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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bankina, T.E., 1986:
Digestion in young pigs given a diet supplemented with biologically active substances

Moore K.J.; Cherney J.H., 1986:
Digestion kinetics of sequentially extracted cell wall components of forages

Rerat, A.; Vaugelade, P.; Vaissade, P., 1987:
Digestion of a hydrogenated glucose syrup rich in maltitol in conscious pigs

Argyle J.L.; Hespell R.B., 1987:
Digestion of alfalfa hay using washed ruminal bacteria

Jones, A.L.; Goetsch, A.L.; Stokes, S.R., 1986:
Digestion of all-hay diets of different proportions of endophyte-infected fescue and bermudagrass in beef cows

Jones, A.L.; Goetsch, A.L.; Stokes, S.R., 1986:
Digestion of all-hay diets of different proportions of endophyte-infected fescue and clover in beef cows

Lo, K.V.; Liao, P.H., 1986:
Digestion of cheese whey with anaerobic rotating biological contact reactors

Houbiers, H.J.P.L., 1987:
Digestion of feedstuffs by horses

Thouvenot, P.; Mourot, J.; Krobicka, A.; Antoine, J.M.; Debry, G., 1988 :
Digestion of four starchy foods: gastric emptying; glycemic and insulinemic responses

Gibbs, P.G.; Potter, G.D.; Schelling, G.T.; Kreider, J.L.; Boyd, C.L., 1988:
Digestion of hay protein in different segments of the equine digestive tract

Nikolaevskaya, V.R.; Chernikov, M.P., 1984:
Digestion of milk proteins in young infants

Silvertooth J.C.; Westerman R.L., 1988:
Digestion of plant materials for the determination of total nitrogen to include nitrate

Huang, C.Y.L.; Schulte, E.E., 1985:
Digestion of plant tissue for analysis by ICP emission spectroscopy

Englyst, H.N.; Cummings, J.H., 1987:
Digestion of polysaccharides of potato in the small intestine of man

Tatsumoto, K.; Baker, J.O.; Tucker, M.P.; Oh, K.K.; Monagheghi, A.; Grohmann, K.; Himmel, M.E., 1988:
Digestion of pretreated aspen substrates. Hydrolysis rates and adsorptive loss of cellulase enzymes

Widyastuti, Y.; Terada, F.; Kajikawa, H.; Abe, A., 1987:
Digestion of rice straw cell wall constituents in various rumen conditions

Longstaff, M.; McNab, J.M., 1987:
Digestion of starch and fibre carbohydrates in peas by adult cockerels

Ward, N., 1987:
Digestion vessels danger

Tsuchida, K.; Wells, MA., 1988 :
Digestion, absorption, transport and storage of fat during the last larval stadium of Manduca sexta. Changes in the role of lipophorin in the delivery of dietary lipid to the fat body

Garnett, S., 1988:
Digestion, assimilation and metabolism of captive estuarine crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus

Roy, C.C.; Weber, A.M.; Lepage, G.; Smith, L.; Levy, E., 1988:
Digestive and absorptive phase anomalies associated with the exocrine pancreatic insufficiency of cystic fibrosis

Vohito, M.D.; Beuzit, Y.; Ramiara, J.P.; Georges, A.J.; Meunier ; Lesbordes, J.L., 1988:
Digestive aspects of AIDS with regard to experience of 105 cases at Bangui

Feral, J.P., 1988:
Digestive capacities of 3 shallow water holothuroids as shown by analysis of hydrolytic activity in their digestive tract

Sanz Sampelayo, R.; Fonolla, J.; Escandon, F., 1986:
Digestive capacity of herbivores. Comparative study in lambs and rabbits

Anonymous, 1987:
Digestive disease week and the 88th Annual Meeting of the American Gastroenterological Association May 9-15, 1987, Chicago, Illinois

Laval, A.; Valiergue, H.; Laurent, J.L., 1988:
Digestive diseases of suckler calves

Siegle, M.L.; Ehrlein, H.J., 1988:
Digestive motor patterns and transit of luminal contents in canine ileum

Barnes, GG.; Thomas, VG., 1987:
Digestive organ morphology, diet, and guild structure of North American Anatidae

Meyer, H.; Lindner, A.; Schmidt, M., 1985:
Digestive physiology of horses. 11. Effect of a restricted water supply on total water balance and on intestinal water circulation

Meyer, H.; Gurer, C.; Lindner, A., 1986:
Digestive physiology of horses. 12. Effect of a marginal potassium supply for horses on potassium metabolism and on sweat production and composition

Coenen, M., 1986:
Digestive physiology of horses. 13. Digestibility and precaecal transit of a tube diet depending on mode of application (spontaneous consumption or as liquid by tube)

Meyer, H.; Coenen, M.; Probst, D., 1986:
Digestive physiology of horses. 14. Saliva production and oesophageal transit of feed in horses

Meyer, H.; Coenen, M.; Teleb, H.; Probst, D., 1986:
Digestive physiology of horses. 15. Comminution of feed and liberation of feed components in the caecum of horses

Kirilov, M.P.; Naumenko, P.A.; Kirilova, N.I., 1987:
Digestive processes in lactating cows and fattening pigs given diets with cassava

Arias Vallejo, E., 1987:
Digestive system diseases and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Knight, MH.; Knight-Eloff, AK., 1987:
Digestive tract of the African giant rat, Cricetomys gambianus

Burr, E.W., 1987:
Digestive tract protozoa

Bragachini, M.A.; Rittatore, M.J., 1988:
Digger inverters. New peanut harvesting system

McCorquodale, D.B., 1986:
Digger wasp (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) provisioning flights as a defence against a nest parasite, Senotainia trilineata (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Ermolaev, V.H.; Ermolaeva, V.V., 1987:
Digger with a rotor operating device

Scott, P.R., 1988:
Digital amputation as a treatment of septic pedal arthritis in sheep: study of 20 field cases

Matsuzaki, T., 1986:
Digital analysis of the terrestrial photographs for the field surveying using a simple camera

Stibig, H.J.; Schardt, M., 1986:
Digital classification of forested areas using simulated TM- and SPOT- and Landsat 5/TM-data

Young, R.E.; Dunlap, J.L., 1986:
Digital controller for speed synchronization of nursery can handler

Smith, L.A., 1987:
Digital controller for tractor engine speed

Blowey, R.W., 1987:
Digital dermatitis in dairy cattle

Yanosky T.M.; Robinove C.J., 1986:
Digital image measurement of the area and anatomical structure of tree rings

Sutinen, R.; Ollus, M.; Lilja, R., 1987:
Digital image processing for burning control

Byler, R.K.; Diehl, K.C.; Stephens, J.W.; Awa, T.W.; Hien, P.; Gelder, M.F. van, 1987:
Digital imaging of oyster meats

Cheli, R.; Addis, F.; Mortellaro, C.M.; Fonda, D.; Rusconi, C., 1986:
Digital lesions of nutritional origin

Holub, R.E., 1987:
Digital spray mileage recorder

Sharma, A.; Singh, A.K.; Tewari, R.; Virmani, O.P., 1986:
Digitalis spp. as a source of cardiac glycosides

Beale, J.M.; Floss, H.G.; Lehmann, T.; Luckner, M., 1988:
Digitoxigenin-3 beta -O, the main cardenolide of somatic embryos of Digitalis lanata

Coote, L.D.; Ellis, C.R., 1986:
Diglyphus intermedius (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), an indigenous parasite of the alfalfa blotch leafminer, Agromyza frontella (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Patrascu, M., 1986:
Dihaploid lines used for tobacco improvement

Encheva, Yu; Zagorska, N., 1986:
Dihaploids of oriental tobacco and tests of them under field conditions

Kirtland, S.J.; Buchanan, T.; Cowan, I.; Hooper, H.; Shawyer, C.R., 1986:
Dihomo- gamma -linolenic acid increases prostacyclin production and reduces platelet thromboxane synthesis in the rat

Hassall, C.H.; Kirtland, S.J., 1986:
Dihomo- gamma -linolenic acid is more potent than an equivalent amount of linoleic acid in reversing hypertension induced with saturated fat, M.S.; Hifnawy, M.S., 1986:
Dihydrocoumarin and certain other coumarins from Prunus mahaleb seeds

Chandra, A.; Misra, L.N.; Thakur, R.S., 1987:
Dihydrofurano-terpenoids of davana oil

Petit Paly, G.; Montagu, M.; Viel, C.; Rideau, M.; Chenieux, J.C., 1987:
Dihydrofuroquinolinium alkaloids in cultured cells of Ptelea trifoliata L

Danson, M.J.; Conroy, K.; McQuattie, A.; Stevenson, K.J., 1987:
Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase from Trypanosoma brucei. Characterization and cellular location

Sultankhodzhaev, M.N.; Yunusov, M.S., 1987:
Dihydrosongorine from the aerial parts of Aconitum karakolicum

Flint, D.H.; Emptage, M.H., 1988:
Dihydroxy acid dehydratase from spinach contains a [2Fe-2S] cluster

Gee, R.W.; Byerrum, R.U.; Gerber, D.W.; Tolbert, N.E., 1988:
Dihydroxyacetone phosphate reductase in plants

Schriever, E., 1986:
Diisocyanate and polyurethane adhesives for wood and wood-based materials

Mezza, L.E.; King, J.M., 1986:
Dilated cardiomyopathy in the silver fox

Barna, Z., 1988:
Dilemma of letting rooms

Janvry, A. de, 1986:
Dilemmas and options in the formulation of agricultural policies for Africa

Janvry, A. de, 1987:
Dilemmas and options in the formulation of agricultural policies in Africa

Beauford, E.Y., 1986:
Dilemmas facing minority farm operators in an agricultural crisis

