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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bell J.M., 1987: Effects of canola meal on absorption and tissue levels of trace minerals in rats

Bell J.M., 1987: Effects of canola meal on tissue trace mineral concentrations in growing pigs

Burke W.H., 1988: Effects of caponization on broiler growth

Ozen, N.; Boyd, R. D.; Rock, D., 1985: Effects of carbadox on weight gain, feed intake, feed efficiency and nitrogen retention of the rat

Bakthavathsalam, R.; Murugaboopathy, N.; Karnan, P., 1987: Effects of carbofuran on certain tissues of the fish Lepidocephalichthys thermalis

Bouwman, H.; Reinecke, A. J., 1987: Effects of carbofuran on the earthworm, Eisenia fetida, using a defined medium

Murti, T. K.; Shirole, S. M.; Harinarayana, G., 1986: Effects of carbofuran with Azotobacter on the incidence of shootfly in little millet

Munthali, J. T. K.; Pate F. M., 1986: Effects of carbohydrate and nitrogen source on the utilization of sugar-cane diets

Friman G., 1988: Effects of carbohydrate source on voluntary activity and myocardial metabolism in chicks

Yoshinaga K., 1986: Effects of carbohydrates on insulin release from the isolated islets

Roseler, P. F.; Roseler, I., 1984: Effects of carbon dioxide and brain cauterization on corpora allata activity and oogenesis in bumble bees (Bombus hypnorum and Bombus terrestris)

Brown, K.; Higginbotham, K. O., 1986: Effects of carbon dioxide enrichment and nitrogen supply on growth of boreal tree seedlings

Campbell, W. J, Jr, 1987: Effects of carbon dioxide on the physiology and biochemistry of photosynthesis in soybean

Xu, Y. H.; Tao, J. X., 1985: Effects of carbon dioxide pretreatment on induction frequency in rice anther culture

Kelley, K. R.; Stevenson, F. J., 1987: Effects of carbon source on immobilization and chemical distribution of fertilizer nitrogen in soil

Huang P L., 1987: Effects of carrageenan on fecal mucinase activity and serum cholesterol level in rats

Boivin, G., 1988: Effects of carrot developmental stages on feeding and oviposition of carrot weevil, Listronotus oregonensis (Le Conte) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Gunasena, G. H.; Vinson, S. B.; Williams, H. J.; Stipanovic, R. D., 1988: Effects of caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, and their interaction with gossypol on the growth and development of Heliothis virescens (F.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Kiriyama S., 1987: Effects of casein or soybean protein on plasma cholesterol level in jejunectomized or ileectomized rats

Ritar, A. J.; O' May, P. J.; Williams, P. M.; Gilbert, K. D.; Bond, E. M., 1988: Effects of castration and age on carcass composition of male lambs

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580026

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580027

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580028

Schumacher, J.; Schumacher, J.; Spano, J. S.; McGuire, J.; Scrutchfield, W. L.; Feldman, R. G., 1988: Effects of castration on peritoneal fluid in the horse

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580030

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580032

Kuriyama M., 1987: Effects of cationic surfactants on settling properties of sewage activated sludge

Zou, Y. P.; Zheng, L.; Zhao, Y.; Tang, P. S., 1987: Effects of cations and ATP on swelling and contraction of mung bean mitochondria

Hirata, M.; Sugimoto, Y.; Ueno, M., 1988: Effects of cattle dung deposition on energy and matter flows in Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge) pasture. I. Changes in sward height and consumed herbage as related to rate of dung disappearance

Hirata, M.; Sugimoto, Y.; Ueno, M., 1988: Effects of cattle dung deposition on energy and matter flows in Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge) pasture. II. Changes in plant and litter dry matter weights

Havstad K.M., 1987: Effects of cattle grazing upon chemical constituents within important forages for elk

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580041

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580042

Alatossava, T., 1988: Effects of cellular calcium and magnesium contents on growth of ionophore A23187-treated Lactobacillus lactis

van der Merwe, JN. du Bruyn, DB. van der Walt, WH.; Sly, MR., 1987: Effects of certain anaesthetics on plasma metabolite concentrations in the baboon (Papio ursinus)

