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Control of coccidiosis in poultry: use of salinomycin (Coxistac, Pfizer) in farm conditions in Senegal

Revue de Medecine Veterinaire 138(3): 219-221

Control of coccidiosis in poultry: use of salinomycin (Coxistac, Pfizer) in farm conditions in Senegal

In a commercial broiler unit rearing day-old chicks imported from France, salinomycin incorporated in the feed at 50 mg/kg gave good control of coccidiosis, as shown by faecal egg counts and intestinal lesion scores, in comparison with a control group not given anticoccidial except for sulfadimerazine administered by the proprietor between days 25 and 28 and between days 35 and 38.

Accession: 001554473

Related references

Belot, J.; Pangui, J.L.; Samb, F., 1987: Struggle against fowl coccidiosis use of salinomycin coxistac n.d. pfizer on natural conditions in senegal. The authors report an experimentation carried out on control of coccidiosis on a poultry farm in Senegal. The treatment uses Salinomycine (COXISTAC, N.D. Pfizer), coccidioicid drug of the ionophores family. It has been recently used in occidental...

Chappel, L.R.; Babcock, W.E., 1979: Field trials comparing salinomycin (Coxistac), monensin, and lasalocid in the control of coccidiosis in broilers. Salinomycin, a broad spectrum ionophore anticoccidial, was evaluated for toleration and efficacy at 60 ppm in the feed of broiler reared to market weight under floor pen conditions. Approximately 13,500 broilers of 3 different breeds were used in...

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