Krannich, R.L., 1986:
Dilemmas of local administration in Thailand

Nitzan, S.; Schnytzer, A., 1987:
Diligence and laziness in the Chinese countryside revisited

Shubina, L.A., 1987:
Diludin and methionine in diets for rams

Singh, J.; Malhi, S.S., 1987:
Diluted quinalphos and fenthion and control of whitebacked planthopper WBPH

Hartog, L.A. den; Verstegen, M.W.A.; Huisman, J.; Aherne, F.X., 1986:
Dilution of a pig diet: effect on digestibility and the practical relevance

Andrews, S., 1986:
Dilution plating versus direct plating of various cereal samples

Tomas Barberan, F.A.; Harborne, J.B.; Self, R., 1987:
Dimalonated anthocyanins from the flowers of Salvia splendens and S. coccinea

Kudela, J.; Dubovsky, J., 1986 :
Dimensional changes of holes in wood and of wood in the vicinity of holes caused by changes in moisture content

Praharaj, G.S., 1987:
Dimensional role of the rural leaders in relation to their socio-psychological characteristics

Rowell, R.M.; Norimoto, M., 1988:
Dimensional stability of bamboo particleboards made from acetylated particles

Rowell, R.M.; Simonson, R.; Tillman, A.M., 1986:
Dimensional stability of particle board made from vapor-phase acetylated pine wood chips

Harris, R.A., 1988:
Dimensional stability of red oak and eastern white pine dried by radio-frequency/vacuum and conventional drying processes

Bengtsson, G., 1984:
Dimensioning of cold stores for market milk products

Furll, C.; Scholz, V., 1988:
Dimensioning of compound feed silos to ensure optimum flow

Turk, M., 1987:
Dimensioning pressure pipes for delivering high dry matter cattle slurry

Mohsen, Z.H.; Mehdi, N.S.; Dikran, B.B., 1987:
Dimensions and instar recognition of nine sclerotized characters in the larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus Say and C. molestus Forskal

Moran, W., 1986:
Dimensions and mechanisms of land use change in Northland

Huskic, E.; Pobric, H.; Lokvancic, H.; Ivetic, V., 1986 :
Dimensions and weight of the ovaries of the cat in anoestrus and oestrus

Wimberley, R.C., 1987:
Dimensions of U.S. agristructure: 1969-1980

Tucker, R.P., 1987:
Dimensions of deforestation in the Himalaya: the historical setting

Jacobson, R.E., 1987:
Dimensions of milk supply management for the US dairy industry

Sarma, P.P., 1987:
Dimensions of rural poverty

Haenlein, G.F.W., 1986:
Dimensions of the goat milk industry in the USA

Pieters, G.A., 1986:
Dimensions of the growing shoot and the absolute growth rate of a poplar shoot

Schroeder, H.W., 1987:
Dimensions of variations in urban park preference: a psychophysical analysis

Westberg, D.E.; Oliver, L.R., 1986:
Dimethazone - for preconditioning and weed control

Heather, N.W.; Hargreaves, P.A.; Corcoran, R.J., 1987:
Dimethoate and fenthion for postharvest disinfestation treatments of fruits and vegetables against Dacus tryoni (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Kandasamy, C., 1987:
Dimilin - an insecticide interfering with chitin deposition

Dudik, W.; Gowacka, B., 1987:
Dimilin and Nomolt - safe selective insecticides

Thibault, J.M.; Jaussaud, P., 1987:
Diminazene and its use in the dog. 2. Toxicological aspects

Thibault, J.M.; Jaussaud, P., 1987:
Diminazene and its use in the dog. I. Pharmacological and therapeutic aspects

Turaihi, K.; D.S.uza, V.; Wakeling, A.; Dandona, P., 1988:
Diminished ouabain binding and 86Rb influx by leukocytes in anorexia nervosa

Dworkin, B.; Weseley, S.; Rosenthal, W.S.; Schwartz, E.M.; Weiss, L., 1987:
Diminished blood selenium levels in renal failure patients on dialysis: correlations with nutritional status

Kapitola, J.; Knotova, S., 1987:
Diminished circulation of blood in bones of rats on a low-calcium diet

Döcke, F.; Rohde, W.; Stürzebecher, J.; Dörner, G., 1988:
Diminished oestrogen sensitivity and increased ovulation rate in adult female rats after prepubertal treatment with oestrogen or pimozide

Hutz, R.J.; Gold, D.A.; Dierschke, D.J., 1987:
Diminished steroidogenic response of hamster granulosa cells to estrogen in vitro

Chatamra, K.R.; Daniel, P.M., 1988:
Diminution in the glycogen content of muscle of fasted rats

Takano, H., 1986:
Diniconazole - a new broad spectrum fungicide

Conroy, K., 1987:
Dining habits of young adults

Blenford, D., 1988:
Dining on desserts

Jain, D.K.; Beyer, D.; Rennie, R.J., 1987:
Dinitrogen fixation (C2H2 reduction) by bacterial strains at various temperatures

Granhall, U.; Ericsson, T.; Clarholm, M., 1983:
Dinitrogen fixation and nodulation by Frankia in Alnus incana as affected by inorganic nitrogen in pot experiments with peat

Harper S.H.T.; Lynch J.M., 1986:
Dinitrogen fixation by obligate and facultative anaerobic bacteria in association with cellulolytic fungi

Skujins, J.; Tann, C.C.; Borjesson, I., 1987:
Dinitrogen fixation in a montane forest sere determined by 15N2 assimilation and in situ acetylene-reduction methods

Rice W.A.; Olsen P.E., 1988:
Dinitrogen fixation in soil and alfalfa nodules in the presence of nitrification inhibitors

Deokar, C.D.; Ruikar, S.K., 1987:
Dinitrogen fixation in winged bean

Voss, M.; Jardim Freire, J.R.; Selbach, P.A., 1983:
Dinitrogen fixation potential of Rhizobium phaseoli strains of field bean producing areas of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Hsieh, C.F.; Chaw, S.M., 1987:
Diodia virginiana L. (Rubiaceae) in Hsinchu: new to Taiwan

Stock, TM.; Holmes, JC., 1987:
Dioecocestus asper (Cestoda: Dioecocestidae): an interference competitor in an enteric helminth community

Reier, Yu, 1985:
Dioecy, sexual dimorphism and the sex ratio in cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.)

Stevens, RE.; Merrill, LD.; Brewer, JW., 1988:
Dioryctria albovittella (Hulst) (Lep., Pyralidae) in shoots and cones of pinyon (Pinus edulis Engelm.) in Colorado

Yurkina, E.V., 1986:
Dioryctria mutatella in the Komi ASSR

Singh, V.P.; Singh, A.K.; Singh, D.V., 1987:
Diosgenin accumulation pattern in Costus speciosus with advancement in crop age under varying levels of nitrogen

Kamal, R.; Yadav, R.; Sharma, G.L., 1987:
Diosgenin content in fenugreek collected from different geographical regions of south India

Azarkova, A.F.; Kabanov, V.S.; Cherkasov, O.A.; Mel' nikova, T.M.; Maisuradze, N.I.; Zadorozhnyi, A.M., 1986:
Diosgenin from Allium nutans L

Elujoba A.A.; Hardman R., 1987:
Diosgenin production by acid and enzymatic hydrolysis of fenugreek

Mandl, J., 1985:
Dip disinfection of Salmonella-infected hatching eggs with reference to hatchability

Jandke J.; Spiteller G., 1986:
Dipeptide analysis in human urine

Benesova, M.; Kovacs, P.; Psenak, M.; Barth, A., 1987:
Dipeptidyl peptidase of poppy seedlings (Papaver somniferum L., cv. Amarin)

Agrawal Y.; Vanha Perttula T., 1986:
Dipeptidyl peptidases in bovine reproductive organs and secretions

Jansen, J.; Peeters, M.E.; Boersema, J.H.; Cremers, H.J.W.M., 1988:
Dipetalonema dracunculoides in a dog imported into The Netherlands

Lucius, R.; Kapaun, A.; Diesfeld, HJ., 1987:
Dipetalonema viteae infection in three species of rodents: species specific patterns of the antibody response

Gipson, T.A.; Grossman, M., 1989:
Diphasic analysis of lactation curves in dairy goats

Czapla, TH.; Hopkins, TL.; Kramer, KJ.; Morgan, TD., 1988:
Diphenols in hemolymph and cuticle during development and cuticle tanning of Periplaneta americana (L.) and other cockroach species

South, D.B., 1988:
Diphenylether herbicides used on southern pine seedlings in the United States

Bollegraaf, E., 1988:
Diphtheria in Canada, 1977-1987

Huq, A.K.; Huq, F., 1987:
Diphtheria in Dhaka city

Stephanson, JM.; Obendorf, DL.; Shaw, G., 1987:
Diphyllobothrium dendriticum (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea) from Tasmania

Bilqees, F.M.; Khan, A.; Ali, N., 1984:
Diphyllobothrium latum infestation in Karachi - a case report

Makiya, K.; Tsukamoto, M.; Horio, M.; Goto, M., 1987:
Diphyllobothrium pacificum, a cestode of marine mammals, expelled from a Japanese seaman

Escalante, H.; Miranda, H., 1986:
Diphyllobothrium pacificum: recovery of plerocercoids from Peruvian marine fishes and development of adult worms in Canis familiaris

Kruiningen, J.H. van; Placke, M.E.; Wojan, L.D., 1987:
Diphyllobothrium pleroceroid infestation in landlocked salmon

Luley, C.J.; Gleason, M.L., 1988:
Diplodia canker (Sphaeropsis sapinea) of Abies concolor in Iowa

Solel Z.; Madar Z.; Kimchi M.; Golan Y., 1987:
Diplodia canker of cypress

Ragazzi, A.; Mesturino, L., 1987:
Diplodia mutila in Italy: is it associated with 'oak dieback'?

