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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1557

Chapter 1557 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fiems L.O.; Boucque C.V.; Cottyn B.G.; Buysse F.X., 1986:
Cottonseed meal and maize gluten feed versus soybean meal as protein supplements in calf starters

Spear, J., 1988:
Cottonseed meal use gains despite lower beef, dairy numbers

Kolen' ko, V.V., 1987:
Cottonseed oilmeal with soapstock in diets for pigs

Bird, S.H.; Dicko, M., 1987:
Cottonseed supplements for sheep

Bourely, J.; Besancon, P., 1986:
Cottonseed: a source of high-quality protein for human consumption

Krinard, R.M., 1985:
Cottonwood development through 19 years in a Nelder's design

Hur, S.N.; Nelson, C.J., 1985:
Cotyledon and leaf development associated with seedling vigor of six forage legumes

Muchovej, J.J., 1988:
Cotyledon spot of soybean caused by seedborne Curvularia lunata var. aerea in Brazil

Casadoro, G.; Rascio, N., 1987:
Cotyledonal chloroplasts in the hypogeal seeds of clementine

Wifvesson, S., 1988:
Cougar - a new broad spectrum herbicide for autumn-spraying of winter cereals

Louie, S.; Allen, R.P.; Lillington, G.A., 1986:
Cough with axillary calor, dolor and tumor

Georges, A.J.; Gonzalez, J.P., 1986:
Could Crimea-Congo haemorrhagic fever be a biohazard in the Central African Republic?

Tauson, R.; Elwinger, K., 1986:
Could automatic flat chain feeders be used for choice and semi-choice feeding of caged laying hens?

Haaga, Jg, 1986:
Could improvements in child survival mask improvements in anthropometric indicators in nutrition programme evaluations?

Marcella, K.L.; Strecker, A.E.; Hopkins, K.D., 1988:
Could you have diagnosed this case of rabies?

Xu, L.; Liu, A., 1987:
Coulometric titration for the determination of buddleoside in Buddleja officinalis Maxim

Xu, L.; Xu, Y., 1986:
Coulometric titration of total flavonoids and hyperin in Saururus chinensis

Tice, E.M.; Hendrick, J.G., 1986:
Coulter operating characteristics

Bull, R.M., 1988:
Coulters aid insecticide treatment in ratoons

Lobido, W.P.; Orbase, P.R., 1986:
Coumaphos residue in milk at CMU dairy project

Bandara, B.M.; Gunatilaka, A.A.; Wijeratne, E.M., 1988:
Coumarins from Pleiospermium alatum

Hasbun, C.; Castro, O., 1986:
Coumarins from bark of Amyris barbata

Laguna, A.; Fajardo, M.; Alvarez, E., 1987:
Coumarins from the Bark of Amyris lineata

Daandai, G.; Naran, R.; Gantimur, D.; Syrchina, A.I.; Larin, M.F.; Semenov, A.A., 1988:
Coumarins of Physochlaina physaloides

Rasulov, F.A.; Belyi, M.B., 1987:
Coumarins of Seseli cuneifolium

Kovaleva, A.M.; Kovalev, V.N., 1986:
Coumarins of Vicia sativa

Komissarenko, N.F.; Fedorin, G.F., 1987:
Coumarins of some species of the genus Heracleum

Goncharov, N.F.; Stupakova, E.P.; Komissarenko, N.F.; Gella, E.V., 1987:
Coumarins of the aerial parts of Potentilla erecta

Derkach, A.I.; Komissarenko, N.F.; Chernobai, V.T., 1986:
Coumarins of the inflorescences of Calendula officinalis and Helichrysum arenarium

Strack, D.; Hartfeld, F.; Austenfeld, F.A.; Grotjahn, L.; Wray, V., 1985 :
Coumaroyl-, caffeoyl- and feruloyltartronates and their accumulation in mung bean

Wagner, H.; Geyer, B.; Kiso, Y.; Hikino, H.; Rao, G.S., 1986:
Coumestans as the main active principles of the liver drugs Eclipta alba and Wedelia calendulacea

Anonymous, 1986:
Council directive of 24 July 1986 on the installation, location, operation and identification of the controls of wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors

Bethke, D.N., 1985:
Council pioneer in recreation for employees

Steding, R., 1988:
Councils for the farms and food industry - important bodies in the government management of agriculture at local level

Milne, R., 1988:
Councils urged to turn rubbish into 'bioreactors'

Prevot, S.; Senhaji, M.; Bohatier, J.; Senaud, J., 1988:
Count by epifluorescence of rumen bacteria cultured in vitro. Estimation of their physiological state

Hollstein, A., 1987:
Counter current crystallization for potash

Aasted, B.; Alexandersen, S.; Cohn, A.; Hansen, M., 1986:
Counter current line absorption immunoelectrophoresis in an alternative diagnostic screening test to counter current immunoelectrophoresis in Aleutian disease (AD) eradication programs

Jozefaciuk, C.; Jozefaciuk, A.; Szary, A., 1987:
Counteraction of erosion consequences of storm rainfall exemplified by the Debno locality in the Swietokrzyski region

