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Effect of sex and dietary energy concentration on feed conversion ratio, growth and carcass characteristics in Merino X Border Leicester lambs

Ahmad, N.A.; Davies, H.L.

Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production 16: 119-122


Accession: 001576740

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Four Merino X Border Leicester rams, 4 wethers and 4 ewes were given a high-energy diet (HE) ad lib. and 4 rams, 4 wethers and 4 ewes were given a low-energy diet (LE) ad lib. and were grown to a final full liveweight of 35 kg. HE lambs had significantly higher dressing percentage, lower feed conversion ratio, gained faster, had a greater amount of kidney, channel and pelvic fat, more dissectable subcutaneous fat, less bone, a higher percentage of lipids and a lower percentage of water than had LE lambs. Rams had a significantly faster rate of growth, better feed conversion ratio and their carcasses had a larger percentage of water than those of ewes.

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