erosion with crop residues and surge flow irrigation

Rottereng, J., 1987:
Control of furunculosis in fresh- and seawater farms in Norway

Bottazzi, V.; Corradini, C., 1987:
Control of gas production in Grana and Provolone cheeses

Herd, R.P.; Reinemeyer, C.R.; Heider, L.E., 1987:
Control of gastrointestinal nematodes in dairy heifers by two strategic treatments with ivermectin

Costa, C.A.F.; Vieira, L. da S., 1984:
Control of gastrointestinal nematodes of goats and sheep in the State of Ceara

Gruner, L., 1985:
Control of gastrointestinal strongyles in sheep and goats in the French West Indies: development of benzimidazole resistance and the benefit of pasture management

Panaitescu, D.; Balan, A.; Murgescu, T.; Capraru, T., 1986:
Control of giardiasis in two institutions for pre-school children

Parkhouse, W.S.; Dobson, G.P.; Hochachka, P.W., 1988:
Control of glycogenolysis in rainbow trout muscle during exercise

Olster, D.H.; Foster, D.L., 1988:
Control of gonadotrophin secretion during the pubertal and seasonal transitions in the male sheep

Boll, E.; Isensee, E., 1988:
Control of grain drilling depth

Rasp, H., 1986:
Control of grape chlorosis through nutrient applications on leaves

Baum, D., 1987:
Control of grape powdery mildew by new sterol-inhibiting fungicides

Darekar, K.S.; Patil, B.D.; Patil, N.G., 1985:
Control of grapevine nematodes with systemic granular nematicides and their effect on yield

Batra, R.C.; Brar, S.S.; Khangura, J.S., 1986:
Control of grapevine pests

Stewart, K.M.; Toor, R.F. van, 1986:
Control of grass grub by four types of roller

Anonymous, 1986:
Control of grasses post-emergence in haricot beans

Johnson, D.L.; Hill, B.D., 1987:
Control of grasshoppers with two formulations of the pyrethroid insecticide deltamethrin

Sushil Sharma; Mishra, B.P., 1987:
Control of green mould of kinnow fruits caused by Penicillium digitatum through diphenyl wrappers

Gupta, B.M.; Yadava, C.P.S., 1986:
Control of green peach aphid - a pest of cumin

Fransen, J.J., 1987:
Control of greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum, by the fungus Aschersonia aleyrodis

Fafeur, V.; Tiberghien, C.; Haour, F.; Dray, F., 1988:
Control of growth hormone release, by growth hormone releasing factor and PGE2, from superfused rat anterior pituitary cells

Jim, R.; Santo, L.T., 1986:
Control of haole koa at Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company with triclopyr

Hall, A.B.; Hendler, R.J., 1985:
Control of hardwood brush species with basal applications of triclopyr herbicide

Wright, A.J.; Nichols, D.B.R.; Badcock, J.A., 1987:
Control of headfly on sheep

Anonymous, 1987:
Control of heartsease and meadow grass in peas at Quimperle

Broschat, T.K.; Donselman, H.; Verkade, S.D., 1987:
Control of height in Radermachera sinica with growth retardants

Rémésy, C.; Morand, C.; Demigné, C.; Fafournoux, P., 1988:
Control of hepatic utilization of glutamine by transport processes or cellular metabolism in rats fed a high protein diet

Schrader, M.; Reid, M., 1986:
Control of honey bee diseases and pests in New Zealand

Bianchi, E.M., 1986:
Control of honey quality

Kodama, K., 1986:
Control of honeybee chalkbrood disease

Bischhoff, E.; Krause Michel, B.; Nolte, D., 1987:
Control of house dust mites in the households of patients with mite-induced asthma. 2. Report

Anderson, J.F.; Spandorf, A.; Magnarelli, L.A.; Glowa, W., 1986:
Control of house flies in commercial poultry houses in Connecticut

Martynenko, V.B.; Yarotskii, L.S., 1987:
Control of hydatidosis abroad (literature review)

Sarro Casillas, M.J.; Cadahia Lopez, C.; Penalosa Olivares, J.M., 1986:
Control of hydroponic tomato culture by periodic nutrient corrections. Application to commercial greenhouses

Gyarfas, I., 1985:
Control of hyperlipoproteinaemias: prevention, diet and drug therapy

Deja, O.; Muller, W.; Bocklisch, H.; Stief, E.; Heinrich, B.; Lange, S., 1987:
Control of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis in a young cattle rearing unit by means of a herd-specific Moraxella bovis vaccine

Lojda, L., 1986:
Control of inherited disorders in domestic livestock in Czechoslovakia

Vilela, E.F.; Lucia, T.M.C.D.; Oliveira, J.S. de, 1986:
Control of insect pests by behaviour: pheromones

Anonymous, 1986:
Control of insect pests of sugarcane

Kanwar, S.M., 1987:
Control of insects

Costello, R.A., 1986:
Control of insects & ticks on livestock

Nozais, J.P., 1987:
Control of intestinal parasitoses

Bunger, U.; Schlaefer, K.A.; Gratsch, U., 1987:
Control of iron deficiency in calves and effects on pneumonia and diarrhoea diseases and live weight gain

Frenz, F.W., 1988:
Control of irrigation systems

Khan, M.H.; Srivastava, S.C., 1987:
Control of ixodid ticks by chemicals II. Bioassay tests against Hyalomma (Hyalomma) anatolicum anatolicum Koch

Khan, M.H.; Srivastava, S.C., 1987:
Control of ixodid ticks by chemicals, I. Bioassay tests against Boophilus microplus (Can.)