Maier, D.E.; Biagi, J.D.; Bakker Arkema, F.W., 1987:
Counterflow cooling of compound feed pellets. 1. Experimental results

Mansueto, A.; Miceli, M.D.; Pintagro, C.; Librizzi, R.; Prainito, A.; Bongiorno, A., 1985:
Counterimmunoelectrophoresis (CIEP) and indirect immunofluorescence test (IF) in the diagnosis of canine leishmaniasis

Mahajan, N.K.; Kulshreshtha, R.C., 1986:
Counterimmunoelectrophoresis detection of Brucella antigens in fetal stomachs of aborted sheep

Gonzalez, M., 1986:
Counterimmunoelectrophoresis for the detection of Clostridium haemolyticum antibodies and toxin

Hira, P.R.; Shweiki, H.M.; Siboo, R.; Behbehani, K., 1987:
Counterimmunoelectrophoresis using an arc 5 antigen for the rapid diagnosis of hydatidosis and comparison with the indirect hemagglutination test

Dini, F., 1986:
Counterurbanization in western countries: actual examples and value judgement in international literature

Schaffner, D.J., 1986:
Countervailing power revisited. Agricultural bargaining applied to the New Zealand setting

Morrison, J., 1988:
Counting insects: the high-tech way

Lapchin, L.; Ferran, A.; Iperti, G.; Rabasse, J.M.; Lyon, J.P., 1987:
Counting of the coccinellid and syrphid predators of small-grain cereal aphids

Jensen, H., 1986:
Counting proteolytic anaerobic clostridia and spores

Perkes, L.M., 1987:
Counting singles at the Symphony

Hooper Greenhill, E., 1988:
Counting visitors or visitors who count?

Anonymous, 1986:
Country file: China

Anonymous, 1985:
Country file: Hungary

Blight, R.H., 1987:
Country health services in South Australia

Akwensivie, S.A.; Akyzampong, K.S., 1987:
Country paper on the status of the dairy industry in Ghana

Kwong Lin Tse, A., 1987:
Country papers on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Hong Kong

Mohd Ariff Hussein; Kuperan, K., 1987:
Country papers on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Malaysia

Pandney, G.P., 1987:
Country papers on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Nepal

Jim, C.Y., 1987:
Country park usage and visitor impacts in Hong Kong

Zatek, W.; Nowak, J., 1985:
Country parks in the voivodship of Pia

Righetti, H., 1987:
Country profiles No. 2 - Brazil, China, Italy, United Kingdom

Diamond, R.B., 1987:
Country report. Bangladesh

Lin, B.; Liu, C.C., 1987:
Country report: China

Fagi, A.M.; Taslim, H.; Sudjadi, M., 1987:
Country report: Indonesia

Bunoan, J.C.Jr, 1987:
Country report: Philippines

Kanareugsa, C.; Mamaril, C.P.; Datta, S.K. de, 1987:
Country report: Thailand

Anonymous, 1987:
Country reports

Anonymous, 1986:
Country reports

Chen, Y.E., 1987:
Country studies on agricultural productivity and measurement analysis: Republic of China

Galgalikar, V.D.; Alshi, M.R., 1987:
Country studies on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: India

Yamada, S., 1987:
Country studies on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Japan

Ahmed, S.I., 1987:
Country studies on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Pakistan

David, C.C.; Barker, R.; Palacpac, A., 1987:
Country studies on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Philippines

Sung Hwan Ban, 1987:
Country studies on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Republic of Korea

Budhaka, B., 1987:
Country studies on agricultural productivity measurement and analysis: Thailand

Harvey, D.R. et al., 1986:
Countryside implications for England and Wales of possible changes in the Common Agricultural Policy. Main report

Wood, C., 1986:
Countryside interpretation: a suitable case for treatment

Corrado, G.; Sediari, T., 1987:
Countryside planning experiences in Umbria (Central Italy)

Porter, E., 1988:
County agent and state extension director perceptions of effective leadership characteristics of district directors of Cooperative Extension Programs as measured by the Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire

French, C.M., 1985:
County agent use of weed science computer programs

Cubbage, F.W.; Raney, K.P., 1987:
County logging and tree protection ordinances in Georgia

Clarke, M.L.; Grist, R.; Mertes, J.D., 1987:
County nature conservancy: a unique joint venture

Kohler, T.; Landgraf, J.; Nuhn, P., 1988:
Coupled enzyme system for determining phospholipase A2 inhibition

Ten Berge, H.F.M.; Bolt, G.H., 1988:
Coupling between liquid flow and heat flow in porous media: a connection between two classical approaches

Ryynanen, S., 1987:
Coupling of a hydraulic loader to a tractor

Durand, J.; Durand-Arczynska, W.; Wankmiller, D., 1988:
Coupling of active sodium transport to oxidative metabolism in the rabbit distal colon

Jarvis, P.J., 1986:
Coupling of carbon and water interactions in forest stands

Anonymous, 1986:
Coupling of carbon, water and nutrient interactions in woody plant soil systems. Proceedings of a symposium of the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations

