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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suwa, Y.; Hattori, T., 1987: Detection of proliferating bacteria in soil populations by the analysis of colony-forming curves

Boucias, DG.; Pendland, JC., 1987: Detection of protease inhibitors in the hemolymph of resistant Anticarsia gemmatalis which are inhibitory to the entomopathogenic fungus, Nomuraea rileyi

Titanji, VPK.; Zetterqvist, O., 1986: Detection of protein kinase substrates in extracts of Onchocerca volvulus

Theobald, K.; Thiel, H.; Kallweit, C.; Ulmer, W.; Konig, W., 1986: Detection of proteins in wheat flour extracts that bind human IgG, IgE, and mouse monoclonal antibodies

Gaur, A. K.; Garg, N. K., 1984: Detection of rabbit RBC lytic factor in trophozoites and cell-free supernatant of Acanthamoeba culbertsoni and Entamoeba histolytica

Skalka, P., 1986: Detection of rabies virus in raccoon-dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides) in western Czechoslovakia

Ding, H. C.; Chang, T. C., 1986: Detection of reconstituted milk in fresh milk

Lin, C. W.; Chern, S. H.; Su, H. P.; Ju, C. C., 1987: Detection of reconstituted milk in raw milk through determination of milk DNase activity

Spillmann, H.; Banhegyi, M.; Schwager, C.; Schmutz, M., 1988: Detection of recontamination of pasteurized milk with Gram-negative bacteria using a catalase test

Bryant Greenwood G.D., 1987: Detection of relaxin by immunohistochemistry in the corpus luteum during lactation

Rampilli, M.; Resmini, P.; Tripiciano, C.; Sadini, V., 1985: Detection of rennet whey in dried milk and buttermilk. III. Testing of milk for animal feeding

Mosjidis J.A., 1988: Detection of repeated genotypes among 93 diploid wheat accessions

Woo, Y. B.; Lee, K. W., 1987: Detection of rice black-streaked dwarf virus in rice, maize and insect vectors by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Lin, R. F.; Jin, D. D., 1986: Detection of rice ragged stunt virus by ELISA

Omura, T., 1986: Detection of rice viruses in plants and individual insect vectors by serological methods

Koimett, E. C., 1986: Detection of rotavirus antigen in domestic animals by agar-gel immunodiffusion test: comparison with commercial ELISA (Rotazyme) and electron microscopy

Jerez, J. A.; Candeias, J. A. N.; Racz, M. L.; Durigon, E. L.; Ribeiro, L. C., 1987: Detection of rotavirus by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay in the faeces of calves with diarrhoea

Berrios E, P.; Pedraza G, C.; Moraga B, L.; Celedon V, M.; Macchiavello C, M., 1987: Detection of rotavirus in calves and cows from a dairy of the Metropolitan Region

Berrios, P.; Maldonado, J.; Celedon, M. O.; Razmilic, D.; Monasterio, V., 1987: Detection of rotavirus in horses. Preliminary study

Mochizuki, M.; Yamakawa, M., 1987: Detection of rotaviruses in cat feces

Jarchovska, H., 1984: Detection of salmonellae during 1979-1982 at the Opocno dairy factory

Lyons M.J., 1987: Detection of salmonellae in foods with an enzyme immunometric assay

Scott, A. C.; Done, S. H.; Venables, C.; Dawson, M., 1987: Detection of scrapie-associated fibrils as an aid to the diagnosis of natural sheep scrapie

Brady, C.; Gibney, M. J., 1987: Detection of secretory IgA antibodies to common food protein in stimulated human parotid saliva

Mitchell, L. A.; Sutherland, J. R., 1986: Detection of seed-borne Sirococcus strobilinus with monoclonal antibodies in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Singh, T. S., 1987: Detection of seedborne rice fungi by blotter method

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561030

Dutta, S. K.; Rice, R. M.; Hughes, T. D.; Savage, P. K.; Myrup, A. C., 1987: Detection of serum antibodies against Ehrlichia risticii in Potomac horse fever by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Gomes, M.; Moojen, V.; Fernandes, J. C. T.; Ferreiro, L., 1985: Detection of serum antibodies to bovine leukosis virus in cattle in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