Ozegovic, L., 1987:
Diplodia toxicosis

Hollebecq, M.G.; Chourrout, D.; Wohlfarth, G.; Billard, R., 1986:
Diploid gynogenesis induced by heat shocks after activation with UV-irradiated sperm in common carp

Ross, KG.; Fletcher, DJC., 1986:
Diploid male production - a significant colony mortality factor in the fire ant Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Tarmakhanov, G.D., 1985:
Diplostomatids of fish from Lake Gusinoe in conditions of heat pollution

Chopra, A.K.; Kumar, A.; Singh, H.R., 1983:
Diplostomulum tetrai, a new metacercaria from a cold water fish, Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray, 1832) from Garhwal Himalayas

Niewiadomska, K., 1987:
Diplostomum paracaudum (Iles, 1959) Shigin, 1977 (Digenea, Diplostomidae) and its larval stages - a new record from Poland

Bejer, B.; Karlog, P.; Lorenzen, U., 1982:
Dipping plants against Hylobius: its effect and some alternatives to DDT

Rubin B.; Demeter Y., 1986:
Dipropetryn absorption during germination by cucurbit seeds and its influence on seedling growth

Heller, M.B.; Kaplan, R.M., 1987:
Dipstick measurement of alcohol levels in body fluids

Drake, C.M., 1988:
Diptera from the Gwent Levels, South Wales

Dabrowska Prot, E., 1986:
Diptera in an agricultural landscape

Szwejda, J., 1988:
Diptera of garlic and ecological observations on dominant species - Suillia lurida Meig. (Dipt., Helomyzidae)

Foil, L.; Foil, C., 1988:
Dipteran parasites of horses

Catton, M.A., 1985:
Dipterocarp resins gathered by tropical bees (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae, Apidae)

Julich, W., 1988:
Dipterocarpaceae and mycorrhizae

Aripova, S.; Abdilalimov, O., 1987:
Diptychocarpus strictus, a source of sulphur-containing alkaloids

Williams, P.F.; Jarvie, D.R.; Whitehead, A.P., 1986:
Diquat intoxication: treatment by charcoal haemoperfusion and description of a new method of diquat measurement in plasma

Schorlemer, B.F. von, 1985:
Direct ELISA for detection of parvovirus antigen and adenovirus antigen

Dillon, W.M.; Jones, R.E., 1988:
Direct access to records by telephone training experience and costs from 1981 through 1987

Cacicedo L.; Sanchez Franco F., 1986:
Direct action of opioid peptides and naloxone on gonadotropin secretion by cultured rat anterior pituitary cells

Freistadt, M.S.; Cross, G.A.; Branch, A.D.; Robertson, H.D., 1987:
Direct analysis of the mini-exon donor RNA of Trypanosoma brucei: detection of a novel cap structure also present in messenger RNA

Bayon, Y.; Fuente, L.; Primitivo, F.S., 1987:
Direct and correlated responses to selection for large and small 6-week body weight in mice

Urrutia, M.S., 1986:
Direct and correlated responses to selection for weight gain in mice

Davis, G.P., 1987:
Direct and correlated responses to selection on weaning weight in Merinos

Tikhaya, N.I.; Tazabaeva, K.A.; Bakhmistrov, D.B., 1988:
Direct and indirect effects of growth regulators on the activity of membrane ATPases in barley roots

Ariff, O.M.; Cartwright, T.C.; Long, C.R., 1985:
Direct and maternal additive and heterotic effects for body weight in cattle

Cantet, R.J.; Kress, D.D.; Anderson, D.C.; Doornbos, D.E.; Burfening, P.J.; Blackwell, R.L., 1988:
Direct and maternal variances and covariances and maternal phenotypic effects on preweaning growth of beef cattle

Orphanos, P.I., 1987:
Direct and residual effect of fertilizer phosphorus on barley in Cyprus

Sahu S.K.; Pal S.S., 1987:
Direct and residual effect of paper mill sludge and limestone on crop yield under three different crop rotations on an acid red soil

Csatho, P.; Kadar, I., 1986:
Direct and residual effect of superphosphate fertilization on yield in millet and lucerne

Sahu, S.K.; Nanda, S.K., 1988:
Direct and residual effects of biogas residue application with nitrogen on rice yield

Zeleny, F., 1986:
Direct and residual effects of molybdenum on winter wheat yield and grain quality

Torres, R., 1987:
Direct application of Ethrel (ethephon) on Orobanche ramosa for its control in covered black tobacco

Caicedo Anchissi, A.A., 1988:
Direct application of geothermal energy for process heat in Guatemala

Bicchi, C.; D.A.ato, A.; David, F.; Sandra, P., 1987:
Direct capture of volatiles emitted by living plants

Anonymous, 1988:
Direct cell-to-cell transfer systems

Dieffenbacher, A.; Luthi, B., 1986:
Direct colorimetric determination of peroxide value in milk products

Gmur, W.; Bosset, J.O.; Plattner, E., 1987:
Direct coupling of supercritical fluid extraction to capillary supercritical fluid chromatography. III. Experimental optimization of pressure and temperature programming rates in supercritical fluid chromatography applied to the analysis of milk products

Benoit, F., 1987:
Direct covering of market-garden crops. Experience acquired and future prospects

Akhila, A.; Gupta, M.M.; Thakur, R.S., 1987:
Direct cyclisation of squalene to 5 alpha -stigmast-9(11)-en-3 beta -ol via Delta 9(11)lanosterol in Costus speciosus: a unique finding in sterol biosynthesis

Bunka, S., 1987:
Direct demonstration of Haemophilus (Actinobacillus) pleuropneumoniae in lungs of swine

Houwers, D.J.; Jong, D. de, 1986:
Direct detection and cell culture isolation of bovine chlamydia

Vialaneix, J.P.; Malet-Martino, M.C.; Hoffmann, J.S.; Pris, J.; Martino, R., 1987:
Direct detection of new flucytosine metabolites in human biofluids by 19F nuclear magnetic resonance

Pavelka, J.; Koreckova, J., 1985:
Direct determination of lead in milk by AAS with electrothermal atomization

Krebs, B., 1987:
Direct determination of nickel in margarine

Maas, G.; Krasel, G., 1988:
Direct drift of herbicides using various nozzle types and additives

Jurga, J.; Worona, B., 1986:
Direct drilling for the improvement of permanent pasture

Muravama, T., 1987:
Direct drilling of rice into submerged paddy fields in Kumamoto prefecture

Chevone B.I.; Herzfeld D.E.; Krupa S.V.; Chappelka A.H., 1986:
Direct effects of atmospheric sulfate deposition on vegetation

Nagamatsu, S.; Bolaffi, J.L.; Grodsky, G.M., 1987:
Direct effects of glucose on proinsulin synthesis and processing during desensitization

Mejstrik, V., 1985:
Direct effects on plants - fluorides

Bono, G.; Comino, A.; Silvestrelli, L.; Oberosler, R., 1986:
Direct enzyme immunoassay of progesterone in defatted milk samples

Frank, G.R.; Noble, R.C.; Esch, M.W.; Green, C.; Bahr, J.M., 1987:
Direct estimation of estrone sulfate in serum and urine of pregnant swine as indicators of litter size at birth

Varhegyi, J., 1986:
Direct estimation of the energy content of hays using chemical analysis

Witty, J.F.; Skot, L.; Revsbech, N.P., 1987:
Direct evidence for changes in the resistance of legume root nodules to O2 diffusion

Ishibashi Y.; Hommura S.; Matsumoto Y., 1987:
Direct examination vs culture of biopsy specimens for the diagnosis of keratomycosis

Laurent, G.J.; Burrows, M., 1988:
Direct excitation of nonspiking local interneurones by exteroceptors underlies tactile reflexes in the locust

Wu, S.P., 1987:
Direct fluorescence detection method for diagnosing citrus yellow shoot disease

Kawahara, E.; Kusuda, R., 1987:
Direct fluorescent antibody technique for differentiation between alpha - and beta -hemolytic Streptococcus spp

Sakaue S., 1987:
Direct gas chromatographic determination of carbamate pesticides and their formulation

Guerche, P.; Charbonnier, M.; Jouanin, L.; Pelletier, G., 1986:
Direct gene transfer in Brassica napus

Potrykus, I.; Paszkowski, J.; Saul, M.; Negrutiu, I.; Shillito, R.D., 1986:
Direct gene transfer to plants and inheritance of foreign genes in transgenic plants

Negrutiu, I.; Mouras, A.; Horth, M.; Jacobs, M., 1987:
Direct gene transfer to plants: present developments and some future prospectives

Liang, G.; Xu, A.H.ang-Tang, 1987:
Direct generation of wheat haploids via anther culture

Roberge, G.; Denis, J.P., 1985:
Direct grazing of an irrigated pasture lot in Senegal: study method and results

Volina, E.G.; Ivanov, A.P.; Kiktenko, V.S.; Tkachenko, E.A.; Arutyunova, G.A., 1986:
Direct immuno-enzyme test for leptospirosis using genus-specific peroxidase conjugate

Griffin, C.E.; Rosenkrantz, W.S., 1987:
Direct immunofluorescent testing: a comparison of two laboratories in the diagnosis of canine immune-mediated skin disease

Martono, 1988:
Direct impact of agricultural insecticide application on anopheline larvae population with special reference to An. aconitus Donitz in rice field

Zhiwen Z.; Herington A.C.; Carson R.S.; Findlay J.K.; Burger H.G., 1987:
Direct inhibition of rat granulosa cell inhibin production by epidermal growth factor in vitro