Devary, O.; Heichal, O.; Blumenfeld, A.; Cassel, D.; Suss, E.; Barash, S.; Rubinstein, C.T.; Minke, B.; Selinger, Z., 1987:
Coupling of photoexcited rhodopsin to inositol phospholipid hydrolysis in fly receptors

Lefever, M.M.; Morrison, A.M., 1988:
Couponing for profit

Gerhards, H.; Bartholmes, A., 1987:
Courmarin resistance in the horse

Ahl, R., 1987:
Course and analysis of a foot and mouth disease outbreak in Upper Bavaria in 1984

Mundel, G., 1986:
Course and extent of low-bog subsidence determined by means of bog monoliths in groundwater lysimeters

Payne, S.L.; Salinovich, O.; Nauman, S.M.; Issel, C.J.; Montelaro, R.C., 1987:
Course and extent of variation of equine infectious anemia virus during parallel persistent infections

Palmieri, G.; Farina, V.; Panu, R.; Asole, A.; Sanna, L.; D.R.u, P.L.; Gabbi, C., 1986:
Course and termination of the pyramidal tract in the pig

Anonymous, 1986:
Course for tourism experts on social relations

Ghadirian, E.; Pelletier, M.; Kongshavn, P.A.L., 1987:
Course of Entamoeba histolytica in nude mice

Heer, A.; Moll, G., 1987:
Course of a flock disease of sheep after incorrect administration of an anthelmintic

Vechet, L.; Kocourek, F., 1986:
Course of an epidemic of Erysiphe graminis f.sp. hordei

Ristau, E.; Beier, D.; Wittmann, W., 1987:
Course of bovine leukosis virus infection in calves following the administration of cellular extracts of lymph node tumours from BLV-infected cattle

Lachowicz, J., 1987:
Course of experimental Parafasciolopsis fasciolaemorpha infection in sheep

Hamacher, J., 1987:
Course of infection and haustorial ultrastructure of powdery mildew Phyllactinia guttata (Wallr. ex Fr.) Lev. on birch

Heidrich, R.; Mathea, K.; Sobanski, E., 1987:
Course of viral diarrhoea in a large pig breeding and production unit

Dixon, J.E., 1987:
Courses studying agricultural mechanization in developing countries

Rutowski, RL.; Gilchrist, GW., 1987:
Courtship, copulation and oviposition in the chalcedon checkerspot, Euphydryas chalcedona (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)

Wright, A.J., 1987:
Covariance of inbred relatives with special reference to selfing

Westcott, M.P.; Dabney, S.M.; Vines, K.W., .:
Cover crop test

Altieri, M.A.; Schmidt, L.L., 1986:
Cover crops affect insect and spider populations in apple orchards

Harris, R.E., 1986:
Cover crops for Western Cape orchards

Abel Dayem, M.S.; Ritzema, H.P., 1987:
Covered drainage systems in areas with rice in the crop rotation

Henriksen, K., 1986:
Covering early cauliflowers with plastic sheeting

Mannebeck, H., 1986 :
Covering manure storing tanks to control odour

Henriksen, K., 1986:
Covering outdoor-grown vegetables with plastic sheeting

Lakshminarayana, M.; Murthy, M.K.R., 1986:
Cow and buffalo milk fat fractions. III. Hydrolytic and autoxidative properties of milk fat fractions

O.C.nnell, J.; Giller, P.; Meaney, B., 1987:
Cow cubicles - comparing two designs

Zarnecki, A.; Stolzman, M., 1987:
Cow culling rate differences among Friesian strains during the first three lactations

Mary, C.A.; Dev, V.P.S.; Karunakaran, K.; Nair, N.R., 1986:
Cow dung extract for controlling bacterial blight BB

Collins Lusweti E., 1984:
Cow indexing in dairy herds

Host, A., 1988:
Cow milk allergy in infants

Mueller G.; Bernsau I.; Mueller W.; Weissbarth Riedel E.; Natzschka J.; Rieger C.H.L., 1986:
Cow milk protein antigens and antibodies in serum of premature infants during the first 10 days of life

Hewitt, A.T., 1985:
Cow pad pasture index

MacDonald, A., 1988:
Cow's milk allergy and intolerance

Hill, D.J., 1986:
Cow's milk allergy in infants: some clinical and immunological features

Gerrard, J.W., 1987:
Cow's milk and breast milk

Jarrige, R., 1987:
Cow's milk production and the characteristics of milk in temperate climates

Rampal, P.; Veyres, B.; Montoya, M.L.; Hebuterne, X., 1987:
Cow's milk protein intolerance in children

Skopnik, H.; Heimann, G., 1987:
Cow's milk protein intolerance in cystic fibrosis with hypoproteinaemia, oedema and anaemia

Speight, B.R.; Fairlie, B.W.G., 1986:
Cowpak revisited

Venkateswarlu, J., 1987:
Cowpea and pearl millet response to organic amendments in semiarid alfisols of Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, India

Wietsma, W.A.; Heij, G., 1986:
Cowpea breeding

Padulosi, S.; Cifarelli, S.; Monti, L.; Perrino, P., 1987:
Cowpea germplasm in southern Italy

Bubenhein, D.L.; Mitchell, C.A., 1988:
Cowpea harvest strategies and yield efficiency for space food production