Isobe, T.; Suzuki, K., 1987: Detection of serum antibody to Leucocytozoon caulleryi in naturally infected chickens by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Verstraete W., 1986: Detection of siderophores in soil by a direct bioassay

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561035

Poltera, A. A., 1987: Detection of skin nodules in onchocerciasis by ultrasound scans

Yoshino R., 1987: Detection of snow mold fungi in wheat plants by means of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of ribosomal proteins

Kalayci, S.; Kerman, M., 1988: Detection of some amphetamine substances in the urine of horses

Bormans, H.; Gilles, G. L., 1987: Detection of some fruit tree viruses by means of different indexing techniques

Castrejon Sanguino, A.; Ortega Delgado, M. L.; Galindo Alonso, J., 1984: Detection of some hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. var. Coker 310) tissue parasitized by Phymatotrichum omnivorum (Shear) Duggar

Kastirr, R.; Svoboda, K., 1988: Detection of some persistent plant viruses in their vectors by ELISA and transmission tests

Korenaga, M.; Tada, I.; Hashiguchi, Y.; Takaoka, H.; Baba, M.; Castro, J. C.; Zea F, G. F., 1986: Detection of specific IgG antibodies in Guatemalan onchocerciasis by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

Tekerlekov, P.; Nikolova, E.; Veleva, E.; Ivanov, Ya, 1987: Detection of specific VIA antibody in foot and mouth disease

Nemarnik, ; Biin, Z.; Cajavec, S.; Mazija, H.; Stiglic, N.; Lukezic, I., 1986: Detection of specific antibodies to infectious bursal disease in parent flocks vaccinated with Gumbokal inactivated oil vaccine, and their offspring

Hahn, G.; Heeschen, W.; Sudi, J., 1986: Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin B in different substrates

Yoshimura, N.; Shimotsu, M.; Honjou, K.; Kotaki, M.; Ogasawara, Y.; Okuyama, D.; Noto, F., 1987: Detection of starved joints in plywood by acoustic emissions

Turner C.J., 1988: Detection of stocking mortality in striped bass and hybrid striped bass culture ponds

Maisi, P.; Junttila, J.; Seppanen, J., 1987: Detection of subclinical mastitis in ewes

Aerts, M. M. L.; Beek, W. M. J.; Kan, C. A.; Nouws, J. F. M., 1986: Detection of sulfaguanidine residues in eggs with a fully automated liquid-chromatographic method using post-column derivatization

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561054

Huber, K.; Esterbauer, H.; Jager, H. J.; Grill, D., 1987: Detection of sulphite in plants

Timoney, P. J.; McCollum, W. H.; Roberts, A. W., 1987: Detection of the carrier state in stallions persistently infected with equine arteritis virus

Becker, H.; Zaadhof, K. J., 1986: Detection of the clumping factor of bovine Staphylococcus aureus strains with latex and agglutination tests

Ogawa, S.; Yamakawa, H.; Yamonoi, J.; Nishida, S.; Takeshima, T.; Matumoto, T.; Tauchi, Y.; Nagashima, H.; Kanou, Y., 1987: Detection of the fluorescent body in bull, boar, dog, rabbit, rat and mouse spermatozoa

Etienne L., 1987: Detection of the grapevine fanleaf viruses away from the period of vegetation

Fernandez, M.; Ortega, J., 1986: Detection of the nematode Meloidogyne incognita in soil by indicator plants

Nasirullah ; Nagaraja, K. V., 1987: Detection of the presence of toxic oils in edible vegetable oils

Racewicz, M., 1986: Detection of the resistance in cockroaches Blattella germanica (L.) from ships to insecticides used

Sudi, J.; Ritter, G.; Heeschen, W.; Hahn, G., 1986: Detection of thermonuclease as a screening test for staphylococcal enterotoxins in different substrates

Shing, Y. W.; Dai, S.; Klagsbrun, M., 1985: Detection of three growth factors, HMGF I, HMGF II, and HMGF III in human milk

Richter, J.; Reichenbacher, D.; Kalinina, I.; Falkenhagen, H.; Torres, E. G., 1987: Detection of three viruses in field-grown potatoes by ELISA