Anonymous, 1987:
Direct inoculation in Comte cheesemaking

Slater, D.; Greenberg, L., 1987:
Direct mail

Propst, D.B.; Newmyer, P.S.; Combrink, T.E., 1986:
Direct marketing of agricultural products to tourists

Singh, S.P.; Prasad, R.; Hiremath, B.N., 1988:
Direct marketing of farm produce: an overview and evaluating the performance of direct markets for small farmers

Szekely, G., 1987:
Direct marketing of vegetables and fruit by producers

Fevre, J.L., 1988:
Direct marketing: appointment with innovation

Buresh, R.; Austin, E., 1988:
Direct measurement of dinitrogen and nitrous oxide flux in flooded rice fields

Kjeldby, M.E.iksen, A.; Holtan-Hartwig, L., 1987:
Direct measurement of dinitrogen evolution from soil using nitrogen-15 emission spectrometry

Epelu Opio, J.; Madej, A., 1988:
Direct measurement of progesterone in plasma and milk by a simple solid-phase radioimmunoassay

Morris, G.J., 1987:
Direct microscopy of the cooling and freezing of food

Antal, T.; Faluhelyi, S.; Szabo, I.; Tekeres, A.; Janaky, T.; Toth, I.; Faredin, I.; Laszlo, F., 1986:
Direct milk progesterone RIA for detecting inseminated, non-fertilized cows not returning to oestrus

Chao C.C.; Moss G.E.; Malven P.V., 1986:
Direct opioid regulation of pituitary release of bovine luteinizing hormone

Yoshimura, Y.; Kitai, H.; Santulli, R.; Wright, K.; Wallach, E.E., 1985:
Direct ovarian effect of clomiphene citrate in the rabbit

Jeong, B.C.; Oh, S.K.; Park, K.Y.; Rho, S.P.; Hong, E.H.; Kim, Y.S., 1987:
Direct planting method for yield increase of sweet potato petioles as vegetables

Gambert P.; Farnier M.; Bouzerand C.; Athias A.; Lallemant C., 1988:
Direct quantitation of serum high density lipoprotein subfractions separated by gradient gel electrophoresis

Natwick, E.; Durazo, A.I.I.I.; Laemmlen, F., 1988:
Direct row covers for insect and virus disease protection in desert agriculture

Hoag, M.; McKimmy, M.D., 1988:
Direct scanning X-ray densitometry of thin wood sections

Igarashi, T.; Yajima, T.; Okumura, H.; Yoshizumi, T., 1986:
Direct seeding and young seedling planting of Abies sachalinensis in the broad-leaved forest

Mada, H.N.K., 1987:
Direct seeding culture and integrated weed management programme in the Muda area

Dunstone, R.L.; Begg, J.E., 1983:
Direct seeding of jojoba under dryland conditions in Australia

Zingales, B.; Carniol, C.; de Lederkremer, R.M.; Colli, W., 1987:
Direct sialic acid transfer from a protein donor to glycolipids of trypomastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

Valera Gil, A., 1986:
Direct sowing of sunflower. Monsanto trials on large plots

Riffart, K., 1986:
Direct sowing with slurry, a new method for improving grassland renovation using Roundup

Troensegaard, J., 1981:
Direct sowing. Results of trials and field experiments

Critten, D.L., 1988:
Direct sunlight losses in North-South aligned multispan greenhouses with symmetric roofs at UK latitudes

Esteoule Choux, J.; Blanchet, C., 1987:
Direct transformation of muscovites and biotites to halloysite: evidence obtained by scanning electron microscopy

Schaub, G.A., 1988:
Direct transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi between vectors of Chagas' disease

Christenson, L.G., 1984:
Direct updating of breeding values

Shimizu, H.; Kimura, T.; Pairintra, R., 1987:
Direct utilization of biomass resources as a heat source

Motte, G.; Zimmermann, U.; Bohm, L., 1986:
Directed apple scab control according to criteria signalled by microelectronic devices - possibilities and limits

Nettevich, E.D.; Sharakhov, A.A., 1986:
Directed development of hybrid spring barley populations under artificial climatic conditions

Sharakhov, A.A.; Denisova, L.V.; Morgunov, A.I., 1986:
Directed formation of hybrid populations of spring barley and spring wheat under artificial climatic conditions

Gesner, M., 1987:
Directed protection against mites and aphids

Bonin, J.; Heckl, W., 1988:
Directed site-specific post-emergence weed control with Betanal Tandem in sugarbeet

Morrison, J.E.J.; Brown, S.M., 1988:
Directed sprayer for no-tillage weed control

Kidd, F.A.; Kline, W.N.I.I., 1986:
Directed-spray application of Garlon herbicides effective for conifer release

Neveu, A., 1987:
Directing finance on the agricultural land market: the current role of the Credit Agricole

Frank, C., 1987:
Directing primary production activities in the poultry industry towards high performance as a worthy preparation for the XIIIth GDR Farmers' Congress

Batie, S.S., 1985:
Direction and politics of soil conservation policy in the United States

Leary, R.A.; Stephans, R.F., 1987:
Direction fields for stand management decision-making

Dufour, B., 1987:
Direction of bovine brucellosis prophylaxis in the departments

Mikkola, K., 1986:
Direction of insect migrations in relation to the wind

Barr, J.C., 1988:
Direction of the U.S. dairy industry

Sueoka N., 1988:
Directional mutation pressure and neutral molecular evolution

Kleman J., 1987 :
Directional reflectance factor distributions for two forest canopies

Bandara B.W.; Fritton D.D., 1986:
Directional response of corn roots to physical barriers

Keightley, P.D.; Hill, W.G., 1987:
Directional selection and variation in finite populations

McGuire, M.J., 1986:
Directional thermal properties of a forest canopy

Osorio D., 1986:
Directionally selective cells in the locust medulla

Tschirren, F.; Germann, E., 1987:
Directions for carrying out milk recording in Simmental cattle

Anonymous, 1987:
Directions for change: land use in the 1990s

Budny, J., 1987:
Directions for improvement in dairy farming

Bateman, D.I., 1986:
Directions for rural policy

Gysi, C.; Ryser, J.P.; Candinas, T., 1987:
Directions for the application of compost made from garden and household refuse and requirements for compost quality

Petrov, I., 1987:
Directions for the management of coppice stands of Quercus cerris in Dobruzhda

Sugiura, Y., 1986:
Directions in tractor development and improvement. Raising equipment capability and complicating it

Balas, J.; Davidek, V.; Frycek, A., 1988:
Directions of scientific and technical development in the agriculture of the montane and submontane regions of the Czech Socialist Republic

Szappanos, A., 1983:
Directives for growing Quercus petraea plus trees and crop trees

Anonymous, 1986:
Directives of the XIth party congress of the GDR Socialist Unity Party for the Five Year Plan for the development of the economy in the years 1986-90

Xia, G.Y., 1987:
Directly planting test of ash in overcutting field

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory and buyers' guide 1987

Bettencourt, E.; Perret, M., 1986:
Directory of European institutions holding crop genetic resources collections

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of IRD institutions in CIRDAP member countries

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of agencies and organizations providing information on agricultural development and rehabilitation

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of bag and bagging machinery suppliers

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of current research on sheep and goats

Lawrence, T.; Toll, J.; Sloten, D.H. van, 1986:
Directory of germplasm collections. 2. Root and tuber crops

Scavazzon, R.; Alvarez, I.; Argenti, O., 1985:
Directory of non-governmental organisations working for rural development in Ecuador. Representation in Ecuador

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of organisations and training in the UK Organic Movement and other relevant bodies

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of sources of fertilizer-related information with special reference to Asia and the Pacific

Deshprabhu, C.N.; Mathews, K.C.; Anuradha, K.T.; Lalithamba, C.S., 1986:
Directory of the Indian plywood and other wood based panel industry

Doby, J.M.; Couatarmanac' h, A.; Aznar, C., 1986:
Dirofilaria immitis (Leidy, 1856) and D. repens (Railliet et Henry, 1911) filariases in dogs in western France

Starr, T.W.; Mulley, R.C., 1988:
Dirofilaria immitis in the dingo (Canis familiaris dingo) in a tropical region of the Northern Territory, Australia

Viswanatha, B.K.; Vijayan, N.; Khullar, D., 1986:
Dirofilaria immitis infection in a dog

Cornell, W.D.; Higgins, K.; Abid, H.N., 1988:
Dirofilaria immitis infection in cats

Lichtenfels, JR.; Pilitt, PA.; Wergin, WP., 1987:
Dirofilaria immitis: fine structure of cuticle during development in dogs

Ehrenberg, JP.; Tamashiro, WK.; Scott, AL., 1987:
Dirofilaria immitis: identification and characterization of circulating parasite antigens

Weil, GJ., 1987:
Dirofilaria immitis: identification and partial characterization of parasite antigens in the serum of infected dogs

Mimori, T.; Tada, I.; Takeuchi, T., 1986:
Dirofilaria infection in the breast of a woman in Japan

Beaver, P.C.; Wolfson, J.S.; Waldron, M.A.; Swartz, M.N.; Evans, G.W.; Adler, J., 1987:
Dirofilaria ursi-like parasites acquired by humans in the northern United States and Canada: report of two cases and brief review

Jackson, H.; Mupedziswa, R., 1988:
Disability and rehabilitation: beliefs and attitudes among rural disabled people in a community based rehabilitation scheme in Zimbabwe

Driedger, D., 1987:
Disabled people and international air travel

Gilbert, A.A., 1986:
Disabled persons and parks/heritage areas - access: not a question of ability

Molloy, J.P., 1987:
Disabled persons, technology and outdoor activities: one university's approach

Carreras, O.; Bolufer, J.; Murillo, M.L., 1988:
Disaccharidase activities after jejunoileal bypass in rat