Wahua, T.A.T.; Orubo, I.D.A., 1986 :
Cowpea intercropped with cassava in a humid rainforest zone of Nigeria

Anonymous, 1986:
Cowpea lines resistant to new strains of two common viruses. Virus resistant cowpeas for Latin America. Testing tropically adapted soybeans for resistance to soybean mosaic virus

Anonymous, 1987:
Cowpea mild mottle virus (CMMV) is not seed-borne in soybean

Iwaki, M.; Thongmeearkom, P.; Honda, Y.; Prommin, M.; Deema, N.; Hibi, T.; Iizuka, N.; Ong, C.A.; Saleh, N., 1986:
Cowpea mild mottle virus occurring on soybean and peanut in southeast Asian countries

Sunarjono, H., 1985:
Cowpea: selected high yield leading variety and Fusarium rot tolerance lines

Casemore, D.P.; Emslie, E.S.; Whyler, D.K.; Baxby, D.; Bennett, M.; Davies, A.B., 1987:
Cowpox in a child, acquired from a cat

Jones, G.M.; Seymour, E.H., 1988:
Cowside antibiotic residue testing

Meynard, J.A.; Goudichaud, A.; Pelse, H., 1986:
Coxo-femoral dislocation in the dog

Basher A.W.P.; Walter M.C.; Newton C.D., 1986:
Coxofemoral luxation in the dog and cat

MacCracken, JG.; Hansen, RM., 1987:
Coyote feeding strategies in southeastern Idaho: optimal foraging by an opportunistic predator?

Primard, C.; Martin, D.; Vedel, F.; Pelletier, G., 1986 :
Cp and mt genome constitution of different somatic hybrids between Brassica napus amd Brassica hirta

Bird, A.P., 1987:
CpG islands as gene markers in the vertebrate nucleus

Lake, NCH.; Jones, MB.; Paul, JD., 1987:
Crab predation on scallop (Pecten maximus) and its implication for scallop cultivation

Valentin, G.; Caumes, P., 1986:
Crack propagation in wood by shearing

Niehaus, R.A.; Goering, C.E.; Savage, L.D.J.; Sorenson, S.C., 1985:
Cracked soybean oil as a fuel for a diesel engine

Hallaire, V., 1988:
Cracking of a clayey soil during drying. I. In situ description

King, J.; Norton, R.A., 1987:
Cracking resistance in certain cherry cultivars and selections

Witulski, U., 1986:
Crafts and small enterprises in the economic periphery of Malawi

Langdon, J.S.; McDonald, W.L., 1987:
Cranial Exophiala pisciphila infection in Salmo salar in Australia

Placke M.E.; Hill D.L.; Yang T.J., 1987:
Cranial metastasis of canine transmissible venereal sarcoma

Wunschmann, D.; Ribas, E., 1988:
Cranial mucormycosis

Ferguson, HW.; Hicks, BD.; Lynn, DH.; Ostland, VE.; Bailey, J., 1987:
Cranial ulceration in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar associated with Tetrahymena sp

Singh, N.P.; Mittal, V.P., 1985:
Cranial-sutures and sclerites of Acrida exaltata Walker

Canfield, P.J.; Perry, R.; Brown, A.S.; McKenzie, R.A., 1987:
Cranio-facial tumours of mixed cartilage and bone in koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)

McGeachie, R.E.; Ford, W.J.; Nelson, M.J.; Goldberg, M.E., 1987:
Craniofacial mucormycosis

Sharp, N.J.H., 1988:
Craniolateral approach to the canine brachial plexus

Maurer, M.; Bartels, P.; Kabisch, D., 1988:
Craniomandibular osteopathy-hormonal or renal aetiology?

Dawson, F.H.; Warman, E.A., 1987:
Crassula helmsii (T. Kirk) Cockayne: is it an aggressive alien aquatic plant in Britain?

Retamal, N.; Duran, J.M.; Fernandez, J., 1986:
Crassulacean acid metabolism and CO2-uptake in rooted prickly pear cladodes with different water levels in the soil

Martin, C.E.; Adams, W.W., 1987:
Crassulacean acid metabolism, CO2-recycling, and tissue desiccation in the Mexican epiphyte Tillandsia schiedeana Steud (Bromeliaceae)

Bankston, J.D.; Lawson, T.B.; Romaire, R.P., 1988:
Crawfish processing plant wastewater characterization

Dey, S.K.; Dhillon, B.S.; Malhotra, V.V., 1986:
Crazy top downy mildew of maize - a new record in Punjab

Zwatz, B., 1986:
Crazy top of cereals

Elliott, R., 1988:
Cream O'Weber unveils fluid processing plant

Kimenai, M.P., 1986:
Cream crystallization

Champagne C.P.; Cote C.B., 1987:
Cream fermentation by immobilized lactic acid bacteria

Anonymous, 1985:
Cream is on a high

Muir, D.D., 1987:
Cream liqueur manufacture. Assessment of efficiency of methods using a viscometric technique

Muir, D.D.; Banks, W., 1987:
Cream liqueurs

Anonymous, 1987:
Cream. Determination of fat content (Rose-Gottlieb reference method)