Tonchev, G., 1988:
Control of johnsongrass in soyabean crops by leaf wiping with glyphosate

Bliek, W. van der; Overbeeke, J.M. van, 1987:
Control of keeping quality: good at first but rapidly lost

Karg, H.; Mayer, H., 1987:
Control of lactation

Biedler, E.J.; Dodd, G.D., 1985:
Control of larvae

Srot, M., 1985:
Control of larvae of the spruce sawfly (Cephalcia abietis L.) and the effect of insecticides on the development of the egg parasitoid Trichogramma sp

Lange, O.L.; Beyschlag, W.; Tenhunen, J.D., 1987:
Control of leaf carbon assimilation - input of chemical energy into ecosystems

Abreu, J.M. de; Delabie, J.H.C., 1986:
Control of leaf cutting ants in cocoa plantations

Singh, G.; Singh, R.N.; Bisht, I.S., 1985:
Control of leaf spot disease of belladonna caused by Ascochyta atropae

Singh, G.; Singh, R.N., 1986:
Control of leaf spot disease of fig caused by Ascochyta caricae

Bedlan, G., 1987:
Control of leaf spot in Chinese cabbage

White, R.H.; Worsham, A.D.; Blum, U., 1986:
Control of legume cover crops for no-till and allelopathic effects

Azmi, M.I., 1988:
Control of lesion nematode on seedlings of su-babool, Leucaena leucocephala with systemic nematicides

Perkovic, S., 1987:
Control of liver-fluke in sheep with Fanex

Veal, M.A.; Marrs, G.R.; Jackson, M., 1984:
Control of loblolly pine wood quality for fiber products

Guldhe, S.M.; Raut, J.G.; Wangikar, P.D., 1985:
Control of loose smut infection in wheat by physical and chemical methods of seed treatment

Cicel, M., 1985:
Control of lumber drying using the SM 50/40-1 microcomputer

Martin, C.C., 1984:
Control of maize lodging with (2-chloroethyl) phosphonic acid (ethephon)

Chaudhary, R.N.; Sharma, V.K., 1987:
Control of maize stem borer, Chilo partellus Swinhoe with Sumicidin

Mohan, N.J., 1985:
Control of major insect pests of okra

Chiu H T., 1986:
Control of major insect pests on cut chrysanthemum flowers by gamma radiation

Sharma, A.K.; Beer Singh, 1987:
Control of major pea diseases in the hill region

Erjala, M., 1986:
Control of manganese deficiency in sugar beet by placement of a manganated compound fertilizer

Hutton, C.; Fox, L.K.; Hancock, D.D., 1988:
Control of mastitis: differences in management between herds with low (x = 155 000 cells/ml) and high (x = 435 000 cell/ml) milk somatic cell counts (SCC)

Petty, G.J., 1987:
Control of mealybugs and scale on pineapples by methyl bromide fumigation of planting material

Sanders, P.F., 1987:
Control of microbial corrosion of steel in seawater systems

Pelaez Martinez, C., 1985:
Control of microbiological quality of finished milk products

Baranov, L.A.; Aldibekov, I.T., 1986:
Control of microclimate in cow houses with electrical heating

Cindio, B. de; Grasso, G.; Karosoy, Z., 1987:
Control of milk coagulation process using thermal conductivity measurement (hot wire method). II

Hanson, D., 1987:
Control of monocot weeds in turf

Snow, K.R., 1987:
Control of mosquito nuisance in Britain

Fresenburg, B.S., 1985:
Control of multiflora rose with dormant applications of dicamba

Bashir, M.; Alam, S.S.; Qureshi, S.H.; Malik, B.A., 1985:
Control of mungbean anthracnose by foliar fungicides

Naresh Mehta; Suhag, L.S., 1986:
Control of mungbean powdery mildew

Deutrich, V.; Hausburg, G., 1986:
Control of myxomatosis by area vaccination

Armour, J.; Bairden, K.; Oakley, G.A.; Rowlands, D.T., 1988:
Control of naturally acquired bovine parasitic bronchitis and gastroenteritis with an oxfendazole pulse release device

McLaren, M.K., 1984:
Control of nematodes and insects results in higher monetary return in sugarcane

Copenhaver, P.F.; Truman, J.W., 1986:
Control of neurosecretion in the moth Manduca sexta: physiological regulation of the eclosion hormone cells

Anonymous, 1987:
Control of nightshade in haricot beans. Efficacy of control programmes based on pre-sowing herbicides

Adamowicz, S., 1987:
Control of nitrate residues in salad crops in soilless culture

Rommel, M., 1986:
Control of non-vector-borne protozoa

Phipps, P.M., 1987:
Control of northern root knot and ring nematode on peanut in Virginia, 1986

Corey, R.B.; Combs, S.M., 1987:
Control of nutrient concentrations in plant growth media

Olson, B.D.; Reissig, W.H.; Onstad, D.W., 1987:
Control of obliquebanded leafroller with chlorpyrifos

Valtonen, M.; Nydahl, K., 1986:
Control of oestrus in blue foxes by means of additional light

Giles, D.K.; Delwiche, M.J.; Dodd, R.B., 1987:
Control of orchard spraying based on electronic sensing of spray target characteristics

Giles, D.K.; Delwiche, M.J.; Dodd, R.B., 1987:
Control of orchard spraying based on electronic sensing of target characteristics

Costello, L.R., 1986:
Control of ornamentals gone wild: pampas grass, bamboo, English and Algerian ivy

Ozsar, S.; Guven, B.; Ekici, A.; Arif, S.; Emre, Z., 1987:
Control of ovarian function in the Angora goat during the transition period from anestrus to estrus. Artificial insemination and fertility control

Montgomery, G.W.; Scott, I.C.; Davis, G.H., 1987:
Control of ovulation in ewes

Hirst, J.J.; Rice, G.E.; Jenkin, G.; Thorburn, G.D., 1988:
Control of oxytocin secretion by ovine corpora lutea: effects of arachidonic acid, phospholipases, and prostaglandins

Rawal, R.D., 1986:
Control of papaya powdery mildew through fungicidal spray

Yeh, S.D.; Gonsalves, D.; Wang, H.L.; Namba, R.; Chiu, R.J., 1988:
Control of papaya ringspot virus by cross protection

