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Control of the sexual cycle in Red Bilbilita ewes in seasonal anoestrus

, : Control of the sexual cycle in Red Bilbilita ewes in seasonal anoestrus. ITEA, Revista de la Asociacion Interprofesional para el Desarrollo Agrario 17(62): 57-68

254 Red Bilbilita ewes were given FGA-impregnated sponges for 14 days and were injected with 500 IU PMSG (groups 1 and 3; 40 and 48 ewes resp.) or 700 IU PMSG (groups 2 and 4; 37 and 49 ewes) on sponge removal, or received no further treatment (group 5; 80 ewes). Of ewes in the 5 groups, 57.5, 43.24, 62.5, 42.86 and 31.25% resp. conceived to mating during their 1st oestrus, with an overall CR of 67.50, 56.76, 75.0, 61.22 and 31.25%, and a lambing rate of 144, 138, 133, 133 and 108%.

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