Pautrot, D., 1987:
Cream: in good form

Megard, P., 1987:
Creaming apparatus for cheesemaking equipment

Leman J.; Haque Z.; Kinsella J.E., 1988:
Creaming stability of fluid emulsions containing different milk protein preparations

Tripi, V., 1984:
Creams for buttermaking

Boutonnier, J.L.; Dunant, C., 1985:
Creams, butters and other fat products

Daget, N.; Joerg, M.; Bourne, M., 1988:
Creamy perception. I. In model dessert creams

Lazar, KV.; Mohamed, UVK., 1988:
Creatine and creatinine levels in the larval fat body of the moth, Spodoptera mauritia, during development

Kikuta, Y.; Onishi, T., 1987:
Creatine kinase and its isoenzymes in dogs

Abschke, S.; Bruckner, H.; Kreyssig, L., 1987:
Creating balanced production structures for agricultural production cooperatives and state farms in the crop and livestock sectors

Rapelje, D.H.; Crawford, L., 1987:
Creating lively park-spaces for mentally frail seniors in long term care

Donnelly, P., 1987:
Creating national parks - 'a grand, good thing?'

Pobedov, V.S.; Grimashevich, V.V., 1986:
Creating semi-plantations of bog whortleberry in the Poles'e

Gramer, O.; Meyer, C., 1986:
Creating territorial production units in cooperative associations of collective and state farms

Keller, M.J.; Turner, N.H., 1986:
Creating wellness programs with older people: a process for therapeutic recreators

Walser, M., 1987:
Creatinine excretion as a measure of protein nutrition in adults of varying age

Steinberger, E.M.; Beer, S.V., 1988:
Creation and complementation of pathogenicity mutants of Erwinia amylovora

Ingberg, H., 1987:
Creation at the core of the culture industries. Conference, Creativity taking account of the culture industries, held at The Hague 21 to 23 October, 1986

Syrichev, V.N., 1986:
Creation of a new breed group of beef cattle in Byelorussia

Rubtsov, N.B.; Matveeva, V.G.; Radzhabli, S.I.; Kul' bukina, N.A.; Nesterova, T.B.; Zakiyan, S.M., 1987:
Creation of a panel of fox X Chinese hamster somatic cell hybrid clones, and mapping of the LDHA, LDHB, GPI, ESD, G6PD, HPRT and alpha -GALA genes in the silver fox

Bonapace, A.T., 1986:
Creation of an agricultural course in a Sardinian primary school. In: 1985 training for agriculture and rural development

Roland, C.C.; Summers, S.; Friedman, M.J.; Barton, G.M.; McCarthy, K., 1987:
Creation of an experiential challenge program

Mohsini, S.R., 1987:
Creation of environment for eradication of illiteracy

Maillard, C.; Euzet, L.; Silan, P., 1988:
Creation of the genus Serranicotyle (Monogenea, Microcotylidae): Serranicotyle labracis (Van Beneden et Hesse, 1863) n. comb., a parasite of Dicentrarchus labrax

Evans, R.M.; Swanson, L.; Rosenfeld, M.G., 1985:
Creation of transgenic animals to study development and as models for human disease

Putwain, P.D.; Evans, B.E.; Kerry, S., 1987:
Creation of woodland by direct seeding with herbicide management

Vittal, N., 1986:
Creative management in fertiliser industry

Reddy, A.V.R.; Reddy, P.B., 1984:
Creativity of adolescent boys and girls in relation to some variables

Ronnebeck, G., 1987:
Credit and interest as stimulating factors in raising the efficiency of horticulture

Styun' kov, V.P.; Maksimov, V.G., 1987:
Credit and the development of inter-farm cooperation

Dementsev, V., 1987:
Credit and the development of the agroindustrial sector

Cockerell, N., 1987:
Credit cards, cash and travel vouchers in Europe. How Europeans pay their way

Gunawardana, L., 1987:
Credit co-operatives in Sri Lanka

Hossain, M., 1988:
Credit for alleviation of rural poverty: the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh

Obozintsev, A.A., 1988:
Credit for the agroindustrial sector under the new economic conditions

Mosley, P.; Dahal, R.P., 1987:
Credit for the rural poor: a comparison of policy experiments in Nepal and Bangladesh

Ryden, H.; Ekegren, P., 1988:
Credit mission of the integrated rural development project of Matara District, Sri Lanka, October 1987

Hossain, M.M., 1986:
Credit needs of rice farmers: an analysis of farm level data

Floro, S.L., 1987:
Credit relations and market interlinkage in Philippine agriculture

Coen, J., 1987:
Creekstone Gardens: a reinhabitation project

Smulski, S.J.; Ifju, G., 1987:
Creep behaviour of glass fiber reinforced hardboard

Wyk, W.J. van; Gerischer, G.F.R., 1987:
Creep behaviour of laminated pine beams under sustained loading

Singh, R., 1988:
Creep damage and life prediction of high temperature components

Petrovic, S., 1986:
Creep deformation of wood and wood-based panels

Adandedjan, C.C.; Reid, R.L.; Ranney, T.S.; Townsend, E.C., 1987:
Creep grazing lambs on tall fescue pastures