Yeh, S.D.; Wang, H.L.; Chiu, R.J., 1986:
Control of papaya ringspot virus by seedling inoculation with mild virus strains

Armour, J.; Bairden, K.; Pirie, H.M.; Ryan, W.G., 1987:
Control of parasitic bronchitis and gastroenteritis in grazing cattle by strategic prophylaxis with ivermectin

Rincon, E.M., 1986:
Control of passive influx of calcium in corn root tissue

Bevan, M.W.; Goldsbrough, A.; Shearman, S.; Jefferson, R.; Iturriaga, G.; Atkinson, E., 1987:
Control of patatin expression

Mustika, I.; Sudradjat, D.; Wikanda, A., 1984:
Control of pepper yellow disease with fertilizer and pesticides

Bairambekov, S.B.; Valeeva, Z.B., 1987:
Control of perennial weeds

Litvinov, B.M.; Oparenko, V.I.; Filatov, M.A., 1986:
Control of pests of seed lucerne

Petitjean, M.; Guillot, P.; Malineau, G., 1986:
Control of pheasant reproduction

Eschrich, W.; Eschrich, B., 1987:
Control of phloem unloading by source activities and light

Scott, D., 1988:
Control of phosphorus balance in ruminants

Sicher, R.C.; Kremer, D.F.; Harris, W.G., 1986:
Control of photosynthetic sucrose synthesis in barley primary leaves: role of fructose 2,6-bisphosphate

Zaki, F.A.; Bhatti, D.S., 1986:
Control of pigeon-pea cyst nematode, Heterodera cajani Koshy, 1967 by chemical seed treatment

Sidhu, A.S.; Dhawan, A.K., 1986:
Control of pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders) with chlorinated hydrocarbons insecticides

Fornazier, M.J.; Nakano, O., 1986:
Control of pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders, 1844) (Lepidoptera-Gelechiidae) infestations in cotton using toxic bait

Shu, C.N.; Cao, C.Y.; Zhang, Y.X., 1987:
Control of pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella by mating disruption with microencapsulated gossyplure

Luo, S.B.; Yan, J.P.; Chai, C.J.; Liang, S.P.; Zhang, Y.M.; Zhang, Y.; Le, G.K., 1986:
Control of pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella with Bacillus thuringiensis in cotton fields

Siddiqui, M.A.; Alam, M.M., 1987:
Control of plant parasitic nematodes by intercropping with Tagetes minuta

Mishra, S.D.; Gaur, H.S., 1984:
Control of plant parasitic nematodes on chick-pea by seed treatment with nematicides

Proppe, D.W., 1987:
Control of plasma renin activity in heat-stressed baboons on varied salt intake

Rao, K.T.; Rao, N.V.; Reddy, A.S., 1986:
Control of pod borers of arhar

Singh, J.P.; Shushil Sharma; Yamadagni, R., 1985:
Control of post harvest black mould disease of grapes

Hartill, W.F.T.; Manning, M.A.; Allen, D.J., 1986:
Control of postharvest diseases of avocado

Baraka, M.A.; E.T.bshy, Z.M.; Marzouk, S.E., 1985:
Control of postharvest diseases of dates in Egypt

Spaull, A.M.; Tones, S.J., 1986:
Control of potato cyst nematodes (Globodera spp.) by aldicarb incorporated during stone-winding or rotavation

Akiew, E.B.; Wallace, H.R., 1986:
Control of potato leaf roll virus in seed-potato crops

Valencia, L.; Estrada, N., 1986:
Control of potato pests with resistant plants

Raman, K.V.; Booth, R.H.; Palacios, M., 1987:
Control of potato tuber moth Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) in rustic potato stores

Alila, H.W.; Dowd, J.P.; Corradino, R.A.; Harris, W.V.; Hansel, W., 1988:
Control of progesterone production in small and large bovine luteal cells separated by flow cytometry

de Greef, W.J.; Voogt, J.L.; Visser, T.J.; Lamberts, S.W.; van der Schoot, P., 1987:
Control of prolactin release induced by suckling

Crosby, I.M.; Gandolfi, F.; Moor, R.M., 1988:
Control of protein synthesis during early cleavage of sheep embryos

Gupta, R.P.; Srivastava, V.K.; Pandy, U.B., 1986:
Control of purple blotch disease of onion seed crop

Zbiec, I.I.; Karczmarczyk, S.J.; Devlin, R.M., 1985:
Control of quackgrass by norflurazon and glyphosate. Part I. Phytotoxicity of norflurazon and glyphosate

Zbiec, I.I.; Karczmarczyk, S.J.; Devlin, R.M., 1985:
Control of quackgrass by norflurazon and glyphosate. Part II. Effectiveness of norflurazon and glyphosate at controlling quackgrass in a 3-year crop rotation

Friend, D.A., 1987:
Control of ragwort (Senecio jacobaea L.) at advanced stages of growth using clopyralid

Shpil' man, I.D.; Obukhov, L.M., 1986:
Control of rational feeding of high-yielding cows and of utilization of supplements

Bruce, D.M., 1988:
Control of recirculating-batch grain driers

Keisers, J.T., 1985:
Control of red rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff.) in rice (O. sativa L.)