Vlugt, C. I. M. van der; Linthorst, H. J. M.; Asjes, C. J.; Schadewijk, A. R. van; Bol, J. F., 1988: Detection of tobacco rattle virus in different parts of tulip by ELISA and cDNA hybridisation assays

Truol, G. A.; Laguna, I. G.; Nome, S. F., 1987: Detection of tobacco streak virus (TSV) on soyabean crops in Argentina

Thrane, U., 1986: Detection of toxigenic Fusarium isolates by thin layer chromatography

Freyr, A.; Falcon, J.; Falcon, C.; Oliveira Madeira, de V.; Sampaio, I., 1981: Detection of toxoplasmosis in sheep in Uruguay

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561079

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561080

Jahn, O.; Sauerstein, J.; Reuter, G., 1985: Detection of two ornithine carbamoyltransferases in a phaseolotoxin-producing strain of Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola

Kaushik R.K., 1986: Detection of upper respiratory tract bacterial carriers in poultry

Lei, J. D.; Agrios, G. N., 1986: Detection of virus infection and spread by immunofluorescent staining of enzyme treated leaves

Mehrens, H. A.; Reimerdes, E. H., 1986: Detection of whey in foods using the kappa -casein macropeptide

Henschke, P. A.; Thomas, D. S., 1988: Detection of wine-spoiling yeasts by electronic methods

Tyree, M. T.; Fiscus, E. L.; Wullschleger, S. D.; Dixon, M. A., 1986: Detection of xylem cavitation in corn under field conditions

Parent, J. G.; Desjardins, S.; Brisson, J. D., 1986: Detection of xylem rickettsias in goldenrod in Quebec

Malczan, M., 1988: Detection of yeasts and moulds with media containing antibiotics

McCaughey, W. J., 1988: Detection of zeranol in the blood of ram lambs by a radioimmunoassay technique

Somowiyarjo, S.; Sako, N.; Nonaka, F., 1987: Detection of zucchini yellow mosaic virus by latex flocculation and protein A-coated latex-linked antisera tests

Lippert, GE.; Hagstrum, DW., 1987: Detection or estimation of insect populations in bulk-stored wheat with probe traps

Drobenyuk, Zh A.; Mikhailov, M. I.; Bokancha, G. V.; Yarovoi, P. I.; Anan' ev, V. A.; Shakhgil' dyan, I. V., 1988: Detection rate of HBs-antigen, anti-HBs, and anti-HBc in normal population of the Moldavian SSR

Tsybulyak, S. N., 1988: Detection rate of hepatitis A and B viruses markers in blood donors in the Moldavian SSR

Choi, W. Y.; Yoo, J. E.; Nam, H. W.; Kim, J. H.; Lee, U. H., 1987: Detection rates of Enterobius vermicularis eggs in children

Ripert, C.; Combe, A.; Daulouede, S. et al., 1988: Detection with a monoclonal antibody of an antigen, characteristic of the genus Schistosoma, excreted in the urine

Doyle, M. P., 1987: Detection, isolation, and identification of Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter jejuni, and Yersinia enterocolitica

Vasantha Kumar; Vasanthi, H. J.; Shetty, H. S., 1987: Detection, location and transmission of Nigrospora oryzae in maize

Imamura, H., 1984: Deterioration curve of nails in exterior walls covered with lath-mortar. Compiled from the inspection of six wooden houses

Lago, A. A. do; Zink, E.; Savy Filho, A.; Teixeira, J. P. F.; Banzatto, N. V., 1985: Deterioration of castor seeds stored shelled or unshelled

Sandor, G. S., 1986: Deterioration of feedstuffs by mycotoxins in Hungary

Chen, G. Y.; Fu, J. R., 1986: Deterioration of groundnut seeds and peroxidation

Maruyama, T.; Niiya, I.; Tsukamoto, M.; Tokairin, S.; Matsumoto, T., 1986: Deterioration of hardened palm oil

Maheshwari, R. K.; Mathur, S. K.; Mathur, A., 1985: Deterioration of lobia (Vigna sinensis Savi.) during storage. I. Seed mycoflora