Arima, T.; Maruyama, N.; Hayamura, S.; Sugimoto, Y.; Itoh, A., 1986:
Creep of wood, wood-based materials and wood composite building elements in changes of loading conditions and its application

Iyer, C.P.A.; Subramanyam, M.D., 1986:
Creeping - a promising genotype for introduction of dwarfness in mango

Frontczak, J., 1985:
Creeping process of a corn kernel in the moisture function

Moraal, L.G., 1987:
Cremnodes atricapillus, a new parasitoid of the cambium miner fly, Phytobia cambii, with notes on Symphya spp. (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae, Braconidae; Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Solov' eva, G.F., 1987:
Crenatobronema n.g. (Spinitectidae), a new genus of nematodes from Pacific Ocean fish

Stam, P.A., 1987:
Creontiades pallidus (Rambur) (Miridae, Hemiptera), a pest of cotton along the Euphrates river and its effect on yield and control action threshold in the Syrian Arab Republic

Ghitti, C.; Ottogalli, G., 1984:
Crescenza cheese

Lewis, R.M., 1987:
Cricket and the beginnings of organized baseball in New York City

Hadley, NF.; Machin, J.; Quinlan, MC., 1986:
Cricket cuticle water relations: permeability and passive determinants of cuticular water content

Manousis, T.; Moore, N.F., 1987:
Cricket Paralysis Virus, a Potential Control Agent for the Olive Fruit Fly, Dacus oleae Gmel

Remmert, H., 1985:
Crickets in sunshine

Rashid, F.; Geraert, E.; Sharma, R.D., 1987:
Criconematidae (Nemata) from Brazil

Castillo, P.; Siddiqi, M.R.; Barcina, A.G., 1988:
Criconemella rosmarini sp. n. (Criconematidae: Tylenchida) from Spain

Jaffee, B.A.; Nyczepir, A.P.; Golden, A.M., 1987:
Criconemella spp. in Pennsylvania Peach Orchards with Morphological Observations of C. curvata and C. ornata

Nath, S.; Khurana, S.M.P.; Mandahar, C.L.; Komal, H.S., 1986:
Crinkle mosaic and enation leafcurl of poinsettias - two hitherto unknown diseases

Alba, J. de, 1987:
Criollo cattle of Latin America

Camargo, A.H.A., 1987:
Criollo sheep in Brazil

Simon, J.C., 1985:
Crises of industrial dynamics: production of machinery for food industries in France

Watts, M.J.; Bassett, T.J., 1985:
Crisis and change in African agriculture: a comparative study of the Ivory Coast and Nigeria

Whyte, M.A., 1987:
Crisis and recentralization: 'indigenous development' in eastern Uganda

Marshall, E., 1988:
Crisis in AID malaria network

Vail, D., 1986:
Crisis in Swedish farmland preservation strategy

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Crisis in biosystematics of arthropods

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Crisis in farm finance - banker's perspective

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Crisis in higher education in India

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Crisis in our urban & historic parks

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Crisis of adult education: technocracy or participation?

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Crisis of land development models in irrigation schemes in Algeria: state and peasant strategies

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Crisis of succession in a Breton peasant family

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Crisis symptoms of the German dairy industry - deficiencies of strategy or difficulties of implementation?

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Crisis, adjustment policies and agriculture

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Crisis, argument, and agriculture

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Criteria and algorithm of optimization of selection programmes for dairy herds

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Criteria and objectives of the development of the agri-food sector

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Criteria determining man's activity in free time

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Criteria establishing biofilm kinetic types

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Criteria for a proof of migration routes of immature parasites inside hosts exemplified by studies of Strongyloides ratti in the rat

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Criteria for assessing the readiness of rose shoots for propagation by cuttings

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Criteria for choice of characters for construction of selection indices in greengram

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Criteria for created or restored wetlands

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Criteria for determining pesticide resistance in plants

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Criteria for determining the conversion age for Scots pine stands on unsuitable sites

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Criteria for determining tolerable erosion rates

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Criteria for evaluating crops for their suitability to protect soil against water erosion

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Criteria for evaluating the efficiency of seed production allocation

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Criteria for evaluating the genetic stability of varieties

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Criteria for evaluation of browse damage in silver fir

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Criteria for fertilizer application to muskmelon

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Criteria for land use

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Criteria for measuring salt tolerance in rice genotypes

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Criteria for observing and measuring changes associated with land transformations

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Criteria for permissible browse impact on sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) in mountain forests

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Criteria for pesticide advice in Romania

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Criteria for public health assessment of feed phosphates with an increased level of radioactive elements

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Criteria for resistance of metals to abrasive wear

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Criteria for selecting Trichoderma clones antagonistic to sclerotial fungi in soil

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Criteria for success or failure of dairy development

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Criteria for the diagnosis of aspergillosis and systemic candidosis

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Criteria for the evaluation of the reaction of haploid testers with diploid Armillaria isolates

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Criteria for the evaluation of wild oat (Avena spp.) herbicides in cereal crops

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Criteria for the existence and evaluation of efficiency of the supposed CO2-concentrating mechanisms in C3-plants

