Section 2
Chapter 1,574

Effect of increasing protein intake on the composition of the N-containing fractions in ileal chyme and faeces of sheep

Ulrich, M.

Einfluss steigender Proteingaben auf die Zusammensetzung der N haltigen Fraktionen im Ileumchymus und Kot des Schafes: 104


Accession: 001573901

Three sheep were given isoenergetic diets but with hay and dried beet pulp alone or with soyabean meal to give crude protein (CP) 11.7, 16.9 and 21.9%. Crude and true protein in ileal chyme and faeces increased with increasing dietary protein. CP in DM of chyme was 14.3, 16.2 and 17.4%, respectively. Bacterially-bound protein similarly increased to 69% of total protein in chyme and to 80% in faeces.

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