Dunand, R.; Baker, J.; Dilly, R.J.; Meche, G., 1988:
Control of red rice seed production in rice fields

Pedroso, B.A.; Mariot, C., 1986:
Control of red rice through sowing systems

Dumichen, H.; Richter, K., 1987:
Control of reel speed on combine harvester cereal cutter bars

Mitchley, J., 1988:
Control of relative abundance of perennials in chalk grassland in southern England. III. Shoot phenology

Hendrickson, R.M.Jr; Barth, S.E.; Ertle, L.R., 1987:
Control of relative humidity during shipment of parasitic insects

Welch, W.J.; Ott, C.E.; Lorenz, J.N.; Kotchen, T.A., 1987:
Control of renin release by dietary NaCl in the rat

Krishnaiah, P.V.; Rao, P.S.; Rao, N.H.P.; Rao, P.S.; Narasimham, V., 1987:
Control of rice hispa

Garg, D.K., 1986:
Control of rice stem borer and leaf folder in hilly region

Abdel Rahman, M.; Katan, J., 1986:
Control of root knot nematode, Verticillium pathogen, wilt and weeds, 1984-5

Szczygie, A.; Rebandel, Z., 1982:
Control of root nematode and Verticillium on strawberries using Di-Trapex and Benlate

Basu, S.D.; Gope, B., 1985:
Control of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood on tea seedling with some systemic nematicides

Dethe, M.D.; Pawar, V.M., 1987:
Control of root-knot nematode on betelvine by granular carbamate pesticides

Naganathan, T.G., 1986:
Control of root-knot nematode on tobacco with non-volatile nematicides

Mishra, S.D., 1986:
Control of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita infesting pigeonpea by nematicidal seed treatment

Shetty, K.D.; Reddy, D.D.R., 1985:
Control of root-knot nematodes on Solanum khasianum by chemical bare-root dips

Zerbini, P.E.; Lovatti, L., 1985:
Control of rots and residues in peaches and nectarines treated with vinclozolin

Bowen, P., 1988:
Control of roundworms in horses and ponies

Hinton, M.; Linton, A.H., 1988:
Control of salmonella infections in broiler chickens by the acid treatment of their feed

Thomas, T.M., .:
Control of scutch grass (Elymus repens) in continuous spring sown malting barley

Mali, J.B.; Joi, M.B., 1985:
Control of seed-mycoflora of chilli (Capsicum annuum) with fungicides

Sivaramakrishnan, V.R.; Ananthapadmanabha, H.S.; Ramanujam, B.; Subramani, M.; Nayar, R., 1984:
Control of seedling disease of sandal (Santalum album L.)

Bremner, I.; Humphries, W.R.; Morrice, P.C.; Carlyle, W.W., 1988:
Control of selenium and cobalt deficiency in lambs by supplementation of oral anthelmintics

Patnaik, N.C.; Jena, B.C., 1986:
Control of sesamum mirid bug, Nesidiocoris tenuis (Reut.) at Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Shelton, W.L., 1986:
Control of sex in cyprinids for aquaculture

Booman, P., 1986:
Control of sex ratio by sexing sperm and embryos

Blanco, A., 1988:
Control of shoot growth of peach and nectarine trees with paclobutrazol

Ataku, K.; Nakamura, H.; Narasaki, N.; Kikuchi, M., 1985:
Control of silage fermentation by inoculation with Lactobacillus casei

Qin, Y.J.; Lu, X.Y., 1987:
Control of silver-leaf disease on apple trees

Milton, K.; Hicks, C.L.; Langlois, B.E.; O.L.ary, J., 1987:
Control of skim milk agglutination by addition of lecithin to bulk culture and/or homogenization of bulk culture

Jones, A.; Schalk, J.M.; Dukes, P.D., 1987:
Control of soil insect injury by resistance in sweet potato

Camillo Coura, L., 1985:
Control of soil-transmitted helminthiases: co-ordinated control projects

Geelen, J.A., 1986:
Control of solanaceous weeds in process snap beans

Meyer, C.P.; Fuller, R.J., 1987:
Control of solar air systems in agriculture

Tica, C., 1986:
Control of some pathogens attacking grapevine planting material during storage and forcing

Mendoza Robles, J.L., 1986:
Control of sorghum chlorosis in Morelos, Mexico

Bogoev, G.; Tasev, G., 1987:
Control of spare part distribution

Jensen, K.I.N.; North, L.H., 1987:
Control of speckled alder in lowbush blueberry with selective fall herbicide treatments

Ramakers, P.M.J., 1987:
Control of spider mites and thrips with phytoseiid predators on sweet pepper

Burroughs, F.G.; Ehr, R.J.; Velovitch, J.J.; Saunders, E.S., 1985:
Control of spray parameters to achieve optimal foliar coverage with tridiphane

Burroughs, F.G.; Ehr, R.J., 1988:
Control of spray variables to achieve optimum foliar coverage with Tandem herbicide

Kawase, K.; Iwagaki, I.; Suzuki, K.; Komatsu, H.; Hirose, K.; Shiraishi, M., 1987:
Control of sprouting and shoot elongation in satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) by plant growth regulators

Chamberlain, W.F.; Matter, J.J., 1986:
Control of stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae) with a unique nitrogen fertilizer, calcium cyanamide

Prante, P.H., 1985:
Control of starter cultures

Sagwal, S.S., 1987:
Control of stem borer (Apriona cinerea Chevrolet) in Populus ciliata Wall ex. Royle

Harris, R.I.; Thompson, P.J.; Atkinson, R.J., 1986:
Control of stem canker and black scurf in potatoes with a sprayable formulation of tolclofos-methyl

Drummond, D.J.; Bush, M.N., 1987:
Control of stem canker and black-scurf with a sprayable formulation of tolclofos-methyl applied to seed potatoes out of store

Shahjahan, A.K.M.; Hossain, M.A.; Akanda, S.I.; Miah, S.A., 1988:
Control of stem rot of rice with foliar application of fungicides

Hansel, W.; Alila, H.W.; Dowd, J.P.; Yang, X.Z., 1987:
Control of steroidogenesis in small and large bovine luteal cells

Hoffmann, M.P.; Wilson, L.T.; Zalom, F.G., 1987:
Control of stink bugs in tomatoes

Anonymous, 1988:
Control of storage pests

Pedraza, G.C.; Maza, L.E. de la; Alegria, R.G.; Zurich, Z.L., 1986:
Control of subclinical mastitis in lactating cows, using intramammary antibiotics