Chopra G., 1987: Deterioration of poultry farm environment by commensal rodents and their control

Johnson, A. H., 1987: Deterioration of red spruce in the northern Appalachian mountains

Airede, C. E.; Esuruoso, O. F., 1987: Deterioration of shelled oil palm kernels caused by seedborne fungi

Rands, J. G., 1984: Deterioration of subsurface drainage systems due to deflocculation in marshland

Wojtas B., 1986: Deterioration of sweet cherry fruit during storage period

Mathur, D. K., 1982: Deterioration of textiles and their conservation

Diaz Gomez, J., 1986: Deterioration of the terms of trade, eventual migration and peasant poverty in the department of Cusco

Idei, T.; Yoshizawa, N.; Watanabe, J., 1983: Deterioration of wood cell wall by Lentinus edodes

Doijode S.D., 1986: Deteriorative changes in okra seeds after artificial aging

Muqtada, M., 1986: Determinants and possibilities of employment expansion in the crop sector

Savelberg, F.; Vogelaar, H., 1987: Determinants of a northern high-speed railway

Kareem, K. A.; Menon, A. G. G.; Bhaskaran, C., 1985: Determinants of communication behaviour of contact farmers - a path analysis

Mues, C.; Simmons, P., 1988: Determinants of cotton prices

Barrett J., 1988: Determinants of delayed gastric emptying in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Shah, B.; Uniyal, M. P., 1986: Determinants of educational choices at graduate level

Shrestha, G. M. et al., 1986: Determinants of educational participation in rural Nepal

Shrestha, G. M., 1984: Determinants of educational participation in rural Nepal (a CERID/WEI project); main report

Quayyum, Z., 1984: Determinants of export performance of jute and jute goods from Bangladesh

Parthasarathy, G.; Rao, B. C., 1986: Determinants of fertilizer use: Andhra Pradesh

Bhujangarao, C., 1987: Determinants of foodgrain prices in India: an empirical study, 1961-83

May P.G., 1988: Determinants of foraging profitability in two nectarivorous butterflies

Kromhout D., 1988: Determinants of growth during early infancy

Jensen, H. H.; Saupe, W. E., 1987: Determinants of health insurance coverage for farm family households: a Midwestern study

Allen, P. J., 1985: Determinants of information source selection by farm families in two North Florida counties

Seale, M. S.; Iso Ahola, S. E., 1988: Determinants of leisure behaviour among retired adults

Iqbal, F., 1988: Determinants of moneylender interest rates: evidence from rural India

Chaudhury, R. H., 1986: Determinants of nutrient adequacy in a rural area of Bangladesh

Mobarhan, S.; Maiani, G.; Ferro Luzzi, A.; Pitassi, F.; Trentini, P.; Pappalardo, G.; Nicastro, A.; Azzini, E.; Torre, S. dalla; Jama, M. A.; Spigliati, P.; Toico, G.; Morabito, S., 1987: Determinants of nutritional status in hospital patients in Italy

Kim, Y. H.; Bowers, J. S., 1986: Determinants of participation in the Food Stamp Program. In: Consumer demand and welfare: implications for food and agricultural policy

Bertness, M. D.; Ellison, A. M., 1987: Determinants of pattern in a New England salt marsh plant community

Thompson, A.; Yeboah, A. O.; Evans, S. H., 1986: Determinants of poverty among farm operators in North Carolina

Foster, D. L.; Karsch, F. J.; Olster, D. H.; Ryan, K. D.; Yellon, S. M., 1986: Determinants of puberty in a seasonal breeder

Eaton, C. van, 1986: Determinants of queen quality in New Zealand commercial queens

Yaniv M., 1987: Determinants of rat albumin promoter tissue specificity analyzed by an improved transient expression system

Royer, J. P., 1987: Determinants of reforestation behavior among southern landowners

Lisansky, J.; Andrews, M. S.; Lopez, R. A., 1988: Determinants of right-to-farm conflicts

Yen, T.; Roe, T. L., 1986: Determinants of rural and urban household demand: an analysis of Dominican household consumption