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580047

Mahanta, P. K., 1985: Effects of certain growth regulators on the senescence of tea and coffee leaves

Thomson, I. A.; Fitch, W.; Hughes, R. L.; Campbell, D.; Watson, R., 1986: Effects of certain i.v. anaesthetics on liver blood flow and hepatic oxygen consumption in the greyhound

Hara, AH., 1986: Effects of certain insecticides on Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) and its parasitoids on chrysanthemums in Hawaii

El Ibrashy, M. T.; Aref, N. B. E., 1985: Effects of certain juvenoids on growth and morphogenesis in Spodoptera littoralis Boisduval

El Kammah, K. M.; Gomaa, S. A.; Oyoun, L. I., 1987: Effects of certain pesticides on the embryogenesis of Boophilus annulatus (Say.) Ixodoidea, Ixodidae

Jibury, L. K. Al; Clor, M. A.; Talabany, D., 1986: Effects of certain salts and their combinations on germination and seedling development of Securigera securidaca Linn

Nakashima, K.; Fujiki, Y., 1987: Effects of changes in Ca2+ concentration of the culture medium on the in vitro development of 11-day mouse embryos

Shoemaker, R., 1986: Effects of changes in U.S. agricultural production on demand for farm inputs

Bradlaugh, R.; Bing, R. F.; Swales, J. D.; Thurston, H., 1987: Effects of changes in dietary sodium intake on aortic sodium pump activity in the rat

Lifschitz C.H., 1988: Effects of changes in infusion rate versus glucose concentration on absorption in infant miniature pig small intestine

Tillack, P., 1988: Effects of changes in production procedures on production in livestock farms

Xia, M. Z.; Xiong, F. Q., 1986: Effects of changes in source-sink ratio on the shedding of flowers and pods in broad bean

Coikesen, T.; Sekeroglu, E., 1987: Effects of changes in temperature on the development of the cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Zhang, Y. J., 1986: Effects of changes of testa penetrability on germination and storability of seeds of Astragalus sinicus

Gbur E.E., 1987: Effects of changing housing on physiology of calves

Farrow, R. A., 1987: Effects of changing land use on outbreaks of tropical migratory locust, Locust migratoria migratorioides (R. & F.)

Mihina, S.; Kovalcik, K., 1986: Effects of changing pulsation parameters on the course of milk let down

Frison, G.; Facciotto, G., 1985: Effects of characteristics of cuttings on the establishment of poplar nurseries

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580070

Silva, M. F. de A.; Burgess, R. C.; Sandham, H. J., 1986: Effects of cheese extract and its fractions on enamel demineralization in vitro and in vivo in humans

Sandham H.J., 1986: Effects of cheese on experimental caries in human subjects

Christov, A. M. (Khristov, A. M); Vassilev, G. N. (Vasilev, G. N); Vaklinova, S. G., 1986: Effects of chemical agents on protoplast fusion

Johnson, N. D., 1987: Effects of chemical fertilization of Diplacus aurantiacus on the development and persistence of the postdiapause larvae of its lepidopteran herbivore Euphydryas chalcedona

Schoenholtz, S. H.; Buie, S. L., 1986: Effects of chemical hardwood control on first-year performance of underplanted loblolly pine

Bome, N. A.; Komarov, A. V., 1987: Effects of chemical mutagens and gamma radiation on perennial forage legumes

Mamedov, K. M.; Kulieva, I. A., 1987: Effects of chemical mutagens in the gas phase on the cells of cotton seeds

Shamaeva, N. N.; Mamedov, K., 1986: Effects of chemical mutagens in the gaseous phase on the seeds of Gossypium barbadense hybrids

Miskovsky, A.; Stone, M. B., 1987: Effects of chemical preservatives on storage and nutrient composition of soybean curd

Johnson, J. E.; Ritty, P. M., 1985: Effects of chemical site preparation on red pine seedling survival and growth

Kollar, G.; Scortichini, M., 1986: Effects of chemical treatments facilitating the abscission of fruit in the sweet cherry cultivar Germersdorf

Wright, G. M.; Holt, H. A., 1985: Effects of chemical weed control on hardwood plantation establishment