Eynard, I.; Gay, G.; Vallania, R.; Occelli, P.; Botta, R.; Dolci, M.; Martini, A., 1986:
Control of sucker growth on Vitis vinifera cv. Merlot with NAA derivatives

Waraitch, K.S., 1986:
Control of sugarcane smut (Ustilago scitaminea) with fungicides

Heathman, E.S.; Tickes, B.R.; Chernicky, J.P., 1987:
Control of summer annual grass in Arizona alfalfa

Bewick, T.A.; Binning, L.K.; Dana, M.N., 1985:
Control of swamp dodder (Cuscuta gronovii, Willd.) in cranberry

Gemmell, M.A.; Lawson, J.R.; Roberts, M.G., 1986:
Control of taeniidae with high and low biotic potentials

Rogers, J.N.I.I.I.; King, J.W., 1985:
Control of tall fescue with glyphosate plus surfactant

Cox, P.G.; Kasimani, C., 1988:
Control of taro leaf blight using metalaxyl

Wardell, D.A., 1987:
Control of termites in nurseries and young plantations in Africa: established practices and alternative courses of action

Takaoka, M.; Silva, J.M.; Raizer, A.J.; Motta, R.; Kato, W.Y.; Mariconi, F.A.M., 1985:
Control of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1836 and the cotton boll weevil Anthonomus grandis grandis Boheman, 1843

Walder, J.M.M.; Wiendl, F.M., 1986:
Control of the Mediterranean fruit fly through sterile male technique

Lupo, A.; Gerling, D., 1987:
Control of the Varroa mite in honeybee colonies by integrating chemotherapy with conventional requeening practice

Stuber, R.; Dickler, E., 1987:
Control of the apple clearwing moth Synanthedon myopaeformis (Borkh.) by the confusion method

Costa, J.M. da; Sampaio, L.S. de V.; Buhr, K.L.; Costa, J.A., 1986:
Control of the bean leafhopper, Empoasca kraemeri Ross & Moore, 1957 (Homoptera, Cicadellidae) on macassar bean, (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) with systemic insecticides

Scherer, W., 1987:
Control of the black vine weevil in field strawberries

Heungens, A.; Degheele, D., 1986:
Control of the broad mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks), with acaricides on Psophocarpus tetragonolobus and Ricinus communis

Hawkes, C.; Brindle, G.L.; Kowalski, R., 1988:
Control of the cabbage root fly (Delia radicum)

Lenoir, J.; Lamberet, G.; Schmidt, J.L.; Tourneur, C., 1985:
Control of the cheese bioreactor

Boscheri, S., 1986:
Control of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) by means of insect growth regulators (IGRs)

Salazar, V.J.; Martinez, N., 1982:
Control of the complex of Heliothis in commercial plantings of cotton by means of the use of maize as a trap crop

Visalakshi, A.; Beevi, S.N.; Pillai, K.S.; Nair, K.K.R.; Das, N.M., 1987:
Control of the coreid bug pest on coconut

Pierrard, G., 1986:
Control of the cowpea weevil Callosobruchus maculatus, at the farmer level in Senegal

Bakcsa, F., 1985:
Control of the currant gall mite Cecidophyopsis ribis Westn

Menec, M. le, 1987:
Control of the environment in poultry rearing units: norms applicable to fowl houses

Lofstedt, R.M., 1988:
Control of the estrous cycle in the mare

Chen, R.H., 1987:
Control of the first generation of Pectinophora gossypiella

Frankenhuyzen, A. van, 1985:
Control of the gleditsia leaf gallmidge

Geraldson, C.M., 1987:
Control of the ionic composition of the rhizosphere in the transition to soil-based hydroponic systems

Hebert, J., 1988 :
Control of the labelling of phosphate fertilizers

Marques, A.C., 1985:
Control of the large endemic diseases in 1984

Scherer, W., 1987:
Control of the larvae of the black vine weevil

Hughes, D.; Rhind, D., 1988:
Control of the millet head worm in the Western Sudan

Lupo, A., 1986:
Control of the mite Varroa jacobsoni in hives in Israel by using formic acid

Alvarado, Z.B., 1986:
Control of the nematode Meloidogyne incognita in Tabebuia rosea

Hundt, I.; Podlesak, W.; Vielemeyer, H.P.; Paschold, P.J., 1986:
Control of the nitrate content of spinach in the pre-harvest period by a rapid nitrate test

Amberger, A., 1988:
Control of the nitrogen turnover in arable soils and optimisation of nitrogen fertilization

Shimura, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Oda, M., 1985:
Control of the nutrient solution in spray culture of tomato

Calus, A.C.; Callens, L.; Carton, B.; Bister, J.L., 1987:
Control of the oestrous cycle

Perez Garcia, T.; Martin Rillo, S.; Martinez Garcia, E., 1984:
Control of the oestrous cycle in gilts by means of Allyl trenbolone

Yamvrias, C.; Broumas, T.; Liaropoulos, C.; Anagnou, M., 1986:
Control of the olive moth with a biological preparation

Vulsteke, G.; Seutin, E., 1985:
Control of the pea weevil Sitona lineatus L

Vaananen, P., 1988:
Control of the phosphorus level of effluent in the treatment of forest industry waste waters

Charmillot, P.J.; Bloesch, B.; Frischknecht, M.L.; Gingins, E.; Hohn, H., 1986:
Control of the plum fruit moth Grapholita funebrana Tr. by means of an insect growth regulator (IGR) used for its ovicidal action

Ingr, I., 1988:
Control of the quality of raw materials and foods of animal origin

Materu, M.E.A., 1985:
Control of the red locust (Nomadacris septemfasciata, Serville) in Africa in the seventies

Pisklov, V.P.; Nikitenko, Y.R., 1986:
Control of the reproducibility of results on chemical mass analyses of tobacco