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561159

Bhargava, P. K., 1985: Determinants of rural/urban disparities in the literacy rate in India: a path analysis approach

Ganguly, M., 1986: Determinants of scholastic achievement: identifying the areas and determining the priority of determinants

Leps J., 1988: Determinants of temporal variation in moth abundance

Theuns, H. L., 1988: Determinants of the demand for holiday travel: an exploration of material and immaterial factors

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561165

Martin, J. B., 1986: Determinants of the duration of breastfeeding in first-time mothers

Senauer, B.; Garcia, M.; Jacinto, E., 1988: Determinants of the intrahousehold allocation of food in the rural Philippines

Eggleston, R. C., 1987: Determinants of the levels and distribution of PL480 food aid: 1955-79

Bhandari, B., 1986: Determinants of the quality of life of rural households heads in Chitawan

Loreau M., 1988: Determinants of the seasonal pattern in the niche structure of a forest carabid community

Hervouet, V.; Blandford, D., 1987: Determinants of the volume and structure of U.S. still wine imports from France

Ziegler, O.; Jambon, B.; Duheille, J., 1986: Determinants of thymic involution in malnourished children

Marzin, S.; Pagoulatos, A.; Debertin, D. L., 1985: Determinants of variation in average farm acreage in Kentucky counties

Lange, D., 1987: Determinants of world agricultural trade. The influence of economic development on the structure of the agricultural trade of specific countries

Kneifel, W., 1987: Determination and contents of fat-soluble vitamins in milk and milk products. A review

Fang, S. M.; Huang, J. L.; Cai, Y. Q.; Huang, J. L.; Zhang, T. S., 1986: Determination and evaluation of blast resistance of sweet potato cultivars

O' Connor, F., 1987: Determination and evaluation of hygienic quality

Karmas, R. A.; Kleyn, D. H., 1988: Determination and interpretation of alkaline phosphatase activity in butter

El Bakary, Z.; Porcheron, P.; Moriniere, M.; Fuzeau Braesch, S., 1987: Determination and levels of ecdysteroids in the scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus

Fink, R.; Kessler, H. G., 1986: Determination and mathematical analysis of the lysine losses of stored heated milk

Rose R.J., 1988: Determination and repeatability of maximum oxygen uptake and other cardiorespiratory measurements in the exercising horse

Miyazaki, T.; Yamagishi, T.; Matsumoto, M., 1987: Determination and residues of 1,2,4,5-tetrabromobenzene and mirex in human milk

Agabriel, J.; Giraud, J. M.; Petit, M., 1986: Determination and use of body condition scores in suckler herds

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561189

Loeffler, Da; Norcross, Nl; Opdebeeck, Jp, 1988: Determination by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of the optimal dose of staphylococcal leukocidin for systemic immunization of dairy cows

Beek, N. A. M. van; Hughes, P. R., 1986: Determination by fluorescence spectroscopy of the volume ingested by neonate lepidopterous larvae

Outer, R. W. den; Veenendaal, W. L. H. van; Versteegh, C., 1988: Determination keys for important West-European woods and tropical commercial timbers

Shiraishi, K.; Kawamura, H.; Ouchi, M.; Tanaka, G., 1986: Determination of 15 mineral elements in total diet samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy

Marini, S.; Righi, G., 1985: Determination of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) in honey. Rapid HPLC method

Chen, J.; Wang, W. Z., 1987: Determination of ABA content of Pinus koraiensis seeds during their dormancy, stratification and germination by means of radio immunity

Vylegzhanina, G. F.; Kalmykova, R. G., 1987: Determination of Altosar and Altosid in potato leaves by gas-liquid chromatography

Perez Ruiz, T.; Martinez Lozano, M. C.; Tomas, V., 1987: Determination of B2 vitamers in pharmaceutical preparations, foods and animal tissues by a photokinetic method

Shustrov, V. S., 1985: Determination of Betanal in soil and sugarbeet

Zisman, U.; Calderon, M.; Carmi, Y., 1987: Determination of CO2 level in wheat as a method for early detection of insects presence

Fuentes, V.; Eb, F.; Orfila, J., 1988: Determination of Chlamydia psittaci by immunofluorescence