Chukanov V.I., 1984: Effects of chemotherapy on the immunological characteristics of patients with primary destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

Baker, C. C.; Coppock, C. E.; Nave, D. H.; Brasington, C. F.; Stermer, R. A., 1987: Effects of chilled drinking water on lactating Holstein cows in summer

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580087

Ben, G. Y., 1987: Effects of chilling and water stress on photosynthesis of cucumber and pea leaf discs and its relation to light

He, J.; Wang, Y. R.; Liu, H. X.; Guo, J. Y., 1987: Effects of chilling temperatures and light on photosynthesis in rice flag leaves at the milk-ripe stage

Nieuwenhuizen, C. M.; Hatton, J. V.; Gee, W. Y., 1985: Effects of chip thickness on removal of wood components and on alkali consumption in kraft pulping of sugar maple

Blaschek, W.; Semler, U.; Franz, G., 1985: Effects of chitosan on biosynthesis of Nicotiana tabacum cell cultures

Li, X. G.; Jin, W.; Gu, J. Z.; Liu, Z. G., 1986: Effects of chloral (or trichloracetic acid) in soil on the growth of groundnut and maize

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580094

Chekan, A. S., 1987: Effects of chlorcholine chloride (TUR) and macro- and microelements on the growth and productivity of young spur type apple trees

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580097

Brown, K.; Jackson, D. I.; Steans, G. F., 1988: Effects of chlormequat, girdling, and tipping on berry set in Vitis vinifera L

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580099

Radvanyi, A.; Weaver, P.; Massari, C.; Bird, D.; Broughton, E., 1988: Effects of chlorophacinone on captive kestrels

Essien, E. E.; Ette, E. I., 1986: Effects of chloroquine and didesethylchloroquine on rabbit myocardium and mitochondria

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580103

Stenlid, G.; Engvild, K. C., 1987: Effects of chlorosubstituted indoleacetic acids on root growth, ethylene and ATP formation

Hanson, L. A.; Ahlstedt, S.; Carlsson, B.; Dahlgren, U.; Hahn Zoric, M.; Jalil, F.; Khan, S. R.; Mellander, L.; Porras, O.; Wold, A., 1986: Effects of cholera and poliovirus immunizations upon specific antibodies in human milk

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580108

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580109

Cho, C.; Hyeon, S. B.; Che, F. S.; Tanaka, A.; Furushima, M.; Suzuki, A., 1987: Effects of choline chloride and its analogues on photosynthesis in wheat protoplasts

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580111

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580112

Tappy, L.; Chiolero, R.; Randin, J. P.; Burckhardt, P.; Felber, J. P., 1986: Effects of cholinergic stimulation and antagonism on plasma insulin concentration in lean and obese human subjects

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580114

Ort J., 1987: Effects of chronic administration of slaframine on production and digestive function in broiler chicks

Et Al, 1987: Effects of chronic dietary beer and ethanol consumption on experimental colonic carcinogenesis by azoxymethane in rats

Mitchell M.C., 1985: Effects of chronic ethanol feeding on glutathione turnover in the rat

Remesar X., 1987: Effects of chronic ethanol treatment on amino acid uptake and enzyme activities in the lactating rat mammary gland

Heinold, G.; Kastner, P.; Methling, W., 1987: Effects of chronic exposure of rats to ammonia on the histomorphological structure of the respiratory tract and on lung clearance. I. Mucociliary clearance of Staphylococcus aureus

Khan, RA., 1987: Effects of chronic exposure to petroleum hydrocarbons on two species of marine fish infected with a hemoprotozoan, Trypanosoma murmanensis

Lorenzini, G.; Panattoni, A., 1986: Effects of chronic fumigations with sulphur dioxide on the growth of some agricultural species

O' Reilly, B.; Vander, A. J.; Kluger, M. J., 1988: Effects of chronic infusion of lipopolysaccharide on food intake and body temperature of the rat

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580125

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580126

Kamada T., 1987: Effects of chronic renal failure on the regulation of pyruvate kinase

Gradin, K.; Hedner, J.; Hedner, T.; Towle, A. C.; Pettersson, A.; Persson, B., 1987: Effects of chronic salt loading on plasma atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Allen, P.; Quirke, J. F.; Tarrant, P. V., 1987: Effects of cimaterol on the growth, food efficiency and carcass quality of Friesian cattle