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Criteria for the selection and use of doubled haploid systems in cereal breeding programmes

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Criteria for the selection of the most appropriate form of replacement of fixed capital

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Criteria for using modern process-control technology in dairy factories

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Criteria for weed control in grain sorghum

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Criteria identifying genetic merit for milk production

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Criteria of great groups of Andisols

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Criteria of plant design in ultrafiltration

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Criteria of resistance to and tolerance of crown and root rots caused by Fusarium species in clover cultivars

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Criteria of selecting cows for suitability for machine milking

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Criteria of selection for reproductive performance

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Criteria of selective predation by Bubo bubo and Tyto alba upon Rattus

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Criteria related to precooling of tulip bulbs cv. Apeldoorn at 5 degrees C

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Criteria to be applied to work on pest control

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Criterion for choosing a questionnaire for diet studies in the sporting field

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Crithidia luciliae: factors affecting the expression of 3'-nucleotidase/nuclease activity

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Critical appraisal of the evidence that dietary fat intake is related to breast cancer risk in humans

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Critical aspects of phytoalexins in potato

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Critical assessment of the Green and Ampt water infiltration equation 1. Theoretical analysis

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Critical bio-physical analysis of thermal fogging for control of rubber leaf diseases in Brazil

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Critical care: companion animals. The emergency crash cart

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Critical comment

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Critical comparison of the vanadomolybdate and the molybdenum blue methods for the analysis of phosphate in plant sap

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Critical concentration of phosphorus in the soybean shoot as affected by the soil phosphorus capacity factor

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Critical concentration of trichlorocetaldehyde, a toxic substance in P fertilizers, to crops

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Critical concentrations of sulfur in liquid feeds for plants in containers

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Critical daylength for diapause induction and properties of non-ovipositing females in the diapausing strain of the citrus red mite, Panonychus citri (McGregor) (Acarina: Tetranychidae)

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Critical depth for the use of tine-shaped tools in bottomland soils with high clay content

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Critical erosion areas in Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee

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Critical evaluation of new potato cultivars for the preparation of dried potato products

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Critical factors and their threshold for camper satisfaction at two campgrounds

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Critical factors in the development of agroindustrial activities in the Negro and Neuquen river valleys

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Critical factors influencing survival and hatching of milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) eggs during simulated transport

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Critical high root-zone temperatures for container-grown citrus

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Critical issues in the delivery of local government services

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Critical leaf area area index in pigeonpea

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Critical level of phosphorus in soils of Punjab and response of pearl millet to applied phosphate

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Critical levels of Mn in coarse textured rice soils in India for predicting response of barley to Mn application

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Critical levels of boron in cotton plants

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Critical levels of different fractions of phosphorus in lettuce grown in different soils

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Critical notes on some isolates of Phytophthora palmivora found in Italy

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Critical nutrient levels related to plant growth and some physiological processes

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Critical period of competition between weeds and Beta vulgaris L

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Critical period of weed competition in transplant aus rice

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Critical phosphorus levels in equilibrium soil extract and index leaf for pigeonpea

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Critical plant equipment for the fertilizer industry

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Critical rainfree periods for postemergence johnsongrass control

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Critical relations of shoot spacing in vineyards

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Critical remarks regarding sports aid for developing countries

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Critical review of HPLC methods for the determination of thiamin, riboflavin and niacin in food

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Critical rotational speed of circular timber saws

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Critical rotational speeds of circular saws

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Critical situation of US agricultural banks

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Critical soil moisture tension for nitrogen application in rainfed wheat

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Critical soil potassium level for eucalyptus seedlings

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Critical stage of crop weed competition in transplanted fingermillet

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Critical stages of crop weed competition and chemical weed control on soybean

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Critical tractive force for modeling furrow irrigation erosion

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Crocodile rearing in Zimbabwe

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Crocodilicola pseudostoma (Trematoda: Proterodiplostomatidae), endoparasite of the pimelodid catfish Rhamdia hilarii, in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Crofting in the European context

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Crop Protection

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Crop Protection Department

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Crop canopy functions for soil erosion prediction

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Crop production

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Crop protection in public parks

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Crop protection information stations

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Crop protection of sugar beet and crop protection and quality of potatoes

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Crop storage

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Crop structure of seed flax in view of the optimum sowing rate

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Cropping systems research and root-knot nematode control

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Cropping systems research in Madagascar

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Cropping systems research program in Bhutan

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Cropping systems suited to socio-economic conditions of small farmers under dry tropics and sub-tropical conditions

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Cropping systems with groundnut: resource use and productivity

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Cropping under controlled flooding. The Mali experience

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Crops and conditions for maximum production of leaf protein in West Bengal

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Crops gaining increasing importance

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Crops research

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Cross compliance as a soil conservation strategy: a case study

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Cross pollination induced by mutagens in barley

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Cross prediction in wheat using F3 data

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Cross prediction methods in potato breeding programmes

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Cross reactivity of antibodies against Mucor miehei and Mucor pusillus rennets

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Cross-bred cattle farming system. Constraints analysis

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Cross-breeding and greening disease transmission of different populations of the citrus psylla, Trioza erytreae (Hemiptera: Triozidae)

