Crossing of species in the genus Trifolium L. I. T. repens L. X T. montanum L. - fertilization and development of the embryo and endosperm

Kazimierska, E.M.; Kasimierski, T.

Genetica Polonica 26(3): 327-339


Accession: 001556718

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The percentage of fertilized ovules found after interspecific crossing was lower than that after cross pollination within a species. Hybrid embryos developed slowly and died 3-5 days after pollination. The nuclei of hybrid endosperm (4n and 5n) had on average a larger diameter than those of the 3n and 6n endosperm of the parents; it is considered that this was due to the incomplete homology of the chromosome complements of the parents. Differences between the species in the size, shape and role of the integumental tapetum layer between the species are described and related to the failure of the hybrid embryo and endosperm to develop properly.