Serrano, J.; Zetterström, R., 1987:
Disaccharidase activities and intestinal absorption in infants with congenital intestinal obstruction

Conway, A.G., 1986:
Disadvantage, its nature, persistence and strategies for alleviation, in the West of Ireland; Discussion

Sail, A., 1987:
Disadvantaged province: what does it mean with regard to high school education

Hegedus, A.; Mikulas, J., 1985:
Disadvantages and advantages of hormone-based herbicides for grapevines

Kasumba, B.C., 1986:
Disadvantages of complete fire protection in Zambia's teak forests

Odland, J.; Ellis, M., 1987:
Disaggregate migration behaviour and the volume of interregional migration

Frank R.; Braun H.E.; Ritcey G., 1987:
Disappearance of captan from field and greenhouse grown tomato fruit in relationship to time of harvest and amount of rainfall

Lun, A.K.; Moran, E.T.J.; Young, L.G.; McMillan, E.G., 1988:
Disappearance of deoxynivalenol from digesta progressing along the chicken's gastrointestinal tract after intubation with feed containing contaminated corn

Besle, J.M.; Ramihone, B.; Gochard, O.; Jouany, J.P.; Tollier, M.T.; Chenost, M., 1988:
Disappearance of phenolic acids from wheat straw in a semicontinuous fermentor; effect of p-coumaric acid on the degradation of cell wall carbohydrates

Linner, S., 1986 :
Disaster relief for development: a study commissioned by the Foreign Ministry of Sweden and SIDA

Meher Homji, V.M., 1984:
Disasters of deforestation: desertification or deluge!

Pointillart, A.; Fourdin, A.; Delmas, A., 1987:
Disastrous consequences of calcium excess in pigs given no mineral phosphorus supplement

Boyd, J.H., 1988:
Disbudding goat kids

Thomson, J.A., 1988:
Disbursement, decentralization and development: lessons from the first rural health services project in Papua New Guinea

VanGundy, T.E., 1988:
Disc-associated wobbler syndrome in the Doberman pinscher

Bukoschek, R.L.; Eckel, M.; Schroder, J. (Netherlands), 1986:
Disc-shaped refrigerated element for insersion into ice cream freezer

Schirilla, G., 1987:
Discharge and liability of damages regarding yield losses resulting from excess herbicide rates

Temple, D.M., 1988:
Discharge coefficients for vegetated earth embankments

Martin, D.; Jourdain, J.L.; LeBras, G., 1986:
Discharge flow measurements of the rate constants for the reactions OH + SO2 + He and HOSO2 + O2 in relation with the atmospheric oxidation of SO2

Catton, WT., 1988:
Discharge patterns of locust visual interneurones

Gorski, S.F., 1987:
Discharge rate of metolachlor from controlled-release tablets

Suzuki, M., 1988:
Discharge-duration curve analysis to evaluate the forest influence on water yield

Yamada, T.; Tamura, H.; Mineo, K.; Suzuki, K., 1987:
Discoloration and cation accumulation in the wood of living sugi trees attacked by the sugi bark borer

Wassipaul, F.; Vanek, M.; Fellner, J., 1987:
Discoloration of oak lumber during kiln drying

Mathiassen, H.P., 1986:
Discolored vascular bundles in Chinese cabbage after storage

Urbanek R.; Forster J.; Kuhn W.; Ziupa J., 1985:
Discontinuation of bee venom immunotherapy in children and adolescents

Lighton, JRB., 1988:
Discontinuous CO2 emission in a small insect, the formicine ant Camponotus vicinus

Imbellone, P.; Teruggi, M.E., 1987:
Discontinuous calcretes in loessic paleosols near La Plata, Argentina

Borst, P., 1986:
Discontinuous transcription and antigenic variation in trypanosomes

Van der Ploeg, L.H.T., 1986:
Discontinuous transcription and splicing in trypanosomes

Semenova, E.I., 1987:
Discordance in complex systems of unlinked loci as an indicator of selection in cattle

Allard, J.C.; Lee, V.W.; Foster, J., 1988:
Discordant uptake of technetium-99m DISIDA and technetium-99m surface colloid in an amebic abscess

Roberts, L., 1987:
Discovering microbes with a taste for PCBs

Storrs, A.; Storrs, J., 1984:
Discovering trees in Nepal and the Himalayas

Ma, H.L.; Gu, X.Z., 1987:
Discovery and preliminary study of Anguina in Leymus chinensis

Shi, X.Q.; Zhou, Z.Y.; Li, K.D.; Shi, Z.H.; Xu, Y.H.; Xie, H.X.; Liu, S.L., 1985:
Discovery and treatment of Demodex tigris

Nam, E.A.; Dubitskii, A.M.; Lukhmeneva, O.P., 1987:
Discovery in the territory of the USSR of a fungus pathogenic to mosquitoes, Entomophthora aquatica Anderson et Ringo

Wang, S.Z.; Liu, J.L.; Xu, Z.Z., 1988:
Discovery of 50-55 nm minirotavirus particles in feces of Nanjing infants with acute gastroenteritis

Mangold, A.J.; Guglielmone, A.A.; Hueda, R.C., 1986:
Discovery of Anocentor nitens Neumann, 1897, in the Province of Jujuy

van Riper, C.; van Riper, S.; Laird, M., 1987:
Discovery of Atoxoplasma in Hawaii

Scorza, J.V.; Marquez, M.; Marquez, J.C., 1984:
Discovery of Lutzomyia townsendi (Ortiz, 1959) naturally infected with Leishmania braziliensis in the suburban area of Trujillo, Venezuela

Sachan, J.K.S.; Sarkar, K.R., 1986:
Discovery of Sikkim Primitive precursor in the Americas

Belazzoug, S., 1986:
Discovery of a Meriones shawi naturally infected with Leishmania in the new focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis of Ksar Chellala (Algeria)

Ellis, J.F.; Dorr, J.E., 1987:
Discovery of a new herbicide: label expansion and maintenance

Huger, A.M.; Krieg, A.; Langenbruch, G.A.; Schnetter, W., 1986:
Discovery of a new strain of Bacillus thuringiensis effective against Coleoptera

Wang, AL.; Wang, CC., 1986:
Discovery of a specific double-stranded RNA virus in Giardia lamblia

Mendel, Z.; Argaman, Q., 1986:
Discovery of the southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis, in Israel

Lanier, GN., 1987:
Discovery of type material of some of Eichhoff's North American species of Ips and Orthotomicus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Large, R., 1986:
Discrepancies in soil test recommendations

Beach, R.M.; Todd, J.W., 1988:
Discrete and interactive effects of plant resistance and nuclear polyhedrosis viruses for suppression of soybean looper and velvetbean caterpillar (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on soybean

Gans, L.P.; Wood, C.S., 1985:
Discriminant analysis as a method for differentiating potential acceptors of family planning: Western Samoa

Greco, L.; Troncone, R.; D.V.zia, B.; Poggi, V.; Mayer, M.; Grimaldi, M., 1987:
Discriminant analysis for the diagnosis of childhood celiac disease

Kergoat, M.J.; Leclerc, B.S.; PetitClerc, C.; Imbach, A., 1987:
Discriminant biochemical markers for evaluating the nutritional status of elderly patients in long-term care

Sinha, R.N., 1984:
Discriminant function analysis of insect infestation patterns in stored cereals

Seetharaman, S., 1985:
Discriminant function analysis of small farmers and landless labourers in Dharwad district (Karnataka)

Kumar, R., 1986:
Discriminant function of complement C3, serum albumin and anthropometric measurements in identifying malnutrition

Gill, J.L.; Pirchner, F.; Schwab, M., 1986:
Discriminating breeding values of young bulls from their serum concentrations of hormones

Schulten H R.; Hempfling R.; Zech W., 1988:
Discriminating horizons in a moder profile by field ionization mass spectrometry and pattern recognition

Hajek, A.E.; Dahlsten, D.L., 1986:
Discriminating patterns of variation in aphid (Homoptera: Drepanosiphidae) distribution on Betula pendula

Blendon, R.J.; Donelan, K., 1988 :
Discrimination against people with AIDS: the public's perspective

Maeda, J.A.; Razera, L.F.; Lago, A.A. do; Ungaro, M.R.G., 1986:
Discrimination between lots of sunflower seeds using the accelerated aging test

Ferguson, ID.; Gamboa, GJ.; Jones, JK., 1987:
Discrimination between natal and non-natal nests by the social wasps Dolichovespula maculata and Polistes fuscatus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

Gamboa, GJ.; Klahn, JE.; Parman, AO.; Ryan, RE., 1987:
Discrimination between nestmate and non-nestmate kin by social wasps (Polistes fuscatus, Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

Latypov, I.F.; Vsevolodov, E.B.; Razoznaev, K.M.; Martynov, Y.F., 1986:
Discrimination between sheep homozygous and heterozygous for dominant white by microfluorimetry of wool

Bhattacharyya, A.; Mukhopadhyay, M.; Chaudhuri, D.R., 1988:
Discrimination of animal meats by enzyme assay

Smith, D.B.; Lister, P.R.; Hanson, P.R., 1986:
Discrimination of barley varieties by electrophoresis of endosperm proteins extractable into a mixture of sodium dodecyl sulphate, 2-mercaptoethanol and dimethylformamide

Ruffler, R., 1986:
Discrimination of costs for stand establishment

Guo, M.F., 1985:
Discrimination of hosts by Trichogramma japonicum and other species of Trichogramma and interspecific competition

Butkewich, S.L.; Prokopy, R.J.; Green, T.A., 1987:
Discrimination of occupied host fruit by plum curculio females (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Neuman M.; Sapirstein H.D.; Shwedyk E.; Bushuk W., 1987:
Discrimination of wheat class and variety by digital image analysis of whole grain samples

