Crisis in pastoral nomadism and transport modernization in the Sahel in Ferlo District, Senegal

Berotinard, T.; Di Meo, G.

Travaux de l' Institut de Geographie de Reims (63/64): 95-112


Accession: 001556280

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The development of mechanized transport in Ferlo makes it possible to reach outlying towns and to go to Dakar more easily, while the more extentive use of carts makes travelling between camps and drilling sites easier. In both cases, this progress is concomitant with the transformation and recession of pastoral nomadism. The changes in the transport systems (or sometimes the creation of these systems) are not unrelated to a social change whose facets are multiple: a break with tradition; the attraction of urban centres; the monetarization of exchanges; state-control on cattle rearing, etc. The rudimentary transport network of Ferlo is one of the tools of the domination of the new urban middle-classes over the peripheral zone and its inhabitants.