George, A. P.; Nissen, R. J., 1988: Effects of cincturing, defoliation and summer pruning on vegetative growth and flowering of custard apple (Annona cherimola x Annona squamosa) in subtropical Queensland

Wing, J. M.; Horn, H. H. van; Sklare, S. D.; Harris, B, Jr, 1988: Effects of citrus molasses distillers solubles and molasses on rumen parameters and lactation

Van Der Watt H.V.H., 1988: Effects of clay mineralogy and soil sodicity on soil infiltration rate

Golladay, S. W.; Webster, J. R., 1988: Effects of clear-cut logging on wood breakdown in Appalachian mountain streams

Kirmse, R. D., 1986: Effects of clearcutting on forage production, quality and decomposition in the caatinga woodland of northeast Brazil: implications of goat and sheep nutrition

Albert, D. A.; Barnes, B. V., 1987: Effects of clearcutting on the vegetation and soil of a sugar maple-dominated ecosystem, western Upper Michigan

Hernani, L. C.; Sakai, E.; Lombardi Neto, F.; Lepsch, I. F., 1987: Effects of clearing of secondary forest on a yellow latosol of the Ribeira Valley, Sao Paulo, Brazil. II. Erosion losses

Hernani, L. C.; Sakai, E.; Ishimura, I.; Lepsch, I. F., 1987: Effects of clearing secondary forest on a yellow latosol of the Ribeira Valley, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I. Dynamics of physical and chemical properties and maize production

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580141

Ulusan, H. O. K.; Yildiz, N., 1986: Effects of climatic factors in poultry houses on egg production, egg weight and food consumption of commercial hybrid white layers

Ruiz Gonzalez, C. A., 1986: Effects of climatic seasonal variations and parity on reproductive efficiency at three commercial pig farms in Puebla State

Saxena, M. C., 1987: Effects of climatic stress and soil chemical toxicities on productivity of chickpea in West Asia and North Africa

Lana, K.; Nitis, I. M.; Uchida, S., 1985: Effects of climatic zone, topography, land utilization and soil condition on the mineral content of natural grasses in Bali

Nangia O.P., 1987: Effects of climatological variation on the cardiac output and related heart functions in buffalo calves

Wallace, L. L., 1987: Effects of clipping and soil compaction on growth, morphology and mycorrhizal colonization of Schizachyrium scoparium, a C4 bunchgrass

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580150

Morais, F. I. de O.; Santos, M. M. dos, 1986: Effects of cocoa planting systems on the chemical properties of Brazilian Amazon soils

Ames, D. R., 1987: Effects of cold environments on cattle

Jackson, CG., 1986: Effects of cold storage of adult Anaphes ovijentatus on survival, longevity, and oviposition

Delecaux, D., 1987: Effects of cold temperatures on seed germination in four Arachis hypogaea L. cultivars

Green, CH., 1986: Effects of colours and synthetic odours on the attraction of Glossina pallidipes and G. morsitans morsitans to traps and screens

Henao J., 1987: Effects of combinations of triple superphosphate and a reactive phosphate rock on yield and phosphorus uptake by corn

Chen, K. W., 1987: Effects of combined NK application on nutrient balance and yield of rice

Parish, Me; Carroll, De, 1988: Effects of combined antimicrobial agents on fermentation initiation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a model broth system

Lin, J. C. C., 1987: Effects of commercial food grade enzymes on flavor and texture profiles in granular Cheddar cheese

Papy, F., 1987: Effects of compaction on the ploughed soil layer in relation to water content and structure

Park, C. S.; Choi, Y. J.; Keller, W. L., 1987: Effects of compensatory growth on milk protein gene expression

Harrold R.L., 1988: Effects of compensatory growth on milk protein gene expression and mammary differentiation

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580169

Reddy, M. D.; Mittra, B. N., 1985: Effects of complete plant submergence on vegetative growth, grain yield and some biochemical changes in rice plants

Hoitink, H. A. J.; Kuter, G. A., 1986: Effects of composts in growth media on soilborne pathogens