Nair, A.N.S.; Amma, M.K.; Mathew, M., 1987:
Discriminatory fertilizer usage in rubber - a case study

Chen, L.G., 1986:
Discussion of a mathematical model for agronomic measures in paddy rice production

Johnson, R.; Stubbs, R.W.; Kirmani, M.A.S.; Rizvi, S.S.A.; Statler, G.D., 1987:
Discussion of a method resulting in erroneous postulation of the gene Yr8 for resistance to Puccinia striiformis in Pakistani wheat cultivars

Chen, Y.H.; Liu, W.M.; Jin, W.F., 1986:
Discussion of objectives in breeding high-yielding hybrid rice for the first crop, based on an analysis of yield components in a number of hybrids

Sato, K.; Kamei, N.; Fushitani, M.; Noguchi, M., 1984:
Discussion of tensile fracture of wood using acoustic emissions. A statistical analysis of the relationships between the characteristics of AE and fracture stress

Lakatos, J., 1986:
Discussion of the mechanized broadcasting of winter wheat

Manger, R., 1985:
Discussion of the problem of allergic reactions in patients with infection-induced bronchial asthma in Candida colonization outside the respiratory tract

Calamy, G.; Mille, C.; Piolot, A.; Gauffroy, X.; Poisson, D.; Barthez, J.P., 1986:
Discussion of the therapeutic scheme of cryptococcal neuromeningitis in the light of insufficiency, in one case, of the amphotericin B (ATB) and 5 fluorocytosine (5FC) combination at the doses recommended at present

Goral, W.; Roszczenko, J., 1986:
Discussion on determination of the thickness of a rotationally sheared furrow slice

Konstantinov, K.V.; Vachal, J., 1985:
Discussion on different linear models for BLUP evaluation of performance-tested dairy bulls

Anonymous, 1985:
Discussion on the development of a vaccine against human zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis, Geneva, 16-17 September 1985

Xu, Z.J.; Wang, M.L.; Qu, Y.C.; Liu, J.S.; Jin, G.Z.; Jia, D.G., 1986:
Discussion on the eradication of mycoplasmal pneumonia of swine

Anonymous, 1987:
Discussion papers at the XIIIth Farmers' Congress of the GDR

King, R.P., 1986:
Discussion remarks on: Stochastic dominance: the state of the art in agricultural economics

Hyden, G., 1986:
Discussion. The anomaly of the African peasantry

Young, D.L., 1986:
Discussion: Risk and conservation provisions of the 1985 Farm Bill

Hite, J.C., 1987:
Discussion: agricultural economics undergraduate and graduate curricula: are we competitive?

Polopolus, L.C., 1987:
Discussion: agricultural transition and implications for agricultural economics extension programs

Sinclair, J.C., 1986:
Discussion: energy needs during infancy

Allen, J.E., 1987:
Discussion: the role of alternative agricultural enterprises in a changing agricultural economy

Coffey, J.D., 1987:
Discussion: the role of farmer cooperatives in a changing agricultural economy

Anonymous, 1987:
Discussions in the Council on Food Planning

Celik, N., 1986:
Discussions on legume nitrogen and fertilizer nitrogen for grasslands

Lewis, N.D., 1986:
Disease and development: ciguatera fish poisoning

Kettlewell, P.S.; Lawson, J.A.; Davies, W.P.; Hocking, T.J., 1987:
Disease and grain quality of Avalon winter wheat in response to late-season applications of propiconazole fungicide

Christensen, N.H., 1986:
Disease and mortality in poultry in the Shire Highlands of southern Malawi

Ahmad, S.T.; Faruqui, S.A.; Hasan, H., 1988:
Disease and pest management in forages

Anonymous, 1986:
Disease and pest problems of arable crops

Lilja, S., 1986:
Disease and pest problems on Pinus sylvestris nurseries in Finland

Skachkova, L.V.; Kolyabina, L.N., 1988:
Disease and pest resistant forms of triticale

Bauer, J., 1988:
Disease and reduced performance in swine due to mycotoxins

Thibier, M.; Nibart, M., 1987:
Disease control and embryo importations

Anonymous, 1981:
Disease control in semen and embryos

Perkins J.M.; Pedersen W.L., 1987:
Disease development and yield losses associated with northern leaf blight on corn

Kim, C.H., 1987:
Disease dispersal gradients of rice blast from a point source

Foster, H.D., 1987:
Disease family trees: the possible roles of iodine in goitre, cretinism, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and cancers of the thyroid, nervous system and skin

Dutta, S.K.; Penney, B.E.; Myrup, A.C.; Robl, M.G.; Rice, R.M., 1988:
Disease features in horses with induced equine monocytic ehrlichiosis (Potomac horse fever)

Royle, D.J.; Shaw, M.W.; Coker, R.R.; Kendall, D.A.; Lyons, C.H.; Chinn, N.E., 1987:
Disease forecasting

Bendixen, P.H.; Vilson, B.; Ekesbo, I.; Astrand, D.B., 1987:
Disease frequencies in dairy cows in Sweden. II. Retained placenta

Sornmani, S.; Harinasuta, C., 1988:
Disease hazards of irrigation schemes

Anonymous, 1988:
Disease in cattle 1986

Teskeredzic, Z., 1986:
Disease in fish caused by errors in feeding

Horn, H.; Eberspacher, J., 1986:
Disease in honeybees during a honeydew flow . 2. Bacteria in the blood of diseased bees and the additional effect of food supply

Anonymous, 1987:
Disease in horses 1985

Anonymous, 1988:
Disease in poultry 1986

Gieffers, W.; Hesselbach, J., 1988:
Disease incidence and yield of different cereal cultivars in pure stands and mixtures. V. Comparative summary of cultivar mixtures with barley, wheat and rye 1984-1986

Morozova, T.V.; Pyshina, Z.S., 1984:
Disease infection in sour cherry varieties in Tambov province

Wootten, R., 1987:
Disease legislation in Great Britain and its implementation, with special reference to Scotland

Anonymous, 1987:
Disease of break crops

Pospisil, Z.; Zendulkova, D.; Zendulka, M.; Priban, K.; Pokorna, B., 1987:
Disease of chicks indicating the presence of the chicken anaemia agent (CAA) in Czechoslovakia

Barreto, J.M., 1982:
Disease of coconut associated with flagellate protozoa (Phytomonas sp.) in the Paria peninsula, State of Sucre

Chwalinski, K., 1983:
Disease of dying conifer shoots caused by Scleroderris lagerbergii

Burchill, R.T.; Everett, B.A.; Maude, R.B.; Leach, L., 1987:
Disease of leeks - biology, resistance and control

Lambertsen, RH., 1986:
Disease of the common fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus): crassicaudiosis of the urinary system

Wiklund, T.; Dalsgaard, I., 1987:
Disease outbreaks caused by Pseudomonas anguilliseptica in Finnish fish farms

Suresh, S.; Sandhya, Y.M.; Morton, M., 1988:
Disease patterns in 1987

Mellergaard, S.; Dalsgaard, I., 1987:
Disease problems in Danish eel farms

Anonymous, 1987:
Disease problems of dairy cattle in the Municipality of Cantagalo, Rio de Janeiro

Lalancette N.; Hickey K.D., 1986:
Disease progression as a function of plant growth

Rao, P.K.A.; Haware, M.P., 1986:
Disease reaction of chickpea graft-hybrids to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri race 1

Scudamore, J.M., 1988:
Disease reporting systems in Great Britain

Yurkov, V.M., 1988:
Disease resistance and productivity of young pigs kept under different regimes of lighting

Bakhtiyarova, R.G.; Berdiev, A.; Durdyev, B., 1986:
Disease resistance in cotton varieties

Bitter, H., 1986:
Disease resistance in dromedaries with particular reference to Trypanosoma evansi infection

Bauvin, J.P.; Lateur, M.; Populer, C., 1987:
Disease resistance in old fruit tree cultivars: evaluation and commercial value

Reddy, A.P.K.; Miah, S.A.; Mew, T.W., 1986:
Disease resistance in rainfed lowland rice

Wastie, R.L., 1986:
Disease resistance in rubber

Rath, W.; Drescher, W., 1987:
Disease resistance in the honeybee colony, investigated through the incidence of chalk brood in genetically different bee samples

Bacelis, K., 1984:
Disease resistance in various flax varieties

Barsukova, O.N.; Gryuner, A.M., 1986:
Disease resistance of Malus orientalis and local Caucasian varieties

Krivchenko, V.I.; Medvedeva, N.I.; Medvedev, A.V., 1986:
Disease resistance of accessions from the cucumber collection

Grigortsevich, L.N., 1985:
Disease resistance of apple varieties in intensive-type plantations

Tarakanov, P.S., 1985:
Disease resistance of maize from Latin America

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Diseases, insects, weeds, and other pest outbreak

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Disinfection of parvoviruses

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Disk humidifier, a useful tool in climate control

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Disk soil-working implements

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Dispenser for milk or milk-based drinks

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Dispenser, in particular for milk or the like

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Dispensing cartons for stacks of milk filters

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Dispersal of Endaphis aphidimyza (Kieffer)

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Dispersal of Verticillium albo-atrum by the fungus gnat (Bradysia impatiens)

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Dispersal of acaricides in bee colonies by means of natural contact among the bees

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Dispersal of plant parasitic nematodes after passage through the digestive tract of endotherms

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Dispersal of seeds of the sunflower broomrape

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Dispersal of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Neodiprion sertifer from soil to pine foliage with dust

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Dispersal patterns of Aedes sollicitans (Diptera: Culicidae) at the east end of Fire Island National Seashore, New York, USA

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Dispersion and flocculation

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Dispersion distance of queens from natal sites in the two haplometrotic paper wasps Polistes riparius and P. snelleni (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

