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Effect of sex on meat quality in Large White X Landrace pigs. 1. Aspects concerning fat components

Ventanas Barroso, J.; Lopez Bote, C.; Garcia Gonzalez, C.; Sancho Caballero, G.; Lopez Perez, A.

Anales de la Facultad de Veterinaria de Leon 32: 29-37


Accession: 001576742

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The carcasses of 10 Large White X Landrace boars and 10 gilts, slaughtered at 165 days of age, were investigated. For boars and gilts, the percentage of carcass protein averaged 21.8+or-1.86 and 20.4+or-1.15 resp. (P<0.05) and that of internal fat 0.6+or-0.51 and 1.7+or-0.54 (P<0.001). Backfat thickness over the last lumbar vertebra averaged 21.5+or-3.72 mm for and 25.1+or-3.87 mm for and the max. fat cover over the eye-muscle was 99+or-8.7 and 90+or-6.8 mmsuperscript 2 resp. (P<0.05).

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