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580176

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580177

Liu, M. L.; Tang, L. M.; Yan, J. P.; Liu, Y. G., 1987: Effects of concentrated rapeseed protein on growing rabbits

Veierov, D.; Fenigstein, A.; Melamed Madjar, V.; Klein, M., 1988: Effects of concentration and application method on decay and residual activity of foliar chlorpyrifos

Prasad, C., 1988: Effects of concentration and homogenization on heat stability of concentrated milk and manipulation of stability by additives

Wanapat, M., 1987: Effects of concentration of urea, addition of salt and form of urea-treated rice straw on intake and digestibility

Farris, M. A.; Mitton, J. B., 1985: Effects of cone color dimorphism on reproductive output of white fir growing along elevational gradients

Renne, U.; Bunger, L.; Schuler, L., 1986: Effects of confinement on the response to selection for stress tolerance - model investigations on laboratory mice

Wauchope, R. D., 1987: Effects of conservation tillage on pesticide loss with water

Cromarty A.S., 1987: Effects of constant environmental temperatures on the performance of laying pullets

Gross, K.; Pham Nguyen, T., 1987: Effects of constant long-term water stress on net photosynthesis and growth of young spruce (Picea abies) and Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) in the field

Lelley T., 1987: Effects of constitutive heterochromatin and genotype on frequency and distribution of chiasmata in the seven individual rye bivalents

Fukuyama, K., 1987: Effects of construction of a highway on oribatid mites (Acari: Cryptostigmata) in the Tomakomai Experiment Forest. I. Fauna of oribatid mites before construction

Fukuyama, K., 1987: Effects of construction of a highway on oribatid mites (Acari: Cryptostigmata) in the Tomakomai Experiment Forest. II. Effects of clear cutting for construction of highway on oribatid mites in adjacent forest

Sanchez Muniz F.J., 1988: Effects of consuming toxic oils and oleoanilides on fat digestibility and adipose tissue composition of rats

Newman, S. E.; Follett, M. W., 1987: Effects of container design on growth of Quercus laurifolia Michx

Cobb G.S., 1987: Effects of container volume and fertility rate on growth of two woody ornamentals

Somers, C. J., 1988: Effects of continuous low-dose anthelmintic treatment with phenothiazine on calf liveweight performance

Fiorentini R., 1986: Effects of controlled atmosphere on the storage of new apricot cultivars

Sial, J. K.; Marley, S. J.; Erbach, D. C., 1986: Effects of controlled traffic in corn plots

Batra, V. I. P., 1987: Effects of cooking and germination on hemagglutinin activity in lentil

Dudek, J. A.; Elkins, E. R, Jr, 1986: Effects of cooking on the fatty acid profiles of selected seafoods

Kenney R.M., 1988: Effects of cooling rate and storage temperature on equine spermatozoal motility parameters

Kamar, M. E.; Khalf Allah, A. K.; El Sharkawy, A. M.; Metwaly, S., 1986: Effects of copper and manganese on the yield characteristics of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Zheng, Z. K.; Huang, Z. Q., 1986: Effects of copper on paddy rice and its application techniques

Liu, W. Z.; Sun, D. L., 1985: Effects of copper on the growth of cucumber seedlings and the activities of peroxidase and IAA-oxidase

Svenson, A., 1986: Effects of copper, zinc, and cadmium ions on the production of phosphate from phytic acid by the phytase system in spruce forest soil

Bridge, M. C.; Hibbert, F. A.; Rackham, O., 1986: Effects of coppicing on the growth of oak timber trees in the Bradfield Woods, Suffolk

Fleck, A. T.; Lusby, K. S.; Owens, F. N.; McCollum, F. T., 1987: Effects of corn gluten feed on forage intake, digestibility, and ruminal parameters of cattle fed native grass hay

Ubels, JL.; Edelhauser, HF., 1987: Effects of corneal epithelial abrasion on corneal transparency, aqueous humor composition, and lens of fish

Fatunla T., 1987: Effects of correlation between means and variances on generation means analysis