Skarka, P.; Tkadlecova, M.; Sestakova, I., 1986: Determination of Cyadox in milk replacers

Phillips, E. J. P.; Lovley, D. R., 1987: Determination of Fe(III) and Fe(II) in oxalate extracts of sediment

Muller, J.; Grubhofer, F., 1988: Determination of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni, Cr, Pb and Cd in water for Austrian dairy factories by flame and graphite tube AAS

Barak, P.; Chen, Y., 1987: Determination of FeEDDHA in soils and fertilizers by anion exchange chromatography

Schupp, D. G.; Erlandsen, S. L., 1987: Determination of Giardia muris cyst viablilty by differential interference contrast, phase, or brightfield microscopy

Motegi, M.; Koyano, J.; Shimizu, K., 1987: Determination of HMF in honey using high-pressure liquid chromatography

Oehmichen, U.; Karrenbrock, F.; Haberer, K., 1987: Determination of N-pesticides in natural waters

Letesson, J. J.; Vandekerckhove, J.; Lostrie, N.; Depelchin, A., 1988: Determination of N-terminal amino acid sequence of bovine class I antigens

Ferm, M.; Christensen, B. T., 1987: Determination of NH3 volatilization from surface-applied cattle slurry using passive flux samplers

Alt, D.; Wiemann, F., 1987: Determination of P, K and Mg removal by vegetable crops

Adams, R. E.; Thomason, M. M.; Strother, D. L.; James, R. H.; Miller, H. C., 1986: Determination of PCDDs and PCDFs in PCB oil from a hazardous waste site

Istok, J. D.; McCool, D. K., 1985: Determination of R values using hourly precipitation data

Palma Rodriquez, E., 1987: Determination of Trichinella spiralis larvae in cats in Mexico city by trichinoscopy and artificial digestion

Diez, J. A., 1985: Determination of U.V. oxidizable nitrogen and nitrate in soil extracts using an autoanalyser

Gillain, G.; Rutagengwa, J., 1985: Determination of Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Sb and Bi in milk by differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry with a hanging mercury drop electrode following two independent mineralisation methods

Pathak, S. N.; Love, D. V.; Roy, D. N., 1986: Determination of a chemical basis of air-pollution stress in wood of mature white pine trees in the susceptive forest ecosystems

Vojtisek, B., 1986: Determination of acetone in milk, colostrum, blood and urine of dairy cows by the microdiffusion method

Heiberg, R., 1985: Determination of acidity in process- and product control of milk products

Perrett, D., 1987: Determination of adenosine ribo- and deoxyribonucleotides as their 1-N6-etheno derivatives by reversed-phase ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography

Sarma, J. S., 1988: Determination of administered prices of foodgrains in India

Ronald W.P., 1986: Determination of affinity constants and the number of binding sites of monoclonal antibodies specific for southern bean mosaic virus

Duhart, B. T.; Shaw, S.; Wooley, M.; Allen, T.; Grimes, C., 1988: Determination of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 by high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Sabino, M.; Purchio, A.; Zorzetto, M. A. P., 1984: Determination of aflatoxins M1 and M2 in cows' milk by HPLC

Goto, T.; Matsui, M.; Kitsuwa, T., 1988: Determination of aflatoxins by capillary column gas chromatography

Hurst, W. J.; Snyder, K. P.; Martin, R. A, Jr, 1987: Determination of aflatoxins in peanut products using disposable bonded-phase columns and post-column reaction detection

Gonet, B., 1987: Determination of after-treatment time in the seasoning of beech and oak

Shtykov, V. I.; Daishev, Sh T., 1986: Determination of air permeability of soils

Murthy, P. S. N.; Kameswararao, B. V.; Gopalachari, N. C.; Saunders, J., 1986: Determination of alkaloid composition in Indian tobacco by HPLC

Temizer, A.; Kir, S.; Sener, B.; Orbey, M. T., 1987: Determination of alkaloids by differential pulse polarography. II. Fumaria L. alkaloids

Valka, I.; Simanek, V., 1988: Determination of alkaloids of Fumaria parviflora and Fumaria capreolata by high-performance liquid chromatography and capillary isotachophoresis

