Effect on steers of diets based on molasses and urea or sorghum grain with two different protein sources and restricted forage

Lozano, D.E.; Garza, F.J. de D.; Chacon, R.R.; Elias Calles, C.C.

Tecnica Pecuaria en Mexico 25(1): 131-139


Accession: 001578995

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For 70 days 24 Hereford X Aberdeen-Angus X Zebu steers weighing initially about 274 kg, in a 2 x 2 randomized block factorial experiment with 3 replications each of 2 steers were given diets of sorghum grain with sunflower meal or cottonseed meal or molasses and urea with sunflower meal or cottonseed meal. All steers were also given a 60:40 lucerne hay and maize silage mixture 1.2% of body weight. Mean daily gain was 1.015, 0.980, 0.884 and 1.060 kg and feed conversion indices were 7.73, 7.77, 8.75 and 7.67 with the 4 treatments, respectively. Differences were not significant.