Ciuchini, F.; Pestalozza, S.; Buonavoglia, C.; Trani, L. di; Tollis, M.; Orfei, Z., 1986: Effects of corticosteroids mediated immunosuppression on the distribution of rabies vaccine virus in red foxes orally immunized against rabies

Kent, ML.; Hedrick, RP., 1987: Effects of cortisol implants on the PKX myxosporean causing proliferative kidney disease in rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri

Nelson M.R., 1987: Effects of cotton leaf crumple virus on cotton inoculated at different growth stages

Fengyuan, L.; Zhiqiang, Z.; Yucui, L.; Hong, L., 1987: Effects of cottonseed cake containing gossypol on antispermatogenesis of male rabbit

Reda, A. S.; El Banhawy, E. M., 1986: Effects of coumarin and gallic acid, allelochemics, on survival, development and reproduction of the twospotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Hu, Q. H., 1985: Effects of coumarin on some physiological processes in boron-deficient plants

Schmitt C.J., 1987: Effects of cover materials on leaching of constituents from dolomitic lead mine tailings

Barnett, K. L.; Kornegay, E. T.; Risley, C. R.; Lindemann, M. D.; Schurig, G., 1986: Effects of creep fed induced hypersensitivity on immune response, scouring index, and subsequent performance of weanling pigs

Risley, C. R.; Kornegay, E. T.; Barnett, K. L.; Lindemann, M. D.; Eigel, W. N., 1986: Effects of creep feeding on the ability of weaned pigs to respond to an Escherichia coli challenge and on their absorption of ovalbumin and xylose

Hornicsar, C. A.; Blankenhorn, P. R.; Webb, D. A., 1987: Effects of creosote and CCA on moisture movement in southern pine and red oak

Soma, L. R.; Beech, J.; Gerber, N. H, Jr, 1987: Effects of cromolyn in horses with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Yoo K.H., 1987: Effects of crop and surface irrigation method on water intake rate of soil

Arthamwar, D. N.; Raikhelkar, S. V.; Sondge, V. D., 1986: Effects of crop geometry and phosphate on black gram

Frank J.A., 1986: Effects of crop management practices on common root rot of winter wheat

Maksymowicz, W.; Palmer, J. H.; Whitwell, T., 1986: Effects of crop rotation and tillage practices on weed succession and crop yield

Daniel, L. A.; Benincasa, M. M. P.; Benincasa, M.; Galbiatti, J. A., 1986: Effects of crop rotation and two systems of direct and conventional drilling on yield indices in maize

Orr D., 1988: Effects of crop rotation on common root rot of barley

Manley, D. G., 1986: Effects of cropping history on early and late pink bollworm flight in Arizona

Dongale, J. H., 1987: Effects of cropping system and tillage on infiltration characteristics of medium black soil of Konkan

McKeague, J. A.; Fox, C. A.; Stone, J. A.; Protz, R., 1987: Effects of cropping system on structure of Brookston Clay loam in long-term experimental plots at Woodslee, Ontario

Anonymous, 1988: Effects of crossbreeding. 1. Comparative performance of purebred and crossbred lambs. 2. Comparative performance of purebred and crossbred ewes

Marks, G. C.; Incoll, W. D.; Long, I. R., 1986: Effects of crown development, branch shed and competition on wood defect in Eucalyptus regnans and E. sieberi

Wade D.D., 1987: Effects of crown scorch on survival and diameter growth of slash pines

Park, K. W.; Kim, M. Z., 1985: Effects of cultivar and storage period on the quality of Chinese cabbage

Aufhammer, W.; Stutzel, H., 1986: Effects of cultivar mixtures of winter barley on incidence of leaf diseases

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580252

Patil, A. A.; Bojappa, K. M., 1984: Effects of cultivars and graded levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on certain quality attributes of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.). II. Sugars, dry matter content and juice percentage

Loue, A.; Boulay, H., 1987: Effects of cultivars and rootstocks on mineral nutrition diagnosis in grapevines

Martirosova, E. V.; Zlochevskaya, I. V., 1986: Effects of cultivation conditions on morphological and biochemical characters of fungi found on parchment and leather

Blackshaw, R. P., 1988: Effects of cultivations and previous cropping on leatherjacket populations in spring barley

