Section 2
Chapter 1,574

Effect of fertilizers on yield of maize in a soil protective crop rotation on an eroded leached chernozem soil

Ryndych, L.P.; Yavtushenko, V.E.

Agrokhimiya 11: 69-77


Accession: 001573058

In 4-year trials with maize grown on slopes of an eroded chernozem soil, application of 120-180 kg N + 60-120 kg P2O5 + 60 kg K2O/ha gave av. yields of 35.2-37.7 t fresh fodder and 630-740 kg CP/ha compared with 24.1 t and 400 kg, resp., without NPK. Application of 30 t FYM/ha + NPK gave no further increase in yields but increased the fodder quality.

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