Ito, M.; Kamada, Y.; Ueki, K., 1986: Determination of allelopathic potential of young and mature Digitaria adscendens on crop growth

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561245

Pascoe, G. A.; Duda, C. T.; Reed, D. J., 1987: Determination of alpha -tocopherol and alpha -tocopherylquinone in small biological samples by high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Bertsch, P. M.; Anderson, M. A., 1988: Determination of aluminium extracted from soils by ion chromatography

Bouman, A. A.; Platenkamp, A. J.; Posma, F. D., 1986: Determination of aluminium in human tissues by flameless atomic absorption spectroscopy and comparison of reference values

Wilson D.O., 1984: Determination of aluminum in plant tissue digests using a catechol violet colorimetric method

Tsai J H., 1987: Determination of aluminum in serum by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Karr, M. C.; Coutinho, J.; Ahlrichs, J. L., 1983: Determination of aluminum toxicity in Indiana soils by petri dish bioassay

Johns, D. C.; Low, C. K.; Sedcole, J. R.; James, K. A. C., 1986: Determination of amino acid digestibility using caecectomised and intact adult cockerels

Varax, R. de; Gally, N., 1986: Determination of ammonia in dairy products

Hutin, M. F.; Hohler, V.; Burnel, D., 1984: Determination of ammonia in milk and milk products

Li, Z. X.; Zu, S. X.; Mao, M. F.; Wang, F. L.; Zhao, B. B., 1987: Determination of amount of N2 fixation and change in N2-fixing activity of Azolla in natural environment

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561262

Fomichev, V. T.; Shiyan, I. P., 1988: Determination of an inclination angle of solar heaters

Umralina, A. R.; Vasil' eva, K. V.; Nchagan, Sh V., 1987: Determination of anastomosis groups of Rhizoctonia solani Kuehn. isolates infecting sugarbeet in the Kirghiz SSR

Chen, D.; Shao, A.; Cai, Y.; Wang, G., 1986: Determination of andrographolide, deoxyandrographolide and neoandrographolide in Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f. Nees) by TLC densitometry

Fiala, K., 1987: Determination of annual root production after Titljanova

Shablii, V. Ya; Oksamitnyi, N. K.; Kolos, Yu A.; Anishchenko, N. V., 1986: Determination of antibiotics in honey

Novazzi, F., 1985: Determination of antibiotics residues in milk

Ramos Rodriguez, H. G., 1986: Determination of antibodies to Brucella ovis in the serum of sheep by complement fixation and agar precipitation. Summary of thesis

Bengelsdorff, H. J.; Bernhardt, D.; Hungerer, K. D.; Wieda, J., 1987: Determination of antibody titres in milk of cows after vaccination with a polyvalent vaccine for control of calf diarrhoea

Hossain, M. S.; Huque, M. A., 1987: Determination of appropriate screen slot opening of shallow tubewells for irrigation in Gaibandha area of Bangladesh

Boekel, M. A. J. S. van; Arentsen Stasse, A. P., 1987: Determination of aromatic biogenic amines and their precursors in cheese by high-performance liquid chromatography

Martineau, Lucie; Davis, Stephen C., 1988: Determination of arprinocid in poultry feeds by high-performance liquid chromatography

She L.K., 1987: Determination of arsenic in cocoa beans by hydride generation with inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561277

Pfleger, R., 1986: Determination of bacterial and fungal counts in air and its practical application

Kubitschek, H. E.; Friske, J. A., 1986: Determination of bacterial cell volume with the coulter counter

Khandakar, A. L.; Begum, S., 1987: Determination of base temperature for jute, kenaf and mesta

Zikla, A.; Drabant, S., 1987: Determination of basic parameters of control hydraulics under laboratory conditions

Rybinska, K., 1988: Determination of beta -lactam antibiotics in milk

Lavanchy, P.; Buhlmann, C.; Steiger, G., 1985: Determination of biogenic amines in some Swiss cheeses

Ni, Z. M.; Le, X. C.; Han, H. B., 1986: Determination of bismuth in river sediment by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry with low-temperature atomization in argon/hydrogen