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Dispersion models for emissions from agricultural sources

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Dispersion patterns of arthropods associated with poultry manure in enclosed houses in Massachusetts: spatial distribution and effects of manure moisture and accumulation time

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Dispharynx nasuta in the Houston Zoological Gardens bird collection

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Displaced urbanization: South Africa's rural slums

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Displacement of the abomasum in cattle. II. Preclinical physiopathological changes

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Displacement of the monophagous grasshopper, Hypochlora alba (Dodge) (Orthoptera: Acrididae), in a patchy environment

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Displaying soil compaction in vineyards through a scanner penetrometer

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Disposal of agricultural liquid waste by subsoil injection

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Disposal of pesticide wastes in lined evaporation beds

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Disposal of phosphogypsum. Phosphogysum-an exciting new raw material

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Disposal of saline drainage water in India

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Disposal of saline water in the Mexicali Valley Irrigation District

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Disposal of septic tank effluent in calcareous sands

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Disposition kinetics and renal clearance of exogenous urea in goats

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Disposition of fenbendazole in the goat

Short, C.R.; Barker, S.A.; Hsieh, L.C.; Ou, S.P.; McDowell, T., 1988:
Disposition of fenbendazole in the rabbit

Vujanic Varga, D., 1987:
Disposition of fruit by size in Passe Crassane pears in relation to pollinators

Shaffer, J.L.; Kershaw, A.; Houston, J.B., 1986:
Disposition of metronidazole and its effects on sulphasalazine metabolism in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Chaudhary, S.K.; Gupta, R.C.; Uppal, R.P., 1987:
Disposition of trimethoprim - sulphamethoxazole combination following intrauterine administration in buffaloes

Chaudhary, S.K.; Gupta, R.C.; Uppal, R.P., 1987:
Disposition of trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole combination following intrauterine administration in experimentally induced metritis condition in buffalo

Miller, J.R., 1987:
Disproportionate sampling and recreation demand estimation with the 1980 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation

Araya, K., 1986:
Disrupting soil by fluid pressure. III. A rotary chisel with pressurized air injection

Salem, M.S.; E.I.rashy, M.T.; Abdel Hamid, M., 1982:
Disruption and abnormalities induced by precocene II, cycloheximide and/or C16 juvenile hormone in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria Forsk

Janzen, D.H., 1986:
Disruption and recovery of intra-crown fruiting synchrony in a Cassia grandis (Leguminosae) tree

Araya, K.; Ishitani, E.; Tsunematsu, S.; Ochi, K.; Wu, L.; Guan, C., 1987:
Disruption of heavy clay soil layers by explosives. I. Dotted blasting

Steenwyk, R.A. van; Barnett, W.W., 1987:
Disruption of navel orangeworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) oviposition by almond by-products

Bull, J.S.; Grundy, D.; Scratcherd, T., 1987:
Disruption of the jejunal migrating motor complex by gastric distension and feeding in the dog

Suttle, J.C., 1988:
Disruption of the Polar Auxin Transport System in Cotton Seedlings following Treatment with the Defoliant Thidiazuron

Sidky, H.A.; Hassan, Z.A.; Hassan, R.R.; Gaafar, S.A.; el-Zahraa, F.; Awadallah, M., 1987:
Disseminated Hymenolepis nana in blood of a filarial patient

Pilon, V.A.; Echols, R.M.; Celo, J.S.; Elmendorf, S.L., 1987:
Disseminated Pneumocystis carinii infection in AIDS

Grimes, M.M.; LaPook, J.D.; Bar, M.H.; Wasserman, H.S.; Dwork, A., 1987:
Disseminated Pneumocytis carini infection in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Murray-Leisure, K.A.; Aber, R.C.; Rowley, L.J.; Applebaum, P.C.; Wisman, C.B.; Pennock, J.L.; Pierce, W.S., 1986:
Disseminated Trichosporon beigelii (cutaneum) infection in an artificial heart recipient

Neer, T.M., 1988:
Disseminated aspergillosis

Kramer, L.; Rojas Corona, R.R.; Sheff, D.; Eisenberg, E.S., 1985:
Disseminated aspergillosis and pacemaker endocarditis

Solary, E.; Rifle, G.; Chalopin, J.M.; Rifle-Mediavilla, C.; Rebibou, J.M.; Camerlynck, P.; Justrabo, E.; Cuisenier, B.; Caillot, D.; Mousson, C., 1987:
Disseminated aspergillosis revealed by thyroiditis in a renal allograft recipient

Chihaya, Y.; Matsukawa, K.; Furusawa, Y.; Hatta, Y.; Okada, H.; Arisawa, K., 1988:
Disseminated aspergillosis with lesions in the central nervous system in a calf

Tuthill, S.W., 1986:
Disseminated blastomycosis treated with ketoconazole

Collignon, P.J.; Sorrell, T., 1987:
Disseminated candidiasis in drug abusers

Zubiri, L.; Coscojuela, C.; Pinol, J.; Carapeto, F.J., 1987:
Disseminated candidosis in heroin addicts. Study of 8 cases

Wolf, J.E.; Little, J.R.; Pappagianis, D.; Kobayashi, G.S., 1986:
Disseminated coccidioidomycosis in a patient with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Gupta, S.; Ellis, M.; Cesario, T.; Ruhling, M.; Vayuvegula, B., 1987:
Disseminated cryptococcal infection in a patient with hypogammaglobulinemia and normal T cell functions

Roux, P.; Touboul, J.L.; Chauvin, M.F. de; Delacour, T.; Revuz, J.; Basset, D.; Mayaud, C.; Lancastre, F., 1986:
Disseminated cryptococcosis diagnosed in AIDS patient by screening for soluble serum antigens

Stampley A.R.; Barsanti J.A., 1988 :
Disseminated cryptococcosis in a dog

Shrader, S.K.; Watts, J.C.; Dancik, J.A.; Band, J.D., 1986:
Disseminated cryptococcosis presenting as cellulitis with necrotizing vasculitis

Bayada, J.M.; Bertrand, F.; Pras, P.; Marty, P.; Fichoux, Y. le; Babeau, P., 1985:
Disseminated cryptococcosis revealed by a cryptococcuria

Rippon, J.W.; Larson, R.A.; Rosenthal, D.M.; Clayman, J., 1988:
Disseminated cutaneous and peritoneal hyalohyphomycosis caused by Fusarium species: three cases and review of the literature

Priebe, K., 1987:
Disseminated degeneration of somatic musculature of a blue ling (Molva dypterygia) caused by a Trilospora species

Zimmerli, W.; Bianchi, L.; Gudat, F.; Spichtin, H.; Erb, P.; von Planta, M.; Heitz, P.U., 1988:
Disseminated herpes simplex type 2 and systemic Candida infection in a patient with previous asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus infection

Dietrich, P.Y.; Pugin, P.; Regamey, C.; Bille, J., 1986:
Disseminated histoplasmosis and AIDS in Switzerland

Piens, M.A.; Guilland, M., 1986:
Disseminated histoplasmosis caused by Histoplasma capsulatum and sarcoidosis. Report of a case

Raju, N.R.; Langham, R.F.; Bennett, R.R., 1986:
Disseminated histoplasmosis in a Fennec fox

Díaz Lobato, S.; García Satue, J.L.; Villasante, C.; Villamor, J., 1988:
Disseminated histoplasmosis in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Flynn, P.M.; Barrett, F.F.; Herrod, H.G., 1987:
Disseminated histoplasmosis in two patients with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis

Aronson E.; Bendickson J.C.; Miles K.G.; Kintner L.D.; Schmidt D.A., 1986:
Disseminated histoplasmosis with osseous lesions in a cat with feline lymphosarcoma

Walling, D.M.; McGraw, D.J.; Merz, W.G.; Karp, J.E.; Hutchins, G.M., 1987:
Disseminated infection with Trichosporon beigelii

Puig Sanz, L.; Montserrat Lloan, I.; Roig Martinez, I.; Gutierrez Cebolleda, J.; Puig Zuza, J.; Moragas, J.M. de, 1988:
Disseminated invasive aspergillosis with skin involvement in a patient with acute myeloblastic leukaemia

Hay, W.H.; Ogilvie, G.K.; Parker, A.J.; Daniel, G.B.; Dorner, J.L.; Simon, J., 1987:
Disseminated meningeal tumor in a dog

Karbe, E., 1987:
Disseminated mycobacteriosis in the golden hamster

Vanderkop, M., 1988:
Disseminated mycotic lymphadenitis in a pig

Schwartz, D.A.; Jacquette, M.; Chawla, H.S., 1988:
Disseminated neonatal aspergillosis: report of a fatal case and analysis of risk factors

Baszler, T.; Chandler, F.W.; Bertoy, R.W.; Smith, C.W.; Whiteley, H.E., 1988:
Disseminated pseudallescheriasis in a dog

Schamroth, J.M.; Grieve, T.P.; Kellen, P., 1988:
Disseminated sporotrichosis

Bibler, M.R.; Luber, H.J.; Glueck, H.I.; Estes, S.A., 1986:
Disseminated sporotrichosis in a patient with HIV infection after treatment for acquired factor VIII inhibitor

Dominguez Cherit, J., 1986:
Disseminated sporotrichosis?