Mavrogenis, A.P., 1988:
Control of the reproductive performance of Chios sheep and Damascus goats: studies using hormone radioimmunoassays

Ohbayashi, N., 1987:
Control of the root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus penetrans) on Japanese radish with D-D and oxamyl in combination

Nair, K.S.S., 1987:
Control of the sapling borer, Sahyadrassus malabaricus (Lepidoptera, Hepialidae) in forest plantations

Forcada Miranda, F.; Sierra Alfranca, I.; Sanudo Astiz, C., 1986:
Control of the sexual cycle in Red Bilbilita ewes in seasonal anoestrus

Anderson, J.E.; Shumar, M.L.; Toft, N.L.; Nowak, R.S., 1987:
Control of the soil water balance by sagebrush and three perennial grasses in a cold-desert environment

Kirk, J.J.; Deacon, J.W., 1987:
Control of the take-all fungus by Microdochium bolleyi, and interactions involving M. bolleyi, Phialophora graminicola and Periconia macrospinosa on cereal roots

B.A.good, S.A.; Hubaishan, M.A., 1986:
Control of the tomato fruitworm, Heliothis armigera Hb. at different infestation levels in People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

Charmillot, P.J.; Frischknecht, M.L.; Schmid, A.; Hoehn, H., 1986:
Control of the vine moth (Eupoecilia ambiguella Hb.) and the grape moth (Lobesia botrana Den. & Schiff.) by means of the ovicidal action of an insect growth regulator

Charmillot, P.J.; Bloesch, B.; Schmid, A.; Neumann, U., 1987:
Control of the vine moth Eupoecilia ambiguella Hb., by the mating disruption technique

Villiers, E.A. de; Viljoen, H.M., 1987:
Control of the yellow pecan aphid, Monelliopsis pecanis Bissell, with aldicarb

Critchley, B.R.; Campion, D.G.; Cavanagh, G.G.; Chamberlain, D.J.; Attique, M.R., 1987:
Control of three major bollworm pests of cotton in Pakistan by a single application of their combined sex pheromones

Dumichen, H.; Hofmann, G.; Meissner, G., 1987:
Control of threshing and corn/straw separation in combine harvester threshing mechanisms

Christophe, D.; Hansen, C.; Gérard, C.; Juvénal, G.; Roger, P.; Vassart, G., 1987:
Control of thyroglobulin gene transcription by TSH and cAMP

Abdel Rahman, M.S.; Samia ; Ahmed, A.; Hassan, H.A.; Fahmy, M.M.; Ashmawy, K., 1987:
Control of tick-borne blood parasite Theileria annulata by vaccination of food producing animals. 1. Immunization of cattle against Theileria infection by using infection and treatment method

Vaughan, M., 1988:
Control of tick-borne disease in cattle

Irvin, A.D., 1986:
Control of tick-borne diseases

Chulkova, N.V., 1986:
Control of ticks Alweonasus lahorensis in the winter period

Niyonzema, A.; Kiltz, H.H., 1987:
Control of ticks and tick-borne diseases in Burundi

Auguadra, P.A., 1985:
Control of ticks with pesticides

Lakshmanan, P.; Mohan, S., 1986:
Control of tip over disease of Cavendish banana

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1986:
Control of tomato and cucumber growth in NFT by means of rockwool and polyurethane blocks

Vioukov, V.N., 1987:
Control of transmission

Hajji, M.; Grignon, C., 1987:
Control of transpiration by NaCl and effects on K transport in rose-laurel leaves

Fabre, E.; Rameau, C., 1987:
Control of troublesome plants

Cosgrove, D.R.; Meggitt, W., 1985:
Control of two johnsongrass biotypes in Michigan with selective and non-selective herbicides

Bai, A.R.K.; Mahadevappa, D.; Nirmala, M.R.; Jyothi, H.K., 1986:
Control of uzi fly by semiochemicals

Harlander, B.; Ruttner, F., 1983:
Control of varroa disease; systemic substances, integrated protection of honeybees

Reed, D.K.; Reed, G.I., 1984:
Control of vegetable insects with neem seed extracts

Wu, H.F.; Yang, X.M.; Chen, Y.P., 1987:
Control of vegetable pests with Bacillus thuringiensis emulsion

Stan, S.; Popescu, I.; Cotorobai, M.; Radulescu, M., 1986:
Control of vegetative growth of fruit trees with Cultar (paclobutrazol)

Read, M.A.; Hewson, R.T., 1986:
Control of virus-transmitting aphids in potatoes and sugar beet with a formulated mixture of deltamethrin and heptenophos

Boydston, R.A., 1987:
Control of volunteer asparagus seedlings

Koster, A.T.J.; Meer, L.J. v d, 1986:
Control of volunteer cereals after emergence of bulbous crops

Joplin, C.E., 1986:
Control of volunteer rye in winter wheat using Tycor herbicide

Pudeko, J.; Blecharczyk, A.; Duhr, E., 1983:
Control of weed millets in maize

Ravn, K., 1986:
Control of weeds and volunteer crop plants. New chemicals for seed crops

Dwivedi, S.S.L.; Sinha, R.; Pandey, A.K., .:
Control of weeds in chewing tobacco nursery beds

Hallgren, E., 1987:
Control of weeds in direct seeding of winter wheat

Ross, C.G., 1987:
Control of weeds in fallow with FMC 57020

Paull, R.E.; Chen, N.J.; Goo, T.T.C., 1988:
Control of weight loss and sprouting of ginger rhizome in storage

Ralphs, M.H.; Mickelsen, L.V.; Turner, D.L.; Nielsen, D.B., 1988:
Control of white locoweed (Oxytropis sericea)

Vadodaria, M.P.; Vyas, H.N., 1987:
Control of whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) and its impact on yellow mosaic virus (YMV) in green gram Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek and the grain yield