Pawar B.R., 1988: Effects of cultural methods and herbicides on yield of cotton and its economics under rainfed conditions

Tsai, J. C., 1987: Effects of cultural methods on the yield and some physiological characters of rice cultivars differing in grain weight

Miles N.W., 1987: Effects of cultural systems and harvesting techniques on the production of strawberries for processing

Huet, P., 1986: Effects of cultural techniques on wheat grown continuously

Billings, S.; Garrison, S. A.; Chin, C. K., 1985: Effects of culture filtrates of Fusarium oxysporum on growth of asparagus cells in vitro

Wolcan, S. M., 1985: Effects of culture media, methods of inoculation and light regimes on Diplocarpon earliana (Ell. & Ev.) (Marssonina fragariae (Sacc.) Kleb.)

Engelmann, F.; Dereuddre, J., 1988: Effects of culture medium on the production of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) somatic embryos used for cryopreservation

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580268

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580269

Shin, J. S.; Lee, B. S.; Shin, G. J.; Lee, H. W., 1986: Effects of cutting frequency and the last cutting date on regrowth and production in timothy-dominated sward

Camargo, A. H. A.; Santos, G. L. dos, 1985: Effects of cutting height and nitrogen rates on carbohydrate reserves, root development and tillering of Setaria anceps Stapf. cv. Kazungula

Ryoo, J. W.; Lee, H. J., 1987: Effects of cutting on nodule development and nitrogen fixation in alfalfa

Reis, A. R.; Garcia, R.; Gomide, J. A.; Obeid, J. A., 1985: Effects of cutting regimes on total non-structural carbohydrate content of Brachiaria decumbens Stapf

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580274

Lewak S., 1988: Effects of cyanide and cold treatment on sugar catabolism in apple seeds during dormancy removal

Robinson, AF.; Carter, WW., 1986: Effects of cyanide ion and hypoxia on the volumes of second-stage juveniles of Meloidogyne incognita in polyethylene glycol solutions

Miller M., 1988: Effects of cyclocryotherapy on aqueous humor dynamics in cats

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580280

Wang, X. Y., 1988: Effects of cytochalasin B on the development of pollen mother cells of Secale cereale L

Glinsukon, T.; Suvitayawat, W.; Sahaphong, S.; Piyachaturawat, P., 1987: Effects of cytochalasin E on H+ and volume secretion in gastric fistula rats

Cooper, J. A., 1987: Effects of cytochalasin and phalloidin on actin

Dumbroff E.B., 1988: Effects of cytokinin and light on polyamines during the greening response of cucumber cotyledons

Tramontano, W. A.; Ciancaglini, E. A.; McGinley, P. A., 1986: Effects of cytokinins on cell arrest in G2 by trigonelline and on the metabolism of nicotinic acid in cultured roots of Pisum sativum and Glycine max

Bushnell W.R., 1986: Effects of cytokinins on fungus development and host response in powdery mildew of barley

Evans, K. R.; Vaccarino, F. J., 1987: Effects of d- and l-amphetamine on food intake: evidence for a dopaminergic substrate

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580288

Fredericks, F.; Dixon, R. M.; Holmes, J. H. G.; Egan, A. R., 1986: Effects of daily or infrequent supplementation of weaner sheep on liveweight change and wool growth

Rawlings J.O., 1987: Effects of daily ozone exposure duration and concentration fluctuation on yield of tobacco

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580291

Makarechian, M.; Arthur, P. F., 1987: Effects of dam condition and temporary separation of calves prior to breeding on the reproductive performance of the cows

Watzig, H., 1988: Effects of damage by air pollution on the height growth of Norway spruce stands

Shu, C. E.; Cao, C. Y., 1987: Effects of damage of cotton squares and flowers on boll formation caused by Pectinophora gossypiella

Section 2, Chapter 1581, Accession 001580297

Shirole, S. M.; Murti, T. K.; Harinarayana, G., 1986: Effects of date of sowing on little millet shootfly

Makarechian M., 1987: Effects of date of weaning on postweaning performance of bull calves of three breed groups

Arvadia, M. K.; Patel, Z. G., 1987: Effects of dates of sowing and fertilizers on yield, quality and economics of gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

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