Orani, A.; Zuccoli, E.; Tricomi, P.; Levi, L., 1987:
Disseminated, AIDS-correlated cryptococcosis: one case described

Filipovic, K., 1987:
Dissemination and control of swine dysentery on cooperative farms. From a thesis

Ribeiro, J.M.; Mather, T.N.; Piesman, J.; Spielman, A., 1987:
Dissemination and salivary delivery of Lyme disease spirochetes in vector ticks (Acari: Ixodidae)

Frinking, H.D., 1984:
Dissemination mechanisms and dispersal patterns of powdery and downy mildews

Andreadis, TG., 1986:
Dissemination of Nosema pyrausta in feral populations of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis

Hati, R.; Sarkar, P., 1987:
Dissemination of rabies street virus in experimentally infected mice

al-Madani, A.A., 1988:
Dissemination of snail intermediate hosts of schistosomiasis in Assir Province, Saudi Arabia

Anderson, J.C., 1987:
Dissemination of staphylococci in mice with experimental mastitis

Rao, A.N.; Moody, K., 1988:
Dissemination of weeds with rice seedlings

Gepts, P.; Kmiecik, K.; Pereira, P.; Bliss, F.A., 1988:
Dissemination pathways of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris, Fabaceae) deduced from phaseolin electrophoretic variability. I. The Americas

Gepts, P.; Bliss, F.A., 1988:
Dissemination pathways of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris, Fabaceae) deduced from phaseolin electrophoretic variability. II. Europe and Africa

White, D.R.; Koskinen, W.C.; Schweizer, E.E., 1986:
Dissipation of alachlor and cyanazine in soil

Bhushan V.S.; Ramasubbaiah K.; Murthy K.S.R.K.; Azam K.M.; Nath V.V.N., 1986:
Dissipation of aldicarb residues in soil

Northover, J.; Frank, R.; Braun, H.E., 1986:
Dissipation of captan residues from cherry and peach fruits

Garg, P.K.; Singh, S.; Halve, A.K.; Pandey, S.Y.; Sivasankaran, K., 1986:
Dissipation of carbaryl in Bengal gram

Subbaratnam, G.V.; Agnihotri, N.P.; Jain, H.K., 1984:
Dissipation of fenvalerate on/in brinjal fruit

Kulshrestha G., 1987:
Dissipation of herbicide butachlor from different formulations in direct seeded and transplanted rice crop

Regupathy, A.; Habeebullah, B.; Balasubramanian, M., 1985:
Dissipation of insecticides applied to control Plutella xylostella Curtis and Spodoptera litura Fabr. in cauliflower

Rao, B.N.; Ramasubbaiah, K.; Murthy, K.S.R.K., 1986:
Dissipation of phosalone and quinalphos in tomato Lycopersicon Lycopersicum L

Gupta, A.; Vikram Singh, 1987:
Dissipation of quinalphos residues in and/or on cabbage (Brassica oleracea)

Awasthi, M.D.; Lalitha Anand, 1986:
Dissipation pattern of monocrotophos and quinalphos residues from sweet orange fruits

Gallina, D.L.; Ausman, L.M.; Kriauciunas, K.; Hegsted, D.M., 1987:
Dissociated response of plasma albumin and transferrin to protein-calorie restriction in squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)

Gueguen, J.; Chevalier, M.; Barbot, J.; Schaeffer, F., 1988:
Dissociation and aggregation of pea legumin induced by pH and ionic strength

Wiedenhoeft, R.E.; Schmidt, G.W.; Palevitz, B.A., 1988:
Dissociation and reassembly of soybean clathrin

Kotchen, T.A.; Guthrie, G.P.; Boucher, L.D.; Lorenz, J.N.; Ott, C.E., 1988:
Dissociation between plasma renin and plasma aldosterone induced by dietary glycine hydrochloride

Perramon A.; Stupfel M.; Monvoisin J.L.; Gourlet V.; Trimbach B., 1987:
Dissociation between several egg parameters in two quail strains genetically selected for resistance or sensitivity to acute hypoxia

Romanowska Duda, Z.; Knypl, J.S., 1985:
Dissociation of constitutive acid phosphatase in Spirodela oligorrhiza under the influence of abscisic acid

Riviere, P.; Bueno, L.; Charrier, J., 1988:
Dissociation of effects of somatoliberin1-29 on feed intake and somatotropin release in sheep

Perry, K.J.; Filteau, S.M.; Woodward, B., 1988:
Dissociation of immune capacity from nutritional status by triiodothyronine supplements in severe protein deficiency

Kim, J.L.; Cussler, E.L., 1987:
Dissolution and reprecipitation in model systems of porous hydroxyapatite

Igwilo, C.; Pilpel, N., 1987:
Dissolution mechanism of tablets produced from coated lactose powder

Filatov, Y.I.; Frolov, V.I.; Tarasov, K.I.; Shvyrev, V.F., 1986:
Dissolution of dried milk in flow-type apparatus with mixer

Shiraishi, N.; Onodera, S.; Ohtani, M.; Masumoto, T., 1985:
Dissolution of etherified or esterified wood into polyhydric alcohols or bisphenol A and their application in preparing wooden polymeric materials

Krueger, R.A.; Broce, A.B.; Hopkins, T.L., 1987:
Dissolution of granules in the Malpighian tubules of Musca autumnalis Degeer, during mineralization of the puparium

Sullivan, P.J.; Mattigod, S.V.; Sobek, A.A., 1986:
Dissolution of iron sulfates from pyritic coal waste

Belkanova, N.P.; Eroshchev Shak, V.A.; Lebedeva, E.V.; Karavaiko, G.I., 1987:
Dissolution of kimberlite minerals by heterotrophous microorganisms

Moore T.R., 1988:
Dissolved iron and organic matter in northern peatlands

Schulte Wulwer Leidig, A., 1983:
Dissolved, organic-bound and particulate forms of phosphate in water courses of differently used catchment areas

Mello Nicoletti, J.L. de; Gandolfi, W.; Iamaguti, P.; Thomassian, A.; Titton Ranzani, J.J., 1987:
Distal interphalangeal arthrostomy through the sole with preservation of the hoof horn in cattle

Henricks, P.M.; Steiss, J.; Petterson, J.D., 1987:
Distal peripheral polyneuropathy in a great dane

Ezzat, F.A.; Abu-Elmagd, K.M.; Aly, I.Y.; Aly, M.A.; Fathy, O.M.; el-Barbary, M.H.; Bahgat, O.O.; Salam, A.A.; Kutner, M.H., 1986:
Distal splenorenal shunt for management of variceal bleeding in patients with schistosomal hepatic fibrosis

Anonymous, 1987:
Distance education and the mainstream. Convergence in education

Mulenga, F.M., 1987:
Distance education at the University of Zambia

Paulet, R., 1987:
Distance education counselling

Anonymous, 1985:
Distance education in Asia and the Pacific

White, V., 1986:
Distance education in Australia

Islam, K.M.S., 1986:
Distance education in Bangladesh

Dukpa, Z., 1986:
Distance education in Bhutan

Sein, K., 1986:
Distance education in Burma

Ram, H., 1986:
Distance education in Fiji

Pagliari, M.; Frost, J.A., 1986:
Distance education in Hong Kong

Mullick, S.P., 1986:
Distance education in India

Setijad, I., 1986:
Distance education in Indonesia

Abe, Y., 1986:
Distance education in Japan

Gunn, D.E.; McMechan, J.P., 1986:
Distance education in New Zealand

Siddiqui, S.A., 1986:
Distance education in Pakistan

Paul, J.; Vantrease, H., 1986:
Distance education in Papua New Guinea

Carr, R., 1986:
Distance education in South Korea

Kotelawele, D.A.; Samarasundara, N., 1986 :
Distance education in Sri Lanka

Chaya Ngam, I., 1986:
Distance education in Thailand

Harry, K., 1986:
Distance education in Western Europe: a selective annotated bibliography of current literature

Zucker, H., 1987:
Distance education in rural areas

Romulo, R.P., 1986:
Distance education in the Philippines

Soonchan, K.; Kim, C., 1986:
Distance education in the Republic of Korea

Anonymous, 1986:
Distance education, Volume I. Proceedings of the regional seminar on distance education, 26 November-3 December 1986, Bangkok, Thailand

Anonymous, 1987:
Distance education, Volume II. Proceedings of the regional seminar on distance education, 26 November-3 December 1986, Bangkok, Thailand

Panda, S.K.; Panda, B.N., 1986:
Distance education, social status and personality adjustment

Batey, A.; Cowell, R.N., 1987:
Distance education: an overview

Dale, S., 1986:
Distance learning

Anonymous, 1987:
Distance learning systems and structures: training manual. Report of a Sub-Regional Training Workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 5-18 July 1984. Volume II

Payandeh B.; E.A.R., 1986:
Distance methods and density estimators

Mercer, K.L.; Murray, D.S.; Verhalen, L.M., 1985:
Distance of influence of unicorn-plant (Proboscidea louisianica) on the production of cotton

Prathapar, S.A.; Reddell, D.L., 1987:
Distance weighted method of characteristics solutions

Koloteva, N.I., 1984:
Distant hybridization and apomixis

Niyazov, A.E.; Ruban, N.Z., 1987:
Distant hybridization and the production of source material for breeding early cotton varieties

Kozhakhmetov, K., 1985:
Distant hybridization as a breeding method

Shaidullin, I.N.; Roldugin, V.N., 1986:
Distant hybridization is possible

Shnaider, T.M.; Peusha, K.O., 1987:
Distant hybridization of bread wheat with related species

Kursakov, G.A., 1986:
Distant hybridization of fruit crops

Shnaider, T.M., 1986 :
Distant hybridization of wheat and chromosomal engineering

Klowden, M.J., 1987:
Distention-mediated egg maturation in the mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Sanchez, E.; Travieso, L., 1988:
Distillery wastewater treatment by high rate anaerobic filters

Watts, R.; Kaushal, D.C.; Srivastava, K.K.; Puri, S.K.; Dutta, G.P.; Kaushal, N.A.; Ghatak, S., 1988:
Distinct dehydrogenase isoenzymes in strains and species of simian malarial parasites as evident by gradient polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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