Fang, Q.X.; Yang, S.F.; Hu, Y.M.; Zhou, Y.Y.; Gong, Y.X.; Kang, Z.J., 1986:
Control of whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum, by Paecilomyces fumosoroseus var. beijingensis Fange et Q.T. Chen in greenhouses

McCormick, R.A.; Peeper, T.F., 1987:
Control of wild buckwheat in Oklahoma winter wheat with Tordon 22K herbicide

Earnshaw, B.A.; Johnson, M.A., 1987:
Control of wild carrot somatic embryo development by antioxidants : a probable mode of action of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid

Zemanek, J.; Mikulka, J., 1985:
Control of wild oats (Avena fatua L.) by herbicides and crop rotations

Friesen, G.H., 1987:
Control of wild oats in field corn with flamprop methyl

Rapparini, G., 1986:
Control of wild oats infesting wheat

Ditmarsen, S.C.; Ehr, R.J.; Cordes, R.C., 1987:
Control of wild proso millet and woolly cupgrass in field corn with Tandem herbicide

Bullock, F.D.; Brown, S.N., 1985:
Control of wild southern dewberries (Rubus trivialis) in blueberry orchards with glyphosate and SC-0224

Olvang, H., 1987:
Control of winter damaging fungi in wheat and rye

Anderson, M.G., 1986:
Control of winter wheat Septoria

Thapliyal, P.N.; Dubey, K.S.; Bhadula, H.K., 1987:
Control of yellow mosaic of soybean with granular insecticides

Berchielli, D.L.; Gilliam, C.H.; Wehtje, G.R.; Fare, D.C.; Hicks, T.V., 1987:
Control of yellow nutsedge in woody ornamentals

Sudoi, V.; Onsando, J.M., 1986:
Control of yellow tea thrips Scirtothrips kenyensis Mound. with reference to non-residual insecticides - preliminary indications

Dewey, S.A.; Michelson, R.; Foote, P.W., 1986:
Control of yellow toadflax (Linaria vulgaris Mill.) on Idaho rangelands

Sands, D.P.A.; Schotz, M., 1985:
Control or no control: a comparison of the feeding strategies of two salvinia weevils

Steele, J., 1987:
Control over agricultural chemicals

Martin, M.C., 1987:
Control process for gasification of solid carbonaceous fuels

All, J.N.; Dutcher, J.D.; Saunders, M.C., 1987:
Control program for the grape root borer in grape vineyards of the eastern United States

Anonymous, 1987:
Control programme against African swine fever: results up to 30 June 1987

Dedrick, A.R., 1986:
Control requirements and field experience with mechanized level basins

Macdougall, D.F.; Nash, A.S.; Cattanach, B.M., 1987:
Control scheme for familial nephropathy in cocker spaniels

Epperly, D.R.; Noyes, R.T.; Cuperus, G.W.; Clary, B.L., 1987:
Control stored grain insects by grain temperature management

Duteurtre, J.P.; Gouteux, J.P., 1986:
Control strategies against sleeping sickness in the Congo - research and prospects

Wood, R.J., 1986:
Control strategies designed to reduce the chance of resistance with special reference to tephritid fruit flies

Williams, J.C.; Corwin, R.M.; Craig, T.M.; Wescott, R.B., 1986:
Control strategies for nematodiasis in cattle

Moloo, S.K., 1986:
Control strategies for tsetse-transmitted African trypanosomiasis

Risley, M.A.; Oliver, L.R., 1986:
Control strategies for weed species more tolerant to imazaquin

Chobanov, R.E.; Guseinova, A.S., 1987:
Control strategies in foci of hymenolepiasis

Berckmans, D.; Moor, B. de; Vandewalle, J.; Goedseels, V., 1987:
Control strategy for a non-perfect mixed livestock building, based on adaptive on-line identification

Helal, H.; E.S.bay, Y., 1984:
Control studies on eucalyptus borer Phoracantha semipunctata Fab. in Egypt

Brook, R.C., 1987:
Control system development for near-ambient grain drying

Lawrence, R.A., 1985:
Control system for multi-chamber controlled atmosphere storage systems

Bolek, E.; Spirnek, J.; Weber, W., 1988:
Control system of final moisture content of material in convective dryers

Bloore, C.G.; Cant, P.A.E.; Jebson, R.S.; Munro, D.S., 1986:
Control systems

Anonymous, 1985:
Control systems for automated dairy processes

Pym, G.R.; Adamczak, T., 1986:
Control systems for the aeration and drying of grain

Aeschlimann, J.P.; Carl, K.P., 1987:
Control tactics based on the use of natural enemies

Broumas, T.; Stavraki, H.G., 1986:
Control tests against Prays oleae Bern. (Yponomeutidae) by means of growth inhibitors

Blot, Y.; Boulle, N.; Brunel, E.; Missonnier, J., 1985:
Control tests against wireworms (Agriotes sp.) in a maize crop, by soil insecticide treatments (1983-1984)

Anonymous, 1986:
Control the cabbage root fly before planting?

Aloj, B.; Gullino, M.L.; Garibaldi, A., 1986:
Control trials against carnation rust

Pasini, C.; D.A.uila, F.; Gullino, M.L., 1986 :
Control trials against rose powdery mildew

Jardak, T.; Ksantini, M., 1986:
Control trials against the leaf-eating generation of Prays oleae by Bacillus thuringiensis and diflubenzuron

Rapetti, S.; Garibaldi, A., 1986:
Control trials against vascular Fusarium disease of carnation

Raju, R.A.; Reddy, M.N., 1988:
Control water hyacinth through herbicides

Abraham, C.T.; Singh, S.P., 1986:
Control weeds in row crops by intercropping with legumes

Truter, A.B.; Eksteen, G.J., 1987:
Controlled and modified atmospheres to extend storage life of avocados

Truter, A.B., 1987:
Controlled atmosphere storage of Bon Chretien pears

Shorter, A.J.; Scott, K.J.; Graham, D., 1987:
Controlled atmosphere storage of bananas in bunches at ambient temperatures

