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Effect of nutrients on the nutrient element content of leaves, nutrient element and carbohydrate contents of canes, as well as on callus formation in the rootstock varieties 5C and SO 4

Polyak, D.; Kozma, P.; Balo, E.; Por, J.; Kohalmi, I.; Varga, L.

Kerteszeti Egyetem Kozlemenyei 50(18)(1): 113-122


Accession: 001575333

From year to year the percentage of rooted grafts originating from an SO 4 nursery was less than that originating from a 5C nursery. The two rootstocks showed differences in callusing capacity and also in K content of the leaves (1.1-1.4 and 0.6-1.0% for SO 4 and 5C, respectively). To determine whether nutrient content affected callusing capacity, cuttings of both rootstocks were grown in pots and supplied with nutrient solutions of different compositions.

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