Renden, J. A.; Oates, S. S.; Reed, R. B., 1986: Determination of body fat and moisture in dwarf hens with near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Lee, J. J. van der; Walinga, I.; Manyeki, P. K.; Houba, V. J. G.; Novozamsky, I., 1987: Determination of boron in fresh and in dried plant material by plasma emission spectrometry after extraction with HF-HCL

Barnett, N. W.; Ebdon, L.; Evans, E. H.; Ollivier, P., 1988: Determination of boron in plants by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with slurry atomisation using matrix modification and totally pyrolytic graphite tubes

Beker, D.; Lovrec, V., 1987: Determination of butylated hydroxytoluene in poultry premix by high-performance liquid chromatography

Pocklington, W. D.; Hautfenne, A., 1986: Determination of butyric acid in fats containing butterfat: results of a collaborative study and the standardised method

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561314

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561340

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561341

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561345

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561346

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561347

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561352

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561356

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561372

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561373

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561377

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561416

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561427

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561436

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561446

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561447

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561448

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561449

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561481

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561500

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561516

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561534

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561536

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561537

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561538

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561539

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561541

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561542

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561543

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561544

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561545

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561558

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561564

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561570

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561574

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561585

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561587

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561589

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561590

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561594

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561619

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561622

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561636

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561646

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561648

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561649

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561682

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561688

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561705

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561743

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561748

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561749

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561750

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561770

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Isik, A.; Zeren, Y., 1986: Determination of the technical properties of cultivators with fertilizer application systems used in the Cukurova region and the improvement of their fertilizer distribution

Xhomo, Z., 1986: Determination of the time limit for sowing the new wheat cultivar Cerma-57

Maiorov, Yu I., 1985: Determination of the time of covering capital expenditures on creation of antierosion forest belts

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561854

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561855

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561897

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Ruegg, M.; Moor, U., 1986: Determination of water in milk and milk products by Karl Fischer titration. IV. Comparison of the water content of cultured milk products, quarg and various specialities, with indirect values obtained by drying oven methods

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561902

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561909

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Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561917

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DeLuca, L. B., 1986: Determining dust and trash contents of cottons with the Cotton Particulates Analyser. II. Evaluation of respirable-dust measuring machines and methods

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Wolfe, R. R.; Swaminathan, M., 1987: Determining orientation and shape of bell peppers by machine vision

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Thamm, B., 1986: Determining site-specific differences in plant cover by means of aerial photographs

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Russo, D., 1988: Determining soil hydraulic properties by parameter estimation: on the selection of a model for the hydraulic properties

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Krichun, V. M.; Pitikin, A. I., 1986: Determining the current volume increment of stands of the main forest species in the Carpathians

Krahmer, R., 1986: Determining the demands of cereal crops on the soil copper status by means of pot experiments

Verelle, L., 1986: Determining the density of creams. Steps involved in making a choice

Donoghue, L. R.; Simard, A. J.; Main, W. A., 1987: Determining the economic relationship between law enforcement activities and arson wildfires: a feasibility study in Arkansas

Erkhov, A. V., 1987: Determining the energy 'losses' caused by the induced vibrations of a forestry crawler tractor

Bochkov, I. M., 1986: Determining the extent of thinnings in forest management planning

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Haidn, B., 1987: Determining the hoof dimensions of fattening cattle for the design of appropriate slatted floors

Joshi, J. H., 1986: Determining the impact of development and trade on a local economy

Jarret, R. L.; Litz, R. E., 1986: Determining the interspecific origins of clones within the 'Saba' cooking banana complex

Azarenkov, V. M., 1986: Determining the length of the braking path of a raft when stopping

Il' in, B. A.; Nikiforov, A. G., 1986: Determining the location of a main forest road

Jaehn, A.; Matiello, J. B., 1987: Determining the number of shoots per stem in a renovated coffee plantation affected by severe frost and cut back

Jaehn, A.; Mesquita Filho, L., 1987: Determining the number of stems and shoots per stand of adult coffee affected by severe frost and cut back

Section 2, Chapter 1562, Accession 001561999

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