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Cross-compatibility in two steroid-bearing Solanum species

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Cross-country skiing: environmental damage can be avoided

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Cross-reactivity and comparative allergenic potency of eight isolates of Alternaria tenuis, candidates for inclusion in a reference standard

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Cross-resistance of triadimenol-resistant fungal isolates to other sterol C-14 demethylation inhibitor fungicides

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Cross-resistance to paraquat and atrazine in Conyza canadensis

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Cross-sectional form of apical meristems of young and old giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum) during the resting phase and at budbreak

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Cross-validation of predictive models for esthetic quality of residential streets

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Crossability and relationships of Pinus muricata (Pinaceae)

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Crossability in interspecific pollinations among species of hard pine in the genus Pinus

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Crossability of Triticum aestivum with tetraploid Hordeum bulbosum

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Crossability of winter rye forms of different ploidy

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Crossability percentages of some 1400 bread wheat varieties and lines with rye

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Crossability studies between bread wheat and rye

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Crossbred lambs on hill pastures

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Crossbreeding Cuban zebus with cattle

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Crossbreeding Romanov with Hungarian Combing Wool Merino sheep. 2. Meat and wool production

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Crossbreeding and heterosis

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Crossbreeding and meat quality in pigs

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Crossbreeding as an important factor in the formation of new breeds of cattle

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Crossbreeding cattle in Latin America

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Crossbreeding for dairy production in Punjab Province, Pakistan

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Crossbreeding in domestic animals

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Crossbreeding in pigs

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Crossbreeding of Czech Pied with dairy breeds

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Crossbreeding of Lebedin cattle with bulls of beef breeds

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Crossbreeding of cattle

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Crossbreeding of cattle with Cuban zebu - an important source of increased beef production

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Crossbreeding with Aberdeen-Angus

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Crossbreeding with Ayrshire cattle for increasing genetic potential

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Crossbreeding with Holsteins - an important resource for increasing the productivity of dairy cows

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Crossbridges in insect flight muscles of the blowfly (Sarcophaga bullata), A.O.; E.K.dy, S., 1985:
Crossed immunoelectrophoretic studies on Botrytis cinerea Pers. and other Botrytis species

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Crossinfection tests with two virus strains (NPV) against the nun moth, Lymantria monacha L. (Lep., Lymantriidae) and the pine beauty, Panolis flammea Schiff. (Lep., Noctuidae)

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Crossing - its contribution to optimising sheep breeding

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Crossing Soviet Mohair with Angora goats

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Crossing and hybridization in beef cattle breeding

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Crossing of Trifolium repens L. with Medicago falcata L

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Crossing of species in the genus Trifolium L. I. T. repens L. X T. montanum L. - fertilization and development of the embryo and endosperm

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Crossing soybeans with a wild perennial relative

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Crossing winter and spring wheats as a method of producing source material in breeding spring bread wheat

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Crosslinking between the 33 kDa extrinsic protein and the 47 kDa chlorophyll-carrying protein of the PS II reaction center core complex

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Crossplanting winter wheat reduces potential wind erosion of soil in semiarid regions

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Crossties from timber killed by gypsy moth

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Crowding during pregnancy delays puberty and alters estrous cycles of female offspring in mice

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Crown gall

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Crown gall of raspberry (Rubus sp.)

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Crown restoration of a canine tooth in a dog

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Crown size and leafiness in compact-type seedlings

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Crown training in Gloster prior to first fruit bearing

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Cruciferous crops. Resistance

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Crude protein yield in broilers

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Crude vaccine is first step toward new cattle grub control

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Crushing of swathed stems to improve field drying of cereal crops

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Crustacean culture and technology

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Crustacean reproduction

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Crusted scabies in a diabetic alcoholic

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Cryopreservation of human milk

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Cryopreservation of pollen and pollen embryos, and the establishment of pollen banks

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Cryopreservation of potato somaclones

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Cryopreservation of spermatozoa of the Japanese oyster, Crassostrea gigas

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Cryoprotective action of seminal plasma on boar spermatozoa

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Cryoscopy of milk

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Cryptic seed abortion and the estimation of ovule fertilization

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Cryptic structural differences at the interstrain level of Pisum sativum L

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Cryptocline cinerescens and Discula quercina causing twig blight of oaks in California

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Cryptococcosis in a pup

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Crystals of calcium oxalate hydrate on the perianth of Stelis Sw

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Ctenarytaina longicauda sp. n. (Homoptera: Psylloidea) from Lophostemon confertus (R. Brown) in Australia and California

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Cuba's agriculture

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Cuba's three agrarian reforms

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Cuba: eradication of bovine tuberculosis

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Cubed lucerne hay, oats and grain legumes and pellets as diets for export sheep

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Cubicle housing in Europe: history, development and existing systems

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Cucumber beetle seasonality in coastal South Carolina

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Cucumber cultivars for hothouse and cold culture. Several new cultivars show promise

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Cucumber hybrid Topolek

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Cucumber varieties for summer-autumn cultivation

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Cucumber variety trials following summer sowings

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Cucumbers and temperature

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