McDonald, J.E., 1985:
Controlled atmosphere storage of broccoli

Siebenmorgen, T.J.; Freer, M.W.; Benz, R.C.; Loewer, O.J., 1986:
Controlled atmosphere storage system for rice

Leslie, K.E.; Walton, J.S.; Bateman, K.G.; Shantz, R.L., 1986:
Controlled breeding of dairy heifers: observations over a five year period

Osman, O.A.; George, R.A.T., 1988:
Controlled deterioration as a vigour test for sweet pepper seed

Robinson, J.R.C.; Slosser, J.E., 1986:
Controlled droplet application technology for ultra low volume-oil spraying of insecticides in cotton

Jordan, M.L., 1986:
Controlled droplet applicators (C.D.A.'S) for industrial weed control

Hulet, R.M.; Christensen, V.L.; Bagley, L.G., 1987:
Controlled egg weight loss during incubation of turkey eggs

Perrin, P.S.; Gaze, R.H., 1988:
Controlled environment composting

Bond, R.S., 1987:
Controlled environments produce new varieties in Natal

Sirtori, C.R.; Tremoli, E.; Gatti, E.; Montanari, G.; Sirtori, M.; Colli, S.; Gianfranceschi, G.; Maderna, P.; Dentone, C.Z.; Testolin, G., 1986:
Controlled evaluation of fat intake in the Mediterranean diet: comparative activities of olive oil and corn oil on plasma lipids and platelets in high-risk patients

Weinstein, M.P.; Reller, L.B.; Mirrett, S.; Reimer, L.G.; Wang, W.L.; Stratton, C.W., 1987:
Controlled evaluation of modified radiometric blood culture medium supplemented with gelatin for detection of bacteremia and fungemia

Kuz' mina, T., 1987:
Controlled fattening during different types of feeding

Reddy, C.V., 1987:
Controlled feeding of laying pullets

Stiklyunas, A.; Sketrite, Y.; Klimas, R., 1986:
Controlled finishing - a basic method of evaluating the finishing performance and carcass characters of pigs

Krause, R., 1988:
Controlled land application of liquid manure and sewage sludge with tankers

Hernandez, V.C.; Licona, H.S.; Cuellar, O.A.; Oviedo, F.G.; Tapia, H.C.; Cerdan, G.A.; Gonzalez, H.A.; Marquez, B.G., 1988:
Controlled mating. Evaluation of some production and reproduction traits at different seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter)

Ritchie, J.K.; Wadsworth, J.; Lennard-Jones, J.E.; Rogers, E., 1987:
Controlled multicentre therapeutic trial of an unrefined carbohydrate, fibre rich diet in Crohn's disease

Gingler, B.L.; Lee, A., 1985:
Controlled plant penetration with selected solvents - examination of a concept with Arsenal

Tsuji, K., 1987:
Controlled release formulation

Ishikawa, Y.; Matsumoto, Y.; Tsutsumi, M.; Mitsui, Y.; Yamashita, K.; Yoshida, M.; Shirai, E., 1987:
Controlled release formulation of attractant for the onion and seed-corn flies, Hylemya antiqua and H. platura (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Hays, J.T., 1987:
Controlled release nitrogen fertilizers

Allen, W.M.; Drake, C.F., 1986:
Controlled release of mineral nutrients and other pharmaceuticals for sheep and cattle

Riggle, B.D., 1987:
Controlled release of water soluble herbicides

Mohseninia, H., 1984:
Controlled reproduction of warm-water fishes as a method to compensate for protein deficiency in tropical and subtropical regions

Salfield, S.A.; Wardley, B.L.; Houlsby, W.T.; Turner, S.L.; Spalton, A.P.; Beckles-Wilson, N.R.; Herber, S.M., 1987:
Controlled study of exclusion of dietary vasoactive amines in migraine

Skvaruk, V.S.; Livak, I.I.; Stoyanovs' ka, G.M., 1985:
Controlled suckling and growth intensity in piglets

Berry, R.H., .:
Controlled tractor wheelings trial 1985

Murray, S.T.; Tullberg, J.N., 1986:
Controlled traffic cropping systems

Anonymous, 1987:
Controlled traffic cropping systems for management of soil compaction. Papers, International Horticultural Congress, Davis, CA, USA, 16 August 1986

Tullberg, J.N., 1988:
Controlled traffic in sub-tropical grain production

Taylor, J.H., 1987:
Controlled traffic research and its enhancement through international cooperation

Williford, J.R., 1987:
Controlled traffic research with modified production equipment

Klein, K.B., 1988:
Controlled treatment trials in the irritable bowel syndrome: a critique

Baker, L.R.; Muir, J.W.; Sharman, V.L.; Abrams, S.M.; Greenwood, R.N.; Cattell, W.R.; Goodwin, F.J.; Marsh, F.P.; Adami, S.; Hately, W., 1986:
Controlled trial of calcitriol in hemodialysis patients

McIllmurray, M.B.; Turkie, W., 1987:
Controlled trial of gamma linolenic acid in Dukes's C colorectal cancer

Siani, A.; Strazzullo, P.; Russo, L.; Guglielmi, S.; Iacoviello, L.; Ferrara, L.A.; Mancini, M., 1987:
Controlled trial of long term oral potassium supplements in patients with mild hypertension

Meisinger, E.; Strauch, M., 1987:
Controlled trial of two keto acid supplements on renal function, nutritional status, and bone metabolism in uremic patients

Castillo-Duran, C.; Heresi, G.; Fisberg, M.; Uauy, R., 1987:
Controlled trial of zinc supplementation during recovery from malnutrition: effects on growth and immune function

Laird, P.W.; ten Asbroek, A.L.; Borst, P., 1987:
Controlled turnover and 3' trimming of the trans splicing precursor of Trypanosoma brucei

Burt, C.M., 1986:
Controlled volume design for surface irrigation